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How to Make Money with Cryptocurrency – 8 Best Ways

Over the last few years, cryptocurrencies have proven to be great investments and a trading market. And as the crypto market continues to develop and evolve, there are also new ways and strategies for retail investors to make money. In this guide we'll show you some of the most profitable strategies and techniques to make money with cryptocurrencies this year.
next big crypto
next big crypto

Cryptocurrencies have become one of the most actively traded assets in the last few years. The reasons are diverse: first of all, they are quite affordable and you can buy millions of tokens by investing as little as $100. Another reason is that it’s easy to build a diversified portfolio with cryptocurrencies. 

While in most cases people simply buy and sell cryptos to speculate on price changes and generate money, there are multiple other options to make money with a cryptocurrency. In this guide, we took a detailed look at the best techniques and strategies you can use to earn crypto.

8 Best Ways to Make Money With Cryptocurrency in February 2023

You may be tired of the traditional way of making money with crypto. If you are looking for creative ways to earn crypto other than simply buying and holding them below you will find the best ways to do that. 

  1. Invest Early in Brand New Projects at the Presale Stage
  2. Buying Established Crypto Like Bitcoin and Holding Long-Term
  3. Creating a Mixed Crypto Portfolio and Holding Mid-Term
  4. Staking Crypto in an Exchange
  5. Day Trading Cryptocurrencies
  6. Free Crypto Drops and Crypto Faucets
  7. Going All-in with Altcoins
  8. Crypto Lotteries and Casinos

Reviewing Each of the Best Ways to Make Money With Crypto

In the remainder of these beginner’s guide we’ll be taking a closer look at each of the above strategies and how to get started making money with cryptocurrency.

Invest Early in Brand New Projects at the Presale Stage

For those who can’t afford to invest in well-established crypto projects, there is an excellent alternative – new crypto projects. As the market is growing at high speed, more and more projects are introduced regularly. Not all of them are promising or legit, but if you can find out the best ones and invest in the early stages of their development you can end up making huge money from brand-new projects. 

Before their official launch, it is common among the new crypto projects to conduct private and public presales. During these events, their native tokens are not yet official, but the developing team offers to buy them in the presale stage at low prices. Once the crypto is officially launched it is then sent to the wallets of the presale buyers. 

The main reason to conduct a presale event for a crypto project is to attract investments from early buyers and use that capital for the development of the project. Meanwhile, investors get the opportunity to purchase the tokens at a low price. Early investors also may get several benefits including free airdrops, subscriptions, access to various tools and services of the platform, and more. Many consider presales and ICOs the best way to make money with cryptocurrency in the shortest period of time.

Meanwhile, you can take the chance of taking part in the giveaways organized by the new project and win prizes. Here are some of the best brand-new crypto projects that we recommend investing in. The first 4 are still in their presale stages, while the last one is an exceptional investment too, that is nearing its IEO or Initial Exchange Offering. 


FightOut presale

For anyone looking to participate in a project that is sports oriented as well as a high-potential initiative, FightOut is an obvious pick. The recently announced project has been gaining massive popularity for featuring an excellent use case and a product that will revolutionize the fitness industry while providing a new avenue for investors to earn passive income.

FightOut is an M2E project, which essentially means that every time the user moves, they will be able to earn money. It attempts to combine Web2 and Web3 components, by bringing the use of crypto and NFTs as a common thing for those who still haven’t grasped the entire working of blockchain. Ideally, users are simply expected to workout, and their NFT avatar within the FightOut metaverse too will develop depending on the actions taken by the user. This NFT avatar can then be used to battle against other players, in exchange for exciting rewards.

The project is currently in its presale phase, which means that it is the perfect time for stocking up on the native token FGHT. A simple indicator of the popularity of FightOut is the fact that the project raised more than $2 million within days of its presale’s inception.

