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New Coin Listing Dates & Tokens Set to Pump on Exchanges – Top 10 List

New coins are getting listed almost every day on cryptocurrency exchanges. And, some of these newly listed crypto coins may attract many new investors and gain huge popularity. So, in this page, we suggest the top 10 new tokens set to pump on cryptocurrency exchanges.
new coins listings
new coins listings

Being up to date about upcoming or recent crypto listings enables you to invest in the newly listed coin at its lowest listing price. After being listed on a centralized or decentralized crypto exchange, the coin will catch more attention and consequently end up with more people buying it. This will also lead to its price increase and bring its early investors huge profits.

But how to find new coin listings and understand which coin is worth investing in when it pumps on crypto exchanges? Throughout this guide, we will discuss the best new crypto listings that are expected to be officially accepted by crypto exchanges or are already listed on them. You will also discover some benefits of investing in the newly listed coins and find out how to buy them. 

Top 10 New Coin Listings in January 2023

Below you will find our recommendation list of the top 10 new coin listings to buy in 2023. 

  1. Meta Masters Guild – New Presale Aiming to Build the Largest Mobile Gaming Guild in Web3
  2. Fight Out – Presale Coin that will Launch M2E App and Improve Fitness Experience
  3. C+Charge – New Sustainable Coin in the Presale that is Focused on Carbon Credits Industry
  4. RobotEra – Metaverse Game with Exciting P2E Elements to Buy in the Presale
  5. Calvaria – P2E Card Playing Game that will Soon Land on Exchanges 
  6. Dash 2 Trade – New Coin Listing Across 5 Crypto Exchanges
  7. Bonk – First Solana-based Memecoin that is Listed on Major Exchanges
  8. IMPT – Best Eco-friendly Cryptocurrency that is Listed on 4 Major Crypto Exchanges
  9. Anubit – Newly Listed Payment Utility Token to Provide Fast and Low-cost Transactions
  10. Grove Coin – Green Cryptocurrency that Promises to Create a Healthier and Wealthier Future

Reviewing Each New Coin Listing’s Potential

In this section, we will explore that profit potential of each new coin listing on our list. If you are going to invest in a cryptocurrency project, it is helpful to have some knowledge about it, learn about its purposes and aims, understand how it works, what upgrades it plans, etc. All this information helps you to make more reasonable decisions about your investment and know whether you are going to invest in a promising project or in the next speculative asset. 

Meta Masters Guild – New Presale Aiming to Build the Largest Mobile Gaming Guild in Web3

Meta Masters Guild is the first decentralized gaming platform that is completely focused on mobile gaming. The main aim of the project is to bring more fun into the sector of play-to-earn games meanwhile ensuring that the players get enough returns worth the time and effort they put into the game. It is quite a new project in the cryptocurrency market that has recently launched its presale stage, growing a huge popularity. 

The first stage of the presale was extremely successful, during which the team managed to raise $50,000 in the first 24 hours. That has now exploded to over $1.3 million in seed round funding.

The native token of the project MEMAG is currently in the third stage of the presale where it is valued at $0.013 USDT. There are 7 presale stages planned, during which the token price will increase from $0.007 to $0.023. 

Meta Masters Guild new coin listing

The sooner you invest in the token the less you will pay for it, and you can claim your tokens once it goes official. The maximum supply of the cryptocurrency is 1 billion MEMAG tokens and the team plans to sell 350 million MEMAG during the presale and raise $4.75 million in total. 

Apart from the MEMAG token, the project will issue another coin – GEMS which will be the utility token of the platform. While the MEMAG will be used to develop and underpin the Meta Master’s Guild project, GEMS is aimed at more practical usage within the network. It will be used to buy in-game items and upgrades. Also, players will be rewarded with GEMS tokens after winning the games or finishing the tasks. GEMS can also be converted into MEMAG tokens. 

As the first mobile-focused platform, Meta Master’s Guild’s platform will be available not only for their team to launch their catalog of games but also for other developers. They can also use the platform to create and launch their own games but the utility for all the games will be the GEMS token. 

Meta Master’s Guild is already testing its beta platform, with 3 games being developed on it. One of them is a player-vs-player game which is called Meta Kart Racers. The next two are the fighting game Raid NFT and the open-world metaverse Meta Master’s World.

Visit Meta Masters Guild

Fight Out – Presale Coin that will Launch M2E App and Improve Fitness Experience

Fight Out is an innovative cryptocurrency project with exciting ideas to help people improve their physical fitness and earn funds. It offers a move-to-earn app where users can mint their soulbound avatars in the form of NFTs. They can use the app to do physical exercises and complete training, and once they finish the training it will improve their avatar’s stats. Hence, users can improve their health which will affect the score of their avatars within the platform.

