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Rich Bitcoin Investors List – Famous Crypto Investors Who Own Bitcoin

Crypto investors cover image
Crypto investors cover image

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

With famous names, including Wall Street investors, hedge fund managers, big tech CEOs, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, and billionaires investing in Bitcoin and then talking to the media, cryptocurrency is fast becoming impossible for the financial world to ignore any longer.

Rich Bitcoin Investors List

We put together a top list of rich Bitcoin investors past and present, from around the 2017 bull run to 2024 – including their most famous quotes and Bitcoin price predictions they made:

Elon Musk

“I own Bitcoin, Tesla owns Bitcoin, SpaceX owns Bitcoin.” (Forbes, Jul 2021)

“To clarify speculation, Tesla has not sold any Bitcoin. I have not sold any of my Bitcoin. Tesla has diamond hands.” (CNBC, May 2021)

“Having some Bitcoin is simply a less dumb form of liquidity than cash. When fiat currency has a negative real interest, only a fool wouldn’t look elsewhere. ” (via Twitter @elonmusk)

My Shiba Inu will be named Floki.” (via Twitter @elonmusk)

Elon Musk is the founder and CEO of SpaceX and product architect of Tesla, Inc.

A centibillionaire, Musk became the wealthiest person in the world in late 2021, overtaking Jeff Bezos on the Forbes rich list. He’s since dropped to second place in 2023 behind Bernard Arnault.

As well as being a famous Bitcoin investor, he’s also become the face of DOGE, even changing the Twitter icon to the meme coin’s logo in 2023.

Barry Silbert

“In 2013, everybody thought we were crazy for launching a Bitcoin investment fund. Well, look at us now.” (via Twitter @BarrySilbert)

“Banks can’t ignore Bitcoin anymore.” (, Apr 2014 )

“Once Wall Street starts putting money into Bitcoin – we’re talking about hundreds of millions, billions of dollars moving in – it’s going to have a pretty dramatic effect on the price.” (Coinmarketcap, Feb 2021)

Barry Silbert is the founder of Grayscale, Nasdaq Private Market, and the CEO of Digital Currency Group, one of the first Bitcoin investors, having owned Bitcoin since 2012.

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban billionaire buying Bitcoin

“Bitcoin is a better alternative to Gold and will continue to be. That’s why I own Bitcoin and never sold it. 

“What changed everything was smart contracts. They came along, and that created DeFi and NFTs. That’s what changed the game. That’s what got me excited. That’s why it’s a lot like the internet.”

“I own Bitcoin, and I have a lot of Ethereum as well. I wish I had bought it sooner, but I started buying it four years ago, simply because I think it’s the closest we have to a true currency.” (CNBC, Apr 2021)

“As long as more companies take Doge for products/services, then Doge can be a usable currency because it MAY hold its purchasing value better than a $ in your bank. If interest rates skyrocket or the amount spent decreases, so will Doge. Yes, a joke is now legit.(via Twitter @mcuban)

“The number of transactions and the diversity of transaction types along with the development efforts in Ethereum dwarf Bitcoin. The utilization of Ethereum is much higher.” (CNBC, May 2021)

Mark Cuban is a billionaire TV personality, famously appearing on the panel of judges on Shark Tank.

As well as being a Bitcoin investor, he is very bullish on Ethereum and eco-friendly crypto projects, once backing KlimaDAO (KLIMA), although that wasn’t a success.

Michael Saylor

“Bitcoin is going to flip Gold, and it’s going to subsume the entire Gold market cap.” (Reuters, Feb 2021)

“The story here that’s not being told is that Bitcoin is egalitarian, progressive technology. We’re going to see a day when 7 to 8 billion people have a bar of digital gold on their phone, and they’re using it to store their life savings with it.” (Cointelegraph, Feb 2021)

“Bitcoin will reach a $100 trillion market value – a 100x increase from its current market cap.” (CNBC, Feb 2021)

No famous Bitcoin investors list could be complete without this man. Michael Saylor is a billionaire entrepreneur and business executive, buying Bitcoin heavily during the 2021 bull run via the company he founded, Microstrategy. Unlike Mark Cuban, he’s a Bitcoin maximalist, an investor that doesn’t diversify into owning other altcoins and tokens.

