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10 Best Crypto Discord Groups to Join

No one can deny the community aspect of the crypto ecosystem. People come together to share their knowledge, hype each other’s NFT projects, and educate newcomers about the future of finance. Crypto discord servers have thus become the primary go-to for these topics. You can discuss any question you have about the crypto projects, get help or help others with crypto, get updates about the latest presales, and make huge gains.

Not every crypto discord group is cut from the same cloth. Last year alone, discord scams caused upwards of 400 million dollars worth of losses. That is why you must know all the basics before joining a group. This guide will discuss the best crypto discord servers to join in 2022 based on their offerings, memberships, and potential to help the community maximize their gains.

10 Best Crypto Discord Groups to Join in 2023

Discord is flooded with crypto groups. We have gone through the most popular among them and created a list suitable for active crypto enthusiasts and those with a passive interest in crypto.

  1. Jacob Crypto Bury: Most Popular Crypto Discord Group Active in 2023, 12,000+ Members
  2. Crypto Hub: Leading Crypto Discord Server for Giveaways
  3. The Crypto Nation: A Newbie-Focused Crypto Discord Group
  4. r/Cryptocurrency: One of the largest Crypto Communities on Discord and Reddit
  5. Elite Crypto Signals: One of the Oldest Crypto Discord Servers for Trade Signals
  6. Larva Labs: A Crypto Discord Server of the OG CryptoPunks
  7. Filthy Rich Futures: A Futures-Focused Crypto Discord Server
  8. Cracking Crypto: A Trading-Focused Discord Server Group
  9. Cryptodra: A Data-Driven Advanced Crypto Server
  10. Axion Crypto Community: A Diverse Crypto Discord Group

Full Reviews of the Top Crypto Discord Groups

The crypto discord servers listed here have proven their mettle in the crypto sphere by creating healthy communities that have the potential to redefine blockchain technologies.

1. Jacob Crypto Bury: Overall Best Crypto Discord Group Active Right Now

One of the best and most active crypto discord groups right now is run by an upbeat crypto YouTuber Jacob Crypto Bury – this crypto discord server is home to 12k members with resources to learn and discuss everything about cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Join Jacob Crypto Bury Crypto Discord Server

The crypto community has many channels. Firstly general discussion is where the community members can talk about the general going-ons about crypto. But Jacob has kept this section flexible, allowing members to discuss other matters. It is one place where discussions happen about the metaverse and some of the latest technology trends and media shows. It embraces the meme-essence of the crypto community. Sometimes you’ll find jokes all around, and other times, you’d be able to learn something.

The other sections are news, charts, data & graphs, DeFi, and Tutorials. The news gives daily alerts to community members about the latest developments in the crypto market. The timing of these news articles is precise, ensuring that everyone is constantly updated. The Charts Channel gives updates about the most active altcoins in the market. These trading charts detail the candles and other indicators so you can make an informed decision about your investments.

With the Data and graphs, you get a peek at the market trends of your favorite cryptocurrencies. DeFi provides you insight into the latest developments in the DeFi space. Then there are tutorials – a space to learn about cryptos at your own pace. Whether you find the charts confusing are want to know more about the basics of crypto, the tutorial section has got you covered. Finally, many crypto courses are also available at a discounted promotional rate.

Jacob Crypto Bury has something for every level of crypto players – even non-players can join this space. Also, the Jacob Crypto Bury discord server provides information about the latest altcoin presales to get the most gains.

Visit Jacob Crypto Bury Discord

2. Cryptohub: Leading Crypto Discord Server for Giveaways

It is not easy for a beginner to navigate the crypto space. The tech jargon can be a turn-off. If those have been your complaints, then Cryptohub is the right place. This 12,000-member crypto discord server is 100% free and is one of the friendliest crypto discord servers in the market.


If you are new, you can enter the starting guide channels like Trading 101, HODL, crypto coin exchanges, ‘cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. You’d have enough information to navigate the other offerings of this space quickly.

