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Best NFT Presales to Invest In

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Knowing which NFTs will explode next is the key to making it big in the NFT market, but getting your hands on those NFTs is not easy. Public mints are pricey, even though they are great at getting you into a project early. You end up competing with other minters, which leads to network congestion – inflating the gas fees and the NFT prices. So how to get into an NFT project early? The answer is NFT presales. Presales are initial offerings of NFTs or cryptos that are less competitive and allow you to get in early without paying an inflated price. 

But that brings another problem to the surface – how to know about the best NFT presales? This guide is a start. Here, we review the best NFT presales to invest in in 2023. These NFT collections have strong fundamentals, a solid roadmap, and utility – an aspect that has become increasingly important for NFT adoption. 

Best NFT Presales in 2023

Below is a peek at the upcoming NFT presales that we have reviewed in this guide:

  1. Meme Kombat – P2E Gaming NFT Presale to Eye in 2023
  2. TG.Casino – Online Casino NFT Presale For Good Returns
  3. Tamadoge – An NFT Presale that Brings Utility to Memecoins
  4. Launchpad XYZ – Best NFT Presale for Web3 Beginners
  5. yPredict – All-in-One AI Ecosystem for NFT Traders
  6. Chimpzee – Best NFT Presale in the Green Crypto Sector
  7. Wall Street Memes – Memecoin Bringing the Best Bitcoin NFT Presale of the Year
  8. Silks – Most Popular NFT Collection With Ties to Real World
  9. Memeland – Upcoming NFT collection backed by 9GAG
  10. ADA Fantasy – The presale NFT of the world’s first P2E MMORPG
  11. LDD Frens – A collection of stake-able NFTs about to drop
  12. CryptoGuys – A Presale NFT on the OpenSea
  13. Art Mirror – A robust collection of high-value NFT artwork
  14. M4Rabbit – Presale NFT featuring 3D-rendered War Rabbits

Reviews of the Best Presale NFTs to Invest in

It is not easy to find the best NFT presales that combine excellent artworks and presales. That said, these new NFT projects definitely make the cut, and now is the right time to get into them early.

Meme Kombat – P2E Gaming NFT Presale to Eye in 2023

Meme Kombat combines the lure of intense battle arenas with the world of memes in its latest NFT game offering. The cutting-edge gaming platform, released earlier this year, is among the best NFT presales to invest in because of its creative approach to the P2E environment.

Meme Kombat

Meme Kombat pits meme avatars inspired by popular meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu against one another on the battlefield. In the AI-powered battle arena, players who wager on the victorious avatar get incentives. To wager on meme wars, compete for tokens, and win rewards, players must buy and stake the native cryptocurrency token $MK.

In addition to gaming, betting, and earning rewards, Meme Kombat’s native ERC token also enables staking for a 112% Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Blockchain and AI-powered battle outcomes guarantee players equitable and fair opportunities.

50% of the platform’s $MK tokens are presently available for pre-sale in preparation for the platform’s launch. With a hard cap of $10,000,000 and a token price of $1.667, Meme Kombat is one of the best NFT presales for early investors if they seek impressive returns.

Visit Meme Kombat

TG.Casino – Online Casino NFT Presale For Good Returns

With its choices for anonymous betting, global accessibility, and cryptocurrency payments, TG.Casino is positioned as one of the best NFT presales to invest in. The online casino incorporates way more crypto features than its rivals, thus steering clear of the sea of problematic gambling sites online.


TG.Casino is available only on the popular messaging platform Telegram, leveraging its approximately 1 billion user base and user-friendly interface. TG.Casino also eliminates the need for KYC verification to play games, further lowering entry barriers.

A license from the Curacao Gaming Commission attests to the platform’s security and safety. Investors can benefit from staking, passive income streams, an affiliate program, high-roller prizes, and the expanding community at TG.Casino in addition to a realistic casino environment.

The gaming platform has recently started the presale of its native token $TGC. Together with its unique value proposition, TG.Casino’s alignment with Telegram and aggressive marketing efforts are paving the way for its growing popularity online.

