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Best Crypto to Buy Now – Top 13 List

In the last decade, cryptocurrencies have vigorously entered our lives creating a decentralized infrastructure that allows a peer to peer communication without the need for any intermediary. As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve and grow, investors are always in search for the best crypto to buy now. Here, we list the top crypto coins to invest in for this year and beyond.
Best Cryptos to Invest in - Top 8 List
Best Cryptos to Invest in - Top 8 List

The first cryptocurrency project – Bitcoin emerged in 2009, since then more than 18,000 cryptocurrencies have been launched. This number is growing rapidly but are all these assets really useful?  In general, all these cryptocurrencies can be divided into two large groups.

The first group includes those projects that are created for a particular purpose and have a general goal of bringing upgrades into the Defi industry. The second group is the group of speculative assets which are basically copies of another project and are created for fun. Some of them get incredible popularity due to their good marketing strategies while others just crash because of not having any value.

From the investor’s perspective, it’s definitely more profitable and less risky to invest in the cryptocurrencies belonging to the first group. The reason is that they are quite promising and if the teams behind them can succeed in bringing their plans into reality, their value can grow respectively. But the industry is filled with multiple such assets – how do you know which one is worth investing in? In this guide, we rank and review the best cryptos to buy right now from our market research.

Best Crypto to Buy Now in 2023

  1. Love Hate Inu – High Potential Memecoin with A Practical Usecase
  2. Fight OutOverall the Best Crypto to Buy with P2E Mechanics
  3. C+Charge – Best Crypto to buy In the Green category
  4. Metropoly – A Fractional Real Estate Platform That Lets You Invest from $100
  5. Swords of Blood – Best Crypto in the P2E and Web3 Gaming Sector
  6. RobotEra – Best Metaverse Crypto of this Year
  7. Ethereum – The Most Popular Blockchain for Building dApps
  8. SushiSwap – AMM-Based Decentralized Exchange for Crypto Trading
  9. Compound – Decentralized Liquidity Pool to Lend and Borrow Cryptocurrencies
  10. Bitcoin – The Largest Cryptocurrency by Market Cap
  11. Uniswap – The Largest Decentralized Exchange Crypto by Market Cap
  12. Sandbox – Best Metaverse Crypto and NFT Gaming Platform
  13. Maker – Smart Contract Enabled Defi Landing Platform

Best Exchange to Buy Cryptocurrencies

The simplest and most affordable way to buy cryptocurrencies is to find a crypto exchange or a brokerage platform that supports what you’ve identified as the best crypto to buy now. Searching for a crypto broker you will come across a lot of options and it can be quite complicated for you to decide which one to select. We have already explored the market to offer you the best platforms to buy cryptos in 2023. 

eToro is an FCA-regulated brokerage platform that supports trading in more than 100 countries and has listed 75+ of the best crypto tokens. It’s one of the most reputable names in the industry due to its exceptional user experience, fast and easy to operate the platform, and strong security features. With eToro you can trade a wide selection of assets along with cryptocurrencies, including shares, forex, ETFs, Indices, etc. 