For traders, the trade signals are also present. But they are mainly based on futures and contracts. The one factor that sets this crypto channel apart, however, is the giveaways to the community. Engage with the community correctly, and you can earn some cryptocurrencies.

If you’re a premium trader, you can get a premium membership that costs only $10 monthly. It will give you access to the best cryptocurrency picks from the experts on the platform, NFTs, giveaways, memecoins, and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) farms. If you’re not ready to check it out, pick a 4-day trial instead.

Because it is one of the premier crypto discord communities in the space, Cryptohub requires users to go through many verification steps. But the end result is worth it if you don’t mind jumping through many hoops.

3. The Crypto Nation: A Newbie-Focused Crypto Discord Group

While the older crypto discord groups have the expertise, the new ones are more inclusive. The Crypto Nation is a small “nation” of crypto “citizens” of 1,000 members. And what sets it apart is the straightforward approach to providing information.

The Crypto Nation

ADA, NFTs, and DeFi are the hottest topics to discuss on the platform. You can engage in general discussion if you are a beginner or get on board with experts to dive into fundamental and technical market analysis.

This discord server also has info about whale trades, reading resources, coin reviews, how-to guides, and monthly technical indicators.

4 . r/Cryptocurrency: One of the most significant Crypto Communities on Discord and Reddit

The name might give you a hint that this discord server is the same as the Reddit group of cryptocurrencies. It hosts nearly 39,000 members, making it one of the market’s most considerable crypto discord servers.


Joining is easy but requires a two-minute slowdown. As you complete the tasks and read the rules of this server, you’d be allowed to engage with the general community. The more you interact with that community, the more points you’ll learn. Those points will help you level up on the platform and have more serious discussions with the traders.

r/Cryptocurrency offers topics such as yield farming, mining, NFTs, and alternative coins. You can also access technical indicators, insights and analysis, educational resources, price requests, and more. The leaders of this discord server are fun, hosting a game night and movie night from time to time.

r/Cryptocurrency is suitable for all traders. However, it would help if you have prior knowledge about crypto. It will help you level up quickly and have a more nuanced conversation about cryptocurrency trading and its impact on the members.

Also, see our guide to the latest trending Reddit crypto tokens.

5. Elite Crypto Signals: One of the Oldest Crypto Discord Servers for Trade Signals

Created in 2018, Elite Crypto Signals has members who have been crypto players since 2012 – that’s when the whole blockchain fever started. It has a massive following of over 29,000 members, each being a focused investor.

Elite Crypto Signals focuses on knowledge and experience. You’d get good info about grand entry and exit points within eh crypto space. But technical and fundamental analyses are also available to dive deeper.

Like Cryptohub, Elite Crypto Signals too features a premium membership. However, it is a bit expensive, costing $45. That said, becoming a premium member lets you know the secrets of closing trade and investing during the bear market – a crucial thing to learn, especially in the 2022 bear run.

If you don’t want to pay for the premium membership, you can invite members to this group to earn it. Get up to 30 members, and you’ll get one month of premium membership. And if you can get 200 people to join this crypto discord server, you’ll get a lifetime premium membership.

Joining the server is easy, but it requires your phone number to send messages to the server.

6. Larva Labs: A Crypto Discord Server of the OG CryptoPunks

You are familiar with Larva Labs, the team behind the OG NFTs CryptoPunks, Autoglyphs, and Meebits. Do you know that Larva Labs was the first NFT-focused platform?


Everything about this platform – from registration to engagement – is streamlined. You only need to verify your account, and you’d be able to engage with more than 63,000 members that are currently active on this platform.

Now, this platform is all about Crypto Punks NFTs. However, it does have some educational resources that you can read. However, we suggest sticking with Larva Labs to know about the sales ad NFT floor prices in real-time.

7. Filthy Rich Futures: A Futures-Focused Crypto Discord Group

This crypto Discord server mainly focuses on crypto futures that are helpful for all seasons. The staff on this platform is amiable and always willing to help better understand the technical indicators and fundamental analysis of the markets. This close community of 18000 members discusses everything crypto, including the best NFTs to buy, new tokens, and the latest crypto games. However, most of them are dedicated to futures contracts.

