Should You Buy Crypto In 2019? Market Predictions

altcoins 2019

altcoins 2019

Cryptocurrency markets are nothing if not volatile. If you invested in cryptocurrency in 2017, you probably made a bunch of money. If you invested in cryptocurrency in 2018, you probably aren’t very happy with the result. So what’s going on in cryptocurrency in 2019? Will investing in Bitcoin in 2019 give you better returns than last year?

We like to think so. Even though we can’t predict the future, we’re optimistic about the prospects of the blockchain asset markets for 2019. Here’s our argument for why now is the time to invest in high quality crypto projects. Your crypto investment returns by the end of 2019 could be impressive, though we’ll all have to wait to find out.

Bitcoin is Better Off Today Than It Was a Year Ago

At the end of 2017, Bitcoin’s technology was on the verge of failure. The value of BTC was climbing and climbing, but Bitcoin itself was slow, expensive to use, and seemed like it would never be able to scale to support a global user base of millions. Despite its meteoric price increase, many critics declared it a failed technology.

Then 2018 happened. January saw Bitcoin BTC prices surpass $20,000. Then the crash happened, and Bitcoin lost over 80% of its value in the following months. Today it sits at just over $3500, still far beyond its original value of less than $1, but far from the value summit that made it part of the global cultural conversation.

Let’s forget about the price of BTC for a moment. Behind the scenes, the developers who build Bitcoin’s technological components were improving it. Today, through innovations like Segregated Witness, the Bitcoin Lightning Network, and a friendlier regulatory market in the United States and Asia make Bitcoin more useful today than it has ever been before.

Even as the price slump is putting some Bitcoin miners out of business, Bitcoin is proving to be much more robust than its critics claimed. Despite contentious forks (Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, etc.) and claims of a Bitcoin Death Spiral, more people are using Bitcoin than ever before. The worst could still happen, but we think Bitcoin has proven that it’s here to stay, at least for awhile.

The Altcoin Scene is Stronger Than Ever

The altcoins (all cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens that are not Bitcoin) suffered even more than BTC did in the 2018 “Crypto Winter”. Market leaders like Ethereum (ETH), NEO (NEO), EOS (EOS), Elastos (ELA), and TRON (TRX) lost between 85% and 95%+ of their all time high value. So how are these projects faring in this depressed market climate?

It’s a moot point now that the 2017 crypto bull run was a bubble. And that bubble has burst. The sharp decline in altcoin prices have left hundreds of blockchain projects with no way to fund development. An estimated 80% of the 2017 Ethereum ICO crowd have ceased to function. However, not all blockchain companies have closed up shop.

Projects like NEO have actually added dozens of new staff members in the past year. EOS remains a hotbed for blockchain development. Ethereum still has more developer activity than any other blockchain company.

The way we see it, the popping of the altcoin bubble ended a streak of reckless waste in the industry. Scams and poorly considered projects could bilk crypto investors for millions (even billions in some cases). These worthless projects have largely failed, and the ones that have survived are those that are really trying to make valuable innovations with blockchain technology. Not all of them will succeed, but the market is much less frothy than it was in 2017, and this is very good for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.

The Crypto Crash has created a situation where only the strong can survive. Perhaps only 20 or 25 of the top 100 cryptocurrencies still have inspiring levels of leadership and development, but these projects stand a real chance of being part of a new generation of innovators that drive the world economy.

How Crypto Investors Can Choose Winners in 2019

Blockchain remains a useful technology, even after all of the difficulty of 2018. We expect that certain blockchain companies will be among the largest businesses in the world as time goes by. One or more of these likely already exists in today’s cryptocurrency market. So how can crypto investors separate the wheat from the chaff in the 2019 Bitcoin and Altcoin markets?

  1. Focus On Software Development. 

    Blockchain companies are software companies. They live and die on the applications they build, and the quality and usefulness thereof. Most blockchain projects are open source, with code work visible on Github. Focus on projects with lots of commits, high quality communication, a wide variety of skilled contributors, and goals that are clearly defined. This information is more valuable than any that comes from conventional blockchain news sources (and we’ll be covering it here more and more).

  2. Find Blockchains That Are Useful Today.During the ICO boom of 2017, crypto investors gave millions of dollars to companies that had no working product. Most of these companies no longer exist, and those crypto investors aren’t getting their money back. Today, crypto investors have to hold potential crypto investments to a higher standard. Projects like Ethereum and Ripple have enduring and inherent value because people can use their applications today. Include these kinds of use cases in your crypto investment portfolio, and you’ll be much more likely to make money than someone who invests only based on hype and FOMO.
  3. Focus on Coins and Tokens that Have a Plan for Regulation.The problem with so many of the 2017 ICOs were that they were probably illegal. Many ICOs used Ethereum to sell equity in their new technology companies, spitting in the face of many national securities laws. Some of these ICOs are now being punished by the SEC, IRS, and other regulatory bodies.

