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8 Best Crypto Airdrops for Investors

Crypto airdrops are an excellent way for those who want to start trading cryptocurrencies. By using these promotions offered by crypto groups, you can make your first steps in the crypto market without risking your capital. In this guide, we suggest the top crypto airdrops and show you how to get started.
Best Crypto Airdrops
Best Crypto Airdrops

Crypto airdrops are quite common among the latest cryptocurrency projects. They distribute some percentage of their tokens among different users for free. In some cases, users who receive airdropped tokens must do some tasks in return, which are quite easy and trivial. For example, they might need to solve some simple tasks, or promote their social account pages, etc. 

Crypto airdrops can be a great chance to make some money without putting at risk anything as you get them for free. You don’t need to have some initial investment, but you can benefit once their value increases. So how to find some of the best crypto airdrops and receive them?

In this guide, we will talk about cryptocurrency airdrops in detail and explain how they work. We have also made a list of the top 8 cryptocurrency airdrops for 2022 with detailed reviews about each of the cryptos included in the list. Additionally, we have prepared a detailed walkthrough to show you the process of getting crypto airdrops. 

Top 8 Cryptocurrency Airdrops in December 2022

We have rounded up a number of the newest or most popular cryptocurrency platforms that have announced airdrops recently. Take a look at the list with short descriptions to find out which one is more suitable for you. 

  1. Dash 2 Trade – DeFi Platform Focused on Crypto Analytics that Announced $150.000 airdrop.
  2. IMPT – Innovative Crypto Project that Gives Away Tokens Worth $100,000.
  3. Calvaria – Play-to-Earn Card Game that Offers $100,000 airdrop during Its Presale Stage.
  4. Tamadoge – A Well-liked Metaverse Game that Runs a $100,000 Prize Draw.
  5. Battle Infinity – Play-to-Earn Metaverse Game with Exciting Features and a $10,000 airdrop.
  6. Lucky Block – Popular Competing Platform with Daily Rewards for LBLOCK Holders.
  7. Basic Attention Token – Digital Advertising Token that Enables Get Airdrops Watching the Ads.
  8. Binance – Leading Crypto Exchange that Supports Plenty of Airdrops and airdrops.

Top Crypto Airdrops Reviewed – Full List

Though crypto airdrops distribute tokens and coins for free, it still requires some time and money to invest to enter the airdrop event. As long as there are several cryptocurrency projects carrying out airdrop events, you may be confused about which one to select that can be worth your time and, in some cases, money. 

We have combined the best cryptocurrency projects in the market that distribute free tokens to interested users. All of these projects are worth considering as they seem quite promising and can grow hugely in the future. Below you will find out detailed descriptions of our top 8 crypto airdrops.

Dash 2 Trade – DeFi Platform Focused on Crypto Analytics that Announced $150k Airdrop

Being still in the 3rd stage of its presale  Dash 2 Trade has managed to garner huge popularity and is included among the best new cryptocurrency projects in 2022. Dash 2 Trade has just announced a $150,000 airdrop to enter which you need to follow some simple steps. The crucial requirement is to hold $150 worth of D2T tokens to win an entry into the airdrops. 

Dash 2 Trade

Additionally, you can do some simple tasks and get extra entries which will boost your chances to win in the drawing. It means that you can win D2T tokens simply by following its Twitter account, visiting its website, or joining its Telegram channel. Moreover, retweeting from Dash 2 Trade will bring you extra 5 entries.

What’s most important is that D2T is not simply a coin to trade. It is the native token of a sophisticated and innovative platform and has many use cases within its network. Dash 2 Trade is a new world in the cryptocurrency trading industry which provides a number of cryptocurrency price analyzing tools to boost your trading and help you build efficient strategies. There are several tools making Dash 2 Trade exceptional. Here are some of them:

  • Strategy Builder Tool helps to experiment with different trading strategies and efficiently automate your trades.
  • Crypto Signals Tool notifies about the best buy and sell opportunities in the market.
  • Presale Launches Tool keeps you up to date about the most popular crypto presales giving you the chance to invest in cryptocurrencies during their early stages of development. 
  • On-chain Analysis Tool provides you with insightful data about the cryptocurrency market and helps you make better decisions in your trading experience. 

Many more tools and developments will be added in the next few years according to the Dash 2 Trade’s roadmap. Currently, the platform supports more than 70,000 active traders. The platform has three different packages available – Free, Starter and Premium. While the first one is free and provides access to its basic tools, the next two will help to make your trading more professional. You can buy Premium or Starter monthly or yearly subscriptions with D2T tokens.

