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Best 5 Ethereum Wallets for Beginners

If you believe in the potential of Ethereum and want to invest in it, then check out our comprehensive guide below to know more where you can buy and store Ethereum.

Ethereum is one of the most exciting cryptocurrencies being traded today. Building on the foundation that Bitcoin laid, Ethereum has far more capabilities than BTC. Whether its smart contracts, decentralized computing, autonomous organizations, or Crypto Kitties, Ethereum stands apart from the imitators and competition.

To use Ethereum, you’ll need an Ethereum wallet. This software gives an Ethereum owner exclusive access to their coins and buy Ethereum coins. There are tons of options for Ethereum wallets today. We’ll explain exactly what Ethereum wallets are, then narrow down the possibilities so that you can choose the perfect Ethereum wallet for your specific needs.

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    You can read more about Ethereum wallets below. If you want to learn more about How to buy Ethereum with PayPal or how to buy cryptocurrencies.
    What is an Ethereum Wallet?

    What is an Ethereum Wallet?

    Ethereum is a kind of digital currency. Just like any other kind of computer data, it has to be stored somewhere. Just as you store paper money in a wallet, Ethereum gets stored in a “digital wallet” – a piece of software for Ethereum storage and safety. Ethereum Wallets should not be confused with trading platforms and auto trading robots like Bitcoin Code and Immediate Edge, which are designed for trading and not for storage.

    Everyone who owns Ethereum uses a digital Ethereum wallet to keep track of it. Cryptocurrency wallets can be used to:

    • Send Cryptocurrencies
    • Receive Cryptocurrencies
    • Trade Cryptocurrencies
    • Spend Cryptocurrencies
    • Withdraw Cryptocurrencies

    Each Ethereum and cryptocurrency uses blockchain technology to complete transactions. However, crypto wallets cannot:

    • Send ETH to any non-ETH crypto address
    • Share user information with 3rd parties (not recommended)
    • Withdraw or access bank funds (only Bitcoin ATM)

    When you buy Ethereum, your personal coins are equipped with “private keys”. These are secret codes that identify certain Ethereum coins as your personal property. No one can send or receive Ethereum without first accessing its keys. However, private keys are lengthy, alphanumeric codes. It’s inconvenient for humans to keep track of them, so we created Ethereum wallet software to do it for us.

    When Ethereum is sent to an Ethereum wallet that you control, its keys get stored within the wallet. Now you can see all of your Ethereum holdings in one place, and use it however you please.

    Ethereum wallets can be stored on your computer or mobile, so that you can always access your coins. There are also hardware Ethereum wallets, which are small devices not connected to the internet. This prevents hacking and digital theft.

    Etheruem wallets are also built into exchange websites, like Coinbase. These wallets are meant to provide temporary storage of Ethereum for people who just bought it. These wallets are also good for daily storage for coins meant for active trading.

    Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum will always be their safest in a wallet you control, all the more so when stored on a device without an internet connection. Before you buy and store the cryptocurrency, you might want to check out where the Ethereum price stands right now.

    How to Create an Ethereum Wallet


    Binance is the most-used crypto trading exchange on the planet. If you use Ethereum in any capacity, you’ll likely find yourself on Binance before long. We’ll help you understand how to create a Binance account and use the Ethereum exchange wallet.


    Step 1 – Create Your Binance Account.

    Complete the simple registration process at, by giving your email address and a new password.

    Click the link in the email Binance sends you.

    You’ll arrive in your new Binance account. Supply a little more info to unlock full site functionality, so you can trade Ethereum and use the Binance Ethereum exchange wallet.

    Note: You can’t buy Ethereum with fiat money (like USD) on Binance.

    Step 2 – Go to “Funds” > “Balances”

    This is the page that organizes all of your account’s wallets.

    Whenever you buy a cryptocurrency on Binance, your order will be delivered to one of these wallets. .

