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Ripple (XRP) Price

A detailed guide to the Ripple price - the value of its cryptocurrency XRP - today and its history since launching in 2021, and our predicted Ripple price for future years.
XRP price
XRP price

XRP has been one of the key players in the crypto market. It’s due to which knowledge about the XRP price, its future and more, gets even more crucial. What started as a tool for making cross-border payments and currency transfer more efficient has turned out to be the seventh-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

It has always been a unique cryptocurrency in a long list of currencies out there. While other cryptocurrencies might want to replace the conventional payment or transaction systems, Ripple aimed at making it more efficient. The cryptocurrency, Ripple has had its fair share of highs & lows.

From the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) proceedings to breaching the $1 mark in early 2021. So, should you bet on the XRP price now? Or is it too risky to HODL?

It depends on a list of factors based on XRP’s future performance and more. Hence, we’re going to look into how Ripple might look in a few years, its price predictions, and a lot more.

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Where It Stands: XRP Recent Trends & Price Chart

Let’s begin with the XRP price today.  How well is Ripple performing in the current market conditions?

With Bitcoin reaching a new all-time high of $68,521, on November 5th, 2021, the other cryptocurrencies were expected to follow suit.

Let’s find out the XRP price right now.

What is The XRP Price Today?

XRP price todayXRP price chart on Binance via Tradingview

The XRP price today, as of November 22nd, 2021 is $1.04. This means a 1-day change of 1.18% and a 7-day change of 10.79%.

The XRP stock price fell significantly last week. Adding to the drop were significant whale movements, with $14 million worth of XRP moved to an unknown wallet.

XRP’s current market capitalization stands at $50.3 billion and ranks at #7 according to CoinMarketCap.

XRP Price Live Chart

If you’re reading this at a future date, use our widget below to view the latest XRP price now.

Adjust for the timeframe you want to view and see how the XRP price has changed over the last 24 hours, 7 days, month or year.

Why Should You Invest in XRP?

Ripple (XRP) has been one of the cryptocurrencies that have been in news for one reason or another.

Whether it’s reaching its all-time high during its bullish phase in 2017, or its legal tussle with the SEC, the cryptocurrency is surely something you might stumble upon the news. So, with all the fuss about XRP around you, is it safe to invest in it?

In order to know the answer to that better, here are a few reasons why you should look forward to investing in Ripple and diversifying your crypto investment portfolio.


If you have been following cryptocurrency for quite some time now, you might know of the legal and security issues involved in it. Keeping the probability of a security hindrance or interference in mind, Ripple has performed quite well. It is one of the few cryptocurrencies present that hasn’t been compromised even once since its inception.


As we’ve mentioned above, the entire existence of XRP lies around its vision to make the global banking system more efficient rather than replacing it. This approach does seem a bit more realistic & probable.
With this approach and proper steps in the future, Ripple might help banks and the financial system around the world go through an overhaul. In case this happens, it can give substantial returns to its investors.

Predetermined Supply

What can make or break any cryptocurrency is its supply. On one hand, Bitcoin has a predetermined supply, making it valuable amongst investors. Similarly, Ethereum on the other hand doesn’t have a fixed supply. However, it is pretty difficult to bring more of it into the market.

XRP on the other hand enjoys dual benefits. It has a predetermined supply, therefore ensuring there will be no last-moment surprises leading to volatility. Secondly, when it comes to supplies, the coin has had a good run when it comes to coin distribution, which ensures there are no deliberate holds and an increase in prices.

Supports CBDCs

This might be a gamechanger for the XRP future price. We saw China recently launching its own digital currency, the Digital Yuan.

CBDCs or Central Bank-issued digital currencies can be a yardstick to measure the global acceptance of cryptocurrencies around the world. While that happens, XRP price might see huge upsides. Ripple has been advocating and helping Central Banks around the world in helping issue their digital currencies through private ledgers. This may indirectly create a sense of optimism around Ripple stock price and eventually around XRP.

