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Logan Paul Net Worth, Crypto and NFT Investments

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Logan Alexander Paul was birthed on April 1, 1995. He is a professional wrestler and a youtube celebrity with close ties to the cryptocurrency space. Born to Pamela Stepnick and Gregory Paul, Paul has mixed ancestry. Aside from being a wrestler, he is famous for his Youtube channel. Presently, Logan Paul’s net worth is about $245 million with majority of his fortune coming from his Youtube, Boxing and Wrestling exploits.

Logan Paul net worth

Logan has up to 20 million subscribers on YouTube, making him a prominent figure in the social space. Likewise, the millionaire runs an Impaulsive podcast since November 2018. The platform has more than 4 million YouTube subscribers.

Logan Paul’s Net worth – Breakdown

SourceEstimated Income
Boxing$50 million
Youtube$39 million
Maverick$52 million
Real Estate$58 million

Boxing Career

Logan Paul had a brief boxing career from 2018 to 2021. Throughout his boxing career, Logan Paul has won a match and he only lost once throughout his three-matches boxing career. The start of his career in this path can be traced back to 2018 when he fought famous English media personality, KSI in an amateur white-collar boxing. The match ended in a draw before the two met again for a rematch in 2019. Now in a professional bout, Logan Paul lost to KSI in a split decision after the match was dominated by a draw.

Meanwhile, the second match garnered huge controversy after Logan Paul alleged that KSI had 5 abortions. A statement he later admitted to be distasteful and insensitive. The state drew a line between abortion and anti-abortion activists, with the former criticizing him while the latter defended him. However, the match attracted a notable host of viewership and it was exclusively broadcasted for paid subscription.

Thereafter, the millionaire fought celebrity boxer and former world champion, Floyd Mayweather Jr. in an exhibition bout in 2021. Initially, the match was scheduled to hold on February 20, 2021, but was rescheduled for June 6, 2021, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Though the match ended in a draw, the superior boxing ability of Mayweather reflected heavily throughout the game. After the game, Logan Paul admitted that his opponent could have spared him. It is worth mentioning that across his boxing career, the celebrity YouTube content creator earned an estimated $5 million per match This thus contributed about $50 million to Logan Paul’s total net worth.

Wrestling Career

Paul’s first appearance in the WWE came on April 2, 2021, as a guest to Sami Zayn for a documentary. He appeared again as a ringside guest for Sami Zayn’s match against Kevin Owens. Despite celebrating with Owens after he defeated Zayn, the latter attacked Paul. In another match between Corbin and Owens, Paul retaliated by attacking the latter after the match.

On June 30, 2022, Paul agreed to a multi-event contract with WWE. He tasted defeat against Roman Reigns after his third match during an “Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.” Despite his defeat, the YouTube celebrity content creator won the heart of many critics who applauded his skills.

Meanwhile, Paul had already defeated Rey and Dominic Mysterio in a tag team match with Miz fighting on his side. After the match, Miz attacked Paul which led to the schedule of a match between the both of them, and Paul Logan became the eventual winner.

For the rest of the year, Logan Paul was out of action due to an injury he sustained against Roman Reigns. The boxer-turned-wrestler made a comeback in January 2023. His impressive performance earned him another contract with the WWE in February 2023. The contract came with a more appearance clause for Paul Logan. The millionaire is earning between $5 to $15 million with sources claiming that he’s one of WWE’s highest earners.

Foundation and Charity

Despite being a controversial figure, Logan Paul is quite known for his charitable deeds. In 2016, the billionaire volunteered to prepare meals for more than 500 people on Thanksgiving. Accordingly, He also composed a song with the name “That Ain’t On The News” where he said:- “Where was y’all at when I was in the kitchen whippin’ our meals for kids on Thanksgiving.”

The following year, Logan made it to the pages of top publications for his heroics during Hurricane Harvey. During the testing period, he saved around 50 people. The millionaire risked his life to save people from their flooded homes. In 2017, Paul Logan joined the Make-A-Wish Foundation. In one of his videos, the billionaire revealed his pleasure to be a part of a foundation where he could fulfill others’ wishes. Consequently, Paul alongside his brother spent a lot of time with the kids of the foundation and have inspired them.

Things almost went sore for Saul after he filmed a man who died by suicide in the Aokigarhara forest, Japan and posted the video on YouTube. The video received a backlash, compelling Paul to pledge $1 million to suicide prevention charities in an attempt to redeem his image. Later, reports disclosed that Paul only donated $318  thousand to the course.


Logan Paul enjoyed a wide range of viewership through his YouTube page. His YouTube content-creating journey can be traced back to when he began creating videos for a YouTube channel called Zoosh. He was 10 years old at that time. In the early stage of his Youtube exploits, Paul rose to fame as a member of the Internet video-sharing service Vine. In February 2014, he had over 3.1 million followers on various social media platforms.

He began earning thousands of dollars in advertising revenue in 2015 as this was made possible due to his vast viewership. For instance, a YouTube compilation video of his Vine work gained more than four million views within its first 7 days. Logan Paul was ranked as the 10th most influential figure on Vine, due to his fast-growing viewership.

