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Best Crypto Twitter Accounts To Follow In 2024

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

With its real-time nature and extensive popularity, Twitter (X) has emerged as a hub for individuals, professionals, and organizations to come together and exchange views on the latest in crypto.

In this guide, we look at the top crypto Twitter accounts to follow this year for those who want to stay on top of the latest protocols, market trends, and investment opportunities.

Best Crypto Twitter Accounts To Follow In 2024: A Quick Look

Amidst the sea of crypto Twitter accounts, it is a good idea to follow those operated by experts for a good reason. First off, crypto experts are excellent sources of information with their in-depth expertise and experience in the sector. They frequently offer instructional content, market trend research, and concept explanations through Twitter to help their followers make informed decisions.

Second, experts on Twitter frequently have strong connections in the cryptocurrency industry. They can reliably share with their followers the most recent information about events, initiatives, and news. It is also a great opportunity for community building, asking questions, and networking with like-minded enthusiasts.

Keeping this in mind, our team has combed through the microblogging site to provide you with information about the top 8 must-follow crypto Twitter accounts in 2024.

  1. Jacob Bury (@BuryCrypto) – Overall Best Crypto Twitter Account To Follow In 2024
  2. Mark Kelly (@TodayTraderMark) – Up and Coming Crypto Twitter Account Full of In-depth Analysis
  3. HORSE (@TheFlowHorse) – Reliable Trading Insights And Updates
  4. Adrian Zduńczyk, CMT (@crypto_birb) – Detailed Market Analyses
  5. Livercoin (@Livercoin) – Personal Investment Views
  6. Cobie (@cobie) – Trading Strategies
  7. Cred (@CryptoCred) – Real-time Market Updates
  8. Romano (@RNR_0) – Timely Educational Resources On Digital Assets Trading
  9. The Wolf of All Streets (@scottmelker) – Insightful Conversations

A Closer Look At The 8 Best Crypto Accounts To Follow In 2024

This section examines all the selected Twitter accounts so that experienced and inexperienced traders can discover what they stand to gain by staying glued to them.

We took into account the quality of the trading recommendations, the manner in which the account holders manage the information flow, and the degree of supportive community interaction while coming up with this list.

Jacob Crypto Bury (@BuryCrypto) – Overall Best Crypto Twitter Account To Follow In 2024

Jacob Crypto Bury is our top pick for the best cryptocurrency Twitter account to follow this year. This account goes above and beyond to offer its fans all the information they need to make wise investing decisions. It is run by aspiring cryptocurrency YouTuber, Jacob Bury.

We consider Bury’s Twitter account as one of the best places to learn about cryptocurrency basics, trading techniques, and market trends. In one of his recent tweets, he briefly talks about how Bitcoin could reach $40,000 before the end of the year.

Jacob’s regular updates about the cryptocurrency market in the form of simple, brief comments have helped him gain more than 11k followers. The tweets on this platform combine price forecasts for the newest popular coins. They also create the foundation for community interaction, which may be highly beneficial to traders looking for diverse insights.

Meanwhile, presales are the primary feature and recurring theme of Jacob’s tweets. In particular, he is credited with spreading the word about some of the top token offerings that later developed into some of the best presales of 2024. For instance, his tweets on Tamadoge helped the project gain initial traction and resulted in gains for the early movers.

As one of the most active crypto influencers, Jacob Bury usually focuses on quick engagements and conversations with his followers. Looking closely at his earlier tweets, we saw that he was consistently prompt in answering any questions. Having said that, the account is also very stringent and does not tolerate spam getting in the way of the messages.

Jacob puts a lot of effort into making his Twitter account a haven for a thriving crypto community. Trolls are not permitted on this website if they attempt to disrupt the flow of information. However, the account administrator has made sure that crypto enthusiasts are free to discuss their preferred cryptocurrencies and improve the community.

You can also join Jacob’s official Discord community if you want to be a part of his inner circle and have access to the best information regarding the cryptocurrency market. It is one of the most popular crypto Discord servers with both paid and unpaid membership options.

Likewise, you can also find the link to Jacob’s official YouTube channel on his Twitter page. His channel is regarded as one of the best YouTube channels you can consider if you want to learn about the price movement of meme coins and utility-based tokens. Aside from that, he also offers his opinion on where the prices may go.

The bottom line is that BuryCrypto is a terrific Twitter feed for both new and experienced traders to learn about the latest market trends and to take advantage of the best investing possibilities. You may receive regular price chart analyses to stay informed while you make decisions in this volatile market.

Follow @BuryCrypto

Mark Kelly (@TodayTraderMark) – Up and Coming Crypto Twitter Account Full of In-depth Analysis

Complete technical analysis of the cryptocurrency markets, coupled with giveaways and psychological analysis that make learning about crypto more entertaining—that’s the motif that Mark Kelly runs with his newly arrived Twitter channel.

