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Best Solana Presales and ICOs of 2024

Solana network
Solana network

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Solana has been on a roll since Q3 of 2023. First, BONK’s massive uprising took the market by storm, and then dogWifhat exploded to become the #1 Solana meme-coin to date. Existing projects like Render and The Graph are also seeing increased activity as most of their recent candles are green.

As people are keeping their eyes trained on the next big crypto on Solana, many Solana presales and ICOs are emerging. Capable of gaining a parabolic increase, many of these ICOs are getting attention quickly. This guide will help our readers pick out the best Solana presales and ICOs to look forward to in 2024.

Best Solana Presales and ICOs – Quick List

Here is a list of the best Solana presales and ICOs in the market that will likely receive a pump as soon as they land on cryptocurrency exchanges.

  1. Slothana (SLOTH) – Best Solana Presale with Good Potential to Viral
  2. Smog (SMOG) – Innovative Solana Presale with Gamified Airdrop
  3. Weewu (OMNI) – Metaverse Gaming Platform on Solana Network
  4. Mebe ($MEBE) – Web3 Crypto Based on Mermaid Themes
  5. SolFaith ($SOLFAITH) – Solana Meme coin With Religious Undertones
  6. Donk.Meme ($DONK) – Donkey-Based Meme Coin with Viral Potential
  7. Snappe ($SNAPPE) – Pepe-themed Meme Coin Available as a Presale on Coinbase Commerce

Reviewing the Best Solana Presales of 2024

In this section, we analyze these presales and comment on their future upsides depending on the viral potential they have currently.

Slothana (SLOTH) – Best Solana Presale with Good Potential to Viral 

Slothana’s arrival on the Solana blockchain was expected by most investors. Slerf got big in soon after its release, and the floodgates opened for other assets to capitalize on its success. However, this is the first sloth-based meme token that uses Slerf as an inspiration, and its aim is to go viral quickly using its imagery.

Slothana Best Crypto Presale

Within two days of being active as a presale, Slothana has raised upwards of $1 million. This indicates that the community is interested in this token and believes in its viral potential.

Even though the token’s uniqueness is limited to the traction it has been getting on social media thanks to the vivid and engaging “to the moon” tweets, Slothana’s claim to fame can also be attributed to how it is going to be distributed.

Not focusing on a traditional crypto presale structure, Slothana has created an airdrop model where sending SOL to the address given on the official website will let users receive SLOTH tokens as a crypto airdrop when the presale concludes. Even though a standard “buy” module has been added recently, the basic idea remains the same.

Adding to this token’s viral potential is its nuanced sloth-based imagery. The platform’s official Twitter account tells a tale of an anthropomorphic sloth, an office worker who is sitting in his office getting high. But as his bloodshot eyes show that he has stepped back from reality, he desires to leave behind its 9-to-5 and get into the meme coin grind.

That’s one factor that has allowed this particular Solana presale to gain much attention despite its lack of long-term utility. Those who want to participate in this project can visit

Visit Slothana

Smog (SMOG) – Innovative Solana Presale with Gamified Airdrop

Smog is a token that arrived recently as a fair launch on Jupiter DEX and took the entire Solana meme coin market by storm by providing a different approach to its airdrop model.

Smog Solana ICO

With a dragon as its mascot, Smog aims to set the meme coin market ablaze and make it an attractive asset to investors. To this end, Smog has added a quest model to its airdrop. Those who stake their tokens will be able to participate in quests. Depending on the number of quests completed, these holders will be airdropped APY rewards.

This attribute has allowed Smog to climb quickly on the DEX charts, reaching a market capitalization of more than $250 million to date and establishing many green candles on the price chart. Within a month into its launch on Jupiter DEX, Smog ascended by more than 26000%, an unprecedented growth for a Solana meme coin.

Smog price chart to date

Even though the value of this asset has been corrected since then, the price action from the past few days shows that there has been some push and pull action, with bears and bulls trying to maintain the token above the $0.18 mark.

This Solana ICO has the potential to go even higher. Buying SMOG tokens from the official website, will give investors a 42% APY, further compounding their gains.  Furthermore, the project announced on Twitter that an exchange listing announcement is coming soon.

Visit Smog

Weewu (OMNI) – Metaverse Gaming Platform on Solana Network

With over $11 million raised so far, Weewu is a metaverse gaming platform on the Solana network that has continued to make waves through the crypto space.

Weewu (OMNI) - Metaverse Gaming Platform on Solana Network

“Enter a world beyond your wildest dreams”, says the first page of the website before introducing users to the core of this metaverse that consists of rare NFTs and engaging gameplay.

