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Super Doge Crypto Game Review – 2023 Tamadoge NFT Game

Super Doge crypto gameTamadoge was a new token presale of late 2022 that enchanted the crypto crowd with its Doge-like aesthetics and the aim to provide real utility to memecoins, and has now launched its first crypto game in February 2023, Super Doge, shortly followed by Rocket Doge.

Powered by the Unity engine, Tamadoge games features a doge character jumping across a wide variety of platforms as you dodge enemies, collect points, and overcome challenges to complete the level. The game is reminiscent of the old Mario but with Doge aesthetics.

This Tamadoge game review will explore the various mechanics of the game, the fun factor, the project’s other upcoming games, and what the devs plan to introduce in the Tamaverse.

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What is Tamadoge – Background

Tamadoge is one of the fastest growing and best new memecoins of 2023. Bearing similarities to Dogecoin as far as the aesthetics go, this memecoin was the first one that started to ask the question – “are memecoins fated to be joke tokens with no utility?”

Tamadoge’s answer to this question was a resounding no – with the introduction of a Play-to-earn crypto space that has the Tamadoge pets at its center.

Tamadoge pets are the Tamadoge NFTs that are purchased as pets and then fed, trained, and customized. After becoming adults, these “pets” become the player’s identity as an NFT and are used to battle other pets or participate in Arcade games. Winning in these games allows players to earn dogepoints. Accrue a certain number of dogepoints, and you will obtain Tamadoge tokens from the Tamadoge pool.

The pool is funded through Tamadoge tokens and when people buy Tamadoge NFTs, such as pets and assets from the Tamadoge marketplace. This approach creates a circular economy where every token earned by the devs is fed back into the ecosystem – making the entire ecosystem extremely sustainable.

Sustainability for crypto equates to long-term upsides – and Tamadoge is living proof of that. As one of the most successful presales of last year, Tamadoge became the only token to surpass the Ethereum ICO with the pace at which it was able to raise $19 million before it landed on a dozen cryptocurrency exchanges including OKX.

Tamadoge NFTs arrived soon after and became available on the opensea. Using these NFTs as player characters in the arcade games that Tamadoge has introduced – and continues to introduce – will allow players to compound their earnings to a whole new level.

Reviewing the Super Doge Crypto Game

Run, jump, and dodge – the simple mechanics of the Super Doge game might mistake you into thinking that the gameplay is basic. And you would be right – but simple here doesn’t take away from the fact that it is fun.

This review goes into the different mechanics of this platformer game and comments on how it might be different from other blockchain game offerings to date.

Graphics of Super Doge

Tamadoge is currently a 2D universe, so the Super Doge crypto game is presented in a two-dimensional format. But the lack of focus on making the games photorealistic has afforded developers the time to emphasize another major aspect – fun.

Super Doge crypto game graphics

Super Doge crypto game snapshot

That said, despite being two-dimensional, the art style of the Super Doge game is still a sight to behold.

You play as a Doge, an orange and white colored player character jumping across richly colored platforms to collect dogepoints. The color palette this game has decided to go with is perfect. Even though it is minimalistic, the background does the job of perfectly encapsulating the fun world that Tamadoge represents.

Enemy designs, even though not many at this moment, are great. We fought an armored enemy – which we think is the only enemy type at the moment. Or there may be more. But we couldn’t see them since the platforming sections were difficult for us to complete.

Overall, graphics do their job. It is minimalistic but yet sticks to being artistic – which is perfect for a platformer like Super Doge.


Let us now talk about the part of the game that we have been the most excited about since the announcement by Tamadoge in 2022 – gameplay.

Gameplay-wise, Tamadoge has rather taken it simple. You run, jump, dodge, and crush your enemies like you would in Mario games. The play on nostalgia is high here – and that is one of its strengths.

Platforming sections can be tricky to handle, which makes timing crucial. And if you have not been following 2D platformers for a long time, misjudging the distance between you and another platform can be a common occurrence.

