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Ron DeSantis Net Worth, Crypto and NFT Investments

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The net worth of Ron DeSantis is estimated to be around $1.5 million. The 2024 presidential hopeful made a significant portion of his wealth through a book deal. He received over $1 million as an advance payment for his memoir “The Courage to be Free.” Prior to this deal, the net worth of Ron DeSantis was as low as $319,000.

Ron DeSantis

DeSantis has no personal property or investment in stock. In his memoir, he noted said he stopped investing in stocks before becoming a Congressman to avoid conflict of interest. He lives in the governor’s mansion after he sold his house in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida in 2019. According to the Associated Press, DeSantis made $460,000 from the sale and kept it in a USAA account. 

Reports also indicated that DeSantis kept the money he earned from his book deal in the same account. According to his filing with the Florida Commission on Ethics, he has about $21,000 in student loan debt. In 2022, DeSantis was listed on “the Time 100;” an annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world. 

Ron DeSantis’ Net Worth Since 2021

YearNet Worth
2021$319 thousand
2022$1.1 million
2023$1.5 million

Early Life

Ronald Dion DeSantis was born on September 14, 1978, in Jacksonville, Florida. He was named after popular singer Dion DiMucci. His parents, Karen and Ronald Daniel DeSantis are of Italian ancestry. They were born in Western Pennsylvania and Northeast Ohio respectively. DeSantis’s mother worked as a nurse and his father installed Nielsen TV-rating boxes. The duo met at the Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio in the 1970s. They both moved to Jacksonville, Florida shortly after.

Later, DeSantis’s family relocated to Dunedin, Florida. DeSanti grew up in the city with his family. His only sibling, Christiana died in 2015 at age 30 due to complications from a pulmonary embolism. Meanwhile, DeSantis was part of the Dunedin National team that qualified for the 1991 Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

He attended Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School and Dunedin High School. In 1997, he graduated from high school and proceeded to Yale University where he studied history. While at the institution, he joined the school’s baseball team and eventually became the captain. DeSantis played as an outfielder and had the best batting average point of .336. Likewise, he was also a member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. 

Despite his huge academic commitment at that time, DeSantis still worked as an electrician assistant. He graduated from the institution in 2001 with a B.A., magna cum laude. Shortly after, DeSantis taught history at Darlington School in Georgia. Later, he attended Harvard Law School, graduating in 2005 with a Juris Doctor, cum laude.

Military Career

During his second year at Harvard Law School in 2004, DeSantis joined the U.S. Navy as an officer. He was assigned to the Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG) and completed Naval Justice School in 2005; the same year he graduated from Harvard. The same year, he joined the JAG Trial Service Office Command South East at Naval Station Mayport, Florida, as a prosecutor. A year later, DeSantis was promoted from lieutenant, junior grade to lieutenant. 

In 2007, DeSantis reported to the Naval Special Warfare Command Group in Coronado, California. He was appointed as a legal adviser to SEAL Team One. During the 2007 troop surge, he was deployed to Iraq where he served as a legal adviser to Dane Thorleifson, the SEAL Commander of the Special Operations Task Force-West in Fallujah.

He returned to the U.S. in April 2008 and was reassigned to the Naval Region Southeast Legal Service. Eventually, the U.S. Attorney General appointed him to serve as a Special Assistant U.S. attorney. This role allowed him to serve in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Middle District of Florida. In 2010, he was discharged from this duty so that he could serve as a trial defense counsel. Later, he received a reserve commission as a lieutenant in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps of the U.S. Navy Reserve.

Without any doubt, DeSantis had an outstanding military career due to his exceptional commitment t work. In recognition of his contributions, he was awarded numerous accolades, including the Bronze Star Medal, the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, and the Iraq Campaign Medal. In 2019, DeSantis left the Navy service as a lieutenant commander.

Early Political Career

DeSantis ventured into politics in 2012 after he contested in the 2012 Republican primaries for Florida’s sixth congressional district. He defeated his opponents to clinch the nomination of the party. He proceeded to the general election and eventually floored the nominee of the Democratic party Heather Beaven. DeSantis became more popular in his first term in the U.S. House of Representatives. This helped him to secure more two additional terms after the completion of his first tenure as Florida’s representative.

Around 2016, DeSantis first made an attempt towards the Senate after Senator Marco Rubio initially decided not to return. Then, Rubio had the ambition to become the President of the country. However, DeSantis’ senatorial bid suffered a setback despite receiving the endorsement of various groups and individuals. He left the race after Rubio’s decision to abandon his presidential ambition. This development made DeSantis attempt another term as representative of Florida’s congressional district.