Fight Out new coin listing

To manage its community, the project will issue two tokens – its FGHT native token and the REPS token. The first one is created to develop the project, while the second one will be used as an in-pp currency. Users can buy and sell in-game items in REPS tokens. If an avatar completes a training or an exercise and improves its stats it will be rewarded in REPS token, which can also be converted into the FGHT token.

By creating this project, Fight Out aims to bring workouts to a new level and address the problem of overpriced gyms, lack of socialization, and poor workout routines. By minting your own avatar within the app, a professional trainer will give you a special plan for the workout, considering your physical state, the equipment you can use, and other factors. Apart from increasing its stats to earn rewards, you can also socialize with your avatar and compete with other users within the app. 

Fight Out plans to land on cryptocurrency exchanges in the second quarter of 2023. Before that, it started its presale, which is expected to finish at the end of March. In the first stage of its presale, FGHT is available to buy at $0.0166 and the aim of the first stage is to raise $5 million.

FGHT will go live on exchanges in April with a listing price of $0.0333 – so far its initial exchange listings on BKEX, BitForex and LBank have been confirmed, with more set to be announced. See our guide on how to buy Fight Out tokens or click the link below to visit the public sale.

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C+Charge – New Sustainable Coin in the Presale that is Focused on Carbon Credits Industry

C+Charge is a green cryptocurrency project that tries to solve the problems related to EV-based payment systems. Its aim is to use blockchain technology to create a robust peer-to-peer payment system for EV charging stations. The project is fueled by the native token of C+Charge, known as CCHG, which can be used to pay for charging the electric vehicles. For this purpose, electrical wallets can be used where people can keep their CCGH tokens.


As the native token of the C+Charge, CCHG will give other benefits too. Every time people make a purchase using these tokens, they will get carbon credits in the form of tokenized assets representing a ton of carbon dioxide emissions. They can later neutralize their tokenized carbon credits and, in that way, help to fight against the problems related to climate change. 

The C+Charge team has already launched the presale of its native token, CCHG. The initial price of the token is $0.013 but after the first presale stage, its value will increase. Hence the first stage is the chance to buy the token at its lowest price. The token will go through 4 presale stages and in the final stage, it will be priced at $0.0235, which means that the token’s value will increase by 80%.  

The maximum supply of CCHG is 1 billion tokens 40% of which will be sold during the presale stage and only 8% is for the exchange listing. The team plans to raise $6.6 million from all the presales combined. C+Charge has already partnered with several popular companies to integrate the platform into their systems and for other purposes. For more information about the project or for buying the token, read our full review and visit its official website. 

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RobotEra – Metaverse Game with Exciting P2E Elements to Buy in the Presale

RobotEra is a play-to-earn decentralized blockchain game with an attractive narrative and exciting features. It has just started its first presale with a price of $0.02 which will increase to $0.025 when the second stage begins. You can link your crypto wallet to RobotEra’s platform to buy its native token, TARO, at the lowest price before the coin’s value rises.


As a DeFi project, RobotEra introduces a metaverse world where everyone can have their robot avatars and play to earn rewards. The game is about taking part in the creation of a new world after the war between humans and robots. The latter won the battle and took over everything, so all the characters within the metaverse are introduced as robots that are incentivized as NFTs. 

The planet is called Taro and it is divided into parcels of land. When you mint your robot-avatar you can start playing the game, such as buying parcels of land and creating your assets on it. There is also the Central City which is filled with lots of museums, theme parks, and other leisure places. You can browse the metaverse, meet other robots and spend your time at the museums, 

The Central City is also a safe place to hide from the mutants, which can do no harm to your robots within the city. While playing the game, you accomplish different tasks, buy or sell items, develop your plot of land, etc. All of these items are represented as NFTs within the metaverse, which you can buy and sell using the project’s native token – TARO. It is also used to reward the players for winning competitions or completing tasks. 

TARO can also be staked so its holders can use it to generate rewards. The coin is backed by a great project with a lot of unique features. Hence, if the game attracts huge popularity more people will start playing it and invest in the token. Apart from it, TARO is already one of the most popular presales in 2023 and will probably be among the hottest coin listings in the near future. 

See our full guide on how to buy RobotEra token.