Ripple Transaction Protocol

XRP has very adequately adhered to what it envisioned back when it was launched in 2012. It has been putting in a lot of effort in its Ripple Transfer Protocol.

The protocol serves as a method that eases up transactions from one person to another. It uses a secure network and is used for a variety of purposes, making it way easier than the traditional financial systems in place.

Low Price

While the prices of the likes of Bitcoin and Litecoin have surpassed way past their initial prices, making it a little far-fetched for a new investor, XRP still is a bet you can make. Hence, it makes more sense to buy XRP and invest in it for the long run over $64,000 Bitcoin.

Faster Transactions

There’s a reason why Bitcoin is being looked at as an invest & hold asset rather than a currency. It’s the transaction speed. The speeds at which Bitcoin is transacted are extremely slow and the transaction costs are shooting through the roof. This is where XRP steals the limelight. The faster transaction speeds and handling them quite efficiently cements its position as a currency with a large adoption in the future.

While these were some of the most optimistic reasons for you to invest in XRP, there are many more. Adding on to the list of reasons for investing in XRP are:

  • Its case with SEC is going rather positive, raising hopes for a rally in the near future.
  • Ripple has a solid core team, increasing investors’ confidence and making XRP a currency that’s here to stay.
  • XRP is sustainable. Its leadership and specifically the co-founder, Chris Larsen is an advocate of environment-friendly measures against emissions due to the Proof-of-Work mining.
  • XRP has a huge acceptance among some big and reputed banks, adding to its credibility.

Invest in Ripple

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XRP Price Prediction & Overview

Looking at how the XRP stock price has moved after its 2017 low, it can be stated that the cryptocurrency might be one with loads of upside & at times, downsides.

It has reached an all-time high of $3.65 and plummeted to $0.15. So, how does XRP’s future price looks like?

What Did XRP Price Start At?

XRP has been listed on the crypto exchanges since way back in 2012. The founders initially listed the cryptocurrency at $0.1. Since then, Ripple saw loads of ups and downs in its prices.

Until 2014, the prices of Ripple remained low and reached a low of 0.005 dollars. However, it also experienced its first surge to $0.30. Let’s look at some events that took place, making XRP what it is today.

2013: Chris Larsen & Jed McCaleb Join XRP

The two co-founders of XRP join hands and come on board officially, creating ‘ripples’ across the industry. 

2014: McCaleb Leaves & First Surge

In 2014, Jed McCaleb leaves and goes on to found the Mt Gox exchange (now defunct) and he eventually founded Stellar (XML). The same year, XRP experienced its first price surge, reaching $0.30.

2017: Peak Arrives & Expansion Plans

After hovering around somewhat the same prices between 2014-2016, 2017 saw XRP reach a new high of $0.40 due to the entire crypto bubble. This coincided with Ripple expanding into emerging markets and opening offices in Singapore and Mumbai, India.

2018: The New High

Come the year 2018, and XRP crosses all bounds to reach its all-time high to this date. The coin reached a price of around $3, riding the wave around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

2019: Funding Arrives

A Series C funding of around $200 million allows the company to work on its expansion plans.

2020: SEC Investment & Underwhelming Performance

The year 2020 saw Ripple in a legal tussle with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission. The investigation along with a mediocre performance in the cryptocurrency markets saw XRP price stay below the $1 mark, finally rebounding in early 2021.

What Have Been The Lowest & Highest Prices of XRP?

In early 2020, Ripple plummeted down to a low of $0.15 before regaining its position in the later months. However, most of 2020 turned out to be underwhelming for XRP’s price charts.

XRP reached an all-time high price of $3.84 in 2018 due to its partnerships with some reputable banks and institutions around the world and the overall pragmatism and confidence in cryptocurrencies around the world.

Read more Ripple price predictions here.

