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Donald Trump Net Worth, Crypto and NFT Investments

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Donald John Trump was born on June 14, 1946. He served as the 45th president of the United States from 2017 to 2021. Before then, he was famously known as a media personality and businessman. However, there are questions about the actual net worth of the former United States of America President. Numerous bodies and organizations attempted to estimate the net worth of Donald Trump, providing various figures that are as high as $10 billion. 

Donald Trump

Meanwhile, Forbes estimated the net worth of Donald Trump to be $2.5 billion as of April 2023. Though Trump at the time claimed to value more than the estimation. Notably, the net worth of Donald Trump grew as a result of the gifts, loans, and possessions he received from his parents. The inheritance he gained from his father served as a launchpad for the accumulation of his net worth. Apart from the support he received from his parent, Donald Trump made some daring decisions in his business line which consequently impacted his net worth.

With loans, Donald Trump invested in real estate ventures, hotels, casinos, golf courses, licensing conglomerates, fundraising, and some other products branded in his name. The former President leverage his real estate ventures to own various commercial and residential properties globally. Also, windfalls from his licensing enterprise fetch Donal Trump millions of dollars and contributions to his net worth. During his tenure as President of the U.S., Trump emerged as one of the wealthiest office holders. 

Over the years, Donald Trump’s net worth fluctuate owing to his controversial figure and some losses he recorded during his business career. Throughout his entire life, Donald Trump has been involved in more than 4,000 lawsuits, which to some extent forced him to pay fines and compensation. Also, some of the controversies he generated cost him some deals and endorsements.

On August 24, 2023, Donald Trump became the first former U.S. president to face several criminal charges. He surrendered to Georgia authorities at Fulton County jail in Atlanta over alleged involvement in overturning the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. The former president was said to have collaborated with 18 other defendants to manipulate the election result. Trump’s mug shot was taken and made public before his eventual release on a $200,000 bond.

Before his release from the facility, the Fulton County Jail gave Trump the inmate number “PO1135809.” However, he has continued to emphasize that he did nothing wrong. While speaking to reporters, the frontrunner for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination said, “What has taken place here is a travesty of Justice.”

Donald Trump’s Net Worth Since 2016-2023

YearNet Worth

Early Life

Born as the fourth child to Fred and Mary Trump, Donald has German-Scottish ancestry. Alongside his other siblings, Trump attended private Kew-Forest School from kindergarten to seventh grade. His academic journey saw him enroll at the New York Military Academy at age 13. Thereafter he gained admission into Fordham University in 1964. Two years later, he moved to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

It is worth mentioning that Donald Trump’s father, Fred, was a successful real estate developer. Donald Trump’s wealthy background made it easy for him to become a millionaire at the very young age of eight (8). Trump made his first entry alongside his father into Forbes Richest Personalities in 1982 due to his share in his family wealth. Fred, alongside his mother, acquired their wealth in home construction and sales through Elizabeth Trump & Son’s company. The company built large swaths of single-family homes in Queens. The firm thrived to own and control more than 27,000 rental units along the East Coast, majorly in neighbouring boroughs of New York City. 

After graduating from college, Trump worked in his father’s company. Later, the firm was rebranded to “The Trump Organization.” There, Donald Trump gathered his wealth, laying the foundation for his present net worth. However, he lost a significant part of his wealth around 1980, denying him an appearance on the Forbes list in the 1990s. During the period, Donald Trump lost up to $2 billion at the then value of the U.S. dollar. 

Inheritance and Family Loan

On various occasions, Donald Trump attempted to downplay his father’s significant contribution to his net worth. Many perceived the act to be an attempt to establishing himself as a self-made billionaire. Above all, it’s obvious that Donald Trump gained the boost of becoming a billionaire through his father’s wealth. For instance, in 1976, Fred Trump created $1 million trust funds for each of his five children and three great-grandchildren. Consequently, Donald Trump earned yearly dividends from profits gained from his father and grandmother’s real estate company rental income and property sales. Between 1980 and 1981, Donald Trump received more than $300 million from the Trust Fund. 