TodayTraderMark Twitter

Even though this channel is only up and coming, it is en route to grow at a phenomenal speed thanks to unique tweets focusing on a more realistic view of crypto and positive engagement.

For instance, one of his recent posts is about the impact of Bitcoin halving date-nearing. His analysis states that it is possible that Bitcoin will go through pullbacks rather than reaching new highs.

That being said, his focus is not exclusive to Bitcoin, but it encompasses all crypto.

Since meme coin mania is one of the key factors driving interest behind crypto at this moment, Mark Kelly’s recent reviews are also about tokens like Slothana and some cat meme coins.

Users will also find Mark Kelly’s Twitter channel a good place to find the best early-moving opportunities, such as crypto presales. He comprehensively covers each whitepaper of these projects and informs his audience of the pros and cons with blunt honesty.

Furthermore, he has launched one of the best giveaways of this year. He is giving away 120 million PEPE to his audience for completing certain tasks. Following him on Twitter is one of the steps users need to go through.

Follow @TodayTraderMark

HORSE (@TheFlowHorse) – Reliable Trading Insights And Updates

TheFlowHorse is an anonymous Twitter user and crypto trader and one of the best accounts to follow if you are looking for an expert perspective on crypto trading. With over 178k followers, TheFlowHorse is who you should follow if you are looking for bite-sized expertise on the go.

TheFlowHorse often tweets about insights from his trading experiences, posting honest views and observations as he plays around the market. In one of his recent tweets, TheFlowHorse revealed his perspective as regards the recent Bitcoin rally, stressing that the largest crypto by market cap might not go beyond $36k before it witnesses a pullback.

The Twitter account has an impressive following and engagement, with several users touting it as useful, first-hand trading guidance. TheFlowHorse typically talks about how different coins are performing in the market, stirring conversations around the latest projects, and often promotes free educational resources for his followers to leverage.

TheFlowHorse also occasionally posts videos from his YouTube channel by the same name, where he shares more detailed insights on crypto trading. On this channel, he usually updates subscribers about the best cryptocurrency to buy amid the volatility in the market. Overall, with his precise, sometimes quirky, and mostly engaging posts, TheFlowHorse has become one of the best Twitter accounts to follow.

Follow @TheFlowHorse

Adrian Zduńczyk, CMT (@crypto_birb) – Detailed Market Analyses

For those who take crypto trading seriously and seek professional insights into the space, crypto_birb is another a top Twitter account they might follow.

With over 652.4k followers, @crypto_birb is an account run by Adrian Zduńczyk, a Portuguese chartered market technician and “trend follower”, and these are exactly the kind of insights you can expect from his feed.

Adrian often talks about market trends, price fluctuations, and investment performances. His posts are candid, brief, and from an expert point of view, and frequently feature tweets and retweets of trading charts and analyses.

Adrian is the founder of The Birb Nest, a trading group with a vibrant social community. His tweets often feature updates and announcements from the trading group as well. In one of his recent tweets, Adrian shares a FOMC trading guide for traders to follow.

The guide covers some of the rules that traders must bear in mind and follow so as to keep their money safe amid the prevailing conditions of the market. In the guide, he advised risk-averse and loss-averse traders to be on the sidelines.

Without a doubt, crypto_birb is a must-follow account for anyone who is seriously into crypto trading and would like expert comments and guidance. Beginners may find the content too advanced at times, though the feed is a mixed bag of different views and updates.

Follow @Crypto_birb

Livercoin (@Livercoin) – Personal Investment Views

Run by an anonymous crypto trader and investor, Livercoin is a crypto Twitter account that features personal investment ideas and views.

In a recent tweet, Livercoin labeled CEXs as ”full PVP.”

Our deep dive into Livercoin’s feed reveals numerous insights, personal observations, and analyses that serious crypto traders may find useful. The feed features the movements of several of his investments, his expectations from the same, and useful tips on navigating the dynamic landscape.

Follow @Livercoin

Cobie (@cobie) – Trading Strategies

Cobie is the ideal Crypto Twitter account for you if you are seeking a light-hearted, fresh perspective on cryptocurrency that blends entertaining inputs with an instructive approach.

This account has more than 700,000 followers, and the administrator also runs a podcast called UponlyTV, a news site that bills itself as a crypto podcast that is “childish, unprofessional, and bizzare.”

Cobie Twitter

Although the site claims to put entertainment first, this is not always the case. We say this since we thought the platform was quite informative. Nevertheless, just six episodes of the podcast have been made available thus far due to Cobie’s own admittance of being “lazy.”

One of the key highlights of the channel was the coverage of the bankruptcy of MT Gox in its unique, humorous way. However, the official channel is only for serious cryptocurrency traders. It means that before you can sign up, you must meet certain requirements to become a member. 

