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Andrew Tate Net Worth, Crypto and NFT Investments

Born on December 1, 1986, in Chicago, Andrew Tate made a niche for himself in kickboxing having emerged as champion four times.  At the end of his career, Tate ventured into business, finance, and cryptocurrency, thus making his wealth a subject of huge attention.

Andrew Tate net worth breakdown

Despite winning various titles during the span of his kickboxing career, Andrew Tate gained public fame in 2016, following his appearance on popular reality show, U.K Big Brother. Andrew Tate’s status as a celebrity millionaire materialized owing to his, luxury lifestyle, crypto investment, and vast fan base.

Andrew Tate Net Worth – Breakdown

There are growing questions about Andrew Tate’s net worth, and his crypto holdings – ‘Andrew Tate net worth‘ is typed into Google 177,000 times a month according to Ahrefs data, so people are very interested in this question.

Prominent publications haven’t helped the debate either with different claims about his net worth. They stated that the net worth of Andrew Tate could be anywhere between $50 million to $700 million. The data relayed by these publications  contradicts each other and do not in any way reflect the exact net worth of the former kickboxing champion.

How Much Does Andrew Tate Make?

SourceEstimated Income
Martial Arts Career$5 thousand – $10 thousand per match
Casino Business$1.8 million
Adult WebCam$1.5 million monthly
Hustlers’ University and War Room$5 million monthly

Martial Arts Career – $500,000

Tate’s kickboxing career was not as lucrative as many perceived. The sport didn’t fetch Andrew Tate enough earnings. This thus means the celebrity millionaire didn’t make his fortune from Kickboxing.

Speaking on different occasions, Andrew Tate attested that he made some money from kickboxing but was never rich. He revealed that he made between $50,000 – $100,000 per match. Throughout his career, Tate fought 86 matches.

He stated that the highest he ever made in a kickboxing match was $75,000. However, Tate added that the expense of financing his team which includes a manager, kickboxing coach, and other crew members took most of the money.

Analysts revealed that after settling every expense Andrew Tate mostly ends up with $5,000-$10,00 after every match. So, the estimated worth Andrew acquired throughout his kickboxing career stands at about $500,000.

Casino Business – $1.8 million monthly

Andrew Tate’s fortune improved for good with his casino business in Romania. Meanwhile, there are several online reports without relevant sources about how Tate made his fortune in the European country.

However, Andrew Tate gave an insight into how his fortune grew in Europe in one of his videos. In the clip, the millionaire revealed how he met a Romanian Family of three brothers who owned more than 400 casinos throughout Eastern Europe.

Tate revealed that he went to them with a plan of building new casinos with only electronic games. Meeting them, Andrew Tate offered to set up casinos very close to the Romanian brother’s business competitors. He said, “I’m going to war for you with my money.” The world champion offered them a percentage of turnover without asking the mafia brothers for any financial assistance.

With the backing of his brother Tristian, Andrew Tate reportedly set up 15 casinos in Romania, earning about $1.8 million monthly. Nevertheless, the figures haven’t been confirmed to be true as Tate is yet to reveal the actual state of his casino business.

Adult Webcam Business – $1.5 million monthly

Part of the Tate brothers business adventure led them to Adult Webcam business. From their compound in Romania, they both run a studio where models in lingerie could chat with men on webcam. In a revelation, Andrew Tate disclosed that he got the business idea from an advert online.

At first, Tate would chat with the men in place of his models, getting lots of cash in return as they mostly shower the ladies with gifts. Also, Tate’s webcam business often charges fans $4 per minute to speak with their models on phone. At the height of the business, Tate had 75 models working with his studio across four countries. This thus enables him to earn $1.5 million monthly.

Hustler’s University and War Room – $5 million monthly 

The larger part of Andrew Tate’s fortune was raked from his successful War Room and Hustler’s University. Worth mentioning that the Hustler University succeeded the War Room. Furthermore, the War Room is an exclusive community with 2,000 members who subscribe for about $5,454 to access Andrew Tate’s special content and events. Tate sells exclusive merchandise, tickets, and supplements. The millionaire often charges “the weak to wage war against the matrix.” 

Additionally, the Hustler’s University has more patronage than the War Room. The platform consists of instructors including Tate who provide instructional materials to subscribers on how to make money online. To subscribe, users must pay $49.99 to access the platform per month. The platform has over 100,000 users. Andrew Tate preached the idea of gaining value through skills or wealth to stay relevant in society. 