The SolidProof-verified cryptocurrency is now in the third stage of its presale during which its value is $0.0513. Overall, the team aims at selling 700 million tokens of its 1 billion supply during the presale stage. The airdrop of the $150k D2T tokens ends in 98 days.

See our full guide on how to buy D2T.

Visit Dash 2 Trade Airdrop

IMPT – Innovative Crypto Project that Gives Away Tokens Worth $100k

IMPT is another exciting cryptocurrency project that aims to assist in softening the effects of climate change with its green token – IMPT. It announced the crypto airdrop of its $100k tokens to celebrate the success of its presale event and reward the ones who invested in the token during the presale stage. It is a holder airdrop, so to enter the giveaway you must buy $100 worth of IMPT tokens.

IMPT Airdrops

Similar to Dash 2 Trade, IMPT offers to accomplish some simple tasks to win additional entries into the draw. For example, enter your crypto wallet address and follow the project on Twitter and you will get 1 extra entry for each task. Visiting its Instagram and website will also grant you 1 extra entry. While tweeting about it (and tagging two of your friends), or joining its Telegram and Discord will give you 10 extra entries for each task.

There are 156 days left to enter the IMPT airdrop and there are more than 56,000 entries so far, which speaks about the project’s popularity. Its popularity is mostly associated with the token’s innovative solutions regarding climate change and protecting the environment. IMPT is claimed to be a green token as it incentivizes trading carbon credits as NFTs. Anyone can buy and sell these NFTs using IMPT tokens. 

When you buy carbon credit NFTs you have the right to use a certain amount of carbon emissions. You can either burn them and prevent them from sending the Earth’s atmosphere or keep these NFTs to sell for a higher price in the future. As the project relies on blockchain technology, it excludes cases of double counting or fraud.

By burning those carbon credits you get collectible NFTs instead which are unique artworks. You can list and trade your artwork NFTs in IMPT’s market. The IMPT project will have a maximum supply of 3 billion IMPT tokens, most of which are planned to sell during the presale. It ended its 1st stage of presale selling out all the tokens at a price of $0.018. The second presale stage started on October 26 during which you can buy IMPT for $0.023. 

Visit IMPT

Calvaria – Play-to-Earn Card Game that Offers $100k Airdrop During Its Presale Stage

Calvaria has one of the most popular airdrops right now with hundreds of thousands of entries. The project announced a $100k airdrop which will grant $70k for the first place, $20k for the second place, and $10k for the third place. The deadline for Calvaria’s airdrop is in 37 days, so if you want to participate in it you need to hurry. 


To be qualified for the airdrop you need to hold $100 worth of RIA tokens which is Calvaria’s native cryptocurrency. This gives an entry but you can increase the number of your entries by accomplishing different tasks about popularizing Calvaria on social platforms. These tasks will give you many more entries- starting from 10 to 25. For instance, you can get 25 entries for daily tweets about Calvaria, friend references, or using Calvariagang hashtags in your tweets. 

Taking part in Calvaria’s giveaway, you will have the chance to win native tokens of one of the newest metaverse games. Calvaria is a card game during which players collect cards to build winning decks and compete with other players. Those having the most powerful combination on the desk win the battle and get rewarded in RIA tokens. Hence, Calvaria also incorporates play-to-earn elements enabling users to enjoy and earn money meanwhile. 

RIA plays a vital role within the ecosystem of Calvaria. It is the token to make transactions on Calvaria’s network. RIA is used to distribute rewards to the winners and players can use it to buy cards from Calvaria’s marketplace and build more powerful decks. RIA is an ERC-20 token, so you can also stake it to generate passive income. 

The maximum supply of RIA cryptocurrency is 1 billion tokens 30% of which is planned to sell during the presale stage. The crypto is currently in the fourth stage of its presale during which you can buy 50 RIA tokens for 1 USDT. Calvaria is quite popular with tens of thousands of followers on Twitter. The project managed to sell out all the tokens during its three stages of presale and more than 80% of the tokens are already sold for the 4th stage. 

Visit Calvaria

Tamadoge – A Well-liked Metaverse Game that Runs $100k Prize Draw

Tamadoge is a metaverse P2E blockchain game that has become extensively popular due to its excellent marketing campaign and exceptional features. Currently, the project holds a $100k airdrop for those who already hold $100 worth of Tamadoge’s native token – TAMA. While holding TAMA tokens is mandatory to enter the airdrop it has 9 other ways to win extra entries into the airdrop boosting your chances to win. 