Visit FightOut Presale

Meta Masters Guild

Another great way to earn money while investing in a crypto project is to participate in Play 2 Earn (P2E) games. There are many projects that enable gamers to apply their skills and time for earning some real side income. One of the best play-to-earn crypto projects that have been doing the rounds these days is the Meta Masters Guild. It started its journey with quite a positive response on its presale numbers, which managed to raise $125,000 within just 2 days of its launch.

Meta Masters Guild does not simply focus on helping users earn money via playing their games, but truly interact with their games, and enjoy them. They are on a mission to provide genuinely high-quality mobile games to their users that players enjoy spending time on and be compensated for the time and value they provide to the ecosystem. Their model is based on incentivizing engagement and rewarding those who are adding value to the Meta Masters ecosystem.

The players get various chances to get rewarded and earn. Whether it’s by gaining in-game assets, developing e-sports teams, or community giveaways and events. At the time of writing, the presale phase has been gaining more strength thanks to the feature of MEMAG on several major crypto websites. For anyone looking to make money potentially, stocking up on MEMAG, the native token of Meta Masters Guild can be their best bet. 

Visit Meta Masters Presale


C+Charge aims to reward electric vehicle drivers with carbon credits whenever they pay using the tokens of this platform for charging their vehicles. The project aims to democratize the carbon credit industry with this initiative. There is a wide network of charging stations that are either run by this platform or makes use of the payment mechanism supported by C+Charge.

The centralized C+Charge app takes account of users’ payment wallets, enables them to pay for charging, and provides a real-time live tracker of the record of charges and carbon credits gained. It additionally displays to users the nearest C+Charge-enabled charging stations. The native token of this platform is $CCHG.

At the time of writing, $CCHG tokens are presently available for purchase during the presale at a discounted rate of 0.013 USDT per token. The public sale of these tokens will take place across four stages, with stages 3 and 4 having prices of 0.02000 USDT and 0.02350, respectively. Considering the increasing popularity of this newly launched project among investors, buyers should consider getting these tokens at a discounted price as soon as possible.

Visit C+Charge


RobotEra is another cryptocurrency project worth paying attention to especially if you are interested in metaverse gaming. The project is now conducting its first presale stage during which its native token TARO is available to buy for $0.020. RobotEra’s gaming platform is about creating your robot avatar, managing your land, and taking part in the creation of the world. 


Visit RobotEra

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity

If you are a fan of gaming, Calvaria is a new card-playing crypto project to consider buying in the presale stage. Players should collect cards with different characteristics, build powerful decks and win the battles. The biggest X factor about this game, however, is the addition of F2P and P2P modes. 

Calvaria Sold Out

The F2P mode is suitable for non-crypto players who are more interested in the fun factor of the game and less in earning. The F2P mode will enable these players to interact with all the gameplay-focused tools of the ecosystem, including in-game items and cards. These players will be able to battle it out in a PvE ecosystem.

P2P mode is crypto-centric that contains all the earning features that crypto gamers are looking for. The ecosystem is powered by the native token RIA, which has just recently cleared its presale hard cap before the extended date and is coming to BKEX.

LBank and Uniswap listings times will also be announced soon.

Visit Calvaria

Buying Established Crypto Coin Like Bitcoin and Holding Long-Term

Perhaps, the best and the most popular method to make money with cryptocurrency is simply investing in a well-established or promising crypto project in the long term. Established crypto projects are backed with sophisticated plans, introduce new features into the industry and try to solve real-world problems. These cryptocurrencies are not similar to speculative assets which will lose their value once the trend ends. 

They are quite well-established and will gradually draw attention, growing the demand for them. If more and more people are interested in a crypto project and invest in it, its value will increase. Consequently, you will benefit from the increased price and generate good rewards in the long term. It is especially profitable to invest in assets with low supply. It works perfectly with cryptocurrencies as long as they are decentralized and there is not any single party that can decrease or increase their supply. 

