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Rocket Doge Crypto Game Review – Tamadoge NFT Game

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Rocket Doge is the second game by Tamadoge and represents the materialization of the original vision of this utility-based memecoin to create its own metaverse. The game features two-dimensional aesthetics, simple controls, and simple soundtracks for players to enjoy as they maintain their Doge’s thrusters to get it through challenging platforms – and earn money while they are at it.

Closely resembling the first game Super Doge in every way, Rocket Doge has embraced the same level of simplicity. But would  “simple” be enough to keep the Tamadoge ecosystem sustainable? Does this game has enough offerings in terms of both fun and earning factor to keep players from leaving?

This Rocket Doge crypto game review will focus on many aesthetics of the gameplay and see if the game’s play on nostalgia is enough to bring in non-crypto players to blockchain gaming.

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What is Tamadoge – Utility-Based Memecoin That Changed The Game

Even the best memecoins have always been thought of as joke crypto – because they are. Designed to entice the social media crowd as a way to reward them for interacting on social media platforms, these tokens have historically had no value than a tradable asset – and not a good one. At best, these tokens work as a way to create awareness about cryptocurrencies, and at worst, they have led to losses for those who have invested.


Look at Dogecoin, for instance. It might be the best memecoin on the planet, but its “meme” worthiness has done nothing to make it more appealing to serious investors. Yes, there are those who often post “to-the-moon” posts on Twitter when talking about Doge. But they are the same people who often wait for Elon Musk to say something about it so that DOGE’s price increases.

Tamadoge stands out as a complete antithesis of that. Yes, it has a doge aesthetic which gives it a unique, joke-like appeal, but this token is hardly a joke and hardly a meme coin. What Tamadoge instead is a token that leverages the notoriety that Dogecoin has gotten to create value for all investors.

That appeal was responsible for Tamadoge surpassing Ethereum’s initial ICO during the presale, where it raised upwards of $19 million in record time. The project’s goal is simple – create a metaverse where the Tamasdoge Pets – NFTs – can reside – giving monetary gains and fun gameplay to NFT owners.

Players can own Tamadoge pets as puppies and raise them into full-blown doges before using them as player characters in arcade games. And when Tamaverse arrives and the AR game gets made, the same pets will be pitted in battle against other pets – bringing the full power of the Tamadoge ecosystem to everyone to participate.

The description is simple enough, but the faith that devs have in this project is extraordinary. They know that Tamadoge’s model, which involves rewarding based on skill-based gameplay, has the potential to entice even the biggest crypto detractors. That is why these have put no tax on the transactions.

The success of the presale led many cryptocurrency exchanges to rush to list TAMA tokens, with OKEX winning the first round. The world’s seventh largest cryptocurrency exchange became the first cryptocurrency exchange list TAMA, and LBank, MEXC, and Uniswap came after.

The release of Tamadoge tokens was followed by the arrival of Tamadoge NFTs on OpenSea – first, the ultra-rare ones and then the common ones. These pets can be used by players in the Tamadoge Arcade games to earn while they play – including Super Doge, Rocket Doge, Tama Blast, Tamadoge Run, and To The Moon.

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Rocket Doge Crypto Game Review

Rocket Doge is the second game to come out of Tamadoge Arcade. And expectedly enough, it pretty much has the same aesthetics, the same type of gameplay, and pretty much the same soundtrack. That said, there are a few things that Rocket Doge does differently that make it a good game in its own right.

This section takes a deep dive into multiple aspects of Rocket Doge and sees if they match up to the fun factor of the 2D games of the past – because that’s what Tamadoge is clearly going for.


Rocket Doge is set inside the same arcade island as Super Doge and, therefore, has the same type of graphical aesthetics. Your player character is a Doge strapped to a jetpack, and the curled feet and toes do well to mimic how a doge would look like if you actually strap a backpack onto him in real life. The background is relatively simple and shows many walled obstacles that are green and brown in color, not dissimilar to Mario.

