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Best Upcoming NFT Drops – New NFTs

Our step-by-step guide on how to get access to the most valuable and exclusive NFT drops on the internet, what are NFT drops, and reviews of upcoming new NFT projects.
how to find best NFT
how to find best NFT

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Digital art has been booming since 2021 and into 2024, with popular new NFT projects being sold for millions of dollars. As the concept of non-fungible tokens is being exposed to the masses through mainstream media, many famous artists and buyers have been trying to get into the game.

Popular NFTs are receiving positive engagement from not only retail investors, but also from celebrity icons that the public looks up to. Adoption at this level shows that NFTs are to stay. In this guide we’ll explain how to find and get involved in new NFT drops, that could provide value to your portfolio.

New NFT drops in July 2024

  • TG.Casino
  • Peplicator
  • Dead Ape Club
  • Shame
  • Faces of Eternity
  • Odyssey
  • Sound of Saturn 3024

These new NFT projects have shown loyal community engagement behind the project and / or have famous names in the art world creating or backing them. The NFT world has been evolving to include more advanced NFT art than just pixellated images. The new NFTs above are a testament to the new creativity and innovation in the NFT space.

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What are NFT Drops?

An NFT drop is like the blockchain version of an album release. It refers to the date and time a new NFT project will be made available to the public. Buying into an NFT drop is a lucrative way of getting into a project early – being first on the scene of new NFTs is usually more profitable. Many buyers wait with the NFT drop schedules in mind so that they can make a good NFT investment before the herd.

New NFT projects are always in demand, as are the artists. But filtering out the best new NFT drops can be hard – sometimes they’re only shared with an inner circle of followers. To get informed of new NFTs first, be actively involved in the project or artist’s social media, and subscribe to their newsletters and streaming channels. The details included in an NFT drop will be the exact date and time along with the minting price and maximum amount that can be minted.

Best NFT Drops – Top List

As well as closely following NFT artist social media channels, there are various NFT calendars online for new NFTs that you can browse. We’ve also curated a list of the best upcoming NFT drops to watch out for:

TG.Casino – Best Gamblefi NFT Collection in 2024

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, TG.Casino aims to create an innovative ecosystem that merges the excitement of casino gaming with the accessibility of social media via Telegram. At the heart of this ecosystem lies the TG.Casino NFT collection, a series of exclusive digital assets built on the ethos of luxury and exclusivity.

The crown jewel of this collection is the TG.Casino High Rollers NFT, a limited-edition offering with only 310 available units, each resembling the prestigious face cards of a deck. Possessing one of these NFTs grants users access to a realm of unparalleled benefits and rewards within the TG.Casino platform, multiplying their advantages as active participants in the ecosystem.

The allure of these NFTs extends beyond their scarcity; they serve as VIP passes, unlocking a plethora of unique privileges for their holders. As TG.Casino continues to attract a growing community of players and enthusiasts, the value proposition of these NFTs is set to soar, promising substantial returns for early adopters.

Moreover, the broader ecosystem surrounding TG.Casino is experiencing exponential growth, with its native token, $TGC, witnessing remarkable surges in value. The convergence of gambling and finance within the realm of crypto gaming is fostering a fertile ground for innovation, and TG.Casino stands at the forefront of this burgeoning sector. While the NFTs have already been made available some time ago, they are still being dubbed as high-potential digital assets worth owning right now, thanks to the growth in the gamblefi sector.

Peplicator – PEPE-Inspired NFT Collection By Popular Artist

The Peplicator NFT collection is swiftly becoming a focal point in the digital asset community, buoyed by two significant factors that position it as a potentially lucrative investment. Firstly, its inspiration stems from PEPE, a meme coin that has dominated discussions in the cryptocurrency realm due to its recent explosive growth in value. This connection alone might prompt investors to dive into the project, as assets linked to popular meme coins have been witnessing remarkable surges.


Secondly, the creative force behind the Peplicator is Matt Furie, an acclaimed artist with a substantial following exceeding 176,000 on social media platforms like X (formerly known as Twitter). Furie’s involvement brings a level of credibility and artistic integrity to the project, enhancing its appeal. The collection, featuring various interpretations of the iconic Pepe mascot and built on the Ethereum blockchain, benefits from the blockchain’s widespread acceptance and preference among the NFT community.

At this juncture, the Peplicator NFT drop is emerging as a strong contender for a top spot on the list of top gainers in the NFT category. This anticipation is fueled by the collection’s growing popularity and the significant engagement observed on Matt Furie’s social media channels.

