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New Upcoming Binance Listings in 2023

Binance is the most popular crypto exchange in the world, with hundreds of listed coins and thousands of trading pairs. New Binance listings are announced regularly, and can be a profitable trading opportunity for crypto investors. In this guide, we list the top new upcoming Binance listings, some confirmed and some expected by insiders.

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Many people have doubts about which projects are worth investing in when it comes to new cryptocurrencies. The problem is that a lot of new projects spring up in the market, and it often takes plenty of time to check all of them and make sure they are all legit. One way to escape this problem is to find a reliable and trustworthy exchange that lists exciting new projects. 

Binance is the largest and one of the most popular crypto exchanges, with millions of customers worldwide. One of the best things about this crypto exchange is the huge variety of cryptos it supports. There are more than 600 digital tokens listed on the exchange, and it gradually freshens up its list with new promising cryptos. 

So, in this guide, we have combined the best cryptos that have just been listed on Binance or are potentially about to be listed shortly. Read on to find out the top list of new or upcoming cryptos on Binance, and use our detailed guide to purchase those tokens through the exchange. 

Top New Binance Listings in December 2023

Here is our quick list of the best new cryptocurrencies to be listed on Binance in 2023. Our list includes projects that are still in the presale stage and are in the process of applying to be accepted by the platform. Also, our list includes some coins that are rumored to be listed on Binance soon, and some brand new Binance listings like APT.

  1. Bitcoin Minetrix – Stake-to-Mine Crypto with Possible Binance Listing
  2. Bitcoin ETF Token – A Bitcoin ETF-Inspired Token with Potential Binance Listing
  3. Meme Kombat – A P2E Memecoin That Could List on Binance
  4. TG.Casino – A Telegram Casino Crypto with Revenue Sharing Features
  5. Chimpzee – A Green Crypto Project With Multiple Earning Mechanics
  6. Launchpad XYZ – Creating an Inclusive Web 3 Platform
  7. yPredict – An All-in-One AI Platform Offering Predictive Models
  8. Wall Street Memes – New Memecoin with a Possible Binance Listing
  9. Aptos – Viral New Binance Listing Set to Redefine Web3 User Experience 
  10. Osmosis – One of the Largest Decentralized Exchanges

Top Upcoming Binance Coin Listings Reviewed – Full List

When you make an investment in a new cryptocurrency exchange, you can’t surely say whether it will win the market and bring you good returns or not. But the fact that these coSwitch to block editorins are expected to be listed on popular crypto exchanges can hint to us that they have a chance to grow. Still, it is very important to explore these projects in detail and understand whether they are worth investing in. 

In this section of our guide, we have thoroughly reviewed all the coins included in our Binance listings list.

Bitcoin Minetrix – Stake-to-Mine Crypto with Possible Binance Listing

The cryptocurrency community is abuzz with the launch of Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX), a project that’s poised to transform the way we think about Bitcoin cloud mining.

Bitcoin Minetrix

At the heart of Bitcoin Minetrix is its innovative stake-to-mine concept, which democratizes access to Bitcoin mining. By staking $BTCMTX tokens, users can earn Mining Credits, eliminating the need for traditional cash contracts with lengthy commitments.

During the project’s presale, which saw a remarkable $100,000 raised within minutes, early backers can acquire $BTCMTX tokens at an attractive price of $0.011. This initial stage of the presale is a prime opportunity for investors looking to get in on the ground floor.

Mining Credits earned through staking are non-transferrable ERC20 tokens that can be exchanged for designated BTC cloud mining time or a share of mining yields. This approach puts the power in the hands of users, reducing the risk of industry scams and ensuring transparency.

With the crypto mining market projected to reach $7 billion by 2032, Bitcoin Minetrix is well-positioned to become a leader in retail Bitcoin mining, making it possible for it to get listed on Binance.

Visit Bitcoin Minetrix

Bitcoin ETF Token – A Bitcoin ETF-Inspired Token with Potential Binance Listing

Bitcoin ETF Token (ticker: BTCETF) is an emerging cryptocurrency in 2023 that could potentially be listed on Binance, contingent on the success of its milestones tied to crypto ETFs and Bitcoin price.

Bitcoin ETF Token most searched crypto

The project has incorporated five key milestones, with each crossing resulting in a 5% reduction in the token supply and a 1% decrease in the transaction tax.

Notably, three of these milestones are directly associated with crypto ETFs, covering approval, launch, and adoption.

The primary significant milestone is for Bitcoin ETF Token to achieve a $100 million market cap and establish recognition in the market. The ultimate milestone is linked to Bitcoin reaching $100k.

