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Top Crypto ICOs to Invest In – Reviews of ICO Cryptos

Holding an ICO or Initial Coin Offering allows a new crypto project to raise funds by creating a new coin, app, or service and selling it to potential investors on public sale.

Investors who find the project rewarding can purchase the project’s token at ICO to help the company raise capital and also receive a discount compared to its potential future value.

There are many new crypto ICOs on the market, which makes it a little daunting to choose the right one for you – in this guide we pick out some of the best based on online reviews and Reddit chatter.

8 Top Crypto ICOs of 2022

Here’s our list of the top 8 crypto ICOs this year, which we’ll take a closer look in this guide:

  1. Tamadoge: One of the best ICO crypto with a unique use case
  2. Battle Infinity – Top ICO Crypto for 2022
  3. Lixiana – A Decentralized Marketplace With its Native Token
  4. SubQuery Network – Blockchain Developer Toolkit for Creating dApps
  5. Pixel Hub – P2E Arcade Game
  6. Juniverse Token – Food and Health Company With Tokenized Games
  7. Fusotao – Decentralized Verification Protocol
  8. Bioviratech – Vaccine Distribution Based on Blockchain

A Detailed Look at the Best ICO Crypto Projects

We have minutely reviewed the below-mentioned ICO crypto projects and have incorporated all the details so you can successfully decide on the best crypto ICOs worth investing in.

Tamadoge – High Utility ICO Crypto, Confirmed CEX Listing

It rarely happens that a meme coin ICO – although this project is still in its presale phase – turns out to be something with huge potential. Tamadoge is potentially one such rare crypto.

Adopting the ‘doge’ style of the best meme coins, Tamadoge adds utility into the mix through its tested and true play-to-earn mechanic.

Players can adopt Tamadoge Pets, NFTs that are randomly generated with unique traits, and then raise them and use them to battle against other players to earn TAMA – the native crypto of the Tamadoge ecosystem.

Buy Tamadoge

The devs are not stopping at play-2-earn. They have plans to integrate Tamadoge pets with the metaverse. And next year, they’re launching their game through an AR (Augmented Reality) Mobile app. Think of Pokemon Go, but with financial incentives behind it for the player.

Other developments include more P2E games on the platform and the creation of Tamaverse – the native metaverse of the Tamadoge ecosystem. With so many positives, it is no wonder the crypto crowd is interested in this cryptocurrency.

TAMA has finished its presale and has raised $19 million USDT. The devs’ efforts to add utility to memecoins and put them on the metaverse have earned Tamadoge the attention of many publications, including CNBC, who forecasted that this token has the potential to make 10x to 50x gains by 2023.

That CEX listing has been confirmed by the team, and the token is now poised to be listed on OKX. The listing date is 27th September 2022. While LBank and Uniswap listing is also on the way, we suggest registering on OKX to get in early on this ICO and claim a mystery box with up to $10 in reward.

Join over 22,000 members in the official Tamadoge Telegram where more details of this upcoming NFT-based crypto game are regularly released.

Register at OKX for Tamadoge ICO

Battle Infinity – Fastest Crypto Presale to Sell Out, Set to ICO

Battle Infinity is a play-to-earn platform based on the metaverse that provides users earning opportunities and community building.

Its presale for its native coin IBAT sold out early and its next roadmap step is its ICO on a crypto exchange – in this case an IDO (initial DEX offering) on PancakeSwap decentralized exchange (DEX).

Best ICO Cryptos

The presale made waves when it raised 16,500 BNB in just 24 days, showing its popularity among users. And the reason is simple – it is much more secure and less likely to be prone to vulnerabilities and comes with far better utility.

Other than that, the platform offers six components: IBAT Premier League, Battle Market, Battle Games, Battle Staking, Battle Swap, and Battle Arena, which is its metaverse.

The platform’s native token $IBAT is based on the BEP-20 protocol and the Binance Smart Chain network. It rewards users and can also be used within the platform’s components, such as Battle Market and IBAT Swap.