Visit TG.Casino

Tamadoge – An NFT Project Bringing Utility to Memecoins

People think of Memecoins as joke cryptocurrencies, and they are correct. Tamadoge logoThe community creates them as spur-of-the-moment tokens that may or may not be successful. And many times, the price of these crypto assets goes sky high. However, with no utility behind them, the value of these assets plummets fast. And considering these memecoins don’t have any utility other than their namesake, their potential is lost. 

Tamadoge takes a different route. It is a crypto asset inspired by the likes of Dogecoin – but with a twist. It has a utility, powers the Tamadoge NFT gaming ecosystem, and is the primary currency to buy the headlining NFTs – Tamadoge pets. 

Should I buy Tamadoge

Players buy and feed their pets to raise them large enough to fight other players and bots in the Tamadoge battle arena – earning Dogepoints. Those with the largest number of Dogepoints get rewarded in TAMA (Tamadoge) coins from the prize pool. From the prize pool, 65% of the total TAMA goes to the player, 30% goes into the development of the Tamadoge ecosystem, and the remaining 5% goes to a burn address – to limit the original supply of Tama tokens. 

After the success of the previous versions of NFTs that were a hit among players of Tamadoge arcade games, Tamadoge has now launched 3D NFTs. Currently available as presales, these 3D NFTs mark the many developments that Tamadoge has achieved by following its roadmap.

These NFTs will boost the performance of the already available Arcade games, giving players a competitive edge and offering them more TAMA rewards. With Tamadoge 3D NFTs, players will be able to perform more feats in the game, like jumping higher, collecting more coins, and getting access to a whole new arsenal of abilities.

The NFT presale is coming in conjunction with the NFT staking announcement, which will give users access to more TAMA rewards.

Visit Tamadoge NFT Presale

Launchpad XYZ – Best NFT Presale for Web3 Beginners

In the case of Launchpad, it is not an NFT, Launchpad XYZ is a blockchain business that is revolutionising the Web 3.0 investing space. Among the financial products offered in the Web 3.0 industry are utility tokens, NFTs, play-to-earn games, and initial coin offerings (ICOs). Because of the Launchpad XYZ environment, beginners will be able to effortlessly navigate the Web 3.0 age.

The primary goal of Launchpad XYZ is to assist cryptocurrency investors, whether novice and seasoned, in making informed selections. LPX is another special token in the Launchpad XYZ ecosystem that acts as both an investment and a utility.

Launchpad XYZ - Best NFT Predictor Presale

Customers of Launchpad XYZ will also have access to a mixed decentralised exchange. Traders will be able to buy and sell NFTs in addition to hundreds other cryptocurrency pairs. The DEX will accept many order types and will have a maker-taker commission structure. Trading commissions for LPX token holders will be reduced. Furthermore, the platform will provide you with access to the best NFT drops and recommendations.

Buy Launchpad XYZ

yPredict – All-in-One Ai Ecosystem for NFT Traders is not totally into NFT but has an ecosystem of professionals in artificial intelligence/machine learning, finance quants, and traders. Analytical tools and platforms provide insights and analytics using cutting-edge financial prediction methodologies, as well as measurements developed using alternative data to assist traders in making informed trading decisions.

Accurate data-driven insights and analytical metrics equip traders and investors with the capacity to make educated decisions that maximise earnings. You can use yPredict to speed up your cryptocurrency trading while also profiting from the rising value of YPRED tokens.

yPredict - Hottest NFT Predition [Presale]

Furthermore, yPredict offers a variety of incentive programmes to encourage traders to complete training programmes and exams, as well as data scientists to contribute to the platform. Trading’s purpose is to create a community of professional traders who can succeed, not just to make money through trading.

Although the white paper states that there are no plans for NFTs in the future, it is unclear whether the platform would differentiate itself by remaining out of the NFT market. Instead, fans believe that yPredict will become the most popular site for NFT predictions.

Buy yPredict

Chimpzee – Best NFT Presale in the Green Crypto Sector

The Chimpzee ecosystem is a Web 3-based cryptocurrency project. The highlight of this project is its passion towards the natural environment and its aim to contribute financial aid to organisations which are making a difference.