At the final milestone, 25% of the token’s total supply will be burned, and the transaction tax will be reduced to zero. The project envisions that these events will significantly boost the BTCETF price, making a climb to a $1 billion market cap possible.

Should this occur, Bitcoin ETF Token could become eligible for listing on Binance.

The ongoing pace of the presale indicates considerable interest in the token’s performance. Additionally, the presale’s 10 stages provide investors with ample opportunities to secure gains before the token goes live on cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Meme Kombat – A P2E Memecoin That Could List on Binance

Meme Kombat ($MK) is an all new cryptocurrency project that stands out in the cryptocurrency landscape by emphasizing transparency and adopting an unconventional tokenomics strategy. Unlike many meme coins with vast supplies, $MK offers a limited token supply of just 12 million tokens, with half available during the presale and a $10 million hard cap.

Meme Kombat

One distinctive aspect is the project’s team transparency, with founder Matt Whiteman’s identity prominently featured, adding credibility. The team is openly listed, assuaging concerns about potential rug pulls or scams that have plagued other meme coin ventures.

Meme Kombat’s unique tokenomics strategy allocates 30% of tokens for staking and battle rewards, 10% for liquidity on decentralized exchanges (DEX), and 10% for community rewards, promoting long-term loyalty and collaborative growth. Notably, the team refrains from allocating tokens to themselves, enhancing trust.

Meme Kombat is set to gain popularity by featuring famous meme characters like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Pepe, Floki, and more. It combines AI and blockchain for a unique gaming experience. Players battle, stake tokens, and bet on meme coin character battles in this innovative platform.

Given all these features, Meme Kombat presents itself as a good memecoin project with potentially high returns.

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TG.Casino – A Telegram Casino Crypto with Revenue Sharing Features

TG.Casino ($TGC) is making waves in the cryptocurrency community, having raised over $225,000 in its presale so far. This Telegram-powered casino is turning heads thanks to its revolutionary revenue-sharing model and deflationary mechanism, catching the eye of investors.

What is TG.Casino

TG.Casino harnesses Telegram’s extensive user base and secure platform to offer crypto enthusiasts a distinctive gambling experience. Leveraging Telegram’s robot capabilities, the platform provides users with opportunities for crypto-based gaming and passive income.

What truly distinguishes TG.Casino is its inclusive revenue-sharing model, benefiting all token holders. Unlike traditional casinos, TG.Casino directs a portion of its daily revenues to repurchase $TGC tokens from the market, with 60% going to stakers. This deflationary approach boosts token scarcity and long-term value.

Crucially, TG.Casino is fully licensed and regulated by the Gaming Curacao licensing entity, ensuring a transparent and equitable gaming environment. Collaborating with industry leaders like Evolution, the platform offers a wide range of casino games and a sportsbook.

The ongoing presale offers $TGC tokens at an appealing price of $0.125, accepting ETH, BNB, and USDT, and supporting both ERC-20 and BEP-20 versions. Become a part of the project now by participating in the presale.

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Chimpzee – A Green Crypto Project With Multiple Earning Mechanics

Chimpzee is an all new crypto project that represents a forward-thinking initiative that tackles crucial challenges like wildlife preservation and climate change, while also offering users a means to generate passive income.

Chimpzee Profitable Crypto

To support these causes, 10% of the token supply and a portion of profits are allocated to organizations dedicated to addressing these urgent issues.

The Chimpzee shop acts as a central hub, offering a diverse range of goods and commodities. In contrast, the NFT marketplace allows users to engage in buying and selling NFTs, creating opportunities for passive income through platform trading fees.

In the engaging Zero Tolerance Game, players can earn $CHMPZ tokens by achieving specific milestones, emphasizing zero tolerance for the mistreatment of nature and the environment. Chimpzee NFT passport holders enjoy additional benefits, enabling them to accumulate more $CHMPZ tokens and enhance their passive income generation within the ecosystem.

Currently in progress, the presale’s current stage offers the token at a price of $0.0007, which will increase to $0.000775 in subsequent stages. The listing price for the token will be set at $0.00185. Investors interested in purchasing $CHMPZ tokens should get in early to make maximum returns.

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Launchpad XYZ –  Creating an Inclusive Web 3 Platform

Addressing the current bottlenecks of the Web 3 ecosystem is Launchpad XYZ. This project aims to remove the “fracture present in the current Web 3 adoption” by creating a platform with a unique and human element.


