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Best Low Market Cap Crypto to Buy

Due to the exponential price surge of Bitcoin and other big cap cryptocurrencies over the past decade, many long-term investors are now looking for low cap crypto projects - under the radar gems with room for growth.
low market cap crypto cover image
low market cap crypto cover image

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Alongside the high market cap and well-established cryptocurrencies, there are thousands of newly launched crypto projects with high potential. These low cap crypto coins can be a profitable way to make money with cryptocurrencies in a short time period. These cryptos have a low value and they keep fluctuating all the time, so the chances are high that they can bring huge rewards to day traders, and other short-term investors. 

But besides being a profitable investment, low cap cryptocurrencies are also very risky. They are new in the market which means that these coins aren’t as well-established as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptos. It is vital to be careful about the cryptos you purchase and you need to take a close look at what you are investing in.

As the market is filled with thousands of options, it can be a hard task to explore all of them and find out the best one. Our guide will help you find the best low market cap crypto projects to invest in for 2023.

Best Low Cap Crypto Coins to Buy in December 2023

Here is our short list of the best projects if you want to invest in low cap cryptos right now. For a detailed review of each low cap project, check the next section of our guide. 

  1. Bitcoin Minetrix – Best Low-Market Cap Crypto with Massive Growth Potential
  2. Bitcoin ETF Token – Low-Cap Crypto Influenced by Bitcoin’s Achievements
  3. Meme Kombat – Low Market Cap Crypto Revolutionizing P2E Gaming
  4. TG.Casino – Low Market Cap Crypto Casino Token Eyeing Impressive Growth
  5. Launchpad XYZ – A Low Cap Crypto Adding Inclusivity to Web 3
  6. yPredict – An AI Ecosystem to Navigate the Crypto Market’s Volatility
  7. Chimpzee – Low Cap Green Cryptocurrency of 2023
  8. Wall Street Memes – Low Market Cap Crypto With a Large Community Backing
  9. Compound – Crypto Project that Allows Lending and Earning Real Money
  10. Gala – Low Cap Gaming Platform that Incorporates NFTs, Blockchain, and P2E

Top Low Market Cap Crypto List – Full Reviews

The fundamental part of investing in any type of asset is to learn about the project you want to purchase. It will give you an exact understanding of the cryptocurrency and help you make a more reasonable decision. In this section,  we will focus on describing the top low-cap cryptos recommended by us and introducing why they are worth buying. First, we will talk about 4 popular tokens that are in the presale stage – Wall Street Memes, Launchpad XYZ, and yPredict.

Bitcoin Minetrix – Best Low-Market Cap Crypto with Massive Growth Potential

Bitcoin Minetrix has drawn interest from crypto enthusiasts globally as one of the best low-market cap crypto tokens to buy this year. The platform envisions the rejuvenation of Bitcoin mining by addressing its long-standing issues with a unique stake-to-mining functionality.

Bitcoin Minetrix

Bitcoin Minetrix offers a tokenized cloud mining environment, which has reduced entry hurdles, improved safety, and eliminated upfront charges. By tokenizing the mining environment, Bitcoin Minetrix increases accessibility and eliminates the need to purchase cash contracts from mining firms.

Users can earn cloud mining credits by simply buying and staking BTCMTX coins. This decentralized approach protects users’ interests and offers a safe and open mining environment. The non-tradable native ERC-20 BTCMTX tokens are burned in return for mining time or revenue cuts.

The soft cap target for the Bitcoin Minetrix presale is just over $15 million. The token raised over $100,000 within a day after its presale announcement, showing its massive growth potential. Investors interested in the best low market cap cryptos can consider participating in the Bitcoin Minetrix presale for the best deals.

