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Matthew Roszak Net Worth, Crypto and NFT Investments

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

The NET WORTH of Matthew Roszak is estimated to be $1.4 billion. He is well known as a prominent blockchain investor, entrepreneur, and Bitcoin advocate. Between the 1990s to the early 2000s, Roszak worked as a venture capitalist. He learned about Bitcoin in 2011 and has attained a prominent height among crypto enthusiasts. He began investing in Bitcoin as early as 2012.

Matthew Roszak

In 2006, the renowned venture capitalist settled an insider trading case with the SEC. The case surfaced in relation to stock purchases of Blue Rhino, a propane tank exchange business. The settlement drained a significant portion of the net worth of Matthew Roszak. Also, Roszak alongside some other prominent figures in the crypto industry organized a scheme to offer $50 worth of virtual assets to every Congress member. However, some Congress members rejected the gift. In 2021, he was listed eleventh on Forbes Crypto Rich List. 

Matthew Roszak’s Net Worth since 2021

Year Net Worth
2021 $1.5 billion
2022 $1.4 billion
2023 $1.4 billion

Early Life

Matthew Roszak was born on February 11, 1973, in Chicago. While growing up, he attended local schools before moving to Lake Forest College in the early 1990s. He graduated from Lake Forest College in 1995, bagging a Bachelor of Arts/Economics. Following his graduation, Matthew Roszak began working as an associate at Keystone Capital Partners.

We can trace his involvement in tech to the college days where he was given a computer. Matthew Roszak leveraged the computer to learn web designing. He co-established a web-hosting firm named TierraNet with the knowledge he gathered from web designing.

Eventually, in 1998, he left Keystone Capital Partners. Thereafter, he joined Advent International London. It is worth mentioning that the organization is an independent private equity partnership firm. During his time with the organization, Matthew Roszak served as a Principal. Later, he moved to the Platinum Venture Partners where he served as a Managing General partner. Also, he worked as the director and beneficial owner of some organizations. These organizations include Eboost, MissionMode, NeuEntity, Onramp, SolidSpace, and TrueLook.

Notably, Matthew Roszak Matthew learned about Bitcoin in 2011. Then, one of his portfolio companies, a social gaming company in Singapore, was considering whether it could use Bitcoin as a potential payment source. Due to that, he was compelled to study Bitcoin. He became fascinated by the opportunities embedded in Bitcoin after reading Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper. Matthew Roszak was convinced about the idea that Bitcoin is open, decentralized, and secure.

In September 2014, the AngelList investment syndicate recorded more than $1 million in investment backing from its investors. Matthew Roszak contributed heavily to this funding. The investment projected AngelList as the eighth most popular syndicates by total investment backing. Then, the syndicate functioned as a platform for investors who were bullish on Bitcoin to pursue their investment target. 

Also, in July 2015, during a Bitcoin Conference in Chicago, Matthew Roszak launched the Chicago Bitcoin Center. In the announcement, he referred to the initiative as an incubator that will function as the “center of gravity for blockchain-based technologies.” He disclosed that the Chicago Bitcoin Center will be open to designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and others who are dedicated to building tomorrow’s “next chapter of financial technology.”

Matthew Roszak attained a prominent level in the crypto industry when he emerged as the chairman of the Chamber of Digital Commerce. The organization is one of the world’s foremost trade associations representing the blockchain sphere. Likewise, he served as a member of the board of directors of BitGive. BitGive is a not-for-profit organization that’s aimed at promoting awareness about public health and the environment. As a leading figure in the industry, Matthew Roszak testified before the U.S congress. Likewise, he also spoke at the U.S Federal Reserve about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. 

Silk Road Equity

In 2003, Matthew Roszak alongside Andrew “Flip” Filipowski founded SilkRoad Equity. The firm is based in Chicago, Illinois. SilkRoad Equity is a global investment firm with a stern focus in the diversified portfolio of public and private companies. The firm aims to invest in the above-mentioned types of companies with the intention of managing them for growth and profit. Through SilkRoad Equity, Matthew Roszak made his mark known across various sectors like media and entertainment, gaming, healthcare, energy, real estate, life sciences, telecommunication, retail, manufacturing, and business service. 

Matthew Roszak is serving in the capacity of a managing partner of the organization. With his involvement, SilkRoad Equity had invested in or acquired more than 230 companies with a valuation between $5-$500 million. Since the organization was established in 2003, its investment effort has exceeded $5 billion. For a while now, the investment strategy of the organization has raised eyebrows. SilkRoad Equity focuses on investment opportunities that many of its counterparts may have considered inappropriate or ignored due to the return it offers. The firm usually invests in those projects, nurturing them through effective management.

However, the firm often makes its investment alone or join a group of other investment firms. These partners often share the same ideology or opinion with SilkyRoad Equity regarding the investment opportunity. Due to the success the firm has recorded in recent times, it has a robust financial capacity that aids it to manage its investment irrespective of the market situation. 