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XRP Price Predictions

XRP Price Prediction 2021

With just over a month left in 2021, XRP prices are touted to remain somewhere around the year’s average of $1.35. With the SEC investigation still on, the chances of a huge rally are quite slim. However, it is speculated that even the smaller wins for Ripple (same as the one in which Ripple got access to SEC’s internal documents) can rejoice investors with some decent gains. XRP has already surpassed a few of the predictions for its 2021 price by breaching the $1 mark.

XRP price prediction for 2021 is around $1.90, whereas it might correct to $0.60 on the downside.

2022 Price Prediction For XRP

The XRP price prediction for 2022 has already seen some bullish responses. A statement by JP Morgan states that XRP is bound to have widespread adoption, in case it wins the SEC lawsuit.

Adding to it are XRP’s associations with major institutions & partnerships with other cryptocurrency firms. These events are bound to take XRP’s rally breaching its all-time high.

2023 Price Prediction For XRP

The prediction for XRP in the year 2023 relies on the SEC verdict and more. By 2023, the cryptocurrency has a lot of advancements & partnerships lined up. This makes the price prediction for XRP stay around $4.

Predicting price for a 4 year period in a volatile market like cryptocurrency might be a little speculative. Although, XRP’s future price relies heavily on its rate of adoption across the world.

The price for XRP is going to lie somewhere around the $4-$8 mark, relying heavily on its acceptance. Convenience, affordability & ease of accessibility is expected to take the XRP stock price to newer heights in 2025 and further.

How Often Does The XRP Price Change?

XRP, just like its fellow cryptocurrencies changes its price quite regularly.

Seeing the constant changes in XRP’s price – which some traders term pumps and dumps – it can be termed as moderately volatile. Over the long-term however investors have made a high ROI if they held through the swings.

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What Factors Affect the XRP Price?

The XRP price is dependent upon a number of factors and some of them include:


This is basic economics. Scarcity of something increases its price, and its abundance reduces it. The same goes for XRP’s price as well.

During its inception, 100 billion coins were created, out of which 20 billion were divided amongst its co-founders. The remaining 80 billion were made available to the public. For every transaction that occurs, a fixed amount of XRP is destroyed. This is done so as to increase of balance XRP’s price down the line.

External and Indirect Factors

News and external factors revolving around XRP can affect its price in the short run. For instance, a news report that ranked Ripple as one of the best places to work in the Bay Area came up, its prices saw an increase.

Similarly, general news and updates revolving around government policies around cryptocurrencies, court decisions around cryptocurrencies, change in leadership in cryptocurrency firms also impact the prices of XRP.


Yes, the whale movements. Whales are basically large volume investors holding anywhere between 1 million to 10 million coins of any cryptocurrency. Due to a large volume shift or transaction, their every move is closely observed. Any large volume buying or selling activity conducted in XRP can impact its prices.

Use Cases

Ripple’s existence lies in the fact that it is there to evolve and bring a change in the traditional financial systems. Hence, the more adoption it gets, the better it is for XRP’s stock price.

Ripple’s mission is to bring efficiency to cross-country transactions. While the company is in the process to do that, it is evident that the currency has a lot to look into.

Associations & Partnerships

XRP is one of the few cryptocurrencies that is accepted by a large variety of institutions & banks across the world. This brings a sense of credibility & trust amongst its investors, leading to an uptick in its price.

Ripple price chart via Coinbase

Investing in XRP

Investing in XRP might not be the first choice for many. However, there are a lot of upsides to it that are often ignored. Investing in XRP can be a good idea, considering its background and backing by a for-profit company.

Who Should Invest in XRP?

Ripple can turn out to be a suitable investment for many investors. Here are a few of them that we’ve listed below.

  • The Beginners: In case, you are someone who wants to start out and experience the cryptocurrency world up, close & personal, then investing in XRP might be made for you. It’s affordable & recently has been quite stable.
  • The Old Schoolers: Buying XRP can be the perfect choice for the ones who have been into institutional investing and choose their investments based on the credibility and reputation of an investment opportunity. XRP is backed by a for-profit company, Ripple, that has been partnering with loads of reputable banks & organizations around the world.
  • The Moderate Riskers: If you are someone who wants to take risks but your finances don’t allow you to do so, Ripple might be the choice for you. It has remained stable and the volatility isn’t much when you look at it. This makes it the perfect choice for someone who wants to experiment with cryptocurrency while being a little on the safer side.

