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11 Best NFT Marketplaces

Which NFT marketplaces have the lowest fees, and which are the easiest to use? We review the best NFT marketplaces and answers common questions about buying and selling non-fungible tokens.

An NFT marketplace is a gateway to trade digital assets. NFT marketplaces allow you to buy and trade all the latest web assets from virtual worlds, music, art, and more – just like you might with a traditional marketplace.

Similar to product marketplaces, it’s commonly said that NFT marketplaces are the Amazon of digital assets. There are dozens of them that offer a specific niche. We’ll review the top NFT marketplaces to buy NFTs in this guide.

Best NFT Marketplaces 2022 List

  1. OpenSea – Best NFT Marketplace with Highest Trade Volume
  2. Axie Marketplace – Top NFT Marketplace For Trading Axies
  3. NBA Top Shot – Best Marketplace For Sports NFTs
  4. Larva Labs / CryptoPunks – Best known for the viral CryptoPunks NFT project
  5. Binance – Top NFT Platform with Lowest Fees
  6. – Best Hybrid NFT Marketplace
  7. Rarible – Best Decentralised NFT Marketplace for Collector
  8. Mintable – Best NFT Marketplace Crypto For Governance
  9. Foundation – Best NFT Platform for Upcoming Artists
  10. Nifty Gateway – Best NFT Marketplace for Content Creators exclusively
  11. SuperRare – Best NFT Marketplace For Unique Digital Collectibles

There are a few valuable NFT marketplaces which provide digital assets. In order to choose one, it’s first crucial to decide what kind of NFT you’re interested in.

The written word, videos, video games, art collector items — anything at all that can be tokenized on a blockchain — can be found. To narrow down your selections, it’s best to begin by defining what you’re looking for. Let’s discuss the above list of best NFT marketplaces now in more detail.

NFT Marketplace Reviews

1. OpenSea – Best NFT Marketplace with Highest Trade Volume

best NFT marketplace

OpenSea has all sorts of digital assets available on its platform. OpenSea is free to sign up and browse the extensive offerings, with centralized management of NFTs, helpful features for Artists & Creators, and an easy-to-use process if you want to create your own assets (known as “minting”).

OpenSea is a popular option among NFT enthusiasts and one of the best NFT art and games marketplaces at the moment. The platform allows you to buy and sell different NFTs – ranging from domain names to collectibles – using your Ethereum wallet. You can also buy and sell NFTs on the secondary marketplace, and you can create your original NFT collections to sell on OpenSea.

OpenSea has been especially famous because of its flexibility and fees. Its marketplace offers sellers a broad range of opportunities to showcase their works, and it even offers “lazy minting.” This process allows users to showcase their art passively and wait for people to discover you. At the same time, traders and collectors are impressed with the platform’s 2.5% brokerage fee, which is more than competitive across all marketplaces.

OpenSea has over 200 categories of digital assets and 4 million NFTs. The user-friendly platform allows you to bid on these NFTs using Ethereum-based tokens, and you can do all of this without having to create an account – just connect your wallet and you’re ready to go.


  • Their commissions are competitive.
  • There are large varieties available for NFT collectibles.
  • They are leading the industry & secure.


  • A major cons. is their acceptance of payments in cryptocurrency.
  • One needs to have a crypto wallet to trade on the platform.

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2. Axie Marketplace – Top NFT Marketplace For Trading Axies

Axie NFT

Axie market is a global marketplace for decentralized video game Axie. The platform has 2 million+ active users and hosts a robust ecosystem of third-party games and apps. Which gives all gamers total control over their items outside of the game maker.

The Axie network stepped into the limelight this year, becoming one of the best NFT art and games marketplaces in the world. Axie marketplace is a sprawling collection of tokens, ranging from art to games and more.

The latest addition to Coinbase Global is the NFT marketplace for collecting digital animals called Axie Market. Axie Infinity tokens, also known as Axie Shards, are Ethereum blockchain-based and can be traded on eBay, Deambrella, and other NFT marketplaces.

