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Top 12 Coolest NFT Projects – Cool Art and Cool Utility

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

The bear market hasn’t slowed down investor interest in NFTs, celebrities are still showing off their favorite non-fungible tokens, and artists continue to find new ways to digitize their artworks. The latest DappRadar crypto industry report also noted purchases of NFT land in metaverse projects didn’t slow down during the 2022 market correction.

However, there are some NFTs that have become more useful than the rest, and are cooler thanks to their utility and rewards. New cool NFT projects rely not only on their quirky artwork for the cool factor but also on their use cases and the new opportunities they bring to the table.

In this guide, we review the coolest NFT projects in 2022, the team of people behind them, the community they are building, and what lies ahead in their roadmaps for 2024.

Top 12 Coolest NFT Projects for 2024

NFT projects have always been cool. The year 2024 however, has seen an explosion of new NFTs all trying to complete – the growing crypto market has compelled NFT developers to come up with projects that actually provide better and cooler opportunities to users.

  1. Calvaria – New P2E Game on Presale
  2. Silks – Innovative Project with Real-Life Aspects Integrated
  3. IMPT – Crypto Project Catered to Protecting the Environment
  4. Tamadoge: A cool NFT Project with a focus on Play2Earn with memecoins
  5. Lucky Block: Ramping up the Cool Factor with Exclusive Prize draws
  6. Battle Infinity: The Coolest NFT project of 2024 on Presale Now
  7. Souls of Nature: An NFT Project that focuses on the Environment
  8. Awesome Possums: An NFT Project with a Positive Message
  9. Bored Ape Yacht Club: Biggest Blue-chip NFT Project to Date
  10. Primates: NFT project with a streetwear spin on the Blockchain
  11. Cool Cats: an NFT project with a singular focus on events and meetups
  12. Moonbirds: Fastest growing NFT Collection in Early 2022

We picked out these cool NFT projects this year, which we’ll review in detail below.

Coolest NFT Projects of 2022 – Reviewed

In these comprehensive reviews, we are going to take a deep dive and understand why these new projects have gotten the interest of the general crypto market. After NFTs entered the mainstream, several new players have entered the market – looking to make big gains through them or keep them as a collection. But many experts say it is time to look beyond the artwork to judge the NFTs. Their utilities and roadmaps matter equally. Reading these reviews will give you an idea about which projects can give you the most gains in the future.

1. Calvaria – New P2E Game Available on Presale

Calvaria is yet another crypto NFT project, expected to take the world of play-to-earn gaming by storm. Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a P2E crypto game where players build strategic decks of cards to battle against other players.

These cards are available as NFTs and are free to be purchased and sold. Since a specific combination of these cards is better than others, users can purchase cards in a way that gives them the most advantage.

Users can access the game for free and get a “starter deck” when they begin. The game is also available on android as well as iOS.

Buy Calvaria Now

When users earn a battle, they are rewarded with RIA tokens- the native cryptocurrency of the game. These tokens can be staked and also give their holders the rights to governance on the official DAO. Currently, the RIA tokens are available through a presale and have raised close to 200k USDT so far.

You can purchase these tokens with ETH or other stablecoins & become part of one of the coolest crypto NFT projects of 2022.

Visit Calvaria

2. Silks – Innovative Project with Real-Life Aspects Integrated

As a P2E project, Silks was sure to make it to the list of coolest NFTs for various reasons. Firstly, it taps into an industry that is rarely explored in the blockchain space- horseracing. Secondly, the project manages to not only provide an interesting gaming experience to players but also imbues real-life factors. On a whole, it is the perfect choice for those who wish to participate in an ecosystem which can generate income while also having real ties to a prevalent sport.

Silks NFT game

Here, players can own NFTs of racehorses that exist in real life and can win rewards for the races they win. They can also sell their NFTs for higher prices as these horses increase in demand in the real world too. However, to get started it is important to have at least one avatar, which one has to acquire to win rewards going forward.

Currently, the Silks Genesis Avatars collection is available for mint, where users have been looking to stock up on the assets that would act as the pass for eventually owning horses as well. At the moment, there are 6,800 NFTs on Opensea listed and being traded generously. While the floor price is at 0.14 ETH now, the community expects the number to go much higher in the future due to the excellent concept and product by Silks.

Buy a Silks Avatar Today

3. IMPT – Crypto Project Catered to Protecting the Environment

It’s tough to talk about the coolest NFT project and miss out IMPT. The project presents a blockchain-based solution for businesses to manage their carbon credits and make a positive change to the environment.

