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Lucky Block NFTs – Project Details and How to Buy

The Platinum Rollers Club is the official NFT collection of the Lucky Block project, now available to buy at their exclusive new partnered NFT marketplace, for 3.75 WBNB.
NFT Launchpad
NFT Launchpad

Update – the Lucky Block jackpot app is now live, linked to on the homepage of the official Lucky Block site.

Lucky Block app

The LBLOCK token price spiked +20% when it was launched.

The Lucky Block decentralized crypto lottery project first launched in Q1 2022, with the presale of their native token LBLOCK selling out early and starting trading on Pancakeswap on Jan 26th.

To add further value to the community, their first NFT collection of 10,000 NFTs has now been minted and were listed for sale March 19th on NFT Launchpad. They grant exclusive access to additional lottery prize draws for NFT holders, acting as your entry ticket.

Buy Lucky Block NFTs

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

What are Lucky Block NFTs

This inaugural collection of 10,000 NFTs takes the form of .mp4 video files that display your unique bonus number, one per NFT. If your number comes up in the daily NFT lottery draws, you will win a cash prize. The NFT jackpot will be equal to 2% of the main Lucky Block lottery draw.

Lucky Block NFT

How Lucky Block NFTs appear held in Trustwallet

At the time of writing with the lottery draw scheduled to launch in late March, the team currently estimates the NFT lottery prizepool will average around $10,000 each day, which will grow in time.

Lucky Block NFT Price Today

Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club NFTs are now priced at 3.75 wBNB, equivalent to approximately $1500 at the current exchange rate.

Wrapped BNB is used on the Binance Smart chain to buy NFTs. Binance coin (BNB) can be swapped for wBNB on Pancakeswap, where LBLOCK is also listed to buy and trade.

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

2023 Lucky Block NFTs Price Prediction

The value of NFTs can also rise in time and provide a high return on investment (ROI) like cryptocurrency assets. At the time of writing the LBLOCK token is up over 25x, based on its phase one presale price of $0.00015 and the LBLOCK price today at just over $0.0037.

Its current all-time high is $0.0097, a 65x gain. Lucky Block NFTs, with a low supply of 10,000, could be a similarly good investment, which the Lucky Block blog predicts.

‘If the Lucky Block NFT collection comes under the same buying pressure as seen with LBLOCK – in other words if it grows in value by 6,566% as LBLOCK did, then $1,500 could become $100,000 in a matter of weeks.’ – the Lucky Block team

Any NFT price predictions are speculative as the industry is such a new emerging asset class. NFT floor prices are volatile, but that’s one optimistic projection for 2023 and beyond. Bored Ape NFTs started at $200, and reached an over 100 ETH floor price, i.e. the lowest a BAYC NFT sells for now is about $300,000. One sold for $2.3 million USD.

Where to Buy Lucky Block NFTs

NFT Launchpad is a new NFT marketplace where Lucky Block NFTs are now listed for sale alongside other NFT collections with a range of themes.

Launched by Lucky Block partner company Finixio, it’s a multi-blockchain marketplace for NFTs with Binance Smart Chain and Polygon integrated, with support for more planned.

NFT Launchpad site

Where to buy Platinum Rollers Club NFTs – NFT Launchpad

If you’re an existing creator or NFT holder, you can trade your NFT on the platform and set a ‘buy now’ price, reserve price, and accept auction bids if you wish.

The listing for Lucky Block NFTs on based on their contract address can be reached here. Or just type ‘Lucky Block’ in the search bar from the home page.

Lucky Block NFT listing

Lucky Block NFT listings

There is also a Lucky Block Telegram chat with over 44,000 members and smaller support group if you’re new to buying NFTs and want to ask questions to the admin team. Note that admins will never DM you first and there are no Lucky Block airdrops running.

There is also an NFT channel for news updates.

How to Buy Lucky Block NFTs

  • Visit to set up a Metamask wallet if you don’t already have one
  • Follow the links to download Metamask and set up the Metamask extension in your browser
  • Transfer enough wBNB to your wallet to purchase an NFT
  • Log in to the Metamask browser extension, then click ‘Connect Wallet’ on NFT Launchpad
  • Browse the NFT collection and choose one you want to buy
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to checkout and pay

A video showing the above process to buy an NFT on NFT Launchpad was created by Telegram admin Diogo – which you can watch here.

How to buy Lucky Block NFT

Example checkout screen

You’re now the owner of a Lucky Block NFT, which you can store securely in Metamask or Trust Wallet – never connect your wallet to unknown websites sent to you in DM, as imposters on Telegram and other social media are known to attempt scams in this way.

View NFTs in Metamask

If the NFT section in your Metamask wallet is blank, follow these instructions:

  • Open the menu in Metamask and select view on BSCScan
  • Go down to the transactions section and click ERC-721 Txns
  • drag the title bar over until you see Token ID — Txn Hash > Age > From > To > Token ID
  • Tap the Token ID of your NFT in Blue (remember the ID in blue)
  • Copy the Contract Address from the profile Summary
  • Tap X at the top left to come out of BscScan
  • Tap on NFTs from the main wallet screen
  • Tap import NFTs
  • Paste the address and enter the ID
  • Click Import

There is also a video detailing the above process for Metamask created by admin Josh that you can watch here.

Also check the pinned messages in the main Telegram group and support group which you can scroll back through by clicking on them. Remember admins will never message you first.

Benefits of Buying a Lucky Block NFT

The odds of winning the NFT lottery draw will be higher than the main lottery draw and unlike that draw, don’t require tickets to be purchased to enter.

‘Lucky Block will already be rewarding all LBLOCK token holders with a share of each jackpot when the main draws start on March 25th. But in this separate prize draw for our Platinum Rollers Club NFT buyers, everyone has the chance to win big. $10,000 is up for grabs daily.’ – CEO Scott Ryder

So there are two forms of passive income for investors in the Lucky Block project – a share of each main jackpot for LBLOCK token holders, and a separate additional prize draw for NFT holders.

Lucky Block Rare NFTs

As is tradition in the non-fungible token space, there will also be ‘rares’ as part of the Platinum Rollers club NFT collection.

25 rare NFTs were minted as part of the 10,000 NFTs – when buying an NFT you might become the lucky owner of one of these ‘rares’, which will be revealed upon purchase. Hit the jackpot while holding one of those rare Lucky Block NFTs, and you’ll win double the NFT jackpot for that prize draw.

Admin Diogo posted an example of what a rare Lucky Block NFT looks like – with an animated rocket appearing in the video file – which you can view here.

Visit NFT Launchpad

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.