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Ripple (XRP) Price

A detailed guide to the Ripple price - the value of its cryptocurrency XRP - today and its history since launching in 2021, and our predicted Ripple price for future years.
XRP price
XRP price

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Formerly the third-largest crypto in the world, which is a position that it held for several years, Ripple’s XRP is still among the top 10 largest digital currencies by market cap in May 2023.

Currently the 6th-largest crypto with a market cap of $24.7 billion, XRP is the native cryptocurrency of Ripple’s ecosystem and the coin used for settling transactions on the RippleNet.

In this guide, we will look at XRP’s current price, its history, factors that affect it, and why you might want to consider buying Ripple’s coins.

If you are interested in investing in XRP, it might be useful to first learn everything about it and its price and then make your final decision.

Where can I buy XRP in December 2023?

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Don’t invest in crypto assets unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest.

Your best option for purchasing Ripple is to buy the coin on any major crypto exchange. However, if you wish to use a more traditional platform, you can always buy it on eToro, as the coin is among the handful of supported cryptocurrencies that eToro offers.

There are several reasons for choosing eToro over other platforms.

For example, it has a user-friendly interface, the ability to engage in copy trading and mirror the trades by other users, as well as the fact that eToro offers a variety of traditional investment options.

This is useful for those who wish to diversify their portfolio and include assets beyond cryptocurrencies.

Where It Stands: XRP Recent Trends & Price Chart

Let’s begin with the XRP price today. How well is Ripple performing in the current market conditions?

With Bitcoin reaching a new all-time high of $68,521 on November 5th, 2021, the other cryptocurrencies were expected to follow suit.

Let’s find out the XRP price right now.

What is The XRP Price Today?

At the time of writing, October 2023, Ripple’s price sits just above $0.52 after seeing a 2.07% drop in the last 24 hours. However, on a weekly basis, the coin is 4.37% higher than it used to be, indicating considerable volatility pushing its price up and down.

XRP Trading View

XRP price chart on Binance via CoinMarketCap

The XRP price is moving just below its 20-day MA when it comes to its hourly performance, which is acting as its current resistance level.

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The history of XRP price

XRP is one of the oldest still active assets in the crypto industry today after it originally launched in 2012 with a price of $0.1. However, its price was significantly below that over the next several years.

It did see an occasional surge, such as the one in December 2013 when it reached $0.05 or in January 2015 when it climbed up to $0.02. However, for the most part, between its launch and 2017, XRP’s worth was under a cent.

Things changed in 2017 thanks to a market-wide bull run led by Bitcoin. Thanks to its massive market dominance, Bitcoin price was able to pull the rest of the industry with it.

So, when BTC hit $20,000, XRP reached its own all-time high at $3.09. This is still the coin’s ATH to this day. After hitting this level, the coin crashed in 2018 due to the first bear market, which brought it down to around $0.27.

XRP remained relatively the same for the next several years, although it sank slightly deeper in 2020 to $0.20. Once 2021 came, and a new price surge took the crypto industry, XRP joined and skyrocketed to $1.8.

While this was the highest it had reached in over 3 years, XRP still didn’t even come close to its former record.

This level is also the highest that XRP has been since the bull run of 2021. However, soon after climbing up to this level, the market crashed, which came just after Tesla announced that it would stop accepting Bitcoin payments due to its massive carbon footprint.

XRP sank to $0.55 over the next few months, but then the bull run picked up again, allowing the crypto industry to surge once more.

XRP joined this last bull run but only climbed to $1.3. Then, in November 2021, the market suddenly turned bearish, and XRP started crashing once again, leading it to its bottom at $0.33, which it reached in 2022.

This has been its strongest support ever since, while the largest resistance sat at $0.50, and the one before it was at $0.40.

XRP had several attempts at recovery, which were stopped by one level or another, and the last one actually started in mid-March, allowing XRP to reach the price of $0.57 on March 29th.

It then dropped to $0.50 on April 4th, and this level served as strong support for the next few weeks, only to finally break on April 19th.

In July 2023, Ripple’s partial victory over the US SEC pushed the XRP price up to $0.93. But the token couldn’t sustain itself at this level, which led to it dropping to close to $0.45 on 11th September 2023 before the bounce. In October 2023, the token is accumulating around the $0.51 mark.