The Axie Marketplace allows you to create new Axies – cute digital pets that are raised and used in the Axie Infinity game. These pets can be traded on the Axie Marketplace or sold on popular exchanges like UniSwap. Axies are used mainly for in-game battles against other players in-game monsters. With the game getting more adoption, you have a pretty broad market to sell to.

One major blip with this platform is that the Axie Marketplace only sells items and characters from the Axie Infinity ecosystem. The Axie platform charges a pretty low 4.25 percent fee on trades, which the seller has to pony up. Buyers pay gas fees. To buy your first Axie you will need to own Ether. If you already own ETH, you can simply connect your wallet to the marketplace to get started.


  • Hands on state of play to earn with Aixe system
  • Axie Infinity is available on desktop and mobile devices
  • Battle, collect, raise, and build with an expansive universe
  • Arguably one of the most successful NFT-based video game till date
  • Potential to make a legitimate amount of crypto


  • Quite expensive for new players
  • Have to buy 3 Axies to play game
  • Ethereum and Axie Infinity are only accepted payment method
  • Commission on sales

3. NBA Top Shot – Best Marketplace For Sports NFTs


The National Basketball Association and Women’s National Basketball Association has partnered with fan-driven marketplace, NBA Top Shot to exclusively sell collectible moments and art based on the world’s most popular NBA sport and women’s basketball league. Skip Amazon for your next sports gift and head over to the fast-growing marketplace instead!

In order to purchase a product from the NBA’s Top Shot, you must first sign up for an account. Using the Flow Blockchain from Dapper Labs, Top Shot has been created as a closed marketplace that only lets you buy and sell goods on their site. Some collectibles are as cheap as a few dollars.


  • Uses Flow blockchain with lower fees than Ethereum.
  • More accessible to users without cryptocurrency.
  • With a heavy emphasis on the mainstream audience and major success in the market, NBA Top shot is one of the most successful tradeable tokens to date.
  • New releases come regularly.


  • Restricted support for cryptocurrencies
  • NBA Top Shot Custodian of NBA Assets
  • In early stages of their development

4. Larva Labs/CryptoPunks – Best known for the viral CryptoPunks NFT project

larvalabs NFT

Larva Labs, best known for the viral project CryptoPunks, is also working on Autoglyphs and other Ethereum blockchain-based app developments. Free CryptoPunks were first given to the public in 2017 by Larva Labs, with some being traded for up to millions of dollars since then.

Larva Labs sells out of CryptoPunks quickly, but buyers can find them on various third-party marketplaces. Nevertheless, projects like Meebits are worth tracking; they can be bought directly through Larva Labs’ marketplace.


  • First NFT collectibles project on Ethereum
  • Come with 10,000 unique CryptoPunk characters
  • Most CryptoPunk characters sold for $1+ million
  • Compatible with MetaMask which is itself a popular wallet
  • In terms of sales, its is the second most successful NFT collectible set of all-time


  • Higher Fees and limitations due to use of Ethereum
  • Generated by a computer, not by a human
  • Can’t use traditional payment methods to purchase such as Credit cards or Stripe or Paypal
  • The Need for Non-Custodial Wallets Weakens The User-Friendliness

5. Binance – Top NFT Platform with Lowest Fees

Binance NFT

The Binance NFT marketplace was launched in the June month of this year. The launch was big news, considering its success based on the number of transactions processed on their launch day alone. Centralized exchanges are largely tied into the crypto industry as a whole.

This NFT Marketplace is developed on the robust Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and features digital artworks and collectibles. Transaction fees are set at 1%, ensuring creators can monetize their work efficiently without sacrificing their profits to ever-fattening commission rates. What’s more? Users can mint, sell, bid, and buy from a variety of NFT tokens from leading creators in the space.


