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Best NFT Projects to Follow

With the inflow of many creators and artists info the NFT world, which NFTs should you invest your money in? Read ahead as our experts answer the most frequently asked questions about choosing the best NFTs to buy.
best NFT online
best NFT online

With the metaverse boom, many people are expecting the NFTs to take over the digital world in the coming future. As stated in a survey by blockchain specialist site Chainalysis, cryptocurrencies worth more than $44.2 billion were spent in 2021 on NFTs alone.

As more people are becoming aware of the earnings that investing in NFTs open doors to, their popularity continues to rise in 2023. Many artists are putting out their best works as NFTs to get recognized and rewarded. In the same way, buyers too have been trying to find those projects that could provide the most value to their investment portfolio. In this guide we’ll review the best NFT projects that could return a high ROI.

Top NFT Projects to Watch

While all the projects mentioned are being widely embraced by the NFT community, they differ from each other hugely. The time of launching, use-case if any, platform traded on or blockchain used etc can vary from project to project. In this guide we will review these top NFT projects and categorize them into current, new and upcoming.

Best NFT Projects

Our recommendations for the best NFT projects to invest in starts with a project currently on presale now, followed by a new NFT project launched in 2023:

Love Hate Inu

Love Hate Inu is a memecoin with eyes on the metaverse. It utilizes memecoin’s marketability to get the word out and bring the community together, who can then vote on polls and earn rewards in return.

Love Hate Inu top NFT projects

The poll features on Love Hate Inu are standard “Love it, Hate it” questions that highlight important social, political, and entertainment figures – like Donald Trump, Elon Musk, or Andrew Tate.

Voting on Love Hate Inu is done through staking, which is similar to DAOs. But the difference lies in that staking and voting are done on polls created by the community and have nothing to do with deciding the project’s future.

These polls are a way to penetrate the online survey industry, a market that has always been decentralized in the past. With the arrival of Love Hate Inu, brands would have more opportunities for social media engagement as they create sponsored polls that give users rewards in the form of LHINU tokens.

The project will start focusing on the metaverse in 2024, where it will bring the same polls to be used in virtual worlds.

While Love Hate Inu doesn’t explicitly state its NFT intentions, the website’s look is indicative of the fact that NFT might definitely become a part of this project soon.

You can check out more about this project in this video:

Visit Love Hate Inu

Fight Out

Fight Out is a move-to-earn project that features a free NFT that represents your identity within the metaverse. And as you level up your fitness using the Fight Out app, your avatar will level up in the metaverse.

Fight Out Best NFT Projects

The Fight Out app is a subscription-based fitness app that will give you access to training routines depending on your level of fitness and reference. And when you create an account, you can an option to create your own avatar. Fight Out names them “solebound” Avatars that are created for free and can be customized to accumulate more points as you train in real life.

Aiding in that customization process will be REPS. They are the in-game currency, the reward that you earn for completing fitness challenges. In addition to customizing your avatar, REPS are your keys to entering the real-life Fight Out gyms. These are Web 3 gyms that this cryptocurrency project is aiming to open across the globe.

Going to these gyms will allow you to train and accumulate REPS more precisely. And as you become more powerful – fighting fit – in the real world, your avatar will gain level and become a better earner in the metaverse. This bidirectional relation between the app utilities makes Fights Out the best NFT project of 2023.

Another utility of these solebound Avatars is letting you participate in the league and battle against AI-powered fighters to earn even more points. Avatar NFTs will also allow you to participate in exhibitions if you want to participate in the dream fighting league and still make money from the sidelines without fighting yourself.

And if you’re looking for more REPS to make, use FGHT tokens. FGHT is the main cryptocurrency of Fight Out, with utilities within the metaverse and the real-world assets of the Fight Out ecosystem. Staking FGHT tokens will get you membership at Fight Out gyms, access to co-working space, merch, and more.

Metaverse and move-to-earn have never been thought of are some things that can be weaved together. But that’s exactly what Fight Out is doing with the aid of Solebound NFTs. The project is slowly taking form, with the first Fight Out gym dropping soon. So, for fitness enthusiasts, this is the best NFT project to buy.

You can explore all of this project’s offerings in our Fight Out price predictions.