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Calvaria – P2E Card Playing Game that will Soon Land on Exchanges 

Calvaria is another exciting cryptocurrency project that will hit the exchanges very soon. The project is currently in the final stage of its presale, after which it will be listed on popular exchanges BKEX, LBank, and GoBit. The team planned to sell 150 million RIA tokens, with more than 145 million already sold. On our list this is the closest new coin listing to mark on your calendar.


RIA will contribute to a play-to-earn platform called “Calvaria: Duels of Eternity” which is a card-playing game that enables you to enjoy your time and earn money at the same time. The aim of the game is to collect cards with different characters on them and build combinations on the deck. The characters are all unique NFTs and they come with different strengths. The one who builds the most powerful combination wins the game and gets rewarded with the RIA token. 

Calvaria also has the free-to-play option of the game, where everything is the same apart from the reward mechanism. However, the game shows how many RIA tokens you will collect during the game if you have been playing the play-to-earn option. This can also show them that they can not only play the game but also earn real money. So they will be motivated to buy RIA and play the P2E version.

Those owning RIA tokens can see it to buy in-game items and new cards with more powerful characters. New cards will help them to build stronger combinations and increase their winning chance. Apart from its use within the game, RIA is also a stackable token that users can lock up and generate rewards. 

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Dash 2 Trade – Best Newly Listed Coin Officially Accepted on 5 Crypto Exchanges

The cryptocurrency project Dash 2 Trade has garnered huge popularity since its presale during which it managed to raise $15 million. After the successful presale, which ended in January 2023, D2T token was listed on a number of popular crypto exchanges, including, LBank, Changelly Pro, and BitMart, and decentralized exchanges Uniswap and 1inch.

dash 2 trade

Dash 2 Trade is a decentralized analytics platform aiming to help traders take their skills to a new level and maximize their profits. Its native token, D2T, enables you to buy subscriptions on the platform and make use of a wide range of trading tools. Dash 2 Trade promises to keep its users on top of the market through its on-chain data and social sentiment tools. 

Powered by technical indicators, the platform will also provide users with advanced trading signals and trading opportunities. The platform subscribers will also get alerts about the latest crypto listings and exchange offerings. Even if you are not a professional trader, Dash 2 Trade’s Learn 2 Earn tools can be useful for upgrading your trading skills and earning D2T tokens meanwhile. 

Dash 2 Trade has already launched its demo platform, which has already gotten several good ratings. The roadmap of the project introduced on its website shows that there will be many more tools in the future, including the backtester and auto trading tools to test and build profitable strategies. 

The successful presale and launch of its beta testing platform are also due to the trustworthy and professional team that stands behind the project. The same team is popular with the Learn 2 Trade platform, which is a trading platform to help beginners in foreign exchange and crypto trading. The previous project managed to create a community of more than 70,000 active traders. 

As mentioned already, D2T is the native token of the platform, which has a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens. 700 million of the tokens were sold during the public and private presale stages conducted before the coin landed on exchanges. The coin’s value has dropped after the listing, which is a natural thing for the newly listed coin. But the coin has a lot of room for growth, so it can bring the early investors high returns as a long term investment.

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Bonk – First Solana-Based Memecoin that is Listed on Major Exchanges

Memecoins are quite popular in the cryptocurrency market, even though they usually don’t represent any serious value and are inspired by Internet jokes. Though they may get huge popularity and create hype at the beginning they stop performing once the trend disappears. However, there are some memecoins that have experienced quite a long history, such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. 

Bonk is the next cryptocurrency that aims to become a popular and established memecoin. As mentioned on its official website, Bonk is the first Solana-based memecoin created “by the people for the people.” It aims to replace “the Alameda tokenomics,” and bring some fun, meanwhile assuring everyone gets a fair shot.

Bonk has gone official through the airdrop, during which it distributed 50% of its tokens to the holders of Solana SOLUSD coin. The price of the coin increased by 2000% once the coin landed on the exchanges, and on January 5 it hit its all-time high of $0.00000449. But after that, the value of the coin has fallen significantly. To prevent this, the team decided to take 5% of the tokens planned for the team development and burn them permanently. 


After destroying 5 trillion BONK tokens, the Bonk’s current supply is 94.1 trillion. BONK has become quite popular already and many Solana projects have incorporated it into their payment system, enabling payments for NFTs with BONK. The token is also available to buy on a number of crypto exchanges, including Bitrue, BingX, ByBit, etc. 

So how will Bonk’s price perform in the future, and can it survive after the hype? It is quite a difficult question as long as meme cryptocurrencies are less predictable. That’s why it is recommended to invest in memecoins with caution and always bear in mind that there is a huge risk of losing your money.

