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Nikil Viswanathan Net Worth, Crypto and NFT Investments

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According to Forbes, the net worth of Nikil Viswanathan is estimated to be around $1.8 billion. The self-made crypto billionaire acquired most of his wealth due to the success of Alchemy, a blockchain firm he co-founded in 2020 with Joe Lau. He owns about 26% stake in Alchemy and in February 2022, private investors valued the firm at $10.2 billion. 

Nikil Viswanathan

Prior to the launching of Alchemy, Nikil Viswanathan already made a name for himself as a prominent tech entrepreneur with the success of Down To Lunch. Down To Launch briefly topped charts on the App Store which turned huge media attention on Nikil Viswanathan. Nevertheless, the attention only amounted to a little financial boost for the tech entrepreneur as most of his wealth is dominated by Alchemy stakes. 

Nikil Viswanathan’s Net Worth Since 2021

Year Net Worth
2021 $2 billion
2022 $2.4 billion
2023 $1.8 billion

Early Life

Nikil Viswanathan is an Indian-American and was born on October 6, 1987. His father, Balu worked as a critical care physician in the United States. Likewise, his mother, Usha, was an accountant. The two couples raised their family in Lubbock, Texas where Nikil Viswanathan spent most of his life. He attended Lubbock High School and scored the highest CGPA in the history of the school.

Meanwhile, Viswanathan’s parents retired from their jobs to start a consultancy business. During this period, Viswanathan was still in school. Their focus on business led to the establishment of Starnik Systems, a cloud-based utility billing software company. The firm served various leading utility companies. The firm flourished and reportedly managed a $4 billion commercial service. It is worth mentioning that the success of this private business encouraged Viswanathan to venture into entrepreneurship. 

Nikil Viswanathan attended Stanford University where he bagged his first and second degrees in computer science. During the programs, he focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning. While at Stanford, he engaged in product management internships at top tech firms like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. The internship exposed him to tech entrepreneurship. Later, Viswanathan decided to build Fountainhop, a campus events platform for use at Stanford. The platform was a success as its usage expanded beyond Stanford to other colleges in the country. 

Check In My Flight

Nikil Viswanathan, in January 2012, designed a program; “Check In To My Flight.” According to the tech expert, he designed the website at his sister’s residence at Wharton. Initially, the website was aimed at automatically checking him into his Southwest Airlines flight. Although the initiative was meant for his personal use, he posted it on Facebook to avoid procrastinating its completion. To his greatest surprise, over 10,000 people used the site in just a couple of weeks.

However, the project landed him in trouble with Southwest Airlines. Around 2012, the aviation firm issued a cease-and-desist letter, directing Viswanathan to shut down the platform or face a lawsuit. Southwest Airlines cited how the website was competing with its “Early Bird” check-in special.

At that time, the firm’s Early Bird charges people $10 to allow passengers to check in ahead of others. However, in his defense, Nikil Viswanathan insisted that the functionality of his software was not limited to Southwest Airlines alone as people could use it freely to check in for their flights with other companies. Eventually, Nikil Viswanathan shut down the website after much pressure. 

Down To Launch

In 2015, after leaving Stanford, Nikil Viswanathan, and Joseph Lau created Down To Lunch. According to the duo, they decided to launch the app owing to the busy schedule of their friends and their loneliness. During that period, it was quite difficult to tell which of their friends was available for a hangout. In a bid to mend the bridge, both Nikil Viswanathan and Joseph Lau initiated the idea of creating a platform that would enable them to hang out with friends by just pressing a single button.

They devoted their time on a sunny Friday afternoon in San Francisco’s SoMa district to create Down To Lunch. Remarkably, the project gained a wide range of acceptance within the first 48 hours of its release. This, according to reports, was because it was released for usage prior to a Sunday party. Down To Lunch was then embraced by students across various campuses including Stanford.

However, the application faced stern competition from other campus-oriented social apps like Hangster and Shortnotice. Despite the heavy competition, the project thrived. At that time, it won the patronage of more than 15% of students on all campuses in the United States.  

Initially, Down To Lunch functioned as an Ad Hoc Beta through a link on Viswanathan’s Facebook page. Later, the duo decided to launch the application on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Shortly after its launch on these apps, it became the #1 app in the App Store social category and #2 overall. The new feat positioned Viswanathan and Lau for great media attention. The app itself was featured in The New York Times, the front page of Yahoo, Forbes, Business Insider, TechCrunch, and other various international media publications. 