It necessarily conceptualizes an ecosystem where people can not only participate in Web 3 projects but can use the platform to pick the ones that suit their requirements. Launchpad XYZ is an all-encompassing system that offers multiple utilities ranging from NFTs, DEXs, and Utility token assessment to crypto presales, P2E hubs, trading terminals, and metaverse libraries.

Launchpad XYZ’s main goal is to allow people to find the best Web 3 project without any issues. To facilitate that process, it employs a unique metric known as Launchpad Quotient. It is a scoring system derived from 400 data points and allows users to find the best presales, NFTs, tokens, and other Web 3 projects easily.

Powering this ecosystem is the LPX token. The LPX token allows one to interact with the different aspects of Launchpad XYZ, and staking LPX will help users use the different elements of the platform at a discount.

Launchpad XYZ is currently running a presale, which has already raised more than $160k at press time. The token is currently available for purchase at a discount price of $0.035.

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yPredict –  An All-in-One AI Platform Offering Predictive Models

yPredict is an all-in-one AI platform that has a host of predictive algorithms and data analytics provided by AI developers and quants to help traders navigate the volatile cryptocurrency market. The platform also hosts its very own patent-pending pattern recognition algorithm that scans hundreds of bearish and bullish charts to find repeatable patterns.

yPredict AI crypto

At the center of this ecosystem exists a predictive marketplace that allows AI and ML developers to offer their predictive models on a subscription basis. That way, developers get a source of passive income via yPredict. Buying these models are traders who derive AI signals from them. yPredict’s native crypto – YPRED – is the token used for this transaction.

YPRED is a utility asset that can be used to interact with different aspects of the yPredict ecosystem. And as yPredict also offers a DAO, voting rights are given to those holding YPRED tokens. Staking is also available on yPredict and stakers are rewarded with consistent APYs.

Visit yPredict Presale

Wall Street Memes – New Memecoin with a Possible Binance Listing

Wall Street Memes Token ($WSM) is an exciting meme coin that has gained significant attention in the crypto world. 

Since its launch on May 25, this project has made a splash, raising an impressive $100,000 within hours. The strong ties to the community is another reason that this crypto gathered a lot of attention in so little time. 

Due to its social factors, it is possible for this token to become one of the best cryptocurrencies of this year.

Wall Street memes

Wall Street Memes ran one of the most successful presales this year, after finishing which it landed on OKX. Depending on how it performs, it might make it to Binance as well

Buy Wall Street Memes

Aptos – Viral New Binance Listing Set to Redefine Web3 User Experience 

If you don’t want to wait for a token to get listed on Binance, you can select among the already listed popular new coins. Aptos was a hotly anticipated new Binance listing in Q4 2022. Launched on October 12, 2022, Aptos is a Layer 1 protocol that uses Move programming language in an attempt to build a more scalable, fast, and secure blockchain. Multiple functions are making Aptos an exceptional project among other similar tokens.


First, Aptos stands out with a unique architecture and was initially built to support the Diem protocol developed but abandoned by Meta. One of the unique features of its blockchain is the ability to run parallel transactions, which relatively increases its scalability. The team claims that Aptos can run over 100,000 transactions in a second, thus beating several of its competitors in the market. Meanwhile, Aptos attempts to stay reliable, secure, and affordable. 

As its motto suggests, Aptos tries to make web3 infrastructure more user-friendly and change how people interact. In this regard, the developing team also wants to make it more scalable. Hence, Aptos aims in the future to also enable NFT minting through its blockchain, which is another feature making it distinctive among others in the market. 

Aptos has an incredible team of professionals in the field, which is another hint to trust the project. It was founded by Aptos Labs, which is the brainchild of Mo Shaikh and Avery Ching, who has proven experience in related fields. They managed to catch the attention of venture capitalists and raise venture investments from such popular companies as Coinbase Ventures, FTX Ventures (now defunct), Multicoin Capital, and more. 

Overall, Aptos managed to raise several hundred million dollars from venture capitalists which helped to develop the project and launch its “Aptos Autumn” mainnet on October 14, 2022. Due to it, Aptos has gained ground over a short period of time and has become quite popular among investors. It has more than 300,000 followers on Twitter and an active community. 

The project’s native token is APT which has been listed on Binance since October 14. As Aptos uses the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, the holders of its native token can stake APT tokens to contribute to the network and gain rewards. The maximum supply of the token is not available yet, but it has a circulating supply of 130 million tokens. The current value of each token is above $4, which raises a market cap of more than $600 million, placing it among the most valuable 60 cryptocurrencies. 

Check out our recent Aptos price Prediction.

