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Anthony Scaramucci Net Worth, Crypto and NFT Investments

Anthony Scaramucci, popularly known as “The Moosh” is an American investor, financial expert, entrepreneur, and political consultant. Being a popular figure, the net worth of Anthony Scaramucci has been the subject of various questions from his followers. Scaramucci was a former director of Communications during the administration of Donald Trump. He served briefly between July 21 to July 31, 2017. He left the position following a huge cloud of controversy.

Anthony Scaramucci

Anthony Scaramucci is well known as the founder and co-managing partner of the investment firm SkyBridge Capital. Also, he created a name for himself as an author, commentator, and speaker. His public speaking expertise positioned him as a regular speaker at the annual meetings of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. At some point, he also featured on CNBC.

A highlight of his career revealed how he served on the boards of Warrior Gateway and The Brain Tumor Foundation. Also, he is among the Board of Advisors for the School of Arts & Sciences at Tufts University. He has a connection with the Harvard Law School. The net worth of Anthony Scaramucci is estimated to be around $200 million.

Anthony Scaramucci’s Net Worth

YearNet Worth
2019$230 million
2020$250 million
2021$270 million
2022$230 million
2023$200 million

Early Life

Born on January 6, 1964, Anthony Scaramucci is from an Italian-American descent. Though he was born on Long Island, New York, he grew up in Port Washington. His paternal grandfather, Alessandro Scaramucci, immigrated to the United States from Gualdo Tadino, Umbria. His father, Alexander Scaramucci was a construction worker.

Like most hedge fund managers, Anthony Scaramucci didn’t start his early life in a luxurious way. He had a middle-class upbringing. He’s the first from his family to attend college. Despite his humbling beginning, Anthony Scaramucci refused to settle for less. His desire to turn things around saw him through Paul D. Schreiber Senior High School in Port Washington. During his period there, he served as the student council president.

Thereafter, he bagged a B.A. in economics at Tufts University. Meanwhile, he received many certifications as a legal practitioner but Anthony Scaramucci has never practiced the profession. He got a J.D. at Harvard Law School. There, he met the likes of Barack Obama, Rod Rosenstein and Neil Gorsuch, and many other notable personalities. His connection with Harvard Law School provided a springboard for his career in finance. Shortly after he graduated from Harvard Law School, Anthony Scaramucci kickstarted his career as a financial expert with Goldman Sachs.

Anthony Scaramucci is an honorary citizen of Gualdo Tadino. The town is an ancient city in Italy where his paternal family hailed from. He was announced an honorary citizen of the city by The Mayor and the municipal council on March 15, 2021. More so, he’s one of the trustees of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Foundation.

Investment Career

After completing his programme at Harvard Law School, Anthony Scaramucci relocated to New York City. There, he picked up a job at Goldman Sachs. Anthony Scaramucci worked at Goldman on two different occasions. For the first time, he worked within the Investment banking division for a year until he was sacked. However, within two months, he was called back to work for the organization. This time around, he worked in the equities division of the organization.

Overall, he worked at Goldman Sach for seven (7) years. In 1993, he was appointed as the Vice President in Goldman’s Private Wealth Management division. He served in this capacity at Goldman until 1996. In that year, he, alongside a colleague from the firm, Andrew Boszhardt, left to launch Oscar Capital Management.

The experience he gathered at Goldman Sach helped him run Oscar Management for four years until its eventual sale in 2001. We can confidently say that Oscar Capital Management laid the foundation for what is now referred to as the net worth of Anthony Scaramucci. The firm was acquired by Neuberger Berman. Its new owner resold it to Lehman Brothers in 2003.

Under the new owners, Anthony Scaramucci picked up a prominent role in Oscar Capital Management. He was appointed a managing director in Lehman’s Investment Management division. The post further strengthened his career portfolio as a leading financial expert.

