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10+ Top Crypto Gainers Today – 2023‘s Biggest Cryptocurrency Gainers

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

While the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency space has been home to many losses, it has equally been the cause of many bull runs, allowing those who bought the dip to make multi-fold gains. The wealth generated by Bitcoin’s 2021 bull run is a testament to that. Now that the market is diversified, investors are looking for top crypto gainers that can achieve the same feat. 

This task is easier said than done because the cryptocurrency market has become saturated, and the crowd’s sentiment can be easily swayed to make even a worthless asset valuable. Therefore, this list presents a list of the top crypto gainers today with utilities that extend beyond their value as a tradable asset. And since the list is bound to change, we also offer tips that veteran and novice investors can implement to find the best crypto investments for themselves.

The Top Crypto Gainers Right Now – List

Here is the list of best crypto gainers reviewed in this guide. 

  1. Bitcoin Minetrix – Top Crypto Gainer That Merges Staking and Mining
  2. Bitcoin ETF Token – Top Crypto Gainer Following the Development of Bitcoin ETFs
  3. Meme Kombat – Top Crypto Gainer in the P2E Memecoin Niche
  4. TG.Casino – Top Crypto Gainer With a Unique Telegram Casino
  5. Launchpad XYZA Crypto Project Simplifying Web 3
  6. yPredict Providing AI-Driven Signals to Traders
  7. ChimpzeeGreen Crypto Project of 2023
  8. Chiliz – A Leading Digital Currency For Sports
  9. Polygon – Blockchain Introducing Scalability to the Ethereum Network
  10. Loopring – A DEX-CEX hybrid Platform on the Ethereum Blockchain
  11. OKB – Utility Crypto Gainer of a Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange
  12. Marinade – Leading Liquid Staking Protocol on the Solana Blockchain

Assessing the Top Crypto Gainers in 2023

Price charts are considered the most optimal way to find crypto gainers, but we have taken a more utility-centric approach. 

Since serious crypto assets are only seen as worthy investments if they can provide long-term gains, in this section, we analyzed all the cryptocurrencies and shed light on their utilities to give weight to why we think they are the best crypto gainers of this year. 

Some of them have been on the price charts for long, while others are still on the presale – offering early mover opportunities to those looking to mint gains even before these assets land on crypto cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Bitcoin Minetrix – Top Crypto Gainer That Merges Staking and Mining

Bitcoin Minetrix is a top crypto gainer, with the vision to simplify and rejuvenate Bitcoin mining. The project’s presale phase has been nothing short of remarkable, raising over $144,000 so far, highlighting the enthusiasm among crypto investors for its innovative tokenized mining model.

Bitcoin Minetrix

Bitcoin Minetrix introduces a tokenized cloud mining platform that empowers users to mine Bitcoin by staking $BTCMTX tokens, eliminating the need for expensive mining hardware. The platform offers a user-friendly, transparent, secure, and profitable mining experience.

By breaking down the barriers to entry, reducing operating costs, and providing a stable source of passive income, Bitcoin Minetrix revolutionizes Bitcoin mining. Additionally, it embraces environmental responsibility by significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional mining farms.

To embark on the Bitcoin mining journey with Bitcoin Minetrix, users simply need an Ethereum wallet, $BTCMTX tokens, and a straightforward staking process. The project’s roadmap outlines a strategic growth plan, ensuring sustainability through a well-structured tokenomics model.

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Bitcoin ETF Token – Top Crypto Gainer Following the Development of Bitcoin ETFs

Another one of this year’s top crypto gainers doesn’t just ride the latest crypto market trends—it strategically positions itself for long-term investor benefits.

Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF) described itself as far more than a speculative asset and celebrates and capitalizes on the anticipated spot Bitcoin ETF approval by the SEC.

Bitcoin ETF Token most searched crypto

This project is closely following the growth of Bitcoin and the increasing popularity of crypto ETFs.

