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Best Crypto Apps – Top 5 Crypto Trading App Platforms

A trusted cryptocurrency exchange regulated by the FCA, ASIC and CySEC, first on our list of the top crypto apps is eToro - available for both desktop browser and mobile devices through their app, compatible with Android and iOS. We'll also review its closest competitor crypto apps.
Crypto Trading Apps
Crypto Trading Apps

Crypto platform eToro can be used on a PC laptop for Windows, Mac, or handheld devices by downloading the eToro crypto trading app from the App Store or Google Play. View Bitcoin and altcoin price charts, set alerts, follow crypto news, join a social trading community, and copy trade professional investors on your mobile device or tablet. Stock and forex trading are also supported on the same app.

Accepting most deposit methods, including Paypal and credit cards, eToro is the best crypto app trading platform for beginners to invest with. More experienced traders might also use other crypto trading apps alongside it, such as OKX, Coinbase (namely their exchange Coinbase Pro), and Binance – which we’ll also review in this beginner’s guide to the best crypto apps.

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    How to Install the Best Crypto App

    1. Connect to the internet on your iOS or Android mobile device or tablet
    2. Visit, click the top-left menu, and select ‘Download the App’
    3. Install the app – 134.1 MB in size – and create an account
    4. To secure your funds, also set up 2FA with the Google Authenticator app

    Best Crypto App Platform in September 2023

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    68% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

    Reviews of the Best Crypto Trading Apps

    Below we review the top crypto apps, including screenshots of the trading platform on each:

    1. eToro – Overall Best Crypto App – FCA Regulated

    The eToro app has an average rating of 3.7/5 on the App Store and 4.3 on the Google Play store, based on 6k and 98k user ratings, and is a top 30-ranked finance app. It also supports trading currencies (forex), commodities, indices, stocks, and ETFs.

    The screenshots in this review were taken on iPhone. The eToro app can also be used on iPad, Android devices, and Mac. It requires iOS 11.0 or Android 5.1 and up.

    Best Crypto Trading App

    eToro on the App Store

    Crypto trading apps more specifically aimed at day traders by Binance and Coinbase Pro have even higher ratings, because they charge maker/taker fees when you place orders rather than having a spread.

    Using one of those well-known and more advanced crypto trading platforms is cheaper, especially if you’re making many trades.

    NB: Coinbase Pro is a separate app from Coinbase, although you will first create an account on Coinbase and use the same login credentials for both. Coinbase should be avoided for buying and selling crypto as it charges a 3.99% fee for using debit cards.

    Deposit Methods

    Investors who prefer to simply buy and hold cryptocurrency as a long-term investment rather than trying to daytrade would be more suited to eToro, given the ease of depositing – you can buy cryptocurrency on eToro using Paypal, e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller, credit cards, Sofort, Rapid transfer, bank transfer and more.

    eToro deposit methods

    eToro app deposit methods

    More deposit methods being supported than other crypto trading apps makes it easier to dollar cost average (DCA) into an asset, and eToro is regulated internationally by the FCA, ASIC, and CySEC, making it safer to hold funds on – eToro also offers free wallet with an unlosable private key.

    The user interface (UI) is also very intuitive and user-friendly on eToro, ideal for those who want to learn how to start trading crypto. Therefore, we rate it the best crypto exchange app for beginners.

    Visit eToro

    Your capital is at risk.


    Once you’ve created an account, tap on the gear button and select Add Markets -> Crypto, and add the assets you’re interested into your watchlist. You’ll see a Buy and Sell price for each asset – the spread, otherwise known as a Bid / Ask spread. This is how eToro makes revenue, rather than charging maker/taker fees.

    eToro Spread

    eToro Buy / Sell spread

    For example, at the time of writing, the price to buy Bitcoin on eToro is $61050, and the price you would have to sell Bitcoin at is $60594, a spread of almost 1%. The spread is more extensive on altcoins.

    Buying on Binance can place an order closer to the market rate without a bid / ask spread, and then pay a fee of 0.1%; on Coinbase Pro, a fee of 0.5%. That fee system without a spread makes using one of those two crypto trading apps cheaper.

    Social Trading

    Many investors split their funds into a hold portfolio and a smaller trading portfolio – you may choose to use Binance or Coinbase Pro for the latter and eToro for the former.

    eToro is unique because it is a ‘social trading’ platform where all users can post about their trading choices on their own in-built social media feeds to network with other traders.

    eToro social community

    eToro social media feed

    To make a post, simply tap the pencil icon on the app. You’ll need to verify your eToro account first. There is also a large Reddit forum for eToro users.

