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Alexandre Dreyfus Net Worth, Crypto and NFT Investments

Socios, a fan engagement platform, has since 2018, gained significant recognition in the sporting world, courtesy of its founder, Alexandre Dreyfus. The firm has been outstanding in bridging the gap between crypto and sports. Without any doubt, its crypto and blockchain crusade in the world of sport helped built a strong reputation for Alexandre Dreyfus. 

Alexandre Dreyfus

Meanwhile, there are questions as regards the net worth of Alexandre Dreyfus amid the growing popularity of Socios and Chiliz. However, according to our estimates, the serial tech entrepreneur is worth $500 million in 2023. Apart from the astonishing prosperity of his blockchain empire, early endeavors in the poker sector also solidified the net worth of Alexandre Dreyfus.

Dreyfus’s fortune shouldn’t be a surprise to many who knew his business and investment antecedents. He ventured into business at a very young age, cutting his first tooth with Mediartis. Thereafter, he moved to other emerging sectors in the web space. With this, there’s no doubt about his experience as a tech entrepreneur.

Alexandre Dreyfus’ Net Worth

YearNet Worth
2023$500 million

Early Life/Career

Alexandre Dreyfus was born in Bordeaux, France on November 1, 1977. According to reports, he attended Lycee Jean Perrin High School between 1991 and 1995. However, he developed an early interest in business, which limited his academic pursuit. After graduating from High School, Dreyfus swiftly settled for business and eventually established Mediartis in 1995.

The company leveraged the fast-growing posture of the internet. According to Dreyfus, Mediartis came alive as “the first web agency which focused on the ‘communication side’ and not on the technology.” The early growth of the firm was so remarkable to the extent that it attracted the attention of Publicis Groupe. The firm offered a huge amount to buy Mediartis from Dreyfus. He couldn’t turn down the attractive offer, thereby leading to the eventual sale of the company in 1998. 

Thereafter, Dreyfus established an online interactive tourism guide; Webcity, in late 1997. The company came into existence to make an online network of city travel guides. Initially, Dreyfus named the firm Cybergone. Just like Mediartis, Webcity saw unprecedented success in its early days. It attracted investment intervention from the Carrefour retail group and other prominent backers lending funds. Later, Dreyfus merged the business with a rival to strengthen its market dominance. With this, the company grew its workforce to 80 employees across 12 prominent cities in countries like France, Switzerland, Belgium, and the U.K.

Later, Dreyfus sold the company to Yelp and ventured into the online poker business. Consequently, he established Winamax alongside his two other friends. The company emerged as the first online poker room and sports betting platform in France. Likewise, Dreyfus also established Chilipoker in 2006. This firm became Scientific Games. 

As the online poker landscape began to record widespread popularity and adoption, the tech entrepreneur acquired Global Poker Index. Likewise, Dreyfus also purchased the Hendon Mob, which is reportedly the largest live poker database in the world. These host of takeover deals contributed significantly to the net worth and reputation of Dreyfus in the industry. 

Chiliz and Socios

In 2012, Alexandre Dreyfus took his wealth of experience to the blockchain sector. Then, he launched Chiliz as an arm of his Maltese-based sports company Mediarex. Six years later, the firm launched its fan engagement platform, Socios, and its native token, $CHZ. Chiliz is quite popular as the blockchain technology provider for the sports and entertainment industry. Its emergence was supported by prominent investors like Dr. Christian Mueller, Sam Li, John Gleasure, Wouter Sleijffers, and Nicolas Maurer. Chiliz operates a fan token exchange called 

In June 2018, Chiliz raised $65 million through an investment round led by Binance, OK Blockchain Capital, FBG Capital, Ceyuan Ventures, and Bancor. The investment round provided the company with support to establish its presence as an innovative platform. Today, the platform allows sporting organizations to build and mint tokens for their supporters to buy, collect and trade. It is worth mentioning that the fan tokens are cryptocurrencies that are targeted at encouraging fan engagement in decisions regarding their teams. 

