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Best Cheap Crypto to Buy Now In 2024 – Low Cost Coins

We review a dozen picks for the best cheap crypto to buy now for the next bull run.

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Over the years, many cryptocurrencies have started off at cheap prices, even sub-one cent, and came up so far in price that nowadays they could even cost too much for a general working individual to afford a single coin from them, which is why many people are looking for the best cheap coins to invest in.

Just to give you an idea, if you invested in Bitcoin in its first month in 2010, it would’ve cost you around $0.0008 US dollars per coin, which is less than a tenth of a cent. Fast forward 10 years, and a single bitcoin was worth almost $70,000 USD in late 2021, before a pullback to $20,000 by 2023.

That means anyone who would have held 10 dollars or more worth of Bitcoin from then till now, would be a millionaire today. Successfully investing in the best cheap crypto to buy now could be like holding a winning lottery ticket.

If you’re looking to find the best cheap crypto to buy now as of March 2024, look no further, as we’ve made a list of the most promising cheap cryptocurrencies to buy, so that whoever is new to the crypto industry can jump right in.

Best Cheap Cryptocurrencies – Top List

  • Green Bitcoin – Gamified Staking and Low Entry Costs
  • Smog – Cheap Crypto with a Unique Airdrop
  • Bitcoin Minetrix – Cheap Crypto with Mining Capabilities
  • Scotty the AI – Cheap Memecoin with AI-Driven Perks
  • Sponge V2 – Cheap Memecoin with Multiple Upsides
  • eTukTuk – Newly Launched Cheap Crypto with an Eco-Friendly Utility
  • Frog Wif Hat – Navigating the Unconventional Landscape of Budget-Friendly Cryptocurrencies in 2024
  • Meme Kombat – High Potential Meme Crypto with a Small Price Tag
  • Wall Street Memes – Cheap Memecoin with High Potential
  • Tamadoge – Best crypto to integrate P2E gaming system with meme coin concepts
  • Dogecoin – Best meme coin to invest in under $1
  • SEI – Cheap Token Powering a Sector-Specific Blockchain
  • Myro – Solana-Based Memecoin With Viral Potential
  • Shiba Inu – Cheap meme coin with super fast potential rate of growth
  • BitTorrent – Great cheap crypto backed by a well-known global tech company
  • Holo – Cheap cryptocurrency backed by a big attractive tech project
  • Amp – Non-inflationary Crypto with the extensible platform for collateralizing asset transfers
  • IOST – Backed by high TPS blockchain infrastructure to meet the security and scalability needs of a decentralized economy

Best Cheap Crypto to Buy in March 2024 – Price Analysis

Our list of the best cheap cryptocurrencies includes several brand-new presale projects:

Green Bitcoin – Gamified Staking and Low Entry Costs

Green Bitcoin (GBTC) is a new cryptocurrency project launched in 2024 with a focus on affordability and eco-friendliness. Built on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token, it utilizes the energy-efficient Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, aiming to address sustainability concerns surrounding traditional cryptocurrencies.

Green Bitcoin Cheap Crypto

One of its key features is the “Gamified Green Staking” model. By staking GBTC tokens, users can predict Bitcoin’s future price movements and potentially earn rewards based on the accuracy of their predictions. This gamified approach offers Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) up to 261%, potentially generating passive income for investors.

Green Bitcoin recently concluded a successful presale, raising over $1 million. Currently, GBTC tokens are available for purchase at $0.4982, presenting a potentially low entry point for budget-conscious investors. The project also emphasizes building a strong community, allocating a portion of its tokens for community incentives and referral programs, aiming to encourage wider participation.

It’s crucial to remember that Green Bitcoin is a new project, and the cryptocurrency market carries inherent risks. Thorough research and a comprehensive understanding of the project and the broader market are essential before making any investment decisions.

Visit Green Bitcoin

Smog – Cheap Crypto with a Unique Airdrop

Memecoins have always been favored among cheap crypto seekers. And when such a crypto comes with additional fundamentals, there is always more interest. Smog is one such asset that launched on Jupiter DEX with little fan fare and moved up on the price charts by more than 1500% within a few hours. It gave investors ample gains as well as a reason to hold on to their assets – here’s how.