Given these compelling elements, the Peplicator project is positioned as one of the most eagerly awaited NFT drops in the coming weeks. Investors and collectors alike are drawn to its potential for significant returns, driven by the explosive interest in PEPE and the esteemed reputation of artist Matt Furie. This combination of factors makes the Peplicator not just an investment in digital art, but a stake in a cultural phenomenon that bridges the gap between meme culture and the growing NFT space.

Dead Ape Club – High Potential NFT with a Customization Feature

The Dead Ape Club is poised to revolutionize the NFT landscape with its innovative approach and promising potential. Offering unique and customizable NFTs, the project not only provides a platform for investment but also introduces a novel concept of a Metaverse where users can actively engage and earn. This fusion of entertainment and earning opportunities adds a new dimension to the NFT space, enticing both investors and enthusiasts alike.

Dead Ape Club

Drawing inspiration from the highly successful Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) project, the Dead Ape Club has already generated significant buzz within the community, positioning itself as a frontrunner for the top spot among trending NFTs. The association with BAYC lends credibility and intrigue to the project, further fueling its hype and potential for growth.

Operating on the Ethereum blockchain, the Dead Ape Club boasts an impressive collection size of 9,999 items, each offering customization options such as T-shirts, necklaces, glasses, hats, and more. This emphasis on personalization not only enhances the appeal of the NFTs but also signifies a shift towards a more interactive and immersive NFT experience, potentially marking the dawn of the NFT 3.0 era.

With its focus on building a Metaverse as its central theme, the Dead Ape Club holds immense promise for future demand and appreciation. The project has already amassed a sizable social media following, indicative of its widespread appeal and growing anticipation within the community. Investing in the Dead Ape Club as it is ready to be dropped presents an enticing opportunity for high returns in the future. As the project continues to evolve and establish itself as a prominent player in the NFT industry, early investors stand to reap significant rewards in the upcoming months.

Shame – Interdisciplinary Artstyle by Budding Artist Robens

“Shame,” a captivating NFT collection created by the emerging artist Robens, introduces a fresh perspective to the digital art scene, garnering attention from the broader artistic community. Robens’ artistic vision is described as pulsating heartbeats, with each piece exhibiting subtle movements that resonate with viewers. The collection is curated to lead the audience through the artist’s entire creative journey, where Robens channels his thoughts directly onto the canvas, embracing an experimental and interdisciplinary approach.


Robens’ expertise spans various traditional techniques, including freehand sketches, oil painting, watercolor, photography, videos, music, and collages. However, it’s the digital format that seems to resonate most profoundly with the artist. With the collection set to launch soon, Robens’ dedicated following of art enthusiasts has shown immense support, suggesting the potential for significant value appreciation in the project’s future. As Robens continues to push boundaries and explore new artistic frontiers, “Shame” stands poised to leave a lasting impression on the NFT art world.

Faces of Eternity – NFT Drop Celebrating Multiple Ancient Cultures and Civilizations

“Faces of Eternity,” an NFT collection by the emerging digital artist Raul Casillas, diverges from utility-based applications to focus purely on artistic expression. Casillas, like Robens, is making a name for himself in the digital art scene, and his collection stands out for its emphasis on creativity and cultural exploration.


Each mask in the collection serves as a unique artifact, infused with the spirit and cultural essence of various civilizations from ancient times. Drawing inspiration from civilizations like the Aztecs, early Japanese, ancient Greeks, and Egyptians, Casillas imbues his masks with customs, symbols, and mythology, creating a rich tapestry of cultural heritage.

While Faces of Eternity resides on the Ethereum blockchain, its appeal extends beyond the crypto community to cultural aficionados. Despite lacking utility features, the collection holds value as exquisite artwork with the potential for speculative appreciation over time. For investors seeking to invest in quality art, Faces of Eternity offers a compelling option, marrying artistic excellence with the allure of cultural exploration.

Odyssey – Trending NFT Collection Powering a Popular Strategy Game

Odyssey, originally an immersive idle strategy game set in the Solana universe, offers four distinct roles: Merchant, Transporter, Miner, or Pirate. Each role presents unique gameplay experiences, from economic prowess to thrilling PvP battles. The NFT collection of the project constitutes an important part, since it powers the entire project. Odyssey’s integration of NFTs provides players with lucrative opportunities. With a play-to-earn model, players can earn significant rewards, including NFT prizes and OMEN, which is the native token of the project. These NFTs grant unique advantages, enhancing gameplay and offering long-term value.


The game’s economy fosters financial growth, with opportunities to mine, collect, and trade rare resources. Thus, its NFTs play a crucial role in this economy, serving as commodities and currency. Achievements in Odyssey earn players community recognition, tied to NFT ownership, enhancing their influence and status within the game. NFT holders may also gain voting rights, shaping future game developments and rules.