SkyBridge Capital

Anthony Scaramucci forged ahead to establish SkyBridge Capital, a global alternative investment firm. As the owner of the firm, Scaramucci became chairman of the SkyBridge Alternatives Conference, or “SALT” Conference, inaugurated in 2009. The SALT conference is prominent for its annual flagship event. The event mostly takes place in Las Vegas as an international event during the Winter. In addition, SALT has hosted large conferences in Singapore, and Tokyo. Recently the firm hosted its conference in Abu Dhabi.

With SkyBridge Capital, Anthony Scaramucci gained more relevance. In 2011, he was bestowed the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Three years later, SkyBridge licensed the rights to Wall Street Week, a financial television news program formerly organized by Louis Rukeyser on PBS.

While serving as the host of the program, Broadcast rights were transferred to Fox Broadcasting Company in 2016. That year, Anthony Scaramucci was ranked #85 in Worth magazine’s “Power 100: The 100 Most Powerful People in Global Finance.” On January 17, 2017, SkyBridge announced a majority stake sale to RON Transatlantic EG and HNA Capital (U.S.) Holding. The firm is a Chinese conglomerate with close ties to China’s Communist Party.

As a result of the announcement, Scaramucci left his position as a co-manager of the organization. Thereafter, he left the organization, ending his relationship with SkyBridge and SALT. However, he made a surprising comeback in April 2018. The return was facilitated after the deal with HNA Group collapsed. The United States Committee on Foreign Investment, an inter-agency government committee failed to approve the deal, therefore leading to its collapse.

SkyBridge contributed a large portion to the net worth of Anthony Scaramucci. A decline in the firm’s assets affected Scaramucci. In 2020, the firm faced some financial meltdown which really affected its operations. As a result, SkyBridge reduced its workforce. Between 2020 to 2022, assets under SkyBridge’s management also plummeted heavily.

At the height of the firm’s success in 2015, the value of assets under SkyBridge was worth $9 billion. As at March 2023, the assets already declined to $2 billion. At some point, the firm restricted users from withdrawing their funds. In response, the net worth of Anthony Scaramucci dipped heavily.

Political Involvement

Anthony Scaramucci is a strong advocate for a law that’ll regularize the possession of firearms like guns. Also, at some point, he urged the republican party to legalize same-sex marriage. He supported Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s bid for the Presidency. During this period, he served as the fundraiser for the Presidential Campaign of Barack Obama. More so, he served as the national finance co-chair for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign.

He’s famous for being a strong critic of Donald Trump. At a point, Anthony Scaramucci condemned Donald Trump’s move to build a border wall between Mexico and the U.S. Likewise,  He criticized Trump for making the fundamental mistake of blaming Muslims for what is the ideology and the actions of a minority.

In the build-up to the Presidential election of 2016, Anthony Scaramucci adopted various candidates during the Republican Party’s Presidential Primary election. During the primaries, he endorsed Scott Walker and later Jeb Bush. Their withdrawal from the race saw him settle for Donald Trump. Afterward, he was appointed to the Presidential Transition Team Executive Committee of then-president-elect Trump.

On January 12, 2017, Scaramucci was appointed Assistant to President Trump and director of the White House Office of Public Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs. A week after his appointment, he attended the World Economic Forum. This is due to his membership in Donald Trump’s transition committee. He attended the conference to reassure people about Donald Trump’s administration.

Later, he was appointed White House Communication Director. His appointment didn’t sit well with some members of Donald Trump’s cabinet. Eleven days into the new appointment, he was told to leave as a result of the presence of a new chief of staff. This led to a disagreement with some Donald Trump’s antics, prompting Anthony Scaramucci to support Joe Biden against the reelection of his former boss.

Is Anthony Scaramucci Pro Bitcoin?

Anthony Scaramucci has always been bullish about BTC. He is an unrepentant admirer of the token and has, over time, tipped it to dominate the financial arena. Driven by his undiluted admiration for Bitcoin, Scaramucci wrote a book, titled “The Sweet Life with Bitcoin.” Certainly, the CEO has been leveraging his influence to promote the token. He is notable for making comments capable of triggering wider adoption of BTC.