  • Easy onboarding process
  • Credit and debit cards supported
  • Zero charges on deposits
  • Quick transactions


  • Considerably low withdrawal fees
  • It was hacked in the near past
  • This marketplace holds private keys rather than users

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6. – Best Hybrid NFT Marketplace

crypto NFT provides a top central coin exchange and also runs a crypto NFT marketplace. The cryptocurrency exchanges customers with celebrities and famous artists too. Some of the people has partnered with include Snoop Dogg, BossLogic, Boy George, and Axel Mansoor.

The NFT Marketplace is one of the fasting growing exchanges that not only allows for cryptocurrency trading but offers a wide variety of other features that interested users pay for, such as credit and debit card support, access to over 20 cryptocurrencies, and campaign strategies. 


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Zero NFT transaction fee which places it as the market leader in terms of cost.
  • Like Binance NFT marketplace, you can buy NFTs directly using a debit or credit card.


  • To use the NFT marketplace, users have to connect to App.
  • The platform is new, so not much knowledge there among the users about how to create NFTs on the platform.

7. Rarible – Best Decentralised NFT Marketplace for Collector

Buy NFT online

Rarible is a great community-owned NFT marketplace for collectors. This app provides a clean interface, free from the clutter found on the more popular marketplaces. You can see top-selling Decentralised NFTs so you know what people are currently looking at in the space.

Many view the Rarible platform as the biggest competitor to OpenSea. It’s also an Etheruem-based marketplace on the rise. Raribles user-friendliness enables creators to make more money on the platform. It also supports collectibles images in addition to cards, enabling creators to create many unique images, rather than just one card image.

Launched in 2020, Rarible is a community-owned platform that facilitates NFT minting and sales. It focuses on collectibles and art. Rarible features a simple minting process that lets people create NFTs without coding knowledge. Sellers can even create more than one NFT for a single image. If it’s a really hot commodity, they will be able to sell the image more than once and maximize their earnings. Are you bothered about third-party sales? Rarible sorts that issue out. Creators can program royalties to the Rarible platform, ensuring that they get a cut if their work gets sold off by the buyer at a future date.

Interestingly, Rarible also offers the ability to buy NFT games. The platform is tapping further into the gaming space thanks to a partnership with MyCryptoHeroes (MCH) – an accelerator program for blockchain game developers. This collaboration opens the door to game developers in the MCH ecosystem to sell their tokens on Rarible.

Not only can you trade digital collectibles on OpenSea, but you can also use Fiat seamlessly to purchase your desired NFT’s such as RARIES (Rarible’s asset) which is owed to those who create and those who buy.


  • Being an artist, one can choose up to 50% of future royalties
  • It’s non-custodial marketplace
  • Extremely easy for creating and selling NFTs
  • To shape governance of the platform, native tokens are used.


  • Higher commission in the competitive landscape.
  • Mobile app is not available yet.

8. Mintable – Best NFT Marketplace Crypto For Governance

Mintable NFT

Mintable – an open marketplace similar to OpenSea – aims to be a safe space for internet users to buy and sell NFTs. Users will need Ethereum (ETH) (which can be found with certified exchanges like Kraken) in order to participate in the NFT industry on Mintable. The platform also supports the minting of NFTs for creators of all types (insert something about how they want to promote their work).

Now NFT collectors can use their Ethereum to instantly buy and trade with crypto on Mintable. 


  • It’s Free & extremely easy to use
  • Fast in creating, buying & selling NFTs
  • Listing is free
  • User friendly and anyone can use without much expertise.


  • Transaction charges are high in comparison to other NFT platforms like Rarible
  • Less crypto wallet integrations

9. Foundation – Best NFT Platform for Upcoming Artists

foundation NFT

Foundation, a no-frills way to sell digital art has sold more than $100 million worth of memes since their release in early 2021. Sales are made using Ethereum and benefit from a simple interface.

Artists and Buyers will both find it easy to get started if they try out the Foundation platform. Artists are invited to the platform by members of the Foundation community. Buyers have a crypto wallet funded with Ethereum and start making purchases from the Platform.