Let’s take the example of Bitcoin: it was the first cryptocurrency and was unique in that sense. Bitcoin is the most valuable crypto right now and the one having the largest market cap. But in 2009, when Bitcoin first entered the market, it was traded for less than a penny. It was the first project to introduce decentralization, anonymity, and transparency into the payment system so it drew huge attention. The demand for BTC rose over the years and the prices soared. 

Chart Representing How Bitcoin Increased in Value over the Years

But the drastic increase in Bitcoin’s value was also associated with its scarcity. Bitcoin has a low supply: only 21 million Bitcoins can exist, most of which are already mined. Its scarcity and the huge demand for it resulted in the growth of this cryptocurrency and it hit its all-time high of $65.000 in November 2021. Currently, one BTC costs more than $19.000. If you invest in it right now and the coin manages to get even more attention by being applied for more real-world usages, the princess will increase again and bring you high value. 

Bitcoin’s Market Cap and Circulating Supply

Ethereum is another well-established project with great potential to bring you high rewards in the future. Its uniqueness is that it provides the most widely used decentralized platform on which developers can build dApps, DEXs, and other DeFi products. Ethereum entered the market with a price of below $1, but now 1 ETH is worth well over $1,000. That level of return showcases how investing in the top altcoins can be the fastest way to make money with cryptocurrency.

Ethereum All-Time Price History

In sum, if you wonder how to invest in bitcoin and make money or buy other well-established cryptos, there are several leading crypto brokers and platforms you can use to buy assets. Binance, Coinbase, and eToro are among the most popular brokers that provide an excellent user experience. All of these exchanges provide mobile apps and websites which are functional and easy to use. You can also use our buying altcoins guide to find out how you can start buying the most profitable altcoin projects. 

Skill level: Beginner

Minimum investment: Low

Risk level: Medium

Potential profit: High

Time until you see significant profits: Long

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Your capital is at risk.

Creating a Mixed Crypto Portfolio and Holding Mid-Term

Another great way to make money with crypto is to build a cryptocurrency portfolio which is especially useful in terms of risk management. Building a crypto portfolio means investing in a number of different crypto assets, including Bitcoin, the best altcoins, and even NFTs which are an emerging asset class all of their own. One of the most crucial things to consider when creating a crypto portfolio is to make it diversified. 

Obviously, if you invest all your money in one coin, there is a higher risk of losing your capital when the asset crashes. But if you invest in multiple cryptocurrencies, you can reduce the risks of losing money even if some of the assets that you invested in lose their value. If there is not a huge crash in the market that affects all the cryptos, your diversified crypto portfolio will go through the small crashes associated with two or three of the coins. 

There are two ways of building a diversified portfolio – investing in coins with different market caps and investing in versatile crypto projects or competing projects. Classified by market capitalizations, cryptocurrencies fall into three large groups – small-, mid-, and large-cap cryptocurrencies. Large-cap cryptocurrencies are the most well-established cryptos: they are less risky but the rewards are lower too. In contrast, cryptos with small market caps include higher risks and the rewards are higher too. 

When it comes to selecting a crypto exchange or a platform that will fit best to build a diversified portfolio, you need to select the one that supports a huge number of crypto coins, provides diversifying tools, and is secure to hold your cryptos. Binance, for example, supports more than 600 coins and NFTs and provides a great variety of trading tools. However, Binance has a complicated interface and is well-suited for advanced traders.

Crypto Portfolios on eToro

eToro is more suitable for beginners and amateur traders. It supports a great number of tokens and has some fascinating tools related to portfolio building. Its CopyTrader social trading tool enables you to mirror the trades of expert traders with a click of a button instead of spending time creating your own. SmartPortfolios is another excellent tool to build a diversified or thematic portfolio on eToro’s website. 

Skill level: Medium

Minimum investment: Medium

Risk level: Medium

Potential profit: High

Time until you see significant profits: Medium

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Staking Crypto in an Exchange

If you have invested in cryptocurrencies that operate on the Proof of Stake blockchains, you may want to use them for extra rewards instead of keeping them idle. This process is known as staking and it’s one of the ways to earn crypto using your assets for the time you will be holding them. By doing so, you lock away a certain amount of your tokens for a certain time to participate in the network securing and transaction validation process. 