BTCETF stands out as a deflationary asset, intending to burn 25% of its total supply. At the token’s launch, the transaction tax will be 5%, gradually decreasing as the project achieves five milestones. Three out of five are associated with crypto ETF’s approval, launch, and adoption. The final milestone is Bitcoin hitting $100k, which would reduce Bitcoin ETF Token’s transaction tax to 0%, and 25% of BTCETF’s total supply will be burned. Both events can potentially boost its value to a massive degree.

This optimistic outlook on Bitcoin’s performance and the reception of crypto ETFs has already attracted a following for this crypto presale. With 10 stages and a hard cap of nearly $5 million, the presale offers various advantages, including staking facilities, making it an appealing investment for early adopters.

For those intrigued by this project, participation in the presale is open at

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Meme Kombat – Top Crypto Gainer in the P2E Memecoin Niche

Meme Kombat, slated for a Q4 2023 launch, introduces a play-to-earn (P2E) gaming platform within the memecoin ecosystem. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Meme Kombat revolves around three fundamental elements: battling, wagering, and staking.

Meme Kombat

Battles on this platform are powered by AI and feature characters inspired by renowned memecoins. The gaming experience is enriched with dynamic visualization and randomized sequencing, ensuring unpredictability and fairness.

Wagering in Meme Kombat is a flexible endeavor. Players can choose between direct betting, side action betting, PvP (Player vs. Player), and PVGame to align with their gaming strategies and preferences.

Staking is at the core of Meme Kombat, allowing participants to engage in games, place wagers, and earn yield. The APY for stakers currently stands at an impressive 112%, distributed in additional $MK tokens. Stakers can also leverage their staked tokens for betting, striving to boost their earnings.

With a total token supply of 12,000,000 $MK tokens and a strong emphasis on transparency, Meme Kombat aims to provide a P2E gaming platform with lasting appeal in a market primarily characterized by short-term gains.

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TG.Casino – Top Crypto Gainer With a Unique Telegram Casino

The union of Telegram and cryptocurrency gambling has arrived with TG.Casino ($TGC). This innovative project has already raised an impressive $225,000 in its presale phase, and it’s not hard to see why.


TG.Casino leverages Telegram’s powerful bot capabilities to offer a frictionless user experience. Players can complete sign-ups, deposits, and withdrawals instantly and securely, all within the Telegram app. What’s more, there are no fees or Know Your Customer (KYC) verification requirements, making it exceptionally user-friendly.

The platform’s reliance on blockchain technology ensures a transparent and trustworthy gaming environment. With thousands of provably fair games, an extensive sportsbook, and a generous welcome offer, TG.Casino has something for every gambler.

The project’s native $TGC tokens, currently available at a presale price of $0.125, play a central role. They serve as staking assets and as tokens for rewards, loyalty, and profit sharing. The staking program offers an astounding annualized yield percentage (APY) exceeding 4,000%, drawing considerable attention from investors.

Investors can purchase $TGC tokens on the official TG.Casino website using ETH, BNB and USDT.

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Launchpad XYZ – A Crypto Project Simplifying Web 3

Web 3 has had a slow adoption rate as of late, and many in the Web 2 space are still not aware of this project’s decentralized offering. The biggest bottlenecks to this issue are cost and education, both of which are addressed by Launchpad XYZ.

Launchpad Beginner Level Crypto

Launchpad XYZ is an all-in-one Web 3 ecosystem that offers educational tools that can help users interact with the Web 3 space however they see fit. The platform also offers analytics and other utilities to help people find the best Web 3 projects.

Its features include NFT assessment tools that let users create, curate, buy, sell, and explore NFTs with the most potential. Crypto presale assessment, trading terminals, utility token assessment, as well as metaverse libraries, and P2E hubs are also some of the offerings of this platform.

Launchpad XYZ’s native crypto LPX is currently available on presale and has raised more than $150k already. Currently, the token is being offered at a discount price of $0.035.