Meanwhile, during his three terms as Congressman, DeSantis served in recognizable committees. He was a member of the Committee on Oversight and Accountability, the Foreign Affairs Committee, the Judiciary Committee, and the Republican Study Committee. Likewise, he was the chairman of the Subcommittee on National Security among other numerous subcommittees. 

It is worth mentioning that DeSantis’s contribution while in Congress, focused on fiscal policies. He called for a drastic reduction in government expenditures to foster economic advancement. Also, he agitated for the “no budget, no pay” policy so as to make fellow Congressmen see the need to work on budget resolutions swiftly. He was also said to be at the forefront of the call to audit the Federal Reserve System. 

Similarly, DeSantis called for the resignation of John Koskinen, the IRS commissioner. The lawmaker argued that the commissioner failed the citizens of the country by refusing to cooperate with Congress. He co-sponsored a bill to impeach the commissioner for allegedly failing to meet up with expectations.

Also, DeSantis sponsored the Transportation Empowerment Act. Then, he argued that there was a need to put transportation projects under the oversight of states.

The legislator also supported the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. In his words, DeSantis said the bill would bring a “dramatically lower tax rate”, “full expensing of capital investments”, and more jobs to America. Meanwhile, his reputation gained a big boost after he decided not to collect his congressional pension.

In addition, DeSantis filed a petition to stop Congress members from receiving pensions. In a bid to pursue this goal, he introduced the End Pension Congress Act. According to him, “the founding fathers envisioned elected officials as part of a servant class, yet Washington has evolved into a ruling class culture.”

Ron DeSantis’ Emergence As Florida’s Governor

On January 5, 2018, DeSantis made an official declaration to run for the governorship seat in Florida. Then, his bid received the backing of President Donald Trump. The former lawmaker had a good relationship with Donald Trump. On August 28, 2018, DeSantis won the Republican primaries after defeating his main opponent, Adam Putnam. 

However, he became the subject of a heavy backlash when he said; “The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state.” Many perceived the usage of the word “monkey” to be a dig at the Democratic nominee, Andrew Gillum, who is African-American. However, DeSantis later denied the racism allegations. 

In a bid to emerge victorious in the elections, DeSantis campaigned vigorously. Then, he promised the implementation of a medical cannabis program and opposed the legalization of recreational cannabis. DeSantis also pledged to allow people to gain permits to carry firearms openly. Likewise, he vowed to curtail the spread of polluted water from Lake Okeechobee.

On September 5, 2018, DeSantis picked state representative Jeanette Núñez as his running mate. Núñez resigned from his “House seat” to focus on the gubernatorial campaign. Finally, their joint efforts yielded as DeSantis eventually won the election.

In 2021, DeSantis officially declared his intention to seek reelection as governor of the state. Then, he contested against Charlie Crist, a U.S. representative, and former Florida governor. The governor won his reelection bid in November 2021.

As the governor of Florida, DeSantis has continued to build an impressive reputation for himself. In his first term in office, DeSantis posthumously pardoned the Groveland Four, a group of black men falsely convicted of rape in 1949. Also, he suspended Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, for his reactions to the mass shootings at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Israel was replaced by Gregory Tony.

Also, he has been able to build and sustain a cordial relationship with the legislative arm. This explains why the lawmakers have continued to support many of his proposals. In April 2019, the governor ordered the elections chief in the state to add Spanish-language ballots. He stated that there is a need to consider those speaking Spanish in the state by providing an enabling environment for them to exercise their franchise. 

Remarkably, DeSantis’ administration received widespread commendations for its proactiveness during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the crisis, Florida ranked twelfth in terms of states with the most cases in the country. Some analysts believe his drastic efforts during the pandemic intensified the support he is getting for his 2024 presidential bid. 

Also, DeSantis has also shown immense commitment to reforming the educational sector in the state. He banned universities in the state from collaborating with their counterparts in China. In his submission, the governor indicated that such a move would limit China’s growing influence. 

He also placed a ban on the teaching of critical race theory in public schools within the state. Initially, critical race theory was not part of Florida’s public school curriculum. However, the governor argued that exposing students to such lectures is like teaching them to hate their country. The move generated a host of controversies, with the Florida Education Association labeling the move as an attempt to conceal facts from students. The general opinion against the ban is that it was aimed at whitewashing the country’s history. 