XRP Price Live Chart

If you’re reading this at a future date, use our widget below to view the latest XRP price now.

Adjust for the timeframe you want to view and see how the XRP price has changed over the last 24 hours, 7 days, month, or year.

  • ripple
  • XRP
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $36.37 B

Why Should You Invest in XRP?

XRP is an old and fairly established asset that has done a lot of things right, despite the controversial parts of its history. However, if you are unsure whether you should invest in it or not, maybe the following list will help you decide.


Security can be something of a problem with the crypto industry. One of the sector’s claims is that it can be more secure than traditional banking, but on the other hand, it lost millions, even billions of dollars to hacking attacks.

This is why an asset such as XRP, which has performed fairly well in this regard, should be considered. XRP has not been compromised once since its inception.

Predetermined supply

Cryptocurrency’s supply is more important than most people realize. To most newcomers, it simply represents how many coins exist, and they often overlook it. However, a supply is much more than that, and it can make or break a cryptocurrency.

Crypto supply is already different than fiat currencies’ supply because it is capped. Of course, there are some uncapped cryptocurrencies out there, but as far as XRP is concerned, the coin has a max and a total supply.

Bitcoin came up with the concept of a capped supply, and it limited itself to 21 million. This makes it scarce at the current and future levels of adoption, especially since not all coins have been mined as of yet.

XRP has a 100 billion supply, but it is meant to be used by the entire world on a daily basis, through the banking sector.

Furthermore, it also burns its coins. While it is true that it only burns small amounts through usage, this is still consistently working on reducing its supply with each transaction.


While the majority of the crypto industry intends to replace the banking system, Ripple’s idea is to use XRP to help it evolve and turn it into something more efficient.

This approach to dealing with the banking sector seems far more probable and likely than running it out of business. This gives XRP a greater chance of surviving in the long term.

By now, even the banks have realized they won’t be able to hold back the crypto industry forever.

Even so, they are more likely ti find a way to use them for themselves than to simply withdraw and die out. With Ripple and XRP being right there, offering their services to the banks, they are more likely to adopt it and secure their position in the growing crypto world.

CBDC support

One huge advantage that Ripple and XRP have over the rest of the crypto market is that they support CBDCs. While the rest of the crypto industry sees CBDCs as “fake crypto,” Ripple has been helping central banks with CBDC issuance.

As mentioned, central banks will find a way to combine their own services with cryptocurrencies, and CBDCs are a massive step toward that goal.

With Ripple and its XRP being involved with the process, the two will likely be integrated into the future CBDC system.

XRP could possibly end up serving as a method of sending and converting CBDC internationally when each country ends up running its own digital currency.

Ripple Transaction Protocol

Another reason to consider XRP is the Ripple Transfer Protocol. This has been a part of the project’s plan since 2012 when it was launched, and since then, the company has been consistent with improving.

The protocol, of course, serves as a method of easing up transactions from one person to another. It has a secure network, a variety of purposes, and it is much more efficient and easier to use than traditional financial systems.

Fast transactions

Bitcoin’s initial purpose was to be a currency, but its low speeds make it very inefficient. As a result, it started evolving into a store of value. Ripple is much more efficient when it comes to making near-instant payments, thanks to its fast transactions.

Low price

Lastly, let us consider one final thing — the fact that XRP has a very low price. Less than two years ago, Bitcoin reached the value of $69k. Ethereum climbed up past $4.6k. However, XRP has been a lot more stable.

At its highest, it only climbed up to $3, which was back in 2018. During the bull run of 2021, it climbed up to $1.8, and after the price drop, it fluctuated between $0.3 and $0.5. While all of these other coins have gone out of range for most people, you can still buy XRP.

Invest in Ripple

Your capital is at risk.

What Have Been The Lowest & Highest Prices of XRP?

In early 2020, Ripple plummeted down to a low of $0.15 before regaining its position in the later months. However, most of 2020 turned out to be underwhelming for XRP’s price charts.

XRP reached an all-time high price of $3.84 in 2018 due to its partnerships with some reputable banks and institutions around the world and the overall pragmatism and confidence in cryptocurrencies around the world.

Read more Ripple price predictions here.

Compare Cryptocurrency Brokers & Exchanges

At many of the CFD brokers below skilled swing traders can open a long or short position on XRP to profit from short-term intraday swings in the Ripple price.

