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9 Best Telegram Bot Tokens To Invest In 2024 – TG Cryptos List


Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Telegram bots are widely used among investors to automate the trading process and make it easier. Apart from offering various automated trading services, some of these projects have also launched their native cryptocurrencies. Therefore, amid growing interest in Telegram bots, these assets are becoming more popular. 

There are currently 65 Telegram bot tokens over CMC with almost $200M market capitalization and over $25M daily trading volume – there is a lot of room for Telegram bot tokens to grow, and you can indeed leverage the moment to invest in them so as to make profits once the market grows.

If you need help in finding the best Telegram bot tokens, our guide is for you – we’ve listed the top telegram bot tokens to invest in of 2024. You will find detailed reviews about each of the bot tokens and read about some reasons why Telegram bot tokens are good investments right now. 

Best Telegram Bot Tokens In 2024

Here, you will find the rundown of the best Telegram bot tokens you can buy in 2024 with short descriptions about each of them.

  1. TG.Casino – TG.Casino is prominent as a leading Telegram-powered crypto casino. Its native token, $TGC is based on the Ethereum blockchain and has a capped supply of 100 million coins. The tokenomics of $TGC is designed with the interest of investors at heart. Meanwhile, the presale of this token is still live and has continued to earn the interest of mega-optimistic investors.
  2. Paal AI – Paal is an AI-based chatbot that integrates advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to provide learners with a unique experience of automated trading. It offers a number of tools, including MyPaal, AutoPaal, AutoPaalX with various features. Paal AI’s token value has grown 4 times in the last month. 
  3. Unibot – Unibot is the largest Telegram bot token in terms of market capitalization. It comprises 85% of the market cap of the whole Telegram bot token market. Also, it provides an app that helps to automate trading and quickly buy, sell, and swap tokens without leaving the Telegram app. 
  4. CBot – Companion Bot or CBot also made it to our list of best Telegram bot token. It offers an advanced platform with a number of DeFi tools to improve automated trading. Its products include wallet analysis tools, a launchpad, cross-chain token conversion, etc. 
  5. ChainGPT – ChainGPT is another highly advanced Telegram bot that uses AI to help users become blockchain developers easily. You can build your apps or games through ChainGPT by simply providing text prompts, and ChainGPT will create smart contracts based on these conditions. 
  6. LootBot – LootBot is a next-level crypto token that helps users claim crypto airdrops, thus maximizing the number of free airdrops one can get. In addition to this, LootBot will find new airdrop campaigns and solve the tasks automatically for the users. 
  7. All In – All In is another Ethereum-based telegram bot token that offers multiple solutions for problems during project launches. Its native token, ALLIN, was created to support the All In project community and has a limited supply of 1,000,000 tokens. 
  8. Image Generation AI – Image Generation AI is another Telegram bot token worth investing in. Its services include creating an image using AI technology based on the prompts that the users provide to the AI. To access more functions of the platform and claim ownership of the images, users will also need to hold the native token of this bot. 
  9. MoonBot – MoonBot is another popular Telegram bot token that has grown remarkably since its launch at the beginning of August. It introduces an advanced bot that enables trading cryptocurrencies at high speed. 

Top Telegram Bot Tokens Reviewed – Full List

You have already become familiar with the nine best Telegram bot tokens that we recommend for 2024. But, what are the benefits that these tokens offer, and why are they worth buying? In this section, we are going to review each of them and their native tokens to help you understand which ones you can add to your portfolio. 

1. TG.Casino – Most Promising Telegram Bot Token

TG.Casino ($TGC) token is one of the best Telegram bot tokens to invest in 2024. It comes with a promising potential to provide high returns to investors. $TGC is based on Ethereum and therefore, the support from this network has made the project a force to reckon with in the digital asset space.

TG.Casino Homepage

Forging ahead, aside from the support from Ethereum, TG.Casino’s token total supply is capped at 100 million. With such a low supply, we register confidence in the potential of $TGC to soar over the years and reward investors’ faith with high returns.

The manner in which the token’s presale has continued to unfold is an indication of investors’ confidence in the future of the project. Although the team behind the project intends to raise $5 million from the presale, there are possibilities that more will be raised.

