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How to Buy Pepe Unchained – $PEPU Presale Review 

Pepe Unchained
Pepe Unchained

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

The memecoin industry saw one of its biggest hits with the Pepe memecoin back in 2023, and hundreds, if not thousands, of projects have since been made taking reference from the token. Pepe Unchained, however, describes itself as not just another imitator, but rather an enhanced version of the original Pepe project.

In this guide, we shall attempt to learn more about the token, what makes it better, and how to buy it from its ongoing presale.

How to Buy Pepe Unchained – Quick Guide

Before we explore the project and its purchasing process in detail, let’s first outline the steps involved briefly:

  • Step 1 – Visit the official Pepe Unchained website. Ensure that you are on the correct website and not on the Pepe project’s page. Be cautious of potential scammers who may try to imitate Pepe Unchained.
  • Step 2 – Find the presale section on the homepage itself. Take the time to read about the project on the website. Before proceeding, click on the “Connect Wallet” button in the presale box.
  • Step 3 – Make sure your wallet has the required amount of cryptocurrency to purchase PEPU tokens and cover any associated gas fees.
  • Step 4 – Once your wallet is connected, input the number of tokens you wish to purchase and click on the “Buy” button. You will receive a confirmation popup from your wallet. Approve this transaction.
  • Step 5 – The tokens will be deposited into your wallet after the presale concludes. You can then enjoy staking returns until the token officially launches.

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What is Pepe Unchained?

Pepe Unchained develops an exciting story to help memecoin users understand its concept better. According to this storyline, the Pepe mascot is described as a prisoner chained to his old, clunky Layer 1 server room.

Pepe then devises a “giga brain plan” to break these existing chains and create a chain of its own—what the developers call Pepe Unchained. The project is essentially developed as a Layer 2 Solution that enhances the functionality of the original Pepe project.

Layer 2 is built on top of the Ethereum Network, enabling faster and cheaper transactions. This makes Pepe Unchained the world’s first Pepe-themed token on its own chain.

Pepe Unchained Project

Pepe Unchained offers improved speed and better gains to its investors, all while allowing them to enjoy the same kind of hype that the Pepe project originally generated. The token has gained traction for its attractive reward offerings, which investors can passively enjoy as an extra source of income.

It has also been featured on major crypto websites like CoinDesk, CoinMarketCap, Yahoo Finance, News, etc. At the time of writing, the project has a simple but exciting 3-step roadmap, which developers have promised on social media will be updated every few months until the project manages to attract a massive investing community into the Pepe Unchained fold.

The most exciting element that Pepe Unchained has managed to create for itself is its competitive nature. Its tone leaves investors wondering whether it aims to coexist with the already successful project or to surpass it—this is outlined in the 3rd step of its current roadmap.

Naturally, this approach is a humorous tactic used to attract investors, and such strategies have proven effective in the past, placing Pepe Unchained in a promising position for growth in the days to come.

A Look at Pepe Unchained Presale

The Pepe Unchained presale was recently launched and has already experienced an increase in demand. At the time of writing, Pepe Unchained’s native token, PEPU, is available at the low presale price of just $0.008 per token. It has already raised over $170k out of its current $406k goal.

Pepe Unchained

Once this target is reached, the project anticipates a price increase, with incremental value growth expected at each subsequent stage until the end of the token presale when PEPU will be officially launched.

Investors can purchase PEPU using ETH, USDT, or BNB tokens. However, choosing BNB tokens will not enable them to enjoy the staking returns. Additionally, there is an option to purchase the crypto using bank cards, providing flexibility for interested parties.

How to Buy Pepe Unchained – Complete Guide

We have already seen a quick preview of the process you can follow to purchase the tokens, but here is a more detailed version of the steps involved:

Step 1 – Visit the Official Website

Start by navigating to the official Pepe Unchained website at It’s crucial to ensure you’re on the correct site and not a phishing attempt mimicking the project’s page. Verify the URL carefully to avoid any potential scams.

Step 2 – Find the Presale Box

Once on the homepage, locate the prominently displayed presale box. The website is designed to be intuitive, making it straightforward to find.

Pepe Unchained

Take the time to read through the project details provided on the website to gain a comprehensive understanding. Click on the “Connect Wallet” button within the presale box to proceed.

Step 3 – Connect Your Wallet

Select a compatible DeFi wallet such as Metamask or Trust Wallet that supports either the Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain networks. Ensure your chosen wallet has sufficient cryptocurrency funds to cover the cost of purchasing PEPU tokens and any associated transaction fees (gas fees).

