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Best Crypto Presales – Top 13 List

Crypto presales are an excellent way for development crypto teams to raise capital and for investors to get access to crypto coins at their early stage of development. If you are looking for the best crypto presales, this page is for you. Here, we suggest the top 12 crypto pre-sales to invest in right now.
Best Crypto Presales
Best Crypto Presales

Investors use cryptocurrency presales to buy coins at very low prices with anticipation to get high returns once these cryptocurrencies get launched officially. On one hand, it is quite a risky investment as long as it is pretty difficult to predict whether this or that cryptocurrency will get enough attention after its launch. On the other hand, if you invest in promising crypto presales, you can have high rewards when the coin gets listed on exchanges and succeeds in its goals. 

How to find these crypto presales and how to know if it is worth buying or not? If you are looking for the answers to these and similar questions, you are in the right place. In this guide, we have introduced a top 12 list of the best crypto presales to invest in for 2022. We have reviewed each crypto presale in detail and introduced the metrics to use while selecting a crypto presale to buy. 

Best Cryptocurrency Presales in 2022

Here is the list of the top 12 crypto presales with short descriptions to pick up if you don’t want to go into details. If you want to learn about each of them and be familiar with what projects back these cryptos you will find detailed descriptions of the best crypto presales in the next section. 

  1. Dash 2 Trade Best Crypto Analytics Platform
  2. RobotEra A Brand New Metaverse Crypto
  3. IMPT – Crypto Projects for Environmentally Conscious Investors
  4. Calvaria A Rising Play-to-Earn Crypto Game with Huge Potential
  5. MetaBlaze Emerging P2E Crypto Token
  6. Tamadoge – A Project with High Returns and Unique NFT Offering
  7. Battle Infinity – Best Crypto Presale to Invest in 2022
  8. Lucky Block –  Upgraded Crypto Token with New Features
  9. SleepCare – Best Crypto Presale that Rewards People for Their Sleeping Data
  10. Avoteo –  Best Crypto Presale Concentrated on Decentralized Crowdfundings
  11. Leshy Inu – Exciting Meme Crypto Presale 
  12. EstateX – Best Crypto Presale Project focused on Real Estate Industry 
  13. LunaOne  – Best Crypto Presale Focused on Promising Metaverse Project

Top Crypto Presales Reviewed – Full List

Though cryptocurrencies are considered the riskiest investment especially when you invest in crypto presales, many crypto projects are backed by distinctive technology offering solutions to such DeFi problems that keep blockchain and other DeFi products away from being adopted for real-world situations. 

When you find crypto projects that have a huge potential to grow and invest in them during the presale stage, you can gain more profit after they succeed. Below we will introduce to you the best crypto presales that have exceptional features and seem quite promising. 

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade is the leading social trading and crypto analytics platform, that offers exclusive opportunities to potential crypto buying opportunities. To assist traders in making wise judgments, it offers social analytics, projections, and crypto trading signals. The D2T token serves as the utility token of the Dash 2 Trade network.

The token is used to run the entire Dash 2 Trade network. Users get access to the platform for cryptocurrency analytics, signals, and social trading tools. The insights from the social and onchain analysis are one of the fundamental components of the Dash 2 Trade dashboard. This helps dashboard users to spot particular cryptocurrencies that may undergo substantial price fluctuations.

Visit Dash 2 Trade


Users of RobotEra (TARO), a Metaverse platform built on the Ethereum blockchain, may create their own digital communities out of virtual land and buildings using non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

Visit Robotera presale

Just recently, the presale began, and early investors could get 1 TARO for 0.02 USDT. Metaverse members of RobotEra will play the part of robots entrusted with the creation and upkeep of individual NFT-based plots of land inside the ever-expanding RobotEra virtual environment. 

This Sandbox-style game will allow players to create robot companions, complete quests, participate in in-game events like virtual concerts, and acquire resources from the game world. RobotEra anticipates completing development of the initial release of the Metaverse galaxy it plans to launch in the first quarter of 2023. The TARO presale will expire and the coin will be traded on exchanges before the year is over.

LBANK Labs has invested privately in RobotEra, which bodes well for the company’s chances of being listed on LBANK Exchange or another exchange in the near future. RobotEra is already making waves and is touted as one of the best crypto presales of the year.

