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Teeka Tiwari Net Worth, Crypto and NFT Investments

The net worth of Teeka Tiwari is estimated to be around $4 million in 2023. He made a name for himself as a renowned entrepreneur, writer, and financial influencer. According to our findings, the famous crypto expert made the majority of his wealth from subscriptions to his publications with the Palm Beach Research Group. In recent years, he was featured on CNBC, FOX News, and London Real as a guest, entrepreneur, and investor. Tiwari has also been featured by various international television networks, including The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Teeka Tiwari

Likewise, the renowned hedge fund expert also made a significant fortune from his online classes. He is one of the early investors who recommended Bitcoin and Ethereum as safe forms of investment. The growing popularity of the crypto market has been to the benefit of Tiwari as most of his courses are in high demand. Today, Tiwari has established himself as a prominent figure across notable social media platforms. His YouTube channel has 3,600 subscribers, with more than 47,000 followers on Twitter.

Teeka Tiwari’s Net Worth

YearNet Worth
2023$4 million

Early Life

Teeka Tiwari was born on February 3, 1993, in Pennsylvania, United States. He grew up in the United Kingdom after migrating to the country at age 6. In an interview, the financial expert recalled how he grew up in a local welfare office because his family had nothing. He disclosed that his determination to work on Wall Street made him return to the United States at age 16. More so, his early interest in making money made him decide not to go to school. Nevertheless, he completed his primary and early education.

In an interview, Tiwari discussed how he traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to move to the United States. On relocating to the United States, Tiwari was tempted to further his education. He enrolled at Queens College but dropped out after a few weeks. He likened his experience in the institution to that of his high school education. Teeka’s dream has always been to tutor people on how to make money.

Shortly after he discontinued his academic engagement with Queens College, he decided to focus on his dream. Then, Tiwari had just $150 with him. In a disclosure, the financial tutor recalled how he did all sorts of menial jobs to survive.

Early Career

Eventually, through the help of a friend, Tiwari managed to get an interview appointment with Lehman Brothers. At age eighteen, he was employed by Lehman Brothers. His commitment and outstanding skills made him attain outstanding heights in the organization. Initially, he worked sixty (60) hours a week with the firm but was only paid for twenty-nine (29) hours as compensation for his medical benefits.

During his early years with the organization, Tiwari said he earned $4 per hour. In a bid to pay his bills, he decided to do other menial jobs with his Lehman Brothers’ role. Then, he started loading docks every night in Broevery night. Also, Tiwari worked 12-hour shifts as a cook in a restaurant in Queens, New York. Despite these numerous commitments, he was consistent with his role with Lehman Brothers.

Barely two years later, he received his broker license and rose to become the Vice President of the organization. His commitment and relentless efforts toward the growth of the company were exceptional.

In 1998, during the Asian crisis, Tiwari made huge fortunes by going short. However, the landmark achievement was short-lived. He eventually lost all the funds he made during the crisis within three weeks. The loss was so brutal on him to the extent that he lost everything he had, including his physical properties. The sad development prompted him to file for personal bankruptcy. Against all odds, Tiwari learned from his mistakes and began to focus on risk management.

Meanwhile, Tiwari disclosed that he launched his hedge fund in the 2000s. The investment fund provided the financial influencer with the opportunity to kickstart his career independently after a successful 15 years career on Wall Street. As a finance and investment expert, Tiwari was committed to sharing his knowledge with others. In June 2005, he co-founded Tycoon Publishing which represents one of his early forays into the world of finance journalism. Alongside Tycoon Publishing, the renowned investor also established Point & Profit the same year.

Through Point & Profit, Teeka tutored a host of investors, providing them with opportunities to gain from his experience as a trading expert. He also created ETF Master Trader, an interactive education program. With the project, the famous financial advisor taught beginners trading and investment methodology. The program provided investors with the needed skills and mentorship to understand the pros and cons of the financial market using ETFs. He’s acknowledged as one of the financial experts who foresaw the collapse of financial systems in 2007.

Remarkably, this project boosted Teeka Tiwari’s reputation, placing him among the top investment experts across the globe. He showed commitment to investing in various initiatives that’ll help advance investors’ trading experience. In 2008, Tiwari founded Sector Hunter. The project is the first fully automated ETF trading technology in the world. Sector Hunter provides individual investors with an institutional quality tool. The initiative helps scout potential moves that could result in huge returns. Also, the automated tool helps users determine ETFs and stocks that pose potential for good returns.

Publication Career

In June 2011, Tiwari and his co-founders merged Tycoon Publishing with Agora Publishing. Thereafter, he joined Palm Beach Research Group in August 2013. The organization is an independently owned financial publishing company located in Delray Beach, Florida. The firm, through its publications, provides advisory recommendations for stocks, options, cryptocurrencies, and wealth-building advice.