Tally Capital and Bloq

Tally Capital was one of the early firms Matthew Roszak used to pursue his newly-found interest in Bitcoin. Upon learning about Bitcoin in 2011, Matthew Roszak became confident that the cryptocurrency has the capacity to rewrite the existing status quo. He then founded Tally Capital in 2013 to invest in the entire virtual assets ecosystem. The name of the investment company was inspired by tally sticks; a type of currency invented by King Henry I around 1100 during medieval England. 

With Tally Capital, Matthew Roszak has invested in numerous blockchain firms. The most recent one came in 2020 after the firm joined a group of 13 investors and raised $5.1 million for The Graph. Notable crypto startups like Block.One, Blockchain Capital, Qtum, Blockstream, Civic, Smart Valor, I-Mab Biopharma, and Factom have also benefitted from its investment. So far, Tally Capital has invested in more than 20 investment portfolio companies. 

Bloq, on the other hand, is an enterprise software company that offers blockchain technology solutions for global enterprises. Matthew Roszak co-founded the firm in 2015 alongside Jeff Garzik. Like SilkRoad Capital, Bloq has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. The outlet provides an enabling platform for firms to build, manage, and scale robust blockchain-enabled ecosystems. This initiative is backed by enterprise-grade service and support.

Additionally, Jeff Garzik designed Bloq as a startup to replicate the mediator feature of the popular open-source company, Red Hat. The organization is popular for its central product BloqEnterprise. The BloqEnterprise has numerous components which include BloqCloud, BloqWallet, BloqRouter, BloqDev, BloqView, BloqThink, and BloqOra. In 2018, Bloq initiated Metronome, a cryptocurrency invented to be interoperable with different blockchains. Initially, Metronome was released on Ethereum upon the invention of the Ethereum Classic.

On October 14, 2020, Bloq launched Vesper in a bid to simplify the investment process of DeFi. The platform was designed to help users access risk preferences and determine the most suitable investment farm for them.


On June 9, 2006, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a complaint against Matthew Roszak, Douglas Jozwiak, Darrin Edgecombe, Trifon Beladakis, and Mark Michel. In the filing, the SEC alleged that Matthew Roszak engaged in insider trading following his involvement with Platinum Partners around early 2004. 

Matthew Roszak was tipped about a potential merger involving Blue Rhino and Ferrellgas Partners. According to revelations, he told Edgecomb about the merger. The following day, Edgecomb and some other investors acquired a large amount of Blue Rhino. Also, Matthew Roszak from his end, acquired some stock for himself and his investment portfolio companies. 

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as intended for Matthew Roszak, and his colleagues as Platinum went bankrupt. The bankruptcy cost investors a huge amount of funds. Occasioned by this development, the venture capitalist was compelled to pay a huge amount of money as settlement with the SEC. 

Is Matthew Roszak Pro Crypto?

Matthew Roszak is one of the biggest supporters of cryptocurrency. His first exposure to crypto was in 2011 after he came across the Bitcoin document. At that time, his social gaming firm in Singapore was considering integrating the asset as one of its payment sources. Thrilled by the open, decentralized, and secure features of Bitcoin, Roszak picked up interest and started his engagement in the industry. In a 2015 interview with a prominent publication, he reflected on his exposure to the largest crypto by market cap.

He said; “I was drawn to Bitcoin much like my initial experiences with personal computers, mobile phones and the Internet – I had this emotional reaction when I realized the ways in which these technologies can be very powerful change agents for innovation. Furthermore, there was this clear opportunity to be on the front end of something really transformative – on the scale of railroads, automobiles, telephony or the Internet – that has the potential to make a meaningful impact on society.”

Ever since, the Bloq founder showed remarkable commitment to advancing Bitcoin and the crypto sphere at large. He believes the crypto asset and its underlying tech, blockchain have the potential to change the status quo in the financial arena, providing greater financial inclusion for the unbanked. As a proven crypto advocate, Roszak has continued to evangelize cryptocurrency everywhere he goes. He views Bitcoin and Blockchain as innovations with the capacity to disrupt the world. To Roszak, blockchain “represents one of the greatest generational opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.”

It is not in doubt that Roszak’s favorite crypto assets is Bitcoin. He has, over time, dedicated himself to specifically promoting crypto and ensuring its widespread adoption by investors. On numerous occasions, he graced several international summits and conferences to discuss and spread the gospel of Bitcoin. More so, Roszak usually leverages his vast Twitter handle to hype the asset. Obviously, the billionaire Bloq founder has no doubt about what the future holds for Bitcoin. To him, the asset remains “one of the greatest technological, financial, industrial, and humanitarian inventions of our time.”

As part of his commitment to aiding crypto adoption, Roszak produced the first-ever Bitcoin documentary. The documentary was titled “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin.” Also, he recently testified as an expert before the Congress in a bid to advocate better regulatory enablement for crypto to thrive. Due to his popularity as a crypto evangelist, he was featured in prominent publications, like CNBC, Bloomberg, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, and many more. As a matter of fact, he earned the nickname, “who’s who in the world of cryptocurrency” from Wall Street Journal.