Bitcoin CashBitcoin Cash
Bancor Network TokenBancor Network Token
Basic Attention TokenBasic Attention Token
Enjin CoinEnjin Coin
QuantQuant Chain Chain Token
Orchid ProtocolOrchid Protocol
Hedera HashgraphHedera Hashgraph
Ethereum ClassicEthereum Classic
Kyber NetworkKyber Network
Curve DAO TokenCurve DAO Token
Band ProtocolBand Protocol
FTX TokenFTX Token
Binance CoinBinance Coin
Uniswap Protocol TokenUniswap Protocol Token
The GraphThe Graph
Shiba InuShiba Inu
The SandboxThe Sandbox
Axie Infinity ShardsAxie Infinity Shards
Ankr NetworkAnkr Network
Asia Pacific Electronic CoinAsia Pacific Electronic Coin
My Neighbor AliceMy Neighbor Alice
Origin ProtocolOrigin Protocol
SKALE NetworkSKALE Network
Bitcoin GoldBitcoin Gold
Matic NetworkMatic Network
Hydro ProtocolHydro Protocol
Oasis LabsOasis Labs
Render TokenRender Token
Alien WorldsAlien Worlds
Yield Guild GamesYield Guild Games
Ethernity ChainEthernity Chain
Mercury ProtocolMercury Protocol
Multi Collateral DaiMulti Collateral Dai
OMG NetworkOMG Network
Wrapped BitcoinWrapped Bitcoin
Gemini DollarGemini Dollar
Golem Network TokenGolem Network Token
Bitcoin SVBitcoin SV
Paxos StandardPaxos Standard
USD CoinUSD Coin
Status Network TokenStatus Network Token
Nervos NetworkNervos Network
Worldwide Asset eXchangeWorldwide Asset eXchange
IOS tokenIOS token
ICON ProjectICON Project
Reserve RightsReserve Rights
Gatechain TokenGatechain Token
Huobi TokenHuobi Token
Machine Xchange CoinMachine Xchange Coin
xDai ChainxDai Chain
Floki InuFloki Inu
Wirex TokenWirex Token
Akash NetworkAkash Network
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One of the best features of this broker is its social trading platform which is the reason why several beginners choose it. The platform allows you to follow the news, have conversations with other traders, ask questions, take part in discussions, and, what is most amazing, mirror the trades of professionals with just a click of a button. 

Another appealing thing about eToro is its pricing structure – the only trading fee charged by the broker is spreads which are quite competitive in the market. The non-trading fees include a flat withdrawal fee of $5 which is the same irrespective of the payment method you choose. There are not any account or deposit fees, and neither must you pay for using its social platform and tools. 

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange by its trading liquidity and supports trading hundreds of coins, tokens, and NFTs providing a safe and advanced trading experience. Huobi is mostly popular in the Asian markets and provides a vast selection of assets and trading tools.

Best Crypto Coins to Buy Now – Full List

In this section, we will provide a short description of each cryptocurrency project included in our list of the best cryptos to buy. Read the descriptions to find out which cryptocurrency project you are most interested in and want to purchase. 

1. Love Hate Inu – High Potential Memecoin with A Practical Usecase

Memecoins, a cryptocurrency category that rose to popularity during the 2021 bull run took a massive hit in terms of reputation due to bogus projects or scams that ended up being money-grab opportunities for the developers. Love Hate Inu – a brand new entrant, however, has been successful in quickly gaining the trust of investors, thanks to its fundamentally strong product and innovative concept.

Love Hate Inu

Unlike a majority of memecoins in the industry with similar use cases, Love Hate Inu has managed to come up with a unique vote-to-earn concept, which has been garnering major traction since it was announced. Essentially, the project leverages blockchain to reward users in crypto for staking and voting on meme polls.

With social media becoming a major influence on social factors, a project like Love Hate Inu can surely be expected to shoot up in terms of adoption and value in the upcoming months. As it features a systematic voting mechanism for important matters like politics, entertainment and social issues, Love Hate Inu has already started seeing considerable engagement on its platform.

Love Hate Inu

The project can also be speculated to be a disrupter within the online survey market due to its unique blockchain integration and anonymity factor. At the time of writing, the project’s native token LHINU has started its presale and has been experiencing a massive surge in demand already. With a hardcap of $10,068,750, interested investors can start accumulating the token now from the website using ETH, USDT or Credit cards for payment.

Only 10% of the tokens’ total supply will be kept by the platform in order to support exchange listings, offer community rewards, and preserve liquidity which is indeed impressive. For the most recent information about the project, users can visit the profile of Love Hate Inu on various social media platforms like Twitter or Telegram.