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XRP Price Predictions

The future of any crypto price is extremely uncertain, whether you wish to invest into Bitcoin or a brand new crypto. You simply cannot know what will happen for certain.

No one can, since crypto is too volatile. However, despite this, people still wish to know the experts’ predictions, and the experts take it as a challenge to try to predict it as accurately as they can.

So, to try and answer the question of XRP’s future price, we consulted several price prediction platforms, such as CoinCodex.

According to analysts at CoinCodex, XRP price will drop to $0.42 over the course of the next month.

As for the long-term price, CoinCodex expects XRP to see an increase over the next three years, with buy signals for 2024, 2025, and 2026. Google growth and Facebook growth particularly suggesting a strong buy.

Changelly is another platform whose predictions suggest that XRP will see growth. The platform expects its average price to hit $0.63 in 2023 and $0.95 in 2024.

After that, it would go to $1.39 in 2025 and continue to grow in years to come. XRP should also go beyond $10 in 2031, according to Changelly, and hit $18.07 by 2032.

On the other hand, there are those with a bit more pessimistic view of the situation, like WalletInvestor, which expects the XRP price to drop to $0.180 by this time next year.

How Often Does The XRP Price Change?

Like other cryptocurrencies, XRP price is not backed by real-world assets, so nothing holds its price in place. As such, the XRP price is constantly changing.

However, unlike most other assets, XRP rarely sees massive changes, and for the most part, it only fluctuates up and down by a few cents.

XRP Yearly Price Chart

As you can see on the image above, XRP has only fluctuated by around 10 cents throughout the first quarter of 2023.

Buy XRP Now

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What Factors Affect the XRP Price?

Ripple price is affected by a variety of different factors, which can have a positive or a negative impact. Each of the following can affect the way that other traders and investors feel about the coin and thus affect its price.


Availability, also known as supply, is the first and basic factor affecting any asset’s price. Coupled with demand, the two are the primary factor that makes the price of XRP change.

Naturally, if there is demand for something, its value is determined by how much or how little of it exists on the market. Scarce assets are highly valuable, while assets that have a major supply tend to be cheap.

With the availability of XRP constantly changing through sales and purchases, its value changes, as well.

When XRP was created, Ripple created 100 billion units. 20 billion was divided among the co-founders of the project, and the rest was made available to the public.

XRP also has a token-burning mechanism, where a fixed amount of XRP is destroyed during each transaction, thus reducing the circulating supply. At the time of writing, XRP has a max supply of 100 billion, a total supply of 99.98 billion, and a circulating supply of 51.7 billion.


The next factor determining the XRP value is whale movement. Crypto whales are wealthy individuals who own massive amounts in cryptocurrency.

Most people consider individuals with 1,000 BTC or more to be whales. However, a whale can also be an entity that owns 1 million to 10 million of any cryptocurrency.

The amount one needs to hold to be considered a whale is a bit loose, but the fact is that whales tend to make massive transactions that have a strong impact on the market.

This is why the members of the crypto community constantly monitor them. By dumping or buying large quantities, whales can start entire bull runs or even trigger a bear market.

External factors

Then, there are external factors, such as news reports and updates about the asset, that can affect its price. The news can affect the price because it can influence investors and traders. Positive news surrounding the asset can make people want the coin and invest in it.

Negative news can make them worry about price drops, which makes them sell. By selling, they personally contribute to that price drop, but investors believe that others will start selling, even if they don’t.

That would lead to the price crash anyway, leaving them with losses. To avoid that, each investor seeks to be among the first to sell and profit as much as possible.

For example, Ripple has been in a several years-long legal battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission now.

The SEC accused XRP of being an unregistered security, while Ripple’s executives were accused of scamming investors.

Ripple denied the allegations and fought back. To this day, the case was not resolved, but Ripple did manage to build up a solid defense to the point where the winner of the legal battle is anything but obvious.

If the project wins, its price is bound to skyrocket, while the SEC would have to change how it defines securities.

This will also be extremely meaningful for the entire crypto industry, as the SEC has cracked down on dozens, if not hundreds of crypto companies so far.