    Projects like Ethereum have been determined not to be securities, because ETH has utility value that is not related to equity value. It’s a digital token that does a job, and it doesn’t function like a stock in a Fortune 500 company. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin aren’t securities either; they are digital cash. Projects like these are unlikely to get pinched in major regulatory overhauls that are very likely to trickle down in the US and China in the coming weeks and months. An altcoin can’t succeed if it’s illegal. Stick to high quality digital cash networks, innovative utility tokens based on technology networks, and stay away from altcoins that seem like cash grabs for tech startups.

  4. Don’t Invest What You Can’t Afford to Lose. This advice is given so frequently in crypto conversations that it’s a cliche, but it still bears repeating. In 2017, people were mortgaging their houses to buy more Bitcoin. Unless they sold at the top, these people probably saw their scheme result in financial disaster. Only invest what you could afford to lose, because you really might lose it.
  5. Expose Yourself to Crypto Skeptics. 

    We at Inside Bitcoins are true believers. We’re face down in the blockchain Kool-Aid. We think that cryptocurrencies and digital assets are going to change the world. But we might be wrong.If you’re new to investing, you should really spend some time listening to other opinions. Blockchain economics can be intoxicating, and there’s tremendous energy in the space, but you should learn about the wider world of investment if you want to really understand the tiny market that is cryptocurrency.

    Diversification is one of the fundamental principles of good investing. You spread your investments out, so that if one investment fails, you don’t lose everything. Listen to diverse experts as well, because this will give you the knowledge you need to use your money wisely. Listen to smart people with whom you disagree, and try to see the value in their opinions. “Confirmation Bias” is a rampant problem in blockchain investing, and it’s a fallacy that could cause you to lose lots of money.

    What Are Our Cryptocurrency Picks For Investing in 2019?

Now that we’ve got the sermonizing out of the way, what digital assets and altcoins do we think are going to be the biggest winners of 2019?

  1. Smart Contract Platforms. 

    Smart contract platforms like Ethereum, NEO, EOS, and Cardano can do so many things. They can function as money, like Bitcoin. They can host applications, like the internet. They can combat censorship and promote international exchange of data and ideas, just like the historic communications networks of past generations.It is very likely that one or more of these smart contract platforms will change the way the Internet works in the coming years. Smart contract tokens are also a good bet because they don’t depend on the success of a single use case. Bitcoin can only do one thing, really, and it lives and dies on the success of this purpose. Ethereum can do all kinds of things, so it only needs one or more killer apps to carry the whole platform and sharply amp up the price of ETH.

    Top Picks for Smart Contract Platforms: ETH, NEO, EOS, ADA, ELA

  2. Bitcoin and Ripple 

    BTC and XRP are far and away the most widely used cryptocurrencies. They are also the most valuable in terms of market cap. Bitcoin is primarily used by individuals. Ripple XRP is primarily used by institutions. We believe that, in the long run, between one and several cryptocurrencies (digital assets used as money, and nothing else) will become very important on the world stage. If we had to guess which ones will succeed on this level, based on what we know today (1/23/19), Ripple and Bitcoin would be our picks.It’s also a good idea for any crypto investor to own some of the biggest projects. If and when the bulls return to crypto, BTC and XRP (see Ripple 2019 review) will be seen as the safest crypto investments, and money will flood into these projects.

  3. Blockchain Companies That Function Well as Companies.Some blockchains are totally decentralized. Every bit of development that happens is performed by volunteers who work remotely around the globe. Other blockchain companies are more like traditional corporations, with offices and management structures and water coolers. Either model can work, but organization and effectiveness is key. Some blockchain companies have very visible leadership, but seem to be chaotic on the organizational level. Don’t mistake marketing and charisma for planning.

Top Picks For Well Organized Blockchain Companies: ETH, NEO, ELA, ARK, XRP, XLM, AVA


There are any number of other cryptocurrencies that could succeed in 2019. If you dig into a blockchain project and are impressed with what you see, it might be a good pick. We’re interested to hear who your crypto picks are for 2019. We think that the bulls will eventually return to this space, and that 2019 will be a year of good investment performance. It’s unlikely that crypto prices will stay this low forever. Help us identify the winners and let’s go to the moon together.

Ethereum Price Predictions For 2019 – Will ETH Hit $500?

Ethereum is, without question, among the cream of the crop in cryptocurrency. More than simple digital cash in the vein of Bitcoin, Ethereum’s creators found a way to build all kinds of applications and autonomous functionality into their innovative blockchain. And even though ETH prices are as low as they’ve been in many months, the Ethereum blockchain is on the verge of its most significant upgrade in more than a year.

Is now the time to invest in Ethereum? Here’s why we think Ethereum could go as high as $500 (or beyond) in 2019.