Don’t forget that the $TGC presale gives early investors or believers in the asset the chance to gain exposure to it at affordable prices. 40% of the total supply of the token is available for grabs in this presale. Since its commencement, scores of mega-optimistic investors have not only participated but also pledged their support to the project.

TGC Tokenomics

Therefore, it won’t be surprising to see the token sale in the list of best crypto presales soon. Just within a few minutes after TG.Casino kickstarted the presale of $TGC, investors already invested more than $140,000 into it. This shows the height of investors’ optimism in the project.

Without any doubt, $TGC’s greatest strength dwells in its tokenomics. Unlike greedy project teams that often allocate a sizable portion of the token to themselves, the $TGC project team didn’t get a single allocation. Rather, 40% of the token is allocated to its presale.

While 20% is allocated to staking endeavors, 10% is reserved for marketing efforts. The remaining 20% goes into the liquidity pools. With this impressive distribution method, you should have understood why its ongoing presale is the talk of the crypto town.

TGC Staking

There’s no doubt that $TGC will enjoy bigger attention and acceptance in the crypto market very soon. The hefty influx of funds into the token shortly after the commencement of its presale further reveals this potential. As for early investors, they are eligible to enjoy an annual percentage yield (APY) that is as high as 4,660%.

To actualize this promise, the casino will dedicate a significant portion of its profit to acquire the token. As revealed,  the buyback program will continue in order to provide support for $TGC. Meanwhile, the APY is expected to reduce as the presale proceeds. You shouldn’t snooze on this opportunity as you might be missing out on the next big thing if you do.

$TGC’s buyback system is segmented into two categories. While 40% of the tokens acquired through the buyback program will be burned, the remaining 60% will be deployed for reward distribution. The buyback program is designated with the interest of investors at heart. Read our TG.Casino review to learn more.

TG Casino

By burning 40% of the tokens, the team seeks to establish a value-enhancing deflationary financial atmosphere for the $TGC. This ensures that the token becomes scarce, consequently increasing its value. At this point, you must attest to the reality that the token will repay the faith of early investors.

Aside from $TGC’s tokenomics, the token itself is expected to enjoy a prosperous run in the market. As one of the top Telegram casinos, TG.Casino has continued to flourish in the online casino and also the Telegram sports betting market.

According to market data, the online casino ecosystem is worth about $61 billion. TG.Casino could take a slice of the global casino market and enjoy more adoption and an influx of investment. The Telegram platform has a total of 1 billion users, with 700 million monthly active users.

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2. Paal AI – Create And Deploy Personalized AI On Different Channels

Paal AI is also one of the best Telegram bot tokens at the moment, with a market cap of as low as $640,500. It offers a unique set of tools and features backed by AI technologies and Machine Learning that will help you to solve problems that require human intellect. Among its popular tools is MyPaal which acts like a full-time community manager. It helps to summarize chats to determine sentiment and to answer community questions. 

Paal AI

AutoPaal tool has the same features as MyPaal but also provides AI-backed research insights and analysis capabilities. There is also the AutoPaal X tool which helps to transform your trades to the next level by providing quick trading limit orders and private transactions. Additionally, Paal AI has a native token PAAL AI which incentivizes community members to share their profit. 

These tokens can be earned by interacting with the services of the Paal AI project, such as contributing to the community, making referrals, and more. These tokens can also be used to unlock special features for the Paal AI bot. Other use cases include governance rights, staking, and discounts. 

Meanwhile, PAAL AI has been around since late June and has significantly grown since its launch. It attained an all-time high of $0.43 in late August. The surge allowed its early investors to get a return of 80% from their investment. If it continues in this momentum, it might become the next cryptocurrency to enjoy a great market success. 

3. UniBot – Buy, Sell, And Swap Tokens Effortlessly On Telegram

UniBot is currently the most popular Telegram bot token, thereby earning it a place in our list. Its AI-facilitated bot helps to make the trading process easier and quicker.

With UniBot, you can buy, sell, and swap any ERC-20 token without leaving the Telegram app. This is especially great for beginners as they do not need to have any advanced knowledge about trading to start using the platform. 

One of the things to remember about UniBot is that it uses the Ethereum blockchain, which means that the bot can only make swaps between ERC-20 tokens. However, it is still in the development process, and therefore, a cross-chain function may be added in the future. When this is done, UniBot will be able to integrate other token standards too. 


