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20 Best Crypto Youtube Channels to Follow & Subscribe To

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

With new currencies, tokens, and technologies being released daily, the cryptocurrency world may be complex and bewildering. Keeping up with the newest changes might be difficult, but numerous crypto trading YouTube channels provide extensive knowledge and perspectives.

We’ll look at the best crypto trading YouTube channels to follow in 2023. These channels were carefully chosen based on material quality, upload frequency, and subscriber quantity.

Best Crypto Youtube Channels – Quick List

  1. Jacob Crypto Bury
  2. Rekt Capital
  3. Coin Bureau
  4. Altcoin Daily
  5. Ivan on Tech
  6. DataDash
  7. Crypto Jebb
  8. Crypto Zombie
  9. The Modern Investor
  10. BitBoy Crypto
  11. Crypto Daily 
  12. Crypto Banter
  13. Chico Crypto
  14. Nugget’s News
  15. Crypto Tips
  16. Hashoshi
  17. Digital Asset News
  18. Benjamin Cowen
  19. Boxmining
  20. Crypt0

These channels provide a lot of information on anything from Bitcoin and Ethereum to the latest DeFi projects and NFTs, whether you’re a seasoned investor seeking market insights or a newcomer trying to grasp the foundations of blockchain technology.

Reviewing The Best YouTube Channels for Crypto Trading

In addition to giving information and insights, these YouTube crypto channels also provide a feeling of community. Active comment sections and social media profiles allow viewers to participate and express their ideas and opinions. Following these channels will allow you to remain up to speed on all the newest happenings in the cryptocurrency industry, interact with like-minded individuals, and make better-educated investing decisions.

1. Jacob Crypto Bury

Jacob Crypto Bury

Jacob Bury enjoys reviewing small market cap crypto projects, staking assets, NFTs, and making price forecasts for altcoin gems that the biggest crypto Youtube channels do not typically cover. He is an expert in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies’ fundamental analysis. 

On his YouTube channel, Jacob provides his technical thoughts on cryptocurrency. Bury has gathered over a million views and 5,000 followers on his channel since entering the crypto market in 2020. 

Daily, he publishes news about what’s happening in the crypto markets and helpful beginner-friendly video lessons like where to acquire coins safely. Jacob also offers a free Discord group where his YouTube viewers can network and ask questions more quickly than in the comments section.

2. Rekt Capital

Rekt Capital

The channel is run by a pseudonymous trader and analyst named “Rekt Capital” and has gained a large following for his technical analysis and market insights. Rekt Capital’s content focuses primarily on Bitcoin and Ethereum but also covers a range of altcoins and emerging technologies such as DeFi and NFTs. His analysis typically covers a range of time frames, from short-term price movements to long-term trends and market cycles.

One of Rekt Capital’s critical strengths is its use of technical analysis tools, such as charts and indicators, to identify patterns and trends in the market. He also uses fundamental analysis, such as analysing market sentiment and news events, to provide a complete picture of the market.

Rekt Capital is known for his clear and concise communication style, which makes his analysis accessible to both novice and experienced traders alike. He is known for his unbiased approach to analysis and is not afraid to call out potential risks or issues in the market. Also, he offers a range of paid services, such as a newsletter and a VIP group, for those looking for more in-depth analysis and personalised support. Find his altcoin investing course here.

3. Coin Bureau

Coin Bureau

Coin Bureau is run by Guy, who launched the YouTube channel in 2017. The channel has 2.26 million subscribers with 196 million views on approximately 950  videos. Guy has experience in finance and technology. He uses his expertise to share in-depth reviews of cryptocurrencies. Coin Bureau has gained fame for helping viewers make critical decisions on crypto investments. It provides a comprehensive breakdown of concepts related to cryptocurrencies, such as market trends, technical analysis, and trading strategies. Viewers can also enjoy exclusive interviews with some of the industry’s leading experts.