At Hustler’s University, subscribers can learn about Cryptocurrency trading, e-Commerce, Copywriting, Stocks trading, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, Amazon FBA, and SEO. The platform focuses mainly on empowering subscribers to make money online. In total, Andrew Tate’s total estimated earnings for Hustler’s University and War Room are pegged at $5 million monthly.

Is Andrew Tate a Creative Entrepreneur or a Mere Provocateur?

Over time, many have asked whether Andrew Tate can be regarded as a creative entrepreneur or a mere trolling provocateur.  Recall that the former kickboxing champion was recently banned from all major social media platforms due to his misogynistic views. Prior to his ban, Tate, through his handles, consistently advocated male supremacy and supported every form of violence against women. The genesis of his controversial views about women could be traced to his eviction from the reality UK TV show Big Brother in 2016. The organizers of the programme showed Tate the exit door after a clip which exposed how he assaulted a woman, dominated the internet. Although, in his defense claimed the video was doctored to paint him black.

Since then, he has become notable for advocating toxic masculinity. We did a background check on some of his misogynistic quotes. A few of them are as follows: “Females are the ultimate status symbol. People think I’m running around with these hoes because I like sex. That’s nothing to do with the reason why I’m running around with these bitches. I got these bitches just so everyone knows who the don is.” “I think the women belong to the man,”and many more.

Meanwhile, despite the controversies surrounding his personality as a self-acclaimed misogynist, the notable kickboxer was able to galvanize millions of supporters, particularly among young male teens across the globe. According to our findings, Tate has about 4.7 million followers on Twitter alone. He consistently fed with videos, expressing disgust against women and supremacy of the male gender over the other gender.

Interestingly, the controversial influencer has even become more popular on Tiktok and Youtube despite the ban on his account. In recent times, videos about Tate expressing toxic misogynistic statements trended on Tiktok, amassing more than 10 billion views despite being posted from different accounts. On Youtube, his banned channel boasts of more than 700, 000 active subscribers. A representative of the topnotch social networking platform, Ivy Choi, justified the ban on Tate’s channel, saying the kickboxer conveyed contents that contradict the platform’s community guidelines and terms of service. It is, however, surprising that the ban has not been able to forestall controversial videos of Tate on social media.

However, it is imperative to note that the controversies surrounding the personality of Andrew Tate has not changed the fact that he is an established entrepreneur. Despite hailing from a humble background, the British-American has undoubtedly risen to prominence due to his wonderful kickboxing career and entrepreneurship dexterity. The manner in which he successfully expanded his adult cam girl and casino businesses earns him a seat amidst the genius entrepreneurs across the world. Despite enjoying a good spell as a kickboxer, Tate claims he never earned millions until he began his adult cam business.

As regards his casino business, he reportedly started through a collaboration with the Romanian mafia family who owns up to 400 casinos. Tate leveraged his entrepreneurship dexterity to expand the business to an extent that he now reportedly owns at least 15 casinos. According to unofficial sources, these casinos generate about $1,000,000 every month.

Away from casino and adult cam businesses, the American-British mogul also owns an educational platform, identified as Hustlers University. On this platform, Tate and other notable content creators share tips on how to make money to their audience. Certainly, the manner in which he aggressively promoted and marketed the platform grew its user base. As of late 2022, Hustlers University boasts of more than 100,000 users, with each of them expected to pay over $49 monthly. By simple calculation, Tate and his team rake in at least $5 million every month with the platform.

With the aforementioned, it has been established that the kickboxer is a successful entrepreneur. Although critics of his misogynistic views may see him as a provocateur, it still does not take away the fact that his business skill is commendable and worthy of emulation by upcoming entrepreneurs.

Overview of Andrew Tate’s Assets

As of the time of writing, the exact figure of the overall assets owned by Tate is still beclouded by uncertainty. This is because there is no verifiable information about it in the public domain. However, we rely on the statement credited to the man himself, where he claimed he had a net worth of $100 million when he was 31 years old. It is noteworthy that Tate attained 35 years last year and prior to his arrest last December, he boasted about having more than 33 luxurious cars, which include a Bugatti Chiron Pure Sport valued at $5 million.

