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Best Crypto Giveaways for Investors – Win Free Prizes

Crypto giveaways have been a common phenomenon in the crypto world for the past few years, and for good reason. They enable crypto projects to introduce their tokens to the public, and to crypto investors to get free tokens in return for some minor tasks. So, if you are looking for the best crypto giveaways, this guide is for you. Here, we suggest the best crypto giveaways and show you how to participate in each crypto giveaway.
Best Crypto Giveaways
Best Crypto Giveaways

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

One of the best things about cryptocurrencies is that several crypto projects offer free tokens during the early stages of their development. The giveaways aim to raise awareness about cryptocurrencies as part of their marketing campaign. It is an excellent way for investors to get free tokens without risking money. Moreover, free tokens can benefit significantly if the project gets popular and its value increases in the future. 

The requirements to participate in these giveaways are usually elementary. The developing team simply asks to accomplish some easy tasks and hold a certain amount of their crypto. These tasks can be connected to promoting them on social media, visiting their website, referring friends, etc. 

You are in the right place if you want to find the best crypto giveaways and participate in them. In our guide, you will find the top crypto giveaways with detailed information about their projects and participation terms. We also explained in detail the giveaways and how they work and covered the complete process of getting the best crypto giveaways.

Top 10+ Cryptocurrency Giveaways in April 2024

If you are looking for the best crypto giveaways, here is a quick list of the top 10+ giveaways trending in 2024. 

  1. Mega Dice – Best Crypto Giveaways for Investors
  2. Dogeverse – Redefining Crypto Giveaways with Multichain Rewards
  3. 99Bitcoins – Leading Crypto Education Company With a $9999 Bitcoin Giveaway
  4. Smog – Best Crypto Giveaway from a Solana-based Memecoin
  5. Today Trader – Massive 120 Million PEPE Token Giveaway by Popular Crypto Analyst
  6. Jacob Crypto Bury – Leading Crypto Discord Offering Regular Giveaways
  7. Bitcoin Minetrix – Popular Crypto with a Mining Concept Holding Huge Giveaway
  8. Sponge – Popular Memecoin with an Upcoming Giveaway for Token Holders
  9. Lucky Block – Decentralized Casino With Free Spins, 200% Bonus, Weekly Reload Bonuses
  10. Tamadoge – Play-to-Earn Metaverse Game with the Largest Crypto Giveaway
  11. Coinbase – Leading Crypto Trading Platform with Several Prizes and Rewards
  12. – Decentralized Exchange with $25 Reward for Referral 

Top Crypto Giveaways Reviewed – Full List

In this section, we have shed light on the best crypto giveaways selected for us through our in-depth analyses of the crypto market. Before entering the giveaway, exploring the project and understanding whether it is worth your time and effort is essential. You may even encounter several scams and must be careful not to provide your wallet details to suspicious platforms.

We understand that there is a myriad of crypto airdrops and giveaways, making it a challenging task to analyze all of them and select the best ones. Hence, we have combined the 15 best crypto giveaways to ease the process for you and have reviewed them in detail, including the details about entering the giveaways.

Mega Dice – Best Crypto Giveaways for Investors

Mega Dice stands as a beacon of opportunity for investors seeking to win free prizes while exploring the thrilling world of online gambling. Established in 2023, Mega Dice has swiftly risen to prominence as a premier crypto casino and sportsbook platform, offering an array of gaming experiences tailored exclusively for the crypto community.

Mega Dice Giveaway

What sets Mega Dice apart is its commitment to rewarding users through innovative giveaways and promotions. With a diverse selection of over 5,000 games from top providers like Evolution and Pragmatic Play, Mega Dice provides ample opportunities for players to engage and win big. Whether it’s through exclusive promotions, seasonal giveaways, or daily rewards, Mega Dice ensures that every player has a chance to walk away with exciting prizes.

Moreover, Mega Dice’s recent launch of its native DICE token presale adds another layer of excitement to its giveaway ecosystem. By acquiring DICE tokens, investors can unlock exclusive benefits such as staking rewards, access to limited-edition NFTs, and participation in referral programs. With a fixed total supply of 420 million tokens and strategic tokenomics designed to incentivize participation, Mega Dice offers investors the chance to not only win free prizes but also to stake their claim in the future of crypto gambling.

Investors looking to capitalize on the best crypto giveaways in 2024 need look no further than Mega Dice. With its unparalleled gaming experience, lucrative promotions, and innovative tokenomics, Mega Dice is poised to redefine the landscape of crypto giveaways, offering investors the opportunity to win big while enjoying the thrill of online gambling.