Ethereum ETH: Current Price and Analysis

At press time, Ethereum is selling for $118. At its all-time high, ETH prices crested $1,400 on some exchanges. A price crash this severe might lead some to believe that Ethereum is dead?
Fortunately for Ethereum investors, this remarkable blockchain is anything but. Ethereum has undergone some key transformations during the past year’s prize doldrums. If anything, Ethereum is stronger than ever before. If and when the bulls return to the crypto markets, ETH prices are going to shoot up. Let’s unpack the reasons why we’re so sure this is the  case.

Why We Think the Ethereum ETH Price Will Go Up in 2019

1. Because it hasn’t gone to zero

Ethereum price crash

Ethereum sold at ICO for pennies. That’s right. For an ETH price of less than $1, you could buy a digital coin that is now worth more than $100. That’s astronomical growth, and far beyond initial Ethereum predictions. Even though Ethereum once used to be even more valuable, the fact that it is still being sold for so much more than its initial sticker price indicates that people still have expectations about this cryptocurrency. They find it useful. We see Ethereum’s current price not as a grave marker, but a statement of optimism that the best is yet to come.

2. Ethereum has the most developers

Ethereum development

Ethereum has more developers working on it than any other blockchain project, even Bitcoin. When Ethereum made its millions during its ICO (and the subsequent r price gains), it spent tens of millions of developer talent. Ethereum hired programmers, engineers, game theorists, mathematicians, philosophers, and all kinds of other smart folks, greatly boosting Ethereum predictions. This impressive braintrust has turned Ethereum into a technology network of mind-blowing complexity. A deep bench of talent doesn’t guarantee a project’s success, but it doesn’t hurt either.

3. Ethereum is useful as money

Ethereum ETH Spend anywhere

More and more retailers (online and in meatspace) are starting to accept Ethereum as a payment option. And even if you want to spend Ethereum somewhere that doesn’t accept it, there are apps like The Big Coin which will allow you to do so. Ethereum is much more than money, but it working well as digital cash is just another reason to invest in Ethereum in 2019 and a key for our Ethereum predictions.

4. Ethereum is useful as a technology platform

Ethereum Dapps and Cryptocurrencies

At the time of this writing, there are more than 2,400 applications built on Ethereum. For those who are new, the Ethereum network works kind of like the internet, in that people can create applications on top of it. The difference is that, while the internet is stored on servers like the massive ones Google and Facebook operate, Ethereum data is stored on millions of devices around the world. It’s everywhere and nowhere, at once.

We’ll stop before we get too esoteric. The point is that Ethereum has a ton of decentralized applications running on it. In fact, most of the top 100 cryptocurrencies and altcoins are actually running on Ethereum. Ethereum may be waiting for its killer app, the one that breaks it into true mainstream success, but until then, millions of people, institutions, and governments are already using Ethereum. That alone should make our Ethereum price predictions for 2019 at least slightly optimistic.

5. Vitalik Buterin is the best crypto leader

Vitalik Buterin Ethereum leader

Vitalik Buterin, the lovable nerd who created Ethereum as a teenager, may be the smartest and most influential human being in cryptocurrency. He’s also one of the most humble. Even though many see Buterin as essential to the survival of Ethereum, Vitalik has been working to make himself obsolete within Ethereum’s inner workings. If Vitalik were to blast off into space and never return, Ethereum would continue to function in the hands of highly qualified developers, team members, and global volunteers.

Vitalik is widely published on computer science issues. He also maintains a kind and light-hearted social media presence, while encouraging everyone else in the community to be thoughtful, reasonable, and ethical. He created his own programming language when he was a teenager. He volunteered for Bitcoin when he was a child. The dude has brains and leadership skills. He’s one of the main reasons people still have confidence in Ethereum, even after a very bad year for ETH prices.

6. Ethereum is highly visible

Ethereum google trends

in the image above, you can see a comparison in Google trends of the relative popularity in search results for “Ethereum” and “Blockchain”. On some days, there are more people on the internet talking about Ethereum tokens than those talking about the technology it’s based upon. In short, if blockchain succeeds, Ethereum is likely to be right there with it.

Ethereum is front and center on the world’s biggest crypto exchanges, like Coinbase, Gemini, and Binance. Ethereum is regularly discussed in print and web outlets like Forbes and Fortune. Vitalik Buterin (discussed above) is a celebrity and a household name (in some households). If the bulls return to the crypto markets, ETH prices will be some of the first to increase. If you believe that a crypto recovery is in the works, now might be the time to invest in ETH tokens.

7. The Constantinople Hard Fork is coming in February

Ethereum’s long-awaited Constantinople hard fork will implement many important technological updates which will make Ethereum more scalable and future-proofed. There are a million technical details which we could unpack, but you can research those at your leisure. For our purposes, it’s enough to understand that Ethereum is equipping some vital new upgrades, more or less according to plan, and that the Ethereum community is united behind these changes. The blockchain will work much better as a result.