Recall that the controversial influencer was tamed by Romanian police for allegedly managing a group that engaged in human trafficking. Although Tate has come out to deny the allegation, it is uncertain that the case might end anytime soon.

Andrew Tate is Pro Crypto

According to our findings, the kickboxer is also a big supporter of new cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Late last year, a video trended on social media about Tate encouraging investors to buy the BTC and Ethereum dip. He affirmed that the two coins are going nowhere. More so, he leveraged his Hustlers platform to offer crypto courses to thousands of subscribers.

Apart from being a major advocate of these assets, Tate reportedly owns an appreciable amount of BTC. We rely on the information from the Romanian Police that they impounded 5 BTC in his wallet as a clue of the possible amount of his crypto investment.

As well as being a Bitcoin investor we also discovered that Tate has his own NFT collectible. The collectible is known as “Top G Exclusive” and runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Till his arrest, the controversial influencer was unable to fully explain the utility of the NFT. His last promotional statement about the project was only geared towards teasing people to anticipate the potential of  the collection. He was quoted saying “you’ll find out in the years to come.” 

Driven by his passion for cryptocurrency, Andrew Tate took to Twitter on May 17, 2023, to announce that he would be endorsing a shitcoin in June. It is worth mentioning that shitcoins are crypto assets which possess little or no significant market value. Now, the kickboxer affirmed his interest in endorsing a shitcoin and ensuring that the project attains relevance in the market. However, he didn’t mention the specific shitcoin that will likely earn his endorsement. But, he vowed to hint students of his Hustler University about the token before making it public. According to the controversial influencer, the students will get the hint an hour before he makes the endorsement public. More so, email list members of Tate will get to know about the token in at least five minutes before it becomes public.

Meanwhile, his followers might not take his post seriously as it came barely a few hours after he said he doesn’t endorse shitcoins. Without any doubt, Andrew Tate is one of those influential celebrities whose endorsement will always impact the performance of a project.

Crypto Projects featuring Tate

There are insinuations that Tate might have launched his own crypto project, Tatecoin. But, as of the time of writing, detailed information about the said project is yet to be in the public domain. As a matter of fact, the popular crypto advocate is yet to come out openly to confirm the crypto, perhaps because of the ban on his social media accounts. By virtue of this, we advise investors not to buy into the asset for now until there is clear and detailed information about it.

As one of the biggest names in the industry, it is possible that Andrew Tate will soon feature in upcoming memes by Wall Street Project. Over the past few months, the meme project has been featuring influential personalities like Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Joe Biden and many more. By virtue of its memes about these celebrities, Wall Street Memes has remarkably grown in popularity. Today, it has a strong presence on Instagram and Twitter. Also, its token $WSM, whose presale was launched in May 2023, is making waves and has been tipped to become one of the next cryptocurrency to explode. Within two days of its presale launch, it raised at least $1 million. This thus suggests that the meme coin has certainly won the hearts of many investors. If you will like to also join the growing list of $WSM investors, visit

Andrew Tate Net Worth – Our Verdict

In this article, we have fully established that Tate is one of the biggest names in the kickboxing, crypto and casino sectors. Even though he has successfully retired from kickboxing, the indelible mark he attained in his career cannot be erased. Being an advocate of crypto and casino, it is certain that the former kickboxing champion must have made a huge amount of gains in most of his investments.

Overall an estimate of Andrew Tate’s net worth is hard to pin down, especially as his trial with the Romanian authorities is still ongoing. Recently, he was released from prison by the Court of Appeal and placed on house arrest. By virtue of this, Tate and his three accomplices, Georgiana Naghel, Luana Radu and Tristan Tate must stay in the building where they live pending the determination of their fates. It is noteworthy that the final outcome of this trial will significantly impact the future net worth of the kickboxer.

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Why was Andrew Tate arrested by Romanian authorities?

He was arrested for being a member of an organized crime group that engage in human trafficking.

What is Andrew Tate's net worth?

This is hard to estimate, and media sources give a range anywhere from $50 million - $700 million. It could also be heavily impacted by his ongoing legal proceedings.

Is Andrew Tate pro crypto?

Yes. He is a notable advocate of cryptocurrencies and he holds an appreciable amount of BTC, and NFTs.

When was Andrew state kicked out of a reality UK TV show?

The controversial celebrity was kicked out of the show in 2016.