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10 Best Telegram Bots To Use In 2023 – What Is A Telegram Bot?


Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Telegram bots bring automation that most of us need in our busy daily lives. They can be used for various services, including betting on casino slots, gambling, placing stock and crypto trades, buying crypto, and much more. They bring different types of automation reducing the amount of time we need to spend on different actions. 

Telegram bots are an emerging field, hence the number of bots providing various automation services grows day by day. Sometimes it can be hard to find out which bots can be trusted, which are good to use, and which are scams. This guide will help you with that problem, as here we have introduced the top 10 Telegram bots that we handpicked after exploring several of them. 

Read on, to find detailed reviews about the best Telegram bots to use in 2023, learn how to use them, and discover what factors to pay attention to when you pick a Telegram bot. 

Top 10 Telegram Bots In 2023

Looking for the best Telegram bots to start right now? Here is our quick list of the top 10 Telegram bots to use in 2023. 

    1. Lucky Block Trending Telegram Bot in Casino Industry. Lucky Block is a crypto casino that has launched its telegram bot for the casino section and for sportsbooks. The Telegram app is free to join and can be easily used to play casino slots, buy crypto, assess your wallet, contact customer support, etc. Also, for newcomers, Lucky Block has a 200% matching bonus for up to 10,000 EUR and 50 free spins. 
    2. TG.Casino Best Decentralized Crypto Casino with Secure Telegram Bot. TG.Casino is a new crypto casino with several casino games and rewards. It has made playing casino games simple and fast. Visit its Telegram bot, fund your account, and start playing without any KYC or account setup. It also has a native token in presale with a current staking APY of 441.92%. 
    3. Feed Reader Bot An Exciting Telegram Bot that Sends Updates about Blogs. This bot is designed to read the RSS feeds provided by you, and whenever there is a new post on the blog, website, or newsletter you are interested in, it will send you a notification through Telegram giving the link for the update. 
    4. Skeddy Bot Best Telegram Bot to Plan Events and Set Reminders. If you have several important tasks that you don’t want to forget to do on time, simply create a reminder through Skeddy and it will send you a notification on Telegram to remind you about the task in the future. 
    5. Botfather Best Telegram Bot to Create Your Personal Telegram Bots. As its name suggests Botfather can be used to easily create your Telegram bots and manage all of them from your account. 
    6. Combot Best Telegram Bot to Manage Telegram Communities. Combot provides a bunch of tools to monitor messages in Telegram groups, notify about spam, track community members’ reputations, and much more. 
    7. File Converter Bot New Telegram Bot to Convert Files. This bot will easily convert images, audio, and video files provided by you from one format to another. 
    8. Eddy Travels Bot Exciting Telegram Bot for Travel Information. Eddy Travels Bot simplifies your life by providing travel information based on the prompt you provide, including flights, hotel booking, etc. 
    9. Spotify Save Bot Best Telegram Bot to Download Music. Simply write the name of the song you want to find and the bot will send it to you in high quality to download or listen to in Telegram. 
    10. Stock Pro Bot Telegram Bot to Get Real-time Data about Stock Prices. If you want to get updates about the stock market, this bot is perfect for you. Simply put the ticker symbol of the stock and it will send you information about the stock price performance. The bot offers multiple other services to be on top of stock trends. 

Top Telegram Bots Reviewed – Full List

There is a lot you can do with Telegram bots because they cover a wide range of fields. Day by day new Telegram bots are launched designed for specific tasks, hence in our list, we have included the best Telegram bots to use in 2023. In this section, we have reviewed all of the ten bots to help you better understand what they can be used for. 

Lucky Block – Best Telegram Bot to Use in 2023

Lucky Block is one of the newest yet quite popular Bitcoin casinos, where you can play over 4,000 slots and table games, participate in live casino events, and bet on nearly any sporting event in the world. The casino has recently launched its Telegram bot which makes it even easier to use Lucky Blocks’ various features. If you have an account on Lucky Block you can simply click on the “Play Now” button and start enjoying the games.

If you don’t have an account or funds in your Lucky Block wallet, the Telegram bot also has options to connect to your wallet and buy cryptocurrencies. Still, if you don’t have a crypto wallet or any crypto to transfer to your Lucky Block account, the platform enables you to buy 6 different cryptocurrencies using your credit card. You can check out our Lucky Block review to learn more about the payment options on the platform. 

Other features of Lucky Block’s Telegram bot include Joining the community by clicking on which you will be transferred to its Telegram group where you can participate in different discussions about Lucky Block’s slot and platform. As one of the best Telegram betting bots, Lucky Block delivers instant, anonymous and easy pathway to play exciting games. Also, you can use the bot to easily contact the support team if you have an issue. 