Accordingly, as of 1999 when Fred Trump died, Donald received more than $413 million from his inheritance and dividends from the trust fund. In addition, Donald Trump collected various loans which are worth at least $60 million. He acquired most of the loans as support from his dad towards establishing his firm. According to reports, Donald Trump didn’t refund most of the loans. There is a vacuum of information regarding the repayment of the loans. On various occasions, Donald Trump claimed he repaid the loans with interest. Findings indicated that Fred Trump through various means channeled some of his wealth to Donald. 

The Apprentice and Trump University

The net worth of Donald Trump was greatly impacted by his earnings from “The Apprentice.” He collaborated with Mark Burnett to start the production of The Apprentice on NBC. The American reality television show judges the business skills of contestants who compete in groups. At the inception of the show, NBC offered Donald Trump about 50% of the generated income from the show. Across the fifteen seasons that ran between 2004 to 2017, Donald earned about $197.3 million from the deal. The show featured top personalities like George H. Ross, Carolyn Kepcher, Bill Rancic, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Sean Yazbeck, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

At the height of the show in 2005, the billionaire earned more than $48 million. Additionally, outside the deal, Donald Trump earned $230 million worth of endorsement and licensing deals from the show. In total, the business mogul received $427.4 million from the show. Due to his mouth-watering earnings from the show, Trump paid $70.1 million in federal taxes from 2005 to 2007. Donald Trump hosted the show for fourteen (14) seasons before he was eventually fired for his comments about Mexican immigrants when he declared his intention to run for the U.S. Presidency.

Also, in 2004, Donald Trump co-founded Trump University. The firm provided real estate training programs for interested students for $1,500 to $35,000. The organization generated a lot of controversies that forced it to change its name to the Trump Entrepreneur Initiative in 2010. Then, New York State authorities wrote a letter to the organization stating that it is violating its regulations by using the word “university” because the organization doesn’t have the approval to offer live instruction or training. The host of controversies forced the firm to pack up in 2011.

Books and Foundation

Aside from his business and political endeavours, Donald Trump is also famous as a writer and author. The billionaire has written and authored various books such as Trump Tower, Trump; The Art of the Deal, Why We Want You To Be Rich, Midas Touch, Trump; How to get rich, Think Big and Kick Ass: In Business and in Life, Our Journey Together. Most of his books reflected his business and political views. 

In 1988, Donald Trump established his own Charity Foundation. In the first two decades after the creation of the Foundation, he donated heavily to the foundation. According to multiple sources, he has already given more than $3 million to the foundation since 2000. In 2008, Donald Trump stopped donating to the foundation and shut it down ten (10) years later. However, before the foundation ceased operation, it still received donations from other individuals and organizations.

The foundation endured stern scrutiny from New York authorities due to its operations. The New York Attorney General indicted the foundation for incessant illegal practices. The Attorney General alleged that the foundation channeled campaign donations on behalf of Donald Trump. The accusations also include the refusal of the foundation to comply with its regulations of agreeing to an annual audit. A year after it stopped operating, Donald Trump was ordered to pay a $2 million fine for misusing the foundation for his business and political purposes.

Presidency Salary

While in office, Donald Trump earned an annual salary of $400,000 yearly alongside a $50,000 expense account. Salary as the President of the United States is lucratively designed to prevent Presidents from taking bribes. Congress designated $19,000 for official presidential receptions and related expenses. In addition, while in office, the first family of the president received $100,000 to redecorate their residence in the White House. However, Donald Trump donated a larger part of his salary to various charitable courses.

Presently as an ex-President, Donald Trump is bound to receive various financial compensation which includes a $211,000 annual pension. Further, Donald Trump receives up to $1 million in travel expense reimbursements yearly. As an ex-President, the billionaire is being paid $150,000 for staff expenses and an office space reimbursement yearly. In addition, he receives $34,000 for communications and miscellaneous costs, and $159,000 for unspecified services. In total, Donald Trump will net $900,000 as an ex-President.