A distinctive feature of Coin Bureau is that it focuses on long-term investment approaches. It advises its viewers to scrutinize investment potential, focusing on their technologies and long-term growth. To simplify complex topics and make it easier for its viewers to comprehend, Guy shares high-quality and well-edited videos. The channel also has a supplementary website that offers a wide range of resources for traders. Coin Bureau has proven to be a source of reliable information on the constantly-evolving world of digital currencies.

4. Altcoin Daily

Altcoin Daily

Altcoin Daily is a YouTube channel created by brothers Aaron and Austin Arnold. In five years, Altcoin Daily has served 1.3 million subscribers with extensive knowledge of cryptocurrencies. The brothers share market updates, news, and opinions on cryptocurrencies. Also, Aaron and Arnold provide insights on upcoming events and developments in the industry. Viewers can catch the latest collaborations, advancements, and regulatory changes on Altcoin Daily.

The brothers also conduct interviews with some of the industry’s prominent experts. These interviews with CEOs, investors, and developers offer subscribers a deeper insight into the industry and the entities driving its change. A peculiar feature of Altcoin Daily is its “Top 10” series, highlighting the top 10 cryptocurrencies that are worth investing in. The brothers break down each cryptocurrency and provide reasons for its selection. Although the channel mainly focuses on altcoins, as its name implies, there are also insights into Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies.

5. Ivan on Tech

Ivan on Tech

Named after its creator, Ivan on Tech is a popular crypto YouTube channel named after its creator, with close to 500,000 subscribers. The channel provides reliable insights on cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and other related topics. Ivan on Tech covers significant cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi), and much more. 

Viewers can also access programming tutorials and content on clever contract creation and blockchain development. Ivan on Tech is one of the best crypto YouTube channels for beginners.

The channel’s owner is Ivan Liljeqvist. Ivan has gained a reputation with his thorough understanding of the crypto market. He is also renowned for breaking complex crypto concepts into simple bits. He has been featured in multiple media outlets, such as Forbes. 

Ivan also frequently speaks at crypto and blockchain conferences and seminars worldwide. He is the owner of Ivan on Tech Academy. The virtual educational website offers courses on crypto trading, blockchain development, etc.

6. DataDash


The next channel on this list of the best YouTube channels to learn crypto trading is DataDash. DataDash offers viewers information on cryptocurrencies, blockchain tech, and market updates. In 2017, cryptocurrency trader and enthusiast Nicholas Merten launched the channel. Merten has a finance background and worked as an analyst for an asset management firm before launching the DataDash channel.

Merten’s videos often incorporate cryptocurrency market analysis, commentary, and interviews with specialists and other significant personalities in the crypto realm. He also covers blockchain news and developments, such as the emergence of decentralized finance (DeFi) and the increasing curiosity from institutional investors.

Aside from the YouTube channel, DataDash features a website with various tools and services for cryptocurrency investors. This includes market research and analysis and an asset tracker. The portfolio tracker allows users to keep track of their crypto holdings instantly. Merten also provides a paid subscription service called Market Meditations. This service was developed for professional cryptocurrency investors and provides in-depth analysis and insights.

Merten’s “crypto pulse” market research, which uses an exclusive algorithm to evaluate the outlook and pace of the cryptocurrency market, is one of DataDash’s distinguishing features. This research is based on various criteria, such as price changes, trading volume, and engagement on social media. Merten also keeps his audience up to date on his personal crypto portfolio and investment techniques.

7. Crypto Jebb

Crypto Jebb

Jebb began his crypto journey in 2017 and began making YouTube videos to share his expertise and insights with others. He immediately garnered popularity for his explicit and informative content. He is also famous for his ability to give correct market forecasts based on technical analysis.

The crypto YouTuber’s work covers various subjects, including market assessments, crypto headlines, and cryptocurrency reviews. He also provides informational content for those just starting with cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

One of Jebb’s talents is presenting an objective perspective on the crypto market. He admits the risks and unpredictability of investing in digital currencies while emphasising the potential for significant rewards.

