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Jake Paul Net Worth, Crypto and NFT Investments

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Jake Joseph Paul was birthed in Cleveland Ohio on January 17, 1997. He is an American Social Media Celebrity, A Professional Boxer, and Rapper. It is worth mentioning that Jake is a brother to popular Social Media Star and WWE Athlete, Paul Logan. There are questions and uncertainties about the actual net worth of this celebrity. There are various assertions that Jake Paul’s net worth could be as high as $350 million.

Jake Paul

Jake on the other hand hasn’t helped in clearing the air regarding his net worth. In an interview last year, Paul declared that he’s worth more than $100 million. However, findings indicated that the Celebrity Youtuber’s worth is nowhere near that range. According to credible sources, Jake Paul’s net worth sits at around $34.3 million. His journey toward becoming a billionaire took him across various endeavours like Vlogging, boxing, acting, and rapping, among many others.

Paul Jake is famous for living a luxurious lifestyle as he owned various fascinating assets like a car collection that consists of Bugatti Divo, Ferrari Roma, Porsche Panamera, and BMW Z4. He is well known to be a controversial figure as well. He has landed in various legal troubles owing to his involvement in scandals. In recent times, Paul has been charged with various charges including criminal trespass and unlawful assembly.

After recording a TKO victory over Ryan Bourland on March 2, 2024, Jake Paul has been attracting huge media attention as a result of his much-anticipated match with boxing legend, Mike Tyson. The match is billed to take place on July 20, 2024, at the AT&T Stadium, in Arlington, Texas. Jake Paul is expected to net a significant sum of money that could boost his net worth from the fight.

Jake Paul’s Net Worth – Income Source and Estimated Value

Income Source Estimated Worth
Disney $350 thousand
Social Media Platforms $10 million
Boxing Career $63 million

Disney and Vine 

His success on Vine opened the pathway to success for Paul Jake. Alongside his brother Logan, Jake has been filming since he was 10. Paul Jake started posting videos on Vine in September 2013, he attracted viewers through his pranks, controversies, and hip-hop music. Despite his young age, Paul Jake had about 5.3 million and 2 billion views on the app before it folded up.

Thereafter, he moved to YouTube, launching his channel on May 15, 2014. He replicated his success on Vine with YouTube and eventually, he landed a role on Disney’s Bizaardvark. In the series, Jake played the role of a character that accepted various dare requests that he would later fulfill. He worked on Bizaardvark for a season and a half and featured in 35 episodes.

During this period, Paul Jake still maintained his commitment to his YouTube Vlogging career. Surprisingly, on July 22, 2017, during the middle of filming the second season of Bizaardvark, the Disney Channel announced that Paul would be leaving the series. Paul Jake’s discontinuation from the series emerged after reports revealed that there were complaints from his neighbors. Reports revealed how his neighbors were pissed with the noise from Paul’s pranks, parties, fire hazards, and the large crowds of Paul’s fans gathering in their community.

Meanwhile, Paul Jake stated that he earned little from the series compared to his earning on YouTube. In an interview, he referred to his earnings from Bizaardvark as peanuts. He revealed how he received wages based on the episode he featured alone. Paul Jake revealed that he earned around $10,000 per episode, which he perceived to be minimal when compared to what he receives from his YouTube Vlogging path. Considering the number of episodes Paul Jake appeared on Bizaardvark, his estimated earnings should be around $350,000.

Social Media

Paul Jake later confirmed the discontinuation via his Twitter handle. Then, he revealed his intention of focusing more on his brand; YouTube channel, business ventures, and adult acting roles. His focus on Vlogging saw Paul Jake producing up to 1,000 videos, gaining millions of views from his YouTube channel alone.

With his vast viewership across various social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube, Paul Jake landed various endorsement and promotion deals. These deals aided Jake Paul in making more than $100 million from YouTube pages throughout his career. This return placed him among the highest-paid social media personalities. In one of his revelations, Jake disclosed that he gets between $10,000-$100,000 per brand sponsorship deal. Also, he revealed that he earns around $500-$5000 for every video advertisement.