Visit Mega Dice Presale

Dogeverse – Redefining Crypto Giveaways with Multichain Rewards

When it comes to crypto giveaways that pack a punch, Dogeverse is a project that’s turning heads. As the first genuine multi-chain Doge token, Dogeverse is rewriting the rules of how investors can participate and win big.

Dogeverse Crypto presale

Leveraging its seamless cross-chain capabilities across Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, and Base, Dogeverse has created a unified ecosystem that fosters a sense of community and competition. Imagine being able to enter giveaways that span multiple blockchains – that’s the power Dogeverse puts in the hands of its holders.

But the rewards don’t stop there. Dogeverse has reserved a staggering 10% of its total token supply for staking incentives, allowing early supporters to potentially earn yields exceeding 10,000% APY. This unparalleled earning potential, combined with Dogeverse’s technical prowess verified by a Coinsult audit, make it a prime destination for crypto giveaway enthusiasts seeking both excitement and substantial returns.

As the meme token space continues to evolve, Dogeverse stands out as a project that’s redefining the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of crypto giveaways.

Visit Dogeverse

99Bitcoins – Leading Crypto Education Company With a $9999 Bitcoin Giveaway


99Bitcoins, a leading name in crypto education, has just launched an exciting giveaway, offering a generous prize of $9999 in Bitcoin, split among three lucky winners. Led by entrepreneur and Bitcoin enthusiast Daniel K. Morgan, the company has become a key source for detailed knowledge about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, drawing on years of expertise and a community of over 100,000 keen learners.

Joining this giveaway is simple and involves three easy steps. First, those interested should subscribe to the 99Bitcoins YouTube channel, which is packed with useful resources, tutorials, and analysis, and is already followed by more than 700,000 subscribers. Next, participants are encouraged to engage on social media, especially on X (formerly known as Twitter), by retweeting the giveaway’s promotional content. Lastly, individuals must sign up as a member on the 99Bitcoins website, confirming their participation.

The chance to win a significant amount of Bitcoin is a major draw, but entering this giveaway also means becoming part of a lively and supportive community focused on crypto learning and growth. 99Bitcoins is dedicated to providing education on cryptocurrencies through its daily newsletters, which offer deep insights and the latest news on crypto markets, along with a wide range of guides, reviews, tutorials, and videos designed for all levels of experience.

This giveaway is a great way to potentially win some Bitcoin and, at the same time, to join a community that is all about learning and advancing in the world of cryptocurrencies. 99Bitcoins’ approach to education, through various informative materials, makes it a prime spot for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of crypto, regardless of their starting point.

Visit 99Bitcoins

Smog – Best Crypto Giveaway from a Solana-based Memecoin

Smog is one of the best Solana-based memcoins to have been released this year. This token was able to ascend by more than 15x upon entering Jupiter DEX. There are two factors attributed to this growth: one is Smog’s status as a memecoin, and another is its best crypto giveaway that has gamified the concept of airdrops.

SMOG Best Crypto Giveaway

Calling the airdrop the “greatest SOL airdrop of all time”, Smog will make it available to those who hold SMOG tokens. The token holders will be tasked with completing daily, weekly, and monthly quests in order to gain airdrop points. Once the airdrop arrives, these points will be counted, leading to the holder of most airdrop points earning the most SMOG tokens.

It is the gamification of this giveaway that makes SMOG a unique project. The project has not revealed what kind of tasks will be required to complete. Considering how community-focused the project seems to be from the recent comments and engagement it has gotten on its Twitter page, it is likely that Smog may turn into a community-based P2E project to get behind.

Those who want to. unlock this mystery can buy Smog tokens from Jupiter DEX using the link below. Or, investors can go do the official website and buy Smog using ETH since ETH-bridge has been announced recently.

Visit Smog

Today Trader – Massive 120 Million PEPE Token Giveaway by Popular Crypto Analyst

Today Trader, a crypto-education and memecoin-centric channel created by a former stock trader now prominent in the crypto space called Mark Kelly, is rapidly gaining prominence in the cryptocurrency arena, particularly within the memecoin sector. With a YouTube channel boasting over 10,000 subscribers, Kelly has been a fervent memecoin investor for years. His knack for identifying memecoins with the potential to soar in value — some achieving 10x to 100x returns — has solidified his status within the community.