Battle Infinity also aims to provide users with virtual lands within their metaverse (Battle Arena) for advertising purposes.

This platform has also been creating headlines for potentially surpassing Axie Infinity, a similar play-to-earn (P2E) platform that experienced a 30% price downfall as users shifted towards Battle Infinity.

All in all, Battle Infinity appears to be a solid player in the P2E space as it has already started outpacing its competitors. Follow the official Telegram for updates on IBAT’s future crypto exchange listings and details of how to buy on PancakeSwap.

Visit Battle Infinity

Lixiana – A Decentralized Marketplace With its Native Token

Created in early 2022, Lixiana focuses on providing a crypto token for building decentralized marketplaces for professional assets, services and resources.

There are numerous marketplaces out there, but almost every platform has a snag. High fees, limitations, and regulations are some of them. Freelancers are mostly reliant on such platforms and applications such as PayPal for global transactions that charge hefty transactions fee.

Lixiana ICO

Lixiana coin (LIXI) revolutionizes this by providing access to blockchain technology— smart contracts and decentralized marketplaces.

LIXI has a built-in marketplace that completely transforms how digital assets, services, and resources are provided.

LIXI offers features like a decentralized marketplace, better privacy, smart contract accessibility, low fees, user-friendliness, and more than traditional platforms. It also offers a wallet where users can trade and store digital assets.

LIXI’s presale is already up and will stay live until 15th September 2022 then move onto the ICO stage. Also, users can exchange BNB tokens for purchasing LIXI; the minimum transaction amount is 0.01 BNB.

Explore more about other top NFT Marketplaces.


Your capital is at risk

SubQuery Network – Leading Blockchain Developer Toolkit for Creating dApps

SubQuery aims to create a future where decentralized apps would take over others and revolutionize how things work. It is a blockchain developer toolkit that helps developers to create the next generation of dApps.

This network addresses a major problem with the decentralized data, i.e., its inefficient processing and long querying that takes ample time to build complex and intuitive applications.

subquery network ICO

The SubQuery is already powering Polkadot, Substrate, and Avalanche and handles numerous API requests through managed service. All this is achieved by four tools— SDK, SubQuery Explorer, SubQuery Projects, and SubQuery Network, which may release shortly.

The SQT token ICO is already up, and users can grab only 9% of the total supplied tokens, where each coin is sold at $0.0275. Note that only whitelisted users are allowed in the first round of the ICO; the public can join in the second and third rounds.

Pixel Hub – Upcoming P2E Arcade Game

Pixel Hub is a P2E arcade game built on the Binance Smart Chain network. The arcade-style game is available on both mobile and PC and features 20 different games, while more will come soon on the platform.

This game gradually becomes challenging as you progress and rewards the players with BNB. The game attracts users as it incorporates some well-known historical games such as Tetris, Pacman, Snake, Flappy Bird, and more.

pixel hub ICO

The platform is currently at phase two— launching the ICO of its native token’s PHT. This in-game currency, PHT, can be earned by playing games and holding tokens in a non-custodial wallet – such as MetaMask – through “reflection.”

A percentage of transactions is distributed among PHT holders every time tokens are sold or bought on DEX or Swap. Also, PHT is a defamatory coin, meaning a percentage of tokens are burned in tournaments so that the token may gain value over time.

The ICO of the platform will be set up on the 15th of August. However, the presale of the PHT token has already started.

Juniverse Token – Promising Food & Health Company With Tokenized Games

Founded in 2021, Juniverse plans to make the world healthier by producing food and health supplements from Jaboticaba, a native fruit of Malaysia. And all this will be done with blockchain technology.

Unlike traditional health apps, Juniverse aims to build an application where users can track their calories and daily steps and get useful information about health products and methods to improve their well-being.

juniverse ICO

Users can also complete different gamified health-related tasks on their application to earn a Juniverse token, which is priced at $1 and can be bought using USDT.