  • Interface is user friendly.
  • Creators fuel a new system of values for the online expression
  • A popular marketplace because it auctions NFTs
  • Like OpenSea and Rarible, If any piece on the platform is resold, a royalty of 10% credited to users’ wallet which originally minted the NFT.


  • Only ETH payments are accepted here.
  • Quite high commissions comparatively.

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10. Nifty Gateway – Best NFT Marketplace for Content Creators exclusively

nifty NFT

Nifty Gateway is a blockchain-powered, crypto art ecosystem created by the crypto exchange Gemini. As of now, they allow only some of the most popular digital artists such as Beeple and singer/musician Grimes. Every artist on the site creates their own Nifties (electronic machine immune fragile), or individual token of value which typically contains a photography collecting footage series.

Rather than storing purchases in your own wallet, Nifty Gateway stores them in an off–site location for you. This means that you can purchase virtual assets with fiat currency.

While it might not be as popular as names like OpenSea and Rarible, Nifty Gateway is another of the top NFT marketplaces. Nifty Gateway focuses more on music and art-related NFTs. Nifty Gateway has been known to partner with several creators in the past to launch NFTs in “drops.” There’s an insane demand for drops, as they are often only available for a limited period, and they tend to sell out due to FOMO. Artists can decide on how much they want from secondary sales, and their wallets will be credited accordingly.

Nifty Gateway is also popular because it allows you to buy your NFTs using USD directly. So, it reduces the stress of having to always convert your funds to ETH. However, its marketplace fee of 5 percent is quite high.


  • Extremely exclusive artists on the platform
  • Purchase NFTs with a credit card
  • Easy to use platform for crypto beginners


  • No Wallet with this NFT marketplace
  • Only accept popular artists

11. SuperRare – Best NFT Marketplace For Unique Digital Collectibles

superare nft

Do you have a favorite artist, know how to do some coding, or have a compelling story? SuperRare’s platform allows creators to create scarcity around their digital content. With Ethereum as the only payment method, users can be sure there will always be high demand for their collectibles.

The SuperRare NFT is Ethereum based token, which will be used to find and curate new talent for the marketplace. Like RareRible, users are able to buy and sell their own super rare tokens on OpenSea.


  • Offers high royalties for artists
  • Easy to navigate through user interface
  • Offer buying system


  • High commission rates in a competitive landscape of Top NFT marketplaces
  • ETH is the only payment method
  • High charges on Ethereum network

How to buy Ethereum for NFT trading

After knowing about the best NFT marketplaces, what to do next? You might be wondering how to start trading NFTs from these marketplaces. To start NFT trading, you need to buy Ethereum first. You can buy it from are several reliable brokers online, such as Coinbase & Binance, though we have special preference for eToro. eToro is one of the few brokers that is authorized and regulated by FCA, CySEC & ASIC.

This is why in this section, we will walk you through a few simple steps of buying your first Ethereum for NFT trading through eToro. Let’s begin:

Step 1: Sign Up at eToro

A free eToro account is easy to create.  Luckily, with eToro, you don’t need an invitation code. Click here to go to their website on either Windows or Mac, and click “Get Started”. Choose a username, enter your email address and create a secure password.

Step 2: Profile Verification

eToro makes it a priority to ensure clients comply with the regulations set out by governments across the world by asking you to provide a copy of your ID.

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Verification ID requires either a utility bill or bank statement to verify the address. Once you upload the documents, the verification process will automatically begin.

Step 3: Deposit Amount

You can start with a minimum deposit  amount of $50 with eToro. Here, you don’t have to pay any fee for the deposit. You can use multiple ways to deposit the amount, including:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Online Transfers
  • Bank transfers
  • Rapid Transfers
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

etoro USD

Ethereum (ETH) is already listed on eToro, and it is available for trading like all the other cryptocurrencies.