    Wallets that have coins in them will appear at the top of the pile. You can send Ethereum to the Ethereum wallet address by clicking “deposit”. Then you’ll be able to trade Ethereum with all kinds of other assets on Binance.

    Visit Binance


    Coinbase is the place most people first buy Ethereum, because it’s an exchange that allows you to use fiat money for purchases. New users can buy Ethereum with debit, credit card, or bank transfer. Creating a new Coinbase account is as easy as it gets. Here’s how to do it yourself.

    Step 1: Create Your Coinbase Account.

    Sign up for an “Individual” account at

    Provide your full name, email address, and choose a new password for this account.

    Find the email sent to you by Coinbase, and click the link.

    You’ll be taken into your new Coinbase account.


    Step 2: Find Your Ethereum Wallet.

    Click “wallets” and you’ll see your Ethereum wallet (along with wallets for the other coins sold on Coinbase).

    When you click it, you should see a screen ike the one to the right.

    Now you can send Ethereum to this wallet address. Ethereum you purchase on Coinbase will also be stored here, until you move it to an outside wallet for long term storage.

    Visit Coinbase

    Exodus Wallet

    The Exodus wallet is a software wallet for your desktop. It stores Ethereum and tons of other cryptocurrencies. Simply download it and set it up, following the steps laid out below.

    Step 1: Download Exodus.

    Download the wallet at (Exodus is desktop only). Install it following the prompts it provides on your screen.

    Step 2: Open Your Exodus Ethereum Wallet.

    Exodus can hold hundreds of different cryptocurrencies, with more added all the time. To see the Ethereum wallet, simply click the “wallet” button on the left. There you’ll see your Ethereum wallet. Click it, and you’ll see your Ethereum wallet address, balance, and other info. .

    Visit Exodus

    Infinito Wallet

    The Infinito Wallet is a multi-currency wallet for every crypto in your portfolio. It can hold Ethereum, Bitcoin, and many dozens more. We like Infinito’s intuitive design and attractive appearance. Read on to find out how to get your own.

    Step 1: Download Infinito Wallet

    On, click “download” as seen above. Select the file for the device of your choosing. Once the download is complete, install the file. Follow the prompts and open up Infinito.

    Step 2: Go to the Ethereum Wallet already within Infinito

    Your Ethereum wallet will already be active once you’re inside the Infinito Wallet. Use it to send, receive, and store Ethereum for any purpose.

    Visit Infinito Wallet (Formerly, by which it is still more popularly known) is a simple multicurrency web wallet. You can create an account in no time, then enjoy safe access to Bitcoin/Ethereum and a couple of others anywhere in the world.

    Step 1: Create a Wallet

    Navigate to and create a new wallet. They’ll ask for your email and a new password for the site. Then will send you an email, and you must click the link therein.

    Step 2: Find Your Ethereum Wallet Inside

    Click “Wallet”. This will make your Ethereum and Bitcoin wallets appear. Click on Ethereum to access your Ethereum address and account balance. This Bitcoin account will be accessible anywhere in the world, as long as you can get online and type in the correct email/password.


    Best Ethereum Wallets in Your Country

    UKCanada & USAustralia

    There are many great Ethereum wallets for residents of the UK, but for our favorite we’re going to choose a platform that is well known: eToro.

    The eToro platform can be used for buying, selling, sending, receiving, and storing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more coins.

    eToro is a trusted platform, because it’s regulated in the UK and around the world. Its long history gives it credibility over crypto startup competitors.

    eToro may not be a new face, but it’s a long-trusted company which offers a reliable service to all its customers. It’s the oldest and best in this case, and gets our unqualified recommendation.

    Coinbase wasn’t available in North America for many years, but Coinbase has recently made inroads with American regulators and finally brings its fully licensed service to the United States and Canada.

    This trusted investment service provider provides a truly excellent mobile wallet app, perfect for newcomers and experienced traders.

    The Coinbase Wallet will be very useful to customers of other Coinbase applications, as it seamlessly integrates with the rest of Coinbase’s services and products.