In reaction to the removal of Donald Trump across various social media platforms, on February 2, 2021, DeSantis supported legislation against Big Tech to prevent political censorship. However, the legislation failed to take effect because a federal judge ruled against it. DeSantis supported the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk. His belief was that Twitter under the Tesla CEO would offer more support for conservative ideas. During this period, the governor also introduced various reforms to Florida’s electoral processes. 

DeSantis has also extended his reforms to the police department. On May 2021, he announced that all Florida police officers, firefighters, and paramedics would receive a $1,000 bonus. Similarly, he kicked against the call to stop the financing of the police department. Then, he also implemented a $5,000 signing bonus for police officers in the state. The same year, DeSantis also approved a $101.5 billion budget including $169 million in tax relief.

The governor was applauded for the swift response of the Florida government to Hurricane Ian. In September 2022, he declared a state of emergency in the country and called for swift provision of aid from President Joe Biden.

Later, DeSantis collaborated with Elon Musk to deploy Starlink satellite internet service to restore communication in Florida. 

DeSantis’ Presidential Bid

DeSantis’ interest to contest for the White House job in 2024 had been trending since 2020. Then, he debunked it, saying the reports of his intention to contest in the next presidential election were fabricated. 

However, the rumors gained more ground in 2022. That year, a straw poll was conducted at the Conservative Political Action Conference for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. In the poll, DeSantis finished second behind former president, Donald Trump. At the end of the poll, his projection for the top seat was intensified with many labeling him as a preferable candidate for the Republican nomination. Similarly, he was tipped to floor Donald Trump in the Republican primaries. 

DeSantis’ bid for President gained more traction after he was reelected as governor of Florida in the 2022 midterm elections. Meanwhile, most of the candidates endorsed by Trump in the elections performed poorly. Political analysts banked on the development to believe DeSantis is gaining more relevance among electorates than Trump. 

In April 2023, DeSantis, once again, debunked rumors about his intention to contest the 2024 presidential election. Then he promised to inform if he will be vying for the White House job, saying “We’ll see if and when that changes.”

Barely a month later, DeSantis made a U-turn and officially launched his bid for president. He announced the decision on Twitter with the support of Elon Musk. 

After his official declaration, he set up the “DeSantis campaign.” As of July 6, the DeSantis campaign had raised $20 million. The same month, DeSantis was involved in a car accident in Tennessee. The accident occurred while he was on his way to see one of his fundraisers. Although DeSantis didn’t sustain any injury, a member of his campaign team endured a minor wound.

Is Ron DeSantis Pro Crypto?

Ron DeSantis is a staunch believer in the potential of crypto and its underlying tech, blockchain. In recent years, many of his various policies as the Governor of Florida are geared towards promoting mass popularity and adoption of crypto, particularly Bitcoin. For instance, around 2021, he approved a bill that gives permission to residents in the state to trade crypto assets without having a license. He also proposed measures to enable the payment of state fees in crypto. Notably, DeSantis’ priority has always been to protect the right of his people to leverage the potential of cryptocurrencies to actualize their financial interests. 

Also, DeSantis understands and values the growing importance of blockchain technology in every facet of the state’s economy. This explains why he proposed funds to “experiment with blockchain technology” in his 2022 budget document. There, he asked legislators to approve $250,000 from the total budget to empower a blockchain pilot project with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

His argument was that blockchain could play a vital role in tracking automobile data in the state. DeSantis also told legislators that the integration of blockchain in Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration could help verify Medicaid records and identify potential fraud. But, these proposed measures could not secure the approval of the legislators.

“I actually had some money in the budget the legislature didn’t pick up to try to do some experiment with blockchain technology on some of the state functions,” DeSantis said following the disapproval of his proposed measures. 

Later in 2022, the Governor collaborated with state agencies to ensure businesses in Florida could pay tax with crypto assets. Then, he said “I’ve told the state agencies to figure out ways where if a business wants to pay tax in cryptocurrency to Florida, we should be willing to accept that.”

DeSantis was specific about Bitcoin, saying the crypto has what it takes to thrive as a medium of tax payment in the state. 

“Clearly something like a bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies — that’s something we should be willing to accept.” 

It is worth establishing that DeSantis has been critical of the tough actions from the federal government against the crypto sector. Recall that the Biden administration, through the U.S. financial regulators, has been aggressive in its enforcement actions against firms offering crypto products in the country.