Osmosis – One of the Largest Decentralized Exchanges to Swap, Buy and Earn Tokens

Osmosis is another alternative among Binance-listed new coins that has recently started to gain popularity. This cryptocurrency project introduces a decentralized exchange platform designed for the Cosmos ecosystem. The latter is a network of different blockchains that are interoperably and independently connected to each other through the Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol or IBC. 

The Osmosis project tries to revolutionize the industry of DEXs by connecting different chains. For example, it also supports non-IBC tokens, which are bridged from Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems. Furthermore, Osmosis aims at creating a trading platform and native cross-chain where all the chains can be connected, even Bitcoin. In this regard, Osmosis is a new word in the DeFi industry and has the potential to become another popular decentralized project.


The project was created by the members of the core teams designing the Cosmos project. The latter is one of the well-known DeFi ecosystems and has a native token included among the largest coins with its market capitalization. Osmosis issues its native token – OSMO, which is a governance token. The holders of the OSMO token will be able to vote on the projects and changes and contribute to the project’s development. 

OSMO token has already caught the attention of investors and is among the 100 largest cryptocurrencies with its market cap. It has a circulating supply of almost 500 tokens, while the maximum supply will be 1 billion OSMO coins. OSMO tokens are released at the end of each year, while every launch cuts the number of released tokens by one-third. For example, the first-year launch was equal to 300 million tokens, the second one 200 million OSMO tokens, etc. 

If you’re researching upcoming Binance listings you may also want to check out our trending DEXTools tokens list, as coins with a high trading volume on DEXes often get the attention of the best CEX platforms like Binance.

Why Should You Invest in New Binance Listings?

There are many good reasons why you should invest in newly listed coins, especially when they get listed on leading exchanges such as Binance. Here are some of those:

Potential for Growth

One of the main reasons why new coins are popular among many investors is their great potential for growth. These projects are still in the early stages of their development and have low value. But if they succeed in their goals, they can attract much attention. Once the project gets official and introduces its features, many new investors may appear. When it comes to new Binance listings, those often have the highest upside potential as Binance has a higher daily trading volume than any other exchange, even Coinbase.

The Popularity of the Crypto Exchange

Another thing that can affect their performance is what crypto exchange they will be listed on. Binance is among the most well-known exchanges worldwide and has millions of active users. When the crypto gets listed on such a popular exchange as Binance, it is likely to get more popularity due to the exchange. More investors will try to buy the coin, and its price will skyrocket, leading to great returns for the early investors.

Cheap and Affordable 

Eventually, these coins are still very cheap and affordable during their presale stage. They get listed on an exchange at quite a low price, which is a great time to invest in such tokens. But the prices usually soar during the next days of listing as long as several users purchase the coin. Buying cheap crypto coins still in the presale stage is also an excellent way to build a diversified portfolio and reduce the risks of losing your capital. 


To sum up, in this guide, we have shed light on the some new Binance listings, and possible upcoming Binance listings – top cryptocurrencies that can potentially be listed on this leading crypto exchange in the near future. Our top recommended, and possible Binance coin listing is Bitcoin Minetrix.  

New Crypto Mining Platform - Bitcoin Minetrix


Bitcoin Minetrix
  • Audited By Coinsult
  • Decentralized, Secure Cloud Mining
  • Earn Free Bitcoin Daily
  • Native Token On Presale Now - BTCMTX
  • Staking Rewards - Over 100% APY
Bitcoin Minetrix


What happens when a new coin is listed on a crypto exchange?

When a new cryptocurrency gets listed on a popular exchange it means that the coin is available to buy on that platform. You can create an online account with the exchange or link your wallet to buy the new token. The listing is usually followed by the popularity of the coin, which typically leads to its price increase. It means you must be careful with your investments and buy only with caution.

What new coins are coming to Binance?

From our recommendation list of the top Binance coins, some cryptos are already listed on the exchange - Aptos. Binance has also already announced the upcoming listing of the Osmosis coin. Also, several other tokens can possibly be listed on the leading crypto exchange soon, including WSM, and others.

Where can I find new coin listings on Binance?

Binance regularly publishes updates about upcoming or new crypto listings on its platform. You can find all the updates on its website in the section announcements.

How to use the Binance new coin listings alert?

You can find out the news on the listings alert to see what cryptos will be listed or are already listed on the platform. When crypto gets listed, its value can be quite low initially, but it increases over time as long as it gets popularity through the platform and the demand grows. Hence, investing in it as soon as the platform starts supporting it can be a good idea. So, if you are interested in certain crypto and it gets listed on Binance you can create an account and purchase some tokens to benefit from the price fluctuations.