The platform also intends to add new products such as cosmetics items and alcoholic drinks to the platform while keeping fruits as their core element.

The ICO of this platform will be held in October 2022. However, Juniverse plans to launch the app next year with additional features such as a marketplace, games, and staking capabilities.

Fusotao – New Decentralized Verification Protocol

Fusotao is a reliable verification platform that holds the users’ assets and verifies matching transactions using the pattern “execute off-chain, verify on-chain.”

The off-chain executor and prover, Galois, is used to execute orders and prove them.

fusotao ICO

Simply put, trading on centralized exchanges is a “set and forget” approach as it streamlines the entire process. But it has one caveat— there’s no privacy, and the central entity takes over the control of the account.

Fusotao comes out as a solution to this problem by trading the activity off-chain without owing the users funds, compromising on the security and no fungibility of the users’ assets.

The DEXs powered by Fusotao experience the following advantages:

  • Zero gas fee transactions
  • Orderbook based model
  • Faster than Swap

Matchers and developers can earn rewards by signing up on the platform as TAO tokens. The ICO of TAO token was held on the 25th of July 2022 and will be followed by multiple DEX exchange listings.

Bioviratech – Vaccine Distribution Powered by Blockchain

Bioviratech was founded during the Covid pandemic and worldwide lockdowns with the idea that medicines should be more widely available, irrespective of location or any other human influence.

This blockchain-based platform works with pharmaceutical companies to provide medicines to the needy ones if a pandemic hits in the future again.

bioviratech ICO

Users will be able to exchange the platform’s token Bioviratech USD (BVTD) to get medicines. These tokens will be distributed via airdrops, and users can grab them on exchanges. Note that a user can only have a limited amount of coins to maintain the vaccines’ fair allotment.

Boiviratech ICO will take place on the 25th of September. Whereas the private and presale event will take place in the month of July and August, where users can buy BVTD tokens.

Find an updated list of all upcoming ICOs at

What is a Crypto ICO?

An ICO is one of the most popular and hassle-free methods of raising funds for early-stage projects, mostly related to crypto.

The companies put a certain number of tokens to be given out during the ICO event to accumulate capital for the business. Whereas in return, the investors receive the tokens and make their way early in the project.

To participate in an ICO, you must possess the basic knowledge of crypto wallets and exchanges. Not just that, you must have an established digital currency as, mostly, the companies require you to pay in that— BTC and ETH being the most popular ones.

ICO can also be perceived as crowdfunding and creates a win-win situation for both the investors and the companies.

However, one must acknowledge that seeking a lucrative or best ICO can be downright challenging and risky as you never know how the project will come out in the future.

How does ICO work?

Firstly, the organization planning to roll out the ICO will determine the coin’s structure.

These are of three types:

  • Fixed supply and fixed price.
  • Fixed supply and dynamic price.
  • Dynamic supply and fixed price.

Afterward, the company announces some necessary details about the ICO, such as its price, release date, etc., in advance. And some information regarding its token as well— use cases, the total number of supply, allocations, etc.

Once the ICO hits the market, investors can buy the new currency by sending funds to a crypto wallet address. This mostly involves sending other prominent cryptocurrencies to make the purchase. However, some accept fiat currency as well. Once done, investors have to share the address of their wallets to receive the tokens.

ICOs are equivalent to an Initial Public Offering (IPO). However, one major drawback of the ICO, which even makes it extremely speculative, is that it does not have any regulating authorities. Meaning that they are not obliged to any legal monetary statements or business strategies.

Often a crypto ICO takes place over the company’s website, adding to its risk factors. Any project or company wanting to raise funds can form a coin and an ICO as no regulations are involved.

And since all the processes take place over the company’s websites, it makes it even riskier as the company may run away with all the accumulated funds. Hence, it is crucial to do the necessary research and then proceed further with the project.