Chimpzee Best NFT Presale

Whats more, the project is gaining attention for its one-of-a-kind NFT marketplace in which each user who engages in trade will get a share of the profit. This Trade to Earnfeature is unprecedented and it will motivate users to continue their engagement in the NFT marketplace with the incentives to earn more. We believe the project is seeking to make the marketplace self-sustaining, by not keeping all the profit with themselves.

The other important component of this project is called NFT Passports. To simply explain, these NFT Passports will work like exclusive passes which will help its holders earn more rewards and bonuses in the Chimpzee ecosystem.

Users can purchase these limited NFT Passports with the ecosystems native token CHPMZ. However, these passports will first be made available to those buyers who participate in the presale of CHMPZ tokens. Passports are available in 4 categories: Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. With its unique incentives.

If you are interested, do check out the projects ongoing presale where the price of one CHMPZ is equal to $0.0007.

Visit Chimpzee

Wall Street Memes – Memecoin Bringing The Best Bitcoin NFT Presale of the Year

Wall St Bulls was launched in October 2021, and within 32 minutes of its launch, the project was able to take over the entire NFT space. The collection of 10,000 Ethereum-based NFTs was sold out in less than an hour at that time. Lately, it has been observed that Bitcoin NFTs are getting popular among NFT enthusiasts, with a sum of inscribed ordinal passing over the mark of 6 million. In light of this, Wall St Bulls came out with its Bitcoin NFT collection on May 26, 2023.

WMS_NFT Presale

The team behind Wall St Bulls has also launched its much-awaited Wall Street Memes token ($WSM). The presale of these tokens is currently going on, and it has been able to generate more than $500,000 within a few days of its launch. Experts are of the opinion that the popularity of this presale should be attributed to the increased social media presence of the Wall Street Memes community, which is the team behind this token.

However, the token went live a couple of months ago and is now available on the OKX exchange.

Buy Wall Street Memes

Silks: Most Popular NFT Collection With Ties to Real World

Founded by a group of professionals in the blockchain space, Silks is currently the leading choice for NFT investors.  This is especially the case for those looking to park money in something that is tied to some real-life aspect. Silks is a platform where users can buy tokenized assets of real-life racehorses. Whenever these horses win races or generally become more desirable to buyers, Silks tracks and provides that data in real time, further increasing the value of the NFT as well.

Silks horse

Silks has an extensive array of NFT collections set to be introduced in the upcoming months. However, the currently available collection Silks Genesis Avatars has already become one of the top-grossing NFTs in the space. It features 6,800 available avatars that are vital to participate in the ecosystem and are completely integrated with the metaverse. Silks is set to launch several other collections soon and has already managed to accumulate a huge community.

It is evident that the project may be exposed to several whales as well, as the project is along the lines of sports that are in high demand by high rollers. This could be a catalyst in the project shooting up in terms of value within the next couple of months.

Buy a Silks Avatar Today

Battle Infinity: The Best NFT Presale Collection of This year

There are only a few blockchain projects that we come across as robust as Battle Infinity. Battle InfinityTruth be told, it is also the best crypto presales with some of the best NFT offerings that we have come across. 

But what does Battle Infinity have that puts it a cut above the rest? It is an NFT-based metaverse gaming platform  – set to take the marketing by storm through its strong fundamentals, a wide array of DeFi features,  and gaming. This crypto gaming platform combines all the aspects of NFTs under one roof. 

On the one hand, you have the not-so-standard gaming utilities:

  1. Battle Games: A collection of play2earn crypto games that emphasize the gameplay aspect. The makers are planning on adding games with “fun” gameplay that can increase blockchain adoption, 
  2. Battle Arena: A platform where the players equip their characters through in-game assets bought from the game or the NFT Marketplace. 
  3. Battle Market: Battle Infinity’s NFT Marketplace – seamlessly integrated with Battle Arena, Battle Games, and the second part of the Battle Infinity ecosystem, the DeFi. 

The project’s DeFi platforms consist of:

  1. Battle Swap: Battle Swap is a decentralized exchange within Battle Infinity’s ecosystem. Players can purchase IBAT tokens here or swap them for other cryptos. It blends perfectly with the Battle Market, where players can use their IBATs to buy in-game assets tokenized as NFTs. 
  2. Battle Staking: It is the platform to make passive gains. Battle Staking offers players high Annual Percentage Yields for locking their IBAT holdings. It will also offer players other (soon-to-be-revealed rewards) for performing certain tasks in Battle Infinity. 