Visit RobotEra (IMPT) is one of its first kinds of crypto projects that are driven towards achieving sustainability and environmental protection. The initiative anticipates bringing about a shift to the current carbon credit landscape through the use of blockchain technology and NFTs. The project’s goals were able to draw a lot of investors, which is how it was able to raise $1 million at its presale event in just 72 hours.

Its intentions to create an open and decentralized market for carbon credits are strengthened by this endeavor. Users of’s shopping platform can earn carbon credits by conducting their regular purchases on our platform, which connects consumers with environmentally friendly businesses. The platform has its own utility token known as IMPT token.


In addition to this, IMPT also has a carbon marketplace where any user can quickly get, exchange, or retire carbon credits. The carbon credits purchased through this marketplace may also be tokenized as NFTs, offering full traceability and confidentiality for the transaction. The NFT is sent to a burn address and deleted each time a carbon credit is retired.

The first of the three stages of the IMPT presale is presently offering the token for $0.018. The second phase will start on December 1, 2022, and this token’s price will increase to $0.023. In its final phase, the token will be offered for sale at the cost of $0.028.  At the moment, only the presale can be used to buy these tokens by individuals. Given the response of investors and the utility of this currency, it is projected from a long-term investment perspective that this altcoin will perform well.

Visit IMPT

Calvaria (RIA)

In the card game Calvaria: Duels of Eternity, players play in tournaments using cards that represent several characters, each of which possess a distinct set of skills. To obtain awards and other boosts, the player’s objective is to defeat opponents utilising smart techniques and strategies. The primary currencies of Calvaria: DoE are $RIA and $eRIA, which are represented by the ERC-20 tokens.

The ecosystem token for the project, $RIA, is used to support the system’s financial health. Whereas $eRIA will be awarded to players throughout the game, just like the in-game money in classic games. As of now, $RIA is in the stage of its presale, where it has already achieved 66% of its target sale.

Visit Calvaria


With the help of exciting worldbuilding and rich storytelling, the MetaBlaze gaming platform creates an engaging and highly interactive play to earn crypto metaverse.

The story of the inhabitants of Galaxia Blue, a far-off and intriguing land filled with bravery, evilness, excitement, technology, warfare, love, humour, brutality, compassion, and most significantly, hope, is the basis for all MetaBlaze offerings, whether it be games, NFT characters, artwork, or any other thing.


The heart of the ecosystem is the $MBLZ core token for MetaBlaze, which is required to play any of its games. Participants will rapidly come to understand that the more $MBLZ they have, the more effective their experience on MetaBlaze will be. Currently, the token is in the stage of its presale, where it is sold at a price of $0.00015069.

Visit Metablaze

Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge is the recently unveiled crypto project in the memecoin ecosystem. This deflationary cryptocurrency was launched in July 2022. Tamadoge token ($TAMA) is the native token of Tamaverse, and users can use it to play Tamadoge games, collect rewards, and get exclusive items from the Tamadoge pet store.

Every user will have the opportunity to mint the doges using Tamadoge, and they will be able to train, look after, and compete with their Tamadoge NFTs to earn the top spot on the leaderboard every month. The Play-to-Earn options will potentially integrate virtual reality activities, enabling your NFT to interact with its Tamaverse mates.

During the presale stage of TAMA tokens, this project received a thunderous response from the crypto community. The project was able to achieve its target by raising 19 million USDT within two months of its launch. Experts are predicting that this meme coin will make profits of 10 to 50 times by the end of next year.

Recently, the project just released 20,000 Common NFTs on the well-known NFT marketplace, OpenSea. The first collection of ultra-rare Tamadoge NFTs also got released on October 6.

Each of these NFTs is unique in its own way and includes a selection of themes drawn from the Tamaverse, unique artwork, and the latest Doge attire. Not only do these NFTs allow you to play arcade games, but also they provide you with the airdrop of a puppy version at the time of the Tamadoge main game launch.

Buy Tamadoge on OKX

Battle Infinity – Best Crypto Presale to Invest in 2022

We consider Battle Infinity the best crypto presale to buy in 2022 due to its unique features. It is a Binance Smart Chain-based DeFi product that seeks to combine “play-to-earn” elements with the virtual world to create a unique experience for users. The game is based on NFTs and enables players to use the NFT marketplace and generate rewards through their in-game items. 