Joining Tamadoge’s Telegram and Discord channels, following its account on Twitter, providing your crypto wallet address, visiting its Instagram and youtube channels, and tweeting about TAMA will give you one entry for each task. While tweeting about Tamadoge and tagging Elon Musk on the post and inviting your friends will give you an extra 5 entries. By accomplishing all the steps you will be able to earn 17 extra entries into the competition. 

Tamadoge’s airdrop can be among the best ones worth considering due to the functionality of the TAMA token. It is native to the Tamaverse network where you can use it to buy Tama pets and win battles against other pets within the Tamadoge’s ecosystem. The game is about obtaining and taking care of the pet until it becomes mature enough to be able to participate in the battles. 

When your Tama pet wins the competition it brings you points. The higher your points, the more chances you have to appear on monthly leaderboards and earn rewards in TAMA tokens. TAMA token is also used to buy food and items for your Tama pets from the Tamadoge marketplace. 

Though TAMA has a maximum supply of 2 billion tokens, it is a deflationary coin. It means that its supply will decrease through burning events from time to time. Meanwhile, if the project attracts more investments its demand will increase and affect the value positively. TAMA has already ended its presale stage and is listed officially. The token is available to buy on the OKX crypto broker which accepts both fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto investments. 

See our full guide to buying Tamadoge.

Buy Tamadoge on OKX

Battle Infinity – Play-to-Earn Metaverse Game with Exciting Features and $10k Airdrop

Battle Infinity has recently finished its giveaway of a $10k reward during which it distributed rewards to the first 50 ranks. Plus, it distributed $50 to random 100 users. But still, this is another crypto project to keep an eye on as it may announce other airdrop events too. In fact, Battle Infinity is a promising play-to-earn metaverse game that introduces several new features and combines various platforms in one game. 

The principal feature of the platform is the IBAT Premier League where you can participate in different fantasy sports games by teaming up with other users on the platform. There are multiple other components that make the game highly functional. IBAT Battle Arena is of great importance as it is the platform where you take care of your avatar, upgrade it and meet other avatars within the game. 

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity also supports an in-built marketplace where players can buy and sell in-game items through the IBAT token. Battle Swap is another platform where users can swap between different cryptocurrencies including its IBAT token. There is also a Battle Stake platform where holders of IBAT tokens can lock up their holding and contribute to the network while regaining rewards in IBAT. 

Finally, it has a Battle Store platform where users can access different play-to-earn games. IBAT token is an integral part of the network as all the rewards are distributed in IBAT. Plus, it is used for staking and transactions. IBAT token ended its presale in October and got listed on a centralized crypto exchange. The maximum supply of the cryptocurrency is 10 billion IBAT tokens. 

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Lucky Block – Popular Competing Platform with Daily Rewards for LBLOCK Holders

Lucky Block is a popular competing platform in the cryptocurrency market that distributes daily airdrops and rewards to the holders of its native token – LBLOCK. Based on blockchain technology, Lucky Block tries to implement fundamental changes in the section of competing platforms. 

First of all, all the process is controlled through smart contracts which makes it trustworthy and reliable reducing the possibility of fraud. As a competing platform, Lucky Block tends to be user-oriented and brings changes to revolutionize the industry. Lucky Block eliminates geographical boundaries enabling everyone to participate in prize draws regardless of where they are and who they are.

Lucky Block

Lucky Block also increases the probability of winning the prize making prize draws more frequent and with higher rewards. Even if you don’t win the competition you still get some rewards for buying the ticket to the prize draw. To enter the competitions on Lucky Block’s platform you must hold NFTs from its special collections. 

You can buy these NFTs to access Lucky Block’s competitions with its native token – LBLOCK v1. Apart from it, Lucky Block sometimes announces special competitions during which users have the chance to win precious gifts such as luxurious houses, Lamborjini, or 1$ million worth of Bitcoin.

See our LBLOCK V2 price prediction for 2022.

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Basic Attention Token – Digital Advertising Token that Enables to Get Airdrops Watching the Ads

Another popular cryptocurrency project to keep an eye on is Basic Attention Token which is actively distributing rewards simply for viewing ads. It is a digital token created to serve a platform that collects publishers, advertisers, and users in one place aiming for all of the parties to benefit from the platform. Publishers get rewarded for their content, advertisers have the chance to advertise their products or services and users get rewards for viewing these ads. 