SMOG Best Cheap Crypto

Smog has been described in its official whitepaper as the facilitator of the greatest SOL airdrop of all time. Not only is this project changing how people perceive meme coins with a brand new, dragon-based narrative, but it is also bringing the community together by organizing a gamified airdrop.

This airdrop won’t just randomly drop SMOG tokens to selected individuals. Instead, it will have a gamified system involving quests, schedules, and airdrop points. Investors with more airdrop points will have access to more airdropped SMOG tokens.

Other utilities like staking have also been introduced for the project with the arrival of its Ethereum bridge. It will empower users to earn passive gains by holding Smog and swapping ETH for SMOG. Furthermore, the token can now be bought OTC from the official website.

Smog’s virality has also gotten the attention of major crypto YouTubers like Crypto Zeus.

With a total supply of 1.4 billion, SMOG has dedicated 35% to the airdrop. Multiple airdrops are planned for this project, and it is likely that more utilities will come to the project once all the tokens have been airdropped.

Visit Smog

Bitcoin Minetrix – Cheap Crypto with Mining Capabilities

Bitcoin Minetrix is leading the charge in revitalizing the world of Bitcoin mining, offering a fresh approach that caters to retail investors. Through a cloud mining setup, the platform addresses concerns about Bitcoin mining by reducing barriers to entry, enhancing security, and eliminating upfront costs.


This innovative platform combines the principles of staking and mining, aiming to disrupt the prevailing monopolization and unscrupulous practices in the mining industry. Users can easily participate by utilizing an Ethereum-compatible wallet to acquire and stake BTCMTX tokens, and they can efficiently manage their tokens and mining credits through a user-friendly interface.

Bitcoin Minetrix employs tokenization to democratize access, removing the need for cash contracts from mining companies. The project’s presale phase has been met with enthusiastic demand, bolstered by its attractive affordability. This makes Bitcoin Minetrix an appealing crypto option for investors seeking entry into the market. With its innovative approach, it stands as a promising solution in the evolving landscape of Bitcoin mining.

Visit Bitcoin Minetrix Presale

Scotty the AI – Cheap Memecoin with AI-Driven Perks

Scotty the AI has emerged as one of the cheapest assets in the market that has taken the community by storm thanks to its community-centric perks that leverage artificial intelligence.

Scotty the AI cheap Memecoin

Scotty the AI is being represented by a Scottish Terrier. This furry doggo isn’t cute like the rest, but in its chest lies the abilities that make it a superhero in the blockchain ecosystem. The official whitepaper describes it as the furry protector of the blockchain, leveraging AI-given abilities to make transactions fast and secure while informing investors about the current market.

There are two flagship products that Scotty the AI is launching. And Both of them are powered by SCOTTY – the native token of Scotty the AI. Scotty Swap is an AI-driven decentralized exchange, and Scotty Chat is an AI-driven chatbot. The DEX cuts short the transaction times while making trades profitable, and the chatbot gives complex marketing insights by finding patterns that repeat.

These utilities aside, the ethos of the project makes it not only affordable but a trusted one to get behind. Developers have kept the tokenomics transparent while giving the reins of the smart contract to the community. With the community strengthened, the potential of Scotty the AI is unprecedented.

Visit Scotty the AI

Sponge V2 – Cheap Memecoin with Multiple Upsides

Sponge V2 is one of the cheapest memecoin to support this year. And the reason is simple – it can’t be bought. You need to stake your Sponge V1 tokens – existing Sponge tokens – in order to earn Sponge V2.

Sponge V2 Cheapest Crypto

Secondly, the Sponge price currently is also low. Currently trading at around $0.0004, this memecoin is one of the most affordable in the market.

What makes Sponge V2 unique is its staking mechanic. As investors stake their Sponge V1 tokens, they will earn an equivalent number of Sponge V2 tokens. But those who hold the tokens for the long term will also earn bonus rewards.