Visit Launchpad XYZ Presale

yPredict – Providing AI-Driven Signals to Traders

Helping traders navigate the volatile cryptocurrency space is yPredict. It is a utility project that leverages predictive algorithms and data analytics created by leading AI developers and quant to help traders make. informed decisions in the market.

yPredict best crypto

The project also features its very own patent-pending pattern recognition algorithm that finds repeated patters after analyzing thousands of bullish and bearish charts. It also scores them based on their reliability and performance before presenting them to users.

The core utility of this project, however, is the prediction marketplace. AI and ML developers can leverage their skills and earn passive income by presenting their predictive models in this marketplace. Traders can interact with these models on a subscription basis by paying using YPRED – the native crypto of yPredict.

YPRED is an ERC-20 token that, in addition to being used as a way to interact with the marketplace, also offers voting rights, and staking opportunities to traders.

yPredict’s unique fundamentals can pump its value when it finally ends up on the listing charts. Currently available as a presale, yPredict has managed to raise close to $500k already. The token is available to purchase a discount price of $0.05 at press time.

Visit yPredict Presale

Chimpzee- Green crypto project of 2023

In the ever-changing crypto market, a remarkable trend has emerged: crypto projects dedicated to environmental and social causes. Among them, Chimpzee shines as it builds an ecosystem blending entertainment, income generation, and a strong incentive to save animals and the environment.

Chimpzee Top Gainer

Chimpzee’s central idea is to provide users with an avenue to earn passive income while actively addressing climate change and wildlife conservation. The team demonstrates their dedication by allocating 10% of the token supply and profits to organizations working in these domains.

To expand their impact, Chimpzee is launching an ambassador and community outreach program, receiving financial assistance from the project. The program aims to mobilize individuals and small groups to raise awareness and generate funds for conservation-related activities.

Chimpzee offers robust features, including Play-to-Earn, Shop-to-Earn, and Trade-to-Earn functionalities, enabling users to actively participate while enjoying benefits and rewards.

Within the Chimpzee ecosystem, users explore components like the Chimpzee shop, NFT marketplace, and the captivating Zero Tolerance Game, creating opportunities to contribute, earn, and engage with the project’s mission.

Chimpzee represents a paradigm shift, showcasing financial security alongside positive societal impact. By merging cryptocurrencies with conservation efforts, Chimpzee sets the stage for socially-conscious projects.

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Wall Street Memes – New Top Gaining Memecoin

The phenomenon of meme stocks, sparked by the GameStop short squeeze, has given rise to a new wave of meme tokens, with Wall Street Memes (WSM) being one of the latest additions currently in presale.

Inspired by the success of meme stocks like GME and AMC in 2021, the crypto market has witnessed the emergence of meme coins, offering traders the opportunity to seek out the next explosive coin, often with the endorsement of influential figures like Elon Musk.

WMS_Crypto Launches

So, what does the future hold for WSM? WSM’s presale has already gained significant traction, raising an impressive $600,000 within 72 hours. With a target hard cap of $30,577,000, the project aims to achieve a strong market presence.

Meme coins, backed by engaged communities and celebrity interactions, have a history of surpassing the $100 million market cap level shortly after their initial coin offerings. In 2023, even the relatively unknown Pepe reached a remarkable $2 billion market cap.

Wall Street Memes completed its presale and has now landed on OKX.

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Chiliz: A Leading Digital Currency For Sports

Created by a Malta-based Fintech provider of the same name, Chiliz is a crypto powering the Chiliz blockchain, which in turn powers the sports entertainment platform known as Socios. 

Buy Chiliz

Socios is host to fan tokens, a new niche of cryptocurrency created by sports teams to allow fans to engage with the team in more meaningful ways. 

Owning a fan token allows fans to participate in club-related decisions, including what message to place on the player’s jerseys and which music to be played once the players enter the field. 

Other benefits, such as interviews with players and invitations to live matches, are also present with fan tokens. 

Chiliz is one of the few crypto assets that wasn’t affected by the bear market. It is because sports fans tend to form stronger bonds with their teams than between the members of a cryptocurrency community. That allowed Chiliz to quickly rebound from its June lows to closer to its all-time high in November. 