Its partnerships with Claynosaurs, Banx, and Tensor offer players the chance to win rare NFTs, enriching the game’s universe and increasing demand for its NFT collection. The NFT collection essentially represents a blend of gaming innovation and investment opportunity, where entertainment and financial growth converge. Whether seeking cosmic conquest or space commerce, Odyssey promises a thrilling adventure on the frontier of digital assets, and a promise of being a high-potential NFT drop to consider investing in.

Sound of Saturn 3024 – NFT Drop With on the Cronos Chain

A compelling selling factor of the Sound of Saturn 3024 project is its launch on the Cronos chain on the platform. This placement increases the likelihood of it becoming a top seller automatically, as the platform has seen several successful NFT drops in the past, especially when market conditions are positive, much like now.

Sound of Saturn

The collection, crafted by popular character designer and 3D artist Zinkele, comprises 36 unique pieces showcasing artists interpreting their music during the Sound of Saturn Festival. The rarities of each piece are divided into various categories based on the popularity and importance of the artists within the real-world industry.

The collection aims to theme itself in an interplanetary fashion, featuring the enchanting rings of Saturn and its moons Titan, Rhea, Iapetus, Dione, Tethys, and Enceladus as the stage for the artists. While not much has been revealed about the NFT and its likelihood of having any utility-based elements, it is highly probable that investors may be able to invest in the NFT and enjoy substantial appreciation on their investments in the upcoming years. This likelihood stems from the popularity of the artists, the proven track record of the platform it is being launched on, and the overall uniqueness and style of the NFT drop.

How to find New NFT drops

Finding new NFT drops by good artists and ones that have huge potential is nothing short of a task at this point. However, decluttering the resources available on the internet can help in weeding out the not-so-good ones. There are several ways to find NFT drops. The top choices include checking out NFT calendars or websites like Coinmarketcap or Coingecko.

These scrutinize the projects and make sure that the information available is reliable. Some of the other ways that can be used to find the drops before they happen are to follow or be part of YouTube, telegram, discord or other such communities that host an NFT citizenry.

A lot of NFT calendars feature information regarding upcoming NFTs and take into provide accurate details regarding minting date or community strength on social media platforms. They also tend to put up the projects on the board much sooner, allowing the buyers to get a chance to whitelist themselves for the presale if any. Several other websites popularize and back NFT drops.

Following the social media handles or private newsletters of these websites could put you at an edge and allow you sooner access to the project which might potentially guarantee a bigger, better yield.

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Are there free NFT drops?

NFTs thrive on the psychological need of man to hold some sort of value. Gaining popularity as an asset is the first step to a project being successful. This can be made possible primarily by getting more and more people to like the project and trust them to further spread information about the project through word of mouth up to a certain extent.

To achieve this, one of the methods used by projects consistently is dropping a certain amount of NFTs for the most engaging members in the community. They also give away many NFTs to YouTubers and other icons to build a bigger, better fanbase.

Most of the new NFT drops have several tokenized assets set in place to be given out for free. These include airdropped NFTs as well. Airdrops help projects drastically grow their social media engagement as participating in an airdrop requires users to share the project on their private social media.

In the starting days before NFTs grew in popularity, CryptoPunks, one of the most famous NFT projects in the space could be claimed by anyone who had an ethereum wallet. Although the availability of free NFTs has gone done in the past couple of months, there are still a couple of projects that feature free NFTs

How to buy New NFTs

Buying NFTs can be a hassle, but there are simpler ways to get it done using exchanges like eToro. Here’s a step by step method to buy Ethereum on eToro and purchase NFTs via platforms like Opensea using it.

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Most old and new NFTs seem to be doing well in 2022, now that the crypto markets have recovered from the crash in January 2022, and Ethereum is back over $3000.

While some new NFTs are questioned for being so expensive, it’s understandable as the NFT market has been thriving. Slowly and steadily, NFTs are being recognized as valuable assets with intrinsic value, and the demand for them are not only being accepted by retail investors but also multiple large institutions.

Analysts led by Sophie Wissink speculate the NFT market to be around $80 billion by 2025. The metaverse is here, and the future is going to be shaped hugely based on its impact.

New NFTs are the stepping stone to achieving a successful virtual world, and the day might not be far when everyone boasts of a jpeg of an ape or a cat they got for cheap that turned out to be a good investment.

It is crucial to use a crypto exchange that you can rely on to buy NFTs and buy cryptos like ETH and SOL. We recommend the platform eToro as it is regulated by ASIC, CySEC, and FCA, with over 20 million users worldwide.

However, if you want to keep an eye on better NFT drops, make sure to keep up with the presale projects. The best one right now is TG.Casino. It is a project focusing on the gamblefi space and has huge potential upsides for early movers.

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