    Binance is the most widely used Ethereum wallet solution in Australia and New Zealand.

    We don’t recommend any exchange wallet for long term storage, because exchanges are occasionally hacked. Fortunately, Binance has never been hacked, at least not yet.

    Ethereum is a trading currency on Binance. That means you can trade it against any of dozens of other cryptocurrencies and tokens.

    Binance is the hub of the worldwide crypto trading scene, and your Binance Ethereum wallet is your ticket to participate in the action.

    Differences Between Exchange, Hardware and Software Crypto Wallets

    If you’re confused about the difference between Exchange Wallets, Hardware Wallets, and Software Wallets, here are some details on their unique characteristics.

    Exchange Wallets

    Cryptocurrency exchanges provide wallets for their users, so they have a place to store new coins immediately following purchase.

    Exchange wallets aren’t built for long term storage, because crypto exchanges can be hacked, resulting in loss of user funds. Only rely on a wallet you control for long term storage.

    Here are our favorite Exchange wallets:

    • Coinbase Wallet
    • Binance Wallet

    Hardware Wallets

    The safest wallets are physical devices that aren’t connected to the internet. Connect these devices once to load your funds, then disconnect them from the internet for hack-proof storage.

    There are several hardware wallet manufacturers, all of them good. Only buy from licensed dealers, though, as counterfeit devices have been reported.

    Here are some good examples of Hardware wallets:

    • Ledger Nano S
    • Trezor
    • KeepKey

    Software Wallets

    Software wallets store Ethereum on your phone or computer.

    These wallets are more secure than a wallet on an exchange, but they’re still connected to the internet, so they’re not as safe as hardware wallets. Still, this is the perfect option for storing cryptocurrency you plan to use in the day-to-day. Not a good solution for long term storage.

    Here are some good examples of Software wallets:

    • MyEtherWallet
    • Infinito Wallet
    • MetaMask

    Best Ethereum Wallet on Mobile

    AppleAndroidApple x Android

    Best Ethereum Wallet Apple

    There are more secure Ethereum wallets than ones built for mobile, but none are more convenient.

    With that in mind, the most useful and convenient option will be the Ethereum wallet. wallets are available anywhere your device is connected, and they’re free.

    The Coinbase wallet is another excellent option for Apple users, though if you’re interested in more than just Ethereum, the Coinbase wallet supports only a handful of other cryptocurrencies.

    Best Ethereum Wallet Android

    The Jaxx wallet is our favorite crypto wallet option for Android devices.

    Regulated options like Coinbase would also be a good choice, but Jaxx may be the better and more versatile solution for new users.

    Jaxx supports a whole bevy of altcoins, and Bitcoin is of course also included.

    Jaxx even enables basic trading. If you want one Ethereum wallet for Android that can do just about everything, choose Jaxx.

    There are hundreds of Ethereum wallets available on mobile devices. Most of them are not worth your consideration. Here are the things to consider when choosing Apple and Android crypto applications:


    • Only compatible with Apple apps
    • Many crypto apps are instantly banned by Apple due to T&C violations
    • Apps from anonymous publishers will not be accepted


    • Android is application-agnostic
    • All apps appear in the Play Store…even the scams
    • Android apps can mine certain cryptocurrencies

    As you know by now, there are hundreds of Ethereum wallet options out there. When making your choice, always pick security and usability over other characteristics and features. When making your choice, read independent reviews and comments, using third party sources like BitcoinTalk Forum or Reddit. Protect your private keys and passwords, and you should never lose any Ethereum. Keep track of your wallets and you should have safe investments for many years to come.

    More Cryptocurrency Wallets

    eToro - Our Recommended Crypto Wallet

    Our Rating

    eToro exchange
    • Exchange Wallet for 120+ Cryptocurrencies, Trade In-Wallet
    • Automatic Staking of ETH, ADA or TRX in your Wallet
    • Regulated by FCA, ASIC and CySEC - Millions of Users
    • Unlosable Private Key - Secure eToro Recovery Service
    eToro exchange
    68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.