At the time of writing, Chiliz has a market capitalization of $1.2 billion. 

Buy Chiliz

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Polygon: Blockchain Introducing Scalability to the Ethereum Network

Polygon is one of the first altcoins that has managed to create a dedicated following among the crypto community that allows it to frequently make an appearance as one of the top crypto gainers every month or so. 

Buy Polygon

By providing scaling solutions to the Ethereum network, Polygon could get enough attention to grow by a massive 15,000% within 12 months of being on the market. 

Due to Polygon’s popularity and practicality in the blockchain space, crypto has gained the attention of major brands, including Walt Disney. After participating in the Disney Accelerator program, Polygon partnered with Walt Disney to create a proof of concept for exclusive digital collectibles to recognize Disney employees during special occasions. 

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Loopring: A DEX-CEX hybrid Platform on the Ethereum Blockchain

The Loopring platform arrived as a hybrid of a decentralized and centralized exchange based on Ethereum’s zkRoll up. By introducing novel concepts in the crypto trading space, such as algorithmic strategies and trading bots, Loopring quickly became the crypto of interest for veteran traders. 

Buy Loopring Top Crypto Gainer

Loopring is powered by LRC, an ERC-20 crypto that users can stake to earn APY (Annual Percentage Yield). Those who stake LRC also get rewards from the 70% protocol fee that Loopring-based exchange charges. Additionally, the LRC token is used to vote in Loopring DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that governs the Loopring network. 

Other than buying LRC from the exchanges, Loopring can be obtained using ring mining. Ring miners are Loopring’s way to avoid traditional order books and AMM merchants. These miners fill the orders before they can be completed or canceled. In return, the Loopring protocol pays them a service fee in terms of LRC tokens. 

After accumulating around the $0.27 mark, Loopring rose by 40% in early November before correcting. That growth was attributed to the announcement of the upcoming upgrade by ban protocol. While Loopring’s value dropped shortly after, the final arrival of the upgrade will likely make it one of the top crypto gainers this week. 

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OKB: Utility Crypto Gainer of a Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange

OKB is the native crypto of the OKX exchange that grew parabolically to near $24 after trending sideways around $16. OKX exchange ranks seventh in terms of market capitalization and offers a large variety of crypto assets. 


OKX also has its own decentralized exchange which makes OKX accessible across the globe. 

Recent bullish developments contributing to OKX growth include a string of Twitter announcements. The most significant among them was the opening of OKX staking and the listing on StepApp NFT. 

Furthermore, in response to becoming more transparent in a volatile crypto market, OKX has recently decided to hire an audited and publish an auditable Merke POF soon. This forthcoming approach to transparency involving “show” and “tell” is one of the reasons OKB became one of the biggest crypto gainers this month.


Marinade: Leading Liquid Staking Protocol on the Solana Blockchain

Marinade is the leading liquid staking protocol on the Solana blockchain. Users can stake their SOL holdings through Marinade, which in turn automatically assigns them to Solana validators. The uniqueness of SOL staking through Marinade comes from the fact that staking doesn’t involve locking the assets. 


Powering this unique platform is MNDE, Marinade’s native crypto. MNDE is a governance token allowing users to vote in the Marinade DEO. Participation in the DAO involves staking and “locking” the MNDE tokens for 30 days. 

Staking listed cryptos on Marinade rewards users with mSOL. Also known as liquid SOL, mSOL experiences an increase in value with staking rewards. Liquid mSOL is also used to participate in decentralized finance and can be swapped back for SOL at any time. 

Marinade is a community-driven project that doesn’t involve any VC money or token sales, making it a perfect investment for the believers of DeFi. Recently, Marinade’s value reached its all-time high when it rose by 700% from $0.05 to $0.35. The growth was in response to Marinade dropping the Shark Chef NFT collection.  

Buy Marinade

Your capital is at risk

How to Find the Top Cryptocurrency Gainers for Investing?

The end goal of any crypto investment is to make huge returns. However, the arrival of new investors and utility-based crypto has somewhat changed that mission. That said, the method of choosing the best cryptocurrency remains the same. Research is the keyword here, and here are the tips to follow. 

