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8 Best Crypto Sniper Bots of 2024 – Capture Trading Opportunities


Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Considering how volatile the crypto market is, it is natural for traders to leverage sniper bots to enter and exit trades quickly at the right time. Setting the trading parameters and letting the automatic sniper bot do the rest is all that is required.

While the market is flushed with such automated systems, only a few of them have enough features to help traders react to the market quickly. In this article, we are reviewing the 8 best sniper bots of 2024 that have the most potential.

Best Crypto Sniper Bots of 2024 – Top 8 List

Listed below are the top 8 sniper bots of this year that have made a name for themselves in the crypto space within a short time.

  • Sniper Trading Secrets – Crypto Sniper Bot by Popular Crypto YouTuber TodayTrader
  • Photon – Fast Sniper Bot Focusing on Solana-Based Meme Coins
  • Unibot – Sniper Bot Focusing on Tokens Live on Uniswap
  • WagieBot – Sniper Bot for Security-Conscious Users
  • Polybot – Popular Sniping Tool Focusing on BEP- 20 Tokens
  • Trojan – Leading Bot on Telegram With Copy Trading Features
  • LootBot – Sniper Bot for Performing Automated DeFi Tasks
  • DexCheck – Fastest Bot Helping Users Grab Investment Opportunities on Telegram

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Reviewing the Best Crypto Sniper Bots of 2024

No two sniper bots are the same. Some focus on the overall market, and others on specific niches. In this guide, we judge each bot based on its accuracy and relevance in the current cryptosphere.

Sniper Trading Secrets – Bot by Popular Crypto YouTuber TodayTrader

The crypto market has gone through multiple meme coin manias over the past two years. It started with Pepe in 2023, and since then, multiple meme assets have arrived with limited utilities but near-unlimited charm, leading to early movers making high levels of gains within a short period of time.

Sniper Trading Secrets

Sniper Trading Secrets focuses on these particular assets. Developed by popular crypto YouTuber TodayTrader, this particular bot will help traders find the right tokens to buy and hold, get alerts about the best meme coins on the market, and have a live trading room to share “trade secrets” with other profitable traders.

The motif of this particular sniper bot consists of five “Os”. Investors will learn to understand the options available to them. From that, they will learn how to pick the best opportunities. These will often consist of initial coin offerings (ICO) or IDOs that have the most potential to become the next 1000x crypto.

The last two “Os” refer to organizing the portfolio and understanding the order flow of the candlestick chart to help investors find the right opportunities at the right time.

By offering an all-in-one package that focuses on meme coins and early-moving opportunities, Sniper Trading Secrets presents users with a more hands-on type of sniper bot. It will also double as a learning center, preparing crypto investors for volatile markets and increased investment opportunities.

Costing only £27, this all-in-one value pack also comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee.


  • A sniper bot that also comes packed with educational resources
  • Focuses on particularly volatile assets.
  • Access to groups with profitable traders
  • Offering a complete guide to capture the right investment opportunities
  • Only charges a one-time fee of £27
  • Offers multiple bonuses with the package


  • Many might say that the claims it makes may be a bit too bold
  • The sniper bot has only recently been released, which means the track record is not large

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Photon – Fast Sniper Bots Focusing on Solana-Based Meme Coins

Solana-based meme coins have gotten a lot of traction since the third quarter of 2023. It started with BONK, and now, the market is full of high-performing Solana meme assets.

Photon Sniper Bots

However, most have come and gone quickly, which makes Photon one of the best and fastest sniper bots for capturing these coins. Getting started is easy, as it only requires a Solana wallet, Phantom. Afterward, users can set their own trading parameters and start trading.

Most experts recommend adding multiple trading parameters before getting started because the surge in Solana meme coins has also allowed many bad actors to emerge. Using Photon, users can set a trading parameter instructing the bot to only buy a token when a certain number of people have also bought it. Other parameters that can be set include locked pools and durations.