His YouTube channel is supplemented with regular posts on his Twitter account, where he gives his thoughts on the newest cryptocurrency news and market trends. He also runs a Discord community, engaging with his fans and providing real-time market analysis and updates.

8. Crypto Zombie

Crypto Zombie

Crypto Zombie is a popular YouTube crypto channel that provides comprehensive evaluations and information about the cryptocurrency sector. It is one of the top crypto trading YouTube channels, with over 300,000 subscribers. K-DUB hosts the channel and has been heavily involved in the crypto business since 2013. He brings a plethora of expertise and insight to his videos.

His content covers cryptocurrency-related issues, including news and updates on industry events. Crypto Zombie provides price analyses, predictions, and reviews of various cryptocurrencies and their investment possibilities. The channel is well-known for its exciting and instructive content, delivered clearly and simply.

One of Crypto Zombie’s key goals is to help people comprehend the complexity of cryptocurrency trading and investing. The channel provides essential insights into the many tactics for trading cryptocurrencies, such as technical and elemental analysis. K-DUB teaches his audience how to maximize earnings while minimizing risks when trading digital currencies.

9. The Modern Investor

The Modern Investor

The Modern Investor is one of the most popular crypto YouTube channels. It focuses on cryptocurrency news, market analysis, and blockchain technology. The channel has over 340,000 followers and is recognized for its informational and instructive videos on cryptocurrencies.

The YouTube crypto channel is committed to providing its audience with the latest news and commentary on cryptocurrency. The channel’s host is an experienced investor and cryptocurrency specialist. He offers extensive knowledge of digital assets and reveals his tactics for profitable cryptocurrency trading.

As one of the top YouTube crypto channels, The Modern Investor covers a wide range of cryptocurrency-related subjects. It discusses price research, investing techniques, and technical analysis. In addition, the channel offers a professional analysis of current developments and patterns in the cryptocurrency sector. It also provides its viewers with interviews with industry leaders.

In addition to instructional content, the Modern Investor provides assessments of several cryptocurrencies and their investment possibilities. The channel offers an impartial and unbiased analysis of numerous cryptocurrencies and insights into the strengths and shortcomings of individual coins.

10. BitBoy Crypto

BitBoy Crypto

BitBoy Crypto offers viewers insights into the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. It is run by Ben Armstrong, who has been active in the crypto world since 2012. BitBoy Crypto has a large following due to its informative and exciting content. It is one of the best YouTube channels to learn crypto trading.

The YouTube channel, focusing on crypto trading and investment, provides viewers with thorough knowledge of many facets of the crypto sector. The channel discusses cryptocurrency news, analysis, developments in the market, and price projections. These are all important for making educated trading decisions.

Armstrong’s work on BitBoy Crypto is highly researched, offering insights valuable to novice and expert traders. He also interviews professionals in the area, giving viewers access to the greatest brains in the crypto sector.

One of BitBoy Crypto’s strengths is its ability to express complicated topics. Therefore, it is one of YouTube’s best crypto trading channels for novices interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies.

11. Crypto Daily

Crypto Daily

Crypto Daily is one of the most prominent YouTube crypto channels and one of the best crypto trading YouTube channels. The channel offers its viewers educational and entertaining information about the cryptocurrency market. It provides updates and remarks regarding blockchain technology as well.

Crypto Daily has acquired a significant and committed audience thanks to its high-quality materials and distinct style. The top YouTube crypto channel offers various cryptocurrency-related subjects, such as assessments of several cryptocurrencies and investing possibilities. It also offers technical market analysis and conversations with industry professionals.

Crypto Daily’s information targets traders with prior experience and newbies to the cryptocurrency industry. The channel provides various educational videos covering the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies. These videos also tackle more advanced subjects like trend analysis and trading tactics. Crypto Daily is, therefore, one of the best crypto trading YouTube channels for people wishing to enhance their trading abilities.