Visit Bitcoin Minetrix

Bitcoin ETF Token – Low-Cap Crypto Influenced by Bitcoin’s Achievements

Bitcoin ETF Token is a cryptocurrency project created as a tribute to Bitcoin’s future achievements. Despite its recent introduction to the space and being in its presale stage, the project has already garnered substantial attention from top cryptocurrency media reporting websites. As the name suggests, Bitcoin ETF Token is designed as a homage to the upcoming Bitcoin ETF, which has been in the works for the past couple of months.

Bitcoin ETF Token

The project aims to build a community dedicated to holding and being a part of Bitcoin’s journey to becoming a central point in the financial system. It plans to achieve this by burning tokens and decreasing transaction tax at every major milestone set by BTC, enabling the project’s investors to gain more profits due to a limited supply. The native token of the project, BTCETF, can be purchased directly from the website by investors and is currently priced at $0.005. This price is expected to increase as the presale progresses through various stages.

Investors appear highly bullish on the project, as its low market cap means that a significant injection of funds into the project could substantially change prices and lead to a spike. This is anticipated in the near future, especially with the potential launch of the Bitcoin ETF in the upcoming months or year. The token can also be staked for a good APY, making it a truly exciting asset to hold for the near future, whether an investor is seeking returns in the short or long term.

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Meme Kombat – Low Market Cap Crypto Revolutionizing P2E Gaming

Meme Kombat is one of the best low market-cap cryptocurrencies to buy in 2023. The project brings well-known meme coin avatars into the thrilling realm of battle arenas. Using cutting-edge technology and the decentralized power of the Ethereum network, Meme Kombat is on a mission to revolutionize P2E gaming.

Meme Kombat

Users on Meme Kombat must link their accounts with their cryptocurrency wallets to start playing. The platform’s native $MK tokens are then made available for staking, wagering, and earning rewards within the game, thanks to a simple and secure mechanism.

These rewards are in addition to the 112% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) that $MK token holders can win through passive staking. Users can place bets directly against one another through Player vs Player (PvP) betting, which allows players to choose their level of risk and engagement in both general and high-stakes battles.

The ongoing $MK presale provides access to half of the token supply before the platform’s launch. The token price for the ongoing presale of the $MK token is $1.667, with a hard cap of $10,000,000.

Visit Meme Kombat

TG.Casino – Low Market Cap Crypto Casino Token Eyeing Impressive Growth

With the speed of cryptocurrency transactions and the rising popularity of messaging app Telegram, the brand-new TG.Casino takes the online casino experience several notches higher. It allows players to access and play numerous games without KYC, maintain anonymous identities, earn awards, and leverage high-roller opportunities.


The platform has a license from the Curacao Gaming Commission, which adds to its credibility, security, and safety. Users can access TG.Casino by having it integrated straight into Telegram without downloading any other software or apps. Given the widespread use of Telegram, this significantly lowers entry barriers.

The network’s native cryptocurrency, $TGC, is a distinctive digital asset. Players earn $TGC tokens as rewards for their commitment and involvement as they play games. Currently on presale, $TGC is already garnering investor attention because of its benefits, like passive income streams, affiliate rewards, and a growing community.

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Launchpad XYZ – A Low Cap Crypto Adding Inclusivity to Web 3

Since low-cap crypto brings inclusivity to the crypto space by virtue of their costs, Launchpad XYZ is an inclusive low-cap project that makes the concept of Web 3 more palatable for all.

Launchpad platform

Launchpad XYZ defines itself as a one-stop project for all Web 3 needs. It implements all the verticals present in the Web 3 space, including DEX, NFTs, P2E, and Metaverse, in a comprehensive and inclusive manner. This cryptocurrency project aims to remove the bottleneck that has stopped most from accepting blockchain technology – too much technicality.

Launchpad XYZ aims to simplify Web 3 by offering a host of utilities in one place, including assessment for utility tokens so people can pick the right crypto asset to get behind, analysis of crypto presales so that people have the right project to get in early, NFT marketplaces, decentralized exchanges, Web 3 wallets, and more.