Fight Out has raised close to $6 million in the presale round and is getting closer to its last date, which is 31st March 2023. Visit the official website today and invest in getting in early.

Visit Fight Out


C+Charge is one of the best eco-friendly projects to have come out this year and features NFTs that are made up of tokenized carbon credits – GNT.

GNTs are Goodness Natured Tokens that C+Charge has developed in coalition with FlowCarbon.

C+Charge Top NFT project

C+Charge is a cryptocurrency project that aims to increase the adoption rate of electric vehicles and thereby put a leash on carbon footprint. The project aims to do so by addressing the biggest pain points of the current EV system.

It does so by introducing an app – a P2P payment system that lets users pay for charging their vehicles using CCHG tokens. Naturally, CCHG will only be accepted at C+Charge partner stations that the project wants to turn every station in the world into.

Charging your vehicles at C+Charge stations will reward you with CCHG tokens. Holding the tokens will reward you with GNT tokens. 1% of all the charging proceeds will go into earning GNT tokens. Then, through “reflections”, these tokens are distributed among users.

Users will also be given a chance to swap GNT for the official C+Charge NFTs. To develop these NFTS, C+Charge is partnering with EV owners. While the major utilities of these NFTs have not been revealed yet, the official whitepaper does say that EV manufacturers and CCHG tokens will be able to incorporate unique and exclusive concepts into these NFTs. These NFTs will also find use in branding and promotion space. Think of it as EV makers creating their own brands of NFTs using C+Charge and dropping it to users.

C+Charge is the best NFT project for those who want to make more environmentally-conscious decisions going forward. There are not many green NFT projects in the blockchain space. Also, these NFTs will be built on Binance smart chain – another reason why we think that this sustainable NFT project has major upsides for everyone involved.

C+Charge has successfully raised close to $3 million, and the presale will conclude on 31st March 2023. Go to the website and become an early mover today.

Visit C+Charge



One of the most prominent NFT projects making headlines these days would be RobotEra.

What is RobotEra

The RobotEra is a project that’s aiming to create a sandbox-like planetary reconstruction metaverse. The players in the RobotEra metaverse will be able to create their own iterations of robots with several degrees of personalization. Apart from creating their robots, the players will also have the ability to create their own land, and help build a unique world.

RobotEra also allows its players to create their own eras in the project itself, and it’s very much open to the imagination of the players within the ecosystem.

The robots, lands, and anything that’s created over the land is a unique NFT owned 100% by the buyers. Moreover, RobotEra also allows the players to interact with one another, as the platform provides a shared multiverse that is interconnected with other worlds that even gives an opportunity to open theme parks, concerts, museums, and loads more within the game.

With an amazing storyline and a decentralized autonomous organization for allowing the players to vote, the prospects for RobotEra in the near future look bright. While it is currently at the Presale Stage 1, it definitely is one of the most in-trend NFT projects to follow.

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As a P2E project, Silks may be one of the finest examples when it comes to integrating real-life entities into games and the metaverse. To understand better, imagine owning an animal not in real life, but in the metaverse, where you win rewards every time the animal wins competitions. This is exactly what Silks is all about. The project is based on horseracing, which is one of the most widely enjoyed sports in the west.


More than 20,000 thoroughbred horses are born every year in the US alone, who compete for rewards upward of $1 billion. In this sense, horseracing would have been one of the most untapped high-potential markets if not for Silks. The concept of the game is as simple as we mentioned above. A player buys a horse NFT, which gives them ownership of the actual achievements of the same racehorse in real life. These achievements will be in the form of winning races, while the reward for users will be the in the form of tokens that convert to money.

Being a rich NFT concept, Silks also has options for users to create stables for their horses by purchasing NFT plots on the metaverse. With a whole array of ways to earn income passively or aggressively based on the player’s liking, Silks has managed to create a name for itself as one of the most creative ecosystems in the space currently.

The NFT minting for several assets within the game has been scheduled in the upcoming months, with some of them being carried out currently. The collection that is currently available is the final batch of 5000 Silks avatars, which is an important part of the game.  To know more and get started with your own Silks experience, click here.

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Tamadoge is a play2earn gaming platform featuring Tamadoge Pets, 3D rendered virtual pets inspired by doges. It allows players to buy these pets as babies from the Tamadoge Market and raise them. Once they grow, players can use them in battle in a fun play2earn mechanic that focuses on gameplay as much as it does on the earning aspects of the game.