Today Trader

Currently, Today Trader is making waves with an ambitious memecoin giveaway, planning to distribute an astonishing 120 million PEPE tokens to his followers. This giveaway stands out as it requires no financial investment from participants, significantly boosting its appeal among his followers and beyond.

To be eligible, participants simply need to subscribe to Today Trader’s YouTube channel, follow the official X social media account, retweet the giveaway announcement, and join the Telegram channel for additional rewards. This straightforward approach to participation has contributed to the giveaway’s rising popularity.

The giveaway will reward seven lucky winners, with a select few Patreon members also standing a chance to win. Considering the relatively smaller size of Today Trader’s community in comparison to other influencers in the space, this giveaway represents a golden opportunity for memecoin enthusiasts and investors alike to potentially gain substantial rewards.

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Jacob Crypto Bury – Leading Crypto Discord Offering Regular Giveaways

Jacob Crypto Bury is an up-and-coming crypto Youtuber who also runs a leading crypto discord group, home to the best updates about the cryptocurrency space. The discord server is now home to more than 12k members regularly fed critical information to help them make the best investment decisions.

Jacob Crypto Bury’s Twitter is also home to many updates and giveaways.

Jacob Crypto Bury is an active expert on Crypto Twitter and organizes regular giveaways. His latest giveaway gives crypto enthusiasts a chance to win $200 worth of USDT. Given that the process of participating in this competition is easy and doesn’t entail any caveats, Jacob’s crypto giveaway is also one of the better ways to earn crypto for free.

In addition to regular updates about the cryptocurrency markets, Jacob Crypto Bury, through his discord group, offers price analysis, DeFi education, and ad tutorials for beginners and veteran traders in addition to regular updates about the cryptocurrency markets. The channel has been responsible for finding the best crypto presales, like Tamadoge, which has helped members make high gains as early movers.

For those looking to get a leg-up in a volatile crypto market, joining Jacob Crypto Bury’s discord group is a great idea. Click the link below to get started.

Visit Jacob Crypto Bury Discord

Bitcoin Minetrix – Popular Crypto with a Mining Concept Holding Huge Giveaway

Acknowledging the historical barriers posed by steep hardware costs and prevalent fraudulent schemes, Bitcoin Minetrix as a brand new crypto project has proactively embraced a decentralized approach. This ensures users a mining experience that is both secure and transparent, instilling trust and confidence in the platform.

Bitcoin Minetrix

However, it is the recently announced giveaway that has truly captured the attention of a significant number of investors. Despite being in its presale phase and in its early stages, the project continues to draw attention on social media platforms and within the broader crypto community for this very reason.

Their giveaway, named ‘Minedrop,’ takes the form of an airdrop, with a staggering total of $30,000 earmarked for the community. These rewards will be distributed in the form of BTCMTX tokens, which are the platform’s native tokens. Ten fortunate winners will each receive $3,000.

As a high-potential crypto project with an exciting giveaway, Bitcoin Minetrix is unquestionably a venture that should be on the watch list of investors of all types.

Visit Bitcoin Minetrix

Sponge – Popular Memecoin with an Upcoming Giveaway for Token Holders

Sponge, also known as Spongebob, is a memecoin that leverages the theme of Spongebob, one of the most popular cartoon characters in the world. Since its launch earlier this year, the project has managed to gain value at a considerable rate due to its meme reference to the cartoon. With Spongebob as the mascot and a simple but fun concept, the project quickly made its way onto multiple exchanges.


Since then, it has experienced significant volatility, particularly recently when the tokens started to surge in value once again. While the growing traction on social media may be one reason, another contributing factor is the planned giveaway in the form of an airdrop.

According to the website, the project is set to airdrop SPONGE tokens to its holders in the upcoming couple of days. Registering to be eligible for the airdrop is possible until the 30th of October, which is why investors have been stocking up on the token. The method of receiving this airdrop is also straightforward. One simply has to engage in SPONGE token trades. The more they trade and generate volume, the greater the amount of airdrops they will potentially be eligible for.

This exciting incentive has managed to boost the price of SPONGE from $0.000091 to $0.0001 within only a couple of days. Thanks to the giveaway and potential developments within the project, the community expects the price to continue to rise. This makes this project one that investors should definitely not overlook.

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Lucky Block – Decentralized Casino With Free Spins, 200% Bonus, Weekly Reload Bonuses

As a relatively recent launch, the Lucky Block platform has managed to create a name for itself by revolutionizing the crypto casino space with its giveaways, set of games and interesting features. As a platform that has been gaining popularity from the day it was set live, Lucky Block has managed to make it to the top list of several casino enthusiasts globally. It introduces a fresh perspective to the online crypto casino sector, revolutionizing perceptions of the gaming industry.