Meanwhile, UniBot project has a capped supply of 1 million UNIBOT tokens and a market cap of over $118 million. This makes the UNIBOT token the largest one among the Telegram bot tokens. UNIBOT’s use cases dwell within its ecosystem. It gives its holders a lot of perks inside the bot, including discounts on its services, transaction speeds, and access to various features. 

4. CBot – Improve Your Trading And Make It Automated

CBot, also called Companion Bot, is one of the newest Telegram bot tokens in the market and among the trending coins on DEXTools. It launched on August 18 and hit $0.57 within twenty-four hours. CBot is an Ethereum-based crypto project that takes trading to a new level. Among the unique features of Companion Bot are its AI-based Telegram bot, cross-chain conversion, launchpad, tools for wallet analysis, etc. 

Its LLM-powered Telegram bot is at the heart of the product, which helps to securely and anonymously mix your funds without any wallet connection through its mixer feature. Companion Bot also has cross-chain functionality, which means that you can effortlessly convert tokens from one blockchain to another. Additionally, the Telegram bot saves users time and money, enabling them to conduct trades without leaving the Telegram app. 


Users can also do wallet analyses through one of its tools and gain insights about the performance of their wallet. By so doing, they can be able to track their profitability and manage their wallets easily.

Companion Bot also offers a revenue model that will help to grow its community. The 80% of the fees collected from the utility will be distributed among the token holders of CBot, which means that the more CBOT tokens you hold, the higher the rewards you will get. 

5. ChainGPT – Build Your Apps On Blockchain With Simple Text Prompts

ChainGPT is another popular Telegram bot token that is worth investing in right now. Its native token CGPT was one of the first Telegram bot tokens to launch in April 2023. ChainGPT facilitates the power of Artificial Intelligence to make blockchain and DeFI features more accessible for those who don’t have enough knowledge about the field. 

Anyone can use ChainGPT to build their own apps and games. You just need to provide text instructions to the bot, and it will use the information to create smart contracts holding the same conditions. Meanwhile, ChainGPT’s CGPT token is currently the third largest cryptocurrency among Telegram bot tokens, with a market cap of over $5.8 million. 


CGPT actually has a number of use cases, thereby making this token attractive to several investors. First, it’s the fuel of the ChainGPT ecosystem, and through it, you can get access to ChainGPT’s AI services.

It can also be used for farming and staking purposes, so holders can generate passive income. Lastly, it’s a governance token, which means holders retain voting rights on decisions geared towards the development of the ChainGPT project. 

6. LootBot – Maximize The Number of Your Free Airdrops

LootBot is also one of the best Telegram not tokens around. It provides a so-called “airdrop farming” feature through which users can claim their tokens and get free airdrops. But how does everything work? To enter a giveaway, one must do a certain number of tasks manually. Also, users can enter the giveaway and claim airdrops only once and will need to provide their wallet to do that. 

Through its Telegram bot, LootBot is able to claim airdrops more than once. Users will only pay a membership fee of $30/month to get an unlimited number of wallets, and they will get 100% of the tokens. 


The native token of the Telegram bot, LOOT, can also be used among users to get discounts. The token currently has a market cap of over $3.5 million and a maximum supply of 10 million tokens, more than 85% of which are already in circulation. LOOT token is already supported by a number of crypto exchanges, including such popular ones as Uniswap, LBank, BingX, etc. 

7. All In – Improve Your Project Launches With An AI Bot

All In is an Ethereum-based Telegram bot project that facilitates the power of Artificial Intelligence to help users solve the problems they would usually encounter during product launches. These solutions can refer to different aspects of the launch, such as data analysis, automation, customer service, management, content creation, and other stages. 

All In

Its AI-powered app enables users to ask and find information about a token or project, and they can do so in a natural language. To power its ecosystem, AIl In bot has also created its bot token called ALLIN, which assists in the growth of the project. ALLIN has a limited supply of 1,000,000 tokens, thereby making it a scarce asset. This simply means its value will increase once the demand for the token grows. 