The project was founded by Brendan Eich who also created the JavaScript computer programming language and co-founded Mozilla and Firefox. To be rewarded with the BAT tokens, you simply need to download the Brave app which is compatible with iOS and Android devices and can also be downloaded on a computer desktop. 

Basic Attention Token

Once you download the app on your phone or desktop you need to visit it and enable Brave Advertising within the app. After that, you will occasionally get notifications about viewing advertisements for which you will be rewarded with free BAT tokens. Users are rewarded with 70% of their income in BAT tokens while the remaining 30% goes to the Basic Attention Token. 

From time to time, Basic Attention Token announces airdrops during which users can claim random token grants and earn 35-40 BAT tokens. These token grants operate on a monthly basis and are managed through a first-come, first-serve method. So, a Basic Attention Token provides one of the less risky methods to earn some capital in crypto by simply downloading the app and watching ads.


Your capital is at risk.

Binance – Leading Crypto Exchange that Supports Plenty of Airdrops and Giveaways

Binance is a leading decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that supports hundreds of cryptocurrencies that you can buy with fiat currency. Apart from it, Binance also provides crypto-to-crypto trading with low fees and supports a wide range of trading tools for beginner and advanced traders. 


Founded in 2017, Binance has become the largest cryptocurrency exchange in trading volume and boasts of having millions of users from around the world. Binance also issues a native cryptocurrency – BNB, which gives different benefits within the exchange’s ecosystem. Apart from it, you can also make use of the various airdrops organized by Binance for its users. 

To access the airdrops you simply need to create a Binance account and verify it. One of the popular products on Binance is its Binance Card which benefits you in many ways. If you succeed in being among the 10,000 people to issue a Binance Card you will have the chance to win 5 BUSD. 

Also, a full Bitcoin will be given to the 5 lucky Binance Card appliers. Either bonus includes winning Binance’s NFT boxes, get 8% cashback for every transaction you conduct through Binance Card, and earning up to 20 BUSD for referring your friends to apply for the Binance Card. 

Visit Binance

What Are Crypto Airdrops and How Do They Work?

Crypto airdrop is an event carried out by cryptocurrency project developers which involves distributing free tokens or coins to different wallet addresses. Usually, crypto airdrops are conducted to raise awareness about the token and make investors get interested in a certain cryptocurrency project. Hence, it is a part of the marketing campaign meant to spread awareness about cryptocurrency.

While for the users it is a great way to get some free cryptos which can later increase in value and be quite beneficial. Crypto airdrops are usually sent to the wallet addresses of active users, raffle winners, or the ones who actively performed some minor tasks to promote the cryptocurrency on social media. In this regard, cryptocurrency airdrops can be of the following types: 

  • Standard airdrops – These types of airdrops are designed for the users interested in receiving the token. Receiving standard airdrops is quite straightforward and you simply need to provide the address of your digital wallet. 
  • Bounty airdrops – Bounty airdrops are meant to raise the popularity of cryptocurrency on social media platforms. Hence to participate in the bounty airdrops, people may need to accomplish small tasks, such as posting some information about the token on their social media accounts, following its social media accounts, or retweeting its posts. 
  • Holder airdrops – As its name suggests, holder airdrops are designed for the wallet that already holds a certain amount of tokens. Sometimes users must be required to have a minimum number of tokens to get the airdrops. 
  • Raffle airdrops – These airdrops are quite common in the cryptocurrency market. They may reward 10 lucky ones with a certain number of coins or tokens. To participate in the raffle airdrop, you may need a raffle ticket which you can win by holding tokens, doing tasks, or just being interested in the project. 

Cryptocurrency airdrops usually start with the announcement about the event if the team decides they need to carry out it as part of their marketing. The team decides on the target of the airdrop and based on that introduces the requirements for participating in the airdrop. 

Users interested in the airdrops provide their wallet addresses and perform the tasks if there are any of them. After collecting all the addresses the receivers of the airdrops are selected and the number of airdropped tokens is sent to their wallet addresses. 

How Can You Get Crypto Airdrops?

Now that you know the basics about cryptocurrency airdrops, you may want to participate in airdrops and get some free digital tokens. To help you go through that process we have made a step-by-step guide where you can find all the details explaining the most popular airdrop event – Dash 2 Trade $150k airdrop. 

Step 1: Get a Digital Crypto Wallet

To participate in the current Dash 2 Trade token crypto airdrop, users must already hold some D2T tokens. But Dash 2 Trade is in the presale stage yet and it is not listed on any cryptocurrency exchange where you can sign up for an account and buy it. The only way currently to buy D2T tokens is through its official website for which you will need a digital wallet. Also, you will need the crypto wallet to get the Dash 2 Trade tokens if you win the competition. 