Rocket Doge Graphics

What we were impressed by, however, was the thrusters on the rocket. Even though minimalistic, the fire effects look cool. For one, the fire moves – and not just as a single wick. Developers have done well to make sure that the fire effect looks better, even in the 2D space.

Other than your standard doge colors and the brown and green obstacles, the blue background is the biggest thing you will notice. It is natural since the game is “Rocket” doge, and the sky will take precedence. Clouds are also great editions, but we would have liked it better if they moved as well. Such minor details would have taken this game to the next level, not that it is not already there.


Rocket Doge features a simple-to-learn and difficult-to-master mechanic. You are a doge strapped with a rocket pack, and your job is to fly through endless obstacles while collecting coins and preventing getting hit. Throughout your course, you will get upgrades like shields, health packs, and magnets to attract coins toward you.

Precision is the name of the game here. You need to be quick and patient with your clicks as you move to Doge forward. The game is similar to “endless runners,” like Temple Run but set in a 2D plane – which means one thing – there is no way back. Once you start to move to the right, you will keep on moving. There is no way to change directions and grab those missing points. It is your job to judge the momentum and move to navigate your Doge away from the obstacles and towards the doge points.

One thing that we liked is the lack of instant death. Super Doge had a “one-hit kill” thing going for it that dropped you back to the start of the level after you got hit once. Rocket Doge gives a health bar. But that doesn’t make you invincible – you only get three strikes – after which the game will send you back to the start of the level.

Thankfully, there are shield upgrades to prevent damage, and health packs keep your level up. But you collect them in the same way you would your dogepoints, meaning you must be precise to accumulate the most points.

One more thing; you get fewer points in Rocket Doge than in Super Doge. This means that this game is less forgiving than Super Doge, the first game. So, if you are using your NFTs to play, you better bring your A-game when you thrust your Doge forward.

Rocket Doge Gameplay

Our Highest Score in Rocket Doge

Like all arcade games, Rocket Doge comes in two modes. The free play mode will have you choose the default, simple Doge. But if you want to earn during gameplay, you can either:

  1. But a Tamadoge NFT and use that to play the game, or
  2. Use one TAMA token to play the game.

Sound Design

The sound design of Rocket Doge is the same as Super Doge. Synthy music reverberates in the background as you move your Doge forward. When you get hit, you great a Mario-like sound, and when you die, you get a long combination of tones that puts you back in the starting position.

There is not much to say about sound, honestly. The best thing we can say is that it fits perfectly with the atmosphere. We can’t hold the sound against this game since the game itself is simple – and the simple sound reflects that.

Also, the sound is not the main star of this game. Thus, you can mute it while you play – which is what we did when we tested Rocket Doge.

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What Makes Tamadoge Arcade Different From Many of the Current NFT Games

The best P2E NFT games have always been those that provided better earning mechanics. Gameplay never took precedence for such projects, and the P2E space suffered for it. Tamadoge is here to challenge these notions by addressing one simple fact – Blockchain gaming has just begun, and we can’t compromise our progress by trying to provide the same aesthetics as traditional gaming.

Traditional gaming built a foundation through simple games, and when technology evolved, games became photorealistic. But despite how real they looked, these games were held together by great gameplay. Focusing exclusively on looks hasn’t helped them in the past. If one has to see the proof of that, the latest Web2 game, “Forspoken,” tells a great story of a failed game with great graphics.


Tamadoge has drawn parables from both traditional and blockchain gaming and found that simple-but-gun games will bring attention to crypto’s gaming ecosystem. The Tamadoge Arcade reflects this simple principle. Their unique approach to showing off games shows us the level of creativity devs are willing to implement to make the game more appealing for everyone.

Why People Are Super Bullish On Games like Rocket Doge?

Rocket Doge is the realization of Tamadoge’s original vision of creating fun games that reward based on skill. This approach requires the games to have a fun factor since that will help draw in non-crypto games – and Tamadoge has paid attention to that.