Despite his fast-growing fanbase, Logan Paul got himself into trouble for his comment about women and most especially his video at Aokigarhara forest otherwise known as Suicide Island. His “No Handlebars” singles in 2017 attracted criticism over his lyrics about women in the song. The millionaire became a subject of a YouTube ban that saw YouTube suspend his advertising due to his pattern of behavior and treatment of animals.

Ever since,  He has had over 23 million subscribers on his YouTube Page and has ranked on the Forbes list of the most paid YouTube creators in 2017, 2018, and 2021. In the last few years, Paul Logan has made fortunes from YouTube. He made $15 million and $17 million from the platform in 2020 and 2021 respectively. Overall, Logan Paul has earned over $120 million dollars through YouTube Advertising revenue and paid content.


Initially, Maverick as a project took its name from the pet parrot belonging to Logan Paul before he commenced his Vine career. Similarly, the billionaire took one of his nicknames “The Maverick” from the bird. The parrot lived for 7 years and was featured in most of his YouTube videos. The bird passed away when Logan Paul was in Sweden.

Maverick as a brand came into existence after Logan Paul considered the need to diversify his source of income. He learned how to run a merchandise label from his brother, Jake Paul. Thus, launching the brand in May 2020, with the intention to grow it into a full-fledged fashion brand. In its first nine months of operation, Maverick generated more than $40 million in sales, as 50,000 people signed up as members of the Club’ within two months of launch.

The YouTube star unveiled the brand through his YouTube videos and Instagram handle. This decision turned helpful during YouTube’s ban on his account over a video at Aokigarhara forest otherwise known as Suicide Island. Despite the ban, Logan Paul managed to remain among the top most-paid YouTube Content creators as the Maverick brand kept fetching him money.

Furthermore, the millionaire extended his Maverick empire by establishing a ‘Maverick’ club exclusive for his members. To become an exclusive member, one must pay $20 as a subscription fee. However, this fee contained some benefits such as access to special perks. Also, only on a monthly basis, a selected person will get $10,000 cash. While some selected persons got tickets through the Maverick club to see Paul Logan’s match against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Real Estate and Cars

In total, Logan Paul real estate is worth about $58 million. He owns 5 real estate properties including a 10,000 square foot luxury mansion in Ohio. This mansion is worth more than $25 Million. In 2019, Logan acquired an 80-acre property called Fobes Ranch in the San Jacinto Mountains for $1 million,

A few other properties under his ownership spread across States like New York, Miami, Kansas City, and Florida. In addition, Logan spent some years residing in Puerto Rico, where he rents a $13 million-plus mansion within the private Ritz-Carlton community.

Likewise, Logan Paul’s garage is a beauty to behold. The wrestler owns numerous luxury car brands such as million-dollar Lamborghinis and Bentleys. At a time, Logan Paul gifted himself a Lamborghini Urus which is worth over $1 Million. His garage contained other top cars like Lexus GX, Volvo XC60, Jaguar F-PACE, and Mercedes-Benz AMG-GT.

Overall Assets and Net Worth of Logan Paul

As of the time of writing, Logan Paul’s exact net worth is not in the public domain. However, we rely on the estimates from a well-known publication which indicated that Logan Paul’s net worth is about $245 million USD. This thus means Paul is yet to join the list of billionaires across the globe. According to our findings, Paul earns at least $5 million per boxing match. In 2015, he rose to prominence on a popular social media platform, Youtube through his vlog channel.

Today, the channel boasts of more than 19 million followers, raking in about $120 million since its creation. Last year, Forbes, in its estimates, ranked Paul ninth on the list of highest-paid Youtube stars. The millionaire Youtuber reportedly earned over $17 million through sponsorship posts and advert revenue on his vlog in 2022. According to Forbes, he takes at least $80,000 – $150,000 for each sponsored post. He also enjoys the backing of major sponsors like HBO, Bic, Dunkin’ Donuts, Nike, Verizon, PepsiCo and others for his social media career. It is simply not in doubt that the success of his blog channel contributed handsomely to his overall net worth and assets.

Meanwhile, Paul is notable for his luxurious lifestyle. He is currently a proud owner of about eleven cars, including a multi-million dollar Lamborghini Urus. Certainly, there are other car brands in his garage. They include Range Rover Evoque, worth over $85,000 USD, Lexus GX, valued at $160,000 USD, Mercedes-Benz AMG GT, worth about $770,000 USD and many more. Apart from his collection of luxurious cars, Paul also has at least five real estate assets. Just recently, he invested $25 million USD in a 10,000-square-foot mansion in Ohio. Paul also owns two Yachts and a collection of valuable wristwatches.

Crypto Holdings of Logan Paul

It is noteworthy that Paul is yet to reveal his crypto holdings. But, the influential Youtuber is surely an unrepentant advocate of cryptocurrencies and certainly has some crypto investments to his name. Through his Youtube vlog, he promoted scores of crypto projects, including Dink Doink, a new meme coin. As a matter of fact, he used his Twitter account to hype the project, saying he was also into it.