The organization publishes a variety of publications namely Palm Beach Confidential and Palm Beach Letter. According to our findings, the Palm Beach Confidential offers financial advice on crypto investment. At the other end, the Palm Beach Letter offers investment guidelines on “off Wall Street” advice on stocks, real estate, collectibles, and private markets. Following his interest in emerging innovations in the finance landscape, Tiwari uses Palm Beach Confidential to tutor subscribers on how to make the best cryptocurrency investment decision.

This initiative is the most popular service rendered by the financial expert. The Palm Beach Confidential is usually referred to as “our flagship service” by The Palm Beach Group.  With this project, Tiwari with concentrates on cryptocurrency projects with a market capitalization below $1 billion. His “asymmetric investing” strategy helps investors to understand why they don’t have to invest heavily in a project. Tiwari usually encourages them to commit a small amount of money and grow it into a sizable return.

Meanwhile, with Palm Beach Letter, Tiwari offers recommendations on stocks to subscribers. The publication deals with his teachings on investment  opportunities outside the cryptocurrency landscape. He offers investment advice on stocks, real estate, collectibles, and private markets.

Today, the two publications have attracted more than 180,000 subscribers. They have a huge number of advisory services including Teeka Tiwari’s Alpha Edge, Palm Beach Venture, Palm Beach Crypto Income Quarterly, Palm Beach Special Ops, and Palm Beach Infinity.


Despite enjoying a reputable status as an investment coach, Tiwari has his critics too. In recent years, his critics alleged that Palm Beach Confidential program is usually promoted using an affiliate marketing system. According to them, there are programmed reviews across various platforms convincing users about the newsletter. In return, this promoter gets financial remuneration for their efforts to promote the newsletter. The price of his newsletters has also, become a subject of huge controversy. This controversy has continued to divide his subscribers and others who are followers of his activities.

Critics argued that most of the newsletters are not detailed enough to go for the amount subscribers pay to access them. Likewise, they faulted claims that heeding Teeka’s finance advice can help subscribers gain more than 1,000% on their return. According to them, the claim is a “get-rich-quick” mindset that can backfire on subscribers.

Similarly, on numerous occasions, Tiwari was accused of engaging in pump-and-dump schemes. They accused him of hyping various tokens to create a buying frenzy and eventually going short on them to record huge returns.

Is Teeka Tiwari Pro Crypto?

Before 2015, Teeka Tiwari was skeptical about crypto and spent several years trashing Bitcoin as a “magic internet money and Ponzi scheme.” This explains why he once said “I was the last person in the world who I thought would be one of the foremost experts in crypto.” His first encounter with Bitcoin was in 2011 but it made no sense to him owing to his well-rooted traditional finance background. A few years later, the crypto saw a massive boost that took its value above $1000, but that still wasn’t enough to convince Tiwari.

His perception at that time was that it was normal for a “Ponzi scheme” like Bitcoin to rise and then would eventually crash. Around 2015, the price of Bitcoin slumped but Tiwari was stunned that it still had billions in market cap valuation. This development made him realize he was wrong to have viewed Bitcoin as a fraud. He knew there was something about the crypto he didn’t understand and made a drastic move to get it right. 

Later in 2016, he went to a consumer electronic show in Las Vegas to understand how Bitcoin derives its value. One of the speakers in the show, Brock Pierce convincingly articulated the true nature of Bitcoin, its underlying tech, blockchain, and how they both derive value. Pierce’s explanation was enough to convince and encourage Tiwari to pick up interest in the crypto world. In a bid to keep the ball rolling, he began to research more about Bitcoin individually, devoting most of his time to studying its price movement and the factors driving it. 

Shortly after, Tiwari decided to take up a role as a crypto analyst and investment coach to introduce and spread the gospel of crypto assets to the people. In this role, he focuses on ensuring that potential investors understand what cryptocurrency and blockchain are, their functionalities, and how they can be harnessed to amass wealth.

Since 2016, Tiwari has been consistent in this endeavor, teaching the skills and strategies that can help investors thrive in the volatile crypto market. His belief is that crypto assets remain the most volatile asset and thus every investor must have an efficient strategy for selecting and holding on to their crypto. 

While describing what he does, Tiwari said; “I help people understand what crypto assets and the blockchain are, how they work, and how you can use them to make life-changing wealth. I also teach the decision-making skills and mindset needed to handle the gut-wrenching volatility of crypto investing.  I believe a basket of well chosen crypto assets can change your financial life forever. But without the right mindset you’ll never hold them long enough for you to experience the life changing effects they can have.”

Occasioned by the consistency and reliability of his various analyses, Tiwari has risen to become the most trusted crypto analyst in the world. This is despite the fact that there are thousands of crypto analysts in the industry. Today, millions of investors look forward to his market insights and predictions on Twitter, YouTube, and other notable social media platforms. More so, he has a website to his name which provides a path for people to subscribe to his insightful teachings and analyses.