Visit Love Hate Inu

2. Fight Out – Overall, the Best Crypto to Buy with P2E Mechanics

Fight Out is a unique Play-to-Earn project backed by a train-to-earn mechanic that takes considers the complete fitness regimen of its users before rewarding them with FGHT tokens. And for this fact alone, it is the best crypto to buy this year. A project designed to make people’s fitness levels up to the level of combat sports, Fight Out presents a new class of train-to-earn tokens that not only help keep people fit but also help them integrate with the metaverse.

FightOut Best Crypto to buy

To get started, you will need to download Fight Out and create an account. Creating an account will give you a free avatar that becomes your identity within the Fight Out metaverse. While you meet the challenges and grow yourself physically in the real world, your metaverse self will also grow within the virtual world. The FGHT tokens that you will get rewarded with can be used for multiple things, from participating in the leagues to getting one-on-one training from professionals.

But the biggest utility comes in the form of REPS. You can swap your FGHT tokens for REPS, an in-app currency that you can use to buy NFT assets to customize your avatar. REPS is also the medium of exchange to enter real-life Fight Out gyms and get training from professional trainers.

This project is also sponsoring professional combat athletes, so you will be training some of your favorite people from the UFC, Bellator, or MMA.

While the project has raised over $5.5 million already, you can still grab it from the presale today at a discounted price. However, it may be a good idea to consider doing it as soon as possible since the presale is set to end on 31st March, which is not far away.

Visit Fight Out

3. C+Charge – Best Crypto to buy In the Green category

C+Charge is the best crypto to buy in 2023 for those looking to invest in green cryptocurrencies. It is currently going through the presale stage and can be grabbed at a discount price of 0.0013 USDT. Early movers of this eco-friendly crypto will have a chance to make 80% gains as the CCHG price rises to 0.0235 in the fourth stage of the presale.

C+Charge best crypto to buy

CCHG is the native token of the C+Charge ecosystem. It has a total supply of 1 billion, out of which 40% has been dedicated to the presale, and 8% is dedicated to liquidity for when C+Charge comes to cryptocurrency exchanges.

At the center of the C+Charge ecosystem exists the C+Charge app, which offers a vast array of benefits to EV owners. Among its many utilities are:

  1. Operational Charging Station Locator – The app helps locate operational charging stations within the immediate vicinity of the EV owners so that they have the information about them beforehand.
  2. Charging Cost info – People often learn the charging costs after reaching charging stations. But with C+Charge, you’d be able to find out of the price of charging before you reach a station.
  3. Payment system – C+Charge comes equipped with a P2P payment system that makes it easier for you to charge anywhere – regardless of the payment system that charging stations employ.
  4. Carbon credits – You pay CCHG tokens at partner charging stations to recharge your vehicles. Recharging your vehicles gives you rewards that include giving you the ability to stake your tokens and earn tokenized carbon credits.

The project has raised around $3 million already and is set to end its presale on 31st March, which means investors should hurry to get their hands on the token. C+Charge is the greenest cryptocurrency offerings this year – and you can know more about in our buying C+Charge guide.

Visit C+Charge

4.  Metropoly – A Fractional Real Estate Platform That Lets You Invest from $100

Metropoly is a platform that seeks to revolutionize the real estate industry by making it more accessible and affordable for everyone. The platform is powered by the METRO token, which is an ERC-20 utility token that serves as the backbone of the platform and is used for payments and rewards.

The real estate market is in dire need of disruption, and Metropoly provides a solution through its fractional ownership model with the use of NFTs. This allows individuals to invest in properties located all around the world with just a few clicks. The industry has become increasingly inaccessible, but with the help of blockchain technology, Metropoly makes it possible for anyone to enter the market with ease.

When investing in properties on Metropoly, NFT holders receive passive income based on the number of fractional shares they own. They also have voting power, such as the ability to sell the property, that corresponds to their fractional share. NFTs on Metropoly are backed by real-world properties, providing investors with the assurance of full security for their investments.

Metropoly offers a new way to diversify one’s investment portfolio and protect against inflation. It also provides an opportunity for younger generations to enter the real estate market, which may have been impossible due to high housing costs in relation to median incomes.