    Can I store all my cryptocurrencies in the same wallet?

    Yes. Wallets like Exodus and Jaxx support hundreds of cryptocurrencies, especially the Ethereum-derived ERC20 assets. You can send any ERC20 asset to an Ethereum address, but otherwise never mix addresses. Only send BTC to BTC addresses, ETH to ETH addresses, etc. This way, you will never lose funds in a complex multi-currency wallet.

    Can I send Ethereum to a Ripple or Bitcoin wallet address?

    Never send one cryptocurrency to the address of another type of cryptocurrency. If you send Ethereum to a Bitcoin address, for example, your Ethereum is most likely lost forever. The only exception is when sending a coin that was created using a platform like Ethereum to an Ethereum address. These transactions will work. However, never take it for granted that any non-in-kind transaction will be successful. Do your own research, and otherwise stick to simple ETH > ETH transactions, and the like.

    What is the best Way to keep my Ethereums safely stored?

    For long term storage, keep your Ethereum in cold storage. 'Cold Storage' refers to any storage method that houses your Ethereum, without being connected to the internet. An Ethereum wallet might be stored on a non-internet-connected laptop. Hardware wallet solutions like the Ledger Nano S are also an option. Ethereum Paper Wallets are a perfectly secure, and free, offline cold storage solution as well.

    Can I convert Ethereum to FIAT currency on my wallet?

    There are very few occasions where you can change Ethereum to fiat currency within a wallet. The Coinbase wallet is one of the few examples, and this is only possible because Coinbase is so thoroughly regulated and license as a fintech company.

    Can I link my credit card to my bitcoin wallet?

    In isolated cases from high quality wallet providers (Coinbase wallet), you may connect your credit card to your Ethereum wallet. However, you won't be able to do this with the vast majority of Ethereum wallets.

    Question & Answers (20)

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    1. Question

      Can someone explain the difference between hardware Ethereum wallets and software Ethereum wallets? Does it have something to do with storage? Please help!

      • Answer

        Hello Julio. Thank you for your question. The main thing to remember about the difference between software and hardware wallets is that software wallets are accessed online whilst hardware wallets do not require an internet connection to be accessed. That’s why for long term storage we recommend creating hardware or paper wallets. The fact that they are offline wallets does not make them easy targets for hackers because they will be unable to access the private keys. As for software wallets, even though they do adopt security measures to prevent that from happening, they are still targets of hacking attacks. I hope that answers your question.

        Inside Bitcoins
    2. Question

      I’ve been reading contrasting reviews about Binance. Would you recommend creating an Ethereum wallet on it?

      • Answer

        Hello Angela. Thank you for getting in touch. Thank you for your question. Binance is definitely amongst the exchanges we consider to be valid to create an Ethereum wallet. The platform is sophisticated and simple to use. It has a great variety of assets to choose from when trading, especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies. However, we must point out that it is an unregulated exchange so it is not amongst our most recommended platforms to create Ethereum wallets on. We would recommend storing your Ethereum on the Coinbase wallet instead. The platform is regulated, well-designed and secure. You can check out both our Binance and Coinbase reviews to find out more about the exchanges.

        Inside Bitcoins
    3. Question

      Are any of these exchanges recommended for traders based in Europe if I want to create an Ethereum wallet?

      • Answer

        Hello Troels. Thank you for your question. Most of these exchanges work perfectly all around Europe. We recommend Coinbase the most. It is probably the best platform to create an Ethereum wallet on for a variety of reasons, including verification process, ease of use, copy trading option lower fees and so on. You can find out everything you need to know about it on our Coinbase review.

        Inside Bitcoins
    4. Question

      Hello there. Does any of the exchanges you suggest have low minimum deposit requirements? I really wanted to sign up on Coinbase and create an Ethereum wallet but unfortunately I cannot afford to spend $250 just like that.