Visit Tamadoge Beta sale

What makes this project a cut above many others is its future potential. The devs are working towards many definitive technologies to make the Tamadoge even more attractive to non-crypto players, including the augmented reality app. Other future developments consist of the integration of existing metaverses. When the time arrives, holders will have a 3d rendering of their Tamadoge Pets that they can use as avatars to socialize in the virtual worlds.

To top it all off, Tamadoge is also working on Tamaverse, the official metaverse based on the Tamaverse ecosystem on the horizon. Another component of the ecosystem includes a P2E arcade that will host multiple games for blockchain gaming enthusiasts.

One hundred exceptionally rare Tamadoge Pets are available for purchase as the first Tamadoge NFTs are currently being sold on OpenSea. The Pets are modeled in the Tamagotchi craze of the 1990s and enable users to look after, eat, groom, and care for their pets before engaging in combat with other owners.

The soon-to-be-available arcade games that are an element of the Tamaverse can be viewed and enjoyed using Tamadoge NFTs. There are going to be a total of 21,100 NFT Tamadoge pets made available for the Tamadoge game. The auction for the first 100 ultra-rare pets kicked off on October 6. It will continue on OpenSea till Thursday, October 13, at 2:25 p.m. UTC.

Only 30 of the 100 pets were still available at the starting bid of 1 ETH ($1,285), and numerous bids were placed above 1.50 ETH. The collection will offer higher stats, such as speed and agility, providing owners a much better chance of moving up the global scoreboards and winning more $TAMA prizes.

Overall, Tamadoge is one of the top NFT projects with huge upsides for early movers. The token hit its presale target and raised over 19 million USDT in under two months and is now heading to OKX as an ICO. Reporters at CNBC and other publications claim this utility-based NFT has 10x to 50x growth potential by 2023.

Update: The ultra-rare Tamadoge NFT collection has made the highest sale of 4.6 ETH so far, since it was made available on October 6. The other collections, rare and common, are also available to purchase on Opensea as well.

Register at OKX to Buy Tamadoge

Lucky Block NFTs

Lucky Block NFTs were minted March 19th, 2022 and are listed for sale at NFT for 3.75 wBNB.

Read our new guide on how to buy Lucky Block NFTs.

Lucky Block’s native token LBLOCK rose 70x in price from its start of trading on Jan 26th, 2022 on Pancakeswap DEX, to its current ATH.

Lucky Block Platinum Rollers NFTs

Holders of LBLOCK have a say in the direction of the crypto lottery project and receive rewards for holding from part of the jackpot prizepool – NFT holders are also entered into daily lottery draws.

The Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club consists of 10,000 limited edition NFTs in the form of video files, with 25 rares, holders of which have any jackpot winnings multiplied 2x. One NFT buyer will also win a Lamborghini.

Join over 44,000 members in the official Lucky Block Telegram channel.

Buy Lucky Block NFTs

Best Current NFT Projects

These are some new and well-established veteran projects that have already shot up to fame and can be described as projects that have shaped the NFT market to where it is today. These are NFT projects that have been around for a while including names that are considered synonymous with NFTs within the crypto community:


Created by Co-founders John Watkinson and Matt Hall, the CryptoPunks NFT project launched in June 2017. As one of the first NFT collections to be made that was successful to this extent, the developers tried to showcase the anti-establishment and raucous spirit within the early blockchain era with a punk look.

CryptoPunk NFT

Created on the Ethereum blockchain, CryptoPunks are 10,000 unique 24X24 size one-of-a-kind pixel heads. While most punks are male and female humans, it also features several other rarer species like apes, aliens and zombies within the collection. These punks come with seven distinguishable features that include a bucktooth, a mole, big beard, cigarette, shades, top hat and earrings. These vary in design.

Larva Labs, the company that introduced CryptoPunks initially gave out 9000 of the NFTs to anyone with a claimable Ethereum wallet and held 1000 as “Dev punks”. However, it wasn’t long before the punks rose to fame and were being traded for massive amounts. An article by Mashable became so popular that it ended up with the available collection being sold out within just 24 hours.

