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Best NFT Giveaways Of 2023 – Top 9 List

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

While the financial prominence of NFTs isn’t the same as before, the crypto community considers them valuable – capable of allowing interaction with the blockchain ecosystem in new ways. That is why many new (and some old) projects are still bullish about offering NFT giveaways with lucrative incentives.

The nature of these giveaways ranges from offering a certain number of cryptocurrencies to incentivizing users to enter an ecosystem that offers eco-friendly NFTs. This guide will cover the best NFT giveaways of 2023 that have drawn a lot of attention.

Top NFT Giveaways Of 2023

Below is a list of some of the top NFT giveaways for this year. Although some of the projects on this list are not running NFT giveaways as of press time, they have, in recent months, organized airdrops for their loyal community members and will still do that in the future.

  1. Meme Kombat – Best P2E Gaming NFT With Attractive Rewards
  2. Jaadoo – An NFT Project Featuring Prominent Indian Alien Character, Jaadoo
  3. The Pepe Chronicles – Top NFT Project Featuring “Pepe The Frog.”
  4. Dapper Labs – Regular NFT Giveaways For Sports Fans
  5. Gods Unchained – A Card-Based P2E Game With Regular NFT Giveaways
  6. Turf – NFT Airdrop Focusing On Map Art For Specific Locations
  7. GUAcamole Avatars – Solana NFT Giveaways Featuring Unique Characters
  8. Basic Bots – NFT Multiple Art Collection With 2,300 Basic Bots
  9. Eruchef NFT – NFT Project Offering 3,000 Eruchefs NFTs To The Original Minters

Read on as we review the offerings of each NFT project.

Best NFT Giveaways – Full Review

The projects that made it to this list have been able to rally a lot of takers from the very start. They developed hype among the ecosystem before launching and are looking to reward the community through NFT giveaways. These giveaways incentivize the crypto players to engage with the projects and contribute to their growth. And in return, the NFT projects provide them with additional perks that have long-term upsides.

When reviewing the best NFT giveaways, we are focusing on individual projects and their long-term upsides that extend beyond the artworks they represent.

Meme Kombat – Best P2E Gaming NFT With Attractive Rewards

Meme Kombat is one of the best NFT giveaways to watch out for. Holding a piece of the collection is indeed an opportunity to earn an awesome reward. Meme Kombat has set an outstanding track record which made it one of the best Web3 crypto projects to hit the market this year. The platform runs a distinctive concept that integrates popular meme characters into peer-to-peer combat games.

Meme Kombat

In addition, Meme Kombat is enjoying the support of game-changing AI technology and the Ethereum network to offer gamers an interesting experience. Players can bet on AI-automated battles featuring popular internet memes using the native token of the platform; $MK. The native token of this interesting NFT project shifted huge attention to its upcoming giveaway.

Investors are looking forward to the NFT giveaway of Meme Kombat due to the remarkable success that is greeting the ongoing presale of its native token. Without a doubt, the presale of $MK is one of the best crypto presales in the market right now. Within a short period into the presale, $MK recorded close to $2 million as investors aimed to earn mouth-watering APY.

Selling at $0.205, meme kombat is one of the most promising under $1 cryptocurrencies to buy this year. Savvy investors understand this and have been acquiring it massively before the price increases.

Check out our Meme Kombat Price Prediction for more information.

Also, $MK is offering investors an opportunity to earn 516% APY which is likely to drop significantly as the presale heads into its final stages. Hence, it is not surprising that investors are racing to buy the token at a cheap price and earn massive APY.

So far, investors have staked over 7 million $MK as they hope to earn the lucrative APY attached to the token. The real excitement surrounding this presale has positioned $MK as one of the top coins with the most potential.

To participate in the presale, check out our guide on how to buy Meme Kombat successfully.

However, the NFT giveaway of Meme Kombat is yet to kickstart. There are emerging indicators that the giveaway will commence any moment from now.

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Jaadoo – An NFT Project Featuring Prominent Indian Alien Character, Jaadoo

Jaadoo is an NFT collection based on the Ethereum network. The collection contains 6,449 unique NFTs and each of the pieces has 183 exciting traits. Each Jaadoo NFT has interesting attributes like background, head, eyes, mouth, skin, clothes, and earrings. These attributes make every piece of the collection special.

One popular characteristic of the project is that it features a prominent Indian alien character known as Jaadoo from the iconic film “Koi…. Mil Gaya.” The giveaway of this reputable collection will commence by November 25 and end by December 2, 2023. One of the interesting package of Jaadoo NFT is that it serves as entry for the meshCoder token airdrop.