Aside from raking millions from his vlogging career, Jake has been able to leverage his viewership to prompt his music and business career. In January 2017, Jake Paul inaugurated Team 10. In May 2017, Paul released a song and music video titled “It’s Everyday Bro.” The video attracted more than 70 million views within a month. In early January 2018, Paul violated a part of YouTube’s regulation. He uploaded a video titled “I lost my virginity.” The video’s thumbnail exhibited how Paul and his then-girlfriend Erika Costell appeared almost naked. In reaction, YouTube age-restricted the video compelling Paul Jake to place the thumbnail to a clothed photo of the couple. In 2018, Forbes listed Paul Jake as the second highest-paid YouTuber.

Entertainment Career

In 2016, Paul Jake founded a special incubator known as Team 10  for aspiring social influencers. The initiative is a digital influencer marketing platform and creative agency. The team focused on creating and promoting entertainment for teenagers. Team 10 formed the bedrock of Paul Jake’s entertainment career.

A year later, the billionaire established TeamDom, to assist influencers grow their brands and make money. In pursuing the goal, TeamDom announced that it raised $1 million in a funding round led by China’s Danhua Capital. Then, the firm said it will spend the funds on recruitment, establishing a TV show, developing and monetizing influencer products, and designing more viral content for brands.

TeamDom invested in Team 10 with the intention of attracting influential social media stars to the platform with a focus on monetizing their status. With this team, Paul Jake followed a path in the entertainment sphere by releasing various songs and videos, including their Goalkeeper. Meanwhile, the social media accounts for Team 10 have been inactive since September 2019. This inactiveness birthed rumors that Paul Jake had disbanded the group and formed another in its place.

Boxing Career

Paul Jake’s boxing career started via a pair of amateur white-collar boxing matches with his brother as they fought KSI and his younger brother, Deji Olatunji on August 25, 2018. It is worth mentioning that Paul Jake’s fight against Deji was the undercard bout before the initial match, KSI vs Logan Paul. Paul Jake started his career on a positive path as he defeated Deji through a technical knockout in the fifth round. This victory laid the path for Paul Jake to kickstart his professional boxing career. On January 30, 2020, Paul Jake fought fellow YouTube star, AnEsonGib in Miami. Paul Jake continued his impressive form, winning AnEsonGib in the first round by Technical Knockout. Paul Jake also defeated professional basketball player Nate Robinson on November 28, 2020, as part of an undercard for the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. exhibition match.

He went on to defeat Tryon Woodley across two matches between August and December 2021 respectively. Paul Jake netted about $2 million from the first fight, winning by split decision. He won the second match via knockout. His impressive form continued when he defeated former UFC champion, Anderson Silva on October 29, 2022. After eight rounds, Paul Jake won by unanimous decision. This match fetched him about $1.5 million.

However, Paul Jake’s undefeated status as a professional boxer came to an end on February 26, 2023, after he lost to Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia. He lost by split decision despite knocking out Fury in the 8th round. Paul Jake secured about $3.2 million for himself, including 65% of Pay Per View earnings. In total, he earned $9 million from the match.

It is noteworthy that the millionaire acquired a significant path of his net worth through his returns from his professional boxing career. The matches he fought in 2021 alone earned $40 million between purses and Pay Per View bonuses. By the end of 2022, he had already smashed around $54 million from his series of viral boxing fights. Accordingly, Paul Jake earned around $63 million from his boxing career.

Investment Portfolio

Paul Jake’s investment portfolio cannot be labeled on a particular stock as he mainly invests in real estate and luxurious cars. However, there are indications that the celebrity millionaire invested in some firms. According to reports, Paul Jake has an investment in Anti Fund. Anti Fund focuses on fast-growing innovations  like AI, blockchain, and digital health.