This demonstrates that the Twitter account’s information flow is carefully managed and largely focused on accurate information relating to cryptocurrency. Additionally, Cobie’s substack, where he extensively covers all cryptocurrencies, is connected to the Twitter account. Here, the goal is to write explanatory articles that help people comprehend the Bitcoin market.

Cobie has talked about how trading in cryptocurrency during bull runs is like playing competitive video games in more recent articles.

Overall, follow Cobie if you want to approach cryptocurrency trades in a more realistic manner. However, be sure to tidy up your profile because it appears that the only way to get in is to have a history of productive interaction with the cryptocurrency field.

Follow @Cobie

Cred (@CryptoCred) – Real-time Market Updates

You must follow CryptoCred if you want extensive resources to understand the ins and outs of cryptocurrency trading. On Twitter, CryptoCred is known for always inspiring users.

Based on his belief that there are no equal players in the unbalanced cryptocurrency market, he advises followers and readers of his tweets to start trading on low-cap coins.

He is also a major proponent of discussing how the Bitcoin market may affect regulation. His tweets are interesting to read due to their consistency in grammar and philosophical approach to trading.

Although he takes a more subtle approach to trading, he also says that seasoned traders shouldn’t be hesitant to follow their instincts. This indicates that most of his tweets are targeted at professional traders who are striving to improve their trading tactics.

Apart from providing real-time market updates, Cred also educates followers about some of the ambiguous terms in trading. In one of his recent tweets, he fully dissects “confluence” as a term in trading.

Follow @Cryptocred

Romano (@RNR_0) – Timely Educational Resources On Digital Assets Trading

Describing himself as a programmer, sysadmin, analyst, and writer, Romano is a must-follow Twitter account if you are looking for up-to-date educational resources on digital assets trading. Based out of the Netherlands, Romano has some great insights to offer on not just crypto but also stocks, forex, options, and volatility. Just recently, he advised investors to short the Nasdaq amid the uncertainty in the market.

With over 103.3k followers, Romano’s account features the latest updates from the digital assets trading space, along with engagement-focused questions and opinions. Romano is also a prolific writer, and his blog often makes it to his Twitter feed.

Romano’s feed is a mix of light-hearted content, the latest trading news, candid opinions, and several relevant and insightful articles. It is a must-follow account if you want to stay upbeat about all things trading.

Follow @RNR_0

The Wolf of All Streets (@scottmelker) – Insightful Conversations

If you are looking for a crypto Twitter account that comes with authentic information and the chance to learn from multiple traders and experts in the space, The Wolf of All Streets is the best fit.

Run by DJ-turned-producer-turned-crypto-investor Scott Melker, The Wolf of All Streets specializes in giving both brief and detailed overviews of all that is relevant in crypto trading. The feed often features podcasts, YouTube videos, and articles with exceptional engagement rates.

One of the latest tweets by The Wolf of All Streets features a live stream where Scott Melker talks to Gary Cardone, an expert trader about the performance of Bitcoin in the face of a global economic meltdown.

We did a deep dive into some of the other posts on The Wolf of All Street’s feed, and it looks like a mixed bag of engaging, upbeat content. Several conversations between Scott Melker and other experts in the crypto trading space, such as MIT Cryptoeconomics Lab founder Christian Catalini are a regular feature.

Overall, those looking for diverse insights and opinions on the latest developments, price predictions, and crypto trading nuances might consider following this Twitter account.

Follow @Scottmelker

Why Should You Follow Crypto Accounts On Twitter?

While there is a plethora of information on cryptocurrencies on the web today, not everyone is equipped with the skills to understand trading charts and make split-second investing decisions.

Additionally, Web 3.0 is a dynamic, ever-changing landscape. To keep up with all of that, you need access to diverse, relevant information without having to spend a lot of time doing research.This is where crypto Twitter accounts step in and help. Here are some of the main arguments in favor of cryptocurrency Twitter accounts.

Best Crypto Projects Are Usually Marketed On Twitter

Twitter is the only social media platform that is so optimistic about cryptocurrencies. NFT PFP photos were initially made available to users on Twitter. Additionally, the platform managed a fund for Twitter-based crypto content producers.

Twitter (X)

The most crucial lesson to learn from this is that Twitter is where you will see project updates first. If a new model or mechanic has been added to your preferred blockchain, you can find out about it on the social networking site. You can set up Twitter alerts to keep you updated about the latest movements in prices of cryptocurrencies before you visit blogs or websites for in-depth studies.

But, you can read our guide if you are on the lookout for the best new cryptocurrencies in the market right now.

Crypto Twitter Accounts May Simplify Market Trends Analysis

Everyone has access to the trade view, but not everyone can grasp it. When you stay glued to any of the listed crypto Twitter accounts, you will be able to get a simple interpretation of the trends represented by charts. A recent tweet by The Wolf Of All Streets explaining the price movements of Bitcoin in a brief, clear, and concise further proves that.