Luxury Cars and Mansions belonging to Donald Trump

Certainly, Donald Trump is a lover of luxurious lifestyle. He has over time depicted this through the collection of magnificent cars and apartments in his name. According to multiple sources, the former president owns six residences. One of them is a three-story penthouse at Trump Tower. We discovered that this penthouse was the primary abode of the former president from 1983 to 2019. The magnificent apartment is worth $64 million according to Forbes estimates.

He is also a proud owner of a 28,322-square-foot mansion in Bedford, New York. According to our findings, the apartment is enveloped with at least 60 rooms. He bought it in the 1990s for about $7.5 million. The former president reportedly registered this mansion as an investment in a bid to evade taxation. Apart from this apartment, he also owns scores of mansions across major cities in the country.

It is worth mentioning that Trump’s garage is also filled with luxurious cars. One of them is Cadillac ‘Trump’ Limo, designed after a partnership with Cadillac. Trump’s name was inscribed all over the vehicle, including its crest, seats and more. More so, the former president also owns a 1997 Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster. Just like the Cadillac ‘Trump’ Limo, this vehicle also has an inscription of Trump on it. Other vehicles in his garage include McLaren Mercedes SLR and a 1956 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud.

Is Donald Trump Pro Crypto?

Donald Trump has never hidden his reservations about Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrencies. The former president, particularly during his time in office, made several negative remarks about the largest crypto by market cap. In one of his tweets in 2019, Trump affirmed that he is never a fan of BTC and other cryptocurrencies. He said crypto assets should not be regarded as money because of their volatility and the fact that they are based on “thin air.”

It is worth mentioning that this post generated a lot of reactions, particularly from major actors in the crypto industry. One of those who reacted to the post is Brian Armstrong, the CEO of the popular crypto exchange, Coinbase. Armstrong expressed his disappointment in the President’s diss against BTC. He was quoted tweeting, “Achievement unlocked! I dreamt about a sitting U.S. president needing to respond to growing cryptocurrency usage years ago. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.’ We just got to step 3 y’all.”

Trump’s comment about BTC didn’t actually sit well with some of his supporters who are lovers of cryptocurrencies. Over time, particularly during his time as President of the United States, some of these supporters attempted to develop Trump-inspired cryptocurrency, like TrumpCoin, USACoin and more. One of them even offered to convince Trump about BTC after his outburst against the token. In an already deleted tweet, the Trump supporter identified as Preston Byrne said “Hey. I’m basically the only guy in the crypto industry who voted for you (or admits it). Can I convince you otherwise?”

Although, the Trump family had already come out to dissociate from “TrumpCoin” and its developer, calling it a fraud. In a Twitter post by Donald’s son, Eric, he warned his followers not to invest in the memecoin, describing it as a fraud. He wrote “Fraud Alert: It has come to our attention that someone is promoting a cryptocurrency called “TrumpCoin (Symbol: “TRUMP.”) This has NOTHING to do with our family, we do not authorize the use and we are no way affiliated with this group. Legal action will be taken.”

In 2021, Trump again reaffirmed his ill feeling about BTC. During a chat with Stuart Varney on Fox Business, he described Bitcoin as a scam. Justifying his hatred for the crypto, Trump said “I don’t like it, because it’s another currency competing against the dollar. I want the dollar to be the currency of the world. That’s what I’ve always said.”

Surprisingly, despite the anti-crypto stance of Trump, his wife, Melanie is a Bitcoin fan. The former First Lady holds a different perspective about the token. On numerous occasions, she tweets about the crypto, expressing her optimism about its potential. In early 2022, Melanie, in one of her Twitter posts, showered encomium on BTC to mark its 13th anniversary. At that time, the Bitcoin community was also celebrating an all-time high in the token’s hash rate.

So, Melanie’s public felicitation of BTC took the Twitter community by surprise. Although, prior to her post about the token, the former first lady had launched her NFT collection, known as “Head of State.” It is worth mentioning that the collection was launched on the Solana network. Then, the token was made available via auction for 1 SOL equivalent to over $180 at that time. Meanwhile, it is interesting that the launch of this NFT by Melanie didn’t encourage Trump to soften his stance on digital currencies. Although, he commended his wife for the innovation, saying “She is gonna do great.”