Taking the traditional route of other blockchain games, such as decentralized ownership, interoperability, and transparent monetization models, Weewu is a gaming project focusing on a by-the-books version of P2E.

Powering this ecosystem is the OMNI token, which has multiple use cases, including facilitating transactions, powering in-game mechanics, and incentivizing participation. The token distribution is going through the ongoing presale event. However, a portion of the tokens are given to advisors, strategic partners, and the development team in a bid to develop this project further.

Per the official whitepaper of this project, it will also have a governance model. The DAO aspect will ensure that the community always has a hand in evolving this project.

In addition to these perks, Weewu also has a standard staking mechanism in place. However, the exact APY model has not been revealed.

Mebe ($MEBE) – Web3 Crypto Based on Mermaid Themes

Mebe is a mermaid-themed token with a Web3 appeal. Its introduction simply is that it is a meme coin splashing in the sea of memes. Even though the toke has some Web3 perks, its identity as a meme coin is the reason it has been getting a lot of attention from crypto enthusiasts.


Mebe has been described as a token designed to bring laughter and joy to the ecosystem. Blending entertainment with finance, Mebe features a crypto wallet, multi-chain swap, and gaming perks.

In addition to these perks, Mebe also has a robust NFT collection that the website says will “marry meme culture with digital art”. Being a utility-focused crypto, Mebe is a Solana presale that will likely appeal to long-term gain seekers.

One standout factor about Mebe is its unique lore, which emphasizes oceanic beauty. The fun factor of this meme coin does not come from crude humor, which has grown too common in the crypto space. Instead, the focus is on serenity.

Another standout attribute of this token is its tokenomics. There are 7 billion MEBE in total, out of which 2 billion are set to be burned. There is also a 1% transaction fee added to the mix. These factors will help MEBE grow stronger.

SolFaith ($SOLFAITH) – Solana Meme coin With Religious Undertones

Another fun Solana meme coin that is counted among the best ICOs this year is SolFaith. With its religious undertones, SolFaith talks about the time when during the crypto winter, people had faith that Solana would bounce back and retouch its highs.


With a total supply of 100 million, SolFaith has capped its presale to 1000 SOL. By spending one SOL, users will earn 99,500 SOLFAITH tokens.

The appeal of this meme coin is simple. There are no defined utilities; it is just a simple, fun act of faith to use the current meme coin mania to generate more gains for presale investors. There is no whitepaper for this project, and its inspiration comes from the sheer market conditions. Even though minimalistic, this attribute could boost its value on the price charts.

So, for SOL holders looking for a unique meme coin investment to get behind, SOLFAITH is a good buy. It might not have any long-term prospects, but its simple artwork and the fact that it has already started to attract degens are the reasons for investing in it.

Donk.Meme ($DONK) – Donkey-Based Meme Coin with Viral Potential

The official website of Donk.Meme defines it as a simple fun crypto tribute to the legendary donkey. An easy-going meme coin with no utilities mentioned, it is a project that may gain virality on the price charts due to its sheer dedication to comedy.


There are 1 billion DONK tokens in total. 70% of that is available on presale. The rest are for liquidity, and none of the assets are shared with the team.

However, even with limited utility, it does have aspirations. Once the presale concludes, DONK will go live on Raydium. Soon, it aims to enter CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. It hopes to gain enough notoriety – and market capitalization – to gain the attention of major centralized exchanges as well.

Snappe ($SNAPPE) – Pepe-themed Meme Coin Available as a Presale on Coinbase Commerce

At first glance, Snappe is a Pepe-themed meme coin. But upon closer inspection, you might see that its lips contort to resemble a crocodile. This imagery was unique enough to pique our interest, and so did the interest of those who invested in the project.


Launched on Coinbase Commerce, this Solana presale doesn’t tell its total supply. There are tiers to participation in this presale. For $20, users will earn 1 million tokens, $50 will net them 2.5 million, and $100 will give them 5 million tokens. The maximum purchase is 50 million tokens, and the maximum amount that can be spent is $1,000.

No utilities have been mentioned for this token. However, because of its imagery, it will likely attract those who seek to redo the action Pepe once did by initiating meme coin mania in early 2023.

Why Invest in Solana Presales and ICOs?

Solana ICOs don’t have particularly long-term prospects. Most of them are Solana-based meme coins and even tokens that show some future potential though they are risky assets to invest in. However, here are the reasons people should consider investing.

Solana is Growing Rapidly

Since March 2023, Solana has grown by more than 831%. This growth is catalyzed by people realizing the value of the Solana blockchain, which provides lower gas fees and higher transaction speeds. Solana is also a flexible blockchain, allowing the creation of decentralized applications.