Battle Infinity

“Pure ambition” is the word that comes to mind when we hear Battle Infinity. The project is essentially trying to merge all the elements of the blockchain ecosystem on one platform. We would have been apprehensive about the project’s offerings ourselves if we were unaware that it is CoinSniper-approved and has been audited by Solid Proof. 

This project has the potential to be the best NFT presale. It has a good roadmap to back it up, its features are noteworthy, the team is working tirelessly to unlock its true potential, and there is enough hype to inflate the NFT price when it finally lands.

The project has met its crypto presale target ahead of time. The IBAT tokens are now available to buy on PancakeSwap. You can get more info about the project by joining the Telegram group.

Presale Started July 11
Presale End Oct 10 – Or 16,500 BNB Hard Cap Hit
Blockchain BSC
Min – Max Investment 0.1 – 500 BNB

Visit Battle Infinity

Memeland: Upcoming NFT collection backed by 9GAG

There are only a few among us who have not heard of 9GAG. If you’ve been on Facebook and love memes, chances are you’ve come across the most viral memes of the past decade from this social media platform. With Memeland, 9GAG has entered the blockchain ecosystem. 

Buy ETH for Memeland

Memeland is a collection of 9,999 PFP-style NFTs called captains. Before you roll your eyes and gawk at “just another PFP,” you should know that the profile picture utility is just the tip of the iceberg. 

While 9GAG is still to finalize the mint date and the price, you can head over to Discord to get a chance at winning a spot on the Memelist (presale). 

9GAG’s Memeland collection is to empower the creators. That is why more than just a cool NFT art or a PFP. Holding this Non Fungible Token will give you access to real-life parties, a private club, and an NFT marketplace. And since 9GAG has drawn large plans for its presence in the NFT space, you’ll also get to participate in the upcoming projects. 

At the heart of Memeland lies the cryptocurrency $MEME – a staking asset. Your Captain NFT will generate a certain amount of $MEME after a specific time, giving you a chance to earn passive income. The presence of monetary reward will motivate creators to actively participate in the Memeland metaverse – where they will play and create blockchain content for higher rewards. But the utility of the $MEME token doesn’t end here. 9GAG is bullish about its presence in blockchain and will implement $MEME as a governance token for the Melmeland DAO.

Overall, we believe that Memeland has potential. It could have gotten away with just being a standard PFP – riding the wave of 9GAGs popularity. But instead, it plans to take a more active and nuanced approach. 

You can also explore our review of the best NFT marketplaces.

ADA Fantasy: The Presale NFT of the world’s First P2E Mmorpg

Most of us know that MMO games cater to whales. Whether World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, or the latest, Diablo 3, these games work on the same principle – charging players a lot of money to buy in-game loot to do better. Thankfully, the blockchain ecosystem has been watching this injustice and came up with an answer – ADA Fantasy. 

ADA Fantasy

ADA Fantasy is the world’s first play2earn game in the MMO-RPG. If you have ever thought of making a lot of money from the loot you get from defeating a boss, this game is your dream come true. 

Built on the top of the Cardano platform, ADA fantasy is a P2E game that aims to bring the gaming crowd to the crypto ecosystem through excellent gameplay and play-to-earn mechanics. It is a collection of 5000 NFTs featuring player characters and certain in-game assets. Once the funding goals are met through the NFT sale, developers will start to work on the gaming project. 

Ada Fantasy, the game, will take cues from the standard MMORPGs. Akin to massively multiplayer online games that allow players to interact with each other – Ada fantasy will create a virtual environment enabling the players to do the same. Along with gaming, each player can sell, trade, and buy in-game assets on a decentralized NFT marketplace. Other than NFTs and gaming, ADA fantasy also integrates a DAO, allowing  the NFT holds to

  1. Submit proposals about the ADA community
  2. Voting on the existing proposals
  3. And deciding the future of the game. 

At the core of ADA Fantasy lies the cryptocurrency, $AFT. It is a low cap token with only 5,000 in supply. 