Furthermore, Sponge V2 has also introduced a unique P2E ecosystem where $SPONGEV2 will be given as a reward.

These utilities, coupled with the popularity of Sponge tokens, make it a suitable investment. Like the previous iteration, Sponge V2 also won’t have any associated taxes, which is another reason to support this affordable cryptocurrency.

Visit Sponge V2

eTukTuk – Newly Launched Cheap Crypto with an Eco-Friendly Utility

eTukTuk emerges as a green cryptocurrency aimed at revolutionizing the transportation sector to make it more seamless and eco-friendly. The increasing need for electric vehicles (EVs) is evident in light of the escalating global warming crisis, driving the popularity of projects like eTukTuk, which has nearly completed its first presale stage.


Currently priced at $0.026 in its presale phase, the token is poised for further increases in subsequent stages, presenting an attractive investment opportunity for newcomers to the market. The project comprises a network of charging stations to power EVs, alongside its own EV vehicle offering. Despite its novelty, eTukTuk has gained traction not only within the crypto domain but also in the broader tech industry. Additionally, the project plans to launch a play-to-earn (P2E) game, providing investors with a glimpse of its future prospects as its roadmap unfolds in the coming months.

The TUK token, serving as the native currency of the eTukTuk ecosystem, plays a crucial role and holds significant utility. It will facilitate charging at stations and serve as a reward mechanism for environmentally conscious riders. Moreover, the token will feature in the game and offer staking opportunities for investors to earn passive income.

Considering the current market trend and eTukTuk’s innovative concept, this affordable cryptocurrency is likely to appreciate significantly in the coming months. Investing now presents an opportunity for additional profits, as the token’s price is set to rise with each advancing presale stage. Acting early offers investors greater chances for profitability.

Visit eTukTuk Presale

Frog Wif Hat – Navigating the Unconventional Landscape of Budget-Friendly Cryptocurrencies in 2024

In the realm of budget-friendly cryptocurrencies, Frog Wif Hat stands out as an unconventional yet intriguing option. Positioned as a meme coin, it takes inspiration from the success of dogwifhat on the Solana blockchain, presenting a frog adorned with a béret and a baguette, often depicted with a grumpy or inebriated demeanor. Notably, Frog Wif Hat lacks practical use cases, relying solely on market speculation and hype for its valuation.

Frog Wif Hat best memecoin

With a tokenomics structure of 1 billion $FWIF tokens, the entire supply is already in circulation. A fair launch on Uniswap, absence of a presale, and a locked liquidity pool contribute to its fundamental integrity. Frog Wif Hat operates on the Ethereum blockchain, with no transaction tax on token transfers and a 0.3% Uniswap trading commission directed to the liquidity pool.

The roadmap for Frog Wif Hat outlines key phases, with completed objectives including listing on Uniswap. Future phases involve integration with the Solana network and ambitious goals, such as achieving 1,000 wallet holders and a $100 million market capitalization.

Investors consider Frog Wif Hat for various reasons, including participation in the meme coin trend, a low token price at $0.001374, micro-cap status with a $1.3 million valuation, and the assurance of a fully circulating token supply.

While predicting the future value of Frog Wif Hat remains challenging due to its recent launch, its fundamentals, combined with lessons from successful meme coins, make it an intriguing low-cost option for investors navigating the cryptocurrency landscape in 2024.

Visit Frog Wif Hat

Meme Kombat – High Potential Meme Crypto with a Small Price Tag

Meme Kombat introduces an exciting concept by incorporating beloved meme coin characters into engaging combat scenarios. This makes it one of the recent inexpensive cryptocurrency projects with considerable potential. The project envisions a transformation in peer-to-peer gaming, leveraging advanced technology and the decentralized power of the Ethereum network.

Meme Kombat

At present, the platform offers an array of features. Through the utilization of state-of-the-art AI, popular meme coins are seamlessly integrated into Meme Kombat’s Automated Battles. This innovative approach brings a fresh dynamic to the gaming experience. Additionally, owners of $MK tokens have the opportunity to engage in gambling, enabling them to wager on battle outcomes and potentially reap substantial profits. Meanwhile, staking allows $MK token holders to passively earn an impressive Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 112%, in addition to in-game benefits and rewards.