Battle Infinity

On the whole, Battle Infinity introduces 6 different platforms – IBAT Battle Arena, IBAT Premier League, IBAT Battle Swap, IBAT Battle Market, IBAT Battle Store, and IBAT Battle Stake. All of these platforms are quite practical and have distinctive properties. The Battle Arena is the general platform where users can create their avatars, buy new gadgets, and get new hairstyles, clothes, and accessories. They can also browse the arena to get in touch with other avatars and team up with them. The avatars are represented as NFTs. 

The Premier League is the most exciting feature of the game. On this platform, users can participate in fantasy sports games with their teams and win contests. All the items on this platform are represented as NFTs. Users can buy these NFTs on another IBAT platform known as Battle Market. It enables players to not only enjoy playing sports games but also make money through NFTs. 

There is also Battle Swap which enables people to swap between different digital assets. The Battle store offers a selection of other games which is another way for players to earn rewards. And eventually, Battle Stake gives staking chances to the IBAT crypto holders. Another exciting thing about the project is that players can use VR devices and move in the metaverse world. 

To power its ecosystem, Battle Infinity has created an IBAT token which will serve as the utility token for the project. IBAT token has multiple uses – it is used for transactions, to distribute players their rewards, for staking, and can also be used to buy advertising arenas on in-world items. IBAT is a BEP-20 token and has a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens. 200 million IBAT tokens were used for the presale stage. 

Note: Battle Infinity Presale ended 66 days ahead of time. Investors can not get IBAT from LBank and Pancakswap.

  • KYC-verified by CoinSniper, audited by
  • Maximum supply of 1 billion IBAT tokens
  • The Crypto presale ends on October 10, 2022.

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Lucky Block – Upgraded Crypto Token with New Features 

Those who are familiar with the Lucky Block project may know that the game already issues a native token – LBLOCK which serves as a utility token for its ecosystem. But the team has created another Lucky Block token – LBLOCK v2 which has upgraded features. The problem with the first token is that it can’t be listed on traditional crypto exchanges due to its features. Hence, the Lucky Block team decided to issue a new token that can be compatible with CEXs. 

Lucky Block

Lucky Block is a decentralized gambling platform that aims to revolutionize the lottery industry. It struggles to be more user-oriented by providing more chances to get winning draws and increasing the winning payouts. Among its unique characteristics is that users can draw more frequently, everyone can participate irrespective of geographical location, the platform is decentralized and hence transparent and the operating costs are not too high. 

Lucky Block’s first token – LBLOCK is more DEX-friendly and is used within the platform to pay for transactions, get sales, etc. Users also need to pay 12% taxes when they sell the token. The second token LBLOCK V2 is aimed to be CEX-friendly. It will be listed on traditional exchanges, and traders will get the chance to speculate on its prices or make a long-term investment. Lucky Block is now available on LBank and MEXC. has also listed this crypto. Also, work on Lucky Block Ethereum Bridge is in progress, and it will allow LBLOCK hodlers to exchange their V1 and V2 tokens.

Visit Lucky Block

SleepCare – Best Crypto Presale that Rewards People for Their Sleeping Data

SleepCare cryptocurrency project introduces a sleep-to-earn mobile app that seeks to contribute to people’s sleeping quality and enable them to get rewarded for monetizing their sleeping habits. Its distinctive features make SleepCare one of the most interesting projects of the “SocialFi” ecosystem and a promising crypto presale to keep an eye on. 


But how does SleepCare work? Its blockchain is based on the Binance Smart Chain and it provides a mobile app that is available for Android and iOS devices. The mobile app called “Sleep Care” determines your sleeping habits by incorporating the data collected during the time people sleep. It does so using the data collected by your phone through such features as GPS, physical activity data, and body sensors. The app then calculates your sleeping wellness including the time spent on your sleep. 

Then users get rewarded for sharing their sleeping habits and the project grants them SLEEP tokens. To start earning rewards in SLEEP tokens, Sleep Care users should have at least 5 hours of sleep logged. It has other interesting features too, one of which is the monthly competitions during which the platform picks the winners based on their sleeping quality and grants the winners. 

SleepCare’s SLEEP token has already been listed on Coin Market Cap and is available to swap on the Pancakeswap decentralized crypto exchange. The cryptocurrency has a maximum supply of 50,000,000 SLEEP tokens and one token is valued at $0.0007216 at the time of writing. As the SocialFi industry is growing, SleepCare has great potential to become a successful project in that market.