IMPT – Best Eco-friendly Cryptocurrency that is Listed on 4 Major Crypto Exchanges

IMPT is an environmentally friendly cryptocurrency project that has successfully completed three stages of its presale and got listed on a number of crypto exchanges. Its native token, IMPT, is a new coin listing in 2023 on various exchanges including LBank,, Bitmart, and the decentralized exchange Uniswap. 

As one of the most popular green cryptocurrencies in the market, IMPT aims to fight against the problems that are related to climate change and carbon credits. The project takes another approach to carbon credit trading which is the process of buying and selling the right over carbon emissions. These credits are incentivized as NFTs, which you can buy using IMPT’s native token – IMPT. 


The project has partnered with several shops providing different services and products to bring its idea into reality. Every time someone buys something from those shops, they get rewarded with IMPT tokens. These tokens can be exchanged with the carbon credit NFTs which means that you have the right to burn them. 

You can do multiple things with your carbon credits: retire them and prevent them from sending the Earth’s atmosphere, wait until their value increases and trade them to generate funds, etc. Additionally, you will get scores for the activity on IMPT’s platform. Your scores increase when you buy from the shops, exchange your tokens with carbon credits or retire the NFTs of carbon credits. 

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Anubit – Newly Listed Payment Utility Token to Provide Fast and Low-cost Transactions

Another popular new crypto listing is the Anubit coin which is a cryptocurrency used for payments. The coin is available to buy on the centralized exchange P2B and Pancaksewap’s DEX. Launched on September 27th, 2022, Anubit uses the Binance Smart Chain to provide secure, fast, and low-cost transactions. It claims to be perfect for everyday transactions due to many of its features. 

Besides its utility usage, Anubit claims to have an excellent reward mechanism for its holders. Users holding Anubit’s native token, ANB will be rewarded with new tokens daily. Anubit distributes rewards from the fees it charges for making payments in ANB tokens. The more ANB coins you have in your wallet, the higher your reward will be.


Other unique features Anubit claims to have are its Anti-Whale and Anti-Pug systems, which help them to protect the pumps and dumps of the coin and to stabilize its value. The aim is to make the ANB coin stable and reliable for everyday transactions. The maximum supply of the coin is 100 million ANB tokens and the supply can only be increased through buying. ANB is currently traded at $4.99. 

Grove Coin – Green Cryptocurrency that Promosis to Create a Healthier and Wealthier Future

The last pick on our list is another green cryptocurrency called Grove Coin. It claims to be a decentralized and secure green token that focuses on bringing wealth to its holders with an eco-friendly approach. Its native token, GRV, is available to buy on Pancakeswap. Grove’s maximum supply is 99.54 quadrillion GRV tokens and the circulating supply is 71.28 million tokens. 

Grove claims to be not only a green cryptocurrency but also an excellent asset to trade and generate rewards. According to Grove, trading GRV tokens will bring you high returns and charge low transaction fees. Due to its reward systems, the coin holders get new coins as the 3% of the transaction fee Grove charges is distributed among holders. 

grove coin

Another product that belongs to Grove is the GroveWallet which can be the first eco-friendly wallet and contribute to the popularization of its green token. As Grove is an eco-friendly coin, it uses the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. The aim of the Grove is also to develop and promote solutions in building eco-friendly blockchains and create “a healthier and wealthier future for all.” 

Why Should You Buy Newly Listed Coins?

Investing in a newly listed token during the early stages of its development or before it pumps on a crypto exchange can give you a lot of benefits. Here are some of the reasons why you should buy newly listed coins.


It is common among newly launched cryptocurrency projects to conduct presale events which is equally beneficial for traders and the development team. The coins are priced at their lowest value during the presales, which enables early investors to buy them with as little money as possible. 

Once the cryptocurrency successfully completes the presale and hits the exchanges, it starts to garner more popularity. This leads to new investments and increases the demand for cryptocurrency. Consequently, the value of the coin increases, allowing the early investors to benefit from the price changes and generate huge returns. Hence, investing in promising projects during the presale is an excellent way to gain profit from the newly listed coins.

Listing on Big Exchanges

Obviously, after being listed on a leading crypto exchange, the popularity of the cryptocurrency increases. The exchange makes announcements about its newly listed cryptos, and traders become aware of the new promising projects. That is especially the case when new coins get listed on large exchanges like Binance or Coinbase. During the first day of the listing, more and more investors start to buy the coin, which increases its value for a short period of time. 