As a casino platform, Lucky Block excels in providing a premier experience for cryptocurrency gambling enthusiasts. Remarkably, it not only offers players a chance to win substantial prizes but also provides opportunities to earn through enticing giveaways.

Lucky Block

The platform’s welcome bonus is particularly noteworthy, offering a generous 200% bonus of up to 10,000 EUR, complemented by 50 free spins. This is an impressive offer, as these spins hold significant value, especially when considering funding without such an offer. It also has a weekly bonus of 200 EUR every Monday, which is something that has attracted a huge chunk of players too.

Furthermore, Lucky Block frequently hosts events where players have the chance to secure additional incentives in the form of jackpots, exciting seasonal bonuses, and much more. This dynamic approach to rewards sets Lucky Block apart in the realm of cryptocurrency casinos.

Visit Lucky Block

Tamadoge – Play-2-Earn Metaverse Game with the Largest Crypto Giveaway

Another exciting crypto giveaway to consider entering is organized by Tamadoge and rewards $100k worth of its native token TAMA to the lucky winner. Tamadoge is an extraordinarily successful and relatively new crypto project with fascinating play-to-earn elements. It enables players to combine playing, enjoying the game, and earning real money through blockchain technology, NFTs, and P2E elements. 


The deadline to enter Tamadoge’s giveaway is in 40 days, with almost 115,000 entries. There are ten ways to enter Tamadoge’s giveaway. First and foremost, you must hold $100 worth of TAMA tokens on the draw day. The following 9 steps will bring you 17 entries altogether. Two tasks grant you extra 5 entries for each one. These are tweeting about Tamadoge, tagging Elon Musk, and sharing with your friends. 

Other tasks are quite similar to those of other crypto giveaways reviewed earlier in this guide. There are tasks related to promoting Tamadoge on social media platforms. For example, you must visit its Youtube and Instagram, join its Telegram and Discord, enter your crypto wallet address, etc. Apart from its giant giveaway, Tamadoge holds another reward competition with a $1 million prize pool. Anyone trading TAMA tokens on OKX will claim $10 from the prize pool. 

TAMA token is a game-changer within the Tamadoge’s ecosystem. It is used to buy Tamaverse pets which are the core feature of the platform. Users buy these pets, take care of them, and feed them, and once the pet is mature it can participate in battles against other Tama pets. Winners get points which are introduced on monthly leaderboards. Users having higher winning points get rewarded in TAMA tokens. TAMA tokens can also be used to buy pet food and accessories from Tamadoge’s in-built marketplace. 

Tamadoge has successfully finished the presale of its native token – TAMA, which has been listed on the OKX crypto exchange after the presale. It’s a deflationary coin, so burning events will be held to reduce the maximum supply of its 2 billion TAMA tokens. Tamadoge’s roadmap claims that the project will undergo a lot of development in the future and introduce new features, which means that TAMA has a lot of room for growth. 

See our complete guide to buying Tamadoge.

Buy Tamadoge on OKX

Coinbase – Leading Crypto Trading Platform with Several Prizes and Rewards

Coinbase is a leading cryptocurrency exchange with various cryptocurrencies and a functional trading platform. Besides being a popular crypto exchange, Coinbase is an excellent place to earn different cryptocurrencies through learning. The latter becomes possible through its Learn program, which introduces different cryptocurrencies and rewards you with new tokens for learning about them. 

To join the program, you must create an online account providing some personal details, an email address, and creating a password. Once you have an account, you can get to the process and gain rewards while getting familiar with cryptos. During the learning program, you will learn about the Graph, Chain, Amp, NEAR protocol, and SHIPPING cryptocurrency projects and their native tokens. 


The process is carried out through three steps. During the first stage, you watch a video tutorial about a certain project. After each tutorial, you should take part in the quiz and answer the questions about the cryptocurrency project you get familiar with in the tutorial. Once you successfully finish the quiz, you will receive the rewards. 

For each cryptocurrency, you learn about, you get rewards in its native token. For example, if the tutorial is about the Chain project, you can earn $3 worth of XCN tokens once you finish the quiz. So, Coinbase is an excellent way to not only earn free cryptocurrency but also learn how different projects work. Additionally, the platform offers various promotions and sweepstakes during which you can earn rewards in Bitcoin.