Associations and partnerships

Associations and partnerships with large, reputable brands help cryptocurrencies look better, as they essentially gain the support of the brand they are partnered with. Investors who trust those brands tend to think that if the coin is good for the brand, it is also good and trustworthy enough for them.

Partnerships tend to be very beneficial for crypto prices. Historically, XRP has rarely had a strong reaction to a partnership announcement, but this does help overall.

Use Cases

Of course, use cases are also a large factor that affects the asset’s price. A cryptocurrency needs to be useful in order for people to want it. If it cannot offer any use cases, there is no reason for anyone to hold it.

In XRP’s case, it is the only asset that can be used to transfer money through Ripple’s network, the RippleNet. Meanwhile, Ripple has offered this network to banks around the world.

By connecting them all as a trusted 3rd party, a person can go to their bank, make an international payment, the funds would get transferred to RippleNet, and sent instantly to the other bank in the form of XRP.

Once the money arrives to its destination, it is converted to the local currency. The entire process can be completed in seconds instead of the days-long procedure the banks usually have to complete to complete international payments.

The benefit here is that XRP is used for transferring assets, but other than that, the person making the payment and the receiver have no interaction with cryptocurrency.

That way, users who are not tech-savvy enough to use cryptocurrencies can still benefit from their technology.

The sender and the receiver only work with banks and fiat currencies, and they are quite familiar with both. Other than that, XRP can also be used in trading and investing, so it has several use cases that make it useful to crypto users.

Investing in XRP

If you decide to invest in XRP, you will be able to find it on most cryptocurrency exchanges, as it is a rather popular cryptocurrency. However, if you wish to use a more traditional service, we can recommend using eToro.

As mentioned earlier, eToro has a lot of benefits, including an easy UI, copy trading, the fact that it is safe and regulated and alike.

eToro is one of the best platforms to go to if you wish to diversify your portfolio by adding crypto to it, or if it is primarily crypto, you could diversify it with traditional assets.

Who Should Invest in XRP?

There are only four simple steps to investing in XRP using this platform, and those include the following:

  • Registering: Start by going to eToro’s website and registering your account.
  • Verification: The next step is verifying your identity, which simply includes uploading certain documents to prove that you are who you claim to be, and that you are an adult.
  • Making a deposit: Once your account is approved, the next step is to use one of the available payment methods to make a deposit. However, remember to only use the money that you can afford to lose. Crypto trading and investing is still fairly risky, and you should never use the money that you depend on.
  • Buying XRP: Finally, once the money arrives to your eToro account, you should search for XRP in the search field, and click the trade button next to it. Enter the amount that you wish to buy, and make a transaction.

One thing to remember, however, is that after you become the owner of XRP, you should withdraw it to a private wallet.

Don’t just let it sit in a wallet that someone else controls. In the crypto industry, there is a saying — not your keys, not your coins.

If you leave your XRP in a wallet that someone else controls, they can take them away, freeze your account, and alike. This cannot happen if you use a private wallet, and it is a huge part of keeping your cryptocurrencies safe.

Is it Worth Buying XRP in 2023?

As of May 2023, XRP has yet to see its issues with the US SEC resolved. Depending on how things go with the lawsuit, XRP price might skyrocket, or it might drop.

However, any drop that it might see as a consequence of the trial would likely only be temporary.

XRP still has plenty of markets around the world that have accepted it as a non-security, and Ripple might simply leave the US and relocate somewhere else.

As a result, those who hold it long-term will likely see a price surge eventually. If you plan to invest in it for several years, you may as well buy it now.

If you wish to be an XRP day-trader, then whether or not you should buy it depends on its day-to-day price movement.

As for short-term investments of maybe a few weeks or months, those are the riskiest, as the trial is coming to a close, and things could go either way for XRP.

In other words, there is a lot at stake, and it is unclear who will win the case. So, whether or not you should invest in XRP now depends on you.

We recommend that you do your own research and make a decision about whether to buy or to stay on the sidelines and wait for the matter to be resolved, and then react accordingly.

How To Get Started With XRP

Before you begin investing in XRP, we recommend you understand each and everything about investing in the coin.

In order to get started with investing in XRP, keep in mind that you choose a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange and take into consideration a lot of other factors. These factors involve the transaction fees, the user interface, availability of the coins, and if the platform has its own wallet available.