The project has also introduced a unique metric – Launchpad Quotient – that ranks crypto projects based on 400 data points, allowing people to make the right decisions when interacting with the Web 3 space.

The Launchpad XYZ ecosystem is powered by the LPX token. It is an ERC-20 crypto asset with a total supply of 1 billion. 25% of the total supply is given away as part of the presale. The presale has 10 stages and offers LPX tokens at a discount price of $0.035 at the first stage. The listing price has been set at $0.070, which means that early movers will get 2X of their original investment.

Launchpad XYZ promises to offer a lot of utilities, and from what we have been able to gather from its roadmap, its goals are realistic. It has many of the same fundamentals as Ethereum and can potentially surpass it if it does what it has set out to do.

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yPredict – An AI Ecosystem to Navigate the Crypto Market’s Volatility

yPredict is an AI-driven platform that uses advanced predictive algorithms to forecast an asset’s movement on the price charts. The project describes itself as an “all in one” AI ecosystem that combines state-of-the-art predictive models and data insights to give members of different industries, including finance, health, and human resources, an edge in the blockchain space.

yPredict Low cap crypto

This highly-rated platform uses a patent-pending pattern recognition algorithm to assess bearish and bullish price charts and candlestick patterns. It then generates real-time alerts based on them and gives the prediction a reliability store based on past accuracies. This machine-learned-enabled approach allows it to find repeatable patterns that can accurately predict an asset’s movements.

yPredict also offers a marketplace through which financial data scientists can offer their results and signals through a subscription-based service. And the token used to buy subscriptions is the native asset – YPRED.

YPRED is an ERC-20 token created on the Polygon chain and has a total supply of 100 million. Holding YPRED and staking gives users access to staking rewards as well as:

  1. Free access to the yPredict analytics platform
  2. Paying for predictive model subscriptions through the yPredict marketplace
  3. Voting incentives
  4. APYs

YPRED is currently being offered as a presale, of which there are eight stages. Four stages have already been completed, and the token has already raised more than $400k. The massive following that yPredict has been able to gather in a relatively short period is the result of the project’s AI-based fundamentals. Similar assets, like, have done well in the past. And the same can go for yPredict if it sticks close to its original vision and delivers on the promises it has stated in its roadmap.

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Chimpzee – Low Cap Green Cryptocurrency

Climate change, threats to the environment and certain wildlife are pressing issues which need our immediate attention. As the need to combat climate change and slow down environmental degradation increases, the demand for solutions that can incentivise individuals to take action increases too.

Chimpzee is a blockchain-based ecosystem that empowers users and companies to combat climate change and protect our natural resources while being rewarded for their efforts.

Chimpzee IDO

This Web3 project has various applications and a NFT marketplace that work together to encourage individuals to join this fight to protect our environment and as a result our planet.

The platforms native token is CHMPZ and it has many utilities within the ecosystem. Users can use this token to buy Chimpzee merchandise, a proceed from which goes to a charity working for climate change and animal protection.

Users in the ecosystem also use the native token as a game currency in its Zero Tolerance Game. This Play-to-Earn model motivates users to take environment-friendly initiatives to make this planet a better place to live.

The projects aim to work for the environment, plus the low price of its token makes it a low-cap gem with the highest future potential. Chimpzee is currently offering its 7th stage of the presale with the opportunity for investors to get in at the lowest possible price of $0.0007.

The presale is spread across 16 stages, and the price of the CHMPZ token will increase with every stage. Hurry now, to get the token at the highest discount before the CEX listings. If you participate in the presale, you can also earn free bonus tokens.

Visit Chimpzee Presale

Wall Street Memes – Low Market Cap Crypto With an Upcoming NFT Collection

Wall Street Memes has recently unveiled the presale of its revolutionary Wall Street Memes token ($WSM), with support from one of the internet’s hottest investing communities. This exceptional project aims to translate the allure of stock “stonks” into tangible gains and is now extending its impact to the realm of meme coins.