Visit Coinbase Giveaway – Decentralized Exchange with $25 Reward for Referral is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, with 70 million users worldwide. The platform supports trading over 250 cryptocurrencies with more than 20 fiat currencies. One of the free token distributions of the platform is through its referral codes. When you sign up for an online account, you can receive a referral code to share with your friends. Once your friend registers through that code, you will receive $25 worth of CRO tokens. 

Another competition currently being held on the platform is the FIFA World Cup trading competition, also known as The Ball of Fortune. The competition will reward winners with luxurious prizes through receiving Team NFTs. The campaign is available till December 18, and the winners will be decided through the winners of the FIFA World Cup participant countries.

To participate in the competition, first, you must have a account and trade on it daily. You will receive Team NFTs every time you trade on the platform, but the maximum of Team NFTs you can receive daily is 5. To receive an NFT, your transaction should fit the requirements provided by the platform. So, make sure you read the participation terms carefully.

Team NFTs that you receive represent different countries. You will get entry into the competition if you hold the Team NFTs of the country that wins the game. The more Team NFTs you own of the winning country, the more entries you will get into the competition. The winners will be rewarded with luxurious prizes, including an all-expenses-paid trip to the FIFA World Cup Final. 

Visit Giveaway

What are Crypto Giveaways, and How to Use Them?

Several cryptocurrency projects enable investors to get free tokens in return for some minor tasks. These events are called crypto giveaways and airdrops. There is a slight difference between these two. The airdrops grant the participant a similar number of tokens, whereas giveaways are similar to raffles. You win entries into the giveaway by completing easy tasks related to raising the popularity of crypto projects. If you win the draw, you will receive the prize. 

The more entries you get, the higher your chances of winning the draw. The maximum number of entries differs from crypto to crypto, but usually, you get more entries for friend references, tweets about the project, and retweeting their posts. It is crucial to mention that participating in the giveaway and holding a certain amount of that token is a must at the time of the draw. The tasks granting you entries can be related to the project, such as providing your wallet address. However, much more emphasis is often placed on promoting the project on social media. 


Throughout this guide, we have looked at the most popular crypto giveaways worth considering in 2024. The top 15 crypto giveaways have been selected and introduced in-depth in the guide. These crypto giveaways are conducted by the newest but already quite popular crypto projects focused on different sections of decentralized finance. You can browse the list to find out which is concentrated on your favorite DeFi field and participate in it. 

Apart from providing the list of the top leading crypto giveaways for 2024, we have also explained what they are and how they work, providing a detailed guide with our top recommended crypto that could potentially even have one – Mega Dice. Crypto giveaways are an excellent way to make a little money if you get lucky and win in the long run, but participation requires minimal actions and no investment.

Mega Dice - Newest GambleFi Token


Mega Dice
  • Established Crypto Betting Brand
  • Featured In Cointelegraph - First Licensed Telegram Casino
  • Presale Live Now -
Mega Dice

FAQs on Crypto Giveaways

Why do crypto projects giveaway cryptos for free?

Cryptocurrency giveaways are events giving you the chance to win free tokens of a new cryptocurrency. The main reason for holding a crypto giveaway for the developing team is to make the project popular. People get attracted by the fact that they can get free cryptocurrencies and are ready to carry out certain actions for that. That’s why the minor tasks you need to accomplish to take part in a crypto giveaway are about promoting them on social media platforms or joining their Telegram and Discord channels, referring your friends, etc. In most cases, you need to also hold a certain number of tokens to be able to participate in the giveaway which can contribute to the selling process of the crypto.

How can I find the best crypto giveaways?

There are multiple ways to find the best crypto giveaways. The most efficient ones are social media platforms, such as Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit groups or channels where new airdrops and giveaways are announced regularly. There are also different websites specializing in crypto giveaways and airdrops, such as

What should I do to ensure the crypto giveaway is legit?

To make it clear whether the crypto project is legit or not, first, do a quick research about it to understand the features of the project. In any case, never trust your 12-digit recovery phrase to any platform as long as it gives only you access to your wallet. Another easy way to find out if the project is a scam or not is to check its website name or other details for types or mistakes, which is a common thing among scammers.

Are Twitter crypto giveaways legit?

Twitter is an excellent place to be kept updated about the latest crypto giveaways but sometimes you may come across different non-legit giveaways. Hence, when you read about a crypto giveaway, you need to slow down and do thorough research: find out its website or social media accounts, check its followers, and comments and if it looks suspicious to you do not share any crucial details with them.