Pepe Unchained

You can add funds to your wallet directly through third-party vendors or transfer from exchanges or other wallets.

Step 4 – Make the Purchase

Once your wallet is connected, enter the quantity of PEPU tokens you intend to purchase. Before proceeding, carefully review all transaction details for accuracy. Click on the “Buy” button to initiate the purchase.

A confirmation popup will appear within your wallet interface to verify the transaction details. Ensure that the gas fees and other associated costs are acceptable to you before approving the purchase.

Step 5 – Stake Your Purchased PEPU Tokens

Upon confirming the transaction through your wallet, you will have successfully acquired PEPU tokens. These tokens will be deposited into your wallet once the presale period concludes. To maximize your investment, consider staking your PEPU tokens to earn staking rewards until the official token launch.

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Pepe Unchained – A Complete Analysis

Investing in a memecoin project that doesn’t offer any kind of utility can be a risky endeavor, but surprisingly, the past few years have changed this narrative entirely. Projects with little to no inherent value have started pumping in value at impressive rates.

Alongside PEPE, tokens like BONK and MYRO also saw substantial value increases within very short time spans. Pepe even managed to recover from its correction phase, which many memecoins often fail to do.

This success can be attributed to the project’s community and the widespread media attention it managed to garner from its inception days.


Naturally, developers focused on integrating more value into the project, resulting ultimately in them enjoying even bigger pumps, with the most recent and significant one being just a month ago.

Pepe Unchained could have the same fate, if the project manages to grow at a constant pace, much like it has been doing up until now. The demand for each PEPU token at the moment is high, with a purchase from the presale being recorded every few minutes, despite it being barely a week old.

Suppose this demand can translate into attention on social media platforms on a bigger scale. In that case, it may not be surprising at all to see the token climbing up the ladders to make it to the most trending tokens list or the top gainers list once it is officially launched.

There are several features already within the project that we believe could help the token gain more popularity, making it a great all-round crypto worth investing in right now. Some of these features include:

Layer 2 Solution

Pepe Unchained introduces a Layer 2 solution to the original Pepe token, enhancing its functionality and efficiency. By enabling instant bridging between Ethereum and the Pepe chain, it significantly lowers transaction fees and offers a dedicated block explorer.

Pepe Unchained

The solution boosts transaction volume capacity, making transactions approximately 100 times faster than those on the Ethereum blockchain.

This innovation positions Pepe Unchained as a superior alternative, providing users with quicker and more cost-effective transactions, thereby addressing one of the critical challenges faced by many blockchain projects.


Pepe Unchained offers an attractive staking feature, drawing many investors who seek passive income opportunities. Early investors can take advantage of an impressive 65,000%+ APY rate for staking their tokens, with over 2.3 million tokens already staked.

Pepe Unchained

This high reward rate encourages early participation, as returns decrease with the increase in staked tokens. The prospect of earning substantial rewards even before the token’s official launch makes staking an enticing option, providing a significant incentive for early adopters and boosting overall investor interest in the project.

Story-like Format

The project’s engaging storyline, built around the popular Pepe meme, captivates investors and maintains long-term interest. By framing the concept within an entertaining narrative, Pepe Unchained not only leverages the meme’s widespread appeal but also creates a unique theme that resonates with the audience.

Pepe Unchained Price Prediction

This story-driven approach has the potential to extend into creating metaverse worlds or integrating additional utility elements, adding layers of engagement and depth to the project. Such an innovative format ensures sustained investor interest and fosters a sense of community and excitement.

Growing Social Media Community

Pepe Unchained has successfully cultivated an active social media presence, amassing a community of thousands within a short span. This growing online community plays a crucial role in the project’s success, as engaged members often promote the project on their own platforms, enhancing visibility.

Pepe Unchained

Active social media engagement also helps in creating a buzz, attracting new investors, and sustaining interest in the project. The enthusiastic community support not only drives the presale success but also positions Pepe Unchained for continued growth and popularity in the competitive crypto landscape.

Pepe Unchained Tokenomics

Pepe Unchained’s PEPU token has a total supply of 8 billion tokens, strategically allocated to support sustainable project growth. Both presale and marketing initiatives receive 20% each, ensuring robust promotional efforts and initial investor interest.

Pepe Unchained Tokenomics

Liquidity on exchanges, project finance, and chain inventory each receive 10%, supporting essential operations and trading stability. With 30% dedicated to staking, the project highlights its commitment to rewarding long-term holders. Developers have emphasized on social media that these tokenomics are designed with the project’s long-term potential in mind, making it an attractive investment opportunity.