The platform has a fundraising goal of $300,000 and has already raised a substantial amount. Investors can purchase METRO tokens using USDT, ETH, or BNB, with each token priced at $0.05 and a minimum investment of $100.

Investors who participate in the presale are automatically enrolled in the Platinum Member’s Club, which offers various perks based on the amount invested. These perks include early access to the Metropoly Beta, a Metropoly NFT, real estate NFTs worth $10,000, and cashback on rental income.

In conclusion, Metropoly is a platform that offers a new and innovative approach to real estate investment, making it accessible and affordable for everyone. The METRO presale is a great opportunity for investors to get in and take advantage of the benefits on offer.

For more information about Metropoly, check out Metropoly’s website, or join its Telegram and Discord channels.

Visit METRO Presale

5. Swords of Blood – Best Crypto in the P2E and Web3 Gaming Sector

Swords of Blood is the best crypto to buy right now in the P2E and Web3 gaming sectors. The game is the first AAA-rated, free-to-play hack-and-slash RPG game built on the Polygon blockchain. Like the Diablo gaming series, Swords of Blood requires players to hack and slash their way through monsters and bosses in various game modes.

What’s great about getting involved in this presale is that the MVP version of the game is already out. The game can boast flashy combat mechanics, immersive graphics, and exciting gameplay. In the game, players embark on a conquest where they grind for loot and rare equipment, master a wide variety of weapons, and build devastating attack combos. The MVP contains the following features and game modes;

  • Main Campaign Dungeon – The primary single-player campaign in three difficulty modes.
  • Monster Hunt dungeons – Battle of waves of monsters that get progressively difficult.
  • Boss Fortress – Team up with four other players to fight bosses.
  • PvP – Compete against other players to rank in a leaderboard for prizes.
  • Daily Dungeons – Enter a unique rift to play a daily selection of dungeons with rewards.

Furthermore, the game is spearheaded by a veteran in the gaming industry with over 35 years of experience in the sector. It is also backed by heavyweight investors such as Fundamental Labs, Solana Ventures, and Labs.

Swords of Blood is currently undergoing a presale for its token, $SWDTKN. The token will be the main transaction and reward token to fuel the entire economy. It will be required to barter and trade on the marketplace, and players need $SWDTKN in their wallets to pass beyond certain hero levels and progress in the game.

Overall, Swords of Blood presents a unique opportunity to become early adopters of a game before it hits the mainstream audience.

6. RobotEra: Best Metaverse Crypto of this Year

Tracing the same footprints as that of the Sandbox metaverse, there’s a new crypto project that has just kicked off its presale and is already making headlines.

RobotEra has just launched its presale, where the TARO token is up for grabs. Many believe that the token is one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in right now since it’s separated from the volatility of the crypto market until it gets listed.

The RobotEra game introduces an ecosystem where players become robots and own a portion of the land in the metaverse, as well as acquire resources through farming and making friends with other players in the metaverse.

RobotEra Best Cryptocurrency

TARO is the native token of the ecosystem that operates as an in-game currency as well as an independent cryptocurrency token. In addition to that, the token also provides users with governance rights, where users can contribute in unison to the development of the project.

Presale for the TARO token is currently live, and users can purchase the token for $0.020. Although, this price is limited to only the first round of the presale and will increase to $0.025 once the presale reaches stage two. So far, the project has raised over $72k and continues to attract new investors every day.

If you’re looking for the best cryptocurrencies to buy right now, RobotEra is definitely an option.

Visit RobotEra

7. Ethereum – The Most Popular Blockchain for Building dApps

EthereumEthereum is one of the most well-established and profitable cryptocurrency projects of all time in the DeFi market that is familiar to almost everyone who ever traded cryptocurrencies. It was created by Russian- Canadian programmer Vitalik Buterin and has become the second-largest crypto project with a market cap of $359.5 billion. 