Your capital is at risk

How to Find the Top New Crypto ICOs

Apart from ICOs, IDOs and IEOs are also investors’ choices to make money from an early-stage project.

That said, it is not easy to choose between one method or the best ICO to invest in.

However, you can consider the following points while seeking the best ICO cryptos:

White Paper

The first and foremost step when looking for the best ICO crypto is to look for the project’s white paper. White papers are report or guide that tells about an organization and its strategies related to its project.

A white paper that is strategically planned depicts credibility and future success. However, one that is poorly carried out or shows no practical approach represents a lack of potential.

Team and Partnerships

Once the white paper seems to be on point, consider checking the founders and partners of the project because if they are experienced or well-known founders, the project is most likely to be on the good side.

Make sure to cross-check whether the project has any blogs or social posts around the partnerships, as these can be deceiving too.

Tokenomics and Allocations

As mentioned, the company also announces a few details about its digital token before the ICO launch, and one must not refrain from reviewing them.

Check the percentage of tokens the project plans to distribute among investors, founders, team members, and partners, as a good ICO project will always balance the distributed tokens.

Are ICO Cryptos a Good Investment?

ICO crypto being a good investment or not depends on several aspects such as its business plan, future potential, marketing strategies, and more.

Below are some of the advantages of a good ICO crypto:

Low Entry Price

Early-stage projects tend to sell their tokens at a relatively low token price, allowing the investors to obtain the token at a fairly good deal.

Unlock Rewards

Some crypto projects open the doors of earning for their investors even without selling the token or waiting for its price to soar. Investors can simply stake digital assets and earn rewards.

Moreover, they can also be used to grab rare NFTs even before they get launched.

First Mover Advantage

Investing in an early-stage project allows investors to get their hands on a project even before its launch on public platforms.

This means that the investors have a chance of experiencing a profit if the project hits the market at a higher price.

However, this can only happen if the coin turns out to be profitable. If the coin’s demand falls, investors may have to face loss.

Risks of Crypto ICOs

Following are the risks associated with the crypto ICOs:

  • Crypto projects are volatile. Therefore, their value fluctuates from time to time and cannot be easily predicted.
  • There are chances of higher risks as there are no regulations involved.
  • Many startups that are unable to convince VC firms to invest turn to ICOs to raise funding.

It is recommended to scrutinize a project minutely and then move ahead to avoid any future loss. It’s also still possible to profit by buying some of the best altcoins on the market today that completed their ICOs many years ago.


Crypto ICO allows investors to experience the earlier phase of a project that may or may not be rewarding. As discussed, all of this depends on the project one invests in and how it turns out to be.

The above guide will help you choose the right crypto ICO to invest in. But again, it is recommended to DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before investing to avoid any potential loss.

Two of the emerging players in the list of upcoming crypto ICOs are Battle Infinity and Tamadoge. These P2E platforms, with their distinctive features and great utility, have what it requires to come out as profitable in the coming times and allow investors to earn passive incomes as well.

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Tamadoge - Play to Earn Meme Coin

Our Rating

Tamadoge logo
  • Earn TAMA in Battles With Doge Pets
  • Capped Supply of 2 Bn, Token Burn
  • Presale Raised $19 Million in Under Two Months
  • Upcoming ICO on OKX Exchange
Tamadoge logo

Battle Infinity - New Metaverse Game

Our Rating

Battle Infinity
  • Presale Sold Out Early - Now on PancakeSwap and LBank
  • First Fantasy Sports NFT Game
  • Play to Earn Utility - IBAT Token
  • Powered By Unreal Engine
  • CoinSniper Verified, Solid Proof Audited
  • Roadmap & Whitepaper at
Battle Infinity

Tamadoge - 'Play to Earn Dogecoin' With 10-50x Potential

Tamadoge - 'Play to Earn Dogecoin' With 10-50x Potential

Tamadoge - 'Play to Earn Dogecoin' With 10-50x Potential