In one of his interviews in 2021, Scaramucci tasked investors to study Bitcoin carefully so as to realize that the crypto is worthwhile. According to him; “anybody that does the homework […] ends up investing into it. Look at Ray Dalio, a Bitcoin skeptic, now a Bitcoin investor.” With this statement, Scaramucci was indirectly recommending Bitcoin as the best bet for investors seeking to grow their investment portfolio. He made reference to how the likes of Paul Tudor Jones and Stanley Druckenmiller have diversified their investment portfolios by investing in Bitcoin. He said; “these are brilliant guys who did the homework and drew a conclusion that they needed to own a piece of Bitcoin.”

Before becoming a staunch advocate of Bitcoin, Scaramucci was initially skeptical about crypto. His confidence in crypto, particularly Bitcoin began to manifest after Stanley Druckenmiller and Paul Tudor Jones bought the token. More so, the CEO of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor also engaged Scaramucci about the prospects associated with investing in Bitcoin. According to our findings, Saylor, in a bid to convince the SkyBridge CEO, made reference to how his firm, MicroStrategy purchased about $250 million in bitcoin to strengthen its balance sheet.

Saylor’s engagement with Scaramucci was enough to change his position about the crypto. Ever since, the influential CEO has also taken it upon himself to spread the gospel of Bitcoin to others. At a time, he spoke on how BTC had grown by more than 100,000 percent since its emergence and the implication of the surge on its earliest investors. He said; “If you had one cent in Bitcoin and 99 cents in cash over the last decade, you outperformed everything. Just think about that.”

Meanwhile, Scaramucci believes BTC has what it takes to grow beyond people’s expectation in the future. He said the fixed supply system of the token has given it an edge over any other asset. The CEO further that the increasing demand of BTC will continue to spike its price. According to him, “this is digital gold and it is easier to transfer. We love the scarcity of bitcoin. There is more demand for bitcoin now than supply. The price should go up.”

In a bid to aid widespread adoption of crypto, Scaramucci founded SkyBridge Capital to provide enablement for investors looking to expose themselves into high-flying cryptocurrencies. Primarily, the firm paves the way for wealthy investors to enter into the world of Bitcoin. Through Skybridge Capital, Scaramucci aims to foster accessibility and drive more investments in cryptocurrencies.

He usually tip his clients to invest more in digital assets. Although, our findings show that he always warn them not to get overexcited about it. In one of his 2022 interviews, he was quoted saying; “I don’t want my clients to miss this. I’m telling them to size it appropriately — that’s a 1% to 3% allocation, 1% to 4% at cost. You can let it run, of course,” he added. But size it appropriately then recognize that this is going to be part of our future.”

Scaramucci did not allow the 2022 market downturn to impact his admiration and support for Bitcoin. Rather, he saw the setback as a drive to grow his confidence about crypto. Amid the poor market conditions, the influential CEO tried to instill confidence into investors. In one of his interviews at that time, he urged investors not to feel deterred by the market concern, but embrace long-term investment in cryptocurrencies, particularly BTC. “Take a chill pill, stay long bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies like Algorand and Ethereum, and I think you’re going to be very well-served long-term in those investments,” the Skybridge Capital CEO advised.

It is worth mentioning that Scaramucci is notable for encouraging investors to look into the bigger picture with their investment in Bitcoin, rather than the current performance of the token in the market. He told investors that the uncertainty and volatility in the industry are not enough reasons to lever an asset like Bitcoin. “I would never lever an asset like bitcoin because of the volatility and the uncertainty. … It would be like levering Amazon back in 1998, ’99 and 2000,” the influential CEO maintained.

Scaramucci has also joined the ongoing debate over the classification of crypto as securities or otherwise. He lambasted the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission and its Chair Gary Gensler for classifying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as securities. Scaramucci believes Bitcoin and other digital assets should be classified as commodities and not regulated by the SEC.