Among the most popular cryptocurrencies that can be staked are Tron, Cardano, Solana, etc. As long as Ethereum has recently gone through the merging process it moved to the proof of stake blockchain and can be staked too. Each cryptocurrency project has its own staking requirements, so you will need to take a look at them. Basically, you will need to find a platform that supports staking. 

When you stake cryptocurrencies, you earn interest rates for the period you have staked them. Hence, when looking for a staking platform you will need to pay attention to how much interest rates the platform pays. Security is another top priority to consider in a staking platform as long as you lock your assets and need to keep them secure. Among the most popular staking platforms are OKX, eToro, and the decentralized platform Defi Swap which will support staking with high-interest rates. 

Cryptoassets and Staking Rewards on eToro

Besides, staking there is another way you can generate extra money through your idle assets. It is called landing. Some decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges have a pool where users can lend tokens for a certain time and other users can borrow cryptos if they need it. Those who lend tokens are granted with some rewards and the borrowers pay interest rates to them for borrowing their money. So, lending is another way to make money with crypto where you again lock up some tokens to gain interest rates. 

Some Cryptos that You Can Stake on OKX

Skill level: Low to Medium

Minimum investment: Medium

Risk level: Low

Potential profit: Low

Time until you see significant profits: Medium

Visit OKX

Day Trading Cryptocurrencies

Due to their volatility cryptocurrencies can be highly profitable even for one day. Hence, day trading is one of the most popular ways of making money with crypto. It is called day trading because you take the advantage of the frequent price changes of crypto assets to open and close multiple positions during the same trading day. In this way, you make a little profit from frequent trades and can generate huge money throughout the day.

However, day trading is not a straightforward process. To be able to day trade cryptocurrencies, you will need to have at least a basic understanding of the market and learn how to analyze crypto charts and graphs. In this way, you can understand if the value of the asset you want to benefit from will increase or decrease over time.

TAMA Token’s Price Changes in a Single Day

What cryptocurrencies are more profitable for day trading? As long as you don’t invest in the long-term perspective, even speculative assets can be of huge benefit here. The most crucial thing is to make sure you have enough knowledge about the market analyzing that you can handle the risks quite well. In fact, cryptos having low prices are preferable. The good thing is that you can buy it with little money and even small price changes can even double your profit. 

For day trading it is highly important to choose the right cryptocurrency broker. And the most vital things to consider include trading fees and the number of markets the broker supports. Generally, brokers charge two types of trading fees – commissions and bid/ask spreads. Some brokers may charge one of these fees but it may be higher compared to the brokers who charge both but in low amounts. As long as you will open and close positions frequently in a day, you should be careful not to lose most of it on commissions. 

We would recommend you start with eToro, as the broker charges only 1% fee any time you buy and sell assets and a small bid/ask difference for cryptos. Additionally, the broker operates fast and has a very easy-to-use interface so you won’t be confused during the process. Finally, you can start trading with eToro by investing as little as $10. While some prefer the buy and hold approach, those with enough experience often state that day trading is the best way to make money with cryptocurrency.

Read more on our guide on how to trade cryptocurrency.

Skill level: High

Minimum investment: Medium

Risk level: High

Potential profit: High

Time until you see significant profits: Short

Start Day Trading Cryptocurrencies

Your capital is at risk.

Free Crypto Drops and Crypto Faucets

Crypto faucets and airdrops are two alternative ways to earn crypto if you don’t want to risk your money. These methods enable you to earn cryptos without investing anything in them but the rewards are small too. At least, you don’t put anything at risk and don’t need to develop any special skills, but can spend some of your free time on it and earn little rewards. 

Airdrops are events carried out by new cryptocurrency projects during which they send a certain number of tokens to different wallets. In most cases, you will have to do interaction with their project. For example, if it is a decentralized exchange, they may airdrop cryptos to those wallets that have conducted transactions on their platforms. 