It is worth mentioning that the application enjoyed this landmark stride without any marketing effort. In an interview in 2015, Viswanathan revealed how he never expected Down To Lunch to enjoy such remarkable success. He indicated how the application had close to a million users shortly after its release. Further, Viswanathan disclosed that he and Joseph Lau only expected around five (5) users on the application shortly after it launched. He reflected on how people he never expected embraced the application within 48 hours after its release.

Meanwhile, in 2016, reports emerged that Nikil Viswanathan and Joseph Lau met with some investors to inject more financial power into the project. During this period, the application faced stern scrutiny owing to how some users abused its message invite functions. Due to this, Down To Launch suffered a heavy setback.

Also, there were allegations that the app is a tool for human trafficking. Alongside seeking funds, Nikil Viswanathan and Joseph Lau initiated a campaign to debunk the allegations. However, the campaign was not enough to revive the app from its oblivion. 


After enjoying tremendous success with the release of Down To Lunch, Nikil Viswanathan and Joseph Lau connected again to establish Alchemy in 2020. The project is a blockchain initiative, aimed at providing support for firms. The project’s team consisted of engineers from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, and some of Nikil Viswanathan’s friends from the college.

At the time the project was launched, blockchain and cryptocurrency projects have started witnessing mainstream adoption. This thus helped the project to gain widespread acceptance. Consequently, the acceptance earned the firm the nickname “Microsoft of Blockchain” in the press. Without any doubt, the success of Alchemy contributed massively to the net worth of Nikil Viswanathan. 

In 2021, Alchemy launched its investment arm, Alchemy Ventures with a focus on advancing its ecosystem. During the launch, the firm disclosed that it wanted to align itself with web3 missionaries and not mercenaries. However, according to its philosophy, Alchemy ensures that its investment organ doesn’t invest more than $150,000 to $250,000 per start-up.

Likewise, about three-quarters of the investments are usually in pre-seed or seed-stage rounds. As of April 2023, Alchemy Ventures has made 84 investments across two portfolio tracks. The first track focused on paying cash for equity while the other concentrated on its accelerator program. In the track, Alchemy offered credits from itself and third parties like Amazon Web Services in exchange for equity.

In early 2022, Alchemy was valued at $10 billion after a successful $200 million fundraising round. During the early period of the year, the firm created a $25 million grants fund for early-stage crypto projects. Later that year, it acquired the blockchain educational platform ChainShot to bolster its resources for onboarding and training Web3 builders. Also, the firm incorporated Astar network, a parachain of the Polkadot into its platform. According to its announcement at that time, the integration manifested to allow developers to design web3 projects on the Astar network through its application programming interface (API). 

In a bid to support the growth of its ecosystem, Alchemy, in September, raised 12 million for a new venture capital fund. A few months later, it released a dApp store to help streamline user access to decentralized applications. The release of the store came barely a month after it unveiled the Spearmint solution to help developers shut out dubious users in NFT mints.

In response to the rampant scams and dubious transactions in the crypto space, Alchemy, in April 2023, released a new “Transaction Simulation” tool to make initiating and sending cryptocurrency more user-friendly. According to the firm, the tool will help users to ensure that their transaction data is correct and it is going to the right address.

With a focus on service advancement, Nikil Viswanathan in May 2023, launched public support for Alchemy’s ZK rollup starnet. Consequently, the firm released a public version of its platform for Starknet which consisted of two leading technologies, zero-knowledge cryptography, and account abstraction.

Nikil Viswanathan, during the launch, described the integration of Starknet as important due to the swift growth of Alchemy’s developer community. Within that month, the investment arm of Alchemy supported a $4 million investment round of NFT platform, Vibe. The platform focuses on providing tools to help developers customize and manage the tokens. 

In June 2023, Alchemy launched its Alchemy AI solution. The solution consists of a variety of tools designed to harness artificial intelligence to assist web3 developers. With the tools, Alchemy seeks to help developers hasten up the development of their initiatives and enjoy swift access to on-chain data. As revealed, the AlchemyAI consisted of two major tools; ChatWeb3 and Alchemy ChatGPT Plugin. The same month, the firm made major headlines across the crypto space for joining the host of organizations in the industry to incorporate large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT into blockchains. 

