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To The Moon Crypto Game Review – Latest Tamadoge NFT Game

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

To The Moon was the third game to be launched by the Tamadoge ecosystem. It came after two big hits, namely Super Doge and Rocket Doge. Like its predecessors, To The Moon looks promising and exciting. The game is set within a 2D platform and displays simple gameplay mechanics. In this game, the player had to bounce from platform to platform and aim for the moon while collecting crucial game points.

Do not allow its simple gameplay to put you off, because this game has its fair share of challenges that will keep you engaged in this adventure. One of the exciting features that will test your gaming skills is the earning mechanism, where players will have to overcome hurdles. All these features will make the gaming sessions fun and interesting.

In this comprehensive review of To The Moon, we have assessed this game in every aspect such as its graphics, gameplay mechanisms, tokenomics, and most importantly, the fun element.

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What is Tamadoge – A Comprehensive Look into a Memecoin Metaverse

Tamadoges presale was started in early 2022. This projects unique features and a different approach to marketability and utilities gave it a boost and made it one of the most popular crypto presales of the year. Its presale surpassed even Ethereums initial coin offering and was successful in raising a whopping $19 million.

What is Tamadoge

The reason behind its tremendous success is its marketing and visual aesthetics. It claims itself as a P2E Dogecoin and was the first token to extend real utilities to memecoins. The ultimate goal of this project is to create a metaverse called Tamaversethat will have Tamadoge NFTs and much more.

Tamadoge NFTs are the first step of this ecosystem. These NFTs can be bought by players as small pets from its marketplace (Opensea for now). NFTs can then be raised and put to compete against other pets in an artificial reality environment. The project is planning to use the connection players develop with their NFTs and give them a place via which owners can interact with their NFTs.

The entire ecosystem is powered by TAMA tokens which is an ERC-20 token. People can use this token to do transactions in this ecosystem. It also acts as a stackable reward token for Tamadoge. In addition to this, another appealing feature of this token is that it doesnt levy any transaction tax. The devs have strong faith in Tamadoge and can visualize it becoming a sustainable economy.

Tamadoge Arcade is an important introductory element in realizing the dream of Tamaverse. The platform provides a tiny glimpse of how a dog moves and interacts with the ecosystem. There were five games set to launch. To The Moon was the third one, and the remaining two have already dropped.

To The Moon has the same visual style and aesthetics as the other games of this ecosystem; however, there are several things that it is doing differently to make the game more appealing and engaging. We have done thorough research into the games various features.

To The Moon – A Detailed Review

To The Moon is a game on a 2D vertical platform. The goal of the player in this game is to jump higher and higher from one platform to the other without falling and while collecting points. It follows similar gameplay mechanics as that of the Sonic Jump while retaining its unique identity.

To The Moon Crypto Game Review TAmadoge NFT Game

In the following sections, we will take you through the different aspects of the game such as gameplay, visual appeal, sounds, and earning mechanics. Let us dive in and find out whether the blockchain space can finally boast of a game that could successfully get more people excited about crypto gaming.


The gameplay in simple terms is you jump up and try to reach the moon. With this easy and simple gameplay premise, players may think that the game will be easy to master and cause boredom sooner. But you cannot be far from the truth, because we could not find any of that with To The Moon. Let us find out why.

Two Modes To The Moon

One moves vertically from one platform to the next. One needs to learn to be precise with the use of the directional keys because all the platforms may not be wide, some may be very small and narrow.

Some of the platforms are only about a block. Some are moving platforms while there are others which are made of soft sand. One needs to bounce off quickly from this sand platform or your doge will fall off. The trick is to maintain ones footing on the platforms to ensure that they dont fall.

This element makes the game challenging. The game may appear simple, but it will have you multitask across the entire playing field. One would need sharp focus while playing this game. What makes it even more challenging is the fact that sometimes now would need to focus on managing ones position on the platform instead of collecting points.

When you lose your footing, you fall. The platforms would then disappear as you move up and the screen would scroll down. This means that missing a jump will not help you land on a previously missed platform.