Community involvement holds significant importance for $MK. As a result, a substantial number of tokens have been allocated for community rewards. Currently, half of the token supply is available in the presale phase, positioning Meme Kombat as a promising contender among cheap cryptocurrency options, offering an engaging and potentially lucrative opportunity for investors.

Visit Meme Kombat Presale

Wall Street Memes – Cheap Memecoin with High Potential

The $WSM, which is the native token of the Wall Street Memes project, can be the perfect choice for many who are looking for a cheap crypto option.

Its presale had garnered a lot of attention too, since it was highly expected by the community to shoot up in value post launch.

Wall Street Memes

They already have over 400,000 people as their community members, who regularly engage with the content these guys post on various channels, including Twitter, Meta, and Reddit. This gives them an added advantage by already becoming part of conversations and having a higher social sentiment.

While many might question that it doesn’t have any specific utility, that is the entire point of it, memes are something the Wall Street Memes want to do effectively, and that’s what they’re going to do. Investors are watching the crypto to see if and when it might surge, especially after its recent launch on the OKX exchange. 

Visit Wall Street Memes

Tamadoge (TAMA)

Even if the Bitcoin market has been stagnant over the previous several months, there is still a promising market for reliable and cheap cryptocurrencies. Additionally, as the market slump may be nearing its bottom, cryptocurrency investors are increasingly searching for coins with beaten-down valuations.

The most recent meme currency to seize the attention of investors is Tamadoge. However, unlike its kinsmen, this coin has some use. Currently, in the beta phase, it might easily be a 100x proposal. It integrates the Play-to-Earn and Tamagotchi crypto gaming phenomena into a single ecosystem.

Buy Tamadoge

Purchase a Baby Tamadoge from the shop, raise it to adulthood, and watch as you climb the leaderboard by providing it with food, clothing, and cosmetics. As a reward for being a good parent, you see your Tamadoge develop physically and intellectually. Apart from this, one may compete against other Tamadoge in skill-based games.

Tamaverse plans to create an augmented reality app. The software debuts in Q4 2023 and brings Tamadoge creatures to life in the real world. Players will find it much simpler to “stay near” their pets and care for them after the release of the native mobile application. Additionally, the application will also include a robust social networking component.

Update: Tamadoge Presale has ended. It raised 19 million USDT within only 2 months and is heading to OKX on 27th September 2022. Shortly after the presale phase, Tamadoge was covered by major publications, including CNBC, that had positive words to say about this token’s potential and stated that it can rise to 10x to 50x by 2024.

Buy Tamadoge on OKX

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin was founded in late 2013 by software programmers Billy Marcus and Jackson Palmer. For his cryptocurrency’s design, Palmer used a meme depicting Shiba Inu dogs being described by the misspelling term “doge,” which was popular then.

Cryptocurrency “poking fun” at Dogecoin, the CEO of Bitwave stated. Dogecoin’s early supporters organized marketing stunts, such as raising money to send the Jamaican Bobsleigh squad to the 2014 Olympics or sponsoring a NASCAR driver, to boost awareness of Dogecoin.

Early in 2021, the Dogecoin cult was established on Reddit’s WallStreetBets chat forum, instrumental in the GameStop saga in January (until the subreddit had completely prohibited any talk about crypto).

Today, Dogecoin is not a joke, having soared in value and gained more than 5,000 percent in 2021 alone. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who calls Dogecoin his favorite cryptocurrency, is one of its biggest proponents. Musk also referred to Dogecoin as the “people’s crypto” and pledged to install an actual Dogecoin token on the moon.


Your capital is at risk.

Sei (SEI)

SEI stands out as a top cryptocurrency investment for those looking for cheap crypto to invest in. With its sector-specific layer 1 blockchain, this innovative project is dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of decentralized exchanges within the ecosystem. Notably, SEI is engineered to facilitate the widespread adoption of digital assets, gaining endorsement from prominent institutions such as Coinbase.