Investment Portfolio of Nikil Viswanathan

The net worth of Nikil Viswanathan has been greatly influenced by his investment in numerous DeFi, Web3, and blockchain projects. Apart from the Alchemy he co-founded, he has investments in at least six other projects. They include Toku, LayerZero, Stardust, XMTP, Zerion, and Risk Harbor. According to findings, 33% of his investment portfolio is in DeFi projects. Meanwhile, Toku was the latest addition to his portfolio. He invested in the project on March 8, 2023.

Is Nikil Viswanathan Pro Crypto?

Nikil Viswanathan is a prominent figure in the crypto and blockchain world. He is one of those who believed in the vision of cryptocurrency since its early days. As a committed proponent, Viswanathan usually attends numerous conferences to deliver keynote speeches on the potential of crypto, web3, and blockchain technologies. His most recent keynote speech was at the 2023 Blockchain Conference hosted by the blockchain clubs at Harvard College, Harvard Business School, Harvard Kennedy School, and Harvard Law School. Viswanathan’s aim has always been to consistently share his knowledge and perspectives about the innovations.

As a tech genius, Viswanathan seems to know much about the rudiments of crypto, blockchain, and web3. This thus explains why his views add substance to the industry. Generally, he sees crypto as the best hedge against inflation, and has over time, advised people to venture into it. His belief is that crypto is here to stay irrespective of the odds against it. At a time, he even told investors to buy and keep their crypto assets untouched for five years.

Amid the mainstream adoption of blockchain, Viswanathan described the crypto underlying tech as one of the greatest technological shifts in the past 100 years.

He was one of the first influential individuals to comment on the public listing of Coinbase in 2021, describing the feat as a good development for the blockchain industry. Then, he submitted that the public listing would provide legitimacy, credibility, and also open doors for everyone to benefit from the prospects associated with the technology.

“Coinbase IPO in probably $100 billion will legitimize the space to everyone’s friends and family who are thinking about getting into blockchain. What this does is open up a new generation of talent that is open to exploring and building this new industry and that’s super exciting and will accelerate this space incredibly,” Viswanathan said.

Viswanathan is also excited about the potential of the emerging web3 space. In a recent interview, he reflected on how the evolution of web3 signifies an important shift from the crypto realm to a broader focus on decentralization. According to him, emerging web3 projects like decentralized apps, smart contracts, and many others mark a significant change in existing interactions with digital platforms. He added that web3 helps to empower individuals, facilitate trust, avail security, and enhance transparency. To him, the innovation has helped to revolutionize several sectors, including finance, healthcare, governance, and more.

Driven by his excitement about the opportunities enveloped in web3, Viswanathan has been leveraging his firm, Alchemy to attract billions of users to the decentralized space. Today, the firm is at the vanguard of unleashing the potential of web3 by empowering scores of blockchain-focused firms to transform the future of the digital landscape.

As the co-founder of the firm, Viswanathan envisions “a future where blockchain technology is seamlessly integrated into people’s lives, making it accessible, user-friendly, and impactful on a global scale. Alchemy, our groundbreaking initiative, aims to bridge the gap between mainstream users and Web3 by simplifying the onboarding process, providing intuitive tools, and fostering a thriving ecosystem. We are dedicated to empowering individuals worldwide to harness the potential of decentralized technologies and participate in the Web3 revolution.”

Likewise, he has no doubt about the ability of web3 technologies to activate the potential of DeFi and NFTs.

“These innovative technologies have the ability to reshape industries, democratize financial systems, and revolutionize digital ownership. At Alchemy, we are committed to empowering developers and entrepreneurs to create cutting-edge Web3 native products that leverage the full potential of DeFi and NFTs” Viswanathan explained.

Meanwhile, Viswanathan is also an astute believer in the potential of stablecoins. His position about the asset is that it fosters financial inclusion and economic growth, particularly in countries with limited access to traditional financial services.

In a recent comment about the asset, he said; “With the widespread adoption of stable coins, individuals in unstable economies can gain access to basic financial services that were previously out of reach. This technology has the power to democratize financial access and empower individuals to participate in the global economy. The blockchain technology behind stable coins enables fast and secure transactions across borders, eliminating the need for intermediaries and reducing transaction fees. This can revolutionize remittances and cross-border trade, facilitating economic growth and empowering individuals and businesses.”

Crypto and NFT Holdings of Nikil Viswanathan

Nikil Viswanathan ranks well in the list of rich crypto traders across the globe. Apart from his numerous investment in DeFi and web3 projects, the Alchemy co-founder also owns a huge crypto portfolio. However, despite efforts from numerous publications to investigate the overall value of his crypto holdings, there is still no relevant information to that effect yet. This is because Viswanathan rarely speaks about his crypto exposure. But, it is never in doubt that he holds several crypto assets, including Bitcoin.