As a result of Solana pumping, all the meme coins developing on this chain are also experiencing an uptrend. This was true for BONK, Myro, and dogwifhat, and it may also become true for Slothana.

Solana Rising

Solana Meme Coins have Been Raking in a Lot of Gains Lately

As we already mentioned, the rise of Solana is fueling the growth of Solana-based meme coins. Even Smog went up by an unprecedented 26000% before retracing. Before that, dogwifhat, another Solana-based meme coin became one of the largest meme coins on the market.

With market capitalization exceeding $3.07 billion, dogwifhat has surpassed the likes of Floki and BONK. Other meme coins are also getting similar levels of traction, which makes it believable that future meme coins will take the same route.

How to Pick the Right Solana ICO

Here are some tips to pick your next Solana presale and ICO.

Find Out the Imagery of the Token 

Most Solana presales focus heavily on the token’s imagery. Most of them have limited perks, but their viral potential is high. Therefore, focus on the imagery the token is trying to present. Since Bitcoin is going through a pre-halving bullish phase, the entire crypto market is currently full of degens.

Solana meme coins

For them, utility does not always take precedence when picking a token. Therefore, the next best thing would be to check out the imagery of an asset and its lore. If the image is similar to other meme coins that exploded in the past, it is likely that the token will also make gains.

Keep an Eye on Social Media 

All Solana presales and ICOs are running good social media profiles. The engagement they are creating is high, and their followers are constantly posting new memes. However, many of these presales could be rugpulls. Therefore, make sure to look at all the Solana presales properly before making a decision.

Check Out the Initial Market Capitalization

Examining initial market capitalization is crucial since it will influence the risk-reward ratio. While tokens with high market capitalization can also experience an uptrend, their increase will not be parabolic.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a Solana presale that could become the next big crypto, look for low-cap assets.

In essence, if you want to take fewer risks and are comfortable with making less profit – go with high-cap assets. But if you’re looking for a degen-focused market and want to enjoy the thrill of high risk and high reward, go with low-cap assets.

Analyze the Tokenomics of a Project

Projects like Smog highlight their tokenomics, telling you how many tokens are dedicated to liquidity, how much portion is for marketing, and so on. Keep a close eye on it to see that the makers don’t have a big chunk of the assets. If a large number of supply lies with developers, say more than 20%, there are risks of rug pull.


For instance, the moment the token launches and experiences a parabolic increase in value, those 20% of the tokens could be sold off quickly so that the project’s makers can make quick gains. This rapid sell-off will reduce prices, making you lose out on gains that you would have made.

Learn the Use Cases of the Project

Explore the project properly and learn its use case. If a project has an identifiable use case that is currently accessible, it can be picked.

However, you may also end up with tokens whose use cases are limited but with high short-term earning potential. These are meme coins and are suitable for intraday trading.

How to Invest in a Solana Presale?

Follow the steps below to invest in a Solana presale or ICO.

  1. Step 1: Buy SOL – Go to a leading cryptocurrency exchange and get SOL tokens. We recommend Binance and eToro since they have a good pricing model.
  2. Step 2: Transfer SOL to a private wallet – Make sure that you have a good Solana wallet before you proceed. Phantom is an obvious option.
  3. Step 3: Connect the wallet to the presale website – Go to the website that hosts your favorite Solana presale. Connect your wallet by clicking on the “buy” button. It will give you a prompt to connect your wallet.
  4. Step 4: Swap your SOL for Solana-based ICO tokens – Enter the number of SOL tokens you want to swap for the ICO asset. Make the swap.

The Verdict

Solana presales and ICOs have started to rule the crypto ecosystem. The rise of Solana has bolstered their growth. However, not all presales are worth checking out. And those that are, are running out soon. Even the ones we have listed above won’t be there for long. Therefore, it is recommended that investors act quickly to make the most gains from these assets.

When it comes to the best Solana presale out there, we recommend Slothana. A simple token with the straightforward goal of blending fun and earning, this token has a viral potential, thanks to its sloth-based imagery.

Visit Slothana


Which are the best Solana ICOs active right now?

The best Solana ICOs active right now include Slothana, Mebe, Smog, Weewu, and more. Most of them have viral potential and some, like SMOG have already gone viral.

Are Solana presales good investments?

Solana's recent presales have proven that they can potentially explode parabolically. These limited time presales are going off the shelves quickly. BOME, for instance, is one of them. However, most of these assets have a high-risk, high-reward focus, which means investors should choose wisely.