Sei (SEI)

Calling itself the industry’s fastest blockchain, SEI employs the Twin-Turbo consensus mechanism for fast execution. Unlike other blockchains that build upon existing chains, SEI operates independently, bolstering its security measures. The platform embraces an open-source model, empowering developers to create their own applications. Emphasizing scalability and adaptability for emerging decentralized applications, SEI positions itself as a versatile and robust blockchain solution.

In 2023, SEI experienced multiple bullish trends. The token’s entry in 2024 was also a good one. However, while the price charts currently show a downtrend, there is a possibility for this future-focused project to gain an uptrend as it gains more ground this year. At a sub-dollar value, it is one of the cheapest cryptos to buy.


Myro (MYRO)

Myro got a good going as it entered into 2024, swiftly moving on the price charts due to its status as a memecoin.

Buy Myro

Drawing inspiration from the doge-based aesthetics that propelled BONK to market prominence, Myro operates on the popular Solana chain, known for its eco-friendly features and rapid transaction capabilities.

Dubbed “The Solana Dog,” Myro is inspired by the pet of Raj Gokal, a founder of the Solana Foundation. Its primary objective is to attract whales and institutions to the Solana ecosystem and make it bigger to spread the Solana blockchain and increase its value. To make it easier for people to join Solana, Myro launch has also launched a Solana BuyBot that would enable the purchase of Myro and other Solana-based tokens through telegram. The platform envisions expanding its community in the future, catering to diverse types of traders.

This cheap project swiftly climbed the price charts upon its integration with Solana. Considering its current low price and straightforward fundamentals, it is a good buy for those who are looking for a memecoin with long-term potential and a few short-term upsides.


Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Since its inception in August 2020, Shiba Inu (SHIB-USD) has amassed a community of over 714,000 supporters on Ethereum. It has a market value of $5.2 billion, making it the 20th most valuable cryptocurrency on the planet.

Cryptocurrency investors prefer to avoid emerging altcoins like SHIB and concentrate instead on more established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC-USD), Ethereum (ETH-USD), and Cardano (ADA-USD) (ADA-USD).

When it comes to older, more established cryptos, you won’t be able to get a significant return on your investment. Shiba Inu is an excellent illustration of how quickly younger cryptocurrencies may skyrocket.

A look at Shiba Inu’s history and numerous reasons why investors may want to own SHIB tokens in the long term are covered in this article.

That said, the performance of this token has stagnated as of late due to the presence of numerous variables, including the lack of utility. Shibarium wasn’t a bang that the team was hoping it would be. That said, it still has viral potential, which makes it a good cheap crypto to part funds into.


Your capital is at risk.

BitTorrent (BTT)

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol designed by Bram Cohen in 2001 to share big files over the Internet. Video games, TV shows, programs, papers, and more may be transferred across devices. Torrent Classic is the name of the project client. More than 150 million people worldwide utilize Torrents to download files (170 million at its peak).

BTT was designed as a cryptocurrency to encourage users of a torrent tracker to do helpful acts and service transactions. TRC-10, the cryptographic token built on the Tron blockchain, is the foundation for BTT’s debut (like the ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain network).

Content may be exchanged and monetized in the TRON (TRX) blockchain. Files (movies, programs) and online games may be included in a single piece of content (swords, pets, in-game currency). For example, transactions with a value of 10 cents may be lucrative thanks to TRON’s blockchain, which enables rapid and low-cost value exchange.

Holo (HOT)

Between the decentralized Holochain applications and the present centralized web, Holo serves as a conduit. Distributed apps may now be accessed via the conventional web browser thanks to Holo, which creates an ecosystem and a currency for peer-provided hosting services.

Using Holo, anybody can convert their computer into a source of income by hosting distributed apps and receiving payment in HoloFuel. Spare storage and processing resources in the Holo software are used to deliver hApps on the old web. Hosts decide which hApps to service, how much to charge for hosting, and how to prioritize their workload.