However, as the United States of America looks towards the 2024 Presidential election, there are indications that Donald Trump will be back in the race. According to multiple sources, the former president has already announced his interest to fellow Republicans. He also spoke to a crowd in Texas about his plan to return to the White House in 2024.

Unconfirmed sources claimed Trump’s desire to amass financial donations for his political aspiration has forced him to soften his stance against cryptocurrencies. As revealed, Trump is planning to receive donations in crypto to avoid traces.

Crypto and NFT Assets of Donald Trump

In a 2023 financial disclosure, Donald Trump indicated that he holds about $500,000 worth of Ethereum in his crypto wallet. Meanwhile, before the disclosure, during his administration as the president, Donald Trump via a tweet said he was not a fan of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. But his former director of communications, Anthony Scaramucci said he doubted if Trump posted the now-deleted tweet.

It is indeed surprising to see Trump confirming his exposure to Ethereum despite his various harsh comments against crypto in recent years. Nevertheless, the financial disclosure only reveals Ethereum as the only crypto asset in his portfolio. This means he is yet to start investing in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies.

However, people feel his desire to emerge in the next presidential contest propelled him to start romancing the industry. Donald Trump wants to raise funds for his campaigns and has allegedly settled to take donations from prominent Bitcoin investors so as to avoid traces. Recall that the business mogul and former president had, in the past, faced scrutiny over his campaign expenses, particularly in the buildup to the 2016 elections. In a bid to avert similar scrutiny, Trump might be seeking solace with cryptocurrencies very soon.

Notably, Trump is an influential figure in the NFT sector. From late 2022 to early 2023, he has been able to launch two NFT collections. While unveiling the first series of the collection, he claimed the assets have to do with his life and career. The trading cards of the collection feature the portrayal of Trump in numerous guises like a superhero, astronaut and Nascar driver. At launch, only 45,000 of the trading cards were made available on OpenSea at $99 each.

As expected, Trump’s decision to venture into the NFT market generated a lot of controversies. On Twitter, some users questioned Trump’s motive to launch an NFT despite holding a negative perspective about digital currencies. According to them, the former president might be venturing into the market to raise funds for his legal issues and the 2024 Presidential campaigns.

However, the NFT collection has so far recorded a good outing on OpenSea. According to multiple sources, it earned over $15 million in revenue on the NFT marketplace. More so, Trump’s latest financial disclosure showed he earned millions of dollars from selling the collections late last year. It is not in doubt that this feat must have encouraged him to launch the second series of the collection in April, 2023. Our findings show that Trump’s team minted 47,000 NFTs on Polygon, with each selling for $99.

Before the launching of NFTs by Donald Trump, his wife, Melanie has already ventured into the sphere. The former First Lady launched her NFT on the Solana network. It is worth mentioning that Melanie is a strong admirer of cryptocurrencies, particularly BTC. Her NFT sold for 1 SOL equivalent to $180 as at that time. In 2022, she also announced another NFT collection, known as POTUS. The collection is enveloped with items which reflect memorable moments in her husband’s presidency. In the collection, there are 10,000 items, with each for sale at $50.

Crypto and NFT Projects featuring Donald Trump

Despite his public condemnation of cryptocurrencies, Donald Trump has been featured in numerous crypto projects. Most of these projects were launched by supporters of his political ideology who are into cryptocurrencies. Some of the cryptocurrencies include TrumpCoin, USACoin and a few others. Although, Trump’s family had come out to dissociate from those projects, particularly TrumpCoin, warning investors to stay away from it. As of the time of writing, the coin has not been listed on CoinmarketCap.

Certainly, there are also several NFT projects featuring Trump, his business career and moments as President of the U.S. One of these projects is known as POTUS, launched by Melanie.

The other NFT collection was launched by him through a partnership with NFT INT LLC and CIC Digital LLC. The collection features a cartoon appearance of him as a superhero and astronaut.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has also been featured in Wall Street Memes, one of the exciting meme coin projects around. Wall Street Memes is highly popular on Twitter and Instagram for its thrilling memes about influential figures across the globe. In May 2023, it did a very humorous meme about the former U.S. President on Instagram. By featuring the likes of Elon Musk, Changpeng Zhao, and many more in its exciting memes, Wall Street Memes has been able to attract global attention.