Super Doge Gameplay

One of the best features that we liked was that the Super Doge game doesn’t lock you in one area. It means that as you move forward and the screen shifts, you will be able to go back to collect on some of the other points that you missed.

Timing is everything when you platform. Some platforms move and are crowded with enemies, which means you need to select your exact moment about when and where to jump. Make a mistake of even a single millimeter, and you will see the doge die, which puts you back in the original position.

There is no checkpoint system here – which is not that much of an issue since the game is designed to reward skill. One death, and you will go back to the starting location. But if you are playing using an NFT, using one of the doge NFTs, every point you accrue will be recorded in the game.

Subjectively, we would have liked this game to copy more of Mario’s mechanics, like shooting. But that would go against the spirit of this game. So, in whatever form we see the game right now – it is perfect the way it is.

YouTube video


The right sound can create an immersive environment in any game. With the right application of sound effects, a game can be elevated – and the same has been done here with the Super Doge crypto game.

The sound effects of the Super Doge game are phenomenal, with crisp blips reverberating across our years as you collect tokens, a “thwamp” sound as you jump, and a bouncy sound that you hear once you crush your enemies.

The fourth and final sound effect in this game is a mini-sound effect that indicates that you have accidentally touched the enemy character – or have fallen, which puts you back at the start of the game.

While having only four sound effects can be seen as a disadvantage, don’t forget the type of game this is. For a 2D game with creative platforms, these four effects communicate very well what your player has been up to.

But what’s even better is the background music. The techno-synth approach that this game has decided to go with is perfect for a game like this. The game music is upbeat and lends itself well to creating more immersion for those who play. While we would have liked more options, like a way to add some form of Mario music here as well – we were satisfied with what we got here.

That said, if the Super Doge game audio is not to your taste, all sounds can be turned off.

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Tamadoge Arcade – Showing a Different Breed of Games to Users

“Welcome to Tama Island” is the tagline of Tamadoge, showing off its arcade. Every game on the arcade is part of the island. Every single one of them – from what we have gathered so far- is a platformer where your Doges will be pitted against more difficult platforms and far more difficult enemies.

Tama Island and crypto games layout

Tamadoge games shown on Tama island

This is an interesting way to present the arcade games, reminding us of a lot of the old Mario island games where you find different platformers and tasks at each location. As such, we can say that the original game is Tama Island, with Super Doge being the first minigame that has launched.

According to the latest tweet, other Tamadoge games will also be dropping soon.

From the way the tweet has described the game, It is likely that Rocket Doge will be the first game to arrive. The game will feature the player controlling an out-of-control Tama wearing a Rocket and helping them navigate a challenging platform. And from what we have glanced at by playing the Super Doge game, we think the game would be equally fun. Update – Rocket Doge was indeed launched shortly after the Super Doge game.

Other games that are coming to the platform include To the Moon, Tama Blast, and Tama run. The last two games are shooting and infinite running games.

What Makes Tamadoge NFT Game One of the Best in The Industry?

Blockchain gaining isn’t a novel concept, but so far, none of the games have been able to hit the fun mark. Tamadoge is first among many that are trying to change that narrative by creating a game that gives equal emphasis to gameplay and earning mechanics. And Super Doge is just the beginning.

Here are the reasons we believe that Tamadoge NFT games, including Super Doge, will prove valuable for the wider cryptocurrency market.

A New CEO has Arrived With a Gaming Background

First and foremost, Tamadoge is a games platform. And it has to walk along that narrative and stay true to it if it wants to capture and retain the attention of the player base.

Tamadoge Game Project New CEO

Therefore, the team has recently onboarded a new CEO, Job Bishop. John Bishop is an industry-heavy weight, having been a part of PayPal and OutRight games in the past. Having someone with the pre-disposition towards making Web 3 games mainstream is the right first step towards making Tamadoge NFT games big in the coming days.

With the likes of Jon Bishop running the show, we expect Tamadoge NFT games to be more creative, more rewarding, and even more inclusive in the near future. A combination of these factors won’t only make the games more fun – but will also increase the $TAMA adoption rate.

