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How To Earn Free Cryptocurrency – 11 Best Ways

The rate at which cryptocurrencies have been able to penetrate into the mainstream in such a short span of time has been rapid. With that rate of adoption, many new investors want to experience the world of cryptocurrencies without risking too much or needing to learn to trade.

Fortunately there has been a surge in different crypto projects offering various promotional activities and methods to attract more users – including ways for investors to earn free crypto.

For someone who doesn’t have a large amount of capital to get started, earning free cryptocurrency tokens through the various means we’ll discuss in this guide can help diversify their portfolio. While earning something for ‘free’ might seem like a big red flag and there are scams to avoid, the methods below are legitimate and easy to use.

Top 10 Ways To Earn Free Cryptocurrency: Summary

The cryptocurrency markets are usually quite volatile. With the rising volatility, some investors might prefer to choose an option that is relatively safer and still provides them relevant returns on their investment. Here are the top methods to earn free cryptocurrency.

  1. Love Hate Inu: Earn Passive Income By Voting on this Platform
  2. Lucky Block Casino: Welcome bonus cash, promotions, and more
  3. Investing in Crypto Presales: Profit with bonus tokens with the right crypto projects
  4. Play to Earn Crypto (P2E) Games: Earn free crypto while gaming
  5. Crypto Faucets: Complete tasks to earn crypto
  6. Crypto Credit Card Rewards: Earn cashback on making purchases
  7. DeFi Lending: Higher rates of return
  8. Taking Part in Crypto Staking: Validate new crypto
  9. Earn Interest on Crypto: Safe and Reliable way to earn crypto
  10. Buying NFTs Providing Free Crypto: NFT Rewards for holders
  11. Crypto Airdrops: Earn free airdropped crypto coins

These different kinds of ways to earn cryptocurrencies are suitable for everyone and can be utilised as they want.

Best Ways To Earn Free Crypto – Full Guide

Love Hate Inu: Earn Passive Income By Voting on this Platform

There are many ways to earn free crypto, but almost all of them require some kind of strenuous activity or a decent amount of your time. But how about getting paid for simply providing your opinion on matters by voting on polls? Well, that is exactly what Love Hate Inu is all about. Launched recently, Love Hate Inu is a cryptocurrency project that rewards users with its native token for simply voting on polls hosted on the platform.

Love Hate Inu

The project is based on a new and innovative Vote-to-Earn concept, which investors seem to have embraced. Since its introduction, the project has been able to amass a massive community and is currently on track to be one of the most successful presales in the space. Essentially, investors are simply expected to place their votes on polls and earn money in the form of the native token LHINU. However, users need to purchase and stake the LHINU token first for at least 30 days to be able to vote on the platform. The voting power is dependent on the number of tokens staked and the time it has been locked in for.

As a project that could potentially change the way data is collected, developers of the platform expect to see multiple company partnerships in the future. This is because Love Hate Inu could be an excellent alternative to traditional survey tools.

Love Hate Inu

The LHINU token is currently available for presale and is likely to sell out much sooner than the scheduled date. With rising demand and a fundamentally strong product, participating in the Love Hate Inu project can be an excellent way of earning free crypto.

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The Lucky Block Casino: Welcome Bonus, Promotions, and More

The first method to earn crypto free on our list is by using the Lucky Block Casino, which has announced a 200% up to 10,000 EUR equivalent matching bonus, which alongside fiat money deposits also applies to crypto deposits.

Taking advantage of those kind of bonus deals can one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to earn cryptocurrency, as it is automatically released while playing and wagering.


From the house of Lucky Block, the Lucky Block casino is a new and exciting addition to the crypto casino space. Moreover, another aspect is credibility, since it comes from the same team that developed LBLOCK – one of the fastest-growing cryptos of last year.

As the name goes, the Lucky Block Casino consists of over 2,700+ casino games including Grand Heist, Joker Stoker, live blackjack games, and tons more. Players can play and earn cryptos just like in a real-life casino. It is 100% secure with a great and easy-to-use user interface.

The Lucky Block Casino uses technologically advanced encryption technology to keep the data safe from hackers and scammers. Users can also get in touch with the super responsive customer support team that is trained and highly professional.

One can earn free crypto via the Lucky Block Casino using the Lucky Block sportsbook which features a vast selection of sports betting markets. Apart from this, there’s a cashback promotion feature available too, through which users can earn 15% cashback on their net losses for their first seven days on the platform.