Notably, these tokens provide sports enthusiasts with exclusive membership perks, voting rights on team decisions, merchandise rewards, and access to official non-fungible tokens (NFT). $CHZ coin as the native token of Chiliz helps to power its fan engagement platform; Socios. Initially, the token was launched on the Ethereum network as an ERC-20 token. However, Chiliz later extended the availability of the token to other networks like the BNB Smart Chain (BEP-20) and Tron (TRC-20). 

Shortly after the project was launched, Socios collaborated with French Ligue 1 powerhouse, Paris Saint-Germain. The team was the first football team to partner with the platform. According to the announcement, the multi-year strategic partnership paves the way for PSG to leverage Socios’ blockchain to provide tantalizing fan engagement. Likewise, the deal birthed the development of a fan token offering for PSG supporters.

The same year, Socios expanded its coasts in the sporting sphere by adding more teams to its list of partners. It kept the ball rolling by engaging the Italian Seria A giant, Juventus. The partnership also birthed the development of the “Juventus Official Fan Token.” Just PSG, the Italian club harnessed the collaboration to evolve its global fan engagement strategy.

In September 2019, Atlético de Madrid became the first La Liga team to join The partnership also led to the creation of Atletico’s Fan token. Thereafter, the company went on to partner with FC Barcelona around February 2020. The global partnership deal emanated after the football club adopted a new digital and commercial strategy.

With the collaboration with Socios, the five-time UEFA champions league winner aims to stay connected with its global fan base through its Barça Fan Token ($BAR). While announcing the deal, the club referred to $BAR as a virtual asset that aids supporters to take part in polls and surveys on

Two years later, the company announced it will invest $50 million in its expansion to the United States. The effort led to collaborations with major National Basketball Association (NBA) teams, National Football League (NFL) clubs and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the country.

Also, Socios partnered with English Premier League heavyweight, Manchester City. The partnership led to the launch of the $CITY fan tokens, which provided its supporters with the opportunity to collect rewards, access promotions, play mobile games, and governance rights. Also, the collaboration also made Manchester City the first English team to tap into the potential of Socios’ blockchain.

In 2022, the platform made major headlines when it partnered with the organizers of the annual football award Ballon d’Or. It also collaborated with the Italian Domestic League Football organizer; Seria A. These collaborations further strengthened its ongoing blockchain crusade in the football space.

Likewise, 2023 also represented another year of growth and expansion for Socios. During the year, the platform partnered with football clubs like SL Benfica and Club America. Outside the football landscape, it also offered support to the Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby (GBWR) and New York Islanders.


Over the past few years, critics derided the business model of Chiliz, labeling it as an enterprise that monetizes fans’ support. In numerous submissions, they argued that the platform doesn’t provide a true pathway for fans to interfere with teams’ management decisions.

The bone of contention dwells in the relevance of the decisions fans make through Socios. According to some critics, subscribers of the fan tokens can only vote on insignificant issues like match day stadium songs, menu, and color of the captain armband. With this, they feel supporters are still yet to be involved in the real decision-making processes of teams. 

Around 2022, Dreyfus was also chastised for alleged manipulation of $CHZ. The accusation was first raised by his employees. It is worth mentioning that the firm has an in-house agreement that allows it to make salary payments in CHZ. According to reports, the CEO allegedly held the salary of his staff members in an attempt to maintain the price of the token. Likewise, the reports established that the Chiliz CEO failed to pay some of his advisors their predetermined percentage of CHZ in exchange for endorsing the token. 

Surprisingly, Dreyfus didn’t deny the allegation. He admitted that he held the payment to shield the value of CHZ from a possible plummet. In an internal message, he stated that “We also need to protect the investors.” His argument was that if people get free tokens, they can sell at any price because it doesn’t matter to them. Similarly, Dreyfus, as reported, highlighted the need to protect the  “real investors” who bought the asset with their hard-earned money. He said they could lose money if the advisors sell the token. 

His refusal to pay his employees made them miss out on the token’s eventual price rally. Later, Socios, under the leadership of Dreyfus allegedly changed its existing agreement with the employees. The re-introduced agreement wasn’t favorable to the workers as they were forced to receive $60,000 instead of the $10 million in the previous agreement. Also, the company reportedly fired members of staff that addressed the press on the issue. 