Some Crypto Airdrops for October, 2022

Even though the cryptocurrencies airdropped to your wallet may not be that valuable at the beginning, they may increase over time. Once the cryptocurrency is officially launched it will gain more value and even reach high prices if the project succeeded in drawing huge attention from investors. There have been many successful crypto projects that gain traction with airdrops, including Axie Infinity and ENS. 

Faucets are another easy way to generate small crypto rewards. These are mobile apps or platforms where you can play different games or accomplish different tasks and get small rewards in cryptos. There are hundreds of platforms designed for this purpose and the tasks significantly vary from platform to platform. In some cases, it can be extremely simple, such as solving the captchas. On our list of all the ways to make money with cryptocurrency, this is one of the easiest, however the rewards are also small.

Other platforms may require playing games and reaching a certain milestone after which you will be rewarded. It is important to note here that money earned from faucets is quite low, but it is the safest way of making money with crypto. Play-to-earn games are quite similar to faucets: you play and get rewarded for winning in competitions, or completing certain tasks. But the difference is that those rewards may be higher than with the faucets and you will need some initial investment to get access to the platforms.

See our complete guide to the best crypto airdrops to watch this year.

Skill level: Beginner

Minimum investment: Only Your Time

Risk level: None

Potential profit: Low

Time until you see significant profits: Long

Going All-In with Altcoins

Altcoin stands for alternative coin and the word is coined to describe all the other cryptocurrencies created as alternatives to Bitcoin. If you think that it’s already too late for you to invest in Bitcoin, it’s never too late to invest in alt coins. There are hundreds of new altcoins created each month and you have a huge selection of assets with thousands of options to purchase. 

Along with a number of well-established altcoins, new exciting altcoin projects spring up in the market from time to time.  These projects refer to different aspects of the DeFi ecosystem, including blockchain gaming, decentralized exchanges, programmable platforms, payment systems, etc. 

Investing in such promising altcoins during the early stages of their development can be a huge success for you once these projects have finished their presale stage, and start to catch investors’ attention. It is also important to note that many of these projects not only enable you to earn income thanks to their price differences but also have various features that can help you earn rewards. 

As of early 2023 some of the most trending altcoins are Gala Games (GALA) in the crypto gaming space – which ties in well with the gaming related presales we reviewed earlier in this guide – and (FET) in the AI crypto sector.

Buy Altcoins

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Crypto Lotteries and Casinos

As long as cryptocurrencies have entered into the different aspects of our daily life, they’ve found various use cases that each offer different methods to make money with cryptocurrency. One of the most exciting for many is the rise of crypto betting.

Similar to traditional casino and lottery platforms, cryptocurrency casinos incorporate blockchain technology with gaming and lottery elements giving a great experience of enjoying gambling online. 

As with traditional lottery platforms, blockchain lotteries enable you to purchase tickets and participate in competitions. When the drawn lotto numbers match with the numbers of your lottery tickets you get rewarded from the jackpot pool. The most significant difference between traditional and blockchain-based lottery platforms are that the latter use cryptocurrencies for the ecosystem. You need to buy tickets through cryptos and the rewards you get are in cryptos. 

Apart from it, blockchain lottery and crypto casino platforms tend to add more security and reliability to their platforms. These projects are based on the blockchain so the transactions are transparent and it is difficult to cheat. Additionally, you get paid in cryptos which are faster and more secure. Eventually, they claim to remove the geographical boundaries so anyone can participate in competitions from any part of the world. 

Crypto Lotteries and Casinos

Lucky Block is one of the most competitive projects that rewards you not only for winning in the competition but for participating in it and holding its native tokens. Other popular examples include BC.Game, Cloudbet, and BetOnline.  See our full BC.Game review.

Skill level: Low

Minimum investment: Low to Medium

Risk level: High

Potential profit: High

Time until you see significant profits: Short

Find the Best Crypto Lottery Sites

Your capital is at risk.