More so, his investment efforts extend to Simple Bet. Simple Bet is a firm that offers sports betting, allowing users to place wagers on prominent moments in sports events. The firm provides a wide range of betting options that cut across Football, Basketball, Hockey, and many others. Also, reports are pointing to a relationship between blockchain development firms based in San Francisco, Alchemy, and Paul Jake. However, these reports didn’t indicate the extent or worth of the investment he committed to Alchemy.

His reported investment portfolio as well extends to Bit.Country. Paul Jake alongside other notable influencers participated in a funding round for Bit.Country, raising $4 million worth of investment for the company. Lastly, there are pointers that the millionaire invested in companies like Efinity, Wilder World, Betr, Super Fight and Cometeer.

Past Legal Issues involving Jake Paul

According to our findings, Jake Paul, has over time, been gripped with several legal issues. This is due to his brash and extremely controversial personality. It is worth mentioning that most of these issues have connections with the kinds of videos, he posts on his YouTube channel. Recall that in 2020, there was a massive demonstration in the U.S. over the gruesome murder of George Floyd by former police officer Derek Chauvin. Looters leveraged the widespread protest to loot a mall in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Mr Paul reportedly left the restaurant where he had dinner with his videographer to film the incident. On getting there, he began to interview people on what they were doing at the scene for the purpose of sharing the clip on his YouTube channel. It is noteworthy that the looting was still ongoing at the time he got to the mall, with policemen deploying measures to de-escalate the crisis.

In the end, he got himself into hot waters as some of the videos uploaded by his videographer depicted him as one of the participants in the looting. The YouTube star, in the released footage, appeared to be walking through the mall with a stolen bottle of vodka, thereby triggering reactions from more than 20 million subscribers of his channel.

Shortly after the footage dominated the airspace, the Police launched an investigation against Paul. As part of the investigation, the Police invaded his Los Angeles and Las Vegas apartments to search for any incriminating evidence. In the end, he was indicted of participating in an unlawful protest. According to the then statement by the Scottsdale Police Department, Paul chose to stay at the scene of the looting in spite of Police warnings to people to leave. Also, he was alleged of staying inside the mall after it was closed by the Police. Accordingly, Paul was arrested and charged by the Police with criminal trespass and unlawful assembly. Although, the case failed to fly as those charges were later dropped.

In 2023, another legal issue surfaced for Paul. This time, it was owing to his promotion of fraudulent crypto assets on his YouTube, thereby causing investors to dabble into the scheme. It is worth mentioning that the YouTube star was not the only one who promoted the assets. Other celebrities like Actress Lindsay Lohan, musicians Soulja Boy, Austin Mahone, Lil Yachty, Ne-Yo and Akon and Kendra Lust were also notable promoters of the assets and were sued alongside Paul.

The crypto assets, Tronix and BitTorrent were developed by Sun. According to a filing by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Sun manipulated the trading market to portray active trading on Tronix and BitTorrent. He allegedly recruited social media influencers, including Paul to promote the assets without disclosing the amounts they received. In the end, the Youtube star and a few other indicted celebrities agreed to pay a total of $400,000 as penalties to settle the charges.

Occasioned by his controversial personality, Paul’s life has been enveloped with numerous accusations. In 2021, a Tiktop celebrity, Justine Paradise accused the famous fighter of sexual assault. In a 20 minutes video, Paradise claimed Paul compelled her to perform oral sex in the bedroom of Team 10 house.

Barely a month after this revelation by Paradise, another allegation of sexual misconduct also materialized against the YouTube star. This time, the allegation was made by Railey Lollie, a celebrity actress. She claimed Paul called her a “Jailbait” and groped her in a room after filming a video. It is worth mentioning that the YouTube star has denied both allegations.

Houses and Cars Owned by Jake Paul

Just like his brother, Paul is notable for his luxurious lifestyle. The famous influencer has numerous magnificent mansions and cars to his name. At the moment, he lives in an apartment alongside his brother in Puerto Rico. According to our findings, the duo bought the apartment for $13 million in 2021.