Researching the Project

Cryptocurrency investments are risky. And while people use these to hedge against the traditional markets, decoupling traditional assets from crypto assets is still not a reality. Secondly, hundreds of new cryptocurrencies crop up every day, out of which many drop out of circulation as soon as they launch, while others stay on long enough to become a pump-and-dump scheme. 

To find the right cryptocurrency that has the potential to become a top gainer, investors must dive deeply into research. There are three ways to go about researching a cryptocurrency project:

  1. Researching the website: All top crypto projects have a website. However, there have been some crypto assets that “appear” to get traction on social media without having one – consider that a red flag. Enter the name of the crypto you think is making waves in the search bar and use the keyword “official website” beside it. If you can’t come across anything, the crypto asset is worthless. But if there is a website that shows you all the required information, stay with it.
  2. Researching the whitepaper: By assessing its whitepaper, investors can learn nearly all they want to know about the project. The whitepaper has everything from the use of assets, to its future prospects, to its tokenomics. However, many peddle lite papers as if they are whitepapers. Users must be wary of them and choose only those with a robust whitepaper. 
  3. Team assessment: Many cryptocurrency projects of the old had no information about the team members. The world leading crypto, Bitcoin, is one of them. To this day, no one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is. But times have changed. What started as a way to achieve unbridled financial freedom has transformed into a scam-ridden ecosystem. Therefore, it is important to know about the team behind a crypto asset. In other words, the team must be doxxed. If they aren’t, it would be better to hold off on investing until the team reveals itself. 

Gauge the Social Sentiment of the Project

Dogecoin managed to flip the likes of Bitcoin in terms of growth the moment Elon Musk said something positive about it. Social sentiment about a crypto project is important. All the “to the moon” emojis coupled with positive tweets shouldn’t be taken lightly. It will tell the investor about the social sentiment around the project. 

On the other side, many crypto scams involve an endless number of “engaging” comments without real conversation. If you come across a Twitter thread that says nothing of value other than a constant stream of emojis, take that as a scam that you should stay far away from. 

On the other hand, if you see people having valuable and positive conversations about the project, take that as a sign to research deeply into the crypto asset. 

Crypto Aggregators 

Sites like CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap are great indicators to learn about the top crypto gainers of the day. These sites compile and publish the latest data on the projects available in the market and inform the community of any significant price movement in the space. 

These lists shift daily, so don’t consider them the be-all and end-all of all data. Researching deeply into each project is still the answer – especially since “trending” cryptos are not always the top gainers.

For instance, at the time of writing, the FTX token has been trending. Those following the news know that it is not for positive reasons. So watch what the trends mean before selecting your next crypto investment. 


This guide has now revealed the list of the 11 top crypto radars that must be on the radar of most investors. After conducting thorough research, we conclude that the best crypto gainer is Bitcoin Minetrix. It is presale crypto has massive potential, and the tokens are going out quickly. 

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Which crypto has the biggest gains?

The biggest crypto gainers have been Dogecoin and Bitcoin. Bitcoin went on a bull run in 2021 and reached its all-time highest precision, leading it to attain a $1.2 trillion market capitalization. Dogecoin went on a similar growth spree and hit a market cap worth $75.2 billion.

Who are the top crypto gainers in 2023?

Most cryptocurrencies witnessed a downtrend in 2022 because of the crypto winter. The ones with the potential to become the biggest crypto gainers of this year are likely to be newer projects - Bitcoin Minetrix, Meme Kombat, TG.Casino, and Chimpzee are undergoing presales and going viral – likely to pump after listing on their first cryptocurrency exchanges.

Which crypto will see the biggest gains this year?

According to our research, Bitcoin Minetrix has the potential to experience the biggest gains after launch.

Which crypto will rise the most?

It is not easy to tell which crypto will rise the most. The best an investor can do is research the cryptocurrency and closely watch its social media handles. The use cases and the community sentiments dictate how much an asset can grow.