8. Ethereum is abandoning Proof of Work mining

Ethereum proof of work

One of Bitcoin’s worst attributes is its mining protocol.  Basically, Bitcoin miners consume way too much electricity, making them bad for the environment. The model is also slow, even though it’s secure and has other benefits. Ethereum needs to speed up if it is to become a worldwide mainstream technology. Therefore, abandoning its proof of work (the mining model very similar to Bitcoin’s) in favor of a faster, greener Proof of Stake system will give Ethereum the edge it needs to succeed in the modern industry.

9. Ethereum is moving toward other important upgrades, like “sharding”

Ethereum sharding

Currently, every Ethereum transaction has to be checked for authenticity by every Ethereum miner. This takes forever and makes Ethereum slow and more expensive than it should be. Ethereum is moving toward “sharding”, a system by which only small chunks of Ethereum miners/stakers will validate any one transaction. This will allow the network to validate many more transactions at once, greatly increasing throughput. This will make Ethereum more scalable. Ethereum investors are anticipating this important change, and it’s just another reason to invest in Ethereum in 2019.

10. Second-layer solution Raiden is developing rapidly

raiden rdn ethereum second layer

Raiden is basically Ethereum’s Lightning Network. Bitcoin’s Lightning Network takes traffic off of the Bitcoin blockchain, and only asks Bitcoin to do security work when it’s absolutely necessary. Raiden does the same for Ethereum, taking pressure off of the overworked Ethereum system, increasing Ethereum speeds, and lowering Ethereum transaction costs. Raiden is a cryptocurrency in its own right, and one of the most rapidly developed altcoins in the entire industry. It won’t modernize Ethereum’s blockchain all by itself, but it will do a big part in improving Ethereum’s scalability potential in the next couple of years.

Ethereum ETH Price Forecast: Q1 – Q4 2019

It’s completely impossible to predict how the crazy crypto markets are going to change over time, but we’re still going to try. Ethereum has better fundamentals than nearly any other cryptocurrency. For all the reasons we’ve already described, here’s what we think it going to happen in each quarter of 2019.

  • Q1 2019: ETH = $100
    Q1 is the quarter we’re in at press time, and ETH is selling for just over $100. We think that the Ethereum price is going to stay in this neighborhood for at least a few more weeks, if not longer. There hasn’t been any major news to catapult the crypto markets into a new wave of FOMO frenzy. Until then, Ethereum prices will stay severely depressed. This might mean that now is the time to invest in Ethereum during 2019.
  • Q2 2019: ETH = $200
    Assuming modest gains for Ethereum by winter’s end, $200 would not be surprising to see in the spring. $200 is still a fire sale when compared to Ethereum’s all-time high price of around $1,400. This price point may not be enough to put late 2017 Ethereum investors back in the green, but it will be a sign of things to come and a step in the right direction. Successful implementation of Constantinople in February may help solidify this Q2 result.
  • Q3 2019: ETH = $350
    Maybe we’re kidding ourselves, but we think that the next crypto market recovery will be more sober than the last one. If major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and NEO do in fact bounce back, Ethereum will surely be among them. A reasonable growth target, assuming all of this, would be $350 for Ethereum by Q3 2019.
  • Q4 2019: ETH = $500
    By Q4 2019, we hope that many of Ethereum’s technological updates will have been fully implemented, resulting in significant improvements to the network. This will have fueled a new push for development on the Ethereum platform, and mainstream applications will start to appear. In this situation, $500 might look like a lowball estimate a year from now, but this is our cautiously optimistic prediction from January 2019 looking forward to December 2019.

Ethereum Price Prediction 2019: Conclusion

At the end of the day, there are so many factors which contribute to Ethereum price changes, we can only wait and hope for our desired outcome. Ethereum has a lot going for it, and a tremendous amount of momentum behind it. Still, Ethereum has plenty of competitors, and its enormous ambitions may prove too big to succeed. Still, we’re optimistic.

If you think that our analysis of Ethereum price potential is reasonable, now might be the time to invest in Ethereum for 2019, before these low Ethereum prices are gone forever.





The Year of the Crypto Crash : 2018

In 2018, cryptocurrency prices went from all-time highs to catastrophic lows. Bitcoin started the year out above $20,000, then collapsed to $3,200 before year’s end. There are dozens of reasons why this is the case, but a few of the most important were the Facebook, Twitter, and Google cryptocurrency ad ban, as well as the SEC clamping down on ICOs and crypto scams.
South Korean crypto exchange UpBit was raided by authorities, and other international exchanges were hacked.  Meanwhile, China imposed even more draconian restrictions on domestic crypto businesses. In response to these and other events, crypto prices fell and fell and fell.
Below we take a closer look at the 2018 crypto crash.  But not all is bad. We see positive momentum in motion for cryptocurrency. Perhaps 2019 will be the biggest year for crypto yet.