Is it Worth Buying XRP in 2021?

With analysts and experts pointing to XRP’s upside trend from 2021 onwards, it might still be a sound decision to buy XRP.

Remember to only invest what you can afford to lose or put aside for a potential multi-year bear market – they’ve happened in the past, but eventually price recovered.

How To Get Started With XRP

Before you begin investing in XRP, we recommend you understand each and everything about investing in the coin.

In order to get started with investing in XRP, keep in mind that you choose a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange and take into consideration a lot of other factors. These factors involve the transaction fees, the user interface, availability of the coins, and if the platform has its own wallet available.

To help you out in your process of getting started with XRP, we’ve created a small guide for you. This contains all you’d ever need to know about investing in XRP.

Learn How To Buy XRP In December 2021

Read our full guide on how to buy XRP.

Automated XRP Trading

If you’ve been exploring the crypto world for quite some time now, you may have heard about trading robots or ‘bots’ by now.

A bitcoin robot is basically an AI-based system that takes investment, buying, or selling decisions for you. The way these robots work makes them much more accurate than humans and a lot faster as well.

While we humans might work on news, recommendations, or speculations, these robots work on the basis of buy or sell signals. This makes them accurate, free from any human bias, and faster than a regular investor.

Find out more about these profit-generating robots on our trading robot guide.

Invest in XRP

Your capital is at risk.

What To Know Before Investing in XRP?

Investing in XRP can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. In order to get the best benefits out of your XRP investments, one needs to thoroughly research, ascertain their ability to take risks, and take a lot of other factors into consideration.

Invest in XRP: Conduct Your Due Diligence

We at Inside Bitcoins recommend investing in XRP or any other cryptocurrency after doing your due diligence. It has been observed quite a few times that there’s a ton of FOMO (Fear of missing out) investing trading when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

In all fairness, that urge might be hard to suppress, but reading before investing isn’t. Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile space at the moment. It is hence suggested that you read about XRP, its past performances, news, its price chart, and expert predictions & opinions.

Taxation on XRP Earnings

If you’re going to invest in XRP, you should be aware of the taxations on your earnings. Crypto taxes exist in the U.S. Bitcoin investors have to pay their taxes on short-term and long-term gains according to the cryptocurrency tax guidelines issued by the United States Internal Revenue Service.

Read more about how to sell XRP in our guide, and the taxes involved.

XRP vs Other Coins

When it comes to comparing XRP with other coins there lie a lot of similarities & differences between the two. However, let’s compare XRP with some bigwigs like Bitcoin & Ethereum to give you a fair idea about XRP’s position in the crypto market.

Ethereum Vs XRP: A Comparison

Both Ethereum and XRP have seen an enthusiastic response from the investors in the last few years. However, at the end of the day, the final call between finding the right investment lies from one investor to another.

SupplyUncapped SupplyCapped supply at 100 billion
Transaction Speed30 Transactions Per SecondThousands of transactions per second

Bitcoin Vs XRP: A Comparison

SupplySupply Capped at 21 millionSupply capped at 100 billion
TransactionSlow. Might take several minutesFast. Thousands of transactions in seconds
Speed7 transactions per second Thousands of transactions per second
CentralisationCompletely PublicCentrally owned by Ripple
Energy ConsumedA lot of energy consumed while miningA negligible amount of energy consumed

When it comes to comparing the two coins, i.e. BTC & XRP, there are a lot of differences in their characteristics. While one is more of a store asset, the other sees itself as a currency with an aim to bring efficiency to the financial systems.

Long Term Investing vs Day Trading: Which is The Better XRP Investment Approach?