Jaadoo NFT

Likewise, meshCoder is set to lauch an endless runner game and Jaadoo will feature as the major character. Similarly, the integration of Jadoo NFTs into the game will give the holders of the collection the privilege to claim mouth-watering freebies. Beyond reasonable doubt, Jaadoo offers holders exclusive access to amazing freebies.

As part of the meshCoder ecosystem, Jaadoo is set to enjoy a significant level of attention due to the vast plan that is in store for the project. In the near future, the meshCoder ecosystem will witness the introduction of Decentralized exchange (DEX), a DeFi portfolio, and price-tracking DApp.

Additionally, the collection has a well-detailed layout that indicates its future plans. Lastly, the collection has a reputable team that is headed by Meet Shahrukh Malik, Malik, and Hannah. The track record of the team is enough to prove that Jaadoo NFT deserves the level of attention it is getting in the market of late.

The Pepe Chronicles – Top NFT Project Featuring “Pepe The Frog”

The Pepe Chronicles is one of the top NFT giveaways that’s set to hit the market. This interesting project centers around the popular internet figure, Pepe the Frog. In recent times, we’ve witnessed how crypto and NFT projects have adopted Pepe as the face of their initiative.

Similarly, the Pepe Chronicles is set to join the list and it is likely to enjoy the same success enjoyed by some of its forerunners. Further, the project intends to leverage the uniqueness of the Pepe meme culture. There are indicators that it will have a vast ecosystem with numerous initiatives therein.

The Pepe Chronicles

First, we discovered that the project team is planning to launch a native token alongside its NFT collection. According to findings, the token will become a means of payment, reward, and interactions within the Pepe ecosystem. Also, the proposed cryptocurrency will serve as a pathway for community engagement and participation.

In the near future, the project team intends to integrate the collection into various blockchain games. As time goes on, the team will introduce new measures to attract utility for the collection. At this point, Pepe Chronicles looks like an interesting project and it is already attracting huge attention. The collection is based on the Ethereum network and the minting of the NFT will run between November 30 to December 7, 2023.

Dapper Labs – Regular NFT Giveaways For Sports Fans

Sports fans also happen to be avid NFT fans. Their excitement for their favorite teams extends to the blockchain assets that are related to them. Dapper Labs is one of the pioneering projects that made it all possible. And after its rollout of NBA Topshots, a lot of people started to wait for the next mint and the next NFT giveaway.

Dapper Labs

And the abundance of NFT giveaways associated with this project is the reason why we have added it to the list. In May 2023, Dapper Labs came out with LaLiga Golazos NFTs for football fans. In November, it also collaborated with Disney to launch an NFT platform.

While there is no info about when the next NFT will be launched, we recommend stocking up on ETH from major cryptocurrency exchanges to meet the conditions of those giveaways ahead of time. You can also read our guide to discover how to buy Ethereum safely.

One of the major reasons this project is looked up to by so many is because Dapper Labs often ties its NFT giveaways with real-life sports matches. It creates more hype around the NFT projects, making them more valuable.

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Gods Unchained – A Card-Based P2E Game With Regular NFT Giveaways

Gods Unchained is a card-based battle game modeled after Hearthstone and Gwent. A game with complex lore and gameplay that combines strategy and style, Gods Unchained once became one of the leading P2E games in the ecosystem. And its native crypto – GODS – is one of the best gaming cryptos.

Gods unchained

Every card featured on Gods Unchained is treated as an NFT; each has provable ownership. Since the project is so game-centric, many avid Gods Unchained gamers sometimes host their own NFT giveaways. Players can get NFT cards such as Lost in the Depths, Clone, Magic Links, and Legendary Archimea. Gods NFT is available on prominent NFT marketplaces, including Bybit.

Also, check out our list of play to earn NFTs.

We have put Gods Unchained as one of the best NFT giveaways because of the versatility of this project. Major players can organize giveaways by themselves, giving this P2E game the community-driven aspect.

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Turf – NFT Airdrop Focusing On Map Art For Specific Locations

Turf is a “map art” NFT project that tokenizes several map locations into NFTs based on a user’s preference. Users can order the creation of artwork based on their favorite locations. They can also order prints – real-life NFTs – of these artworks. And with every 3×3 larger TURF NFT, you can earn a free print.

Turf NFT Giveaway

The map artworks have a great look to them, and they cover every crack and crevice of the region you want an NFT for with a stylistic approach. This project aims to provide a stylistic art experience, and there is only one of each available.

A few months ago, the project organized an NFT giveaway. Those who participated in the giveaway were mandated to choose a city and complete the mint transaction to get the airdrop.