The entertaining and hilarious nature of Crypto Daily distinguishes it from other YouTube crypto channels. James, the channel’s host, has a distinct personality that has contributed to the channel’s popularity. He frequently incorporates comedy into his films, making them more interesting while offering helpful information.

12. Crypto Banter

Crypto Banter

Crypto Banter is one of the best YouTube crypto channels for anyone interested in learning about cryptocurrency trading. It has over 156,000 subscribers and provides the newest developments in the cryptocurrency sector and interactions with industry leaders.

Regarding the best YouTube channels to learn crypto trading, Crypto Banter is unquestionably one to watch. The channel’s concentration on trading tactics, market trend research, and cryptocurrency evaluations makes it a fantastic resource for anybody interested in trading cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Banter discusses various cryptocurrency trading and investment subjects, including technical analysis, investing psychology, and risk management. Its host is Ran Neuner, a respected figure in the crypto industry. He is also the CEO of OnChain Capital, a blockchain investment firm. Neuner is accompanied by industry professionals who give valuable insights and opinions on the latest market trends.

Crypto Banter is a must-watch for the best crypto trading YouTube channels. The channel’s exciting and instructive material and its emphasis on trading tactics and analysis make it a valuable tool for novice and expert traders.

13. Chico Crypto

Chico Crypto

Chico Crypto is a well-known YouTube channel that covers cryptocurrency news, commentary, and investing techniques. Tyler Swope runs the channel and has been in the cryptocurrency sector since 2013. He has a thorough grasp of the technology and market developments.

The channel is widely recognized as one of the best YouTube crypto channels. It is frequently regarded as one of the best YouTube channels to learn crypto trading. The channel’s content includes market research, technical analysis, and in-depth evaluations of crypto projects. Tyler Swope’s entertaining and informative manner makes it simple for viewers to grasp complex topics and remain current on the newest crypto developments.

Chico Crypto’s focus on practical guidance for traders and investors is one of its primary features. Tyler Swope frequently discusses his trading tactics and insights into how he analyses other cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. As a result, the channel has become one of the best crypto trading YouTube channels. It is a go-to resource for anybody trying to make learned investments in the cryptocurrency market.

The YouTube crypto channel provides instructional information about blockchain technology and its possible uses in addition to investment-related content. This covers in-depth examinations of the technical features of cryptocurrencies. It provides more extensive talks on the potential influence of blockchain technology on industries, including banking, healthcare, and logistics.

14. Nugget’s News

Nugget's News

Nugget’s News was founded in 2017 by Alex Saunders. It has become one of the most prominent voices in the digital currency industry. It has over 240,000 members and over 10 million views. The crypto trading YouTube channel offers many materials for traders and investors interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies.

The channel’s content is updated daily, with fresh videos covering various subjects, from Bitcoin and Ethereum to altcoins and DeFi. Nugget’s News also broadcasts frequent live streaming during which viewers may ask questions and interact with other traders and investors.

As one of the best crypto trading YouTube channels, Nugget’s News analyses market patterns and technical indicators in-depth. In addition, it offers insights into the newest news and events in the cryptocurrency business. This data is priceless for traders who want to remain ahead of the curve and make sound investing selections.

15. Crypto Tips

Crypto Tips

Crypto Tips features cryptocurrency news, analysis, price forecasts, and instructional content about blockchain technology. Heidi, the host, is an experienced cryptocurrency trader who offers her market observations and trading techniques.

The channel is unique in giving unbiased and honest assessments of various cryptocurrencies, exchanges, wallets, and trading platforms. This enables viewers to make educated investing decisions and avoid scams or unsafe investments. Crypto Tips teaches viewers how to utilise various trading tools and platforms and interpret technical analysis charts. 