Wall street memes Dubai Crypto

Forecasts from industry analysts are already pointing to a potential 10x surge for Wall Street Memes once it hits the exchanges, fueling a frenzy among investors to secure their share of the tokens. 

It’s worth noting that the founders of Wall Street Memes achieved phenomenal success in the digital assets space previously with their Wall Street Bulls NFT collection, garnering an astounding $2.5 million in 2021 by selling out in a mere 32 minutes.

With a robust social community of over one million dedicated members, Wall Street Memes has been able to get listed on OKX.

Buy Wall Street Memes

Compound – Crypto Project that Allows Lending and Earning Real Money

Founded in 2017, Compound is currently one of the most popular low market cap cryptos and is among the leading crypto lending protocols. As a lending platform, it has two types of users – lenders and borrowers. Borrowers can make use of the ready funds and take loans. They pay interest on their loans. In their turn, lenders provide funds to the protocol and gain interest for providing their cryptos. 


Compound issues a native utility and governance token – COMP which powers its ecosystem. COMP is used for governance purposes and to reward the lenders for their service. Compound has a low maximum supply which is equal to 10 million COMP tokens. More than 72% percent of the coins are already issued and the price for one coin is $50. COMP token is among the 100 best cryptocurrencies with its market capitalization. 

Read our complete how to buy Compound guide.

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Your capital is at risk.

Gala –  Low Cap Gaming Platform that Incorporates NFTs, Blockchain, and P2E

Gala Games is a blockchain-based platform that offers different games that players can enjoy playing and earning ownership over in-game items through NFTs. Founded in 2019, Gala already claims to have 1.3 million monthly active players and sell 26.000 pieces of NFTs. The project aims to solve different problems that exist in the traditional gaming industry. 

Gala Coin

First, Gala uses a decentralized blockchain which means that it is not governed by a single party. With this, Gala wants to give players more freedom over their gaming status. It wants to remove the practice of losing your game status within a minute which you gained by playing several hours a day and spending a lot of money. 

Second, the game incorporates play-to-earn elements and players claim the ownership of their assets through NFTs within the Gala games. These NFTs represent real-world value and players can sell them to generate rewards. Gala issues a native token GALA coin which is the utility and governance token for the community. GALA holders can participate in the governance voting and decide which games the platform should launch in the future. Currently Gala has launched only one game – Town Star. 

The GALA token has various use cases as a utility token. It is used to pay for different in-game items and serves as a medium of exchange between the participants of the Gala ecosystem. GALA is a stackable coin and holders can lock it to generate income. The circulating supply of the Gala cryptocurrency is 7 billion GALA tokens and it has a market cap of $240 million. GALA is currently one of the most popular and promising low cap cryptos. 

Update – since writing this post GALA has become one of the most trending cryptocurrency assets of early 2023, outperforming most other assets. It now has a market cap of well over $300 million. See a recent price prediction for this still relatively low cap crypto in the video below:

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Your capital is at risk.

What are Low Cap Cryptocurrencies?

The market capitalization of a cryptocurrency is the total value of all the tokens which illustrates its palace in the market. It is calculated the same with all the cryptocurrencies, meaning by multiplying the total number of the coins with the price for each coin. Coins having high market capitalization tend to have low supply and high demand. 

Bitcoin is one example that is the largest crypto by its market cap. The circulating supply of this crypto is more than 19 million tokens and a capped supply of 20 million coins. The demand for Bitcoin is huge so it is quite a valuable asset with a market cap of almost $400 billion. Ethereum has more supply which is not limited, but the value for each coin is several times less than that of Bitcoin. So, Ethereum’s market cap is almost 2 two times lower than Bitcoin’s.

Based on this metric, cryptocurrencies are divided into three large groups – low cap, mid cap, and big cap cryptocurrencies. Big caps are the ones having the largest market capitalization which exceeds $10 billion. The first ten largest cryptos can be considered large-cap cryptos, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc. These cryptos stand out with low volatility and are more well-established, so investing in them includes less risk but the rewards are low too.