Holo is our flagship app on Holochain, and its goal is to make hApps more widely available to the general public. These individuals may not be ready to install and play with Holochain since they are unfamiliar with distributed web apps. But users can access hApps as they do now by simply inputting or clicking on a URL in their favorite web browser.

Holochain is used to power Holo, a next-generation framework that is enormously scalable, tenfold quicker, significantly more energy efficient, and 10,000 times cheaper than blockchain.


Your capital is at risk.


Even if you’ve never invested in cryptocurrencies, the amp token may pique your interest as a potentially lucrative investment option. Amp’s worth more than doubled in its first year on the market after its release in September 2020. Although the price dropped 75% from its peak in June 2021, the coin is still worth nearly twice as much as it was first released, trading at around $0.025 in March.

According to the Amp website, the digital collateral token Amp may protect any asset users desire to transfer, including digital payments, fiat currencies, loan distributions, and revenues from property sales. Staking is used to ensure the validity of transactions. Once the transaction has been validated, the money is released to the receiving party via smart contracts. Amp’s open-source nature means that developers may design their own applications that utilize amp to protect transactions.

Flexa, an open-source digital payment processing network, was also built by Amp’s parent firm. In addition to digital dollars from the United States and Canada, Flexa also supports a variety of loyalty tokens and other digital currencies. Flexa’s token, Amp, is the most popular.


Your capital is at risk.


According to its inventors, the blockchain network IOST is very scalable and employs its own consensus mechanism, proof-of-believability. At rates of up to a few thousand transactions per second, decentralized applications may be executed on the IOST blockchain platform.

IOST uses database partitioning technology called Shards to do this. IOST’s developers’ mission is to provide the most secure and scalable platform for online services in a decentralized ecosystem.

The Internet-of-Service (IOS) and the term token comprise the acronym IOST. Service providers and blockchain developers searching for a quick and dependable infrastructure may benefit from the platform’s capabilities. According to reports, IOST will be quicker than the well-known blockchains of Bitcoin and Ethereum, with a transaction rate of up to 100,000 per second. Only 8,000 transactions per second are presently mentioned in the documentation.

The cloud-based blockchain service After Public Chain and Ecosystem, IOST has now produced BaaS, the third iteration. This platform is intended for consortium blockchains, networks of firms with various business partners. Using the shared blockchain as a starting point, developers may create their own applications and solutions. It facilitates the rapid development of blockchain-based enterprise solutions by blockchain developers.

IOST is devoted to the public and private sectors, offering corporate and government solutions.

What Are Cheap Cryptocurrencies – Definition

A cheap cryptocurrency is defined by its price per full token. Even though you can buy your desired value’s worth of any cryptocurrency, even if it’s a fraction of the price of a single token. For example, those who want to get into Bitcoin do not necessarily have to invest 50,000 dollars to own one Bitcoin.

One can invest as much as they like and get their investment’s worth in any coin they would like, depending on the platform they use, and which decentralized network they trade on. The cheap currencies mentioned above are much smaller than Bitcoin and many other altcoins, due to their high liquidity and relatively low market caps.

These coins are much more volatile than those which have reached such a large market that they have gotten as close to stable as possible, meaning investing in cheap cryptocurrencies can make you a bigger, more attractive turnover.

What Is the Best Exchange for Investing in Cheap Cryptocurrencies

For trading cheap cryptocurrencies, a wide variety of exchanges are available, each with a unique set of characteristics. Below are some of the most significant exchanges currently available for investing in the cryptocurrencies above and many more.

where to buy cheap cryptos

Where to buy cheap cryptocurrency – eToro


Many of the best cheap cryptos to buy have been listed on FCA regulated crypto platform eToro. That’s the best place to buy cheap cryptos and big caps like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Through eToro, approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), clients may buy over 75 cryptocurrencies using various deposit methods, including electronic wallets like PayPal, credit cards, and bank transfers.

Millions of investors and experts worldwide have voted it the best crypto exchange for 2024 in multiple evaluations.

Only lately has eToro opened its doors to US investors, founded in 2007. Traders from across the globe, including the United Kingdom, Australia, and Europe, were already using the site to trade crypto, FX, commodities, ETFs, and other financial instruments.