Crypto Tips also has a premium membership program called “The Trading Pit.” The program gives members access to unique trading recommendations and market research. Members may receive real-time notifications regarding prospective trades and investment possibilities, making it one of YouTube’s best crypto signals. Also, The Trading Pit provides a community of like-minded traders to exchange ideas and encourage one another’s trading techniques.

16. Hashoshi


Hashoshi is a crypto influencer and YouTuber well-known for his instructional videos on cryptocurrency trading. He has established himself as a credible person in cryptocurrency, with a sizable following on his YouTube channel. It is one of the best YouTube crypto channels to learn crypto trading.

Hashoshi’s channel has an extensive collection of cryptocurrency trading material. Such content includes instructions on trading cryptocurrencies, market trends, news analysis, and assessments of various cryptocurrencies and their investment possibilities. He is well-known for his emphasis on teaching and delivering simple explanations of complicated blockchain ideas.

In addition to his instructional content, Hashoshi examines and suggests many materials that might assist traders in making informed judgments in the turbulent Bitcoin market.

One of Hashoshi’s notable features is his emphasis on decentralization and the potential of blockchain systems to alter numerous sectors. He frequently discusses decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – two sectors of the crypto sector that have witnessed rapid growth in recent years.

17. Digital Asset News

Digital Asset News

The channel was created in 2018 by a cryptocurrency enthusiast and investor. Rob has been involved in crypto since 2013 and profoundly understands technology and market trends. He shares his knowledge and expertise with his audience through daily videos covering the latest cryptocurrency news and updates.

One of the key features of Digital Asset News is its focus on providing educational content on crypto trading. The channel offers a wide range of tutorials, guides, and strategies that can help beginners and experienced traders. The videos cover various topics such as technical analysis, fundamental analysis, risk management, and trading psychology.

Moreover, Digital Asset News is also considered one of the best crypto signals YouTube channels. The channel provides regular updates on market trends and signals that can help traders make informed decisions. The signals are based on Rob’s market analysis and are designed to help traders identify potential opportunities and risks.

18. Benjamin Cowen

Benjamin Cowen

Benjamin Cowen is a popular cryptocurrency YouTuber who focuses on providing technical analysis and insights into the cryptocurrency market. He has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas and worked in academia before transitioning to full-time cryptocurrency analysis and trading. Cowen’s YouTube channel, Benjamin Cowen, has over 784,000 subscribers and features a range of content related to cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins.

Cowen’s approach to cryptocurrency analysis is data-driven and focuses on long-term trends rather than day-to-day market fluctuations. He frequently uses charts and technical indicators to illustrate his points and help viewers better understand the underlying trends in the market. Cowen’s style is straightforward and easy to follow, and he often provides his own commentary and opinions on various topics.

One of the unique features of Cowen’s channel is his use of Fibonacci retracements, a technical analysis tool used to predict future price movements based on historical patterns. He believes that Fibonacci retracements can be useful in identifying key support and resistance levels in the cryptocurrency market, which can help traders make more informed investment decisions.

In addition to his YouTube channel, Cowen also offers a cryptocurrency market analysis subscription service called IntoTheBlock. The service gives subscribers access to real-time data and analysis on the cryptocurrency market, including sentiment analysis, blockchain analytics, and technical indicators.

19. Boxmining


Boxmining is a well-known YouTube channel for crypto news, analysis, and education. Michael Gu, an expert Bitcoin trader, and enthusiast, serves as the host of the channel. Boxmining covers many cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology subjects, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, NFTs, etc.

One of Boxmining’s distinct characteristics is its emphasis on delivering simple and short explanations of complicated ideas linked to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Michael Gu has a gift for translating scientific jargon into simple phrases that even novices can grasp. 

Boxmining provides analyses and insights into the newest developments in the crypto industry and instructional resources. Michael Gu frequently discusses market fluctuations, price projections, and investing techniques. He also interviews Bitcoin specialists and thought leaders to present various opinions and ideas to viewers.