Mid-cap cryptos have a market cap between 1$ billion to $10 billion. They have more potential for growth compared to large-cap cryptos but also include higher risks. Finally, low market cap cryptos are the ones having less than $1 billion market cap. These cryptos include the highest risks but can also bring the highest rewards in the short term. 

The low market cap group of cryptocurrencies usually includes newly launched tokens, speculative crypto assets, coins that are in the early stages of development, and are usually after the presale or ICO stage. Obviously, the number of low cap cryptocurrencies strongly outpaces the number of mid-cap and large-cap cryptos, which makes them even riskier. But many of these cryptos have a huge potential for growth as they plan to launch a product or a service that can attract a lot of investors and grow the demand. 

The problem is that many of these projects don’t have any service, or product to launch which will make them valuable and they are created just for hype or for a joke. It is extremely crucial to be able to differentiate the speculative coins and the new cryptos with new and exciting features and not to invest in everything that comes your way. 

It means that the process includes a lot of research during which you need to explore its roadmap, white paper, presale events, features, popularity in the market, etc. If you think it may take you a lot of time, you can find the best low market cap cryptos in our recommendation list which we selected based on thorough research and analyses of different cryptocurrencies. 

Is It a Good Idea to Invest in Low Cap Cryptocurrencies?

If you still can’t decide on investing in low cap cryptocurrencies, you may need some information about their profitability that can help you make a better decision. Here are some benefits you can get by purchasing low cap crypto gems. 

Affordable for Beginners

Though low cap cryptos are not well-established and can be a risky investment, they are extremely cheap cryptocurrencies and cost below $1. It means that you can purchase a great number of tokens by investing as low as $50 to $100. Investing in such low amounts also significantly reduces the risk of losing too much money as long as you will lose little money if the crypto crashes. 

High Profitability 

The next good thing about the low cap coins is that most of them are undervalued and have huge potential for growth. The prices of such tokens fluctuate in high volumes, which makes them a profitable investment. For example, if a coin valued at $0.002 increases to $0.02 it will experience huge growth which will bring you good rewards. So if you buy it spending $100 when its price is $0.002 and sell it when it’s valued at $0.02 you will earn $1000 (not considering the fees) gaining ten times higher than you have invested. 

You Can Stake to Earn Passive Income

Many low market cap cryptos are built on blockchains that operate based on the PoW consensus mechanism. It means that those holding tokens can lock up their assets for a while and contribute to network security and development. Instead, they are rewarded with new tokens. So, if you buy tokens as a long-term investment, you can take advantage of them and stake them to generate passive income. See our full guide to staking.

Multiple Use Cases

If you invest in cryptocurrencies that serve a sophisticated DeFi project with exciting features, you can also make use of its multiple functions. They act as the native token of that platform and are used for various purposes within its network. For example, they can be used to buy in-game items, develop your avatars, give access to various services, etc. Many of these projects also have play-to-earn elements so you can use these tokens to invest in your character within these platforms and generate rewards by playing or using the platform.

How to Buy Low Cap Crypto Coins?

When you already know what low market cap cryptos are and have selected which coins you want to buy, you may be curious about how to invest in low cap cryptos. To walk you through the whole process we have prepared 2 step-by-step guides that explain how to buy low cap coins with eToro and OKX. 

How to Buy Low Cap Crypto Coins OKX

eToro supports a wide selection of low cap tokens, including some of our recommended coins. In this part of the guide, we will explain how to buy Compound tokens with eToro. 

Step 1: Create an Online Account with eToro

As eToro is a heavily regulated and secure brokerage platform it is required to have a verified account with this broker to start trading with it. You need to accomplish some simple steps to open an eToro account. First thing is to visit eToro’s website and click on the “Sign up” button to provide the necessary details and create your account. The data includes some personal data, address, birth date, email, etc. 