The early investors can take this chance and sell the coins at the peak of their value. But if you are interested in the coin as a long-term investment rather than a short-term one you can continue to hold it even when its price increases. If the project seems promising, it will likely generate more popularity, hence an increase in value, after each upgrade, new product launch, or any other big news related to it. 

Low Prices

Eventually, one of the main factors to invest in newly listed coins is their low prices. You can purchase the coin at its lowest price during the first presale stage. Then its price increases with each phase of the presale, and the coin get listed on the exchange multiple times higher than its initial price. It means that investing before the coin’s listing enables you to obtain it at its lowest price possible. 

How to Take Part in New Coin Listings – Step-by-Step Process

As an example we’ll cover Dash 2 Trade which is already listed on a number of large crypto exchanges, but is not yet listed on Binance. You can however use Binance to buy another coin and transfer it to your digital wallet. After that, you can connect your wallet to any of the exchanges where the D2T token is listed and buy the coin. Here is the step-by-step process on how to do it. 

Step 1. Create a Binance Account

Signing up for a Binance account is a straightforward process for which you need to visit the exchange’s website and click on the “Register” button. Use your personal email or phone number to create your account and set up a strong password. Then go to your email or use the code sent to your phone number to verify your account. 

Step 1 Create an Account with Binance

Step 2. Verify Your Account and Deposit Funds

Once you create your account, you need to jump to the process of identity verification. This phase requires you to provide some personal information, including your name, surname, birthdate, address, etc. 

Next, you need to go through the KYC process to verify your identity. You can send a copy of your passport or ID following the instructions of the exchange to be completely verified. Once your account is verified you can use any of the payment methods available on the platform to transfer funds. 

Step 2 Verify Your Binance Account

Step 3. Buy Coins on Binance

With a verified and funded Binance account, you can finally start buying cryptocurrencies on the exchange. For this, visit the markets section of the platform and find any token that can be exchanged with Dash 2 Trade. USDT and ETH are among the popular tokens to use for this purpose. Click on the “Buy Crypto” section for instant purchase and select which currency you want to use to purchase the token. Provide the details about your payment method to finalize the transaction. 

Step 3 Buy Coins on Binance

Step 4. Use Your Coins to Buy Newly Listed Tokens

Once you get ETH tokens on your Binance exchange account, link your digital wallet to transfer the coins. Now when you have a wallet with ETH tokens you can link to any of the exchanges which support D2T and use your ETH coins to buy Dash 2 Trade or another newly listed crypto.


Buying newly listed cryptocurrencies is one of the best ways to generate money in the crypto market. These coins are listed on the exchanges and initially traded at a low price; however, they gain huge significance after being listed and attract investors’ attention. It significantly increases their trading volume and gives the early investors the chance to benefit when the price increases. 

Throughout the guide, we have introduced the ten best new crypto listings which you can consider buying for 2023. Our top recommendations included several new crypto presales which have upcoming exchange listings, and some recent coin listings this month.

Our new coin listings breakdown covers a range of use cases within cryptocurrency aiming to bring changes in their different spheres, including gaming, move to earn, play to earn, green crypto projects and more. Also see our related guide to the benefits of investing in new coins on crypto exchanges. 

Fight Out (FGHT) - Newest Move to Earn Project


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FAQs on New Coin Listings

What is a newly listed cryptocurrency?

Newly listed cryptocurrency is a term that is used to refer to the first days of the crypto being listed on a centralized or decentralized exchange. The first day is especially important because on that day, many investors try to buy it, resulting in high demand and the value of the cryptocurrency increases. However, the crypto price may drop again in the next few days as short-term traders use this period to speculate on price fluctuations and make money.

How can I find newly listed cryptocurrencies?

You can use several resources to find out which cryptocurrencies will be listed in the upcoming days. You can follow the market news or the announcements made by popular crypto exchanges. Finally, you can find the 10 best new crypto listings throughout this guide, most of which are still in the presale and are yet to be listed.

What is the best newly listed coin to buy right now?

Dash 2 Trade is the best newly listed coin to buy right now, which is already available to buy on 5 cryptocurrency exchanges. It backs a promising DeFi project that focuses on bringing crypto trading to a new level. Dash 2 Trade offers a decentralized platform with a number of exciting tools to help new and expert traders to enhance their trading experience and increase profitability.

What is the risk of investing in newly listed coins?

However exciting a newly listed coin may seem, it is also quite risky. The problem is that the value of the cryptocurrency may sometimes decrease by a high percentage during the following days of its listing. This is because many people rush to buy it when it has just been listed, which results in its price increase, but they sell it the next day once the prices soar. Hence, you should invest with caution and not put all your money in one single coin.