Avoteo – Best Crypto Presale Concentrated on Decentralized Crowdfundings

Avoteo is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that has become quite popular on social media. Currently, it offers the presale of its AVO token which will end on August 15, this year. The project stands out with some unique features which make it quite an attractive crypto presale. First of all, it tries to incorporate blockchain technology into the crowdfunding processes and help several startups to raise capital simply and quickly. 


In general, Avoteo offers three distinctive products – the crowdfunding platform. Skill marketplace and bridge. The first one will represent multiple startups to be funded. Users holding Avoteo’s native token, AVO can vote on the projects they find exciting and get the chance to earn passive income. According to its website, having 200 AVO tokens will enable anyone to access the full features of Avoteo’s platform.

The second exciting feature is the Skill Marketplace, where startup founders can find the perfect employees for their projects. The marketplace will allow all the freelancers to offer their services and the employers can find the perfect matches for their businesses. It will enable them to find the right person for the right job which is why the project places an important emphasis on it. 

And eventually, Avoteo claims to be a bridge that connects blockchain platforms with the physical world. Those having supported any of the startups presented on the Avoteo platform will have to take part in the governing processes and vote on changes. They can also use their AVO tokens to buy goods and services from the businesses they invest in during the crowdfunding process. It speaks about the multiple use cases of the AVO token – it is a governance token, it can be used to generate passive income, and users can buy goods and services through it. 

Avoteo has already conducted three presales of its AVO token – private presale, phase 1 and phase 2 2hich together raised the capital equal to $1,008, 323. AVO token is currently in the third and last phase of its presale which will end on August 15. The value of each AVO token at this stage is $0.05. It is worth noting that Avoteo is also a secure platform that is certified by one of the leading security ranking platforms – Certik. Additionally, the project has partnered with such popular crypto platforms as Veridoc Sign, Blockchain Army, and Coinzilla. 

Leshy Inu – Exciting Meme Crypto Presale 

Along with the popularity of the first successful meme coin project – Dogecoin, multiple such projects sprung up in the market. Shiba Inu was among those meme coins that managed to garner huge attention despite being a speculative asset. Leshy Inu belongs to the family of Inu coins and seems quite a promising meme coin project. It is a newly launched meme coin that is still carrying a presale stage so you have an opportunity to buy it at a low price. 

Leshy Inu

Leshy Inu project is built on the Binance Smart Chain and belongs to the BEP-20 token group. Despite offering its meme coin, it also offers such DeFi products as wallet, swapping platform, staking, and farming. Apart from it, Leshy Inu plans to launch a lottery platform in the future. Its further places include also building an NFT marketplace. 

Leshy Inu’s native token is LES which currently has a supply of 10 trillion tokens. However, the team carries out burning events regularly and it claims that 90% of the tokens will be burnt in the future. It means that LES is a deflationary coin which can have a positive impact on its value once the demand for the meme coin increases. Leshy Inu’s team had already carried out two presale events and the third phase has gone live recently. At this stage, you can buy LES tokens at $0.000005. The listing price of the token will be $0.000008 according to the coin’s Twitter account.

EstateX – Best Crypto Presale Project focused on Real Estate Industry 

EstateX is another popular cryptocurrency project that has yet to be launched and is currently doing crypto presales. It seeks to build a blockchain-based platform where people can buy, sell, and trade real estate without undergoing the complicated process traditional real estate investing requires. The project aims to make such investments simple and affordable to everyone worldwide and bring real estate investing to a new level.


EstateX plans to make this reality through what it calls “fractional ownership” which will enable anyone to buy shares of real estate and get passive income starting from as little money as 100 euros. Ownership of these shares will be represented on the blockchain underlying the EstateX platform. It also supports a marketplace where people can purchase and sell those shares of properties. 

All the transactions will be conducted through EstateX’s native token – ESX which will be the native token of the project. ESX has multiple use cases as a utility token for the community. But it also will serve as a governance token and enable holders to vote on the properties they want to be on the EstateX’s platform. Buying ESX during the presale stage will grant you a lot of benefits which are represented on EstateX’s website, including later discounts, bonuses, staking, rewards, etc. 

EstateX has already gained popularity on social media: it has more than 15,000 members on its Telegram group and more than 5,500 on its Twitter account. The project also has a well-designed website that introduces the project, its goals, and services in detail and has how-to videos about investing in cryptos, and other DeFi-related topics.