The project is currently in the third stage of its roadmap. The mint date of the project lies between August 3rd to August 10, 2022 – a presale period is shortly before it. 

Ada Fantasy is a unique project trying to bring MMOs to the blockchain ecosystem. Devs are planning to release the marketplace and trading mechanics of the game in Q4 of 2022. If you are a gamer and want your first NFT investment to have a robust utility, keep Ada Fantasy on your radar. 

Also, check out our best Cardano NFTs while you’re at it.

LDD Frens: A Collection of Stake-able NFTs about to Drop

LDD Frens is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs that can be stored inside the vault or staked to make passive gains. It is a standard collection of NFTs offering conventional rewards ranging from airdrops, access to IRL events, and Blue chip NFT raffles.

LDD Frens

The collection features a story of LDD frens, members of the  LDD community that provides a creative outlet to members of the metaverse. The goal is to foster young and creative minds who can take the web3 and the metaverse in a more fruitful and creative direction. 

The team is to launch minting in three waves. The cost of LDD frens during the whitelist (presale) mint will be 0.08 ETH, and the price will rise in the public mint to 0.15 ETH. 

As the project clearly states, it is a simple NFT project with conventional rewards. Then why is it in the list of best NFT presales list? The answer is simple. LDD Frens has strong foundations, and in addition to the metaverse, there is also an LDD TV show in development.

See our guide to the best NFT drops.

CryptoGuys: A Presale NFT on the OpenSea

CryptoGuys is a collection of 10,000 pixelated characters on the Ethereum blockchain. Designed by a group of 20 artists from across the globe, CryptoGuys consists of 180 hand-drawn traits. Each NFT is unique, and the holders can access utilities beyond earnings made from the secondary market. 


This project was launched back in 2021, but it is still on its way to reaching the 50ETH presale target. Once the target is reached, random NFT holders will be rewarded 5ETH. And once the CryptoGuys reach their 100ETH sale target, all holders will be given free NFT from the pixelverse collection. 

Devs behind the project also set their eyes on creating a P2E game within the pixelverse. 

CryptoGuys NFT is more of an underground NFT project with big plans. Its growth depends upon those willing to move in early. Currently, the presale is live on Opensea with a floor price of less than 0.015 ETH. However, it will only be the case for the first 100 NFTs. The price will increase afterward, 

So, if you’re looking for a project with a standard use case but with high growth potential, look up CryptoGuys. 

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Art Mirror: A Robust Collection of High-Value NFT Artworks

Digital arts paved the way for NFTs to become mainstream. These artworks were able to leverage tech to transform into complex and aesthetically pleasing creations that top galleries around the world are yearning to host. Art Mirror is one such project.

However, we are not discussing merely the artworks of NFT artists here in this section. What grabbed our attention was the Ultimate Pass Ticket – GIF art that allows holders to enter presale on future collections. 

Art Mirror

Simply put, it is your way to get access to Art Mirror’s presale NFTs that arrive in the near future.

These tickets come with an inbuilt referral system that you can share with others (for only a one-time display, of course).

But what makes us bullish about this particular NFT that’s arriving on August 5th, 2022? It is the concept behind it. An NFT that gives you access to presales is handy to have, especially if those presales are for some of the best NFT artworks in the ecosystem. 

M4Rabbit: Presale NFT featuring 3D-rendered War Rabbits. 

M4Rabbit is a digital artwork on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a collection of 3D artworks featuring humanoid and battle-ready rabbits at war for their planet’s survival. Looking at the NFT, you will see that the team plans to create a P2E game with high graphical fidelity, featuring aerial, land, and sea combat. 


Devs are aiming higher than just developing a play2earn game. They want to unlock the value of the NFTs and the utility of the ERC 20 tokens across the blockchain networks that utilize them. Their official website says that the devs want to bridge the value of the NFTs across Ethereum, Avalanche, and Polygon blockchains. 

At the core of the M4Rabbit ecosystem lies $SPORE, a native cryptocurrency used for staking and gaming rewards. 