According to sources, the Alchemy co-founder had his first exposure to Bitcoin before the 2013 boom. His investment in the token at that time was said to be worth millions of dollars. So, it is not a surprise that the aggressive rise in the value of Bitcoin triggered the net worth of Nikil Viswanathan.

At the peak of the crypto market, the net worth of Nikil Viswanathan was $2.4 billion. Unfortunately, the plummet in cryptocurrencies around 2022 plunged the figure to $1.8 billion. Just like Viswanathan, a few other esteemed Bitcoin investors, like Barry Silbert, Michael Saylor, and many more also lost billions to the downturn.

Viswanathan is also an NFT bull. He has, over time, tipped its market to attain mainstream popularity and adoption in the future. The co-founder is also playing his role in ensuring that the NFT sector attains this feat. Over the years, he leveraged Alchemy to develop the technology backing NFTs.

In his recent comment about the digital collectible, Viswanathan said; Fundamentally, what an NFT is, is this idea of being able to own something, right? In real life, you can own a house, you can own art, you can own a car. So this idea of property is something that’s inbuilt to human nature, it’s not something that’s a fad,” he says. “It’s something that people have ingrained in them. And what NFT’s are, is just taking that concept and putting it on the web. And it’s starting with art and starting with these things. But to me, it’s absolutely clear that this is going to be the future.”

Meanwhile, despite his admiration for NFTs, there are no indications that he holds any of the existing collections. Viswanathan has never participated in any NFT auctions nor shown any notable interest in creating one. But he is a strategic investor in Stardust, a project which focuses on ensuring that developers manage both players and NFTs in-game.

Crypto Projects Featuring Nikil Viswanathan

Unlike a few other crypto billionaires, Viswanathan has not been featured on Wall Street Memes. However, it won’t be a surprise if he is featured in the future due to his consistency in advancing the world of crypto, blockchain, and web3. Recall that Wall Street Memes has created a substantial reputation for itself on social media by featuring eminent personalities in the crypto and stock spheres in its content. As of late, well-known individuals like Sam Bankman-Fried, Joe Biden, Jerome Powell, Jim Cramer, Changpeng Zhao, and more have appeared in its memes.

Through these memes, the project has been able to foster widespread community engagement on Twitter and Telegram. Today, Wall Street Memes boasts of the support of an army of social media followers and has continued to build on its 2021 success in the NFT market.

In May, the meme coin project deepened its engagement in the industry by launching the presale of $WSM, its native token. Barely hours after it announced the launch, the project recorded not less than $100,000 in investment. As of July, over $10 million in investment has already been raised, with more still to come.

It is worthy of note that the massive reach of the project’s community has significantly contributed to this feat. Occasioned by the growing interest in Wall Street Memes, analysts have tipped its token to become the next cryptocurrency to boom. At the moment, the team behind the project is doing a $50,000 worth of airdrop for its community members. You can as well be a beneficiary of this airdrop. Visit for more information.

Nikil Viswanathan’s Net Worth – Our Verdict

Nikil Viswanathan is prominent for his impressive contributions to the world of technology. He has, over the years, leveraged his expertise to develop seasoned apps and projects like Fountainhop, Down To Lunch, Alchemy, and several others to facilitate remarkable users’ experience. Due to the unique features of these apps, they recorded heavy patronage. Down To Lunch, for instance, grew to become one of the best apps on App Store. Certainly, Viswanathan’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. In 2017, he made the list of Forbes’ “Under 30 honorees.”

Also, the Alchemy co-founder made a fortune through his endeavors in the tech world. Apart from the apps he co-founded, Viswanathan has investments in scores of DeFi and web3 projects. However, the major contributors to the net worth of Nikil Viswanathan are his massive crypto holdings and his estimated 26% stake in Alchemy.

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When was Alchemy launched?

Alchemy was launched in 2020 by Nikil Viswanathan and Joseph Lau.

What is the 2023 net worth of Nikil Viswanathan?

The 2023 net worth of Nikil Viswanathan is estimated to be around $1.8 billion.

Does Nikil Viswanathan hold any stake in Alchemy?

According to reports, Nikil Viswanathan holds a 26% stake in Alchemy which constitutes a large portion of his net worth.