An Inclusive Model Allowing Non-Crypto Gamers To Try Out The Game

The Super Doge game doesn’t put an entry barrier in front of anyone interested in trying it out. Anyone can visit the official website, look for the game, and click the play button.

When the game starts, the welcome screen offers two modes to players. The first is the fun mode – that we tried for hours. And the second one is the “Play-to-Earn mode”. None of the notable gameplay features have been removed from the fun mode.

Tamadoge Game Modes

That inclusivity can drive more interest in the Tamadoge NFT games, which will translate into a higher adoption rate for the Tamadoge metaverse.

Tamadoge Arcade is The Prelude to the Tamadoge Metaverse

Tamaverse is the biggest part of the Tamadoge roadmap. A virtual space where your Tamadoge pets can exist and interact with other pets. The end goal of this project is to create an AR (Augmented Reality) mobile app through which people can interact with the 3D renditions of their Tamadoge Pets.

Now with Super Doge, people have witnessed, for the first time, their pets moving, jumping, and platforming through the environment. This first look has inspired confidence in this project which will likely increase the adoption rate for Tamadoge NFTs.

High Level of Customizability of Tamadoge Pets and a Sustainable Economy

Once the Tamaverse opens, players will be able to customize their Tamadoge pets in a number of ways. They will be able to buy clothes, food, and other items from the Tamadoge pet store. With each purchase, Tamadoge will burn 5% of the TAMA token – an act that will turn Tamadoge into a deflationary asset.

And when there is deflation, there is a rarity, and where there is a rarity, there is more value.

Great First Impression by Beta Testers

Super Doge was the first game to be beta tested, and it has been positive by most testers.

Everything from the graphics to gameplay to the in-game music was appreciated. They can’t wait for more of this crypto game, and so can’t we.

Having positive reviews during the beta tests will motivate devs to create better games. And from the looks of it, they have managed to do just that with Super Doge.

Stats Show an Increased Super Doge Game Adoption Rate

Tamadoge tracked how long the Super Doge crypto game was being played, which gives an insight into its adoption rate

5.9 minutes per day were spent on the game. There were more than 2.2k unique plays. Also, the combined unique plays for all beta-tested games were more than 3.5k.

While many of them were free-to-play plays, the stats show that people are enticed by the gameplay aspect of Tamadoge. That alone can potentially create an influx of new players into the fold.

Overall, the recently released Tamadoge NFT game is a great project that shows that the devs are materializing what they specified in the original roadmap. In a space that’s full of unrealized projects, Tamadoge is bringing us closer to making what is specified in the roadmap a reality. This shows that the devs will definitely be completing the AR project as well.

That factor creates an ecosystem of trust, which makes us, as well as the larger crypto space, more bullish about this metaverse token.

Super Doge Crypto Game Launch Pumped the TAMA Price

Whenever there is a significant development for a cryptocurrency project, the crypto assets pumps and the pump Tamadoge has gone through are major.

Tamadoge Price After Super Doge Game Release

TAMA price chart following the Super Doge crypto game release

The token was trading at a low $0.015 in late January of 2023, with minor upticks from time to time. But the biggest one arrived after the announcement of Super Doge game launch day.

The price of this token then went up by 33%. As a result, resting at $0.022. it is likely that the Tamadoge price will go up to test even higher levels as other games drop.

Check out this video by crypto YouTuber Jacob Crypto Bury to Explore more about the price movement of this token.

YouTube video

Rocket Doge is Another New Crypto Game on the Tamadoge Arcade

Shortly after the Super Doge crypto game was launched, Rocket Doge was also released, the second addition to the Tamadoge Arcade games lineup.

Its release was announced on February 9th on the Tamadoge Twitter:

This new Tamadoge game features a Doge with a rocket strapped on its back. Your job is to make be swift and control your Doge as he platforms through obstacles and collects points.

Unlike the Super Doge game, Rocket Doge has simpler mechanics – but we found it to be more challenging.