Now that five games that were announced in the very beginning are out, we are uncovering more and more reasons to be super bullish on Tamadoge NFT games like Rocket Doge.  Some of them are as follows:

Industry Heavy-Weight Jon Bishop Has Become Tamadoge’s CEO

A gaming project can only be successful if the one leading the team has prior experience working on such endeavors, which is why Tamadoge has brought in Jon Bishop. Jon Bishop is one of the most renowned names in the WEB 3 gaming space, having been part of many fintech, crypto, and gaming firms like eBay, PayPal, Coda, and Outright Games.

Outright Games is the world’s leading publisher of children’s games with hits like Paw Petrol, Peppa Pig, and Bratz.

“Web3 should deliver a better experience than F2P games”, says Jon Bishop, continuing that Web 3 games to date have focused “too much on Web 3” and “not enough” on the game experience.

On that note, the dev is moving Tamadoge in a direction where fun gameplay and value take precedence in the project.

Games Fun enough For Non-Crypto Gamers

P2E games have done nothing to entice non-crypto gamers so far. Devs either don’t pay attention to these gamers or use their own community to attack influencers who come up with legitimate reasons behind the failure of p2e games.

Tamadoge is different. Not only have the developers paid attention to what traditional gamers have been saying, but they are implementing the feedback on Tamadoge arcade games. All the games on the Tamadoge arcade so far have been simple but fun. And since every point earned equates to how much money a player can earn, non-crypto gamers, too, have started to pay attention.

Another reason why even many from the non-blockchain gaming crowd are moving towards Tamadoge is the inclusion of a Free to Play mode. This is a nice mode to try out the game and assess its fun factor before jumping in. And the best part is all the features of the “pay-to-play” have been carried over to the free-to-play mode.

Embracing simplicity rather than photorealism

It is not like “fun games” haven’t been part of the discussion among many P2E projects. Developers, in fact, are paying attention to it – and they are trying to do something about it. However, all the moves that these devs are making are often desperate. They rely on the narrative of “graphics make the gameplay” to market their games, which is often the source of their failure.

For all its perks, Web 3 gaming is still lacking in terms of capability. Overly bullish developers are trying to bring the likes “Crysis” to the blockchain space, not realizing that we are still quite a few years away. What is necessary right now is the presence of fun, simple games that can at least make non-crypto gamers take notice.

That is what Tamadoge has been doing. Under the leadership of Jon Bishop, devs are bringing simple and feasible games to the ecosystem – games that can be developed easily. Games like Mario have always been known to bring challenges to players. Think of the same type of game bringing monetary gains for overcoming such challenges – that’s what games like Super Doge and Rocket Doge are offering.

Update – another game, To The Moon, has also now been released.

Tamadoge Arcade shows that Tamaverse is not that far away

Tamaverse, the Tamadoge Metaverse, is the main goal of the Tamadoge ecosystem. It would be an ecosystem where players would be able to interact with their pets in an AR environment, which will also act as a virtual space for all pets. That virtual space or the Tamaverse will become a “metaverse for memecoins” – a move that will inspire other meme-focused tokens to leave their joke origins behind and embrace utility.

Tamadoge arcade is the first step into getting closer to the metaverse. People who became early movers have now seen their Tamadoge pets moving and interacting with the gameplay environment. Getting the same pets to the Tamaverse is only a few steps from there. But first, a 3D version of pets has to be created, which developers assure is underway.

The Full Tamaverse AR App is Coming Soon

The introduction of the AR app is something that investors have been looking out for for a long time. Only recently was the announcement made about its potential launch in the upcoming months. This app may contribute to completely changing the look of Tamadoge NFTs. Not only will they become the 3D renditions of their current selves, but they will be customizable using the assets that players can purchase on the Tamadoge Pet store. Customization will introduce more versatilities to NFTs and make them more valuable to players.

How do Rewards Work in Rocket Doge and Other Arcade Games?

All games come with their own prize pool and leaderboard, the former of which resets weekly. Here are the key details about Tamadoge arcade for those who want to “pay to play” and get monetary gains.