For those wanting to adjust the parameters on Photon based on a token’s historical price performance, there are tools that can make it possible. For example, investors can set a parameter to invest in only those tokens that have made more than 300% within the last 12 hours or a day.

New meme coins on the Solana blockchains are often short-lived, which makes Photon a good crypto sniper bot to support. Furthermore, Photon is versatile and integrable with decentralized exchanges, along with Raydium and Jupiter, two of the leading DEXs that host Solana-based tokens.


  • It is suitable for sniping Solana-based meme coins
  • It can be integrated with two of the best Solana-based DEXs: Raydium and Jupiter
  • Offers multiple trade parameters
  • It can be used using the Phantom wallet


  • The bot is only suitable for sniping Solana-based tokens
  • The onus of security is only up to the user
  • Requires multiple settings in order to safely navigate the meme coin market

Unibot – Sniper Bot Focusing on Tokens Live on Uniswap

For those looking for a sniper bot for trading ERC-20 tokens, Unibot is the best choice. Compatible with Uniswap, which is the world’s leading decentralized exchange, Unibot has helped traders buy and sell ERC-20 tokens worth $895 million to date.

Unibot Sniper Bot

With Unibot, a speed element is added to the mix, making it possible for users to buy and sell assets quickly on the platform.

There are multiple user-centric features on Unibot. With mirror sniping, users can copy the strategies of a successful trader. Complementing this copy trading facility is limit orders, which is akin to a risk management tool, enabling users to set the bot so that it sells particular assets at a particular price.

Privacy—and security-conscious users will also prefer Unibot. All the trades made by the pot are hidden and not linked to any wallet address, which makes anonymous transactions possible.

Furthermore, Unibot also keeps an eye on the market through its market scanner, allowing users to capture any upcoming IDO arriving on the decentralized exchange.


  • Useful when it comes to capturing IDOs on Uniswap
  • Offers copy trading perks with mirror sniping
  • It is six times faster when it comes to executing trades
  • Shields transactions on Uniswap
  • It is also compatible with Telegram
  • Suitable for sniping ERC-20 tokens
  • It is accessible on Telegram
  • Features Ethereum Notable Gains Scanner as well


  • It is not versatile enough for other decentralized exchanges
  • Many of its facilities are still in the alpha stage, such as the Ethereum Alpha Scanner and Base Chain Alpha Scanner
  • The UI can be a bit cumbersome to handle for newcomers

WagieBot – Sniper Bot for Security-Conscious Users

Those in the market for a more versatile version of a standard sniper bot can look at WagieBot. This highly secure sniper bot is a multiple-chain sniper active on Solana, Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Arbitrum Networks. It gives its unique capability to buy and sell assets on multiple blockchains at the same time.


This bot is also simple to use. Similar to Trojan, another Telegram-focused sniper bot, users will get a unique wallet address at the start. Since it is a multi-chain network, it is important that users keep an eye on which tokens they are adding to the wallet.

This means that users should be aware of the blockchain of the asset they are using. This information may seem innocuous, but it’s what separates crypto enthusiasts from those using the bot for the first time.

Once users grasp how this crypto sniper bot works, however, they will understand its many security features. Packed with features such as honeypot checks and anti-rug pulls, it allows users to navigate the volatile market safely.

In addition to these perks, WagieBot allows users to copy the trading strategies of the more successful traders by mirroring their wallet addresses. WagieBot is also a good option for those looking for early-moving opportunities, as it has monitoring features that alert users about recently released tokens. Equipped with anti-mev protection, WagieBots also prevents users from running into other bots.