Ethereum is a blockchain platform that can be used for creating decentralized applications, hence it’s the home to several other cryptocurrency projects. Ethereum was the first platform to use smart contracts which are self-executing contracts representing the agreement between the buyer and the seller. Being launched on the Proof of Work mechanism, Ethereum is now in the process of moving to the Proof of Stake mechanism which is more environmentally friendly than PoW. 

Ether is the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain which has the ticker ETH the current value of which is almost equal to $3000. As one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world, ETH is supported by all the leading crypto exchanges and brokers in the industry. Additionally, holders can stake their ETH tokens to promote network security and get rewards for that.

ETH is considered by many to be the best cryptocurrency to buy that isn’t Bitcoin – i.e. the best altcoin.

Buy Ethereum

Your capital is at risk.

8. SushiSwap – AMM-Based Decentralized Exchange for Crypto Trading

SushiswapAlong with the development of decentralized apps, decentralized exchanges also emerged which, similar to traditional exchanges, support buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Sushswap is one of such DEXs running on the Ethereum blockchain and like many other decentralized exchanges it uses the idea of collective liquidity pools. 

Unlike traditional exchanges which provide a third party to manage the transactions, on SushiSwap the assets are locked in smart contracts – holders lock their cryptocurrencies into these pools and buyers purchase them. This mechanism is known as Automated Market Maker as everything is done through codes and there is no central governing party needed. 

The native token of Sushiswap is SUSHI which is a governance token meaning that everyone holding a SUSHI token can propose changes regarding the operations of the project and vote on the others’ proposals. 

SUSHI entered the market with a price of below $1. In less than a year the prices increased drastically and Sushiswap hit an all-time high of $22 on March 13, 2021. SUSHI’s value then started to fall, influenced by several reasons including a large sale by one of its founders.

Now it’s undervalued, many top traders consider SUSHI the best crypto to buy now for a mean reversion play.

Buy Sushiswap

Your capital is at risk.

9. Compound – Decentralized Liquidity Pool to Lend and Borrow Cryptocurrencies

CompoundCompound is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency project founded by entrepreneurs Robert Leshner and Geoffrey Hayes. The project seeks to create a traditional money market where users can lend funds and get rewards for that. In contrast, borrowers can take loans from the market and pay the interest rates. For now, the platform supports more than 10 cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Dai, Tether, USD Coin, Wrapped Bitcoin, etc. 

Founded in 2017 as a startup, Compound managed to raise $8.2 million in capital in 2018 from such popular companies as Andreessen Horowitz and Bain Capital Ventures. Another such experience the project had in 2019 raising almost $25 million from companies Like Coinbase and Paradigm Capital. 

Apart from borrowing and lending multiple cryptocurrencies, Compound has its own token COMP, which is used for granting platform users any time they interact with the Compound network. COMP token has a maximum supply of 10 million tokens and 67% are already in circulation. Compound has a market cap of more than $836 million with which it’s included among the 100 largest cryptocurrencies.

Buy Compound

Your capital is at risk.

10. Bitcoin – The Largest Cryptocurrency by Market Cap


Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency ever built which was funded in 2009 by an individual or a group of people nicknamed Satoshi Nakamoto. Over the years, Bitcoin has managed to generate huge popularity due to which it has become the largest cryptocurrency by its market cap. Another reason for this is that Bitcoin has a limited supply of coins – only 21 million BTC can be issued and more than 19 million are already in circulation. 

Bitcoin aims to create a decentralized payment system through which everybody can make transactions from any part of the world while remaining anonymous. The cryptocurrency uses blockchain technology based on the Proof of Work protocol and to become a Bitcoin miner you need to have sophisticated hardware and provide huge electricity power to generate a new block. 

One of the reasons to invest in Bitcoin is that it can be considered the most well-established crypto project in the industry. Additionally, several big companies already support BTC and you can buy goods or services from them in Bitcoins. The next reason is Bitcoin’s low supply which will influence its price positively if the demand for BTC rises. Still, if you can’t afford to buy 1 BTC, it’s possible to purchase a fraction of it paying as little as $50.