Credits are Required for Playing

All players must provide credits before they can start playing the game. Tamadoge is currently offering an entry package comprised of 100 arcade credits, which is equivalent to 600 $TAMA tokens.

Prizepool Competition

  1. 50% of the prize pool is reserved for the players
  2. 10% is meant for the staking pool
  3. 40% is for marketing and game development


  1. 1st place winner gets 40% of the winnings
  2. 2nd place winner gets 20% of the winnings
  3. 3rd place winner gets 105 of the winning
  4. 4th to 10th place winners get 1% of the winnings
  5. And the 11th to 30th place winners get 0.5% of the pool
  6. The remaining players get the split from the remaining 18%.

Rocket Doge; Other Updates Pumped the Tamadoge Price

It is normal for crypto projects to see a considerable rise in value whenever any major development or upgrade is carried out successfully. The launch of games is a major thing for Tamadoge, which has positioned itself as a haven for blockchain gamers. The launch of Rocket Doge created a buying frenzy among investors as well as gamers, since some found the growth prospect of Tamadoge more viable(thanks to the instant success of Rocket Doge), while some simply wanted TAMA tokens to purchase in-game items and top the leaderboards.

Tamadoge has seen a decent rise in price every time it released a game. But the latest pump in TAMA was seen recently due to a series of announcements that helped investors look at the project from a more bullish perspective.

The TAMA token got listed on another top crypto exchange Bybit and has partnered with one of the top-trending memecoins SPONGE for a giveaway. This is big news since the partnership could indicate a considerable rise in the exposure for Tamadoge, given that the SpongeBob community also has a sizeable number of investors.

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Tamadoge Game Roadmap

Tamadoge devs have recently released a public roadmap to keep people up to date with the developments of the ecosystem. Here are the details from the roadmap.

  1. TAMA is currently accepted as a payment method on BC.Game, which is one of the biggest crypto casinos in the world. More such platform partnerships are to be expected in the future.
  2. Tamadoge Pet Store is being designed. For now, clicking on the link will take users to the official Tamadoge NFT page on Opensea.
  3. Usernames, instead of addresses, will be soon seen on the leaderboard
  4. Winners will also gain off-chain rewards.
  5. The login module is coming soon.
  6. Buying credit through credit and debit cards is also coming soon.

Buy Tamadoge NFTs

Those who want to “pay to play” must use Tamadoge NFTs. Searching for the Tamadoge NFTs on Opensea is not recommended due to copycats. Here are the tips to follow instead.

  1. Visit the official website of Tamadoge.
  2. Find links to the OpenSea collections on the homepage
  3. Connect a crypto wallet to OpenSea loaded with ETH, and swap ETH for Tamadoge NFTs

Check out our official Tamadoge Guide to buy TAMA tokens.


Rocket Doge is the second edition of the Tamadoge arcade and carries the same aesthetics as the other four games. It has a simple gameplay with standard background music but great aesthetics – definitely fun for those who want something nostalgic to play.

While Tamadoge has a long way to go to increase the blockchain gaming adoption rate, games like Rocket Doge are a step in the right direction. Tamadoge NFTs are one of the best NFT projects that we have covered so far, which has stayed true to its roadmap, going as far as to modify it while remaining transparent to its community.

Those who are interested in playing using NFTs should visit to find the official Opensea links. Tamadoge NFTs have already sprung many copycats, and the same might go for the games now that all five games in the Tamaverse have become super popular.

FAQs on Rocket Doge Gameplay

What is Rocket Doge?

Rocket Doge is the second game Tamadoge has released via the Tamadoge arcade. The game features a doge wearing a jet pack in which players use thrusters to move it forward across obstacles on a 2D plane.

Can you play Rocket Doge for free?

Yes, those who want to try the game can click on the 'play for free' mode on the official website and play the game for free.

What games are coming on Tamadoge Arena?

Now that Super Doge, Rocket Doge, Tamadoge Blast, To The Moon, and Tamadoge Run are live, it may be a while before new games are launched. However, developers have stated that they will be constantly working behind the scenes to bring better, more immersive games in the future.