Mike Novogratz

“There’s been a giant realization that crypto is not just Bitcoin being bought as a hedge against bad monetary and fiscal policy. More importantly, it’s the web 3.0. No investor wants to miss the next internet.” (, Sep 2021)

“Crypto has bounced back because institutions are buying… this was partly a big short-covering rally and partly recognition that this is a real market that’s not going anywhere.” (Yahoo Finance, Jul 2021)

“The amount of growth we will see in our space is staggering. We’re just getting started. Currently, total crypto wealth is roughly $2 trillion, so that’s one-half of 1% of all wealth. If you don’t think in the next two to three years that can be 2% to 3%, you’re not paying attention to the trends.” (CNBC, Apr 2021)

Mike Novogratz is the CEO of Galaxy Digital and a former hedge fund manager.

A billionaire until the 2008 crisis, he managed to recover his fortune by buying cryptocurrency and is today one of the most respected early Bitcoin investors.

Tyler & Cameron Winklevoss

Winklevoss Twins Billionaires Buying Bitcoin

“Our thesis is that Bitcoin is Gold 2.0 and will disrupt Gold as a store of value. If it does that, it has to have a market cap of 9 Trillion, so we think it could price one day at $500,000 a Bitcoin.” (Business Insider, Nov 2020)

“Bitcoin is a hold or a buying opportunity if you don’t have any because we think there’s a 25x from here.” (CNBC, Nov 2020)

“A Shiba Inu $DOGE is a man and woman’s best friend. It may not be the hero the world deserves right now, but it may be the one we need. (via Twitter @tyler)

“First they laugh at you, then they laugh at you some more, then they laugh at you even more, then Dogecoin goes to the moon.” (via Twitter @cameron)

Some credited The Winklevoss twins as being the rightful owners of Facebook, famously trying to sue Mark Zuckerberg. They moved into the cryptocurrency markets and made their fortunes as early Bitcoin investors.

Paul Tudor Jones

“Buying Bitcoin is like investing with Steve Jobs and Apple or investing in Google early.” (Forber, Oct 2020)

“Bitcoin has a lot of characteristics of being an early investor in a tech company. I think we are in the first inning of Bitcoin. It’s got a long way to go.” (, Oct 2020)

“Bitcoin has this enormous contingent of brilliant and sophisticated people who believe in it. I concluded that Bitcoin would be the best of inflation trades, the defensive trades, that you would take.” (, Oct 2020)

Paul Tudor Jones is a philanthropist, hedge fund manager, and billionaire, founder of the Robin Hood foundation.

Tim Draper

“Bitcoin will reach $250,000 by the end of 2022 or early 2023. I think I’m going to be right on this one.”

“Bitcoin is like Microsoft in the software world or Amazon in the e-commerce world.” 

“I think Bitcoin continues up because only 21 million of them exist. By its code, only 21 million Bitcoin can be mined. Give it about a year and a half, and retailers will all accept Bitcoin.” (All quotes – CNBC, Jun 2021)

Tim Draper is a Silicon Valley billionaire entrepeneur, venture capital investor, and Stanford and Harvard Business School graduate. Respected as one of the top Bitcoin investors, he’s still standing by his $250k prediction even though it didn’t hit in 2022.

Bill Miller

Bill Miller

“I think the risks of bitcoin going to zero are much, much lower than they’ve ever been before. It has been very volatile, but I think right now it’s staying power gets better every day.” (BusinessInsider, Nov 2020)

“I think every major bank, every major investment bank, every major high net-worth firm will eventually have some exposure to Bitcoin or what’s like it, which is Gold or some kind of commodities.” (Forbes, Nov 2020)

“I strongly recommend Bitcoin. It’s the single best-performing asset class in the last year, five-year and 10-year periods.” (Forbes, Nov 2020)

“Bitcoin’s a lot less risky at $43,000 than $300 because it’s now established. There have been huge amounts of venture capital money into it. All the big banks are getting involved with it. I’m willing to over the waterfall with this one.” (, Oct 2021)

“Some protocols are theoretically superior to Ethereum, such as Solana. Will they overtake it? I have no idea, but it’s a complex area, and that’s why I tend to stay with Michael Saylor and some of these other people. I own Ethereum, but a trivial amount relative to what I own in Bitcoin.” (, Oct 2021)

Bill Miller is a legendary Wall Street value investor and hedge fund manager.