Lucky block 2

If you have never used Lucky Block’s platform before, there are also great surprises waiting for you. Depositing at least €20 on your account you can claim your welcome package, which includes a 200% bonus of up to 10,000 EUR and 50 free spins on different slots. Additionally, you will get free spins every week for a new game. 

Visit Lucky Block Bot

TG.Casino – Best Decentralized Crypto Casino with Secure Telegram Bot

TG.Casino is another exciting crypto casino that offers anonymous gambling on its safe, secure, and 100 %-licensed casino platform. The casino does not require you to go through any verification process, and you don’t even have to connect your wallet. You must only fund your TG. Casino account and start playing the slots. This becomes even easier through its Telegram bot. 

Using TG.Casino Telegram bots, you can send commands to Play, Access Your Wallet, and Fund Your Account. Using only your smartphone you will have an effortless experience playing slots on TG.Casino and betting on sports events. The platfrom supports hundreds of games, including slots, roulette, blackjack, live casino games, and a sportsbook with popular sports events available.

When you deposit at least $25, you will also claim the welcome package bonus, which includes a 150% bonus of up to $30,000 and over 500 free spins. Moreover, it has a native token, TGC which is currently live on presale and has raised a capital of about $1.5 million. You can not only buy it at its lowest price of $0.1375 and benefit once the price increases but also make use of the advantages that it gives. To know more about the ongoing presale, check out our TG.Casino review.

TG.Casino Presale (APY)

As the token is stackable, you can lock up your tokens and earn rewards with an APY of over 356%. The real buzz around its presale has earned it a place on our list of the best Telegram bot tokens. Outside its amazing APY reward, the TG.Casino token will also give you some perks when playing on the platform. For example, early token buyers will get exclusive rewards when they play in the casino, post-launch rewards in the form of NFTs, and much more. 

Visit TG.Casino Bot

Feed Reader Bot – Exciting Telegram Bot that Sends Updates about Blogs

Feed Reader Bot can be a very useful automation tool for those who want to be up-to-date about the subjects they are interested in, however, they don’t have too much time to spend scrolling or browsing through various social media platforms and websites. The bot will save you a lot of time by finding and sending you new updates on the websites and platforms provided to you. 

Using an RSS feed it monitors the websites and platforms you selected and whenever it detects a new update or a post on that website or account it sends you a notification with the link to the update. It is fully customizable and you can select the websites only from where you want to get updates. The bot is free to use, however, it also has Premium and Elite packages with additional tools and advantages. 

feed reader bot

While the refresh rate of the free bot is 4 hours, the Premium bot provides 30 minutes and the Elite bot provides 10 minutes refresh rate. With the free option, you can select only 10 websites and 5 accounts to get updates from, while paying 5€ / month for the Premium option you can get updates from 50 links and unlimited channels. The Elite package is 10€ / month with 100 feeds and unlimited channels and groups. 

Skeddy Bot – Best Telegram Bot to Plan Events and Set Reminders

When it comes to setting reminders and planning your time, Skeddy can be of great assistance. This Telegram bot is completely free to use to set reminders about your upcoming events. Later, the bot will remind you of the event on time sending a Telegram notification on its dedicated channel. 

Starting with Skeddy is extremely easy: you simply search for the bot on Telegram, activate it, and set reminders. Before you start you will also need to select the language and the bot is available in 4 languages, including English. Then you also write the name of your city so that the bot can send you reminders according to your time zone. 

skeddy bot

You can only write the name of the event you want to be reminded about and the time when you want to get the notification. After this, Skeddy will create the reminder and add it to your list. By setting reminders for all the tasks of a specific day you also create your schedule so you can ask Skeddy to show the lists of the events you added to the bot. It is also possible to create more complex reminders, such as “pay bills on the 1st day of every month at 7 p.m.” etc.

Botfather – Best Telegram Bot to Create Your Personal Telegram Bots

While the field is filled with multiple Telegram bots performing different tasks, you may want to create your own bot and set the commands you want. In this sense, we consider Botfather the best bot to create and manage all of your bots. And don’t worry about the process because it does not require any knowledge of AI or programming. The bot will do everything following your commands. 


Once you find and activate the bot, it will send you a message where you can select Create a new bot or Edit your bots. Clicking on the “Create new bot” you will start the process, the first step of which is writing the name for your bot. In the same way, you can create a description for your bot, set a profile picture, add commands, and use many other tools provided by Botfather to further advance your new bot. 

Combot – Best Telegram Bot to Manage Telegram Communities

If your job includes managing Telegram groups Combot is what you need to make the process easier. Whether it is a large group chat for friends or a work group chat, the bot will help you turn the Telegram group into a community and moderate it through its tools. Combot is quite a popular tool used for this service with over 100,000 groups using the Combot bot. 