Ripple Price Forecast for 2019

Ripple XRP

Ripple XRP turned heads in recent weeks as it dethroned Ethereum as the #2 cryptocurrency in the world. Only Bitcoin itself has a larger market cap. Ripple is a controversial cryptocurrency, but one with undeniable merits. If crypto prices recover in 2019, our Ripple prediction is that XRP will test all-time-highs, and possibly go to $5 and beyond.

Ripple XRP: Current Ripple Price Prediction and Analysis


Ripple XRP sits at $0.32 at the time of this writing. That’s a more than 90% drop from XRP’s all-time-high price of $3.34. But that’s only bad news if you bought near the top (our condolences for readers in this boat).

We’ll explain the practical reasons why we believe the price of Ripple XRP is only going to rise. It’s always possible that another market decline will occur, but even then, Ripple may be the crypto project most likely to survive and thrive when the market returns.

If this process plays out in 2019 like we hope, XRP prices at $5 and beyond may become a reality.

Why Ripple XRP Prices Will Go Up in the Long Run

There are good reasons to believe that the price of Ripple XRP will increase in 2019. Here’s why we made our XRP price forecast:

  1.  Existing Partnerships

    Today, Ripple XRP has a better argument for inherent value than it did a year ago. Ripple’s various products have been adopted by an impressive bevy of financial entities, such as Santander, PNC Bank, Wal-Mart, Western Union, and the Royal Bank of Canada. This list of banks and institutions is only going to get longer, at least according to this Ripple prediction.

  2. Dubai Expansion

    Ripple is expanding into the Middle East through new offices and partnerships in Dubai. Dilip Rao, Ripple’s head of infrastructure innovation, said

    “Our focus initially is on cross-border payments because we think that’s where there is the most friction. In this part of the world, there is a huge requirement for cross-border transactions. This will support the economy both within the region and the rest of the world.”

  3. RippleNet

    Ripple’s suite of products (known collectively as RippleNet) is operational and growing. Many blockchain competitors cannot say as much. Systems like xCurrent, the InterLedger Protocol, xRapid, and xVia already have customers and daily volume. Ripple Labs

  4. Institutional Stability

    Ripple is an institutional blockchain. This rubs plenty of cryptocurrency fanatics the wrong way. After all, cryptocurrency is supposed to be a technology for the people, right? Well, blockchain is a useful technology for everyone, and institutions like banks just love it. The fact that institutions are using Ripple means that Ripple is probably more stable than cryptocurrencies that are only used by investors. Ripple may not have the punky mystique of other popular cryptos, but this may actually be the key to its long term survival.

  5. Ripple Economics

    Ripple is cheap, but it needs to be expensive to accomplish its goals. For most of its existence, Ripple prices have been well below $1. Because new investors tend to associate low coin prices with value, this often attracts new money to Ripple before the same buyer might go with a more “expensive” coin like Bitcoin.

    This is not the right way to think about the issue (investment returns depend on percentage growth, not the cost of the asset itself; also you don’t have to buy 1 Bitcoin all at once). Nonetheless, low prices make Ripple attractive to new buyers.

    However, in the long run, Ripple needs to be more expensive if it is to function as a global currency. Imagine trying to buy a house with Ripple, and having to spend a million XRP coins to do so. A higher-valued XRP token would bring that number into a more practical range. Ripple Labs controls a great deal of the XRP coin supply. They plan, in the long term, for Ripple prices to rise. People who buy Ripple now stand a good chance of benefitting from this economic roadmap.

ripple prices

6.Ripple Speed and Other Fundamentals

There are certain fundamentals by which Ripple just murders the competition. Ripple isn’t the fastest cryptocurrency in the world, but it’s much faster than its most popular peers. Ripple boasts 1,500 transactions per second, while Bitcoin has fewer than 10. Ripple XRP/Bitcoin BTC
Ripple also resolves transactions faster than Bitcoin (several seconds, compared to several minutes). Transaction costs are comparatively low for Ripple. Many more people in the world are familiar with Bitcoin than Ripple, but these fundamentals will likely continue to increase Ripple’s profile on the world stage.

7. Focus on Cross-Border Payments and Globalization

For a cryptocurrency to become a new standard in finance and technology, it must be successful on the international stage. Ripple has focused from the very start on international issues, such as banking, remittances, and cross-border payments. On the Ripple API, many different applications have been constructed to provide practical solutions to these sorts of issues.
In so doing,

Ripple has positioned itself to be the most adoptable cryptocurrency for many people around the world. Faster and more affordable than Bitcoin, easier to understand than Ethereum, and miles farther of the rest of the altcoins in terms of adoptions, Ripple is the closest thing we have to a truly international cryptocurrency. Bitcoin may have the bigger name, but in building itself into an international banking sector that affects billions, Ripple may be considered the most internationally adopted cryptocurrency. We expect the Ripple price to follow.

