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10+ Best NFT Games to Play

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

The popularity of NFT games in 2023 is increasing rapidly. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) began as digital assets stored on the blockchain that can trace the ownership of an asset wherever it moves and offer to resale portions to previous owners. Their use case has recently taken the gaming world by storm. The three billion gamers around the globe are naturally drawn to the pursuit of rarities, collections of limited trinkets, and the discovery of uncommon art and mementos.

Complex NFT game projects with subpar user experience design might be challenging to market. Players may be more open to NFTs if they are well-executed and provide significant value. We review a rundown of the best NFT games on the market in this guide.

List of the Best NFT Games of 2023

Below are NFT games that have taken the blockchain space by storm this year. These games redefine traditional gameplay by introducing social and P2E mechanics and attracting the interest of the non-crypto gaming crowd.

  1. Meme KombatBest NFT Game to Play with Meme Avatars and AI-Powered Battle Arenas
  2. yPredict -Ai-assisted Trendy NFTs Game Predictor
  3. Launchpad XYZ -Launchpad XYZ Quotient (LQ) Factor
  4. Wall Street Memes – Memecoin Project Launching an NFT based on Bitcoin
  5. Tamadoge – Best Tamagotchi-Influenced NFT Game of This Year
  6. Battle Infinity – Best Metaverse-Based NFT Game in the Fantasy Sports Niche
  7. Axie Infinity – Allowing Players to Buy Axies NFTs and Put them To Battle
  8. CryptoKitties – One of the Earliest NFT Games
  9. Decentraland – One of the Biggest Metaverse NFT Projects
  10. The Sandbox – NFT Game Featuring Land Ownership and Brand Support

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Best NFT Games of 2023 – Reviews

Below, our review team of gamers, investors, and traders alike picked out the top NFT games that are worth investing in now before they explode:

Meme Kombat – Best NFT Game to Play with Meme Avatars and AI-Powered Battle Arenas

Meme Kombat is among the top NFT games to enjoy in 2023, thanks to its novel take on the concept of battle arenas. The platform integrates trendy meme coin characters into its gameplay, pitting them against each other on the intense battlefield.

Meme Kombat leverages advanced technology and the decentralization of the Ethereum network to give P2E gaming a fresh twist. The three main services on the platform are AI-powered battles, gambling, and staking for rewards.

Meme Kombat

Automated Battles on Meme Kombat feature AI-powered characters inspired by well-known meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Token holders of the platform’s native cryptocurrency, $MK, can place bets on battle outcomes to earn massive rewards.

Finally, $MK token holders may also stake the tokens to passively earn an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 112%. These gains are in addition to other in-game rewards and benefits.

Participation and community involvement are the pillars of Meme Kombat’s growth, signifying its massive potential as the community evolves. Several tokens have been set aside for community awards. Half of the token supply is currently up for pre-sale, with a hard cap of $10,000,000 and a presale token cost of $1.667.

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yPredict – Ai-assisted Trendy NFTs Game Predictor

In, you’ll find artificial intelligence/machine learning professionals, financial quants, and traders. Analytical tools and platforms provide traders with insights and analytics using cutting-edge financial prediction techniques and measures created using alternative data to help them make informed trading decisions.

Traders and investors can make educated judgements that maximize earnings using accurate data-driven insights and analytical measures. You may expedite your cryptocurrency trading with yPredict and earn greatly from the increasing value of YPRED tokens at the same time.

yPredict popular P2E games

Additionally, yPredict offers a variety of incentives for traders to complete training programmes and exams, as well as for data scientists to contribute to the platform. The goal of trading is to build a community of skilled traders who can prosper, not only to make money via trading.

Although the white paper mentions no plans for NFTs in the future, it is difficult to say whether the platform would differentiate itself by staying out of the NFT market. Instead, enthusiasts predict that yPredict may become the most popular location for NFT predictions.

Check out yPredicţ

Launchpad XYZ – Launchpad XYZ Quotient (LQ) Factor

Blockchain startup Launchpad XYZ is revolutionising the Web 3.0 investing space. Initial coin offerings (ICOs), utility tokens, NFTs, play-to-earn games, and other investment products are only a few of the ones that are available in the Web 3.0 industry. Because of the Launchpad XYZ ecosystem, newcomers will be able to effortlessly navigate the Web 3.0 era.