Filthy Rich Futures

It also has a premium feature for those who want to learn more and become more active in the community. But the premium feature won’t cost you anything if you don’t want to. It takes the same route as Elite Crypto Signals, allowing you to earn your membership by boosting the server or providing valuable inputs in the trading chat. With premium membership, you will access information and educational content about the cryptos the staff is trading.

Filthy Rich Futures also offer news, Livestream, and a futures guidebook. And if you want to know how you should be trading according to your portfolio, you can access the Excel workbook available on the platform and enter your trade details.

8. Cracking_Crypto: A Trading-Focused Discord Server Group

If you are more of a full-time trader with professional experience looking to compound your gains with tips on discord, we suggest you join Cracking_Crypto. It is one of the best crypto discord servers in the market that focuses on forex and cryptocurrency trading. The platform is known for its transparency and premium membership to interested players.

The premium membership comes with a wide array of perks, including the trading journals of the Cracking-_Crypto team, in-depth analysis videos about specific trades, and coursework. Here, members can also learn the technical parts of crypto trading that will allow them to manage their crypto portfolios properly.

This server has 13000 members; you can only join if you receive a link.

9. Cryptodra: A Data-Driven Advanced Crypto Server

Cryptodra houses some of the most successful crypto traders in the market. Launched in 2016 by the eponymous user, Cryptodra only started to gain success in this field in 2017. He has a different approach to trading. Instead of relying on technical indicators, Cryptodra focuses on derivative market data and order books.


That unique insight into the crypto market has allowed this discord server to gain nearly 2000 members. While this member count is low, we assure you each is a severe crypto trader.

Premium membership of this server comes with a Zoom call that covers every aspect of crypto trading. It also covers the negative aspects of technical analysis while emphasizing order books to understand trading psychology and risk management. And as a premium member, you’d also receive Zoom calls from Cryptodra.

That being said, the premium membership isn’t cheap – at all. It costs $699 for a lifetime membership, which can be seen as reasonable considering Cryptodira’s track record. However, we suggest joining this group only if you’re serious about investing in crypto.

10. Axion Crypto Community: A Diverse Crypto Discord Group

The last one on our list is the Axion Crypto Community; it is the right fit if you’re looking for a community with more of a fun vibe going for it. It is one of the most diverse crypto discord servers, with over 38,000 members.

Everyone on this platform is welcoming to all types of crypto-related discussions. We understand that sometimes, basics are hard to understand. And here, you’d be able to learn about them without the members taking a condescending tone toward you. Discussions on this crypto discord server focus intensely on trading and investment, trade signals, and entry and exit points. Most members of this platform are technical analysts who make crypto price predictions based on upcoming trends. You’d also receive buy and sell signal alerts from time to time.

But what sets this discord server apart is the number of education resources. Many crypto-related sources will teach you how to trade from scratch, and you’d also be able to learn about the best investments at the best time. If you feel stuck during those lessons, you can talk to the members of this platform.

VIP subscriptions are here monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. Becoming a VIP will give you access to technical indicators on-demand. You also can chat with the staff and other VIP members. There is also priority privilege when getting timely answers to your queries.

What is a Crypto Discord Group?

A crypto discord server is an online crypto community on discord. Here, you can discuss crypto-related news or share transaction tips or plans. There are upwards of 7.0 million users monthly on crypto discord channels.

Every server is different and has its own style, culture, rules, and policies overseen by an administrator and a team of moderators. Becoming a member doesn’t only give you access to a fantastic group; it also gives you responsibility. You’ll be kicked out without notice if you don’t follow them.

There are two types of crypto discord servers. One is public, which is open to everyone. However, most large cryptocurrency servers are very strict about the members, keeping themselves private. Every server consists of channels and chatrooms. Each track is dedicated to one type of conversation and will allow you to talk about one matter.