For many, Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency to buy to add solidity to a portfolio. Many altcoins have died over the years and trended towards zero – Bitcoin however has always hit new highs.

Buy Bitcoin

Your capital is at risk.

11. Uniswap – The Largest Decentralized Exchange Crypto by Market Cap

UniswapUniswap is another Ethereum-based project that seeks to build a decentralized exchange through the collection of liquidity pools. The platform has two member groups – liquidity providers and traders. The first group members lock their assets in smart contracts through which later traders can buy and sell assets. 

Buyers and sellers pay transaction fees for conducting trades on Uniswap which is later used to distribute UNI tokens to the liquidity providers. In this way, there is not any third party governing the whale process. Though there are multiple DEX projects in the industry, Uniswap has already garnered a lot of attention and is the largest DEX project by its market cap. 

Uniswap is among the first DEXs built to provide automated liquidity. It was founded in 2018 by Hayden Adams and in 2020 the project airdropped 400 tokens to the community who had done any transaction on the platform before 2020 September. Apart from being used to pay for transaction fees and granting liquidity providers, Uniswap also powers its holders with governing rights meaning that they can vote on changes concerning the project.

Buy Uniswap

Your capital is at risk.

12. Sandbox – Best Metaverse Crypto and NFT Gaming Platform

SandboxSandbox is one of the most popular Metaverse projects that provides a gaming platform where users can create their own avatars in the form of NFTs, develop them, and sell them in the Sandbox Marketplace to generate rewards. The gaming platform is highly functional: avatar owners not only hold them but they buy weapons, clothes and accessories for them. 

They can also own a piece of LAND within the platform. Later they can upgrade their LAND with more items, host events and take entrance fees, or give others for rent. To power its network the Sandbox project created the SAND token which is both a utility and a governance token. SAND is used to pay for transaction fees, generate rewards, stake, and vote on the changes. The SAND token has a market capitalization of almost $3 billion and is among the 50 largest cryptocurrencies by market cap.

Buy Sandbox

Your capital is at risk.

13. Maker – Smart Contract Enabled Defi Landing Platform

MakerThe Maker project is one of the earliest Defi projects that was founded in 2015 by Danis entrepreneur Rune Christensen. The project consists of the Maker DAO and Maker protocol. The first one is a decentralized organization built to operate the Maker protocol which is designed to allow people to issue DAI coins. DAI is a USD-pegged stablecoin meaning that its value is always kept equal to the US dollar irrespective of any changes in the market. 

Maker DAO is powered by the MKR cryptocurrency which is a governance token and anyone holding it possesses some ownership over the Maker DAO ecosystem. It means that MKR holders can participate in the development of the project and vote on the proposals regarding it. MKR is valued at $1650 at the time of writing and with its current circulating supply raises a market cap of $1.6 billion. The maximum supply of the cryptocurrency is 1,005,577 MKR coins and more than 97% are already in circulation.

Buy Maker

Your capital is at risk.

How We Reviewed the Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy

The cryptocurrency market is extremely big with thousands of crypto projects created for different purposes. The versatility of the industry makes it quite challenging to find profitable cryptocurrencies. Along with innovative projects, there are multiple other digital currencies created only as a hype which are rather risky and can crash after their prices soar up for a particular period. But how to know which are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in. Here is a combination of factors that we take into account when we review digital currencies. 


Cryptocurrencies are usually based on blockchain technology which is quite secure due to their decentralized nature. However, there have been cases when blockchains are hacked, so they are not completely safe and you need to learn about the technology it is based on if you will make a large investment in it. However, if you don’t have too much time to spend reviewing blockchains you can rely on experts’ opinions about them. 

Potential growth

To know a crypto asset’s potential for future gains, you need to analyze all the programs the team behind the cryptocurrency project plans to implement in the future. Additionally, you should explore what ecosystem the coin supports and whether it has generated good popularity. Apart from it, you need to explore its price performance in the market. In short, you need to conduct a market and fundamental analysis of the cryptocurrency to understand if it has the potential of growing in the future. 