To help you out in your process of getting started with XRP, we’ve created a small guide for you. This contains all you’d ever need to know about investing in XRP.

Learn How To Buy XRP In December 2023

Read our full guide on how to buy XRP.

Automated XRP Trading

Since XRP is an asset that primarily sees micro changes to its price, it can be hard for a regular person to make profits by trading it.

Day trading, in particular, requires quick reactions and entering and exiting positions all the time to make the best of the situation. This is why many tend to trade XRP by automating it.

This means that they would use a trading bot, set it up, and let it trade on its own.

This is beneficial as the robot can gather information, analyze it, and react in mere seconds, while a human would take minutes, even when most productive and fully focused.

You can do the same by selecting a bot that supports XRP. Simply deposit some money as your initial investment, provide the terms such as when to buy and when to sell, and let the robot do its thing.

Trading bots have become popular as they work quickly, they are not burdened by feelings such as greed or fear; they simply analyze the market behavior and react to it.

Still, in order to set up a bot properly, you need to understand the market yourself and know how it breathes.

Find out more about these profit-generating robots in our trading robot guide.

Invest in XRP

Your capital is at risk.

What To Know Before Investing in XRP?

While investing in cryptocurrencies is easy, you need to remember to invest in them responsibly. That means keeping the risks in mind at all times and following a certain set of rules, such as:

  • Do not make XRP the majority of your investment portfolio
  • Do as much research as possible to find out everything about XRP and then decide if you still wish to buy it
  • Identify the best exchanges that are available to you, compare them, and decide which one offers the best terms
  • Make sure to withdraw your XRP to a private wallet, regardless of whether you trade on a crypto exchange or through a broker
  • Listen to what experts have to say, but always make your own decisions, and never follow other people’s advice blindly
  • Shield your internet traffic with VPN in order to increase your security even more

Taxation on XRP Earnings

Another thing you should remember is that cryptocurrencies are subject to taxation in most regions of the world now. While the regulations for the crypto industry are lacking, governments were quick to tax people for their crypto profits.

However, each nation did it on its own, so each country’s tax laws are different. That means you will have to research your country’s crypto taxes to learn how much you need to pay.

Keep in mind that not paying crypto taxes is bound to get you into trouble with the authorities, as crypto profits are no different from profits made from trading stocks and other assets in the eyes of the governments.

Read more about how to sell XRP in our guide and the taxes involved.

XRP vs Other Coins

When it comes to comparing XRP with other coins there lie a lot of similarities & differences between the two. However, let’s compare XRP with some bigwigs like Bitcoin & Ethereum to give you a fair idea about XRP’s position in the crypto market.

Ethereum Vs XRP: A Comparison

Both Ethereum and XRP have seen an enthusiastic response from the investors in the last few years. However, at the end of the day, the final call between finding the right investment lies from one investor to another.

SupplyUncapped SupplyCapped supply at 100 billion
Transaction Speed30 Transactions Per SecondThousands of transactions per second

Bitcoin Vs XRP: A Comparison

SupplySupply Capped at 21 millionSupply capped at 100 billion
TransactionSlow. Might take several minutesFast. Thousands of transactions in seconds
Speed7 transactions per second Thousands of transactions per second
CentralisationCompletely PublicCentrally owned by Ripple
Energy ConsumedA lot of energy consumed while miningA negligible amount of energy consumed

When it comes to comparing the two coins, i.e. BTC & XRP, there are a lot of differences in their characteristics. While one is more of a store asset, the other sees itself as a currency with an aim to bring efficiency to the financial systems.

The best XRP alternative in December 2023

While XRP is an old and established asset that has been among the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies for years, many traders believe that true investment opportunities actually lie with new and upcoming coins and tokens. Whether or not XRP still has the potential to grow and gain more value is a different matter.

Many find it to be a matter of debate. However, when it comes to new cryptos, many investors feel very optimistic.

This is the case of TG.Casino. This is a unique crypto casino working exclusively on Telegram. And with it comes the opportunity to invest in the presale of its native crypto, $TGC.

What is TG.Casino

$TGC is an ERC-20 token with multiple utilities. With it, investors can gain access to TG.Casino’s staking utility, participate in high roller games, interact with casino community, and become part of TG.Casino’s growth. $TGC will also give investors access through passive income streams.