For instance, while the general discussion section in the Jacob Crypto Bury server allows members to talk and joke around, the Data and Charts sections are dedicated to technical analysis of trending cryptocurrencies. Likewise, other crypto discord servers have NFT channels, DeFi channels, educational resource channels, guides on how to buy cryptocurrency, and more.

What are the Advantages of Joining Crypto Discord Groups?

The essence of cryptocurrencies lies in the community. It is partly because of the crypto market’s volatility and partly because you need support to make informed crypto decisions. That is why crypto discord servers are so important for traders. Here are some benefits of joining a crypto discord server.

Access to Timely News and Updates

To win at crypto trading, you need to be ready to buy or sell at the right time. And it doesn’t help that the crypto trading ecosystem is highly volatile, making knowing these things much more critical. Crypto Discord servers keep their members informed about the latest ongoings of the crypto market through alerts, news articles, and more. Also, since crypto is still being tried and tested as an asset, you’ll have much better insight about it if you join a discord server.

The Flow of Information is Unchaotic

Twitter is an excellent website for engaging with the crypto crowd. However, it is also disparate. You must enter multiple tweets to give complete information, and filtering all the spam comments is not always easy. A Crypto discord server is different. You don’t need to circle each post to see what you’re looking for; you’d have the information neatly segregated in channels. Most aggregators are incredibly good at their jobs and ensure that most chats are relevant to the topics at hand. The addition of bots also helps in reducing spam.

Crypto Discord Community is Passionate

It takes effort to establish a discord server. It is more than just creating an account. Traders who make it genuinely care about the crypto space and are ready and willing to provide all the information about crypto. The traders and other enthusiasts on the platform aren’t too big on technical jargon either. They treat crypto like any interesting topic – willing to simplify it so no member feels alienated. You’d also find that an excellent crypto community is akin to a family – ready to share any information and even help people in real-life sometimes.

How to Select the Right Crypto Discord Servers?

Thousands of crypto discord servers are active right now, but not all are on the list. Do you know why? Crypto discord servers must have certain qualities beyond a simple community forum to be good.

Online Activity

Look for online activity by temporarily joining a server. Check out how fast you get the response to your queries and in what tone you get those. If you’re getting quick and correct replies, you’re golden.


All crypto discord servers have embraced inclusivity. So, engage with all the members you find on the platform. A wider demographic would give you access to better information.


Check out the reviews of the crypto discord servers that tell you about their expertise. You’d need access to significant crypto signals to learn to trade more effectively. The same goes for NFT signals to flip NFTs at the right time.


Most discord servers are accessible. However, some require a subscription. Thankfully, those that require a subscription give you additional advantages, such as trade secrets to investing better during a bear market or finding the right time to flip NFTs. Premium memberships also come with additional tutorials you can’t get by searching online.


Watch closely how the topics are segregated on a crypto discord server. The better organized the information, the better information you’ll get from the platform. Be sure to check out how valuable the info you can get from the channels is.


It is always better to make informed decisions when diving into crypto. While the online resources are unlimited, they are spread out. A crypto discord server gives you access to everything you need to know in one place. The neatly organized information and a passionate community improve the crypto trading experience. And it will also help you get a chance to move in early on specific cryptos to make more significant gains.

Jacob Crypto Bury is one crypto discord group that fits the bill. It is robust, the information organized there is neat, and the members are great. Join this server if you’re looking for a better trading experience.

Best Crypto Discord


Best crypto Discord
  • Get Educational Courses & Tutorials
  • Free Content & VIP Group
  • Jacob Crypto Bury Market Analysis Videos
  • Leverage Trading Signals on Bybit
  • Next 10x Altcoin Gems
  • Upcoming Presales & ICOs
Best crypto Discord


What is the biggest crypto discord server?

Wall Street Bets is the biggest crypto discord server. But it is more suited for advanced players.

What is the best crypto Discord?

Jacob Crypto Bury, in our view, is the best crypto discord server. The members are passionate, the trading info is correct, and it gives them access to many presale cryptos.

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