Ripple XRP Price Forecast for 2019, By Quarter

It’s impossible to predict how Ripple prices will change in the coming months, but we can always make an educated guess. Here’s what we expect from XRP prices during Q1-Q4 2019, with a fair amount of optimism thrown into the mix.

  • Q1 2019 – XRP Coin= <$1
    This persistent bear market isn’t going to correct itself overnight. As of now, all crypto projects suffer the same way, regardless of the relative merit or lack thereof of individual projects. Investors remain scared of falling prices, and institutional investors have not yet entered the space in a significant way. We expect these conditions to remain for at least the first few months of 2019, with Ripple prices remaining below $1. This may represent a strong opportunity to invest in Ripple, because once XRP prices start to rise, they may never come this low again.


  • Q2 2019 – XRP Coin = $1-$2
    We expect the crypto markets to start getting interesting in the spring of 2019. We’ve already had some false starts and bull traps during late 2018 and early 2019, but unfortunately none of these have stuck. Ripple Labs will continue to make inroads in the world of business, and the crypto markets will slowly realize that this is a project that’s leading global fintech. During this period, Ripple prices will creep up, as investors tentatively test the strength of the next bull run. Perhaps Ripple will even creep closer to Bitcoin’s market cap, as news stories start to suggest that there may be a new king on the rise. By summer, Ripple could be approaching mid-2017 levels, and investors could be salivating for more.


  • Q3 2019 – XRP Coin = $3-$5
    By Q3, we’ll definitely know whether or not Ripple has become a major fintech story for 2019. If it has, it’s likely that Ripple’s market cap will have significantly carved away at Bitcoin’s. Some may begin to think of the two cryptocurrencies as equals, and major competitors for the crypto throne. With international investment in multiple markets and economies, Ripple will surely have distinguished itself as a major international player, constantly building its base. If the altcoin market has recovered by this point, and Ripple’s momentum has sustained in something like the above scenario, we expect Ripple XRP to be trading beyond past all-time highs.


  • Q4 – XRP Coin = $5-$10
    The argument can be made that when compared to the other strict cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH, etc.), no coin has more development and adoption momentum than Ripple. This was certainly true in 2018. If this streak stays hot through 2019, we expect Ripple XRP to be trading well above past all-time highs, and possibly approaching the fabled $10 mark. Of course, a year in the future is a generation in crypto-years, but we can have fun with predictions like these. Still, these ideas are based in the reality of Ripple’s impressive fundamentals and partnerships. It could happen. Ripple investors should be ready.

Is Now the Time to Buy Ripple XRP? Ripple Price Prediction Conclusion

We can’t tell you how to invest your money, but we can say this: if any cryptocurrency is well-situated for a major growth spurt in 2019, it’s Ripple XRP. We’ve made the case that Ripple has better partnerships, more impressive fundamentals, and greater growth potential than most of its top tier competitors. For now, Ripple prices are still low (as are all altcoin prices). The time may be now to buy Ripple, before prices recover and sub-$1 prices seem like a distant memory. Do your own research and never invest more than you can afford to lose, but don’t sleep on Ripple. It could end up being one of the great investment stories of 2019.




Top 10 Cryptocurrencies to Invest in For 2019

The crypto markets continue to suffer after a prolonged “Crypto Winter”. But many think that the golden age of blockchain and cryptocurrency is yet to come. We’ve seen incredible technological developments during 2018, even if crypto prices did not follow suit. Sooner or later, some of these blockchain projects are going to break through, and investors who hold these digital coins and tokens are going to reap their reward.

Here are our top 10 picks for the best cryptocurrencies to invest in during 2019. Some of these are old favorites, and some relative newcomers. No one can predict the future, but we hope that anyone with these coins in their portfolio will have good luck in investing during 2019.

1. NEO (NEO)

NEO Coin NEO Blockchain

NEO was one of the most hyped crypto tokens of 2017, but it has fallen off more than 90% from its all time high price. Fortunately for NEO holders, this is where the bad news stops. NEO boasts some top quality Dapps (more on this later), what may be the best consensus mechanism in the blockchain industry (Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance beats out Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work, according to some experts), and a high-return economic model (free NEO GAS for every NEO token an investor owns). All of these factors come together to make this one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in.

At its height, one NEO token sold for more than $200 on some exchanges. Today, the same token will sell for less than $10. With tons of interest and development mounting behind “the Ethereum of China”, NEO may be poised to move to the head of the pack, even beyond Asia. Already faster and more scalable than Ethereum, NEO is definitely one of the two or three best smart contract platforms on the planet. We can’t give formal financial advice, but buying NEO, at these prices, could represent one of the best investment possibilities of 2019 so far.