Visit Lucky Block Casino

Investing in Crypto Presales: Profit with Bonus Tokens with the right Crypto Projects


Presales are one of the best ways to invest in a cryptocurrency project that’s upcoming and looks promising from an investment point of view. A presale enables investors to gain a first-mover advantage, by buying the soon-to-be-launched cryptocurrencies at a lower price and with many extra rewards that investors post the launch might not get.

One of the few examples of getting rewarded for participating in a presale is the latest Fight Out presale. Fight Out is a move-to-earn fitness app that promotes a fitness-first lifestyle for its users. It is backed by some of the most prominent names in the crypto industry such as LBank Labs, Crypto News, and more. The users are rewarded for completing their workouts, and challenges, earning badges, and growing the entire community.

The Fight Out crypto project is currently in its first stage, where it aims to raise $5 million. Through this $5 million presale, the project is aiming to open the first gym and develop the app. Investors will be able to earn a bonus amount of cryptocurrencies on the basis of their scale of investment. For instance, an investor investing $500 will get a 20% bonus, and the maximum cap for the bonus is at the $50,000 level with a bonus of 50%.

There are 9 billion $FGHT tokens and 60% of them will be sold. Presales such as the Fight Out are a rare opportunity to gain entry into a promising project. Not only does the project offer 50% bonus in free cryptocurrency, but it also has a huge upside potential making it the perfect cryptocurrency presale to take part in.

Fight Out are also running a free crypto giveaway worth $250,000 for carrying out simple social media tasks like subscribing to the project’s social channels.

Update: The FGHT presale has already raised over $5.5 million and is scheduled to end on 31st March. Investors should not miss out on this opportunity and invest as soon as possible to acquire tokens at a discounted price.

Visit Fight Out Presale

Play to Earn Crypto (P2E) Games: Earn Free Crypto while Gaming


While investing in presales is one way to earn extra cryptos, and get the first-mover advantage on a crypto project, playing existing P2E games is another way to do so. There are many crypto projects Play-2-Earn games that have completed their successful presales and are live now. Players can take part in earning additional cryptos by putting their gaming prowess to good use.

One such game is STEPN which is a web3 lifestyle app with in-built games and is built around moving around. The users can equip themselves with their favourite sneakers. These users gain crypto by walking, moving around, jogging, or running outdoors, which can either be cashed out later or used to buy in-game resources. There are various Game-Fi elements within the app that include Game Modes background mode, marathon mode, and mystery box.

Similarly, users can buy their own sneakers with different attributes such as efficiency, luck, comfort, and resilience. On the other hand, Tamadoge is another such play-to-earn game that users can take part in. The Tamadoge crypto project recently launched arcade games called Super Doge, Rocket Doge, Tama Blast and To The Moon.

Players in Tamaverse can play various P2E games which will lead them to win various rewards within the ecosystem. Tamadoge pets can be bought, sold, and traded. These Tamadoge pets vary from one another in many ways on the basis of statistics, strengths, and weaknesses. This makes the entire game more interesting and earning rewards more exciting.

Moreover, collecting NFTs will give players bonuses that will allow them to level up on the leaderboard faster. Apart from the first four P2E games, there are various other games set to be released.

Play Super Doge

Crypto Faucets: Complete Tasks to Earn Crypto

Crypto faucets are another exciting and one of the most popular ways of earning cryptocurrencies. Faucets are a method of earning cryptos by completing simple day-to-day tasks. These are usually simple and quick tasks such as solving a puzzle, playing games, or watching ads, similar to in-game ads that are usually run on various other games.


The good thing about earning through crypto faucets is that the investors don’t need to be very well-versed or have the expertise to complete the tasks allocated via crypto faucets. While on one end the tasks might seem quite repetitive and mundane to many over a period of time, they can create a notable source of income in the long run.

The number of cryptos that can be earned via crypto faucets can vary and is dependent on the provider and the kind of task which is supposed to be completed. However, the amounts tend to be quite small usually.

Another thing to keep in mind while interacting with crypto faucets is that many providers may have a certain threshold before they enable the players to cash out the earnings. Plus, there might be a limit to the amount that can be withdrawn at times. Hence, it might be a little irritating to a few players who are looking to make significant crypto returns via games and other earning methods.

One thing that investors should keep in mind when using crypto faucets is that there are many methods that are quite shady and might simply be a scam. Hence, only the faucets by a renowned provider should be taken part.