Big names such as Microsoft and Amazon have signed up with the company, and whenever someone shops on these brands the retailer will have to pay a portion of their earnings to the company. The proportion for each company will vary & this information will be available to the consumers.

Users will be rewarded with IMPT tokens for shopping on the respective platforms, and these tokens can then be exchanged for carbon credits.

Buy IMPT Token

These carbon credits can be listed on the IMPT website as NFT tokens or can be exchanged for NFTs by other popular artists.

The project not only provides high utility to users but also helps them take environmentally conscious steps when they get involved with the project. The tokens have raised over $10 million so far, raising $2.8 million in its first round which was concluded in just a week.

Visit IMPT

4. Tamadoge: A Cool NFT project with a focus on Play2Earn using doge

Tamadoge removes the monotony that plagues the play2earn games by making them more fun to play. In Tamadoge, you will own Tamadoge Pets, virtual pets NFTs. Each virtual pet is randomly generated with unique trait traits. You can either take care of them or put them to battle to move up the leader. As you win, you will earn Dogepoints.

Buy Tamadoge

Lying at the center of the Tamadoge ecosystem is TAMA – its native token. From buying accessories and pets from the Tamadoge store to rewards for the Play2Earn prize pool, TAMA crypto will play many roles.

Overall, it is one of the NFT projects that have landed on our radar that we are, excited about. The unique play2earn mechanics coupled with the fact that the Tamaverse is working towards integrated metaverses from the get-go have given us high hopes for this project.

Tamadoge recently finished its presale, raising 19 million USDT in just under 2 months. The memecoin is now heading to be listed on OKX on 27th September 2022. So, if you’re on the lookout for one of the coolest NFT projects, one with the potential of making 10x to 50x gains, according to CNBC, you should take a close look at Tamadoge. And if you’re on the look out for these cool NFTs, you won’t need to wait any longer asTamadoge recently launched its first installment of NFTs on October 6.

A limited number of 21,100 NFT digital collectibles, categorized into three categories—ultra-rare, rare, and common are included in Tamadoge’s future NFT collection. Every Tamadoge NFT will have distinctive qualities and abilities that will enable players to compete and advance up the leaderboard in order to earn $TAMA prizes.

Currently, the ultra-rare collection is up for sale on OpenSea, where the auction for these NFTs will continue till October 13. On the watchlist, Tamadoge has also narrowed down its rare and common NFTs; these two NFT series are anticipated to be issued soon.

Unlike Tamadoge’s common NFTs, rare NFTs will have relatively improved stats. Tama, the native crypto token of Tamaverse, has responded favorably to this announcement, as the crypto has shown a jump of more than 150% over the previous weekend.

After an overwhelming response received by the ultra-rare NFTs, Tamadoge has now released the rare and common collection on Opensea. So far, the rare collection has made the highest sale of 4.6 ETH, while the common one recorded the highest sale of 0.2 ETH. The token price has remained stable during the time of the NFT release.

Buy Tamadoge NFTs

5. Lucky Block: Ramping up the Cool Factor with Exclusive Prize draws

No game in 2022 has been quite as rewarding as Lucky Block. With its Platinum High Rollers club, millionaires have been made, which is surprising because Lucky Block – similar to Battle Infinity – has only been released this year. What’s more, LBLOCK is one of the best altcoins in the market – walking on stable grounds even during the bearish sentiments about the crypto.

Buy Lucky block

What is Platinum High Rollers Club? It is a collection of 10,000 NFT, each uniquely numbered and taking the shape of a card displaying a silver coin. When you are among the holders of this NFT, you’re a platinum high roller, a member of an exclusive club with access to Lucky Block lucky draw with an average price of 10,000 dollars. Want to get more prizes? Don’t worry. Take one of the 25 “rare edition” cards and become eligible to double your jackpot to $20,000.

But that’s not it. Along with daily prize draws, holding a Platinum Higher Roller Club NFT will give you a chance to get your hands on a Lamborghini Aventador, which is close to worth $400k.

Buying this NFT, worth 3.75 BNB, will grant you access to all the Lucky Block NFT games. If you sell these NFTs on the market, Lucky Block takes 10% royalty, and pours it back into the community. So, if you sell your NFT, all your friends in the Lucky Block Community will be rewarded.

With only over 2000 owners of this crypto, there is room for many rewards. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t participate in the program if you don’t own the NFT. Anyone can join the lucky draw for just $5 using the official app of Lucky Block.