A few minutes of your time is all it takes to sign up for an account at The platform has a simple and user-friendly design compared to some well-known cryptocurrency exchanges. Because of its wide variety of valuable features, it is a reliable option for both rookie and expert traders.

Visit eToro

Your capital is at risk.

How to Buy Cheap Cryptocurrencies

On eToro, there are two fundamental ways to buy cheap cryptocurrencies:

Using CFDs, you may speculate on the price swings of cheap cryptos without owning any of them yourself (CFDs). Regarding financial instruments, the price movement of contracts for difference (CFDs) may be advantageous to investors and traders (CFDs).

Let’s examine how these two approaches stack up against one other.

Purchasing the underlying asset

Conventional money (USD) may only be exchanged for crypto asset tokens such as Bitcoin (BTC), XRP (XRP), or Litecoin (LTC).

You don’t have to do anything; eToro takes care of the purchase and registration of the token for you.

If the value of your crypto asset rises throughout your ownership, you will benefit. However, if the price falls, you’ll be out of luck.

Using this method, you have complete control of your crypto assets. As a result, you have full ownership and authority over the tokens. Making purchases or exchanging them for other crypto assets is as easy as placing the tokens in your wallet or trading them for other crypto assets.

You can pay for things at Bitcoin-accepting businesses with a purchase of $1,000.

After purchasing the underlying asset on eToro, your crypto assets may be transferred into the eToro wallet. This is an easy-to-use, multi-crypto digital wallet. The eToro Wallet is a secure place to keep your crypto assets while allowing you to move them across wallets.

See our full guide on how to buy cryptocurrency if you’re new to using online exchange platforms.

Utilizing the CFD trading tactic

CFDs allow you to speculate on the price movement of an item without really owning it.

However, if Bitcoin prices rise to $1,000 per contract, you won’t own any BTC tokens.

To trade cryptocurrency, CFDs provide two significant advantages.

To begin, CFDs provide you the flexibility to trade in either direction. In other words, you can profit from upward and downward price movements.

In this case, if you believe that the value of a cheap cryptocurrency would rise, you would place an order to purchase a contract for difference (CFD). A CFD contract may be used to buy and sell cheap cryptos if you believe the asset’s value will decrease in the future (a strategy known as “selling short”).

CFDs may also be leveraged, allowing you to take on more risk. With just $500 in leverage, it can handle $1000. This might lead to increased profits (but also the potential for higher losses).

In CFD trading, you do not own any cryptocurrency. If you want to put them in your wallet, you won’t be able to do so.

Currently, eToro has paused margin trading on leverage for crypto; however, you can use Bybit, which has perpetual futures pairs.

Visit Bybit

Your capital is at risk.

Why Invest in Cheap Cryptocurrencies

By “cheap cryptocurrencies,” the investor means assets with a modest market capitalization or a low market cap, as opposed to large-cap coins. Investing in cheap cryptos or tokens is riskier since they have not yet proven themselves in the market. However, this also implies that these markets have considerably greater profit potential.

Because there is still a lot of space for development, the full potential of a small-cap currency has yet to be realized. It is possible that such a cryptocurrency is still in the early phases of development and has not yet attracted a considerable following.

To invest in tiny market cap assets, you must search for a project that has yet to be realized in terms of its potential. This is more difficult than it seems, and you’ll have to sift through many less-than-stellar businesses until you uncover a winner.

If you want to get these brand-new assets before everyone else, you’ll probably have to be lightning-fast. Several websites and social media platforms may be used to keep an eye out for new and exciting opportunities. Risk-takers ready to put their money into these new digital currencies stand to gain significantly.

Cheap cryptocurrencies tend to have low prices and minimal trade volumes. The price may be substantially altered with a tiny amount of buying or selling activity, which makes it much simpler for someone to enter the market. That’s how altcoins generate money, and you’ll have to decide whether to stay on to your investments or sell them for a profit.

