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10+ Best Crypto Airdrops for Investors

Crypto airdrops are an excellent way for those who want to start trading cryptocurrencies. By using these promotions offered by crypto groups, you can make your first steps in the crypto market without risking your capital. In this guide, we suggest the top crypto airdrops and show you how to get started.
Best Crypto Airdrops
Best Crypto Airdrops

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Crypto airdrops are pretty common among the latest cryptocurrency projects. They distribute some percentage of their tokens among different users for free. In some cases, users who receive airdropped tokens must do some tasks in return, which are pretty easy and trivial. For example, they might need to solve some simple tasks, or promote their social account pages, etc. 

Crypto airdrops can be a great chance to make some money without putting anything at risk, as you get them for free. You don’t need some initial investment, but you can benefit once their value increases. So how to find some of the best crypto airdrops and receive them?

In this guide, we will detail cryptocurrency airdrops and explain how they work. We have also made a list of the top 10+ cryptocurrency airdrops for 2024, with detailed reviews about each crypto included in the list. Additionally, we have prepared a detailed walkthrough to show you the process of getting crypto airdrops. 

Top 10+ Cryptocurrency Airdrops in July 2024

We have rounded up several of the newest or most popular cryptocurrency platforms that have announced airdrops recently. Look at the list with short descriptions to find out which is more suitable for you. 

  • Smog – Solana-Based Memecoin with an Innovative Airdrop
  • Today Trader – Stock Trader-turned-Crypto Investor With a Massive PEPE Airdrop
  • 99Bitcoins – $9999 Bitcoin Airdrop for Community Members
  • Bitcoin Minetrix – Massive Presale Crypto Airdrop worth $30,000
  • Jacob’s Crypto Clan – Free Discord with Giveaways
  • Binance – Leading Crypto Exchange that Supports Plenty of Airdrops and Giveaways
  • Scallop – P2P Money Market Protocol Launching Airdrop for Early Movers
  • edeXa – Airdrop by a Multi-Chain Ecosystem
  • Data Ownership Protocol – Crypto Project Offering Airdrop to Testnet Participants
  • Manta – Multi-Modular Ecosystem with an Airdrop on the Way
  • Injective Protocol – DeFi Protocol with Multiple Potential Airdrops in 2024

Top Crypto Airdrops Reviewed – Full List

Though crypto airdrops distribute tokens and coins for free, investing time and money to enter the airdrop event still requires time and money. As long as there are several cryptocurrency projects carrying out airdrop events, you may be confused about which one to select that can be worth your time and, in some cases, money. 

We have combined the best cryptocurrency projects that distribute free tokens to interested users. These projects are worth considering as they seem quite promising and can grow hugely. Below you will find out detailed descriptions of our top 10+ crypto airdrops.

Smog – Solana-Based Memecoin with an Innovative Airdrop

Smog has emerged as a Solana-based meme coin with the “greatest SOL airdrop of all time.” The airdrop has been described as a historic affair thanks to the unique way designed to acquire it.

Smog airdrop

Unlike the traditional airdrops that take a more randomized approach that is often tacked on with some development within their ecosystems, Smog has gone with gamification. The airdrops will be accessible to SMOG holders, who will have to complete a set of tasks on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Hence, it is safe to affirm Smog as one of the best Solana airdrops to enjoy right now.

What kind of tasks will these be? Smog has decided to keep that as a mystery, which aligns with its more mystical narrative. We do know, however, that completing the tasks will provide players with airdrop points. Once the airdrop finally arrives, these points will be tallied, and the airdropped SMOG tokens will be distributed among holders accordingly.

In addition to its airdrop, Smog has become a unique meme coin within the ecosystem thanks to its unique aesthetics. There are no traditional frogs or dogs involved, which is the way for devs to leverage their cuteness to gain relevance in the community. Instead, Smog is using a green dragon as its mascot.

Quirky in design and chipper in terms of outlook, this laid-back mascot has allowed Smog to get a lot of traction within the first few hours of its launch. It went up by 1500% upon landing on Jupiter DEX. And the token is currently accumulating, giving investors hope for another bullish price action.

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Today Trader – Stock Trader-turned-Crypto Investor With a Massive PEPE Airdrop

The Today Trader airdrop, by the stock trader-turned-crypto investor Mark Kelly, is an exciting opportunity for winning a massive reward, especially for memecoin enthusiasts. With a generous giveaway of 120 million PEPE tokens, it’s a chance to dive into memecoins without spending money. 7 Lucky winners, along with a few other random members are set to receive the airdrop, as long as they participate in the event actively.