      • Answer

        Hello Tom. Thank you for your question. A lot of the minimum deposits offered by these exchanges are undisclosed, but our guess is that they will probably be around $200-$250. If you cannot afford spending that amount, you can try and contact customer support of each of these exchanges before you sign up, to see if they will tell you what the minimum deposits are and hopefully you will find a cheaper one. One thing to keep in mind though, is that what you might save up at the beginning, you may have to spend in extra fees later on. For example, even though Coinbase requires a deposit of $250, it is known to have fairly limited fees, so in the long term, you will probably end up paying less than an exchange that requires say $100 but has higher fees.

        Inside Bitcoins
    5. Question

      What would you say is the safest way to store cryptocurrencies in a wallet?

      • Answer

        Hi ita87. Thank you for your question. The safest way to store cryptocurrencies in your wallet, be it an Ethereum wallet or any other kind, is with paper or hardware wallets, especially if you intend to store them for a while. With paper wallets, you will have to print or write down your private keys to access the wallet and store them somewhere safe. Whenever you want to access your coins, you will have to type these keys into the blockchain network. Hardware wallets work in a similar way to paper wallets except that the keys are stored for you. We definitely consider these to be the best ways to store your coins safely because they do not require an Internet connection so they are out of reach for hackers.

        Inside Bitcoins
    6. Question

      Hello. I have been thinking about creating an Ethereum wallet lately, but my main concern is about convenience. Would it be possible to link my Ethereum wallet to my credit card?

      • Answer

        Hi powi82. Thank you for your question. It is normally not possible to do that. This possibility is reserved to only a few of the best platforms out there and those are eToro and Coinbase. If it is necessary for you to have your ethereum wallet linked to your credit card, then I would definitely make a choice between these two wallets. You can have a look at both our eToro and Coinbase reviews if you are indecisive between the two.

        Inside Bitcoins
    7. Question

      Hello. I’ve been wanting to create an Ethereum wallet for a while now, but finding the right one for me turned out to be much more challenging than I thought. I am currently based in the UK. What platform would you say is the best one to create a wallet on?

      • Answer

        Hello les56. Thank you for your question. There are quite a few ethereum wallets out there but if you are in the UK, one of the best ones will probably be Coinbase. Coinbase can be used to send, receive and store Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. It is a regulated exchange with over 10 million users worldwide. Signing up on it only takes a few minutes and it only takes a couple of days for your identity to be verified. We consider it to be an excellent and reliable ethereum wallet. You can find out more about it on our Coinbase review.

        Inside Bitcoins
    8. Question

      Can I store all my cryptocurrencies in one wallet even if I have different kinds of them?

      • Answer

        Hello arh_81. Thank you for getting in touch. Yes, you can definitely store all of your cryptocurrencies in one wallet but not all kinds of wallets allow you to do that. We recommend either Exodus or Jaxx. They support lots of different digital coins, particularly ERC20 assets. Please make sure that you send your cryptocurrencies to the right address, so if it is Ethereum send them to an Ethereum address, BTC to BTC addresses. Do not mix addresses or you may lose funds in the process of putting your coins into your wallet. I hope that helps. Good luck!

        Inside Bitcoins
    9. Question

      What is an Ethereum Wallet?

      • Answer

        As suggested by the name, an Ethereum Wallet is a digital space where you can store Ethereum. It is a safe space through which you can send cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, receive them, trade them, spend them and withdraw them. Coinbase is one of the main provides of Blockchain Wallets. We recommend reading our Coinbase review if you are interested in finding out more about this.

        Inside Bitcoins
    10. Question

      Which wallet is the best to keep ethereum ?

    11. Question

      I was using Binance for a while, but I am thinking about something else now. Do you have a recommendation? I want to get the best deal.


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    eToro - Best Trading Platform

    eToro - Best Trading Platform

    eToro - Best Trading Platform

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    68% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

    eToro - Best Trading Platform
    Buy Bitcoin

    68% of retail CFD accounts lose money.


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