Another challenge is the type of obstacles that you will face while you bounce on and off platforms. We lost count of the number of times we landed on a platform thinking it is safe but finding out that these were grenade platforms that dropped us.

In short, we were impressed with the challenging aspects of To The Moon. It has the easy to learn but difficult to masterapproach which kept us on our toes when we played it. On the downside, the game was difficult. Every move requires precision. The challenging aspect alone makes To The Moon one of the best NFT games we have featured.


Games require a visual appeal to make them fun and engaging. The look of a game should be beautiful even if the game looks pixelated in a 2D environment. That is why we are delighted to announce that this game passed our visual test. Its pixelated aestheticsare out of this world. While the game may be short on colors to compete with games such as Blasphemous or Hollow Knight, there is just enough variety to make the gaming experience enjoyable.

The game is set in a desert. When you first hop off the ground, you see the light brown colors which are the main themes. But once you start the game and are up in the air hopping from one platform to the next, the backdrop is blue which highlights the sky. As your doge moves higher and higher, the backdrop turns darker and you can see stars. It is all these little details here and there that speaks volume about the teams overall effort into pulling off this visual presentation with the milted available resources.

Please do keep in mind that these graphics are very basic because the devs wanted it that way to give the maximum enjoyment to the players who want to get going with the game without too many background distractions.


The similar soundtracks being used in the last two games in the Tamadoge Arcade made us believe that the new soundtrack will also be the same. However, To The Moon soundtrack surprised us. You will hear something different in this game from the previous synth music teamed with high-octane undertones that get you pumped up to play. To The Moon has opted for an upbeat soundtrack which captures the essence of the bouncing mechanic of the gameplay. The sound is very rhythmic. Jumping onto the platforms and following the delightful sound gives a warmer gameplay experience.

In conclusion, the vibe of the game is fun and frolic. The games graphics are simple but charging. The gameplay looks easy but is challenging and would keep you constantly on your toes as the game moves forward. Some upgrades like the magnets are extremely helpful especially to collect coins. All being said, let us remind you that the game is hard sometimes. So make sure to read the tutorials carefully before you press the play button and charge off to the moon.

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Tamadoge Arcade – What is it

Tamadoges planned metaverse will take time to be ready, and in the meantime, we need a platform to witness the Tamadoge Pets NFTs in action. The arcade has a collection of 2D platforms and shooter games that gives us a glimpse of what the Tamadoge will look like as it moves toward the creation of its metaverse.

Tama Island and crypto games layout

The arcade is, however, not only a collection of menus that one browses through to come across a game they like.

These artistic and aesthetics may look useless at first glance. However, because this project has plans of expansion into a metaverse, this artistic backdrop is a terrific gameplay idea. It will transport the players to this fantasy world and provide a good gaming experience.

The Tamadoge Arcade has dropped all of its five planned games, the recent ones being Tama Blast and Tamadoge Run. The arrival of these games has primed Tamadoge to be a leading P2E crypto of 2024.

Tamadoge NFT Games Are Considered The Best In The Industry- Let Us Find Out Why?

Tamadoge Arcade has launched five games back to back. In doing so, it has demonstrated that it is set on its road map and has plans to implement it fully. It also aims to make its project leagues superior to its competitors. The Tamadoge team is fully dedicated to its mission. They are constantly in conversation with their community to draw in feedback and make their games great.

In addition to this, there are various other features why we think Tamadoge might just become the best Play-to-Earngaming project to have come out to date. We found this data based on our deeper technical analysis of the platform and you can find it below.

Clear on the Gameplay

Plat-to-Earn games are not new. They have been around for a long time now. However, even with their long stand in the market, P2E games are far from making a real mark to disrupt the marketplace.

The reason behind this is many of these P2E games involve simple gaming mechanics over the main earning mechanics or they are just plain boring.

Cryptocurrency fans have overlooked this common and repetitive approach and have admired these simple P2E games by ignoring their drawbacks. However, Tamadoge is being honest and real about these shortfalls.