Is Pepe Unchained a Good Investment?

Pepe Unchained may be a good investment for many reasons at the moment, but some vital factors that could contribute to its growth as a project right now are:

Exchange Listings

Exchange listings are crucial for presale projects with high potential. Major exchange listings can lead to significant price pumps even before the actual listing, as investors anticipate value increases.

Being listed on major exchanges exposes the token to a broader pool of investors, driving demand and boosting its price. The anticipation of such listings can create a buying frenzy, leading to substantial early gains for investors who participate in the presale phase.

Exciting Roadmap Concept

Pepe Unchained’s roadmap uses a unique and humorous style that appeals to memecoin investors.

Pepe Unchained Roadmap

Instead of a detailed developmental plan, it outlines three broad, entertaining goals: making Pepe great again through Pepe Unchained, skyrocketing PEPU token price, and overtaking the original Pepe token as a complete blockchain system with a massive community. This intriguing approach captures investor interest and can positively impact prices in the short term, as it resonates well with the playful nature of the memecoin audience.

Growing Demand Within the Pepe Community

The memecoin community often embraces new projects linked to established ones due to their existing large following. Pepe, a well-known memecoin, has a massive community likely to invest in Pepe Unchained. This playful, competitive theme appeals to the community, potentially driving significant value increases for the PEPU token.


The overall growth in the memecoin space and favorable market conditions make it an opportune time to invest in PEPU, as community support can lead to substantial gains.

Potential Utility Integrations

Though not explicitly mentioned by developers, there is potential for utility integrations as the project grows. Many successful projects introduce new features and use cases over time, enhancing their ecosystems.

As Pepe Unchained gains demand, value, and popularity, it’s plausible that developers could add utility integrations, further boosting the token’s appeal. This potential for future enhancements makes PEPU an attractive investment, as utility integrations can significantly increase a project’s value and functionality.

Pepe Unchained Price Prediction

Beyond the aspects we’ve discussed, it’s crucial to consider current market conditions when trying to gauge the price potential of PEPU in the coming weeks or months. The cryptocurrency market remains robust, with many analysts predicting an impending bull market.

Launching the PEPU token in such a favorable environment is advantageous. Additionally, Pepe Unchained benefits from the massive, loyal following of the original Pepe meme token. This established community is likely to invest heavily in PEPU, thereby driving up its price.

The project’s Layer 2 solution, staking rewards, and engaging storyline add layers of appeal that could further enhance its value. Exchange listings are also on the horizon, which typically result in substantial price increases as the token becomes accessible to a broader audience. Considering these factors, it’s plausible to expect PEPU to experience significant value growth.

While precise price predictions are challenging, the combination of market timing, community support, and strategic developments positions PEPU for potentially explosive growth. Therefore, we believe that the claim of PEPU increasing in value by 100x within the next few months, as stated on the website, is a realistic expectation given the project’s current trajectory and upcoming milestones.

Pepe Unchained Social Media

There are many ways to stay updated about the project; however, the best one is always to stay connected with the community. In order to learn about the project developments and upgrades, one can follow the official Pepe Unchained social media channels:

The Verdict

Having explored the Pepe Unchained project in detail and the steps to participate in its presale, it’s clear that this project holds substantial promise for potential investors. The innovative Layer 2 solution, lucrative staking rewards, and engaging narrative position it well for a significant price surge upon launch. However, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and fully understand the project’s dynamics and potential return on investment.

Cryptocurrencies, especially new tokens like PEPU, can be highly volatile. While the project appears poised for substantial growth, investors should carefully consider the associated risks. But if you have evaluated these factors and feel confident in the project’s potential, then we believe that Pepe Unchained could be a compelling addition to one’s investment portfolio this year.

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Which tokens can I use to buy PEPU tokens from the ongoing presale?

You can buy PEPU tokens from the ongoing presale using ETH, USDT or BNB tokens. However, if you use the BNB chain, you will miss out on staking rewards as this is only available for holders who buy tokens from the Ethereum chain.

What is Pepe Unchained's layer 2 solution?

Layer 2 is a layer built on top of the Ethereum Network that allows for faster, and cheaper transactions. Pepe offers this feature, making it an enhanced version of the original PEPE token.

Does Pepe Unchained offer staking?

Yes, Pepe Unchained offers staking for all its presale buyers. Currently, it offers an impressive APY rate of more than 60,000%.