While the clarity of that information differs depending on the level of experience of the crypto Twitter influencer, the specifics offered are sufficient for any astute trader to examine an asset’s price movement more closely.

Outside Twitter, you can also get real-time market updates from crypto signals groups. Check out our guide to discover the best crypto signals providers you can consider.

Crypto Twitter Accounts Help Build And Foster A Community

It can be challenging to navigate the choppy waters of the cryptocurrency market. This is why it is crucial to trade with like-minded individuals who can relate to your situation and provide helpful advice. This fosters a sense of community that you may develop with other traders.

On Twitter, most users are traders who, like you, want to succeed in the cryptocurrency industry. Although they are equally lost as you are, they may have some knowledge that you do not have. This fosters a sense of community where you can receive and give trading tips while also seeing your profile improve.

Away from crypto Twitter accounts, you can also take advantage of some of our guides to stay on top of major developments in the crypto market. For instance, our guide on “how to buy cryptocurrency safely” has been tailored to help experienced and inexperienced investors realize the assets to buy now and how to get that done.

How We Researched The Top Crypto Twitter Accounts

Here are the methods we used to research these cryptocurrency-related Twitter accounts so you can find the best communities to interact with.

Checking Out The Best Accounts’ List

Naturally, we review the list via blogs and other platforms. In this manner, we learn about the cryptocurrency Twitter accounts that other users like. When we eventually began to investigate these accounts and gather more data, it helped us extend our perspective.

Crypto and Twitter (X)

Examining The Background Of The Administrators Of Those Accounts

This proved to be a little challenging, but we managed to successfully dive into it. In order to assess their qualifications, we dug extensively into the data of the administrators of those Twitter accounts. Knowing the trading history is considerably more significant to us than the number of followers, given that Twitter interaction and followers may be purchased.

Analyzing All Admins’ Tweets

We also scrutinized the various tweets by the administrators to determine their applicability to the cryptocurrency industry. We did this to verify if the listed cryptocurrency Twitter accounts only or primarily discuss cryptocurrency-related topics.

All the accounts that made it to this list, especially Jacob Crypto Bury focus heavily on developments in the crypto market alone, targeting assets with great potential to yield massive dividends for early investors. Just recently, Jacob Crypto Bury alerted investors about the potential of TokenFi to explode in the coming months.

We disregarded any accounts that were primarily concerned with personal branding and contained very little information regarding blockchain. And even if many of them are a little odd, we embraced it when we discovered accounts that tweeted facts about cryptocurrency.

Evaluating The Profiles’ Level of Engagement

The level of engagement was the fourth criterion that we concentrated on. Keep in mind that engagement on crypto Twitter is just as important as the tweets that administrators send. We gain a greater understanding of the current events in the crypto realm through involvement.

Considering that, we looked at the content that the followers were contributing. We are pleased to share that many of the posts are engaging. The followers are open with their queries and also ready to commend the admins when they relay beneficial content. The manner in which Adrian Zduńczyk, CMT was commended by his followers for relaying a guide on how they can keep their money safe further attests to that.

Top Crypto Accounts To Follow – Verdict

In this article, we evaluated the top cryptocurrency Twitter accounts that one should follow. Our investigation revealed a gist of their feed and tweets, and the level and kinds of interaction, knowledge, and expertise they offer when it comes to discussing the crypto world.

We discovered certain accounts that focus heavily on Bitcoin trading insights, charts, and patterns, which are fantastic resources for traders. Some other accounts provide a succinct, accurate, and often humorous take on crypto trading for a mixed-bag approach to community information and engagement.

Among all the listed crypto Twitter accounts, Jacob Crypto Bury stands out as the best. Although the account has a smaller number of followers on crypto Twitter compared to others on the list, those numbers are steadily growing. For the most recent information about some of the top cryptocurrencies to buy now, Jacob Crypto Bury’s crypto Twitter feed is one of the best you can follow.

Follow @BuryCrypto


Are crypto Twitter accounts reliable?

Experienced, professional cryptocurrency traders frequently run crypto Twitter profiles to give their community authentic, first-hand information. That does not mean there aren't any con artists among them, though. Decide which cryptocurrency Twitter account to follow based on your research and observation. Always pay attention to what they tweet or retweet.

Which is the best crypto Twitter account to follow today?

Jacob Crypto Bury is currently one of the best and most insightful crypto Twitter accounts to follow. The account offers a wealth of information on the most recent happenings in the cryptocurrency world.

Which account should I follow for the best crypto advice on Twitter?

On Twitter, several accounts provide excellent crypto advice. However, the profiles with the most honest and realistic insights about Bitcoin investments tend to be the best. We discovered Jacob Crypto Bury to be the best profile to follow in that regard