Combot has quite versatile functionality through which you can explain new rules to the community, automatically detect and filter spam, track conversations, and detect the bad language used among community members. You can also create statistics by monitoring the conversations, such as about most-talked topics among community members, most active members of the group, etc. 


Combot is free to use and you can easily start using the app by clicking on the “Start” button. From the options, you can select “Add Combot to My Group” and select the group or chat to which you want to add the Telegram bot. You can also join Combot’s official chat, log in to your group, and navigate to the Official Channel of the bot where you will see the latest updates about the bot. 

File Converter Bot – A New Telegram Bot to Conver Files

File Converter bot is another highly useful bot that we included in our Best Telegram bots list. As its name suggests, this bot can be used to convert files from one format to another, including, images, video, and audio files. WhatsApp and Telegram video and audio messages are supported too. As with other bots, activating and using File Converter Bot is quite simple and requires only clicking the “Start” button. 

file converter

You will get a welcoming message from the bot after which you can either click on the help and find information about the 89 formats supported by the bot. Along with the three main groups mentioned above, this also includes eBooks, presentations, documents, subtitles, and fonts. The bot will show you the available formats you can convert your file to and after selecting the suitable format your file will be converted in a few minutes. 

Eddy Travels Bot – Exciting Telegram Bot for Travel Information

For those who travel a lot and are always in search of information about flights, hotels, and other traveling details, Eddy Travels Bot is an excellent tool to use. Eddy Travels is an AI assistant that can provide you with information about traveling and find the best travel deals in a short time. Using the app, you can easily search for the cheapest flights, hotels, car rents, and many more. 

When you activate the bot, you will be able to select the language from 15 available languages. Now you can choose which type of information you need – flights, hotels, apartments, tours, etc. When you select flights, you just need to type the departure city, destination city, and time frame. 

eddy travels bot

After this, the bot will monitor and show you available options with details, such as ticket price, return and departure time, etc. From there, you can click on View Flight Details and you will be navigated to the website where you can buy the ticket, book a hotel room, get baggage protection, and use other services. 

Spotify Save Bot – Best Telegram Bot to Download Music

Spotify Save bot is a Telegram bot that makes it easier for you to find, save, and download music. It finds the audio file of the music you want to and sends it to you in a few seconds. Then you can listen to it directly on Telegram or download it on your device. Spotify Save Bot also has a separate channel where it sends already-searched music so you can also join it to track some new audio for you. 

spotify save bot

Once you activate the bot, you can type the name of the song you are looking for or the name of the artist. Then the bot will fetch the YouTube music and provide you with the list of songs with that name or the list of the songs performed by the artist. By clicking on your favorite one, you will get the audio track on the dedicated channel of the bot. 

Stock Pro Bot – Telegram Bot to Get Real-time Data about Stock Prices

If you are looking for a bot in the financial field, the Stock Pro bot is a perfect pick, especially for stock traders. The bot is designed to help you be up-to-date about the stock market. Once you provide the ticker symbol of the company or its name to the bot, it will come back to you with useful information about the stock.

stock pro bot

This information includes stock quotes by company name or ticker symbol, stock market indices from around the world, updates about its price, etc. You can also add your favorite stocks to your watchlist and receive notifications, get major commodity prices, and much more. Simply activate the bot and type the ticker symbol of the company to get back information about its stock price. 

What are Telegram Bots?

A Telegram bot is a program that you can use within Telegram in the form of chatting. It’s like you message someone however, bots answer only to specific commands and can ease your life by providing services in different fields. Telegram bots are active anytime and will easily accomplish the task they are created for whenever you command them. 

As Telegram bots are very simple, they are only created for a specific task and can answer only a limited number of commands. However, the number of Telegram bots is growing rapidly as long as many bots are launched to perform different actions and bring automation to different aspects of our daily lives. Based on their functions, Telegram bots are divided into various groups. 

Telegram on iPhone and iPad

One of the most popular types of Telegram bots is data-gathering bot which are used to find information on the Internet and deliver it to you. Data-gathering Telegram bots provide data services about the things you are interested in, which can be weather, stock price performance, news, crypto updates, new blog posts on your preferred websites, newsletter updates, and many others. 

Trading bots and casino bots are two very widely used types of Telegram bots. Trading bots are designed to make it easier for traders to buy and sell different assets. Using these bots they can connect to their account through Telegram and place a trade. In the same way, casino bots make it easier for users to play casino games without leaving Telegram. For example, TG.Casino has its casino and sportsbook bot where users can access its slots and bet on sports.