Crypto and NFT Holdings of Anthony Scaramucci

As a crypto bull, Anthony Scaramucci holds a significant amount of Bitcoin and Ethereum in his portfolio. Although, no credible publication has been able to give the the exact value of his crypto portfolio till this moment. Scaramucci has also chosen to be reticent about the worth of his personal crypto holdings. But, our findings indicate that the Skybridge CEO is one of the most famous Bitcoin investors across the globe. Certainly, this investment must have contributed to the net worth of Anthony Scaramucci.

Apart from his personal investment, Scaramucci has also leveraged his firm, Skybridge to invest heavily in Bitcoin. It is not in doubt that the business dealings of this firm has overwhelmingly impacted the net worth of Anthony Scaramucci. According to our findings, Skybridge started its crypto investment after launching its Bitcoin fund. The firm reportedly invested $25 million from its capital to the program. This development thus places Skybridge on the list of notable institutional investors in Bitcoin.

Ever since, the firm has continued to invest in crypto. According to the Chief Investment Officer at Skybridge, Ray Nolte, 12% of the firm’s $7 billion in holdings are in Bitcoin. It is worth mentioning that the firm also has stakes in Ethereum too.

Beyond Bitcoin, Anthony Scaramucci has also invested in NFTs through Skybridge Capital. Recall that in 2021, the firm launched its NFT platform, Flatter. Scaramucci described the project as one which combines NFTs with “exclusive experiences,” “sought-after collectibles” and philanthropy. Notably, the first NFT collections to debut on the platform were two SALT-themed packages.

The first NFT package represent 140 bottles of rare whiskey, enveloped with a portrait of Scaramucci. Also, the package features a ticket to SALT 2022 and an invitation for two to a VIP dinner. As for the second package, it features NFT SALT tickets. The tickets give VIP access to every domestic and international SALT conference.

Crypto Projects Featuring Anthony Scaramucci

Anthony Scaramucci is featured on SALT NFTs which made its debut on the Flatter platform in 2021. According to our findings, the collection is enveloped with a portrait of the Skybridge capital founder. We can also attribute Skybridge Bitcoin Fund, a notable crypto investment project to him. Through this project, Scaramucci provided an enablement for wealthy investors seeking to get exposure to Bitcoin. All these indicate that the Skybridge Capital founder has made remarkable imprints in the world of crypto and NFTs.

If Anthony Scaramucci should sustain his engagements in the industry, he would likely feature in exciting memes by Wall Street. The project has continued to dominate the social media arena, featuring several actors in the crypto industry like Sam Bankman-Fried, Changpeng Zhao and many more in its memes. Recently, it started a presale for its token $WSM, raising over $1 million within a few days. Occasioned by the growing interest in the meme coin by investors, we are tipping it to become one of the next cryptocurrency to boom in the distant future. Meanwhile, it is not too late to join the presale. Just visit

Anthony Scaramucci’s Net Worth – Our Verdict

We have been able to establish the net worth of Anthony Scaramucci with key emphases on his investment portfolios. As the founder of Skybridge Capital, Scaramucci invested heavily in Bitcoin. He also leveraged his influence to evangelize the crypto, describing it as the biggest asset of the moment. Although Anthony Scaramucci has never revealed the value of his personal Bitcoin holdings to the public, there are indications that he holds a huge amount of BTC and the investment has largely contributed to his current net worth.

Certainly, Scaramucci’s ability to diversify his source of wealth has, over time, contributed to his success. Apart from BTC investment, the renowned CEO is also into NFTs. Recently, he leveraged his firm to launch an NFT project, Flatter. In the future, Anthony Scaramucci will be looking to grow his net worth by investing in emerging sectors and projects.

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In what capacity did Antony Scaramucci serve during the administration of Donald Trump?

Antony Scaramucci served as the director of communications at the White House.

Is Anthony Scaramucci Pro Bitcoin?

Yes. Anthony Scaramucci has never hidden his love for Bitcoin. He is one of the biggest investors in the token, a development that has contributed to his net worth

What is the net worth of Anthony Scaramucci?

The net worth of Anthony Scaramucci is estimated to be around $200 million.