The channel has a sizable social media following, with over 250,000 YouTube followers. Boxmining also has a strong presence on Twitter and other sites. Michael Gu is well-known in Bitcoin for his intelligent and analytical analyses.

20. Crypt0


Omar Bham, a well-known personality in the crypto industry, anchors the Crypt0 channel. He gives his audience regular news updates, market analysis, and informational interviews with specialists in the sector.

One of Crypt0’s primary goals is to give credible and up-to-date information on the newest developments in the cryptocurrency sector. Omar writes about various subjects, including blockchain technology, decentralized finance, and cryptocurrency mining. He also provides in-depth assessments of new currencies and tokens, market trends, research, and projections for the crypto industry’s future.

Omar routinely interacts with his viewers and responds to their comments and questions on Crypt0, significantly emphasizing community participation. He’s also active on social media, giving further thoughts and updates on the newest industry trends.

Pros of Subscribing to the Best Crypto Trading Channels on YouTube

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to expand and evolve, it is becoming increasingly crucial for investors and enthusiasts to remain current on the newest news and trends. One of the most common methods is subscribing to crypto trading YouTube channels. Here are some of the benefits of following these channels:

  • Stay informed on the latest news

One of the primary reasons people follow crypto trading YouTube channels is to stay up-to-date on the newest developments. The cryptocurrency industry continuously changes, with new currencies, technology, and rules constantly appearing. Viewers may remain up to speed with the newest news in real-time by following cryptocurrency YouTube channels, allowing them to make educated decisions about their investments.

Many YouTube crypto channels provide daily or weekly news updates on the latest industry developments. These updates may include breaking news articles, market updates, and regulatory developments. By watching these updates, viewers may remain up to speed on the newest trends and developments, allowing them to make smarter investing decisions.

  • Obtain insights from experts

Many of these channels contain interviews and conversations with industry professionals, giving viewers an inside look at recent developments and trends. Experts on these channels may include cryptocurrency traders, analysts, miners, and developers. Viewers may better grasp the market and make more educated financial decisions by following their thoughts.

For example, a professional trader may analyse market patterns and forecast the future direction of a particular cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency developer could talk about the most recent advancements in blockchain technology and how they might affect the industry.

These specialists can assist in breaking through the noise and disinformation found in the industry and give essential insights. It might be challenging to determine who to trust when so much buzz and speculation surround numerous currencies and tokens. Following crypto gurus on YouTube can help you differentiate reality from fiction.

  • Learn about new cryptocurrencies and tokens

As new cryptocurrencies emerge, it cannot be easy to discern if they are worth investing in. Cryptocurrency YouTubers can assist you by researching these new currencies and tokens in-depth.

When a new coin is released, cryptocurrency prices rise. YouTubers frequently make a video highlighting the product’s primary features and benefits. They may discuss the cryptocurrency’s purpose, the technology that powers it, and how it compares to other cryptocurrencies. They may also discuss the cryptocurrency’s team, market size, and growth prospects.

These assessments may benefit individuals trying to diversify their portfolios or add additional cryptocurrencies to their holdings. Viewing these reviews, you may learn about new cryptocurrencies you would not have known otherwise. 

  • Keep up with market trends

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, with values shifting fast due to various variables. Such variables include news events, governmental changes, and technical advancements. You may make better-informed investing decisions and reduce risk exposure by staying current on market developments.

The best crypto trading YouTube channels offer daily or weekly market analysis videos, which give much information on market movements. These videos often cover recent price changes, trade volumes, and significant support and resistance levels. Some stations also give market technical analysis, which uses chart patterns and indicators to forecast future price changes.

  • Be part of a community

The ability to engage with a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for crypto and blockchain technology is one of the most attractive features of following crypto YouTube channels. These channels allow individuals to get together and express their thoughts, opinions, and ideas on the newest industry advancements.