Best Platforms to Trade, Invest and Stake Cryptocurrencies

Now that you are familiar with multiple options for making money with cryptocurrencies, you may be looking for some suitable brokerage platforms where you can invest in or trade cryptocurrencies. Finding the best brokerage platforms usually depends on your trading plans and goals. But in most cases, the most essential features to consider when you select a crypto broker include security, available markets, functionality, competitive trading fees, etc. 

As you may find it challenging to select a platform with a huge selection of cryptocurrency brokers, we have already conducted proper research to find out the best platforms to trade, invest and stake cryptocurrencies. In the next two sections, you will find how to make money with cryptocurrencies on eToro and OKX. 

eToro – Best Platform to Trade Crypto Coins

etoroWhen it comes to providing tools for various cryptocurrency trading strategies, eToro is the best option in the market, especially for beginners. We have already mentioned eToro several times when we discussed different methods of earning crypto. Now, we will analyze in detail what features eToro has and why we consider it the best platform to trade crypto. 

First and foremost, we like eToro as it is a good platform whether you want to buy and hold cryptos for a long time or you want to dive into short-term trading. It is a leading cryptocurrency broker with tens of millions of users from around the world and supports trading and investing in more than 70 cryptocurrencies. The broker supports the most popular and widely-traded cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, etc. 

eToro also stands out with excellent staking features. Unlike other platforms, where you need to stake cryptocurrencies for a certain time and can’t unlock them before that, eToro enables you to take away your staked crypto assets whenever you want. The broker also supports two unique trading tools for building diversified portfolios which are more practical if you don’t have enough time to do it yourself. 

The first one is called SmartPortfolios which helps to create thematic cryptos portfolios. You just need to invest in the portfolio and the experts on the platform will create and maintain the portfolio for you. The next tool is CopyTrader through which eToro allows you to copy the exact trades of an expert trader. Additionally, it provides several analyzing tools, graphs, and charts to do market research before you invest or trade any crypto. 

One of the best things about eToro is that the minimum deposit required by the broker to trade cryptos is $10. Moreover, the minimum trade is also $10 so you can start trading on eToro with as little as $20 without the need to risk a lot of money at once. Another important feature is that eToro is one of the most secure brokers with a heavily-regulated security policy. It is verified with such top-tier institutions as ASIC, FCA, CySEC, and FinCEN. 

eToro shines also when it comes to trading fees. The broker charges a 1% commission fee for buying and selling cryptos and a small bid/ask price which differs depending on the crypto. The non-trading fees are also quite competitive. There is only a small withdrawal fee of $5 but it does not charge a deposit or conversion fee when you deposit money in USD. 

You can charge your eToro wallet through a credit or a debit card, e-wallets, bank transfers, etc. If you want to start trading on eToro you need to visit its website and create an account. If you prefer mobile trading, eToro offers a good mobile app that is available on Android and iOS operating systems and is available to download for free. 

Start Trading Cryptos Now with eToro

Your capital is at risk.

OKX – Best Crypto Platform for Staking and Margin Trading

OKX Exchange If you are looking for a cryptocurrency trading platform with more trading options for advanced traders, OKX is a great choice. The broker is an excellent platform for traders outside the United States and it has more than 20 million users from different countries. It is a Seychelles-based crypto broker with headquarters in other countries. OKX is quite a new platform founded in 2017 but has managed to build a trustworthy reputation. 

OKX has a competitive pricing structure and charges 0.1% for each trade you make. But it also has discounts for the traders who buy and sell in large volumes. The broker supports a great selection of cryptocurrencies, including both well-established projects and new ones. You can not only benefit from the price fluctuations trading on the OKX platform but also earn high yields through its staking tools. OKX enables you to earn up to 100% annual interest rate with your idle tokens. 

