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ArcBit Wallet Review – Fees, Pros, Cons and Features

Made by former wallet developer Timothy Lee, ArcBit is the very first iOS wallet to support stealth addresses and ranked fifth highest on the Open Bitcoin Privacy Project.
ArcBit is not our most recommended wallet. Keep on reading to find out which ones we actually suggest using.

ArcBit wallet is a Bitcoin wallet whose design focuses on simplicity and security. It provides a seamless user experience right from setup making it easy to store and transact using BTC. Thanks to its design features, it is one of the simplest Bitcoin wallets to set up and use, particularly for beginners.

However, after taking an in-depth look at its features and analyzing whether it is the safest option in the market, we found out that it is not the safest crypto wallet for you. Therefore, we would not recommend it.

If you would like to know more why we’re not recommending it and how you’ll be able to find a safer crypto wallet, read more below.

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    Is the ArcBit Wallet Recommended?

    ❌ ArcBit wallet is a great choice, thanks to its combination of features and focus on user experience. However, we would not recommend it as the safest wallet out there. Though it does implement worthwhile security measures, it is a non-compliant platform. In the wild west of the cryptocurrency industry, dealing with unregulated platforms poses a great risk. For this reason, we recommend the use of regulated platforms such as the eToro wallet.

    If you still have doubts as to what the best service for storing your cryptos is, you can compare the best Bitcoin wallets in this guide.

    What is ArcBit Wallet?

    ArcBit wallet is the brainchild of a former wallet developer, Timothy Lee. He was dissatisfied with certain privacy aspects of the wallet and decided to leave to create his own privacy-centric crypto wallet. In June 2015, he launched ArcBit, which has its headquarters in New York.

    ArcBit became the very first iOS wallet to support stealth addresses and ranked fifth highest on the Open Bitcoin Privacy Project in front of Samurai wallet and behind DarkWallet. In spite of being full-feature, it is simple enough even for beginners to use. However, it has lots of functional value for Bitcoin veterans as well.

    Besides supporting reusable stealth addresses, it can also import BTC from other sources including private keys, watch-only addresses and encrypted keys.

    ArcBit wallet compatibility

    ArcBit wallet is available on a number of platforms including:

    • iOS
    • Android
    • Windows
    • MacOS

    What wallet type is ArcBit?

    • Bitcoin only
    • Software wallet
    • Hierarchical Deterministic
    • Open source

    What cryptocurrencies does the ArcBit wallet support?

    • Bitcoin

    What fees does ArcBit wallet have?

    There are no ArcBit wallet fees for using the service. The only fees one would need to pay for a transaction are Bitcoin network fees, payable to miners.

    How to open your ArcBit Wallet account

    Now that we have figured out the basic facts on this Bitcoin wallet, let us find out how to open ArcBit wallet.

    Step 1: Start by going to Apple AppStore or Google Playstore and downloading the ArcBit app

    Step 2: Since there is no sign-up or registration required, that is all you need to know on how to open a wallet on ArcBit.

    Your wallet is now ready to start sending and receiving Bitcoin.

    At some point during your early use of the wallet, you will get a prompt to set a password for your account and save your recovery seed.

    How do I add cryptocurrencies to ArcBit Wallet?

    Next, let us find out how to add currency to ArcBit wallet:

    Step 1: Open your newly installed wallet

    Step 2: The first screen you will see is the “Receive” screen.

    On this screen you will see the QR code and your ArcBit wallet address written below it

    Step 3: Click on the QR code to copy it and paste in your other BTC wallet to transfer funds.

    That is how to transfer Bitcoin to ArcBit wallet. There will be no need to go into how to transfer Ethereum to ArcBit wallet or how to transfer Ripple to ArcBit wallet since it’s a BTC only wallet.

    How to send payments on ArcBit wallet?

    Now that we have some funds, let us learn how to send payments on ArcBit wallet:

    Step 1: Open the wallet and click “Send”

    Step 2: Choose the account from which you want to send funds

    Step 3: You will get an option to scan your recipient’s QR code or paste their wallet address.

    Remember to label frequently used addresses to ease future transactions

    Step 4: Set your own transaction fee or use the default.

    Note that the default fee is 0.001 BTC. It might be wise to set your own fee based on the state of the network to ensure your transaction gets confirmed

    Step 5: Confirm the details and then click send

    Your wallet will show seven different addresses, the very last one being the “Forwarding address.” When making a payment, you can derive a unique address associated with this address. Since this is a one-time address, no one can connect it to your wallet.

    How do I receive payments on ArcBit wallet?

    Here is how to receive payments on ArcBit:

    Step 1: Open the wallet and you will automatically land on the receive screen

    Step 2: Copy the wallet address and paste it on email or SMS to send it to your counterparty


    Step 3: Wait for the funds to reflect in your account

    How safe is ArcBit Wallet?

    Related image

    Let us now find out how safe the wallet is by looking at ArcBit safety features:

    Private Keys Storage

    ArcBit allows users to store their own private keys and is therefore a non-custodial wallet. This means that in case the wallet’s servers get compromised, user funds will not be at risk.

    Optional Cold Storage

    Selecting advanced features will let you integrate your ArcBit watch-only addresses with cold wallets for more secure storage.