Use Cases

Utility is another metric that you can pay attention to when selecting the best cryptocurrency to buy. If the coin has versatile use cases consequently it will be purchased for different purposes and there can be high demand for that crypto asset. 

For example, Bitcoin is digital money that has already been adopted by several companies as a payment method. ETH is used for paying gad fees within the Ethereum blockchain but has other use cases too. Sand is a governance token that is also used to pay for transaction fees and to trade in the Sandbox Marketplace. When you invest in a crypto asset that can be used on versatile platforms other than simply being a tradable asset, you can at least do another thing with it if you don’t profit.

YouTube video

Is it the Right Time to Invest in Digital Assets?

Whether it is the right time to invest in cryptocurrencies or not depends on your budget and trading preferences. In fact, the cryptocurrency market is hugely volatile now which promises high rewards but is also rather risky. The reason is that it is not regulated by any single authority or government and instead uses a decentralized platform called a blockchain. 

Due to this, crypto prices are mainly associated with the supply and demand law. So, when there is a high demand in the market, and the coin has a low supply its value increases. In contrast, if it has a huge supply and low demand the prices decrease. Bitcoin, for instance, has a maximum supply of 20 million coins, and when all the coins are issued its value will be affected positively if there is an increasing demand for this digital asset.

Handling the volatility problem is extremely difficult when it comes to cryptocurrencies, hence you need to be very careful with your capital and only invest in the projects that have the potential to grow and increase their value.

Many of the cryptocurrencies that we reviewed in our guide are traded at low prices right now. These tokens are issued to power quite promising Defi projects and if the projects succeed in attracting mass attention, they can become well-established Defi products in the future. All the projects have room for growth in the future so you can consider buying some of them in low amounts to diversify your portfolio. 

Other projects like Bitcoin or Ethereum can be bought in fractions which means you don’t need to buy a whole BTC but a fraction of it. These coins seem to be not so profitable when you invest in small amounts however they have several use cases and can become the future of digital money. Hence, it’s really worth having some capital in BTCs or ETHs.

Where to Buy and Trade Cryptocurrencies?

Now that you are familiar with the best cryptocurrencies and have learned what purposes each of them is built for, you may be curious about investing in them or trading them. To trade or invest in cryptocurrencies you will need an excellent cryptocurrency exchange or an online broker that supports the coins you want to buy and supports trading in your country. 

In this part, we will guide you on how to invest and where to trade the best cryptos in 2023. 

How to Buy Crypto Coins Step by Step with eToro

If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies and still don’t know how to start, we have introduced a step-by-step guide on how to do it. We will explain the whole process with one of the leading brokerage platforms- eToro which supports most of the coins we included in our recommendation list. eToro is an excellent choice for beginners – it’s safe, functional, and quick to operate. 

Register for an Account

To begin with, visit eToro’s website, and on the first page click on the green button that says “Start Investing”. Once you click it, the eToro’s registration window will spring up where you initially need to create a username, and password and provide your email for verification. 

Next, you need to complete the registration process by clicking on the corresponding button next to your avatar. Here you will be asked some questions about your identity, including name, surname, address, gender, date of birth, etc. eToro will also ask you to fill in some details about your capital and investment goals

Step 1. Register for an Account with eToro and Verify It

Verify Your Account

Moving forward, you need to verify your account, as eToro is a highly-regulated platform, and all the accounts on the platform are verified for safety purposes. If you have already verified your email and phone, you have simply two verification levels to go through – ID and address. For the first one, you can provide your ID or passport copy and the second one can be verified through a bank document or a utility bill.

Deposit Funds

Once your account is verified, you must charge it with some money to buy coins. Multiple payment options are supported by eToro, including credit and debit cards, wire and bank transfers, and e-wallets (Neteller, PayPal, and Skrill). Whatever payment method you use you don’t need to pay a deposit fee and a conversion fee is charged if you are making a non-USD contract. 