Launchpad XYZ - Launchpad XYZ Quotient (LQ) Factor

The Launchpad XYZ Feed contains everything of Web3 in one convenient location. To show you what’s popular and what isn’t, it only utilises one metric, the Launchpad XYZ Quotient (LQ). It’s foremost objective is to assist cryptocurrency traders in making educated selections, not just for novices but also for seasoned traders. The ecosystem also has LPX, a unique token that can be used for both investment and utility.

Additionally, customers of Launchpad XYZ will have access to a mixed decentralized exchange. This will make it possible for traders to purchase and sell NFTs in addition to hundreds of cryptocurrency pairings. The DEX will handle a variety of order types and include a maker-taker commission structure. Trading commissions will be decreased for LPX token stakers. Also, the platform will give you access to the best NFT drops and recommendations.

Check out Launchpad XYZ̧

Wall Street Memes – Memecoin Project Launching an NFT based on Bitcoin

Launched in 2021, the famous Wall St Bulls literally brought back NFTs in the Web3 space with its memorable sale of 10,000 NFTs in a record time of 32 minutes. The NFT collection was based on the Ethereum network and was created from over 150 likely traits. Recently, it has been observed that Bitcoin-based NFTs are becoming increasingly popular among NFT enthusiasts, which is why Wall Street Memes, the community behind Wall St Bulls, launched its Bitcoin NFTs on May 26.


The native token of this community is $WSM. The total supply of these tokens is 2 billion, out of which 50% will be distributed via presale. The soaring social media presence of the Wall Street Memes community has been able to give a lot of popularity to the presale of this crypto token. The success of its presale is demonstrated by the fact that it has been able to raise over $500,000 within a few days of its launch.

Buy Wall Street Memeş

Tamadoge – Best Tamagatchi-Influenced NFT Game of this year

The Tamadoge token is the native cryptocurrency of the Tamaverse, a peer-to-peer (P2P) environment wherein players may monetize their gaming activities using tradable NFTs and TAMA. One of the most prominent crypto gaming coins, Tamadoge, carries the aesthetics of the best memecoins. You can use it to acquire Tamadoge pets like virtual dog-like avatars. These pets are used in tournaments held all across the city, with the top finishers earning TAMA as a result.

Buy Tamadoge

From a total of 2 billion TAMA coins, 1 billion were made available during the presale. In 2022, Tamadoge was among the most successful cryptocurrency ventures thanks to its $19 million raised over a successful 8-week presale period.

The Tamadoge group is dedicated to continuous improvement, therefore in the coming years they want to introduce numerous more P2E ecosystems. In 2023, the platform intends to release an augmented reality Tamadoge app with the same P2E features as the website. Also in 2023, Tamadoge plans to release an arcade game featuring P2E gaming, rewarding top players with real-world Tamadoge swag, making one of the coolest NFT projects to come out this year.

You may now buy Tamadoge without creating an account on the OKX decentralized exchange. As of 2023, one TAMA can be purchased for approximately $0.015. It is also available on markets such as MEXC, OKX, BitGet, BitMart, and XT.COM.

Buy Tamadoge Petş

Battle Infinity – Best Metaverse-Combining NFT Game of this year

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a decentralized platform that allows gamers to earn money through the video game industry. 

All P2E operations on Battle Infinity are managed using the platform’s own coin, IBAT. The IBAT Premier League is a National Fantasy Sports league where participants may earn GameFi opportunities. 

Buy Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is an excellent alternative to the dominant produce farming crypto platforms since it enables players to stake their money.

The Battle Arena exists in Battle Infinity, a popular cryptocurrency with its own Metaverse. Using the game’s smart contract capabilities, both people and in-game assets may be produced as NFTs in this digital world. The Battle Market is the NFT shopping and leveling hub within the game world.