GUACamole Avatars – Solana NFT Giveaways Featuring Unique Characters

GUACamole is a unique NFT project featuring social loyalty programs, giveaways, raffles, beta features, and others. Each GUACamole avatar is an “avocado that hasn’t been mushed into a dip yet.” The platform has its own tokens, such as $GUAC, $AVO, and GUAC points.

Guacomole NFTs

Recently, the project partnered with Bybit to provide extra prizes and rewards for its points-tracking system. Participants are required to register with Bybit through the GUACamole link and complete some tasks to win $40 USDT, An iPad 10, iPhone 15, Apple Watch, and many more.

That’s not all, the reward program also allows participants to earn an additional $GUAC which can be redeemed for games and gift cards. The reward program has been active since November 13 and will come to a close on December 31, 2023.

Meanwhile, this project has organized NFT giveaways in the past and there’s no doubt that it will do more in the future.

Basic Bots – NFT Multiple Art Collection With 2,300 Basic Bots

Basic Bots is a collection of hyper-stylized NFTs featuring robots of several shapes and sizes, including bugs. These basic bots were launched on the OpenSea recently, and there are still many remaining for the taking.

Basic Bots NFT Giveaway

Basic Bots are defined as the creation of a “wild imagination of its creator.” Associated with the ThePlayfulHouse project, basic bots are just one of many NFT collections in the ecosystem. Also available is the merchandise that you can buy directly from the platform.

Eruchef NFT – NFT Project Offering 3,000 Eruchefs NFTs To The Original Minters

Eruchef is an NFT project featuring chef-based designs. The project comes with a next-generation cross-chain DEX known as eruSwap, and for that, it recently organized its NFT giveaway. There are 3,000 Eruchefs and all its early holders have been made founders of eruSwap.


eruSwap is being envisioned as a decentralized exchange that makes it easier for investors to interact with multiple crypto assets across multiple chains.

With Eruchef NFTs, users will get access to a wide array of revenue streams, including:

  1. 10% dividend of the fee generated by eruSwap
  2. Original minters will get access to 2% of the royalty fee of the secondary sale of NFTs
  3. Access to governance token airdrop
  4. Access to governance token qualification

How Do Free NFT Giveaways Work?

As we already mentioned earlier, NFTs have lost much of their sheen post-crypto winter. People are now looking for more utility-based assets, and artwork-based NFTs aren’t getting as much attention as they used to.

Check our list of the best NFTs to buy.


However, there is a category of crypto investors that still believe in Non-Fungible Tokens, which has given rise to projects organizing NFT giveaways to bring investors aboard.

Check out our guide to discover if NFTs are good investments.

One of the major approaches that most take is to organize free NFT giveaways. People get access to free NFTs via NFT drops or other crypto assets in return for engaging with the ecosystem. However, it is not always without a caveat.

For instance, one of the major conditions to get access to every Gods Unchained NFT giveaway is that the investor must have played Gods Unchained before. This requirement ensures that developers reward those who are actively engaging with the ecosystem.

But in some cases, all users have to do is share a link or engage with these projects on social media platforms in order to gain a whitelist spot. But getting that spot might require holding the native crypto associated with the project. For instance, if Meme Kombat organizes an NFT giveaway, holding $MK would be necessary. Outside that, holding this token is also profitable, particularly for investors looking to make long-term gains.

If you are a beginner, read our guide on how to buy cryptocurrency easily this year.

Overall, NFT giveaways have two goals:

  1. Create awareness around a project.
  2. Add valuable community members that can add value to the project.

Meanwhile, you can check out our guide on how to make and sell NFTs.


NFT giveaways often come with huge rewards. They give a chance to users to become more closely associated with their preferred blockchain project, and in return, they get access to cash prizes, admin rights, as well as other perks.

The best NFT giveaways are many. But those who are looking to participate in one right now must watch out for Meme Kombat. While it is currently on presale, an NFT giveaway might be next in the cards. For now, those who want to become part of the Meme Kombat space must consider participating in the presale.

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Why do crypto projects organize NFT giveaways?

Crypto projects usually organize NFT giveaways to reward the loyalty and commitment of members of their respective communities.

Is it possible to get NFTs for free?

While some NFTs don't cost money, they do have other requirements associated with them. For instance, to participate in future giveaways by Meme Kombat, you might be required to be a player of the game or hold $MK.

Where can I get free NFTs?

Our guide has provided you with an updated list of NFT giveaways. However, you can look for websites such as NFT Calendar where you will find to-be launched NFTs and their airdrop date. To find the best among them, however, requires a bit of research.

What are the best NFT giveaways?

According to our findings, the best NFT giveaways will be organized by the current presale projects. Projects such as Meme Kombat are focusing on creating a community-driven ecosystem that might introduce new NFTs in the near future.