Its native coin, $WSM is currently undergoing its presale, raising not less than $1 million within two days. Many investors who have been unimpressed by the sluggish performance of other crypto assets are now rushing $WSM. Occasioned by this development, the project made the list of the best crypto presales and has been tipped as one of the next cryptocurrency to explode. To venture into the project, visit

Donald Trump Meme

Ongoing Lawsuits against Donald Trump

Since he left the White House as the President of the United States, Donald Trump has been facing numerous legal battles. Most of the indictments against Trump revolve around his political and business careers. In one of the lawsuits, the former president was accused of intentionally plummeting and inflating the value of his assets for tax and loan benefits.

A former Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus Vance started the investigations against Trump but has handed it over to Alvin Bragg. In the same lawsuit, Trump was also accused of bribing women who dragged him for having romantic affairs with them during his campaigns for presidency. Investigations identified one of the women as Ms Daniels. Trump and his lawyer, Michael Cohen allegedly silenced her with $130,000 bribe a few days to the election. It is worth mentioning that the lawyer has now been convicted for the offense and other related criminal charges like tax evasion and many more. He was sentenced to three years in prison while Trump is still facing trial.

Additionally, the former president is also facing another lawsuit for allegedly harassing one E Jean Carroll, a former columnist of Elle magazine sexually. Carroll accused Trump of raping her in the 1990s. Although the case is statute barred, the former columnist had filed a lawsuit in line with New York State law to enable the hearing of the sexual harassment case.

According to our findings, the New York State law gives victims of sexual harassment a one-time privilege to institute lawsuits against the perpetrators even if the matter is already statute barred. Meanwhile, Trump has continued to deny the allegations. Recently, he filed a defamation suit against Carroll.

Trump’s failure to comport his supporters during the 2020 presidential electioneering process has been greeted with numerous lawsuits. Following his defeat in the election by his closest rival, Joe Biden, Trump allegedly incited his followers to match on the Capitol. After that speech, his supporters attacked the Capitol, leading to a breakdown of law and order.

This ugly incident compelled Bennie Thompson and Eric Swalwell to file two different lawsuits against him. The duo, in their lawsuits, accused Trump of causing insurrection. As of the time of writing, Thompson had dropped his suit against the former president. But, Swalwell’s lawsuit is still ongoing.

Our findings also show that there is an ongoing lawsuit to stop Donald Trump from contesting the 2024 elections. The suit was reportedly filed by a political rival, Anthony Castro. He claimed Trump had committed insurrection and is thus not eligible to hold any public office again. Meanwhile, there are indications that there will be an addition to his long list of legal battles.

At the moment, he is under investigation for allegedly mishandling and concealing some official government documents in his Florida estate. Recently, his estate was searched by federal officials. Certainly, if investigations reveal anything incriminating, then another lawsuit is on knocking on the door of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s Net Worth – Our Verdict

We have been able to break down the net worth of Donald Trump, including his investments, assets, political earnings, NFT projects and many more. It is not in doubt that Donald Trump is currently biting more than he can chew owing to the long list of ongoing lawsuits against him. Certainly, the outcome of each of these lawsuits would significantly impact the future net worth of Donald Trump and his political career.

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Does Donald Trump support cryptocurrency?

This isn't clear. Donald Trump has not so far been a vocal supporter of cryptocurrencies. He has in the past few years expressed his reservations about Bitcoin and other crypto assets. However his wife Ivanka starting an NFT collection and then he himself launching NFTs may have changed that. Although some NFT investors don't like cryptocurrencies, and vice versa.

Does Donald Trump own an NFT collection?

Yes. The former president owns an NFT collection which he describes as a reflection of his business and political careers. The collection is currently live on OpenSea.

Is Donald Trump planning to re-contest in 2024?

Yes. Donald Trump is reported to have told some of his fellow Republicans about his intention to re-contest for American presidency in 2024