One of the agencies, known as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) views crypto offerings, except Bitcoin as securities and aims to subject them to existing financial laws. But, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), another financial regulator in the country classifies crypto offerings as commodities and insists they should be under its purview. In recent years, these agencies could not agree on how to classify crypto, thereby portraying the United States as a country with regulatory confusion. 

Nevertheless, the SEC has come under huge criticism following its legal filings against crypto firms like Ripple, Binance, Coinbase, and several others. Although it recently suffered a setback in its Ripple case, the regulator is not willing to back down and has decided to appeal the ruling, disregarding XRL as a security. 

As one of the major critics of the SEC’s aggressive actions against crypto, DeSantis believes Biden’s administration is a threat to the financial freedom of residents in the United States.

He insists Florida will not be a party to the various repressive activities against crypto innovations from the federal government. This explains why he signed legislation in 2022 to disallow CBDC pilots in the state. His belief is that CBDCs provide a platform for governments to further centralize every financial transaction so as to monitor and prohibit lawful purchases. 

“I worry about the amount of power that would give someone in a central authority to basically be able to shut off access to purchasing certain goods. We’d be in uncharted territory,” he said.

Meanwhile, amid his interest to jostle for his party’s nomination in its 2024 presidential primaries, DeSantis, around May 2023, spoke to the crypto community on Twitter. The Twitter space was graced by influential Bitcoin investors, including Elon Musk. DeSantis’ aim was to lobby the crypto community to his side ahead of the election and he did that perfectly. 

During the conversation, he pledged to protect the interest of cryptocurrencies if elected President of the United States. According to him, Biden may end up killing Bitcoin if reelected into office. 

“You have every right to do Bitcoin. The only reason these people in Washington don’t like it is because they don’t control it…I think that the current regime, clearly they have it out for Bitcoin, and if it continues for another four years, you know, they’ll probably end up killing it,” he said.

DeSantis also vowed to oppose Congress if it attempts to initiate any ban on Bitcoin through new legislation. He described the CBDC experiments as a direct attack on crypto, and insisted that he wouldn’t allow it as president of the country. 

“I see it as a massive transfer of power from individual consumers to a central authority, and I don’t think that’s good for a free society. I’m a ‘no’ on [a] central bank digital currency. I can tell you, if I’m President, we are not doing a central bank digital currency.”

He reflected on his decision to sign a bill that prohibited CBDC pilots in Florida. The 2022 bill excludes the digital dollar from the state’s Uniform Commercial Code. In his comment about his support for the bill, DeSantis said; “the government and large credit card companies should not have the power to shut off access to your hard-earned money because they disagree with your politics. Biden’s Central Bank Digital Currency aims to increase government control over people’s finances, and we will not allow it. In Florida, we value personal freedom and won’t allow self-interested elites to chip away at our liberty.”

The presidential hopeful was one of the panelists at a 2023 leadership summit organized by Blaze Media. There, he was asked about his concerns regarding CBDCs. In his response, DeSantis said; “They want to get rid of cash. They want no cryptocurrency. They want this to be the sole form of legal tender. It will allow them to prohibit undesirable purchases like fuel and ammunition. So, the minute you give them the power to do this, they will impose a social credit system on this country. CBDC is a massive threat to American liberty. On January 20, 2025, it goes to the ash heap of history in this country.”

Shortly after the video of his remark was shared on Twitter, Elon Musk drew the attention of the crypto community to it. According to reports, he is one of the major supporters of DeSantis’ aspiration to become the next President of the United States.

Crypto and NFT Holdings of Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis is bullish about cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, and has been consistent in his stance about the assets in recent years. However, he does not have a crypto portfolio. He did that to avoid a conflict of interest when he served as a member of Congress between 2013 to 2018. Even as Governor of Florida, there are no indications that he has exposure to Bitcoin despite his admiration for the crypto. So, it is safe to affirm that the net worth of Ron DeSantis is not connected to crypto. But, it won’t be surprising to see him accept crypto donations for his Presidential ambition. 

Meanwhile, it is important to note that DeSantis is as well influential in the NFT space. Around 2022, his team featured a legendary shot of a baseball hero making a fantastic swing that earned him the Rookie of the Year. Notably, the 500 “limited edition Gov. DeSantis classic baseball cards” were sold for $49 each. 

Likewise, the team also unveiled ten numbered “relic” cards autographed by DeSantis. All the cards were sold, with six of them priced at $3,000 each. The other four were also sold for $1,600 each. 