This passive income stream is borne out of a unique model in which 60% of the income generated from TG.Casino is distributed among stakers and the remaining 40% will be burned in order to limit $TGC’s supply.

When it comes to TG.Casino itself, its minimalistic, Telegram-focused UI ensures that players can always access it. There are no hefty confirmation requirements, and users will be able to play all the games that they have come to love while interacting with other Bitcoin casinos.

Interested parties can buy $TGC at a discount price of $0.125.

Buy TG.Casino Token

Long Term Investing vs Day Trading: Which is The Better XRP Investment Approach?

Day trading and long-term trading have their own sets of pros & cons that one needs to look into before diving all into cryptocurrency.

Day Trading XRP


  • Ability to make gains on a daily basis
  • Might be the more exciting option for many
  • An additional income stream
  • Short term gains and losses
  • In constant touch with the market


  • Higher element of risk
  • Higher tax rates involved
  • More paperwork required
  • Constant watch on the markets
  • Chances of pump & dump trades are high

Long Term XRP Investing


  • Reduced tax rates
  • Less paperwork involved
  • Less time consuming
  • Short term gains and losses
  • In constant touch with the market


  • Chances of missing out on short term gains
  • Allows you to dollar cost average (DCA)
  • Not as exciting as day trading
  • Constant watch on the markets
  • Chances of pump & dump trades are high


XRP is an old and established cryptocurrency that has been consistent with its goals and relatively stable with its price. It was certainly more stable than most other cryptos, with weaker reactions to major market changes and new developments.

It has great potential to one day become the main crypto used by banks to send money internationally. Despite its controversies and ongoing legal case, it is still a very popular, high-ranking coin.

All of this makes it worth your consideration if you are looking for another crypto to add to your portfolio.

eToro is one of the most regulated trading platforms when it comes to investing in crypto. A seamless user interface allows you to look into your trades easily and deposit through a number of payment methods.

Open an account today to also be able to network with other XRP investors and traders – eToro is a social trading platform where you can post your thoughts on the market and see other people’s XRP price predictions. You can also copytrade one or several professional traders with a history of beating the markets.

However, before you do so, research it well, and make your own decisions. XRP may not be for everyone, especially since it is different from most traditional crypto projects, so each investor needs to make this decision for themselves.

Buy XRP Now

Your capital is at risk.

Key Takeaways:

  • Research about the XRP coin before investing in it.
  • Investing or trading in XRP coins is very risky.
  • Ripple is the network used by the XRP token.
  • Ripple is a payment network with almost zero transfer fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of Ripple right now?

At the time of writing, XRP price sits at $0.4645. The price has seen some volatility lately, dropping from $0.53 on April 19th to $0.444 on April 21st. Since then, it has seen some fluctuation between this level and $0.48.

What drives the price of Ripple?

XRP price is being driven by a number of factors, as mentioned above. Those include availability, whales, use cases, partnerships, and external factors such as news, to name a few.

What is a realistic Ripple Price Prediction?

Realistically, XRP has gone up to $1.8 during the 2021 bull run and to $3 during the one in 2017. With that said, the coin could reach these levels again, and even go beyond them, if it wins against the SEC. If it loses, its future is unclear, but the asset will likely still survive.

Why the Ripple Price is Low?

Ripple’s price depends on a number of factors, including its massive circulating supply, use cases, adoption and usage level, and more. The coin is also less volatile than most others, so it is sticking to a fairly realistic price.

Can Ripple beat Bitcoin, aka 'Flip' it?

It is unlikely that XRP would ever be able to beat Bitcoin in any regard. No one can deny the possibility completely, but in order for it to happen, XRP would need a massive increase while BTC remains unchanged. This is extremely unlikely, although not impossible.

What was Ripple’s ICO Price?

During its ICO, XRP was selling at a price of $0.1 per unit. This was back in 2012, when the asset first appeared.

When will Ripple’s Price Go Up?

XRP price is very likely to go up during the next big bull run, which could happen at any point between 2023 and 2025. It could also skyrocket if it wins the case against the SEC.

What is the maximum price limit for XRP?

There is no maximum price that any cryptocurrency is limited by, including XRP. However, some experts believe that it could climb up to the value of $5, $10, or even up to $18, although experts believe that this would require another decade in order to happen.