In one of his recent interviews, he advised investors to be innovative within Bitcoin. The successful venture capitalist believes the Bitcoin ecosystem is enveloped with key investment themes for them to explore adequately. Highlighting some of these themes, Roszak mentioned identity, big data/analytics, messaging, IoT [Internet of Things.], and many more. To him, identity stands out among all the themes because of its capacity to offer significant levels of security, privacy, and control.

As a Bitcoin bull, Roszak has always hyped the crypto as one of the greatest generational opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs. According to him, the easiest way to invest in the ecosystem is by buying Bitcoin, stressing that the project will soon relegate the existing system in the banking and financial space.

Driven by his confidence in Bitcoin, Roszak resolved to deepen his engagement in the industry. To keep the ball rolling, he founded Tally Capital, a private investment firm that focused on digital currency ecosystem. The project was designed to work like public and private keys in Bitcoin. The venture capitalist believes it only takes a person who understands the history of money to appreciate the potential of money and sees Tally as a leverage to advancing such course. Within just a few years, Roszak, through Tally, invested in scores of blockchain-based projects including Block.One, Blockchain Capital, Blockstream, Civic, Factom, and more.

Crypto and NFT Holdings of Matthew Roszak

Without any doubt, Matthew Roszak is one of the wealthiest crypto investors. In a recent interview with a publication, he confirmed that his personal crypto portfolio is dominated by Bitcoin. However, Roszak is also reported to hold a few other cryptocurrencies. Although the Bloq founder is yet to publicly disclose the overall value of his crypto holdings, Forbes believes he holds not less than $1.2 billion in cryptocurrencies. If this is true, then it means the larger portion of the net worth of Matthew Roszak is in crypto investment.

Roszak’s personal investment in Bitcoin didn’t just start today. Findings describe him as one of the earliest investors in the crypto. For the purpose of accuracy, the Bloq founder bought Bitcoin as early as 2012. During this period, the largest crypto by market cap was less popular and only traded below $15. However, the rise in its mainstream adoption pushed the token to the sky in recent years. Within the last eight years, Bitcoin surged to thousands of dollars; a development which turned many of its earliest investors into billionaires. Certainly, Matthew Roszak, just like other wealthy Bitcoin investors, grew his net worth through this investment.

As one of the prominent investors, Roszak was said to have gifted both Richard Branson and Bill Clinton their first Bitcoins. More so, he co-led an initiative to give each member of the Congress a $50 worth of crypto assets. While some of the parliamentarians rejected the offer, several others accepted it.

Away from crypto assets, there are indications that Matthew Roszak also holds NFTs. Although the kinds of collections in his portfolio are not known, it is never in doubt that the Blonq founder is an investor in the NFT market. In 2021, he participated as an angel investor in a $100 million funding round by Sfermion. The funding was used by the investment firm to advance its NFT and Metaverse projects.

Crypto Projects Featuring Matthew Roszak

Occasioned by his rising engagement in the crypto market, Matthew Roszak will soon be featured by Wall Street Memes. This project has, in recent times, featured several influential personalities, like Jim Cramer, Changpeng Zhao, Donald Trump, and many more in its exciting memes. Most of these memes are always relayed via its Twitter and Instagram handles.

Owing to the reach of these social media platforms, Wall Street Memes have been able to attract hundreds of thousands of supporters. More so, its thrilling memes have continued to catch the attention of the “top guns” in the industry. Just recently, one of its memes was noticed by Elon Musk and the Tesla CEO gave a humorous reaction to it.

Driven by this feat, the project deepened its engagement in the industry by launching a token presale. Although the presale has not ended, Wall Street Memes has already raised more than $1 million in investment. As one of the projects that have been noticed by Musk, investors see Wall Street Memes’ $WSM as one of the next cryptocurrency to flourish in the market. Driven by this optimism, they aim to be one of its earliest investors. Participating in this presale is easy, just visit

Matthew Roszak’s Net Worth – Our Verdict

Today, we can regard Matthew Roszak as one of the top crypto whales, holding not less than $1.2 billion worth of these assets according to Forbes estimates. This thus defines the seasoned venture capitalist as a crypto billionaire. His exposure to Bitcoin at a time crypto was less known can be described as one of the best investment decisions ever. Till today, Roszak’s crypto investment is still hugely dominated by Bitcoin.

Before venturing into the crypto industry, Matthew Roszak enjoyed a successful career as a venture capitalist. His success in the field laid the foundation of his current net worth. However, the Bonq founder could not join the League of Billionaires until he entered into the crypto industry. Today, Matthew Roszak has a net worth of about $1.4 billion according to Forbes, with a larger portion of this wealth made from crypto investments.

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When did Matthew Roszak start investing in Bitcoin?

Matthew Roszak started investing in Bitcoin as early as 2012.

Who gave Richard Branson and Bill Clinton their first Bitcoin holdings?

According to findings, Matthew Roszak gave the duo their first Bitcoin holdings.

What is the current net worth of Matthew Roszak?

The current net worth of Matthew Roszak is estimated to be around $1.4 billion.