2. Raiden (RDN)

Raiden Ethereum

Raiden is a second-layer solution for Ethereum. If that doesn’t make sense, think of it as Ethereum’s version of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. If that still doesn’t make sense, it could be said that Raiden helps speed up Ethereum by taking some of its traffic. Users can fund Raiden nodes with Ether ETH, then use it to make payments and complete other transactions by sending the funds to other Raiden nodes. Ethereum doesn’t have to do any work to make these connections, taking lots of pressure off the Ethereum blockchain while Ethereum developers look for other scaling solutions.

Raiden RDN is the token used on the Raiden system, and it is way down in price since its all time high in January or last year. Despite all of the declining price action, Raiden development activity remains white hot. In fact, Raiden has more Github development activity than most other blockchains. Even though Raiden isn’t on the radar of many investors, there are few projects out there with a more committed developer base. Furthermore, if you believe in Ethereum, chances are you see the value in a strong second layer solution for the world’s largest smart contract platform. Do yourself a favor and research Raiden. You might find it fills an important gap in your cryptocurrency investment portfolio. You may also ask yourself, “should I invest in Ethereum?” Stay tuned for more on that topic.


ICON dapps

ICON has been called South Korea’s Ethereum, and the analogy isn’t unfounded. Like Ethereum, ICON allows developers to create smart contracts on their blockchain. However, ICON is more focused on development within South Korea (even though it does have international ambitions). ICON works primarily to connect institutions within South Korea, for reduced friction in financial and data transfer. They also have many consumer-facing applications in their growing Dapp list. However, lest you think that ICON doesn’t look beyond its national borders, the company has recently opened up offices in San Francisco and Singapore, where its focus will be both B2B and B2C.

ICON development has slowed somewhat in the sustained crypto market downturn, but it has never ceased entirely. With renewed market interest has come increased activity from ICON core. Still down more than 90% from all time high, ICON ICX could represent an incredible opportunity. Not only will it facilitate exciting applications, users in South Korea can already buy ICON at physical ICON ATMs, for use as digital cash. ICON needs to hunker down and build on its promise, but it’s a project we still believe in. With the price down more than 90% from ATH, this is one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in today.

4. ARK (ARK)

ARK blockchain

The so-called “WordPress of Blockchain” has done a ton of development during the 2018 market downturn. ARK is a blockchain ecosystem with many functions, but perhaps its most important is its “point, click, blockchain” initiative. ARK wants anyone to be able to be able to create their own blockchain and/or digital token with the push of a button, just like people can create their own website with ease using WordPress.

ARK also allows for interoperability between blockchains. Want to create an application that performs functions on Ethereum and Bitcoin at the same time? ARK can do that. ARK connects the best cryptocurrencies, and is one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in in its own right.

in the coming months, ARK will also add smart contract functionality, so that people can develop complex dapps on the ARK blockchain itself. ARK is incorporated in France, and despite seeing many other smart contract platforms decline in recent months, development has neither ceased nor slowed.

ARK investors get great paybacks for staking coins, with annual returns hovering somewhere near 9%. ARK may not be the biggest or flashiest blockchain project, but they have great products and a solid governance/economic model (abuse-resistant Delegated Proof of Stake). Also boasting one of the best communities in the industry, ARK has an integrity that is very attractive in the flaky world of blockchain startups.

5. Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum Ether ETH

You didn’t think we’d complete an investment list without mentioning Ethereum ETH, did you? Despite a miserable price year in 2018, Ethereum remains the world’s most developed blockchain. ETH has more developer talent working on its myriad functions than any other project, Bitcoin included.

Despite delays, arguments over new features, and a price in the absolute toilet, Ethereum is forging ahead, following the vision laid out by visionary leader Vitalik Buterin. So much has already been said about Ethereum, it hardly bears mentioning here. If you want to buy ETH, do your own research and seriously consider investing while the price is still low! ETH is digital cash, and so much more. No matter what you use it for, it’s one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in.

6. Ripple (XRP)

Riplle XRP

People love to hate on Ripple. And Ripple just keeps on growing. XRP unapologetically appeals to institutions. Even though this is anathema to certain blockchain aficionados, this singularity of focus has led Ripple to achieve, arguably, the greatest adoption success of any cryptocurrency in the world. XRP facilitates large financial transaction across borders, usually made by banks, which it allows to be much faster and cheaper than conventional methods.

Already adopted by banks like PNC, Santander, and the Royal Bank of Canada, Ripple looks like a foundational new currency forging real world adoption like none other. Those who buy XRP at these low prices may be getting in on the (new) ground floor. With tangible use cases and bargain basement prices, this is one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in…maybe even better than Bitcoin.