The project has gained much popularity and momentum and has been trading at high prices. CryptoPunk NFTs are also appealing as a means of status or seniority within the NFT or crypto world, seen as one of the coolest NFT projects.

Several famous names have been associating with the project and have been showcasing the NFTs owned by them through their social media, creating an idea of an elite crypto community. The costliest CryptoPunk traded to date is currently CryptoPunk 7523, for a large amount of ethereum worth $11.75 million.

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)

An NFT article is incomplete without a mention of these dressed up apes with cool accessories. Created and launched by Yuga Labs in April 2021, the Bored Apes Yacht Club or BAYC had a minting cost of merely 0.08 ETH. One of the co-founders of the project stated that the reason for them choosing apes was referring to slang within the crypto community.

Bored ape NFT

The phrase “to ape in” which means frantically investing money into several projects gave them the idea of basing the project around apes. The team also took inspiration from the then only top NFT project, CryptoPunks.

BAYC consists of 10,000 apes which vary by properties such as facial expressions, fur type, clothing, accessories and more. These properties can be used to understand the rarity of the axis on the Opensea marketplace, the main marketplace for the BAYC. They are costly too, with the costliest being worth $3.4 million- The Bored Ape #8817.

The value of the BAYC has gone up exponentially, and for the right reasons. The high cost of the NFTs brought about a sense of high status amongst the holders. This helped bring in the famous icons which in turn helped BAYC grow in popularity. In January 2022 BAYC hit a 100 ETH floor price.

Big names in the entertainment and sports world like Eminem, Steph Curry, Jimmy Fallon, Post Malone don their Apes on their social media. If this wasn’t enough, Adidas included BAYC as one of the top names in its NFT program, Into the Metaverse. The company also bought an ape of its own.

It gained even more reach as they launched the mutant serum which would allow an owner to mutate their ape. The project has been striving to be more than just an NFT and become an ‘off-chain” brand too. The club announced a P2E game scheduled in 2022 in partnership with Animoca Brands.

Yuga Labs (the creators of BAYC) acquired CryptoPunks and Meebits on March 12th 2022 from Larva Labs, bullish news which saw the floor price of all three NFT collections pump.

Axie Infinity

axie battle NFT

Created in 2018 by Sky Mavis and co-founded by Trung Nguyen and Aleksander Larsen, Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based battle game that boasts of NFTs called Axies. The game made headlines in 2021 as its game’s native token AXS shot to enormous price levels. But along with them, the value of the characters i.e. Axies also skyrocketed.

The most expensive Axie monster was traded for around 115 ETH at a point. However, the same axie is estimated to be worth over $1.5 million now.

axie infinity NFT

The NFTs in this case isn’t just a piece of art or a collectable, but also a utility within the Axie Infinity Game. Built on the Ethereum chain, the Axies are traded on the Axie Marketplace. One can also trade items or land within the game in the form of NFTs on the marketplace.

Doodles NFTs

Launched on 17th October 2021, Doodles is headed by two very affluent names within the NFT industry. Evan Keast, one of the co-founders has worked for Dapper Labs since 2018. This is the same organization that delivered projects like Cryptokitties and NBA Topshot.

The artist, Scott Martin, a Canadian who created the collection is a fan favourite due to the style he hones and has been receiving much applause from the audience for his simplistic but attractive way of art. The creator has previously worked with Google and Snapchat.

doodles NFT

The other co-founder of the platform Jordan Castro has worked at Dapper labs and has been known to lead the Cryptokitties team in development. With an array of professionals like this, Doodles gained immense popularity post-launch. Since then, the number of sales has kept going up with the costliest doodle being sold for 296.69 ETH.

Doodles has managed to go up in the NFT charts despite being launched later than other blue chip NFTs. Along with a multilayer feature and many more to come, these vibrant and clear-line drawings should definitely be on your watchlist.

Art Blocks Curated

Imagine a piece of art being created not by an artist, but by an autonomous system using parameters given by a person. That is exactly what Artblocks is all about. This method of creating beautiful masterpieces is called generative art.

To capture the true essence of digital art is exactly what drove Erick Calderon to continue his hobby more seriously and thus paving way for one of the most sensational NFT projects in the space. As the founder of Artblocks, Erick Calderon sold a lot of his CryptoPunks at meagre rates to fund his project.