8. Image Generation AI –  Create And Claim Unique Images

Image Generation AI native token is the second largest Telegram bot token with a market cap exceeding $13 million. It provides a Telegram bot that can be used to generate any image using Artificial Intelligence.

You simply write the description of the image, and the AI will generate the image in a matter of seconds. You can later download and claim ownership of that image as an NFT. 

However, the generated image will have a watermark on it, and the quality of the image will be quite bad. To remove the watermark and to be able to download the image in 4K quality, users must hold the native token of the Image Generation AI bot, IMGNAI. This gives IMGNAI a real-world value with an important use case. 

Image Creation AI

Moreover, IMGNAI will have more features in the future as the project looks to introduce new updates. IMGNAI is planned to be stackable, thereby making it possible for users to generate passive income. 

IMGNAI has a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens, with 77% of tokens being in circulation right now. The token is quite affordable as it is traded at slightly over a penny. You can buy IMGNAI on different exchanges, including Uniswap, LBank, OpenOcean, etc. 

9. MoonBot – Trade Cryptocurrencies At Highest Speed

The last Telegram bot token on our recommendation list is moonBot. It was created to provide a better experience for crypto trading and maximize the speed for transactions. MoonBot claims to offer the highest transaction speed among all the Telegram bots. The project says it can confirm transactions within milliseconds. 

As speed is one of the most important factors when it comes to crypto trading, MoonBot has the chance to attract huge attention. Its native token, MBOT, has already grown significantly since its launch. The project launched at the beginning of August with a price of over $2. 


MBOT hit an all-time high in the middle of August, during which its price peaked at $8.6. This is almost 4 times higher when compared to the initial price of the token. If MoonBot can follow the general market when it enters a bull cycle, it can grow even higher, so those investing in it right now will benefit from that. 

What Are Telegram Bot Tokens, And How Do They Work?

To understand what Telegram bot tokens are, let’s first of all discuss Telegram bots. They are programs that provide certain products or services on the Telegram app. The bots are automated and backed by machine learning and AI technologies.

Notably, these projects can be used for various purposes within the Telegram app. For example, many online shops may use Telegram bots to automate and improve the quality of their customer service. Telegram bots, like TG.Casino, IMGNAI, and others are available to anyone, so people can just search for them on the app.


Moreover, anyone can create their own Telegram bots. In recent times, many of the existing Telegram bots have decided to tokenize their program and created tokens for the program. In other words, they launched their native cryptocurrency.

Amid all the Telegram bot tokens in the market, the likes of $TGC, UNIBOT and others mentioned in this guide have proven to be worthwhile. It must be noted that these cryptocurrencies have specific use cases. They provides the pathway for users to access various services or products of a Telegram bot project.

TGC Tokenomics

Nevertheless, there are also some other Telegram bot tokens with no significant value. Mostly, these tokens are created for speculation, and people buy them for the same purpose.

Amid the growing popularity of these tokens, investors try to purchase them at the early stages of their launch to benefit once the bull market starts. No one can surely say if the Telegram bot tokens market will survive or not, but still, there is a chance that it can grow and bring you huge rewards. 

Why Telegram Bot Tokens Can Be A Good Long-Term Investment?

As investing in Telegram bot tokens is considered risky, it is important to understand why these cryptocurrencies can be a good long-term investment. In this section, we have introduced some benefits that you can enjoy when you buy Telegram bot coins. 

They Are Affordable And Have Room For Growth

One of the good reasons to invest in Telegram bot tokens is that they are still traded at extremely low prices. These tokens are just getting popular and therefore, if you invest in them at the right moment, it will be beneficial to you once the market soars. Most of the tokens are still valued at below $1 or slightly above $1. 

The low prices of the Telegram bot tokens will allow you to get started with a little money, and you can buy many coins by investing as little as $10. This will also give you the chance to buy a lot of different telegram bot coins, thereby diversifying your portfolio. The high price fluctuations of these tokens will be beneficial as they can grow several times under buying pressure. 

Telegram Bot Tokens Are Becoming Popular

Another reason to believe in the future of Telegram bot tokens is that this sector is gradually dominating the crypto market. Telegram bot tokens are getting popular, with the most popular ones being TG.Casino, UniBot, Image Generation AI, ChainGPT, LootBot, etc. There are many reasons why these tokens are attracting several investors. 