There are many other coins also available there on eToro platform, which also means that you can trade all of them side by side with crypto trading.

Step 4: Explore Ethereum (ETH)

Now that you have set up your eToro account and funded it, let’s go ahead and buy Etereum (ETH). Enter ‘ETH’ into the search bar at the top of the page to find it.

When you sign up to eToro, you can also browse through traders for ideas for your next investment. To buy ETH, select Etereum | ETH from the ‘markets’ results – click on ‘trade’.


When you sign up to Tezos you can also browse through traders on eToro for ideas for your next investment. To buy Tezos, select Tezos from the ‘markets’ results – click on ‘trade’.

Step 5: Check Pricing

The platform eToro provides a plethora of tools for you including news feeds, stats on the coin, research information about ETH, Prime coin pricing charts which let you change the timeframe or add indicators.

ETH Trends

Of course, the prices you see will differ from those on other exchanges as eToro offers different rates. However, using their interface is much more convenient than visiting individual exchanges and balancing tons of accounts so you can take advantage of all available BTC to LTC conversion opportunities.

Step 6: Trade Ethereum

Ethereum (ETH) is the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. It has experienced exponential growth in less than two years and many are speculating that ETH will become the next Bitcoin.

Buying Etereum takes only a few clicks. Enter the desired amount of funds you want to invest in ETH, and click ‘Open Trade’. The required transaction will execute at the current buy price.

If you want to trade ETH with eToro, you can purchase your desired amount on the market before moving it into escrow.

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NFTs are an interesting piece of the crypto industry. Today, some of the best NFT marketplaces process millions in transactions and facilitate the trading of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) globally. In the first half of 2021 alone, trading volumes for NFTs surpassed $2 billion.

People have made millions from selling these tokens – read a list here of the most expensive NFTs. They’ve also been incorporated into several gaming platforms. Art and gaming are two of the most extensive uses of NFTs today.

Now that we have listed & reviewed the top 11 best NFT marketplaces, you should have a good sense knowledge of the world of non-fungible tokens and its marketplaces. We hope this helps you decide how you want to shape your future with NFTs.

If you have not yet thought about it, do think about investing in NFTs. Who knows, it might make your dream come true and make you live the life that you always fantasized of. Trends in NFTs over the past year have demonstrated their steady growth, high interest, and broad field of application. Through these three trends, it’s possible that NFTs will soon be just as influential as crypto-assets.

The future of NFTs is undoubtedly bright across domains. Do your research and ensure that you know your suitability best. We recommend starting on this lucrative ride immediately and wish you happy trading. The first step will be to an account on a safe regulated exchange such as eToro where you can buy Ethereum, Enjin and other cryptos which can be used to buy NFTs.

Then you’ll also need somewhere to store your NFTs. Read our guide to the best NFT wallets.

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What does NFT stand for?

NFT is an abbreviation for non-fungible tokens. Fungible means replaceable and interchangeable - tokens that are non-fungible are unique. Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain have enabled artists to ensure that their work will always be one of a kind, and their ownership of it can be proven.

How to create NFT art?

Now you can create your own NFTs using some of the tools currently available on OpenSea. Once you have opened MetaMask, you can create your own NFTs. Navigate to and click the Create button in the menu bar. Now you connect your MetaMask wallet with OpenSea and get to work. Create a name for your NFT collection, then click the Add New Item button.

Where to buy NFT crypto?

To purchase NFTs you will need to establish a digital wallet for your cryptocurrency. A number of different wallets are available, including Coinbase and Copay. You can explore the multiple NFT marketplaces to buy NFT, including the list we provided above, in this article.


eToro - Best Platform for Buying Ethereum

eToro - Best Platform for Buying Ethereum

eToro - Best Platform for Buying Ethereum

Buy Ethereum for NFTs

68% of retail investor CFD accounts lose money.

eToro - Best Platform for Buying Ethereum
Buy Ethereum for NFTs

68% of retail investor CFD accounts lose money.