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Cryptocurrency and blockchain is a fundamental building block of finance in this day and age, but figuring out how to invest in it and where to start can be daunting. Our author team is dedicated to giving investors well-researched and accurate information about all things crypto. All of our guides and tutorials are based on research and analysis, conducted and written by our team of industry experts.

We also work hard to deliver breaking industry news daily as well as original feature pieces to inform investors on the latest developments in the virtual economy and open their mind to new perspectives.

Our guides aim to make cryptocurrency investing easy to digest and accessible for beginners and experienced investors alike.

Gary McFarlane

Gary is an award-winning cryptocurrency analyst working for Interactive Investor, one of the UK’s leading financial investment platforms. He writes detailed fundamental analysis pieces for Inside Bitcoins and his passion includes refreshing Coin Market Cap and watching coin tipster videos. He has written for the likes of Telegraph, the Sun and of course, Interactive Investor.

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Kane Pepi

Kane is a cryptocurrency and blockchain writer living in Malta and holding a number of post-graduate degrees in financial crime. He is currently studying a Research Doctorate in money laundering and has written for a number of crypto publications, including Blockonomi, The Motley Fool and Yahoo Finance.

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Nica S.J.

Nica writes extremely detailed and easy to read guides and tutorials for us and has contributed to several finance portals including Finder. She enjoys investing and reading about ICOs in her spare time.

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Max Moeller

Max is a blockchain and cryptocurrency journalist specialising in cryptocurrency opinion, features and breaking news pieces. He has written for the likes of Blockonomi and Tech Raptor and enjoys shooting video and photography as well as playing video games when he is not researching about crypto.

John Iadeluca

John Iadeluca is the 20-year-old founder and CEO of Banz Capital, a digital asset hybrid fund. His fund garnered the attention of a number of financial media outlets including Forbes Magazine. He is a hedge fund manager and blockchain developer based in New York City and Delaware from the US.

Andrew Black

Andrew is a technology writer living in Baltimore, MD. His work has appeared in media outlets in the US, UK, UAE, and Australia. Andrew has written elsewhere about contemporary art, philosophy, and culture. He lives with his wife, Giant Schnauzer, and a Pomeranian.

Luca Polizzi

Luca started working as a Freelance Writer for InsideBitcoins over a year ago and writes a lot of useful guides and tutorials on our site. In the past, he contributed to other online publications in Italy, Denmark and United Kingdom. He has a BA in International Relations and MA in Media, Journalism and Globalisation.

Ali Raza

Ali is a freelance journalist, with experience in web journalism and marketing. He holds a Master’s degree in Finance and enjoys writing about cryptocurrencies and FinTech. Ali’s work has been published on a number of cryptocurrency publications.

Joe Maurice

Joe Maurice is a FinTech and Investment journalist with over seven years of experience writing about AI, ML, IoT, blockchain, cloud computing, and cybersecurity. He is also skilled in writing news and commentaries in stocks, mutual funds, forex, commodities, derivatives, private equity, hedge funds, and real estate.