  • It is a multi-chain crypto sniper
  • Equipped with multiple security features. including anti-rug pulls and honeypot checks
  • Offers risk management tools
  • Monitors newly listed tokens
  • It is a Telegram-compatible bot
  • Features anti-mev protection to prevent colliding with other bots
  • It is accessible on Telegram
  • One of the fastest sniper bots on the market


  • Exclusively available on Telegram
  • Doesn’t support Base and Polygon chains
  • Not exactly a beginner-friendly sniper bot

Polybot – Popular Sniping Tool Focusing on BEP- 20 Tokens

For those searching for lucrative BEP-20 tokens to invest in, the best sniper bot available on the market is Polybot. Compatible with PancakeSwap, this bot is perfect for capturing IDOs that arrive on this decentralized exchange.


Set the trading parameters, such as profit target, and the bot will cash it out as quickly as possible. Profit targets are set based on percentages. For instance, investors can set their profit target to be 60%. And if one of the intra-day trading tokens they have chosen to invest in surges by 60%, Polybot will sell it quickly.

The platform is also suitable for Pinksale tokens. Additionally, there is an Agility mode available, which lets users snipe any new or niche-compatible DEX on the Binance Smart Chain.

In terms of security, Polybot comes with three levels: Antibot protection, honeypot protection, and Rub protection. It is also available as WebSockets and has custom node support. There is also Comprehensive Token Pair support that lets users snipe any project launch without worrying much about the type of pair.

While the bot was primarily accessible on PancakeSwap, it is also available on Uniswap. The default payment method to start using this bot is Crypto Pay. Users need to make an annual payment of $499 to get started. There is also a New World Snipe Package, which offers multi-chan support and lets investors unlock opportunities in GameFI, NFT, and even Metaverse projects for 12 months.


  • Suitable to snipe BEP-20 tokens
  • Lets users set profit parameters
  • Comes with multiple protection tools, such as Antibot protection, Honeypot protection, and Rub protection.
  • There is also a comprehensive token pair support
  • Offers a version available on multiple chains that lets users find the best NFT, DeFi, and Metaverse opportunities


  • It has a high annual fee requirement: $499 for the basic and $599 for the new world version
  • Does not offer copy-trading features

Trojan – Leading Bot on Telegram With Copy Trading Features

Trojan is one of the more recent sniper bots on the market. It was launched in the middle of 2023 when the market was particularly volatile due to the arrival of multiple meme coins. With an impressive social media presence and compatibility with the Solana network, Trojan is another sniper bot suitable for sniping Solana-based meme coins.

Trojan Bot on Solana

This Telegram-compatible sniper bot has one limitation – it supports no blockchain other than Solana.

Getting started with the bot is simple. Users only need to join the Trojan Telegram group and get a unique wallet address. They can then send the required number of SOL tokens—similar to a subscription fee—to leverage this bot for trading Solana-based tokens.

This Solana-based bot offers many features, the most noteworthy of which is copy trading. Similar to Unibot’s “mirror sniping,” Trojan also helps users copy the strategies of profitable traders on Telegram.

It is also a good bot to keep an eye on IDO. Thanks to its “new pairs” utility, investors can monitor the latest Solana tokens to arrive on the market and capture early moving opportunities that often result in parabolic gains.

Trojan also offers a dollar-cost averaging tool, allowing players to target high-potential tokens when they reach a particular value. Trading parameters can also be set, the key ones being liquidity, volume, and wallet holder. Position monitoring and limit order facilities are also available for those seeking a more risk-averse approach to trading.


  • Best suited for the Solana network
  • Offers a functionality to capture newly released Solana tokens
  • Allows users to copy the trading strategies of other traders
  • Accessible on Telegram
  • Also focuses on Dollar-cost-averaging strategies
  • Has a good social media presence


  • It is only compatible with the Solana network
  • Doesn’t have many parameters to adjust
  • Cannot be connected with external wallets

LootBot – Sniper Bot for Performing Automated DeFi Tasks

The official website of LootBot describes it as an automated airdrop assistance. However, its true description states that it is a Telegram bot that automates on-chain interactions and lets users engage with DeFi tasks across multiple chains.

