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OpenAI CTO’s Twitter Account Hacked to Promote “Scam” Cryptocurrency Airdrop

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On June 2, users flooded Crypto Twitter with warnings after someone seemingly hacked the Twitter account of Mira Murati, the chief technology officer of artificial intelligence firm OpenAI. 

The hacked account was used to promote a “scam” cryptocurrency airdrop.

Chief Technology Officer of OpenAI’s Twitter Account Hacked to Promote “Scam” Cryptocurrency Airdrop

During the incident, Murati’s account tweeted a phishing link that promised an airdrop of a purported ERC-20 token named OPENAI, supposedly associated with the firm that created ChatGPT. Murati, who has 126,200 followers on Twitter and a verified account, had the post live for approximately an hour. It garnered 79,600 views and 83 retweets before being deleted.

The tweet’s author had limited the ability for others to reply, making it difficult for users to quickly warn others about the fraudulent nature of the shared link. Several Twitter users have speculated that Mira Murati might have fallen victim to a SIM-swapping attack, which could explain the unauthorized access to the account.

Furthermore, the website linked in the tweet is quite sophisticated, mimicking the layout and design of a project called ChainGPT with minor modifications. The main alteration is a prompt to connect a cryptocurrency wallet, which adds to the deceptive nature of the scam.

According to a security researcher from blockchain security firm Beosin, the website used an accessible crypto wallet draining kit, enticing visitors into signing deceptive requests. According to the researcher, once the requests were signed, the attacker could transfer NFTs and ERC-20 tokens from the victim’s wallet.

OpenAI Announces $1 Million Grant for AI-Driven Cybersecurity Projects

OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, is exploring using artificial intelligence to automate cybersecurity work. The company plans to open a $1 million grant to fund projects leveraging AI to enhance cybersecurity. These projects may involve automating the patching of vulnerabilities, detecting and preventing social engineering attacks, and guiding users toward adopting the best security practices.

As part of this initiative, OpenAI is seeking proposals covering 16 different areas, including using AI to develop “honeypots and deception technology.” Such technology could mislead and entice hackers into falling into traps. However, at present, OpenAI is refraining from awarding grants for “offensive-security projects,” endeavors where AI technologies could also excel.

In the announcement, OpenAI stated all projects should intend to license or distribute their outcomes for maximum public benefit and sharing, and we will prioritize applications that show a clear plan.

In addition, the grant program’s scope shows that OpenAI recognizes the potential of using AI technologies like ChatGPT to automate significant portions of cybersecurity tasks. OpenAI, as the sponsor of the funding, acknowledges that artificial intelligence has the potential to shift the balance in the ongoing battle against computer hacking.

Since its launch, ChatGPT, the OpenAI chatbot, has been used by millions for different purposes like writing, music creation, and coding. However, as more people use the AI chatbot, it’s essential to recognize the potential security risks.

Just like any technology, ChatGPT can be misused for nefarious purposes. Hackers can exploit it to create deceptive content, including fake emails, intending to gain unauthorized access to personal computers or bank accounts.

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