Day trading and long-term trading have their own sets of pros & cons that one needs to look into before diving all into cryptocurrency.

Day Trading XRP


  • Ability to make gains on a daily basis
  • Might be the more exciting option for many
  • An additional income stream
  • Short term gains and losses
  • In constant touch with the market 


  • Higher element of risk
  • Higher tax rates involved
  • More paperwork required
  • Constant watch on the markets
  • Chances of pump & dump trades are high

Long Term XRP Investing


  • Reduced tax rates
  • Less paperwork involved
  • Less time consuming
  • Short term gains and losses
  • In constant touch with the market 


  • Chances of missing out on short term gains
  • Allows you to dollar cost average (DCA)
  • Not as exciting as day trading
  • Constant watch on the markets
  • Chances of pump & dump trades are high


Finally, if you are someone who loves to do their research before investing, then you are at the right place. XRP investing can turn out in your favor if done correctly. Moreover, we at Inside Bitcoins believe that before investing in XRP or any other cryptocurrency for that matter, thorough research, combined with a few test runs might help you assess the market better.

As per what we are seeing and what has been said above, XRP tends to have a ‘widely acceptable’ future ahead, and that is possible because it isn’t too ambitious. Yes, you read that right. Ripple’s mission of making the current systems better instead of replacing them completely might work in its favor.

Learn more about investing in XRP and other cryptocurrencies by looking into the fundamentals, their price history, and more. At InsideBitcoins, we’ve been constantly working to provide you with the best insights when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency. And when it comes to finding the best place to invest in cryptocurrency from, eToro turns out to be the best.

eToro is one of the most regulated trading platforms when it comes to investing in crypto. A seamless user interface allows you to look into your trades easily and deposit through a number of payment methods.

Open an account today to also be able to network with other XRP investors and traders – eToro is a social trading platform where you can post your thoughts on the market and see other people’s XRP price predictions. You can also copytrade one or several professional traders with a history of beating the markets.

Key Takeaways:

  • Research about the XRP coin before investing in it.
  • Investing or trading in XRP coins is very risky.
  • Ripple is the network used by the XRP token.
  • Ripple is a payment network with almost zero transfer fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of Ripple right now?

The current market price of XRP (Ripple) is around $1.07 as and when this article was published. Use the live chart widget on this page to see the latest Ripple price now.

What drives the price of Ripple?

As discussed above, there are a variety of factors affecting the price of XRP. These factors range from press coverage, whale movements to external factors and government policies.

What is a realistic Ripple Price Prediction?

According to cryptocurrency experts, XRP is touted to be in the $4-$8 range in the next 4 years’ time. This will be based on a variety of factors.

Why the Ripple Price is Low?

The prices of Ripple depend on a large number of factors. While firstly, it’s supposed to be a currency rather than a store & hold asset, hence the lower price. Secondly, the ongoing tussle with the SEC has plummeted XRP’s value.

Can Ripple beat Bitcoin, aka 'Flip' it?

While the speculation can’t be denied completely, the XRP price would need to increase about 20x and the Bitcoin price remain stable. That is unlikely to happen, but anything is possible in crypto.

What was Ripple’s ICO Price?

The ICO or the initial coin offering price for Ripple stood at $0.1, back when it was launched in 2012.

When will Ripple’s Price Go Up?

A lot of hope lies in the current legal battle between the US Securities & Exchange Commission and Ripple. Most of the experts predict that Ripple might see a rally phase if and when the legal battle ends in Ripple’s favor.

What is the maximum price Ripple can reach?

A large number of experts & analysts have predicted a $5 price for XRP in the near future. While some of them have also predicted a $10 price tag for the crypto, but that seems a little overly optimistic.


eToro - Best Cryptocurrency Platform

eToro - Best Cryptocurrency Platform

eToro - Best Cryptocurrency Platform

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68% of retail investor CFD accounts lose money.

eToro - Best Cryptocurrency Platform
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68% of retail investor CFD accounts lose money.


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