    You can just observe the trading decisions of other traders and chat, or if you find a pro-investor with good feedback which has been profitable trading an asset you hold, you can take it a step further and copy-trade them.

    Copy Trading

    For example, if you’re interested in buying Cardano (ADA) and trading the swings, after adding it to your watchlist, you can browse the social media and news feeds for posts tagged with $ADA. Pro investors post charts, technical analyses, and price predictions.

    You can click on their profile to read more information, e.g., how long they hold positions, what indicators they use – e.g., moving averages – and their trading strategy.

    etoro app copytrading

    A pro-investor on eToro

    You can also view their total number of trades, average profit, and loss, and see which assets they’ve had the most experience and highest return on investment (ROI) in trading.

    The eToro app also displays a graph of each trader’s realised profits over time.

    Tap the ‘copy’ button to assign a portion of your funds to automatically copy-trade one or several investors of your choice – eToro charges no management fees for copy-trading.

    EToro can also pay you for allowing others to copytrade you.

    etoro app copytrading

    Trading performance results

    eToro App Price Charts

    For each digital asset, eToro displays all the information you’d expect on a crypto trading app, including:

    • Cryptocurrency price in USD and price charts on several timeframes
    • Price increase in the last 24 hours
    • 24h volume
    • Daily low and high
    • Marketcap

    best crypto trading platform

    eToro crypto asset overview and price chart

    Some extra data is not found on other crypto trading platforms, such as the 52-week range, 1-year return, market rank, and dominance.

    You can add indicators such as Bollinger bands, MACD, MAs, RSI, and stochastics to the graph.

    Users can also switch between candles and a line chart, and between a light theme and a dark theme. Based on its simplicity, user-friendliness for beginners, and the ability to copytrade others, we recommend eToro as one of the industry’s best crypto apps- free to use after signing up.

    Also, see our complete guide to the eToro copytrading tool.

    Download eToro App

    Your capital is at risk.

    2. OKX – Offers Advanced Financial Analysis Tools

    OKX is one of the leading and most reliable crypto exchange apps in the market that allows you to purchase Bitcoin (BTC), Tamadoge (TAMA), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), EOS, and other cryptos. In more than 100 countries, the platform claims to have over 20 million subscribers. The app also offers many educational resources under its section “Learn,” which are helpful for both novice and professional investors.

    The buying and selling transactions occur on its application in minutes, and users can even purchase cryptocurrencies in their local currency. Transactions are conducted through carefully screened service providers. Moreover, users can select their service providers depending on the quotations they offer.

    With the help of its asset analysis tool, the app also shows a portfolio’s profit and loss (PnL) performance record over a day, month, or any other specified timeframe. The app gives services for managing your investment portfolios in finance, data science, pool mining, and cryptocurrency wallets.

    The OKX App

    With access to over 400 cryptocurrency trading combinations for spot and contract trading, the app offers trustworthy and safe cryptocurrency management services. Users can access their assets across several DeFi protocols and blockchains in one spot with OKX’s feature-rich OKX Wallet.

    The exchange has developed a holistic approach to safety with its exclusive semi-offline multi-signature technique and hot and cold wallets to maintain the security of your cryptocurrencies. Apart from this, the app provides user-friendly customer support services, where the team is ready to resolve users’ queries 24/7 in multiple languages.

    On a side note, OKX also has a DEX platform for those unable to use its CEX.

    Download OKX App

    3. Bybit – Emerging Crypto App for Beginners and Experienced Investors

    Bybit is a leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange in Singapore, catering to crypto traders globally since 2018. It has gained immense popularity due to its extensive trading options and robust security features, such as two-factor authentication, cold wallet storage, and multi-signature transaction authorization. Coinmarketcap ranks it among the top 5 crypto exchanges globally.


    Bybit’s broad range of trading products and services includes perpetual, futures, and options contracts that can be traded with high leverage. The exchange also offers margin and spot trading, making it a preferred choice for investors. Bybit provides an attractive sign-up bonus of up to 5,030 USDT in rewards, making it an appealing option for new users. Thus, for all those interested in a good crypto app, Bybit is a reliable and user-friendly exchange that ensures a safe and seamless trading experience.

    Download Bybit App

    4. Binance – Among the Top Crypto Apps for Altcoins

    Binance is known as the highest trading volume crypto exchange, as it offers the broadest range of altcoins to trade and has built up a good reputation since its founding in 2017 – despite not being fully regulated like eToro.

    For that reason, in the United States, its Binance.US platform has fewer altcoins available – for traders outside the USA, over 600 altcoins are listed.