Many crypto YouTube channels have active comment sections where viewers and the YouTuber may communicate. This feature fosters community by allowing viewers to participate in debates, ask questions, and share their Bitcoin experiences.

In addition to comment sections, many crypto YouTube channels feature social media profiles where viewers may further engage with the community. You can stay up to speed on the newest news and trends by following these accounts and communicating with other community members.

Connecting with a community may be especially beneficial for novice investors or those just starting with cryptocurrencies. You may learn from the experiences of more experienced community members and gain guidance on navigating the business by engaging with them. You can also share your experiences and thoughts, assisting those just starting.

  • Acquire educational resources

The best crypto YouTube channels provide instructive videos on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency mining, and trading. These videos address subjects, including how blockchain works, its potential uses outside of cryptocurrencies, and the wide varieties of accessible blockchain technology.

Many cryptocurrency YouTube channels provide step-by-step guidance and equipment suggestions for mining cryptocurrencies. They also provide ideas and tactics for navigating the markets for people interested in trading cryptocurrency. These videos may include technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and various trading tools and indicators. The best crypto YouTube channels provide instructional information about cryptocurrencies, such as their applications, potential value, and prospects.

  • Cut some time on research

One of the most significant advantages of following cryptocurrency YouTube channels is the time it can save you on research. Cryptocurrency is a complex and rapidly-evolving industry, with new coins, tokens, and technologies being introduced regularly. Staying up-to-date on these developments can be time-consuming, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information available.

By following cryptocurrency YouTube channels, you can save time on research by accessing a centralized source of information. Instead of spending hours browsing different websites and forums for information, you can get all the latest news and insights in one place. For example, the YouTube channel reviewed an under-the-radar token in the video above.

Many cryptocurrency YouTubers are also active on social media so that you can get additional updates and insights from their posts.

Also, you can quickly filter out irrelevant information and focus on the topics that matter most to you. Most channels offer a range of content, from news updates to in-depth analysis, so that you can choose the content most relevant to your interests.


There are many YouTube crypto channels, each offering a unique perspective and insights into cryptocurrency. Whether you’re an experienced investor or just getting started, following the best crypto trading YouTube channels can help you stay informed on the latest developments, connect with a community of like-minded individuals, and make more informed decisions about your investments.

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What are the best crypto YouTube channels for beginners?

There are several excellent crypto YouTube channels that are perfect for beginners. These channels offer clear, easy-to-understand explanations of basic cryptocurrency concepts and terminology, as well as insights into the latest trends and developments in the industry. Some include Jacob Crypto Bury, Rekt Capital, Crypto Daily, etc.

How often do these crypto YouTubers upload content?

The frequency of content uploads on crypto YouTube channels varies from channel to channel. Some YouTubers upload content multiple times a day, while others may only upload once a week or even less frequently. However, many of the best crypto trading YouTube channels tend to upload content on a regular schedule, such as once or twice a week. This allows viewers to anticipate when new content will be released and plan their viewing accordingly.

Do these channels provide information on cryptocurrency regulations?

The extent to which crypto YouTube channels provide information on cryptocurrency regulations varies depending on the specific channel and its focus. However, many reputable cryptocurrency YouTubers do cover the topic of regulations, as it is a key factor in the development and adoption of cryptocurrency. Some crypto YouTubers focus specifically on the legal and regulatory aspects of cryptocurrency, providing updates on the latest laws and regulations that impact the industry. Other channels may touch on the topic of regulations in the context of broader discussions on cryptocurrency adoption and mainstream acceptance.

Are these channels biased towards certain coins or tokens?

Some crypto YouTube channels may have a bias towards certain coins or tokens, while others aim to remain impartial. It's important to do your own research and use critical thinking when evaluating the information presented on these channels. Look for channels that present a balanced view of the industry.

Can I find investment advice on these channels?

Yes, the best crypto trading YouTube channels offer investment advice, ranging from basic tips for beginners to in-depth analysis of market trends and specific coins or tokens.


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