Tiwari is also one of the notable editors of Palm Beach Group, a monthly financial newsletter that avails investors with recommendations on crypto assets and blockchain. Through this project, he usually exposes subscribers to unique investment opportunities, particularly the ones with the potential to bring huge returns. In one of his recent interviews, Tiwari maintained that Palm Beach Pioneer was “his final crypto initiative.” 

In recent years, the famous crypto analyst usually warns his followers to be wary of “self-proclaimed experts” conveying poor information on what crypto they need to buy and why. 

“There are many self-proclaimed experts out there spreading false information about what to buy and why to buy. My personal mission is to empower you to be able to make your own decisions. I want to give you the mental framework you can use to be your own crypto guru.”

Tiwari also acknowledges that people are afraid to invest in crypto owing to its volatility. This explains why most of his teachings are channeled towards motivating people to defy their fears and invest to make profits. For instance, when he appeared in a London Real show hosted by Brian Rose, the leading crypto expert encouraged investors to make the move.

He said; “If you just take well-chosen crypto and let’s say you buy 5 of them. You put $500 into each, which is $2,500. It’s not going to kill anybody if you lose $2,500. It might pinch a little, but it’s not going to kill you.”

One of the crypto assets that Tiwari usually recommends to his followers is Bitcoin. Around 2020, he encouraged them to continue buying the crypto despite the bear market at that time. Then, the famous expert said the dip was temporary and the largest crypto by market cap would soon attain $60,000 to $70,000. Tiwari’s belief is that Bitcoin remains the first gateway to crypto before other assets. 

When he made the $60,000 prediction, he was mocked by people who felt Bitcoin couldn’t attain such a milestone. However, to their greatest surprise, the crypto reached the feat barely a year later after spiking to $60,000. This development further positioned Tiwari’s position as a leading crypto analyst in the world. 

In 2021, Tiwari and his Palm Beach Research Group team launched a free webinar, titled “Crypto’s Next Trillion-Dollar Coin.” In the buildup to the seminar, the crypto expert promised to reveal the next crypto that could replicate the success of Bitcoin.

Then, he said; “Every so-called “expert” is telling you to buy it [bitcoin]…But once again, they’re late to the party. And if you listen to them now, it could cost you a fortune. On March 31st, at 8 pm ET, Teeka Tiwari will reveal where he believes the real money will be made in the crypto boom of 2021. (It’s NOT Bitcoin).”

In the webinar, Tiwari described crypto assets as the big new investment classes. He also identified Ethereum as the next asset with the potential to enjoy market success. 

Notably, what drives Tiwari crazy about Bitcoin is its transparency. He sees the asset as a “groundbreaking technology that has the potential to change the way we interact with the world.” Around 2021, the crypto expert spoke about the massive growth in Bitcoin adoption and further predicted that its users would attain two billion by 2026. Meanwhile, as of 2023, the total number of crypto users, according to a study by Triple A stands at 420 million. in its own study claims over 51% of crypto users are into Bitcoin. This thus suggests that at least 51% of the 420 crypto users are doing Bitcoin. 

Recently, he joined the Bitcoin versus Gold debate that has continued to dominate the investment world. In Tiwari’s view, Bitcoin is better than gold because it can be stored, transferred, and traded digitally.

Without any doubt, Tiwari avails unique perspectives on market developments in the crypto industry, providing investors with the best strategies to keep a great portfolio. In recent years, many of his followers have taken to social media to share testimonies about how they turned their small investments into big portfolios by following the recommendations made by the analyst. Around 2023, he unveiled the “top six coins for the upcoming crypto buying panic.” The assets he mentioned include Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, BNB, Cardano, and DogeCoin

Crypto and NFT Holdings of Teeka Tiwari

It is not in doubt that Tiwari’s teachings reflect his activities in the industry. This is because he also keeps a crypto portfolio that is reportedly worth millions of dollars. Although his first exposure to crypto was in 2011, he didn’t buy his first coin until 2016. Since then, he bought several crypto assets, like Ethereum, and Bitcoin, and never found any reason to sell them. Despite the various bear markets that greeted the crypto industry in recent years, his position remains that time would do the heavy lifting of the assets in his portfolio. Therefore, we can affirm that situations in the market usually impacts the net worth of Teeka Tiwari. 

Tiwari has a diversified crypto portfolio though dominated by Bitcoin. According to our findings, Bitcoin was the first crypto asset he purchased in 2016. Then, the crypto was trading a bit above $900. Although the famous crypto analyst did not publicly disclose the amount of Bitcoin he purchased at that time, he confirmed that he kept the asset and even bought more later. His view is that every pullback in Bitcoin is an opportunity for him to own more. So, Teeka Tiwari, just like other prominent Bitcoin investors, has a significant portion of his net worth in Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, there are no indications that he holds NFTs in his portfolio. In 2022, he spoke about the prevailing NFT craze, describing the price of many of the collections as ridiculous.