First, people buy them for speculative purposes to gain rewards for their price changes. Additionally, some of them have real-world use cases and give benefits to holders. This is another reason why buyers are attracted to the coins.

For example, Image Generation AI tokens can be used to create unique art by providing text prompts to the Artificial Intelligence, so the holders can use it for different reasons other than trading.

Top Telegram Bot Tokens Source

Top Telegram Bot Tokens Source

Their Market Cap Is Still Low

As already mentioned, telegram bot tokens have comparably low market capitalization, which according to CoinMarketCap, is over $182 million. While UniBot gets the lion’s share in this with a market cap of $55 million as of September 2023, other tokens have even smaller market caps which are mostly less than $10 million. 

UniBot Market Cap On CoinmarketCap

In crypto trading, the higher the market cap, the riskier the asset becomes. But it also means that the rewards are higher too. So even a tiny buying period for a particular token can result in high fluctuations in its price. This can result in an increase in its value, and the token can grow, bringing huge rewards. 

They Can Bring Returns Even During Bear Markets

Eventually, Telegram bot tokens have been performing well recently, even though the crypto market is in a bearish cycle. For example, UniBot has grown by 13 times since its launch in 2023. It reached its all-time high on 16 August. This simply means that those investing in UniBot during the early stages of its launch gained over 1200% return. 

This is only during the bear market, and when the general market enters the bullish cycle, some of these coins can follow the trend and increase in value. That is another reason why now is a good time to buy Telegram bot tokens and build a portfolio. 

How To Invest In Telegram Bot Tokens?

To invest in Telegram bot tokens, the first step is to find a broker where the token is supported. Telegram bot tokens are supported on centralized and decentralized exchanges, and the buying process differs on DEXs and CEXs. Decentralized exchanges are not regulated, and you don’t have to create a personal account to buy tokens on these exchanges. 

All you need to do is connect your wallet to the exchange and use your ETH, USDT, or other tokens to swap with the UniBot coins. One of the most popular decentralized exchanges that you can use to buy Telegram bot tokens is Uniswap. As this DEX is built on the Ethereum blockchain, you can swap any token on Uniswap that uses the ERC-20 token standard.


In contrast to DEXs, CEXs are usually regulated, which helps them to keep your funds safe. This is why you need to sign up for an account on a centralized exchange and verify your identity to be allowed to use the platform.

Then, you fund your account using any payment options supported by the exchange. Afterward, you can search for the token to make the purchase. CEXs will let you make the purchase with fiat currencies and sometimes even other cryptos.


To conclude, the Telegram bot tokens sector is rapidly growing right now, and many investors are taking the chance to invest in new tokens, which can bring huge returns if the market soars.

It is easy to get started with the Telegram bot tokens and build a diversified portfolio, as most of the tokens are trading at a relatively low price. In addition to them, there are tokens, like $TGC whose presale has continued to dominate the market. It will be a good addition to your portfolio.

In our guide, we talked about the best telegram bot tokens that are currently trending and have room for growth. You can read about each of the tokens and find out the one that is suitable to your portfolio. Although Telegram bot tokens are highly risky, they promise huge rewards.

But you need to be careful while investing in them and spend your money cautiously. Therefore, it is recommended that you read our guide on how to buy cryptocurrency safely before getting exposed to any. 

Nonetheless, the Telegram casino bots sector has started to prove doubters wrong. Don’t forget that MegaDice is the first legit DeFi casino to launch its Telegram bot. This makes it easy for bettors to access the site.

All you need to do is to find the MegaDice casino bot, hit the “Start” button, and further options will appear. From here, you can select the “Play Now” option, and you will be navigated to its web platform, where you can deposit your crypto and start playing. 

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Why does TG.Casino ($TGC) stand out among the list of best Telegram bot tokens?

TG.Casino ($TGC) stands tall among the best Telegram bot tokens because of its great potential to bring great returns to investors?

Are Telegram bot tokens risky?

While it is undeniable that several Telegram bot tokens are risky, there's no doubt about the reliability of the ones listed in this guide, particularly TG.Casino.

Do Telegram bot tokens respond to broad market fluctuations?

Yes. Telegram bot tokens, just like other crypto assets, are highly volatile and respond to situations in the market.