Art blocks NFT

The idea of the same concept of profile pic pixel heads being generated didn’t appeal to Erick. He also noticed that since the amount of money earned by creators was massive, there was a huge supply of art that couldn’t even be appreciated.

Thus, Art Blocks Curated was put into effect. This offering among some others that Artblock provides, is the most strictly curated among the collections. An individual is expected to turn in their work where a set of curators will determine whether or not to put up the NFT on Artblock.

art blocks NFT online

Artblock has been embraced by several famous artists which only helps in more visibility. Moreover, as the NFT verse ages, it will look for artworks that can be marvelled at. For an art connoisseur who doesn’t enjoy pixel head jpeg files, Artblock might be the place to be.

Best new NFT projects

These are some projects that have recently garnered much traction and have been performing well. They are currently being minted or are in the news due to their popularity. These NFTs are some of the top picks of the investors with maximum engagement as a community in recent times:

Ghozali Every day

This might be a lot to take in, but it’s true. This 22-year-old boy from Indonesia clicked selfies of himself for around 4 years as a part of a school video. However, Ghozali decided to put them up on the Opensea marketplace with a simple description that read “it’s really a picture of me standing in front of the computer day by day”.

ghozali NFT

Launched on 9 January 2022, Ghozali initially priced every image of his at $3. Well, the current volume traded as of now stands around 370 ETH with a floor price of 0.25 ETH. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that it might be a project worth investing in as a community or one with much potential, it is one to look out for.

This shows how NFTs might potentially play a role in featuring our entire personality in a virtual world. And for the collectors, the buying opportunity doesn’t have to be wasted since this is, and always will be, the first NFT collection of a real person. That could contribute to eventually rising bids for the collection.

Phanta Bear

Since its launch on 1st January 2022, Phanta Bears have been going viral with partnerships, sales, celebrity backing and much more. Founded by Ezek Club, a digital club based in Asia, the project gained a record number of members in their discord community within just five days.

One of the founders includes a popular Taiwanese performer nicknamed the King of Mandipop Jay Chou. His fashion brand PHANTACi is backing the project.

phantabear NFT

A Phanta Bear NFT allows the owners access to the exclusive Ezek Club as well as the Matrix World. Matrix world is a metaverse project by Matrix Labs. The roadmap of the Phanta Bear collection boasts an ambitious approach.

With virtual concerts and interactions between the bears as the owners’ personalities within the virtual world, Phanta bears have much planned. The 10,000 NFT collection even had higher sales than BAYC in the past week. This shows the massive growth the project has been seeing.

With a floor price of around 3 ETH currently, Phanta Bears hopes to build for the long term and provide owners perks and good value for their investments.

Azuki NFTs

This anime-feel art collection has been the talk of the town. The traditional look of an NFT collection includes simple lines or animals that have pixel heads. This project, however, is a whole different deal.

The art is nothing short of phenomenal and boasts of a project that is optimized for the metaverse and is built by the community itself. The project offers the owners access to The Garden, a corner of the virtual world where creators meet and collaborate to build a decentralized future.

azuki NFT

The project was founded by several partially doxxed(identity revealed) developers. But they include engineers with experience from companies like Facebook. Minting began on 13th January 2022, and the project sold out within minutes.

You will have to get into a third-party marketplace to acquire the NFTs. With a goal of not just being an NFT project, but also a  Metaverse brand in the future, this project built on the Ethereum smart chain will be one to watch out for.

Best Upcoming NFT projects

These projects are some of the most hyped projects in the space right now with extreme community engagement and interest. The projects are yet to be launched and people know that a whitelist spot itself could mean an easy profit. These projects are to be launched in the coming weeks or months.


With the dog meme hype quite alive since the early Dogecoin days, NFT creators have tried to incorporate it into their artworks to make a quick buck. However, the lack of anything more than a simple jpeg of a Dog didn’t appeal to the masses.

This is not the case with Dogami. With more than 50,000 members on discord and an impressive 30,000 following on Twitter, Dogami is being embraced by the NFT collectors and other community members already.

Dogami NFT

Set to launch in January, Dogami is a crypto game that is mobile phone-optimized that features Dog avatars as NFTs. In their metaverse called the “petaverse”, users can collect or trade NFTs, play, earn and socialize. It is built on the Tezos network and boasts of being one of the top AAA crypto games to be introduced. The developers of the project are famous for their work in Marvel, DC comics etc.