    Binance crypto app

    Via Binance blog – explaining how to watch Binance live in-app

    While trading on a mobile app can be more difficult than on a desktop, Binance has a wide range of TradingView technical indicators implemented, like exponential moving averages, MACD, RSI, as well as some lesser-known TA tools like pivot points and custom scripts traders upload to TradingView.

    One thing Binance lacks, is the copytrading tools of eToro. However, for active day traders who don’t wish to copy trade others and prefer a maker/taker fee system – for which Binance charges 0.1% – instead of a spread, Binance may be one of the best crypto apps for daytrading.

    Also, see our list of Binance alternatives, for some other crypto apps on the market.

    Download Binance App

    5. Coinbase – One of the Best Crypto Apps in the United States

    Coinbase has since its founding in 2012, had two crypto apps, the blue in color being for the leading Coinbase platform and the black app being for Coinbase Pro. In 2022 Coinbase is in the process of phasing out Coinbase Pro, but all of its more advanced trading features will now be available on Coinbase.

    Coinbase Crypto App

    The Coinbase crypto app

    Previously Coinbase was more of a one-click purchase crypto broker for beginners. In contrast, Coinbase Pro was more of a crypto exchange app where users could set their own limit orders at lower prices, perform technical analysis on the price chart, use technical indicators, and see the order book to get an idea of the liquidity, orderflow, support, and resistance areas and so on.

    Although Coinbase Pro still wasn’t as advanced as the Binance crypto app with TradingView indicators integrated.

    Like Binance, Coinbase also doesn’t have copytrading. Its maker/taker fees start at 0.4% / 0.6% and are lowered for high-volume traders based on their last 30 days of trading volume.

    Coinbase is one of the most popular crypto apps in terms of the number of registered users – nearing 100 million users as of late 2022, thanks to their Superbowl ads. Also, see our guide to the best Coinbase alternatives.

    Download Coinbase App

    Compare the Best Crypto Apps on Fees

    Crypto App Trading Fee Structure
    eToro 1% + Spread
    OKX 0.60-0.80% Maker/ 0.80-0.100% Taker
    Bybit 0.01% Maker/0.06% Taker
    Binance 0.1% Maker / Taker Fee
    Coinbase 0.4% / 0.6% Maker / Taker


    Cryptocurrency is volatile, and many investors and traders want to monitor the price of their assets on the go, to buy and sell if market conditions change quickly. Having one or more crypto trading apps on your mobile device is helpful for that purpose.

    The best cryptos apps popular today vary in their features, advantages, and disadvantages. We consider eToro among the best crypto apps and mobile trading platforms for:

    • Beginning traders
    • Investors wanting to deposit by other payment methods – Paypal, credit cards, Sofort, E-wallet
    • Those interested in copy-trading winning investors
    • Traders that benefit from social interaction
    • Long-term holders looking for a regulated exchange with a secure wallet
    • Additional access to the stock market, forex, and commodities on the same app

    For those also looking to daytrade – making many trades each day to scalp small profits – we recommend using OKX, Binance, or Coinbase Pro for that portion of your portfolio.

    All four are crypto exchange apps developed by four leading exchanges of the same name that are also available on PC or Mac.

    All four offer crypto staking on various assets, e.g. you can earn passive income from staking either Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), or Tron (TRX) on eToro, and more staking options are expected to be added in 2023.

    Binance is often considered one of the best crypto apps for scalping, daytrading, and active swing-trading, and Coinbase is among the best crypto apps in terms of the number of traders using it – which adds some peace of mind for security.

    eToro - Our Recommended Crypto Platform

    Our Rating

    eToro exchange
    • ASIC, CySEC and FCA regulated - 30 Million Users Worldwide
    • Buy with Bank transfer, Credit card, Neteller, Paypal, Skrill, Sofort
    • Free Demo Account, Social Trading Community
    • Free Secure Wallet - Unlosable Private Key
    • Staking Rewards for holding ETH, ADA or TRX
    • Copytrade Professional Crypto Traders
    eToro exchange
    81% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.


    What are the best crypto apps for trading?

    Since eToro is regulated by the FCA, ASIC and CySEC and supports the widest range of deposit methods - including Paypal and E-wallets - as well as copytrading, we rate the eToro app highly.

    What are the best crypto trading apps for daytrading?

    Since eToro has a large spread on altcoins for placing a large number of trades we recommend also installing the Binance and Coinbase Pro trading apps.

    How to keep track of cryptocurrency trades using apps?

    Crypto exchanges on their desktop versions keep a log of all your previous trades, entries and exits, if these aren't displayed on your crypto trading app you can still log in using the same credentials later on desktop and they will be available to view there.