Is Alexandre Dreyfus Pro Crypto?

Alexandre Dreyfus has been at the forefront of the growing relationship between cryptocurrency and sports. His commitment to ensuring that sports enthusiasts enjoy remarkable experiences with web3 is second to none. He remains optimistic about the potential of crypto and its underlying tech, blockchain to provide tokenization for sports, thereby empowering fans to invest in their preferred teams.

Likewise, the Chiliz CEO is also excited about the capacity of blockchain to introduce unprecedented transparency to the game of sport. Over the past few years, he published several comprehensive articles and also delivered electric keynote speeches on the relevance of blockchain to the sporting world.

In one of his recent blog posts, Dreyfus gave an insight into how blockchain can help prevent illegal ticket-touting scandals in football and other sporting games. According to him; “Blockchain brings a level of unprecedented transparency to the beautiful game that can benefit clubs, fans, players, and other stakeholders, with the potential to reduce or even eliminate illegal ticket-touting practices as well as the sale of counterfeit sports merchandise being mooted as a real possibility.”

Dreyfus’ position is that blockchain remains a veritable tool to fight the corruption that is walking on its four legs in the corridors of sport. He cited how Qatar reportedly bought votes to win its bid for the 2022 world cup. His belief is that such would have been impossible if the election was done on the blockchain.

Being the CEO of Chiliz, Dreyfus’ activities have been geared towards fostering mainstream adoption of crypto and ensuring that fans have a say in decisions made by the teams they support. This has been made possible through the emergence of fan tokens that avail voting rights to them.

Therefore, supporters of each team have their own unique fan token, provided by through the Chiliz blockchain. It is worth establishing that each of the fan tokens running on the network was developed through collaborations with the sporting teams. These tokens are volatile and respond to market realities like normal cryptocurrencies.

Without any doubt, Dreyfus’ actions have continued to match his words. In recent years, he has leveraged Chiliz to expand the use cases of blockchain tech to the sporting industry. Today, top football teams, including Juventus, Galatasaray, PSG, FC Barcelona, Manchester City and many more are tapping the potential of the Chiliz blockchain to engage their fans across the globe. Juventus for instance, has a fan token $JUV.

Holders of $JUV recently used the token to choose a new goal celebration song. Likewise, Galatasaray fans also picked a new entrance anthem with their $GAL holdings. In 2021, the PSG virtual fan token $PSG experienced a huge surge in its value after the team signed football superstar, Lionel Messi.

Dreyfus is thrilled by the growing adoption of crypto and blockchain by sporting teams. Apart from football, other sporting clubs, particularly baseball, basketball and cricket teams are also subscribing to the innovation. In a 2023 “Sport Tomorrow Congress” hosted by the Barca Innovation Hub, he emphasized how blockchain is bridging the gap between sporting teams and their global fans.

There, he spoke on the topic; “Engagement and Monetization of International Fans.” According to the CEO, digital assets have the potential to fuel a new generation of sport membership programs.

“There is a big fan base keen to invest in their passion for their club, in the same way that they invest in fashion brands when they buy clothes or shoes or in a music band when they purchase a ticket for a concert. Clubs need to think about the value that they give these global fans in exchange for the time, the money and the interest they put into their clubs,” he added.

In his keynote, Dreyfus explained how top clubs could unlock new revenue streams if they fully tap into the capacity of blockchain to track the performance of their players on the pitch so as to analyze their fans off the pitch. He affirmed blockchain as the catalyst for change, stressing that crypto could serve as a backbone of substantial loyalty schemes that complement the needs of sporting fans.

Meanwhile, as part of his commitment to drive the adoption of blockchain, Dreyfus developed the Chiliz Blockchain Campus in Malta. This project was facilitated by several crypto exchanges in Europe. It serves as a hub for small and big blockchain firms to collaborate effectively. Dreyfus understands that blockchain can be applied to every sphere, particularly areas with asset transference.

While at the Paris Blockchain Week, he said; “The creation of digital tokens can be used to represent a stake in any conceivable asset. The benefits of doing this include lower transaction costs, improved liquidity as well as shared ownership models. Tokenisation has already been embraced by myriad industries, from agriculture to photography, mainly because of the innovative and transparent nature of the technology.”