Today Trader

What makes this airdrop stand out is its smaller community size. In the crowded world of crypto giveaways, being part of a smaller group could mean a better chance of winning. Mark Kelly’s track record of picking successful memecoins adds credibility and excitement to the airdrop. And to make it even better, participation is easy- just engage with Today Trader on various platforms by subscribing to the YouTube channel, following and retweeting the Twitter handle of Today Trader, and optionally becoming a part of the Telegram group.

For those curious about memecoins’ unique appeal and potential returns, the Today Trader airdrop is a must-consider opportunity. It combines the thrill of potential rewards with the expertise of a seasoned crypto influencer. By taking part, participants may be able to win a huge chunk of the PEPE crypto, which they could instantly sell if they wish to for some massive profits.

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99Bitcoin – $9999 Bitcoin Airdrop for Community Members


99Bitcoins is a crypto education company with a massive following across multiple social media channels. It has a YouTube channel boasting more than 700k subscribers and has been around for a while now. It often launches airdrops and other incentives for its community, with the latest being a massive $9999 airdrop which will be in the form of BTC. The company gained traction in the past years with its daily newsletters, which offer deep insights and the latest news on crypto markets, along with a wide range of guides, reviews, tutorials, and videos designed for all levels of experience.

It is currently headed by Daniel K. Morgan, who is also a popular crypto enthusiast in the space. In order to participate, one just has to follow the YouTube channel and follow while also retweeting the announcement tweet on their Twitter page. Another important step is to sign up as a member on the 99Bitcoins website, which makes you eligible.

A complete explainer video above by the channel can also be referred to in order to learn more about the airdrop. The reward will be distributed among 3 members of the community equally. Investors seem to be pumped about this airdrop opportunity as 99Bitcoins is a trusted entity and has been carrying out similar events for some years now, which makes it a good airdrop opportunity worth participating in.

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Bitcoin Minetrix – Massive Presale Crypto Airdrop worth $30,000

Bitcoin Minetrix, a recently launched crypto presale, has been rapidly gaining traction, particularly amidst concerns over fraudulent activities and scams in the global mining landscape. It positions itself as an innovative alternative, aiming to revolutionize mining by empowering individual investors.

Bitcoin Minetrix Stake to Mine

The project has recently unveiled an impressive airdrop program, totaling $30,000 in rewards. To qualify, investors need only complete minimal tasks for a chance to win $3,000. This substantial sum will be distributed among 10 lucky users, highlighting the potential for community engagement to yield financial gains. Dubbed “Minedrop” by the team, this initiative has garnered increasing interest from eager participants.

Beyond its merits as a high-quality cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Minetrix introduces yet another compelling reason for investors to allocate their funds to this crypto. This factor, in conjunction with its innovative mining approach, positions it as a crypto with substantial potential for value appreciation in the coming weeks or months.

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Wall Street Memes – Popular Memecoin Project with an Exciting Airdrop-like Opportunity

One of the most promising contenders to becoming the best meme project in 2023 is Wall Street Memes. Tailored for meme and gaming enthusiasts, particularly those with an affinity for crypto casinos, this new meme coin has swiftly gained prominence in the market.

Wall Street Memes

As of the present moment, the community can engage in casino play and potentially receive a notable bonus of 200%, extending up to $25,000—an offer akin to an airdrop, if not even more appealing for avid casino aficionados.

Investor confidence in Wall Street Memes is buoyed by the fact that it shares developers with the renowned Wall St Bulls NFT collection, which took the market by storm in 2021, selling out within minutes. Notably, as of the time of writing, the project is actively trading on the OKX exchange. This promising trajectory positions Wall Street Memes as a project of considerable interest and potential in the crypto space.

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Spongebob – Popular Memecoin Offering an Exciting Airdrop Opportunity


SpongeBob is one of the most successful meme projects of 2023, gaining worldwide fame since its launch earlier this year. The project features SpongeBob, the beloved cartoon character, as its mascot, which has significantly contributed to the token’s soaring popularity. As of the current writing, the project’s native token, SPONGE, is priced at $0.0001093.

However, this price is expected to surge in the coming days, thanks to an upcoming airdrop opportunity. The airdrop has been strategically designed so that investors can earn a larger number of SPONGE tokens through airdrops if they trade the SPONGE token at higher values.