Crypto Credit Card Rewards: Earn cashback on making purchases

Crypto rewards credit cards are one of the newest incentive-style payment options available that tend to reward users with cryptocurrencies in a form of cashback.

It is similar to the usual cashback that credit cards offer to their users, the only difference being that the rewards are in crypto instead of fiat money. The concept of crypto credit cards is pretty new but is gaining rapid momentum amongst crypto enthusiasts and newer crypto investors.

These crypto credit cards can be used in a similar way to normal credit cards at any location where credit cards are accepted. The users can pay in crypto, however, the receiver might be receiving the money in fiat money. Major credit card makers such as Visa have already entered this space, leading to more popularity around the concept.


One of the first crypto companies to come up with this concept was the Visa Card. It comes with its own sets of perks such as a Netflix subscription and airport lounge access and much more.

While looking for a crypto credit card, there are a few prerequisites to keep in mind, which can help you in choosing the most suitable card as per your requirements.

  1. The issuer: Most of the crypto cards are issued by crypto platforms and exchanges. These platforms usually have their own sets of restrictions, like having an account on their platform. Hence, it is always a smart move to check whether the platform you use offers a credit card or not.
  2. Types of cryptocurrencies available: Different credit cards offer various cryptocurrencies to choose from which are earned as rewards. Checking before signing up whether they offer the currency you are bullish about can do wonders.
  3. Rewards: Know about the number of rewards that are usually offered by these credit card issuers. In case you have high spending a flat rate card might not be the one for you. Go for a card that issues higher reward rates.
  4. Fees: Just like a normal credit card, a crypto credit card also has various fees included with it. This can be annual fees, foreign transaction fees, cryptocurrency sales fees, etc. Know about the fees beforehand to avoid any ambiguities.

DeFi Lending: Higher Rates of Return

DeFi lending or decentralized finance lending is quite similar to traditional lending service that is usually offered by banks. The only caveat is that it’s offered by P2P decentralized apps (dApps). This enables people to borrow and lend funds which allows crypto holders to earn a substantial income.

The process for DeFi lending is quite simple. To summarize, it aims at offering crypto loans with a trustless approach. Users can lock their cryptos on the DeFi lending platform without worrying about the intention of the intermediaries. The borrowers can opt for loans from the decentralized platform with the assistance of P2P lending.

The lenders are then able to earn interest on crypto assets. The DeFi lending protocol allows individuals to become lenders just like a bank. An individual can simply lend their assets and accrue interest. These protocols majorly depend on lending pools and ensure quick distribution among borrowers through smart contracts.

While it is a way to earn, there are other benefits that make it a preferable option for the lender and the receiver. Since all the transactions are public on the blockchain, all the financial transactions are available on record, leading to a sense of accountability. Another major reason is that DeFi loans are processed very quickly, making them a faster source of lending money.

Taking Part in Crypto Staking: Earn Without the Risk of Trading

Crypto staking is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways to earn a passive income via cryptocurrencies and no article on how to earn free cryptocurrency would be complete without it.


Investors can earn passive income without actually trading or investing in cryptocurrencies. In simplest words, crypto staking means locking up the existing cryptocurrencies that are held by the investors to help validate the newer blocks on specific blockchain networks. It is more prevalent on networks that use the Proof of Stake (PoS) rather than the Proof of Works (PoW) method.

The users who stake their cryptos earn rewards in the form of free cryptos. This process can offer higher interest rates than deposits in traditional banks. There are several trading platforms that offer varied interest rates.

There are a few things that investors need to keep in mind when choosing a staking platform.

  1. Cryptocurrencies allowed to be staked: There are various platforms that might have a specific list of cryptos that they allow to stake. If an investor has a cryptocurrency that they already hold, then they should look for the same on the staking platform.
  2. Staking Rewards: As mentioned above, several staking platforms over varied rewards to their users. A staking reward is usually the amount that a platform will pay for staking a cryptocurrency. These rewards might not be uniform across all the platforms and depend largely on the cryptocurrency being staked and the platform.Many platforms might offer separate rewards for a similar cryptocurrency. Users can compare the two platforms and find out the best platform for them.
  3. User-friendliness: While some crypto staking platforms might be quite simple and straightforward, others might not be so easy to use. Eventually, a staking platform that’s easy to use and navigate through is the one the user should go for.

However, there are various scams that are run around in the name of crypto staking. Therefore, only reliable crypto-staking platforms should be chosen.