Another highly practical feature for advanced traders is its margin trading tool. It enables you to borrow money from your broker and pay it back when you generate returns. The margin trading ratio is 10:1, 20:1, or 100:1 depending on the way you make an investment. Though margin trading is a great tool to generate high income quickly, it is also crucial to consider that you can also lose a huge amount of money. 

OKX provides a simple interface where you can buy and trade cryptos in a matter of minutes once you have an account and verify it. It supports buying crypto with fiat and accepts bank cards and e-wallet payments. However, some cryptos, like the TAMA token, are not available to buy directly with fiat. Hence, you will need to buy USDT coins first and then exchange them with TAMA. 

Visit OKX

Risk Disclaimer

Cryptocurrencies stand out with high volatility, meaning their prices change quite often and fluctuate extensively. On one hand, it is advantageous as long as you can generate high rewards in a short time. On the other hand, the higher the rewards the higher the risks. This is because in most cases cryptocurrencies are not governed by a single authority or company. They are decentralized and their value is influenced by the supply and demand ratio. 

It means that the risk of losing your money is quite high. Even though you can make money with crypto, you can never be sure that your investment will be a success. The least you can do to manage the risks is to explore the project carefully, read its white paper, and get familiar with the team behind the project and its roadmap. 

Additionally, you will also need to do some market research, concerning its supply, trading volume, market cap, general market condition, etc. But even in this case, there is always a risk of losing your money so invest only what you can afford.


In this guide, we have discussed the best methods to make money with cryptocurrency. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies in order to generate money through the differences between bid and ask prices, is the most popular way of doing it. However, there are several other ways to earn crypto. The best techniques and strategies include day trading cryptos, getting crypto drops and faucets, crypto staking, building a diversified crypto portfolio, crypto lotteries, crypto casinos, etc.  

Apart from it, the guide also focused on the best platforms where you can try multiple strategies for making money with cryptocurrency. We recommend starting trading with eToro which is a leading broker with highly-regulated security mechanisms and a beginner-friendly platform. OKX is also a great option especially when it comes to new cryptocurrency projects as long as it lists many newer altcoins. It’s rumored FightOut and some of the top crypto presales we reviewed above may be listed there.

We also noted that crypto investments are highly risky and you can’t just spend money relying on the fact that you may be lucky. You need to analyze the market carefully, realize the factors that can influence the price of crypto you are going to invest in, and treat your money carefully as long as anything can happen with it. 

Readers may also be interested in our guide to making money with NFTs.

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Can trading or investing in cryptocurrencies make you rich?

Although it’s highly possible that you get rich off crypto, the process is really tricky and challenging. If you have some extra money that you can afford to lose, you can take the risk and invest in low amounts. But if you take it seriously and want to make huge money, you can’t leave everything to luck. It’s essential to understand at least the basics of trading and get familiar with its nuances. Thorough research of the market and the fundamentals of the asset you want to trade can significantly reduce the risks of losing your money.

How much money do I need to start trading crypto?

There are several new cryptocurrency projects that cost less than a penny and have good potential to develop in the future and bring you huge returns. Generally, crypto brokers and exchanges allow you to start trading with a minimum of $10 for a trade and a 10$ deposit on your account. Hence, it’s possible to start even with $30 or less.

What is the best way to make money in the crypto market?

Obviosuly, there's no one best way to make money in the crypto market. Having said that, in our opinion, investing in brand-new crypto projects is, perhaps, one of the best ways to make money with crypto. The complicated part is to do research and find out which crypto projects have strong plans and roadmaps. If you don’t have enough time to research, our top recommended cryptos are FightOut and Meta Masters Guild which are both on presale now. You can not only buy and sell these assets to generate money from price changes but also stake them and earn extra rewards.

Is it too late to start investing in cryptocurrency?

It depends on which cryptocurrency you want to invest in. Obviously, it’s too late to make millions with Bitcoin, but there are several newly launched cryptocurrency projects that look quite promising and you can start trading them for less than $100. Take note that the crypto market is still in its early stage of development, and therefore, there are lots of lucrative opportunities out there.