Even if you are confident in the future of a project, you should consider making a profit. When a cryptocurrency doubles in value, some individuals feel it’s good to withdraw half of the value for safekeeping.

It’s critical to avoid taking on too much risk while investing in low-capitalization coins or tokens. Even if you have a great staff and product, you might still face challenges. Diversifying your portfolio can help you prevent significant losses.

This is typically not a problem, since most small-scale initiatives are inexpensive. ‘ You may lessen your risk while still reaping the benefits of the enormous profits these blockchain startups and organizations can make by spreading your funds equally across them.

Risks of Investing in Cheap Cryptocurrencies

Finding an investment strategy that works for you is critical. There are advantages to investing in smaller-capitalization enterprises, but it’s not for everyone. Are you afraid of taking risks? If this is the case, you might consider using currencies with a higher market capitalization. This will enable you to take a less hands-on approach to investing.

This may be the best option for those who are too busy to keep an eye on the market or learn about new ventures. This is especially true for those who find themselves panicking every time an asset loses value.

Extra risk may be tolerable if you don’t mind going with the flow and don’t stress out when your assets dip. Investing in low-cap cryptocurrencies is time-consuming, and you’ll need to set aside plenty of time to thoroughly vet each project before committing your funds. You may also want to pay greater attention to your investments.

Balanced investing, on the other hand, is the finest strategy. To have the best of both worlds, you can earn much money while safeguarding against a complete financial collapse. There is no one-size-fits-all answer when taking on risk, but it’s vital to know your alternatives and weigh them carefully before making significant financial decisions.

How Much You Should Invest in Cheap Cryptocurrencies

Investing in cheap cryptocurrencies requires a thorough understanding of how the market operates, so bear that in mind. High volatility necessitates a vigilant watch on your holdings. It all boils down to how much money you have to invest in these assets. If you’re going to invest in altcoins, keep in mind that you don’t need the money, and that you should treat it as if you were going to lose it all.

Putting “necessity money” in an altcoin portfolio is not a good idea because of the volatility of these cryptocurrencies, even though it’s unlikely that someone would lose all of their money. Since Bitcoin is more reliable and may offer a hazy notion of any trends other cryptocurrencies on the market can follow, it is sensible to divide your investment savings portfolio in half between BTC and other altcoins.

The advantage of using eToro to buy cheap crypto is it’s also a social trading platform where you can network with other investors and ask them for the best cryptos to buy at low prices in any given month. You can also copytrade a professional investor or replicate a Smart Portfolio of cheap altcoins.


Since the release of Bitcoin in 2010 the crypto market has shown a potential to be the world’s most sought after financial asset class. Millions across the globe are investing crypto to join the rollercoaster ride of these volatile coins – but selecting the best cheap cryptos to buy at low prices right now is a challenge.

In this guide, we picked out several new projects early in their roadmap with a low valuation, including presale projects yet to be listed on exchanges and offering early investors a discount. The best cheap crypto to buy now is often one that is brand-new, priced low to draw in buyers looking for a high risk to reward (R:R) ratio.

Green Bitcoin - Gamified Green Staking


Green Bitcoin
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Green Bitcoin


What is the best cheap cryptocurrency to buy?

Currently, the most promising cheap crypto to buy this year is Green Bitcoin, since it is a Bitcoin alternative with gamified staking.

Where can I buy cheap cryptocurrency?

Nowadays you can buy and trade cheap cryptocurrencies on loads of exchanges online, ranging from Binance to eToro and many more.

How to find cheap cryptocurrency?

In order to find the best cheap cryptocurrencies which have been on the market for a while, websites like CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap are great, however if you want to learn more about the more lowkey currencies that haven’t been out for very long or gained popularity, reddit groups and telegram groups are the way to go.

What are some cheap cryptocurrencies?

Some cheap cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on are Smog (SMOG), Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and many more.

Why are some cryptocurrencies so cheap?

Some cryptocurrencies are inexpensive for different reasons because the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is one of the fastest-moving in the world today. Older projects might become outdated or lose ground to a rival, and this has a negative influence on the pricing, frequently resulting in extremely low costs.