Like Super Doge, Rocket Doge also features a free-to-play and Play-to-Win mode. The graphical aesthetics are similar and pixelated. The background music is great, and the gameplay is awesome. The gameplay involves only a spacebar or the mouse button. Your goal is to boost the rocket at precise moments at the doge move forward.

Rocket Doge game

Rocket Doge crypto game snapshot

The Play-to-Win mode will allow you to use Tamadoge NFTs as player characters, and it will reward you with monetary gains.

Tamadoge Crypto Games Roadmap

Tamadoge devs have also released their public roadmap showcasing the progress of the projects and the projects that are to come.

Currently, the projects that are in progress include:

  1. The Pet Store allows users to buy and sell their NFTs on Tamadoge itself.  Clicking on the Pet Store link right now sends users to Tamadoge’s open sea page.
  2. Tamadoge Run and the Tama blast are the fourth and fifth games of the project that Tamadoge is planning to release soon.
  3. User names and avatars on the leaderboard will be introduced. Right now, all people can see is the wallet address.
  4. Off-chain rewards will be given out to those who climb the leaderboards.
  5. Login module for Tamadoge for serious players.
  6. Ability to buy credits using a bank card.
  7. And a simple sign-up add-on with Facebook.

The second and third arcade games are near completion. And it is likely that they will go live shortly after this review does the same.

However, Tamadoge isn’t resorting to a linear roadmap anymore. Witnessing the success of the recently released games, devs have decided to dive a dynamic edge to the roadmap. New ideas are also being discussed to make Tamadoge even more than what it was originally intended to be.

How to Buy Tamadoge NFTs?

Tamadoge is currently available on the Opensea. However, many copycats have emerged since the NFT’s arrival. Therefore, use the steps below to buy Tamadoge NFTs safely.

  1. Go to Tamadoge’s official website
  2. Navigate to the home page and look for Tamadoge NFTs banner
  3. From there, click on the “Buy on Opensea” button
  4. Swap ETH to buy Tamadoge NFTs

To buy TAMA tokens, check out our how to buy Tamadoge guide.

Play Super Doge


The first Tamadoge NFT game, Super Doge, is a blast to play. But what makes this project more interesting is what it represents. It shows the real-time progression of the project along its roadmap. And it shows the integrity behind its developers.

Tamadoge has taken all the right steps that you would expect from the best NFT projects, from its dynamic roadmap to regular updates. And with the arrival of its latest game and more to come, Tamadoge has the potential to become one of the biggest P2P NFT projects ever created.

Use the link to start playing the game. Try it out for free first. And if you find that the gameplay is something you fancy, visit the official website to buy the Tamadoge NFTs and then use it to play the Super Doge crypto game and gain credits that equate to monetary gains.

That said, only use the buying-NFT link available on the official website. Several copycats with similar-looking NFTs have arrived that you won’t be able to use on the games.

Tamadoge - Play to Earn Meme Coin

Our Rating

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  • Earn TAMA in Battles With Doge Pets
  • Maximum Supply of 2 Bn, Token Burn
  • Now Listed on OKX, Bitmart, LBank, MEXC, Uniswap
  • Ultra Rare NFTs on OpenSea
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FAQs on Super Doge Gameplay

What is Super Doge?

Super Doge is an arcade game by Tamadoge, a cryptocurrency project that uses Doge aesthetics like a memecoin but gives them utility. Super Doge is a platformer similar to Mario where players run, jump, and dodge to collect credits that translate to monetary gains.

Can you play Super Doge for free?

Yes, Super Doge has two modes. The normal mode, where users need to connect their wallets and use their NFTs, and the free-to-play mode.

Will Tamadoge Arcade release more games?

Super Doge is only the first of five games Tamadoge Arcade is about to release initially. Two other games, Rocket Doge, and To The Moon, will be launched soon.

Can you earn money playing Super Doge?

Yes, players can earn money by playing Super Doge. To do that, they must select the Play to Win mode on the official website. Using this mode requires the payment of one TAMA token.