LunaOne – Best Crypto Presale Focused on Promising Metaverse Project 

LunaOne is one of the most exciting Metaverse projects – seeks to integrate Web 3.0 and build the world of everything. LunaOne will introduce a metaverse platform where users can do a wide selection of activities – from education to business and gaming. The core feature of the project is the avatar. Everyone can have an avatar within the game and buy a piece of real estate within the platform. 


Users can participate in contests with their avatars, change their looks, invite friends to their events and participate in other events. According to its website, LunaOne will build an “all-in-one virtual world” enabling avatars to earn, shop, socialize, study, and play. 

Other exciting features of the LunaOne project are decentralized file storage, video streaming opportunities, virtual events, decentralized messaging, etc. Another appealing thing is that LunaOne partners with leading AR/VR manufacturing companies to power its platform with a virtual environment where users can enjoy a magnificent experience. They can see and hear everything within the Metaverse and what is most exciting even smell and taste certain things. 

LunaOne will use its native token – XLN to facilitate transactions within its ecosystem. But the token will not only be used for transactions and distributing rewards, but also to manage the LunaOne DAO. The latter is designed to govern the LunaOne community and grant XLN holders voting rights regarding the LunaOne changes.

What are Crypto Presales and How Do They Work?

Cryptocurrency presales are events carried out by the startups aiming to raise capital before the initial coin offering stage, during which they launch the tokens officially. These presales involve two parties – developers and investors both of which can benefit from the presales if the crypto launch is to be a success. Presales help developers raise extra capital to complete their projects. Investors in their turn can get the tokens at low prices and sell them at high prices once the crypto goes public. 

One of the most crucial things to remember about cryptocurrency presales is that they can be quite risky. Along with the valuable crypto projects that seem promising, several worthless tokens can be offered that do not have value and are aimed to steal money. Hence, not to end up as a victim of fraud you need to pay attention to the projects backing the presale coins and evaluate their prospects. Along with the risk of being scammed, it is also possible that the projects can also fail to garner public attention. In any case, investing in presales involves high risks and you must be cautious when you buy crypto presales. 

Meanwhile, crypto presales have a lot of benefits. First and foremost, you can buy the tokens at low prices and get discounts when a token is officially launched. Other benefits may include VIP memberships, bonuses, airdrops, free access to certain features of the project’s ecosystem, etc. If you get tokens at low prices during the presale stage and it succeeds to gain value during the ICO, you can trade your tokens and benefit from high rewards.

During the presale stage, a limited number of tokens is offered at a low price. The developing team announces the presales a few months before the event goes live. The time of the presale event being available can vary depending on the crypto’s popularity and the number of tokens available to buy. Mostly, developers use specialized sites and forums for the presale stage so these platforms are the best places to find presales. 

Decentralized crypto exchanges are another type of platform to access crypto presales. DEXs list the presales on their platform and act as an intermediate between you and the development team. To buy crypto presales on DEXs, you need to open an account on it and connect your wallet. 

How to Find the Best Crypto Presales?

If you want to invest in crypto presales you also need to know where and how to find the best crypto presales worth investing in for 2022. Sometimes the projects become popular due to the efficient marketing strategy, but there are some other ways to learn about crypto projects. One of the best places to look for them is specialized sites or forums. CoinMarketCap is one example where several crypto presales are listed and the platform indicates where you can buy them. 

You can also find several excellent crypto presales on social media. Such platforms as Twitter, and Reddit post a lot of content related to cryptocurrencies. You can follow specialized pages or expert traders on these platforms that post about crypto presales and get notified about such events. 

Once you find a bunch of presales you think you can invest in, do not rush and explore all of them in detail. As there can be a lot of scammers in the market, you need to make sure that the project you want to invest in has strong backing plans and can be profitable once it gets listed. It means that you need to get familiar with the project in detail and make sure that it offers competitive technology. 

There are three main components to pay attention to during the research process. The first thing is to check the development team and make sure if they have careers or experience in such fields as DeFi, cryptocurrencies, Web 3.0, or Metaverse. The second one is to explore what features the project offers and whether it has something exclusive or a problem-solving technology for the DeFi. 