Sponge Airdrop

Essentially, the more trading volume you generate with SPONGE tokens, the greater the amount of SPONGE tokens you will be eligible to receive in the airdrop. With the entry set to close on October 30th, investors have been rushing to purchase the token and generate higher trading volumes in order to secure a larger airdrop. For more information about the project and the upcoming airdrop opportunity, you can visit SpongeBob’s Discord channel.

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Jacob’s Crypto Clan – Free Discord with Giveaways

Jacob’s Crypto Clan is a leading crypto group on Discord that has taken the crypto space by storm thanks to its nuanced approach to crypto learning. Not only its more than 12k members now have access to critical information about the market, but they also enjoy a regular dose of airdrops and giveaways.

When it comes to the knowledge provided on this crypto discord group, simplicity is key. Jacob uses his interactive nature as a YouTuber to provide users with everything from basic education to the latest updates. Investors who are interested in NFTs or cryptocurrencies will find a lot to learn here.

On this Discord page, people will learn about DeFi, the latest developments in the blockchain industry, and even a robust analysis of price charts. But how Jacob’s Crypto Clan is good for finding airdrops?

The answer to this question lies in constant updates that are delivered. This Discord group has its finger on the crypto market’s pulse, which means this platform is generally the first place where people will find the latest news about upcoming airdrops.

However, it is not only the airdrops that make Jacob’s Crypto Clan special. To foster a feeling of community, Jacob Crypto Bury also organizes regular giveaways, giving people a chance to participate in the crypto space in unconventional ways.

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Binance – Leading Crypto Exchange that Supports Plenty of Airdrops and Giveaways

Binance is a leading decentralized cryptocurrency exchange supporting hundreds of cryptocurrencies you can buy with fiat currency. Apart from it, Binance also provides crypto-to-crypto trading with low fees and supports a wide range of trading tools for beginner and advanced traders. 


Founded in 2017, Binance has become the largest cryptocurrency exchange in trading volume and boasts of having millions of users worldwide. Binance also issues a native cryptocurrency – BNB, which gives different benefits within the exchange’s ecosystem. Apart from it, you can also use the various airdrops organized by Binance for its users. 

To access the airdrops, you must create a Binance account and verify it. One of the popular products on Binance is its Binance Card which benefits you in many ways. If you succeed in being among the 10,000 people to issue a Binance Card, you will have the chance to win 5 BUSD. 

Also, a total Bitcoin will be given to the 5 lucky Binance Card appliers. Either bonus includes winning Binance’s NFT boxes, getting 8% cashback for every transaction you conduct through Binance Card, and earning up to 20 BUSD for referring your friends to apply for the Binance Card. 

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Scallop – P2P Money Market Protocol Launching Airdrop for Early Movers

Scallop is a cryptocurrency project that claims to pioneer the next-generation Money Market for the SUI ecosystem. To those in the know, SUI was one of the leading crypto ecosystems that pumped in the last quarter of 2023. According to CoinMarketCap, its monthly increase at press time stands at 24%.

Scallop Airdrop

Scallop has received an official grant from the SUI Foundation for its focus on providing institutional-grade quality, enhanced composability, and robust security to regular investors. Per the official website, the goal of Scallop is to build a dynamic money market offering high-interest lending, AMM, low-fee borrowing, and digital asset self-administration tools.

This crypto project’s airdrop is coming in the form of the SCA token launch, which early users will receive. This airdrop is only meant for those who do borrowing and lending on the platform. That said, the way to get access to this airdrop, which Scallop calls the “Scallop Incentive Program,” is simple.

Sui wallet holders only need to visit the website and connect their wallets. To get access to the airdrop, it is important for the wallet to have some SUI tokens. Once the tokens are available, investors can go to the lending and supplying tokens page and try borrowing some tokens by providing collateral.

Resorting to this act of borrowing tokens will allow users to gain entry into the Scallop Incentive program.

Overall, this particular airdrop is for those who are already interested in defi. However, Scallop is a project that has the confidence of the SUI foundation, which makes it a legitimate airdrop to participate in.

edeXa – Airdrop by a Multi-Chain Ecosystem

edeXa is a blockchain network that features permissioned blockchains. The term “permissioned” blockchain in this context means that only legitimate entities can join this ecosystem.

edeXa airdrop

According to the website, edeXa leverages a unique decentralized ledger technology for high-performance businesses. This platform also allows organizations to create their own blockchains and establish a consortium with other members.