Step 2. Deposit Funds

Of note, we should add that using bank card options you can charge your account in two-three hours while wire transfer takes the longest time. After selecting how you will make a deposit, provide your card or e-wallet details and fill in how much money you want to send. The steps about how to use the wire transfer method are thoroughly explained on eToro’s platform. 

Select the Crypto and Make a Purchase

When your account is prepared for making the purchase, type your selected cryptos name in the search box and click on the first result. To make a transaction click on the “Trade” button and in the “Buy” window write the amount you want to purchase. Once your transaction is completed, you will immediately see the number of coins on your exchange account. 

Step 3. Buy Crypto with eToro

Where to Trade Crypto Coins?

Cryptocurrency trading differs from long-term investments in some crucial factors. First and foremost, trading involves creating frequent buy and sell orders especially when you have chosen a scalping strategy. Whenever you open or close your position you must pay a trading fee to your broker. Plus, it should operate quickly so that you can manage to conduct trades corresponding to the market changes. 

To meet these requirements, you should find a suitable cryptocurrency exchange that will support multiple coins, offer a competitive pricing structure and guarantee the safety of your funds. eToro may not have as many technical indicators for TA but it does offer copytrading to replicate the buys and sells of a professional investor.

In terms of derivatives, i.e. margin trading – the use of leverage – that is not currently supported at eToro. For traders looking to make use of that we recommend OKX.


Cryptocurrencies have been around for less than two decades meaning they are not yet so well-established to be completely reliable. Plus, they stand out with high volatility, and the risk of losing your capital can be high.

Along with being too risky, cryptocurrencies also promise high returns if you invest in them reasonably. While analyzing whether it’s the right time to buy cryptos or not you need to consider multiple factors including such general ones as the global economy, political situation, etc. You need to do fundamental and market analysis to manage your trades and bring your investments to a more advanced level.

Another crucial thing to consider in selecting a good brokerage platform that will meet your requirements. A good crypto platform provides a better trading experience, and more profitable investments and keeps your funds and data safe. Our top recommendation is eToro.

In this guide, we already listed some best cryptos to invest in for 2023, so you can pick your favorite ones and open an account to start trading. Our pick for the best crypto to buy now is Love Hate Inu. It is a unique Vote-to-earn token with massive potential for growth in the upcoming months, and an asset that should not be overlooked.

Love Hate Inu - Newest Meme Coin


Love Hate Inu
  • Decentralized Polling - Vote to Earn
  • Early Access Presale Live Now
  • Ethereum Chain
  • Featured in Yahoo Finance
  • Mint Memes of Survey Results as NFTs
  • Staking Rewards
  • Viral Potential, Growing Community
Love Hate Inu

FAQs on the Best Cryptocurrency to Buy

What is the market cap of the cryptocurrency market?

The global cryptocurrency market cap is equal to $1.8 trillion, according to Bitcoin has the largest market capitalization among thousands of cryptocurrencies ($731.7 billion as of writing) and Ethereum follows Bitcoin with its $343.5 billion market cap.

Can cryptocurrencies replace fiat currencies?

There are no cases in the industry where cryptocurrencies have replaced fiat currencies. But cryptos have entered our daily lives significantly and Defi projects develop new projects seeking to bring upgrades in different industries to replace the centralized systems. For now, there is not any point to assume that cryptos can overtake fiat in the future. However, there are several companies that accept BTC or other coins as payment methods.

What is the best way to buy cryptocurrencies?

The best and fastest way to invest in cryptocurrencies is to find a cryptocurrency broker, sign up for an online account, and purchase coins. The cryptocurrency exchange industry is tremendous and you have a vast selection of platforms to select from. eToro is one of the best names in the industry that provides a cost-effective and safe investing experience.

What is the best crypto to buy now?

Before investing in any cryptocurrency, you should do your own research and make sure you can afford to put the capital in it even if its prices decrease. We recommend investing in such cryptos that seem to be promising - our pick for the best cryptos to buy right now are Love Hate Inu and Fight Out which are currently on presale allowing early investors to purchase them at a discount.