Crypto and NFT Projects Featuring Ron Desantis

Occasioned by his reputation in the crypto industry, Ron Desantis has, in recent years, been featured in several projects. One of the projects featuring the Florida Governor is $RON, a meme coin that was developed by his supporters to foster his presidential campaign. This crypto project aims to build and sustain a vast community that will facilitate discussions and ideas for the actualization of Desantis’ bid. The maximum supply of the token is 1,000,000,000 RON and it has a market cap of $257,691 as of July 2023. 

Similarly, there is an NFT collection featuring him. The collection, “Ron DeSantis NFT Political Cartoon” is live on OpenSea. It features a portrait image of the Governor with a smile on his face. According to the artist, the collection was minted to celebrate the efforts of the Governor in outsmarting the Coronavirus pandemic. 

“Governor Florida is smiling because he outsmarted the Coronavirus yet again! Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is a true republican leader. He stood up to the pressure from the left and did what was best for his state, rather than succumbing to their demands. As a result, he was able to protect his citizens’ freedoms and prevent the spread of the fake coronavirus. He is a true hero who puts the needs of his people above all else. Thank you, Governor DeSantis, for your leadership during these difficult times.”

Similarly, as one of the major opponents of Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential primaries of the Republican party, DeSantis has also been featured on Wall Street Memes. This project is highly influential on Twitter and Instagram due to its stimulating memes.

Ron DeSantis on Wall Street Memes

Just like other similar projects, Wall Street Memes believes strongly in the power of memetic appeal and its potential to drive innovation in the crypto world. In recent years, many of its memes have been targeted at fighting the agelong stigma facing the crypto industry from the outside world. This explains why most of its overwhelming memes have featured well-known crypto critics like Joe Biden, Jerome Powell, Gary Gensler, and several others. 

By leveraging the power of social media, Wall Street Memes has now been able to win an army of community supporters to its side. On Twitter and Instagram combined, it enjoys not less than six hundred thousand active followers. This justifies why its ongoing $WSM presale is currently the talk of the crypto town, amassing over $300,000 in investment daily. 

Apart from having a highly experienced team, the activeness of the project’s community has positioned it among the biggest names in the meme industry. It is the vast reach of some of the influential members of the community that allowed Elon Musk to notice and indirectly endorse Wall Street Memes. 

The various interactions from the Tesla boss have helped trigger participation in its ongoing presale. This is due to the belief that any project with a support from him will definitely succeed. More so, the backing of popular crypto influencers like Satoshi Stacker, Crypto Jamie, Aaron CryptoNoob, and Michael Wrubel have also been instrumental to the growing investment in $WSM. In a recent video to his 300,000 subscribers, Satoshi Stacker expressed bullish views about $WSM, urging them to participate in the token before it is listed on exchanges. 

All these efforts have helped the project to raise $18 million in investment from the presale as of July 28, 2023. This feat alone positions the ongoing presale as one of the biggest crypto presales in the industry. Investors are more convinced by the token’s tokenomics which positions the future of the project in the hands of its community. Recall that according to the $WSM whitepaper, 50% of its total supply is for presale investors, 30% for community rewards, and the remaining 20% for CEX and DEX liquidity.

Meanwhile, with the overwhelming momentum enjoyed in its ongoing presale, $WSM has been tipped to replicate the rally enjoyed by $PEPE in early 2023 in the future so as to yield huge gains for its early investors. If sustained, the meme coin might ultimately become the next cryptocurrency to beat in the market.

Meanwhile, you can still be a participant in the presale before it closes by visiting

Ron DeSantis’ Net Worth – Our Verdict

Without any doubt, Ron DeSantis is the most crypto-friendly among the aspirants jostling for the White House job. Through the reported backing of Elon Musk and his pro-crypto policies as Governor of Florida, he has been able to win thousands of crypto supporters to his side. DeSantis will slug it out with the likes of Donald Trump and several others for the nomination of the Republican party in the 2024 presidential elections. Meanwhile, it is not in doubt that his emergence as the next President of the United States will definitely change the reputation of the country in the crypto industry. 

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When was Ron DeSantis elected as Governor of Florida?

Ron DeSantis was elected Governor of Florida on January 8, 2019.

What's the 2023 net worth of Ron DeSantis?

The 2023 net worth of Ron DeSantis is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

Has Ron DeSantis officially declared his intention to run for the White House job in the 2024 election?

Yes. Ron DeSantis has publicly declared his intention to run for the President of the United States in the 2024 elections.