Till now, there are over 280,000 wallets on edeXa, with over 15,000 companies participating in platform testing. Notable companies associated with this network include CaptainAltcoin, The CoinRepublic, and TechBullion. There are also some top-tier YouTubers interested in edeXA’s offerings.

To expand its network further, edeXa is organizing an airdrop in which it is giving away $20,000 worth of EDX tokens. This token will be given to investors for doing simple quests. Each completed quest will reward users with experience points, and the more experience points one accumulates, the larger an airdrop’s share they will get. According to the information available, the top 10 referrers will also get up to $100 worth of EDX tokens.

The airdrop will be distributed among 500 participants with the highest XP scores, with each participant getting $200 worth of EDX tokens.

Data Ownership Protocol – Crypto Project Offering Airdrop to Testnet Participants

Another confirmed airdrop on is from Data Ownership Protocol. Developed on the Ethereum network, Data Ownership Protocol (ticker symbol DOP) is a platform designed to let users control how much of their on-chain information they want to share with the public.

Data Ownership Protocol Web Wallet

The platform places a lot of emphasis on user-owned data and leverages SNARKs and ECDSA to let investors curate only the information they wish to share regarding their asset holdings and transactions.

While such a stringent process is maintained, Data Ownership ensures that interoperability is stabilized between decentralized applications and liquidity.

The platform has recently launched a testnet, and those who participate in this testnet will be eligible for an airdrop. While the real amount of tokens that will be airdropped is not confirmed, DOP does state that those who also refer DOP to their friends will get an additional 20% of the reward.

To participate in the testnet, investors must go to the official Testnet page and create a DOP wallet. They must then connect their follow the page on Twitter to claim Sepolia ETH and testament DOP tokens.

After investors have completed these steps, they will be given a link that they can share with others. Successful onboarding will reward these investors with an additional 20% of the reward.

However, note that the reward won’t be given straightaway. Data Ownership Protocol has a Q1 2024 launch planned, and investors will get hold of their tokens around this time.

Manta – Multi-Modular Ecosystem with an Airdrop on the Way 

Manta is a multi-modular ecosystem featuring zero-knowledge applications. This privacy-focused blockchain ecosystem leverages Manta Atlantic, the fastest ZK L1 chain, to provide users with “programmable” privacy through Web 3. With Manta Pacific, which is a unique L2 ecosystem for EVM-native ZK applications, this blockchain provides a scalable and affordable environment for the deployment of ZK applications on Solidity.

Manta Airdrop

This platform’s unique style and the fact that its use-case has a widespread impact have allowed it to gain attention from investors like Binance and Polychain. The project has raised $25 million from these entities as investors and has recently announced the airdrop of their “MANTA” token.

That being said, information about who could become eligible for the airdrop when it goes live is not known. Therefore, the platform recommends conducting transactions on a regular basis to increase the chances of becoming eligible.

The website has highlighted two ways to possibly join the airdrop: one is through the mainnet, and another is through the testnet. Mainnet participants can buy ETH from Binance and then use the Rhino.Fi bridge to bridge funds from the Manta network to the Ethereum mainnet. They can then bridge Manta to other entities like Polygon zkEVM, Base, Linea, Scroll, zkSync, or Optimism to increase their chances of becoming eligible for multiple airdrops.

Testnet participants can add the Manta chain to Metamask and get testnet tokens from Goerli and Manta in order to become eligible for the airdrop.

Injective Protocol – DeFi Protocol with Multiple Potential Airdrops in 2024

Injective is a decentralized exchange offering features like cross-chain margins, derivatives, and forex futures trading.

A layer-2 application, the Injective protocol has been built on the Cosmos blockchain. This protocol leverages cross-chain, allowing investors to gain access to platforms such as Ethereum and Polkadot.

Injective Airdrop

The unique factor of Injective comes from the fact that it doesn’t use an automated market market. Instead, this project follows an order book model, which is common in the centralized space. For this reason, experts call Injective a protocol that injects the simplicity of a centralized ecosystem into decentralized finance.

Furthermore, the platform doesn’t charge users any gas fees for executing transactions. Instead, it only requires traders to pay a standard market maker and taker fee in terms of INJ coins.

Injective has also gone through a bullish run thanks to Bitcoin gaining more support. At press time, the project is enjoying its month-end high by 94%, and multiple airdrops are on the way for this project.

The injective airdrop is criteria-based, which means investors must go through hoops to get access to this token. The first criterion is staking. There are other airdrops that are coming into the Injective ecosystem, which are concerned with exchanges. Other airdrops within the Injective ecosystem might arrive upon interacting with the decentralized applications built on injective.