Eventually, you need to pay attention to the tokenomics of the cryptocurrency, including its supply, popularity, and demand, the number of tokens offered during the presale stages, compare its presale price with the ICO price, etc.

Is It a Good Idea to Invest in Crypto Presales?

Crypto presales may seem quite attractive at first sight as they offer low-cost investments and a huge potential to profit from the coin. However catchy they look like they are as much risky and you can end up losing your capital in the long run. But why do the presales attract so much attention and are they really a good investment? Here are some benefits you can get from investing in crypto presales. 

Discounts and Low Price

As mentioned already, crypto presales can help you get huge rewards due to the fact that they are given at extremely low prices compared to their price when they officially launch. The reason is that the developing team seeks investments to bring into reality their plans and goals. Hence, crypto presales contribute to both parties. 

Later on, when these tokens conduct an initial coin offering (ICO), the team offers the tokens at higher prices than during the presale stages. Additionally, if the token is welcomed by the DeFi community or gets listed on major crypto exchanges, its value increases enabling early investors to generate high incomes.

You can Invest in Innovative Projects

Though there are thousands of cryptocurrencies that do nothing but for copying each other, multiple other projects appear in the market that offers unique and innovative features. The latter includes Web 3.0-based products, metaverse crypto projects, Play-to-Earn gaming platforms, and DeFi projects offering solutions to fundamental blockchain problems. 

During the presale stage, you can have a chance to invest in such distinctive projects having great potential to grow in the future. Hence, you need to conduct your research beforehand and find out the projects that offer crypto presales and offer real-world solutions to the existing DeFi problems.

Airdrops and Bonuses

Another fascinating thing regarding the presales is that you can get different bonuses once the project is officially launched. One of these bonuses can be airdrops during which the token holders are rewarded with extra tokens based on the number of coins they hold. Another interesting reward that crypto presale investors can get is a VIP membership ticket. Through these tickets, they can access various features of their platform for free. 

Passive Income through Staking 

Finally, there is an opportunity to generate passive income when you hold certain cryptocurrencies. Most of these projects use Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain to build their blockchains which means they rely on the staking mechanism. So, instead of keeping your assets idle you can stake them and generate rewards or collect yields via such tools as yield farming. 

Play-to-Earn tokens have another benefit. You can use them to get integrated into the ecosystem of the project, buy items or virtual real estate, develop your avatar and sell your in-built items in the marketplace.


Cryptocurrency presales are an excellent way to generate passive income and get several benefits from the cryptocurrency projects you have invested in. Meanwhile, they are even riskier than usual crypto investments as you can’t be sure how this or that token will be accepted in the market. With this in mind, we have introduced in our guide the best crypto presales that have a lot to stand out among others.

Our top recommended crypto presale is IMPT which not only fuels a promising cryptocurrency project but also has many use cases within industry. If you have selected which crypto presale you want to buy, visit its platform or social media channels and follow the guide to understand how you can buy it during the presale stages.

IMPT - New Green Crypto

Our Rating

Best crypto IMPT
  • Early Stage Presale Live Now
  • Doxxed Professional Team
  • Use Cases in Industry - Offset Carbon Footprint
Best crypto IMPT


What are crypto presales?

Crypto presales are pre-ICO events carried out by developers to sell tokens at low prices and raise extra capital for developing their projects.

What is the difference between crypto presales and ICOs?

Crypto presales are conducted before ICOs and offer tokens at a low price. These events just help the project raise extra capital while initial coin offerings (ICOs) are meant to launch the tokens officially.

How do you find genuine crypto presales?

There are multiple ways to find genuine crypto presales - you can look for them on specialized websites, forums, and social media accounts. But before investing in crypto presales you need to check if it is valuable and if its token will succeed once it gets listed officially.

What is the best crypto presale right now?

We have analyzed multiple cryptocurrency projects that are currently conducting crypto presale events. Based on the thorough research of our experts we have created a recommendation list of the best crypto presales to invest in 2022. The list includes Battle Infinitive’s IBAT, Lucky Block’s LBLOCK v2, Avoteo’s AVO, SleepCare’s SLEEP, Leshy Inu’s LES, EstateX’s ESx and LunaOne’s XLN tokens.

How do I know if a crypto presale is legit?

To know if a crypto presale is legit or not you need to check whether it is backed by a security cryptocurrency project. You had better invest in such projects that are audited by leading security rating platforms, including Certik or Solid Proof.