You can understand we are bullish about the native token – LBLOCK – from the fact that the price of the token went up by 70X after the token got listed on the Pancakeswap.

As far as the crypto gaming industry goes, Lucky Block has already shown large potential. Its inclusive ecosystem and the tagline “Everyone is a winner” has attracted a large number of crypto enthusiasts. If you want to buy Lucky Block NFTs or tokens, you can look at our comprehensive guide.

Buy Lucky Block NFTs

6. Battle Infinity: The Coolest NFT Project of 2022

Starting at the top of the list is our most recommended NFT project for 2022: Battle Infinity (IBAT). It is a brand new blockchain game that focuses on esports, fantasy sports, and more. Full of features for both non-crypto and crypto gamers, this is the latest game that has turned heads the most in the play2earn gaming sector.

Battle Infinity

One look, and you’d understand how this particular play-2-earn NFT project differs from the rest. While the artworks are adorable, utility is the primary focus here. Battle Infinity combines six platforms – each covering a different aspect of the blockchain world. That is, whether you’re a GameFi enthusiast or from the DeFi crowd, you’d have something to earn by investing in Battle Infinity.

The main draw of Battle Infinity is the IBAT Premier League, a fantasy sports league that brings fantasy sports to the crypto genera. With IBAT Battle Market, you’ll have access to a unique NFT marketplace to trade in-game assets tokenized as NFTs. You can use IBAT Battle Games, a gaming platform with a wide array of games to choose from. Serious players can interact with the IBAT battle arena to get upgrades for their avatars and jump back into their games.

If games aren’t your concern – Battle Infinity has still got you covered. The platform offers Battle Swap, a decentralized exchange that works like a bank entity within the ecosystem. Users can buy IBAT tokens, swap their winnings for their crypto, and more. With Battle Staking, you can earn passive income on your IBAT by holding your tokens. But there is more. The rewards aren’t limited to APY, as there are other benefits to come.

The core of these platforms is the native BEP-20 IBAT tokens. With a supply of 10 billion, 28% of it goes to whoever joins the presale. The token will reward the players, power all transactions in its metaverse, and IBAT staking will also be a way to earn yield.

Battle infinity has something for everyone in the crypto community. For gamers, it has a collection of a wide variety of games. Sports enthusiasts are especially bullish about this NFT because of the fantasy sports elements. And DeFi watchers are more than interested in its staking and swapping offerings. The 90-day presale is over, and the token is now available to buy on Pancakeswap.

Currently the Telegram group has 5,000 members and the number is continuously rising.

Presale Started July 11
Presale End Oct 10 – Or 16,500 BNB Hard Cap Hit
Blockchain BSC
Min – Max Investment 0.1 – 500 BNB

Visit Battle Infinity

7. Souls of Nature: An NFT Project that Focuses on The Environment

The main draw of NFT has always been how it can be leveraged to improve the environment. Following that mantra is Souls of Nature, a one-of-a-kind NFT project that was cool enough to get on our list because it aims to raise environmental awareness by providing a unique metaverse experience. Many experts say it is one of the best metaverse NFT projects in 2022. And from what we have researched about it, these claims are warranted.

Buy Souls of Nature

Created by Metazoole, Souls of Nature is a collection of 9,271 unique NFTs – all part of an immersive metaverse experience designed using the unreal engine. Gamers won’t have any doubt about who this NFT is aiming to cater to. Holding a Souls of Nature NFT gives the holders a way to enter into the metaverse, and it also acts as the player avatar.

All this seems too mundane for the NFT metaverse space. So what’s the definitive factor that it is number 3 in our list of cool NFTs? It is the E2E – experience to earn model. The players take a spiritual journey into the metaverse – unlocking a fraction of their soul as they progress. As the “experience” the game, they will meet other players and interact with them.

Souls of Nature developers dedicate 5% of the fee made from the project to select institutions that are at the forefront of protecting endangered ecosystems.

As of yet, the collection is yet to be released. Once it does, holders will get access to the alpha test. The developers will take player feedback to refine the metaverse in many ways. Metazoole is focusing on optimizing user experience within the metaverse before the launch of the NFT marketplace “Souls of Nature Marketplace” and starting a $ZOOIE economy.

After the launch of these features, the team will completely leave the metaverse open to the holders. Metazoole is focusing on ensuring perpetual development and expansion of the Souls of Nature metaverse – giving it the potential to gain new players.