The Tamadoge devs have realized and known since the beginning that to appeal to the non-crypto crowd, it is crucial to include good gameplay. Thus born To The Moon has good gameplay, which is simple but also challenging. Tamadoge completely relies on the gaming communitieslove for platforming games to guide the P2E ecosystem to future progress and growth.

For instance, Tama blast has a simple slingshot and puzzle mechanic where players need to shoot their Doges to the goal post and past the obstacles.

Tamadoge Blast

In addition to having simple and fun gameplay, the devs of Tamadoge do not overwhelm players regarding its underlying earning mechanics or about parts of the Tamadoge ecosystem that the non-crypto crowd may not initially be interested in. This approach allows non-crypto gamers to explore this ecosystem at their own pace and without too much unnecessary information. This also opens the door for them to learn about the earning mechanic if and when they wish to learn.

Tamadoge Is Guided By A CEO with Game-Experience

At the end of 2022, Tamadoge shifted its gear and announced that it would be launching the first game through its arcade. This shift was inspired by bringing in a new CEO, who had solid experience in handling web3 gaming projects, to join them.

Jon Bishop has had gaming experience by being the head of Outright games. This is a publisher that has launched family friendlygames such as Paw Patrol, Justice League: Cosmic Chaos and more.

In addition to gaming, Jon Bishop also had a wealth of experience with famous growing companies such as eBay and PayPal.

With various combinations of crucial experiences, Jon Bishop is someone with great knowledge and expertise in the financial and gameplay aspects of P2E games. Being guided by such an industry expert with many achievements under his belt, we are certain that Tamadoge will be the first P2E project capable of turning non-crypto gamers into crypto gamers.

Gameplay Has Two Play Modes

All five games on the Tamadoge Arcade- Super Doge, Rocket Doge, To The Moon, Tama Blast, and Tamadoge Run, have two modes of gameplay. The First is Free-to-Play, and the second is Pay-to-Play.

This double-mode gaming mechanic, one of which allows people to explore and play the game for free is rewarding. As it helps bring more attention and audience to the game. It allows new players to see and understand the game and to find out if the game is interesting for them. If they are interested and invested in the game, then they can later opt to capitalize on their gaming skills by selecting the Pay-To-Play mode.

This stepwise approach to this gaming may convince non-crypto gamers to change their opinion about P2E gaming, which till now has been an extremely difficult task.

Tamadoge Is Just A Glimpse Of The Tamaverse

Last year many projects emerged with high plans of creating a metaverse. This strong bullish attitude swept the entire cryptocurrency market off its feet and made the price of the tokens associated with these projects increase at the beginning. However, many projects fell on their faces and failed to deliver what was initially projected as per their road maps. As a result, their value dropped.

This is where Tamadoge is doing things differently. It is one of the first Play-to-Earn projects out there to have plans of following its road map very closely. The devs have announced early on in their road map about the introduction of the Tamadoge Arcade, and it has already been delivered.

Now the next agenda on the road map was Tamadoge Pets, and we see it being already in action, which just further proves that the Tamadoge metaverse is not too far and will happen for sure. Tamadoge has now shifted from a linear to a more dynamic road map to keep its community more updated about its plans and actions. All this had a great impact on the TAMA price. These factors may make Tamadoge the next big metaverse crypto.

Different Approach to DeFi

Discussions regarding tokenomics and earning mechanics often involve technical jargon used together in a sentence that makes no sense to most people. Tamadoge Arcade games have thus kept simpler for people to understand.

All the games being launched on this arcade has one goal- which is to overcome obstacles while simultaneously earning points. The collected dogepoints at the end will tell how many TAMA tokens the players will be able to win from the Tamadoge pre-decided price pool.

This easy-to-understand approach to DeFi will get rid of the fear that non-crypto gamers have and which stops them from engaging with such an ecosystem. Equipped with simple ad fun gameplay, these games can grow manifold and dominate the market shortly.