LootBot Sniper Bots

Some of these tasks are pre-determined, but others can be created by the users themselves. It can help with objectives such as finding the right airdrops and minting NFTs at a optimal time.

The platform has been used by many major networks for their airdrops, such as the Manta Network. In addition to enabling airdrops, LootBot also helps bridge multiple chains and automates swapping, NFT minting, staking, and even lending.

The platform also has a host of security features, including Anti-Sybil protection for real on-chain interaction when airdrops are organized. The platform necessarily lets users farm airdrops on their preferred protocols at their preferred time.

Users can also customize their farming routes to ensure that they don’t miss any opportunity. The LootBot also has a trading integration, allowing users to trade ERC-20 tokens directly through Telegram. The order placements are instant, and the trading fees are optimized.

Access to these features, however, also requires the use of $LOOT, the ecosystem’s native token. Getting started with this particular utility is also easy. However, it requires a fee of $50 per chain. That’s where users can use the token’s native token, $LOOT, to get a discount.


  • Lets users automate defi tasks
  • Automates airdrop grabbing and NFT minting
  • Users can create their own farming routes
  • Features anti-sybil protection
  • Offers trading facilities through Telegram
  • Discount on services with $LOOT token


  • Only available on Telegram
  • Only supports trading on the Ethereum network
  • Charges $50 to interact with one chain
  • Relies on $LOOT to offer discounts

DexCheck – Fastest Bot Help Users Grab Investment Opportunities on Telegram

Those who want to take the trading matters into their own hands can leverage DexCheck. Its manual trading facility enables users to buy and sell assets on decentralized exchanges, making it suitable for more intuitive traders.

DexCheck Sniper Bot

The only difference that this bot makes is that it adds more information about trades through Telegram. The platform offers AI-boosted analytics for crypto and NFT investments. To help with that, it offers custom-built APIs to give users access to comprehensive analytics, trend forecasts, and market data.

The platform also offers a unique crypto address analyzer tool that lets users quickly visualize the profit and loss and trading history of the submitted wallet address.

With DexCheck Pad, another tool that this particular sniper bot offers, users can also find the best Initial Private Sale Offerings (IPSO) and buy cryptos before they hit the market. In other words, it lets users find the best crypto presales around.

The entire platform is supported by a native crypto, $DCK, which lets users interact with its many features. $DCK is also a good staking coin for those looking for regular passive returns.


  • Offers manual trading perks
  • Features multiple AI-driven analytic tools to make better investment decisions
  • Lets users capture NFT opportunities
  • Offers DexCheck Pad to monitor the latest crypto presales and new cryptocurrencies
  • It has its own native token – DCK
  • Offers staking perks as well as crypto address analyzer


  • The free mode comes with multiple redtapes
  • Buying the native DCK token is necessary

What are Crypto Sniping Bots?

Crypto Sniping bots are automated applications that allow users to buy and sell assets from cryptocurrency exchanges very quickly. They help investors discover early moving opportunities borne out of ICOs and IDOs very quickly.

One of their key attributes is customization. Users can develop their own strategies about when to buy or sell a particular asset. For instance, when SCORP, a GambleFi token, went live shortly after its presale, it went up by 5x.

Those who used sniping bots in this instant had their eyes trained on this asset, which allowed them to grab this opportunity as soon as it arrived. Those investors must set the parameters for selling their tokens once the SCORP token reaches a particular market capitalization.

Crypto Sniper

Another setting that sniper bots allow is checking the number of tokens locked in the liquidity pools, the number of people holding the tokens, and the length of the locking period.

Another perk that crypto sniping bots offer is copy trading. They call it mirror sniping, which means copying the address of a profitable trader and following their trades to the tee. Bots, such as LootBot, are also useful for automated airdrop capture. Some, such as DexCheck, offer address analysis capabilities.

Arbitrage is also one of the core capabilities of a crypto sniper. Buying a crypto asset from one and selling it on another at a high price is also one of its perks.