Souls of Nature gets our vote as the coolest NFT project because of its focus on the unreal engine. Blockchain gaming has always gotten criticized because of the lack of graphical fidelity. But with this brand new metaverse, gamers are sure to be interested. We also can’t ignore the main purpose of this project – to protect endangered species. There are rising calls for NFTs to make a real-world difference and the Souls of Nature NFT project is on the right track.

Also see our post exploring the environmental impact of NFTs.

Visit Souls Of Nature

8. Awesome Possums: An NFT project bearing a Positive Message

Many NFT projects have emerged over the years that bear a positive message, but none does that in a way as cooler as Awesome possums. First, it is one of the best utility-based NFT projects, which already makes it leagues ahead of Non-Fungible Tokens riding the wave of emotions to stay relevant.

Secondly, this cool NFT project focuses on raising awareness about one of the greatest needs today – mental health.

Buy Awesome Possums

Meet Awesome Possums, a collection of 12,000 Unique NFTs, each with unique traits. That’s not all. Over 2,000 among them are in 3D. Other than that, there are also ten rare possums – meant for true collectors.

Awesome Possums’ goal is not about attracting investment but also implementing them in meaningful ways to empower mental health awareness and recovery. The mint date was July 12th but has since been shifted to September 9th, 2022. 3K possum will be given away to the earlier adopters through Twitter contests

The official site says that the community is their top priority as it wants to put them on “The Road” to recovery and better mental health. Their main mantra is “possitivity”, kindness, integrity, generosity, inclusion, and gratitude.

The roadmap of Awesome Possum focuses on giving to the world. When the minting begins on September 12th, the team won’t only give away the NFTs, but also ETH. Down the road, the team will donate to many charities that focus on addiction recovery and mental health rehabilitation. There is also a giveaway for a luxury vacation, music festival tickets, and season tickets on the card – that will be given to 10 lucky holders.

The best development will be once the project completes 70% of its roadmap, where it will provide the holders with a free counseling session via discord.

Roadmap aside, the Awesome Possum project is different from the rest. It is trying to tackle real problems that many are too afraid to talk about. Mental health is a serious matter, and there is at least one NFT project out there that’s taking it seriously. For this reason alone, this project is #4 on our list of cool NFTs.

Visit Awesome Possums

9. Bored Apes: Biggest Blue-chip NFT project to date

There is not much to say about the Bored Apes NFT project. As the biggest NFT project in the world, it’s by far the coolest NFT project with the most brand recognition. It was the ‘OG’ collection that took NFTs into the mainstream with its celebrity branding and quirky artworks.

Buy Bored Apes

BAYC is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated apes that chill out in the swamp. The project is one of the most expensive NFTs in the market, with a floor price of $89 ETH ($137,416).

If you have a Bored Ape, you pretty much have a way to get into every exclusive NFT community, including the Bathroom. It is a member’s only graffiti club filled with pixelated artwork that plays jokes at other NFT projects, including CryptoPunks. If you’re a Bored Ape Yacht Club holder, you have all of its commercial rights. You can create your own derivative artworks, even make 3D models, or create a music video to monetize them.

Along with Bored Apes, the first movers can also get a cool Mutant Ape Yacht Club, a BAYC derivative created by Yuga Labs, with a mutation on the already unique artworks.

In the past, Bored Ape NFTs gained much notoriety and fame in the market due to celebrity branding, but it is not going something different. From real-world events to being featured in music videos to being the flagbearers of the Otherside metaverse, the Bored Ape project is gaining a higher ground than it already has.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club is one of the oldest NFT projects, and none have been able to topple it from the top spot. While it is not at the top of the cool NFTs projects on our list, it still has quite phenomenal just for the sheer exclusivity it provides once you own one. For large-scale blue-chip investors, the Bored Ape is the NFT to invest in. However, the high price doesn’t make it appealing to those who want to enter the NFT space.

10. Primates: An NFT Project aiming to Bring High-Quality Merch

We have another Ape based NFT project on the list, and it is called the Primates, obviously. A community-built project that brings streetwear to the crypto space, it has a cool idea going for it.

The current NFT merch market has a vacuum. Yes, the designs are cool, and all, but the real streetwear aesthetics aren’t really there. At least that’s what the Primates believe. Therefore, the NFT project aims to create an ecosystem where the merch quality matches the hype of the project.

Primates NFT

According to the official announcement, the launched merch will be high in quality and few in numbers. Taking cues from the general idea of what an NFT is, Primates hopes that scarcity will drive up the adoption of the project and the clothes. NFT holders will get early drops and get them access to exclusive drops.