Stanley Drunkenmiller

“It’s been around for 13 years, and with each passing day, it picks up more of its stabilization as a brand. Bitcoin could be an asset class that has a lot of attraction as a store of value.” (Cointelegraph, Nov. 2020)

“If the Gold bet works, the Bitcoin bet will probably work better because it’s thinner, more illiquid, and has a lot more beta to it. I’ve warmed up to Bitcoin.” (USA Today, Jan 2021)

Stanley Drunkenmiller is the former chairman and president of Duquesne Capital, a company with over $12 billion assets.

Anthony Scaramucci

“Anybody that does the homework… ends up investing into it. Look at Ray Dalio, a Bitcoin skeptic, now a Bitcoin investor.” (CNBC, Oct 2021)

“If you had one cent in Bitcoin and 99 cents in cash over the last decade, you outperformed everything. Just think about that.”

“I got a Billion dollars of this stuff. I’m all in” (A. Pompliano podcast, Oct 2021)

Anthony Scaramucci is the former White House Director of Communications and left Goldman Sachs to found investment firm Skybridge Capital with $9.2 Billion in assets. His original $400 million investment into Bitcoin in 2020 alone has made him a Billionaire.

Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey Bitcoin Investor

“What inspires me the most about Bitcoin is the community driving it. It reminds me of the early internet.” (CNBC, Jul 2021)

“I hope that creates or helps create world peace. It’s going to be long-term, but my hope is peace.” (CNBC, Jul 2021)

“Bitcoin changes everything. I don’t think there is anything more important in my lifetime to work on.” (Yahoo, Jul 2021)

“The world ultimately will have a single currency; the internet will have a single currency. I personally believe that it will be Bitcoin.” (The Times, Mar 2018)

Jack Dorsey became a billionaire when he co-founded the social media platform Twitter, led his other company Square into the world of DeFi, and started a $23.6 million Bitcoin fund with rapper Jay Z. For years; he’s been one of the most famous Bitcoin investors in terms of media reach, frequently tweeting about it from his personal account.

Steve Wozniak

“The government can just create new dollars and borrow and borrow. You never have it fixed. Bitcoin was the goal. It’s the digital equivalent of Gold. Bitcoin is the most amazing mathematical miracle.”

“Bitcoin is mathematically defined, there is a certain quantity of Bitcoin, there’s a way it’s distributed, and it’s pure, and no human is running it, there’s no company running it, and it’s just growing and growing, and surviving, that to me says something natural, and nature is more important than all our human conventions.” (CNBC, 2018)

“I buy into what Jack Dorsey says [on Bitcoin becoming the world’s single currency], not that I necessarily believe it’s going to happen, but because I want it to be that way.”

Steve Wozniak co-founded Apple alongside Steve Jobs. He’s now a philanthropist helping to fund entrepeneurial efforts in technology.

Tim Cook

“I think it’s reasonable to own it as a part of a diversified portfolio – and I’m not giving anybody investment advice, by the way [chuckles].”

“I do own some. I think it’s interesting. Apple is looking into cryptocurrency.”

“I’ve been interested in it for a while, and I’ve been researching it and so forth.” (Dealbook online summit, Nov 2021)

Tim Cook has been the CEO of Apple since 2011, previously serving as the COO under Steve Jobs.

George Soros

The elusive billionaire George Soros hasn’t made many public statements on buying Bitcoin yet; perhaps as he once called Bitcoin a ‘bubble‘ – like many, he now appears to have changed his mind.