Are Crypto Sniper Bots Legal?

Crypto sniper bots allow users to automate their manual trading functionalities. The only aspect they add is speed. Users take care of the backend operations by themselves, picking and choosing the trading parameters before turning the bot on.

That being said, there has been much debate about the ethics surrounding crypto sniper bots. Most of the controversial talks are around front-running, a sniper bot utility that lets it place buy or sell orders in anticipation of large transactions that will affect the price of an asset. It can potentially lead to market manipulation.

Crypto Sniper bots

Furthermore, since many have been using it to get the first-mover advantage, finding the key IDOs on the market and acting on them quickly, many manual traders end up holding the bag in the background. However, this is not illegal.

How Did We Rank the Best Crypto Sniper Bots on the Market?

Here are the key factors we used to rank the crypto sniper bots that we presented before you.

Reputation of the Sniper Bot 

Most pick a sniper bot to get ahead of the market and make snap decisions in a volatile ecosystem so that they can still generate gains. For that purpose, it is important to choose a crypto sniper bot with a positive reputation on the market.

Two factors come into play here: age and tools. It can be an old bot that has proven that its strategies work and it is fast.

Secondly, a newly launched sniper bot has learned to take advantage of the current volatile conditions through the use of modern tools and can also be a good pick.

And if the bot also offers additional perks, such as education, that’s a plus in our book.

That is why we have chosen Sniper Trading Secrets as our top choice. Even though it was released only recently, the creator of this bot, Mark Kelly, has proven his aptitude for finding the best meme coin investments. Furthermore, users also gain access to educational tools when picking this particular option.

Sniping Trading secrets

Security Features

Another key factor when choosing the right crypto sniper bot is security. Transactions should be secured, and addresses should be hidden.

Furthermore, Telegram bots work like centralized exchanges, generating private wallet addresses unique to everyone. This can be an issue because users don’t have control over their own keys.

However, some sniping bots, such as Photon, connect to Defi wallets. Furthermore, tools like Polybot offer multiple security features, such as anti-honeypot, anti-rug pull, and anti-rub, which can benefit most traders.


Another key factor we looked at was the depth of the customization options. Sniping bots with a higher degree of customizability means traders will have complete control over how the bot works. This also lets them use their own strategies properly in a particularly volatile market condition.

Customization has become a key topic ever since the influx of new cryptocurrencies in the market. Here are some of the factors that users can consider when using a sniping bot.

  1. Setting so that the bot sells the asset when it has increased in value by a certain percentage.
  2. Setting the market capitalization of the asset.
  3. Executing orders based on the liquidity locking duration.
  4. Executing a buy or sell order depending on the recent trading volume.

Other customization options also include monitoring a DEX to see if certain new assets have emerged. For instance. Unibot lets users snipe the tokens that have just been listed on Uniswap. It is an important setting since most ERC-20 cryptos go live on Uniswap once their presale concludes.


Crypto sniper bots are good for automating trades and other DeFi tasks, particularly during a volatile market. The ability to refine strategies and let the bot work on its own is appealing. However, they perform according to users’ strategies. They don’t make any decisions on their own. That is why it is important to stay informed.

Thankfully, our top crypto sniper bot, Sniper Trading Secrets, is a sniper bot package that also comes with educational resources, trader communities, and an all-around service to capture the best opportunities from the market. At just £27, it offers yearly service, making it affordable and comprehensive for beginners and veteran traders.

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What are sniper bots?

Crypto sniper bots are automated programs that are designed execute transactions quickly based on the parameters set by its users. It can be used for several purposes, including finding new listings, and arbitrage.

Which is the best crypto sniper bot on the market?

The best crypto sniper bot on the market right now is Sniper Trading Secrets. It is an all-in-one tool that offers educational materials in addition to an automated sniper bot that specializes in capturing opportunities available in the meme coin market.