At the time of writing, the free mint plans are active. The catch is that it will be given to holders with at least $100 worth of $SPORE. The token will land on OpenSea on August 3rd. The NFT will open on presale at 0.09ETH, and after a few hours, the price will increase to 0.1ETH. 

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How do NFT Presales Work?

A New NFT collection is released in stages, with presale being the first stage. Participants can buy the NFT before it opens to the general public. Another benefit is that presales are like pre-orders – they come with a discount and possibly a few extra perks.

Now comes the matter of involving in presales. To do so, you must stay active in the project community whose NFT presales you are interested in. Before presales, many devs give away WL spots to select users. It is to prevent network congestion and gain initial traction for the project. 

Once you get access to the presale, connect your crypto wallet and buy the NFT like you generally would. 

How to find the Best NFT presales?

All the upcoming projects start marketing through social media posts, and their favorite platform for choice is Twitter. Go on Twitter and type “NFT” in the search bar. You will find endless posts about NFT projects talking about giveaways, WL (Whitelist) spots, and giveaways. Now, don’t just go along with the hype, be prudent. Many of these projects can be nothing more than hype. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Check up on the team: Learn about the team behind the project. While it is true that many successful NFTs have anonymous devs behind them – like Goblintown, you need something more than hype to invest in. Therefore, always know whatever you can find about the team.
  • Take a look at the art: How good is the art? If the art is eye-catching, well-designed, and has smoke quirky factors associated with them, people will talk about it. Cool NFT projects will always have great art to back them up.
  • Look for Utility: It is 2023, and you can’t only rely on artwork to judge NFTs. You must also look for utilities. Do they provide access to events? Is there an underlying DeFi mechanic? Can you get IRL merch from it in the future? Contemplate these questions before investing.
  • Future Plans: What does the roadmap say? Does the project have a clear vision? Will the NFT become part of the metaverse or other digital utility? Ask these questions to determine the best NFT presales. 

What Makes NFT Presales a Good investment?

Whether or not an NFT presale is a good investment will depend on the quality of the project. But if a project has all the makings of a great NFT, it is always better to jump in and get into the presale because:

You won’t need to deal with the rush

If an NFT is particularly popular, it will sell out instantly. Many projects with a collection of 10k NFTs have sold out within seconds. For the project, that’s great, but for an investor, it is a travesty. Think of how hard you researched, and then think of how quickly the mint day slipped from your fingers. There is nothing great about that. 

Participating in the NFT presale, though, is different. For one, there are only a few takers for the presale. That is, everyone might not have the same faith in the project as you. It will help you buy early and quickly without competing with other buyers. 

Maximum Gains

The best NFT projects reward early supporters. For one, the price of the NFT project is low. Secondly, getting in early often makes you eligible for many perks – including future airdrops, events, and more.

Also, buying a particularly hyped NFT before it becomes available to the public will give you a chance to make higher gains. After the project goes live, you can flip the NFT on the OpenSea to maximize your profit.

Check out our guide to discover some of the top NFT giveaways this year.


This guide has told about the best NFT presales that are live or are about to go live soon. All these projects have strong fundamentals and have the makings of being immensely successful once they land. That said, if you want to make high gains from the get-go, we got an NFT presale project for you that we are most excited about. 

Our top pick as the best NFT presale is Meme Kombat, the latest gamefi project, that may be able to grow in value considerably in the upcoming months. 

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FAQs on NFT Presales

What is an NFT Presale?

An NFT Presale is an event where an NFT is offered for private minting before the devs open it to the general public.

What is public mint?

Public mint is an opportunity to buy an NFT during the public sale. It generally happens right after the whitelist mint (presale). Here, the remaining tokens become available to the public until the end of the supply. Public minting is pricey and often makes people lose gas due to high congestion.

How does a whitelist work on an NFT project?

A whitelist is a list of people the NFT devs allow to buy the NFTy before public minting. It has limited spots. For selecting names to add to the whitelist, NFT devs mostly run marketing campaigns on Twitter and discord. Developers of NFTs with immense hype take a stricter route to make WL (Whitelist) spots available for the interested parties.

What is the best NFT presale right now?

The best NFT presale right now is Wall St Bulls, which is launched by Wall Street Memes community that has also recently released a popular memecoin, $WSM token.