Apart from this, Paul reportedly owns apartments worth millions of dollars in notable cities like Florida, New York, Los Angeles, California, and many more. His apartment in Los Angeles for instance is worth $3 million. The apartments in New York and Florida are valued at $4 million and $7 million respectively. In 2021, the YouTuber sold his California apartment for over $6 million.

Certainly, Paul has a lot of multi-million dollars vehicles in his garage. According to multiple sources, some of the car collection in his garage includes Rolls Royce Ghost, Lamborghini Huracan Performante, Toyota Takoma, Tesla Model X, Dodge Ram, Ferrari Roma, Porsche Panamera, BMW Z4, and Ford Focus R. According to CAKnowledge, Paul has bought a Bugatti Divo, worth over $7 million.

Crypto Holdings or Investments of Jake Paul

It is not in doubt that Jake Paul is pro-crypto. Apart from the fact that he used his social media platforms to promote varieties of cryptocurrencies, he also held some of the tokens. Although, there is no credible information about the overall value of his crypto portfolio in public domain. In one of his interviews in 2021, the celebrity YouTuber revealed that he invested in Bitcoin when it traded around $100. At that time, Paul was 16 years old. He described the investment as the best financial decision he had ever taken. The gains from this investment contributed heavily to Jake Paul’s net worth. Later, he bought more BTC and even extended his crypto investment to ETH.

Meanwhile, Paul would have also held some of the crypto assets he promoted in the past. Recall that in 2022, he promoted the SafeMoon crypto project. Although, the project endured numerous security issues, thereby throwing its investors into a state of dilemma. There is no doubt that Paul was among the promoters of the project who sold their safemoon holdings amid the crisis.

In 2022, Paul’s brother, Logan in a Podcast revealed that Jake invested all the $40 million he made in 2021 into cryptocurrencies. This gives us an insight into his commitment to joining the ranks of rich Bitcoin investors. However, following the terrible downturn that greeted the crypto market in 2022, Paul suffered a massive loss on his crypto investment.

This is due to the fact that when he made the $40 million investment, crypto prices were at its peak. His brother, Logan claimed Jake Paul’s net worth has dropped following the downturns that greeted the crypto market.

But, the YouTube Celebrity has continued to blame one person for the losses he suffered in his crypto investment. The person is Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America. In a June 2022 Twitter post, Paul accused Biden of causing the decline in crypto prices.

He claimed the President’s scorecard has been woeful, listing some of his achievements as “highest gas prices, worst inflation, plummeting crypto prices, and highest rent prices.” His post generated a lot of controversies, with many calling him a saboteur of crypto prices owing to his recent engagements in “pump and dump” deals.

Jake Paul’s Net Worth – The Bottom Line

Although Paul suffered significant losses owing to the 2022 crypto winter, he must have gained heavily from his crypto investments. This is due to the fact that he was one of the early investors in BTC, dabbling into the largest crypto by market cap when it traded at around $100. The massive upsurge of the token to thousands of dollars indicated a huge gain for the famous fighter.

At the moment, it is difficult to know Jake Paul’s exact net worth as information relating to it is not in the public domain. But, apart from his crypto gains, the celebrity influencer made a lot of money from commercials on his Youtube, thereby contributing to his wealth. On numerous occasions, he earns more than enough to promote projects on his social media channels. Although, the YouTuber needs to be very careful about the kinds of projects he promotes to avoid issues similar to Tronix and BitTorrent projects.

It is worthy to note that Jake Paul’s net worth may rise should the crypto market record a big upsurge in the future.


How much was paid as settlement by Jake Paul and other promoters of Tronix and BitTorrent?

According to our findings, Jake Paul and other promoters of the fraudulent crypto projects paid a combined amount of $400,000.

What was the price of BTC when Jake Paul made his first investment in the token?

At the time Jake Paul made his first crypto investment, BTC was trading around $100. This thus places him among the early investors in the largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

How much does Jake Paul makes per advertisement on his social media channels?

Jake Paul charges as high as $500 to $5000 on every video advertisement or promotion on his social media handles.