But streetwear won’t stop with jeans, T-shirts, and overcoats. It is the street aesthetics that Primates is after. That is why it is also planning to release a new line of wallets, rings, ashtrays, and playing cards. The merch will also have a secondary marketplace where they can be resold.

The Primates NFT project is trying to bring quality to the merchandise that other NFT projects have largely ignored. To take a positive step in that direction, they have got a fashion designer on board.

11. Cool Cats: an NFT project with a singular focus on events and meetups

Cool Cats is one of the coolest NFT projects because it goes beyond its name. A collection of 9,999 randomly generated cats, this NFT project does everything common in the NFT ecosystem but does them with style.

Coolcats NFT

With every Cool Cats NFT, you can access many interesting benefits. These will range from exclusive perks such as access to cool cats live events, raffles, and special giveaways. The NFT has limited use currently other than a cool profile picture, but that is about to change.

The project now aims to create a gamified ecosystem called Cooltopia – a metaverse where players can interact with each other and get a chance to earn $MILK – the native crypto of the Cooltopia universe. Players will battle, complete quests, and overcome challenges. The robust roadmap of the project also tells us that there is a housing system too in the cards, allowing players to build a house within the Cooltopia metaverse.

While Cool Cats doesn’t do anything unique, it has a unique style behind it that makes it appealing to many in the crypto crowd. The community is always helping each other the Cooltopia project is on an accelerated timeline. So, you can hope to enter Cooltopia by the end of 2022 and then know about the real worth of this NFT project.

12. Moonbirds: The project that can be the hottest collection of the year

Moonbirds is a collection of 10,000 utility-based profile picture NFTs with a current floor price of 17.75 ETH.

Moonbirds NFT

Like other projects on this list, Moonbirds is also moving beyond its profile restrictions. Users get access to the private PROOF server that gives them access to exclusive drops, giveaways, and meetups.

It is one of the market’s most traded collections of NFTs and is continuously attracting investment. It will be a sight to see how big this NFT project grows. For the potential this project represents, it is one of the coolest NFT projects in our eyes.

Where to buy NFT?

Are you wondering about where to buy the coolest NFTs? Here are your options.

1. NFT Launchpad

NFT Launchpad is one of the best NFT marketplaces right now, with support from both Binance Smart Chain and Polygon Network.NFT LaunchPad logo

Investors can buy NFTs on this platform using WBNB, which is cheaper than most places. Access the NFT launchpad via the web browser, and you are good to go.

NFT Launchpad

Beyond buying, the platform is also good for minting NFTs. As a creator, you’d have full control over the loyalties and can add a dedicated page about your project.

Some cool NFT projects that are lesser known can be found on NFT launchpad, such as Lucky Block’s NFTs which we reviewed above, as well as creative art NFTs.


  • Powerful NFT project
  • Many collections
  • Support of Matic and BSC


  • Fewer NFTs than some NFT marketplaces like OpenSea

Visit NFT Launchpad

2. NFT marketplace launched the NFT marketplace in 2021. Since then, it has seen fast growth with hundreds of NFT collections across multiple categories. logoIf security is your concern, it is the NFT marketplace to choose.

The fee on NFT marketplace is kept to a minimum so that most can become part of the NFT ecosystem. The projects available are many, ranging from up-and-coming artists to established leaders like Jay Chou. NFT marketplace

One of the best features of this marketplace is that you can buy NFTs using credit cards. NFT marketplace may be new, but it has all the makings of an inclusive ecosystem where blue chips and entry-level NFTs can be bought. Not all of the coolest NFT projects out there can be found on this exchange’s marketplace, but it does have many cheap NFT options.


  • Good design
  • Low fees
  • Minting is easy


  • You can’t choose the chain in which to record your transactions



The coolest NFT projects are those that provide utilities beyond profile pictures. In our list, we have covered them all. Battle Infinity is our choice as the coolest NFT project.

Since its also on presale until October – although is on pace to sell out early, raising $800,000 so far – its also a chance to invest early in a cool NFT project.

As an up-and-coming Play 2 Earn game, this NFT project has the potential to get better and bigger with time. Check out Battle Infinity below if you want a project worth your time.

Visit Battle Infinity

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What is a good NFT to buy?

Battle Infinity is our choice of the best NFT in the market.

How much is Bored Ape NFT right now?

The floor price of Bored Ape NFT is 89 ETH.

Are NFTs a good investment in 2022?

Yes, NFTs are and continue to be great investments, pushing the blockchain ecosystem to the mainstream.