There are several Telegram bots designed for making daily life easier and these bots are known as productivity bots. Skeddy bot included in our list is one example of such a bot, which helps you to remember your events and tasks on time. Telegram bots can also be used for moderating Telegram communities, accessing music easily, converting file formats, and many other purposes. 

It is also possible to create your own Telegram bot designing it in a way to answer your provided commands and perform a specific task. Companies are actively creating and integrating Telegram bots to make task performance more productive, which is why this section has been rapidly growing recently. 

How to Use Telegram Bots?

Using Telegram bots is quite straightforward and simple even for beginners. All you need to do is to download the Telegram desktop or mobile and create a personal account through your phone number.

After this, you can search for the name of the bot you want to use or go through the link if you have one. Once you are on the Telegram app, you will need to activate the bot which you can do simply by clicking on the start button. 

After activating the bot, it will send you a message usually about the functionality of the bot. In this message, the bot introduces what it is designed for, what tools it provides, and what you can do through it. When the bot is activated you can send commands to the bot, or simply get information by clicking on the buttons introduced by the bot itself. 

For example, to use Lucky Block bot, visit the Lucky Block website and click on the Telegram icon at the bottom of the homepage. Once you’ve opened Telegram, the bot will send you in the form of buttons what commands you can give it. You can immediately connect your Lucky Block account and play the slots.

If you don’t have funds you can click on the “Buy Crypto” button and refund your account. You can also use the Join Community and Contact Support buttons. 

Command Prompts on Lucky Block Bot

In the case of the Skeddy bot, the first few steps are similar too. After activating the bot, you select the language and write the name of your city, so that the bot can synchronize with your time zone. From here you can add events by typing the name and time of the event or view the list of the events you already added through the bot. 

In most cases, using the bots is very simple and the bot will navigate you through the whole process indicating what commands you can give, how to cancel them, etc. 

How to Find the Best Telegram Bots?

The easiest way to find Telegram bots is simply to search for them within the Telegram app. Even if you don’t know a specific bot name, you can just type what bot you want to find and the Telegram search will show you several bots for that task. For example, if you want it for weather forecasts, you can write “Weather bot” and several bots will appear in the search section performing different tasks regarding the weather. 

Weather Bot

Another way to find Telegram bots is to search for them on Google. For example, if you want to find casino bots, simply type best Telegram casino bots on your search engine and you will find a list of many bots functioning in that field. In most cases, Telegram bots are free to use, so you can test many bots until you find the one meeting your needs. You can also find a number of different bots with different functions in our recommendation list. 


To conclude, Telegram bots are getting more and more popular as they can be used 24/7 and do a lot of tasks on behalf of you. Bots bring automation and help you save time on everyday tasks. Moreover, they help you use several platforms easily and simply from within the Telegram app, such as playing Telegram casino games, buying cryptocurrencies, following the stock market prices, and more.

You can find the 10 best Telegram bots to use in 2023 in our recommendation list which includes applications providing services in different fields, including casinos, trading, event planning, music, bot creating, traveling, and many others. 

Our favorite Telegram bot in 2023 is Lucky Block, which helps users to seamlessly bet on thousands of slots without leaving Telegram. The bot can also be used to contact its customer service in case of any issue and to fund your crypto wallet and start playing.

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What are Telegram bots?

Telegram bots are mini-applications operating within Telegram that can automate any kind of task. They provide a wide range of services starting from giving updates about the stock market prices to playing casino games to finding music, sending reminders, and even creating your personal Telegram bot.

Are telegram bots legit?

Telegram bots are completely legit and safe, however, there can be some factors to check. For example, you will need to make sure that the personal data you provide to use the app is not shared with a third party. Another thing to check is whether the bot belongs to the company it claims to belong to before you trust any of your details to the bot. Such as there can be a bot similar to Lucky Block, but not the official bot of the casino.

Are telegram bots private?

Telegram bots are not private and anyone can find them by searching their names on Telegram. However, the conversations within the bots are private in most cases so no one could read what commands you give to the bot.

What is the best telegram bot?

Choosing the best Telegram bots depends on what you want to use it for. In our guide, we reviewed the 10 best Telegram bots to use. These bots however are designed for various purposes. For example, our top pick, Lucky Block has an official bot where you can easily play its casino games and bet on sportsbooks. Another secure Telegram bot to play slots is designed by TG.Casino which you can use without KYC procedure. Feed Reader is the perfect bot if you want to be up-to-date about the topics you are interested in. Skeddy is the bot to trust your events if you have a lot on your plate and can’t remember your schedule properly. Or you can use Botfather to create a bot with the conditions you want. Check our list of the best Telegram bots to find the most suitable one for you.