Earn Interest on Crypto: Safe and Reliable way to earn crypto

Just like a bank’s savings account, there are crypto-saving accounts that offer interest on depositing crypto assets in an account. There are various platforms that offer this service. A crypto savings account enables users to deposit and earn interest on existing tokens. Unlike staking, the cryptos deposited in such accounts are liquid and don’t have a lock-in period attached to them.


There are various models through which such crypto savings accounts usually work. While some of these platforms will use the deposits to stake, some also take part in lending pools and other crypto projects. The goal, however, is common, irrespective of the activities- to earn interest on the crypto deposited in the accounts.

The lock-in periods in such accounts tend to offer higher interest rates than a flexible option.

Earnings from crypto interest accounts can depend on a number of factors. This includes the platform chosen by the investors, the cryptocurrency deposited, and the kind of account that’s been chosen by the investors, i.e. (fixed, flexible, etc). It can be a great option to park the surplus crypto assets for crypto investors to save them from market volatility.

Buying NFTs Providing Free Crypto: NFT Rewards for holders

There are many NFT-based projects that offer their buyers some additional rewards when they buy their non-fungible tokens. While NFTs themselves can be utilized in many ways to earn rewards, there are crypto projects which offer users a chance to earn crypto rewards for staying invested in the NFT projects. There are various NFT games that offer rewards in form of cryptos or in-game resources for playing.


Games like Axie Infinity, are based on Axies, Ethereum-based NFTs, that players can collect, breed, raise, battle against, and trade with other online users. There are various types of Axies that players can choose from, with endless possibilities for customization.

When a player battles and wins they earn Smooth Love Potion tokens which can be sold for Axie Infinity Shard tokens, which are the primary tokens of the game. While the price of AXS and player base has declined since the 2021 bull run, it was at one point one of most popular options for those researching how to earn free cryptocurrency.

Crypto Airdrops: Earn Free Airdropped Crypto Coins

Crypto airdrops are increasingly picking up pace in the world of cryptocurrencies. With their ability to be one of the easiest and most profitable ways to earn cryptos, they have become the norm of any crypto project to attract users.

Airdrops are a way to distribute free crypto to users who are actually interested in a project and its future. They are primarily used as a method to create more hype around a project on social media and other platforms.

It is usually seen that almost all Airdrops are not announced until after the time window to complete the eligibility requirements to prevent people from fixing the drop. Quite recently, the ApeCoin airdrop rewarded early adopters of Bored Ape Yacht Club with 10,000 APE, worth nearly $100,000 at that time.

Other crypto projects like Tamadoge also host regular airdrops for their users. It is recently hosting a giveaway worth $100,000 for its users. See our full guide to crypto airdrops.

Conclusion: Earning Free Crypto

The crypto markets are finally seeing a lot of activity in 2023, after the bear market of 2022, and interest in crypto and how to earn free crypto is picking back up.

In this guide we listed a top ten rundown of the best methods to earn free crypto including ones that are verified as legitimate and often promoted by the crypto projects themselves. For investors who know a thing or two about these methods and are well aware of the happenings, in the markets, these methods can be a go-to way for them to invest.

It can certainly provide an initial push to the investors who’ve been looking to invest for quite some time now. While there’s a certain degree of volatility that’s always going to remain with cryptocurrencies, earning some cryptos can be the first step toward entering the markets. The best option when it comes to earning crypto at the moment is undoubtedly Love Hate Inu, where investors simply need to vote on different polls to win the native token LHINU as a reward. However, conducting due diligence and researching the project in question is always preferred.

Love Hate Inu - Newest Meme Coin


Love Hate Inu
  • Decentralized Polling - Vote to Earn
  • Early Access Presale Live Now
  • Ethereum Chain
  • Featured in Yahoo Finance
  • Mint Memes of Survey Results as NFTs
  • Staking Rewards
  • Viral Potential, Growing Community
Love Hate Inu

FAQs on How to Earn Free Crypto

How can I get free crypto?

There is a list of measures that can help investors earn free cryptocurrency. Some of these methods include crypto staking, gaming, interest accounts, presales, play-to-earn games, and more.

What is the best way to earn crypto?

According to the list above, there are various methods to earn free crypto, each being suitable for every kind of investor. However, methods like the Fight Out Presale are some of the best ways to earn crypto and gain a first-mover advantage.

Are these cryptos really free?

Most crypto projects reward free cryptocurrencies as a way to promote their upcoming projects or before their ICOs. These methods are completely legitimate and easy to use. However, it is always better to conduct your due diligence before investing your hard-earned money into crypto.