“There’s no denying the price of some of these Non-Fungible Tokens are ridiculous. That’s why just a few months ago – I laughed this idea out of the room. Like most people, I couldn’t believe what was going on. I couldn’t fathom the lunacy of a cartoon ape selling for six figures. But you know what John, I had to eat my words… Because the reality is all these images that are selling for millions are all a huge distraction,” Tiwari said.

When asked about the kind of distraction it brings, he responded; “Forget about the Bored Apes… the Crypto Punks… the squiggles – and the dozens of other hyped-up art you’ve seen on the news. The real story is this…NFT technology will help launch the next generation of the internet.”

Crypto and NFT Projects Featuring Teeka Tiwari

There is an NFT collection featuring Teeka Tiwari on OpenSea, one of the largest NFT marketplaces across the globe. The collection, known as “Teeka Tiwari” is valued at 0.1201 WETH. 

As one of the most trusted experts in today’s crypto world, it is expected that Tiwari will be featured on Wall Street Memes very soon. Just like Doge, this project seeks to leverage internet memes, jokes, and satires to shape the crypto culture. It believes in the potential of these memes to command attention and create a sense of belonging in the industry. 

This explains why most of its Instagram memes feature humor and community engagement. In recent months, the activities of top guys in the industry, like Jim Cramer, Jeff Bezos, Changpeng Zhao, and scores of others were featured by the project. So, it is just a matter of time before we see Tiwari on Wall Street Memes. 

By effectively leveraging the power of social media, Wall Street Memes has continued to turn heads, commanding the attention of millions of active community members. Today, the project is in the mainstream and has even earned interactions with popular Twitter boss, Elon Musk. This alone speaks volumes about the wide reach of the project’s community. Therefore, it is safe to refer to Wall Street Memes as one of the projects with a strong social media presence. 

It is worthy of note that the overwhelming support of this community has also impacted its ongoing $WSM presale. $WSM is a meme coin from the team behind Wall Street Memes. The latest meme coin sensation has a unique distribution framework that distinguishes it from other altcoins around. With 50% of its total supply dedicated to presale investors, 30% to community rewards, and 20% to liquidity, it is not surprising that investors find potential in $WSM. 

In line with its 30% allocation for community rewards, the team behind the project has hosted numerous airdrops. These airdrops and rewards are geared towards enhancing the presence of the crypto in the saturated meme coin market. Recently, it unveiled $50,000 worth of airdrops. Potential beneficiaries are required to follow the project on social media to win. 

Meanwhile, the presale has also secured the backing of prominent crypto influencers like Satoshi Stacker, Michael Wrubel, and many more. Wrubel is a proven member of the project’s community and has even participated in the ongoing presale. He confirmed his participation in a message to his three hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube and assured them of great returns if they do the same. 

Interestingly, Satoshi Stacker also has almost the same number of subscribers on his YouTube channel. Just like Wrubel, he also expressed optimism in the potential of the crypto to excel in the market.

Driven by the waves of hype and excitement greeting the presale, it has been able to raise over $18 million in investment from participants. Therefore, it is safe to regard it as one of the most outstanding crypto presales in the market. 

If this momentum is sustained, global crypto exchanges like Binance, Coinbase may have to list the meme coin after its presale. 

Many analysts are tipping it to break the $PEPE records and thus become the next cryptocurrency to boom.

Meanwhile, you can still participate in its $50,000 airdrop program. Visit for more information. 

Teeka Tiwari’s Net Worth – Our Verdict

Teeka Tiwari’s rise to prominence is inspirational. He grew up in a poor family. His parents were so poor that they couldn’t afford to take care of him and his siblings and had to drop them off at the local welfare office. The first job he got at the age of 18 transformed his story. He became the youngest Vice President of the firm (Lehman Brothers) barely two years after joining. According to Teeka Tiwari, the earnings he got from the role laid the foundation of his net worth. 

Meanwhile, Tiwari didn’t fall in love with crypto until 2015. Initially, his belief was that Bitcoin was a fraud. However, after having an encounter with Brock Pierce, his perspective on crypto changed. He began to develop an interest in the industry and consequently devoted his time to studying market movements. This commitment paid off, earning him a place among the influential crypto analysts in the world. 

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When did Teeka Tiwari become the Vice President of Lehman Brothers?

Teeka Tiwari became the Vice President of Lehman Brothers at the age of 20.

What's the 2023 net worth of Teeka Tiwari?

The 2023 net worth of Teeka Tiwari is estimated to be around $4 million.

What's the name of Teeka Tiwari’s crypto advisory firm?

The name of the firm is Palm Beach Research Group.