Step 1 Get Your Digital Crypto Wallet and Connect to Dash 2 Trade

Finding a digital crypto wallet is an easy task. There are several options for hardware and software crypto wallets and the only thing to check is to make sure that the wallet supports the token. Dash 2 Trade is built on the Ethereum blockchain, so any digital wallet that supports the ERC-20 token standard is compatible with D2T tokens. 

You can either buy a hardware wallet from the stores and keep your tokens offline or find a software online crypto wallet, such as Metamask, and sign up for an account.

Step 2: Buy D2T Tokens in the Presale Stage

The next step you need to do to participate in the Dash 2 Trade airdrop is to buy some D2T tokens. Anyone entering the airdrop must hold $150 worth of Dash 2 Trade tokens. To buy Dash 2 Trade coins, first, visit the project’s website where you will find the announcement about its presale. 

Step 2 Buy at Least $150 of D2T Tokens

As Dash 2 Trade is still in the presale stage, you can get the coins at a low price before it gets listed on exchanges, and their value increases. For now, you simply need to pay $0.0513 for each D2T token. To purchase the tokens, click on the “Connect Wallet” button and follow the instructions to finalize the transaction. Note that you must have at least $150 of D2T tokens. 

Step 3: Enter the Airdrop

Once you get D2T tokens on your crypto wallet you are ready to enter the airdrop. To do it, click on the “Win $150k” section on Dash 2 Trade’s website and you will be navigated to a page where all the details are introduced. To win the first entry, connect your digital wallet. There are several other steps and tasks to accomplish to win many more entries which can increase the probability of winning the prize. 

Step 3 Enter the Giveaway Completing the Tasks

The simplest tasks include visiting Dash 2Trade’s website, Instagram, following its Twitter, or joining its Discord and Telegram channel. For each of these tasks, you will get one extra entry. While retweeting one of its tweets or tweeting something about Dash 2 Trade will give you extra 5 entries. 


In this guide, we shed light on one of the most widely known events in the cryptocurrency market – crypto airdrops. It is an excellent way to get some free cryptocurrencies on your digital wallet which you can later use for different purposes. 

To get crypto airdrops, in some cases you will need to hold the tokens of a certain crypto project, while others will distribute free tokens to those helping them with some minor tasks. We have also introduced and discussed some of the best crypto airdrops that are worth considering in 2022. 

All the crypto projects included in our recommendation have become highly popular in the market with their unique features and exciting benefits. They are quite new in the market and as they are fairly cheap cryptos, they have huge room for growth if they continue to develop their project and catch investors’ attention. Finally, we explained what crypto airdrops are in detail and introduced the different types of crypto airdrops. You will also find in our article a detailed guide about how you can get airdrops with one of the most well-known new crypto projects, Dash 2 Trade. 

Dash 2 Trade - High Potential Presale

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Dash 2 Trade
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Dash 2 Trade

FAQs on Crypto Airdrops

What are the different types of crypto airdrops?

Crypto airdrops can occur in different shapes and be designed for different users. One of the most popular types is standard airdrops during which users get a small number of digital tokens in return for doing some small tasks, such as signing up for a newsletter, etc. There are also bounty airdrops for the users who promote the crypto project on social platforms. Holder airdrops distribute tokens to those who already hold a certain amount of tokens as its name suggests.

Where to find the best crypto airdrops?

You can find the best crypto airdrops on educational platforms or forums specialized in crypto airdrops. These platforms usually introduce the most popular airdrops giving also short descriptions of the cryptocurrency project and its features. You can also consider the top 8 crypto airdrops that we have combined and introduced in our guide.

How do I know that a crypto airdrop is legit?

Cryptocurrency airdrops are mostly legit but it is also important to explore the project and check its terms and conditions before doing any of the steps mentioned to get the airdropped tokens. If it is a popular crypto project such as Dash 2 Trade, Lucky Block, or Tamadoge, it can hardly include any fraud or malicious actions, however, you can also come across scams and be trapped by them.

Can you make money from crypto airdrops?

It depends on which crypto airdrops you get but if the project gets popular and its token increases its value you can use the airdropped tokens to make some money. The good thing is that you get these tokens for free without investing anything. In return, you usually do some minute tasks, such as following their social media account, retweeting their posts, etc.


Can This New Token Presale 100x?

Can This New Token Presale 100x?

Can This New Token Presale 100x?