The CEO and chief investment officer of Soros Fund Management, Dawn Fitzpatrick, confirmed in 2021 that the family office now owns ‘some coins, but not a lot.’

“I’m not sure Bitcoin is only viewed as an inflation hedge here. I think it’s crossed the chasm to the mainstream.” (, Oct 2021)

Mark Zuckerberg

Like Soros, Mark Zuckerberg didn’t advocate Bitcoin much in its early years. Facebook (now rebranded to Meta and launching a Metaverse project) was said to be making its own rival cryptocurrency Libra at one point.

Several years passed without it materialising, and no one is quite sure what happened to Libra – there were some proposals it would become a stablecoin, Diem, and that was also then abandoned.

“Cryptocurrency technologies can take power from centralized systems and put it back into people’s hands.” – (Economic Times, 2018)

“I’m very optimistic about Crypto and Web 3 and that general direction. I think it’s still quite early compared to what it will be and its full potential.”

More Famous Bitcoin Investors

We’ve also broken down the net worth of some noted celebrities and rich Bitcoin investors. Find our in-depth analysis at these links:

The Anti-Bitcoin Investors List – Who Doesn’t Own Bitcoin?

One of the only famous billionaire names left in finance still critical of Bitcoin is JPMorgan CEO, Jamie Dimon. Although JPMorgan Chase eventually became the first bank to give retail clients access to buying Bitcoin.

The most vocal detractor of Bitcoin on Twitter is a stockbroker and financial commentator, Peter Schiff. Although he is not yet a billionaire, with a net worth of $70 million, and prefers to invest in Gold.

One billionaire crypto critic is American investor and vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, Charlie Munger.

He stated at a shareholder meeting: ‘I don’t welcome a currency that’s so useful to kidnappers and extortionists and so forth, nor do I like just shuffling out of your extra billions of billions of dollars to somebody who just invented a new financial product out of thin air.’

Warren Buffett, billionaire CEO and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, has also cited the more excellent fool theory – ‘If you buy something like Bitcoin or some cryptocurrency, you don’t have anything producing anything. You’re just hoping the next guy pays more.’

In June 2022, Bill Gates said digital assets like crypto and NFTs are ‘100% based on greater fool theory’. Although he added he is not short Bitcoin. Gates is the 4th richest man globally, with an estimated over $133 billion net worth.

Jim Cramer is known for railing against Bitcoin and recently Solana – dubbing it Soldano – but has occasionally invested in cryptocurrencies.


Since the futures-based Bitcoin ETF was approved in 2021 (the ProShares ETF), more have been approved, and in June 2023, news broke that even BlackRock will be filing for a Bitcoin ETF after the company and Larry Fink were previously anti-Bitcoin.

Goldman Sachs has recently reversed course on crypto – once being one of its detractors – and expanded into offering Bitcoin trading. The narrative of institutional investors buying Bitcoin and digital assets has once again seen the Bitcoin market cap reach over $1 trillion, and even some of its most prominent critics have changed their tune.

Will more news of institutions and rich Bitcoin investors buying in push the price to six figures per coin? That remains to be seen in 2024 and beyond. Recently El Salvador under president Nayib Bukele became the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender.

XRP also won their lawsuit against the SEC – although Gary Gensler stated he will appeal – and if that verdict holds it could lead to more mass adoption of altcoins, as if XRP isn’t a security, few other crypto assets have reason to be considered so.

At the time of writing, AI cryptocurrency projects are the latest trend, potentially another bullish catalyst for crypto.

If you’re ready to invest in cryptocurrency, our top pick for a crypto exchange to use is eToro, as it also offers copy-trading of its long list of successful Bitcoin investors on the platform.

Best Bitcoin Alternative

We’ve also reviewed many crypto presales yet to launch, which offer an alternative to investing in Bitcoin.

Our topic for 2024 is Wall Street Memes (WSM), an upcoming meme coin that tokenizes the movement and internet subculture surrounding meme stocks investing.

The WSM presale at raised over $15 million in its first two months and may sell out soon. It benefits from an existing community of over one million Instagram and Twitter followers and has been replied to by Elon Musk several times.

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