Memecoins Realizing Their Full Potential

Tamadoge taught us all that memecoins do not only have to be for vanity whose value rises and falls with the social media frenzy and Elon Musks tweets. Although Dogecoins value has been pumped massively in the past because of Musk, its growth after that, however, has been unsustainable.

Tamadoge is a memecoin that is one of the first to break out from its jokish origin and provide real value to the people. This token banks on the marketability and popularity of a memecoin and combines it with a Play-to Earn utility. This marketability helps in acquiring customers, while P2E utility helps in the retention of these customers. This retention technique will allow Tamadoge NFT games to build a sustainable economy and make the TAMA tokens an ideal long-term investment option.

Tamadoge Has Started An Array of Partnerships and Listings

Tamadoge has now entered an era of partnerships, with it being so close to realizing its vision of creating an AR-based game. In Q2 2023 Tamadoge was listed by tier one exchange Bybit.

Leading crypto casino BC.Game also added TAMA to the list of supported assets, and more recently, Tamadoge has partnered with SpongeBob to airdrop SPONGE tokens to TAMA holders.

These developments are seen as a sign of TAMA spreading its horizons. The project’s partnerships will funnel into TAMA’s price, which in the long run, would be better for TAMA holders.

Play To The Moon

How Playing To The Moon Can Help You Earn TAMA?

To The Moon offers a Pay-to-Play mode and a Free-To-Play mode. To be able to earn TAMA by playing this game, one needs to opt for the Pay-to-Play mode. To buy game credits, players can swap credits for TAMA tokens. Players can purchase TAMA tokens via OKX,, ByBit, or LBank.

Players interested in increasing their earning potential through this game can use Tamadoge NFTs. They can follow the structured steps below to buy Tamadoge NFTs.

  • Open the official website.
  • Once you are there, navigate to the sites home page.
  • Click on the menu button which is on the top-right corner of the home page.
  • Select the buy NFTs option.
  • Then you will land on a page which will showcase different sections to purchase other classes of Tamadoge NFTs such as Common, Rare, and Ultra rare.
  • Scroll to the class of NFTs you want to buy and just select the Buy NFT” button you see below them.
  • Then you will be guided to the official Opensea page. There you can swap your ETH for Tamadoge NFTs.

We advise you not to go directly to Opensea to manually look for Tamadoge NFTs. The reason for that is many scams and copycats have emerged with the same name, and they use clever tricks to appear first on the search. Please make sure to only use the links provided to purchase the NFTs.

Meanwhile, check out our how-to-buy Tamadoge guide for more details.

Final Words On To The Moon

Tamadoge Arcade has a unique gaming spirit. It has been able to carry on that fun legacy by launching this third game where the player aims to reach the moon, hence this name. The graphical design of To The Moon gives out old and retro vibes. The game itself is very simple to play, and it is fun to watch the doge do all the hippity-hop as the game advances.

All these are equally complimented by the game points earning mechanism, which is not complex and easy to follow. All these attractive features for this play-to-earn game are certain to put Tamadoge at the forefront of all the new crypto-based gaming projects.

All these interesting factors and unique offerings will allow Tamadoge NFT games to look appealing to a wider audience. This will help Tamadoge to acquire a massive portion of the cryptocurrency market and dominate it in no time. This will further work in favor of TAMA’s price as the price is already gaining strength. The Tamadoge arcade is now closing on to releasing all the exciting and fun new games on the platform. This could provide a major upswing to the TAMA price in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the To The Moon crypto game all about?

'To The Moon' is the third game launched by the Tamadoge Arcade. The game has a doge as its character which bounces off from platform to platform collecting dogepoints. The ultimate goal of the doge is to keep moving towards the moon, hence the name - 'To The Moon'. All the dogepoints accumulated through the game will then be calculated. The player to accumulate the highest points will earn the biggest share of the entire Tamadoge pool.

Is the To The Moon crypto game free?

All the games available on the Tamadoge arcade come with a free-to-play mode, including the latest 'To The Moon'. Interested players can use the link provided to try out this fun game. All they need to do is select the 'free-to-play' mode and can start playing without requiring them to buy any credits.