To complete the process you need to also verify your account. eToro has 4 stages of verification but all of them are quite simple if you have the required documents. You go through the first 2 stages when you open your account. These are email and address verifications that are straightforward and quick. The next stage is ID verification which you must do with a copy of your passport or ID or a driver’s license copy. Finally, you need to do address verification with a bank document or a utility bill. 

Step 1 Create an Online Account with Etoro

Step 2: Deposit Funds on Your Account

If you provide the necessary documents, eToro will quickly verify your account after which you can charge your account to start trading with the broker. eToro supports fiat currencies which you can deposit into your account with multiple options. The quickest method is the bank card option, which includes both credit and debit cards. The slowest option is bank transfer, but you also have an e-wallet option as eToro supports Neteller, Paypal, and Skrill transactions. 

All the methods are free to use and charge no deposit fees. However, you will need to pay a small conversion fee for non-USD contracts. eToro requires a $10 minimum deposit to allow you to trade on its platform and the minimum trade is $10, which means you can start trading with eToro investing as low as $20. After selecting the payment method, follow eToro’s instructions to provide the details of your payment method and charge your account. 

Step 2 Deposit Funds on Your Account

Step 3: Search the Coin You Want to Buy

If you have selected which low market cap coin you want to buy on eToro simply put its name in the search toolbar and click the first results. In our case, it’s Compound, so we need to write COMP which is the ticker of the coin. If you have not selected a token to buy you can visit the cryptocurrency markets section to find out what tokens eToro supports and select from the list. 

Step 3 Search for the Coin You Want to Buy

Step 4: Buy Compound at eToro

When you find the token to buy, you will navigate to a separate page about that coin with a lot of information and news about the coin and some tools to analyze it. After making the final decision, start the buying process and finish the transaction by filling in the number of coins you want to purchase. 

Step 4 Buy Compound at eToro


One of the best methods to invest in cryptocurrencies and earn money quickly is finding and purchasing newly launched tokens that have low market capitalization. Though these coins are not as valuable as the ones that are quite popular and well-established, they have room for growth and can bring you huge returns in the future. 

Summarizing the guide, we have introduced here the top low-cap cryptocurrencies that stand out with unique features and look quite promising. Our top recommended low-market coins were several that are still at the presale stage. But our main pick is Bitcoin Minetrix. The project shows strong potential, supported by its unique stake-to-mine fundamentals. 

New Crypto Mining Platform - Bitcoin Minetrix


Bitcoin Minetrix
  • Audited By Coinsult
  • Decentralized, Secure Cloud Mining
  • Earn Free Bitcoin Daily
  • Native Token On Presale Now - BTCMTX
  • Staking Rewards - Over 100% APY
Bitcoin Minetrix


What is considered a low market cap crypto?

Cryptocurrencies are usually classified as low-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap according to their market capitalization. Low cap cryptos have relatively small market caps compared to others, which can be between $200 million to $1 billion. The group includes the cryptos that are just launched and are still being developed.

Is it a good idea to invest in low market cap crypto coins?

Low cap cryptos can be an excellent choice if you want to get huge rewards in a short time, as they are highly volatile. Meanwhile, they are extremely risky, so you need to carefully examine the project before you invest in it to understand if it is worth buying or not.

What are the risks of investing in low cap cryptos?

Low cap cryptos are the ones that have just launched or are still in the early stages of development. The risk is that these projects can fail to accomplish their goals or attract a huge audience. They may seem quite attractive at first sight but may fail because of various reasons. Many of them are just founded for speculative purposes and they may crash after entering the market. So you need to explore the project and the team behind it before putting your money at risk.

What is the best low cap crypto to buy right now?

Bitcoin Minetrix is the low cap crypto to support this year. Backed by stake-to-mine, this unique project aims to bring more inclusivity to the world of crypto mining.