    Hierarchical Deterministic Algorithms

    ArcBit wallet lets you change addresses during every transaction for privacy purposes. As such, it is difficult for malicious entities to track transactions to your wallet address.

    Open Source

    ArcBit is based on open source code, making it possible for external parties to audit it and identify loopholes and bugs.

    The team behind ArcBit has put a significant amount of effort into the security of the wallet. However, it is still not the most secure wallet out there. The wallet does not require a password to access your Bitcoin account and has no two-factor authentication. It also lacks multi-signature support making it hard to have multiple users on a single account.

    One of the most glaring omissions in addition to the above is the fact that it is unregulated. As mentioned at the onset, non-compliant platforms hold a higher risk potential than licensed ones like eToro.

    In our eToro review you can see it is regulated in multiple jurisdictions including the US (FinCEN), UK (FCA), Cyprus (CySEC), Australia (ASIC) and Europe (MiFID).

    ArcBit Wallet Pros and Cons


    • Simple account setup, no registration required
    • Easy to use interface
    • Users keep their own private key ArcBit wallet
    • Wallet has optional cold storage
    • Open source design
    • Works on multiple platforms


    • Only supports Bitcoin
    • Not regulated
    • Does not support 2FA
    • Primarily uses hot storage which is unsafe
    • Default transaction fee may be higher or lower than required miner’s fee
    • Cumbersome multiple address interface rather than automatic rotation
    • No multi-signature support

    ArcBit Wallet vs. other wallets – how does it compare?

    eToro Commits To Better Future Growth with Delta AcquisitionArcBit wallet vs eToro

    • Coins supported

    One of the main differences between ArcBit and eToro is that while ArcBit supports only one cryptocurrency, and that is Bitcoin, eToro supports five. That is already a big difference that definitely favours eToro. Even though you only want to store Bitcoins only, you may still want to consider using eToro because we generally consider it a better platform than ArcBit.

    • Regulation

    eToro is also a regulated platform and ArcBit is not. eToro in fact, is regulated by CySec and others of the most trusted regulatory agencies in the industry. The fact that the platform is regulated guarantees the correct functioning on the platform. You cannot get scammed and platforms have to be transparent about all the costs and risks of trading and storing currencies. The same cannot be said for unregulated platforms like ArcBit.

    ArcBit wallet vs. Bitcoin Core

    • Ease of Use

    Both ArcBit and Bitcoin Core are Bitcoin only wallets. But ArcBit is designed to be much easier to use in spite of offering full features. Opening the wallet is a breeze and the user interface is friendly. Bitcoin Core, on the other hand, is best suited for seasoned BTC users. Its installation process is lengthy and cumbersome, requiring lots of space for the entire BTC blockchain.

    • Privacy

    ArcBit was a pioneer in offering iOS stealth addresses for transaction privacy. Bitcoin Core goes a step further as it is compatible with Tor, which can mask IP addresses for anonymity. Furthermore, the fact that transactions on the latter are posted directly on the BTC blockchain makes them harder to track.

    ArcBit wallet vs. Wagecan

    • Functionality

    Though both of these are Bitcoin wallets, WageCan has higher functionality as users can access virtual or physical debit cards. This makes it easier to make payments in outlets that accept MasterCard. Users can also make withdrawals from tens of millions of ATMs around the world.

    • Convenience

    ArcBit is one of the most convenient wallets to use thanks to its simple setup procedure. WageCan also has a simple setup process but requires an email address and password unlike the former.

    Furthermore, ArcBit allows users to save frequent contacts so as to make transacting easier and reduce the chances of erroneous transfers. WageCan does not have this feature.


    A comparative look at the above wallets reveals that eToro is way above the rest in the most significant aspects. Because it is a licensed platform, it offers matchless safety for its users’ funds and is therefore highly recommendable. It is, in fact, one of the most reliable choices for crypto users and traders.


    Where can I download ArcBit Wallet?

    You can download the software from Google Playstore for Android devices or Apple AppStore for Apple devices.

    My ArcBit wallet froze; what should I do?

    You can delete the ArcBit app and then download it afresh. Use the recovery phrase to generate wallet contents and restore your funds.

    How do I reset my ArcBit password?

    Go to Settings on your wallet and under Security, select Change Password.

    How can I backup my ArcBit wallet recovery phrase?

    Since the ArcBit wallet does not require sign up, you will get a pop up later on during normal use, prompting you to back up your recovery phrase. To do so, go to the Settings menu and click Show Backup Passphrase then follow the prompts on the screen.

    How can I store my ArcBit funds in cold storage?

    You can store your funds in cold storage by opening your wallet and on the receive screen, click on the Import Cold Wallet tab. From there you can import another wallet address, save your Bitcoin securely offline.

    What are stealth addresses?

    A stealth address is an extra layer of security which requires a cryptocurrency sender to generate a one-time address for a transaction. In case a stealth address user sends multiple transactions, they will not appear on the blockchain as multiple transactions from one address. Rather, they will seem like they all went to different addresses, making it hard to link transactions to the recipient.

    What are watch-only addresses?

    A watch only address is a Bitcoin wallet address that you import into a wallet with the purpose of monitoring activity on that address. Doing so will incorporate all of the transactions on that address into your wallet’s live feed.

    How can I access help on ArcBit?

    The ArcBit wallet comes with built-in help and support. Therefore, you can get assistance to troubleshoot right inside your wallet.