For instance, there is the Dojoswap, a project that’s currently available as beta. There is also Dagora, an NFT marketplace on Injective. Finding and interacting with popular and upcoming projects of the Injective ecosystem is the key to becoming eligible for these airdrops.

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What Are Crypto Airdrops and How Do They Work?

A crypto airdrop is an event carried out by cryptocurrency project developers which involves distributing free tokens or coins to different wallet addresses. Usually, crypto airdrops are conducted to raise awareness about the token and make investors interested in a particular cryptocurrency project. Hence, it is a part of the marketing campaign meant to spread awareness about cryptocurrency.

While for the users, it is a great way to get some free cryptos which can later increase in value and be quite beneficial. Crypto airdrops are usually sent to the wallet addresses of active users, raffle winners, or those who actively performed minor tasks to promote the cryptocurrency on social media. In this regard, cryptocurrency airdrops can be of the following types: 

  • Standard airdrops – These types of airdrops are designed for the users interested in receiving the token. Receiving standard airdrops is quite straightforward; you simply need to provide the address of your digital wallet. 
  • Bounty airdrops – Bounty airdrops are meant to increase cryptocurrency’s popularity on social media platforms. Hence to participate in the bounty airdrops, people may need to accomplish small tasks, such as posting some information about the token on their social media accounts, following its social media accounts, or retweeting its posts. 
  • Holder airdrops – As its name suggests, holder airdrops are designed for the wallet that already holds a certain amount of tokens. Sometimes users must have a minimum number of tokens to get the airdrops. 
  • Raffle airdrops – These airdrops are pretty common in the cryptocurrency market. They may reward 10 lucky ones with a certain number of coins or tokens. To participate in the raffle airdrop, you may need a raffle ticket which you can win by holding tokens, doing tasks, or just being interested in the project. 

Cryptocurrency airdrops usually start with the announcement about the event if the team decides they need to carry it out as part of their marketing. The team decides on the target of the airdrop and, based on that, introduces the requirements for participating in the airdrop. 

Users interested in the airdrops provide their wallet addresses and perform the tasks if there are any of them. After collecting all the addresses, the receivers of the airdrops are selected, and the number of airdropped tokens is sent to their wallet addresses. 


In this guide, we shed light on one of the most widely known events in the cryptocurrency market – crypto airdrops. It is an excellent way to get some free cryptocurrencies in your digital wallet, which you can later use for different purposes. 

To get crypto airdrops, in some cases, you will need to hold the tokens of a specific crypto project, while others will distribute free tokens to those helping them with some minor tasks. We have also introduced and discussed some of the best crypto airdrops worth considering in 2024. 

All the crypto projects included in our recommendation have become highly popular in the market with their unique features and exciting benefits. They are pretty new in the market, and as they are cheap cryptos, they have massive room for growth if they continue developing their project and catching investors’ attention. Finally, we explained crypto airdrops in detail and introduced the different types of airdrops that you may be able to stand a chance to win, with the best example being the Bitcoin Minetrix project. 

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FAQs on Crypto Airdrops

What are the different types of crypto airdrops?

Crypto airdrops can occur in different shapes and be designed for different users. One of the most popular types is standard airdrops during which users get a small number of digital tokens in return for doing some small tasks, such as signing up for a newsletter, etc. There are also bounty airdrops for the users who promote the crypto project on social platforms. Holder airdrops distribute tokens to those who already hold a certain amount of tokens as its name suggests.

Where to find the best crypto airdrops?

You can find the best crypto airdrops on educational platforms or forums specialized in crypto airdrops. These platforms usually introduce the most popular airdrops giving also short descriptions of the cryptocurrency project and its features. You can also consider the top 10+ crypto airdrops that we have combined and introduced in our guide.

How do I know that a crypto airdrop is legit?

Cryptocurrency airdrops are mostly legit but it is also important to explore the project and check its terms and conditions before doing any of the steps mentioned to get the airdropped tokens. If it is a popular crypto project such as Bitcoin Minetrix, Lucky Block, or Tamadoge, it can hardly include any fraud or malicious actions, however, you can also come across scams and be trapped by them.

Can you make money from crypto airdrops?

It depends on which crypto airdrops you get but if the project gets popular and its token increases its value you can use the airdropped tokens to make some money. The good thing is that you get these tokens for free without investing anything. In return, you usually do some minute tasks, such as following their social media account, retweeting their posts, etc.