Multiple sources claim Paul was rewarded with about 120 trillion Dink Doink tokens. Shortly after many investors banked on Paul’s endorsement to invest in the project, the unexpected happened. Dink Doink crashed, leaving its investors in a state of dilemma. These investors began to drag Paul who distanced himself from the developers of the project and the project itself.

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Logan Paul’s NFT Investments

Beyond cryptocurrencies, Paul has also invested in NFTs. In 2021, he launched his own NFT projects, known as 99 Originals and CryptoZoo. Then, the YouTube celebrity described CryptoZoo as one which allows gamers to earn funds. With the project, users were made to buy and “hatch egg”NFTs to access a particular game.

Then, Paul Logan claimed the game that will be accessed with the NFTs is underway. He reportedly invested about $1 million into this project. Occasioned by his consistent promotion and hype of CryptoZoo on his blog, it gained massive interest. People bought the initial 10,000 NFTs valued at 0.1 ETH each in anticipation of the game. Unfortunately, the game never materialized, thereby causing an ongoing lawsuit against the popular boxer.

Ongoing Lawsuit against Paul over CryptoZoo “Scam”

The genesis of the lawsuit against Logan Paul could be traced to the release of a three-part investigation into the CryptoZoo project by a Youtuber, CoffeeZilla. According to our findings, CoffeeZilla engaged victims of the failed project in interview sessions to ascertain some facts.

In the end, the YouTuber alleged that CryptoZoo was a scam and that its developers committed “rug pull” by making profits from the sale of the in-game assets without developing the game. These revelations trended on the social media space after videos about the incidents were posted by other YouTubers. In his reaction, Paul threatened legal action against CoffeeZilla, stressing that he was innocent of the allegation.

Following these revelations, Ellzey & Associates and Tom & Associates filed a suit against Logan Paul and his accomplices in February, 2023. It is noteworthy that this lawsuit was filed on behalf of those who invested in the project. Some of those dragged into the lawsuit include Danielle Strobel, Jeffrey Levin, Eduardo Ibanez, Jake Greenbaum, Ophir Bentov, and Paul Logan himself.

In the filing, it was alleged that more than 20,000 people fell victim to the scam orchestrated through CryptoZoo. More so, the document said the investors lost thousands of dollars to the scheme. Although, the petitioners were particular about victims from Texas alone.

Despite claiming innocent to the issue, Paul has come out to apologize publicly. He released a three-step plan to assist victims of the project. More so, he pledged to ensure the completion of CryptoZoo development and a reward program to enable victims to cash out of the game easily. Notably, his fulfilment of these promises will be the best way forward for him to clinch an out-of-court settlement with the victims.

Crypto and NFT projects featuring Logan Paul

It is worth mentioning that scores of crypto and NFT projects have been linked to Paul in the past few years. One of these projects is Dink Doink, a memecoin that later crashed in 2021. Although, Paul was not the developer of this project, he used his Youtube vlog to promote it. It was after the crash of the memecoin that Paul started his own NFT projects, 99 Originals and CryptoZoo.

Logan Paul might be next on the list of celebrities that will feature in Wall Street Memes. Notable for its humorous memes, Wall Street Memes seeks to leverage its massive community support to rise above other meme coin projects. Occasioned by the vast nature of its community, the project has been able to get the attention of Elon Musk, a popular Tesla CEO.

With an incredible performance in its ongoing presale, it is not in doubt that Wall Street Memes ($WSM) is destined for success. Apart from his vast community, the project also banks on its track record in the NFT market. Recall that its collections were fully sold barely a few minutes after going live on OpenSea. So, it is not surprising that it has maintained similar success with its ongoing $WSM presale, recording more than $1 million so far. Investors understand that $WST is one of the next cryptocurrency to thrive owing to its recent records. If you want to participate in the presale, visit

Logan Paul’s Net Worth – Our Verdict

Without any doubt, Paul has enjoyed a lucrative boxing career. But, Logan Paul’s net worth is majorly aided by his Youtube and other social media exploits. Paul’s determination to diversify his sources of revenue has also contributed largely to his current financial status. He ventured into the NFT sector after he developed his own project, CryptoZoo in 2021. Although, the credibility of the project is currently being questioned in a court of competent jurisdiction. Recall that the NFT project was described as a fraud after its subscribers bought its in-game assets only to realize that the game was not forthcoming.

With the case still in progress, Paul risks a possible payment of damages to about 20,000 victims of the project. Although, this may only happen if the plaintiffs are able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendants, Paul and his accomplice committed “rug pull” with CryptoZoo. If this happens, it would likely impact Logan Paul’s net worth.

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What are the names of the two NFT projects launched by Logan Paul?

The two NFT projects launched by Logan Paula are 99Originals and CryptoZoo

Can users generate memes about Logan Paul on AiDoge?

Yes. Users will soon be able to generate memes about Logan Paul on AiDoge, an upcoming meme generation project.

How much does Logan Paul earn in each boxing match?

According to multiple sources, Logan Paul earns at least $5 million per match.