7. Travala (AVA)

Travala NEO ecosystem

Travala may be the best Dapp on the NEO blockchain. If you believe that any NEO application will succeed, AVA should be a part of your crypto portfolio. Aimed at the travel and hotel industry, Travala lists lodging and accommodations all around the world, to help travelers find the lowest prices available through any platform. It’s remarkable just how fast Travala adds new properties, and (unlike many other crypto apps) people actually use Travala. Could this be the killer app that breaks NEO into the mainstream? We’re not so sure yet. But it’s hard to imagine that AVA’s price will stay this low for long.

8. Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance Coin

Binance remains the world’s most popular crypto-to-crypto exchange. Billions in digital assets are traded here each day, and what’s good for Binance is good for the industry at large. Binance’s BNB allows users to get trading discounts. Binance regularly burns BNB, reducing its circulating supply, thereby increasing the value of all holders’ BNB through the simple laws of supply and demand. If you think that crypto prices are going to bounce back, then you should really consider what this will do for Binance and, by extension, BNB.

9. Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin BTC

OK, this one might seem a little obvious, but let’s think carefully of Bitcoin’s place in the market at this point in 2019. Bitcoin continues to lead the charge, and its price has suffered less over the past year than almost any altcoin. The majority of people in the world see the crypto industry as inseparable from Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s success is crypto’s success. This means that Bitcoin is relatively stable when compared to other coins. It also means that, if the bulls return to crypto markets, Bitcoin BTC will be the first price to increase.

Bitcoin has improved upon its foundation over the past year. Where Bitcoin used to be slow and expensive to use, matters have improved somewhat. The combination of Segregated Witness, second layer solution the Lightning Network, and other development factors, Bitcoin is slowly scaling its massive network, and keeping down fees in the process. Bitcoin development has remained doggedly committed in the past year. We think that, ultimately, one or more digital cash solutions will dominate the industry, and Bitcoin is more likely to succeed than any of its competitors. Will Bitcoin meet and exceed all time highs in 2019? Nobody knows for sure…but at these prices, buying Bitcoin is looking like a steal.

10. Monero (XMR)

Monero XMR

Monero XMR is one of the most interesting cryptocurrencies there is. A true privacy coin, Monero can be transacted without a record of the identity of either the sending or receiving party. This leads some to conclude the Monero is sketchy – and indeed the coin has been used for some nefarious purposes – but Monero also has many legitimate and fully legal use cases. Even if a privacy coin can never be mainstream in the same way that a non-private coin like Bitcoin can, its secrecy also helps ensure its ongoing usefulness.

Monero XMR isn’t going anywhere. With XMR prices way down since all time highs in early 2018, today’s XRM buyers could have a real deal on their hands, one supported by one of the largest and most mature crypto communities of any competing blockchain platform. One coin will rule them all in privacy. You may buy Zcash or some other competitor’s claim at superiority more than Monero’s, but we tend to find XMR most successful.

So, which is next biggest cryptocurrency for 2019?

We can’t tell you which projects will succeed or fail in 2019, or which way to invest your money. Do your own research and invest only that which you could afford to lose. Prioritize projects that have excellent software, stand-out community support, devoted development, tangible use cases, and inspiring partnerships around the globe. We’ll be very interested to look at this list a year from now, to see how our predictions did. If crypto prices bounce back, though, we feel strongly that some of these projects will be among the most successful of 2019.

2019 Crypto Investment FAQ

Should I invest in Bitcoin no matter what?

In general, we think it’s a good idea for everyone to invest in Bitcoin, at least a little bit. Right now, Bitcoin is the king of the market. If money enters cryptocurrency, Bitcoin will rise in value. Period. This may not always be the case, but for now, what’s good for crypto is good for Bitcoin, and that’s why every portfolio should have it.

Is Ethereum Still a Good Investment in 2019?

Yes. While not a sure thing, Ethereum has amazing functionality, far beyond what Bitcoin is capable of as digital cash. Bitcoin is very application-specific – you can use it for money and that’s just about it. Ethereum is much more like the internet – you can build anything on it and it fulfills countless functions. A platform like Ethereum will succeed in the long term. Will Ethereum be the one left standing? We don’t know, but it has a great head start, is staffed by thought leaders in the space, and has the finances to fund world domination.

Is the Crypto Market Downtrend Over?

Nobody knows. The Crypto Winter, as it is sometimes called, is ongoing, but it’s not the first time this has happened in this industry. There were past crypto crashes that resulted in the media saying that Bitcoin is dead…but Bitcoin always bounced back. We think that this market crash is going to end the same way…eventually. It’s risky to try to guess when prices will stop falling, because you always risk buying and then having them fall still further. Still, with all-time-high prices down more than 90% in most cases, we think that the time to invest in the best cryptocurrencies for 2019 is now.


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