Dreyfus also spoke about the 2022 crypto winter, describing it as a necessary evil.

“The current situation is a necessary evil, there was a lot of money at a certain moment. I experienced the 200s as an entrepreneur: everything went very fast. Today, we are returning to levels that are a bit more healthy. We need time to build useful projects for the users.”

Crypto and NFT Holdings of Alexandre Dreyfus

Alexandre Dreyfus is one of the most prosperous crypto entrepreneurs in the world. Apart from his stakes with Chiliz, he also owns a large crypto portfolio that is reportedly worth millions of dollars. This simply means his nine-figure net worth is a product of his endeavors as an entrepreneur and personal investment in crypto assets.

Initially, Dreyfus was an anti-Bitcoin but got to realize the tech behind it while working on Esports and Fan engagement. Today, he is regarded as an influential Bitcoin investor. You can also find details about other iconic Bitcoin investors here.

Meanwhile, Dreyfus does not have much passion for NFTs. While at the 2022 WebSummit in Lisbon, he explained why his firm chose not to venture into NFT despite the hype surrounding it.

“We didn’t catch the NFT hype train because we were sticking to our product,” Dreyfus stated. “We think that fan tokens are a much more scalable and utility-driven product from a Web3 perspective to the sports industry than NFTs as we know them today,” the CEO maintained.

However, he once advertised an NFT domain on his Twitter handle. Then, the owners of the domain intended to sell for $31 million. Therefore, Dreyfus asked anyone with interest in the offering to reach out to the owners.

Crypto and NFT Projects Featuring Alexandre Dreyfus

As one of the brains behind the mass adoption of crypto and blockchain tech in the sporting world, Alexandre Dreyfus will definitely attract the attention of substantial projects in the future. One of the projects with the capacity to feature the Chiliz CEO is Wall Street Memes. The team behind this project is setting the stage for a redefined meme culture on social media.

By featuring trends and top personalities like Jim Cramer, Do Kwon, Changpeng Zhao, and Elon Musk in its arousing memes, this team has built a strong movement that is conquering every corner of the Internet. The mind-boggling branding of its memes has propelled millions of social media users to stay glued to its posts. On Instagram alone, over 500,000 energetic supporters are salivating at the incredible humor enveloped in its daily contents.

Remarkably, the wholesome support from this online movement has continued to take the brand to another level, triggering a widespread frenzy around its ongoing $WSM presale. The meme coin took off like a rocket around May 2023, setting its sights on transforming the status quo in online finance.

Recent thumb-ups from Cramer and Musk have positioned the ongoing $WSM as one of the hottest crypto presales in the market. Likewise, reputable crypto influencers including Jacob Crypto Bury, Joe Parys, and Crypto Dose have all thrown their weight behind the meme coin. With $22 million raised, $WSM is on track to become the next cryptocurrency to soar.

However, the meme coin is still up for grabs at an affordable price before it is listed on tier-1 CEXs in September. Visit to know more.

Alexandre Dreyfus’ Net Worth – Our Verdict

Alexandre Dreyfus is a household name in the world of web entrepreneurship, spanning over 22 years of experience in the digital space. Before venturing into the blockchain space, he has already built several tech businesses, including Webcity, Winamax, Chilipoker, and more. The early success of these firms, particularly the poker business, earned Alexandre Dreyfus a whopping net worth.

Since 2012, Dreyfus has been leveraging his wealth of experience in tech to kick crypto and blockchain into the mainstream. With his companies (Chiliz and, he has continued to introduce blockchain to the sporting and entertainment world. Today, several sporting teams across the globe have embraced fan token initiative powered by Chiliz to stimulate greater engagement with their supporters.

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What's the role of Alexandre Dreyfus with Chiliz and

Alexandre Dreyfus is the founder and CEO of Chiliz and

When was Chiliz established?

Dreyfus established the Chiliz project in 2012.

What's the 2023 net worth of Alexandre Dreyfus?

According to estimates, the 2023 net worth of Alexandre Dreyfus is around $500 million.