With a funding round which ended with Dogami securing around $6 million from top gaming and tech companies like Ubisoft and Animoca Brands, Dogami is being considered as a sure winner as it launched.

How to Buy NFTs

Buying NFTs can be a hassle, but there are simpler ways to get it done using exchanges like eToro. Here’s a step by step method to buy Ethereum on eToro and purchase NFTs via platforms like Opensea using it.

  • Sign up on the eToro homepage. No referral codes is required. Fill in the details and you are good to go.
  • Provide documents needed for profile verification. eToro is a secure platform that prioritizes the safety of the users and makes it mandatory to comply with regulations set by the government. The verification process will begin as soon as you submit the required documents
  • Depositing money on eToro is as simple as it gets. You can choose to pay with Credit/Debit Cards, Bank transfers, Online transfers, Rapid transfers, Paypal, Neteller and Skrill. You can deposit a minimum amount of $50

etoro deposit funds

  • Ethereum can be bought from a funded wallet easily. Simply search and select ETH from the market results and click on trade.

ethereum buy

  • The eToro platform gives all the information necessary on the interface itself. Latest research material, order book, candlesticks, indicators and crypto info.

ethereum buy

  • Once you select the amount of ETH you wish to buy, click on buy and just like that, you are one of the 3.9% people who own cryptocurrency, you are indeed early enough!
  • You can also stake any leftover ETH to earn passive income on eToro. To learn about buying NFTs from various marketplaces, read our how to buy NFTs page.

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Your capital is at risk.


The overall growth of the NFT markets has shown us one thing, it is here to stay. With Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta rebranding, it is obvious that massive chunks of the investing citizenry will adhere to getting into the trending thing if it is trending enough.

But with the way we are seeing technological advancements, it might only be a matter of time till we come around to appreciate digital art as much as we do, the physical form of it. The value of an NFT can only be speculated; but just like any other asset, it too thrives on the number of people ready to invest or indulge.

A portion of people buy and sell NFTs and see value in it, while some laugh it off as a momentary fad. However, it simply has to be taken seriously as we see big names enter the industry. Tech giants like Facebook and Samsung, brands like Adidas, Venture Capital Organizations etc. are showing interest and contributing. With the way they are getting involved and investing, we can be assured that NFTs are here to stay, and for long.

And the result of that long stay are the utility-based NFTs that provide more value than just being a tradable asset. With projects like Love Hate Inu, you’re looking at NFT projects that will prove valuable as long-term investments.

Visit Love Hate Inu

With crypto platforms like, buying and selling cryptocurrency is made easier. Getting a reliable wallet to store your coins securely is of importance. eToro is one of the few brokers that have been authorized and regulated by FCA, CySEC & ASIC.

Love Hate Inu - Newest Meme Coin


Love Hate Inu
  • Decentralized Polling - Vote to Earn
  • Early Access Presale Live Now
  • Ethereum Chain
  • Featured in Yahoo Finance
  • Mint Memes of Survey Results as NFTs
  • Staking Rewards
  • Viral Potential, Growing Community
Love Hate Inu

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What is an NFT project?

An NFT project could be any project that has NFTs (non-fungible tokens) associated with them. It could be a collection of artwork that is in the form of NFTs, an ecosystem or a virtual world where the assets are sold as NFTs, or games or apps that have characters that are NFT integrated.

What is an example of NFT?

Any digital asset that can be uniquely identified can be considered as an NFT. For eg., An axie from the Axie Infinity game is an NFT since it is unique from every other axie there is. They might have huge to very less variations but are different nonetheless.

How much does it cost to sell an NFT?

This depends mostly on the fee structure and policy of the marketplace from which you decide to trade on. Opensea, one of the biggest and most used NFT marketplace doesn't levy charges while putting up an NFT of your own. However, a percentage of the money it is bought for goes to Opensea as a means of commission fee after the sale.

How much does it cost to create an NFT?

The cost of creating an NFT depends solely on the kind of NFT you are looking to make. They may vary as creating a normal jpeg image might cost you virtually nothing. An illustrated image is free to create, but creating high-end NFTs for heavy and complex ecosystems might cost money accordingly.