Due to the adaptability of its online crypto gaming platform, IBAT was able to complete its 90-day presale in just 3 weeks. After its first token listing on LBank, the most popular centralized exchange, IBAT has now been made available to the public (CEX). IBAT has swiftly risen to be one of year’s most discussed digital currencies after a successful presale and following increase in token listings.

The price of one Battle Infinity coin has decreased by 5.17% during the past 24 hours, and now stands at $0.00236. PancakeSwap (V2), LBank, and MEXC are just few of the exchanges where you may buy this cryptocurrency.


Axie Infinity – Allowing Players to Buy Axies NFTs and Put them To Battle

In 2018, the Ethereum-based video game Axie Infinity was released. The game shares many design decisions with the Pokémon series, but the addition of blockchain technology makes for a more engaging experience overall.

Buy Axie Infinity

The goal of Axie Infinity is to breed and gather NFT pets known as Axies. The game’s primary goal is for players to pit their Axies against the Axies of other players. Smooth Love Potion (SLP) is the game’s native token and a real-world cryptocurrency that can be earned via gameplay. The traits and characteristics of an individual Axie NFT are reflected in its progeny.

Furthermore, Axies may be bought and sold in NFT marketplaces, with the value determined by factors such as scarcity and fundamental characteristics. Though, players will need to buy three Axies before they can begin Axie Infinity. The Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) governance token is staked in the NFT game to get prizes.

However, those who aren’t keen on Axie Infinity’s game-based earnings can still obtain exposure to the project by purchasing AXS tokens. The AXS token is readily available for purchase with a debit or credit card on major cryptocurrency exchanges like eToro.

The current price of Axie Infinity is $7.16, an increase of 1.32% over the previous 24 hours. BTCEX, OKX, Binance, CoinW, and MEXC are all places where you may buy this coin.

Buy AXS on eToro̧

Your capital is at risk

CryptoKitties – One of the Earliest NFT Games

CryptoKitties, which debuted in late 2017, was one of the earliest P2E games to enter this space. You may breed your own virtual kittens in CryptoKitties. CryptoKitties follows the trend of other play-to-win games in that each kitten is completely different and symbolized by an NFT coin. 


You may be in custody of a rare NFT based on the features of your CryptoKitties, which you may then sell on the open market. 

At the time of writing, one token is worth $80, down 0.44 percent from a day ago. CryptoKitties may be traded on Uniswap (V2) and Uniswap if you’re interested in making an investment (V3).

Buy ETH for CryptoKittieş

Your capital is at risk

Decentraland – One of the Biggest Metaverse NFT Projects

Decentraland is a 3D framework that makes it easy to produce, share, and earn money from one’s own virtual reality content. 

Buy Decentraland

The website is a gathering place for people of all artistic backgrounds who are looking to share ideas and find support.

Native to the Decentraland ecosystem, MANA tokens are built on the MANA blockchain. For the site to function, all monetary transactions must be conducted using this digital money. 

Examples of such transactions include buying land, having a say in land related policy choices, and benefiting from tax breaks and other financial advantages.

Decentraland is a leading example of a blockchain-powered video game project. Holders of MANA control the platform and have access to features like property auctions and content censorship.

Several gatherings in the Decentraland Metaverse have attracted players curious about the Decentraland Metaverse virtual reality platform. If more people start using a cryptocurrency like MANA that was designed for usage in video games, the price will grow. 

The cryptocurrency is available on major exchanges such as BTCEX, Bitrue, Binance, CoinW, Deepcoin, and more, and it currently has a price of $0.41, down 3.03% in the past 24 hours.

Buy MANA on eToro̧

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The Sandbox – NFT Game Featuring Land Ownership and Brand Support

Released in 2011, the Sandbox is a blockchain-powered virtual world where users may create and exchange their own virtual commodities. Using decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and non-fungible currencies, The Sandbox facilitates a thriving gaming community in a distributed setting (NFTs).


The Sandbox platform’s major objective is to successfully integrate blockchain technology into commercial gaming. The fundamental purpose of this platform is to enable a play to earn model for content production, so users may both create and play on the same platform. 

The SAND native token, based on blockchain technology, facilitates commerce within the Sandbox itself. To introduce blockchain technology to the gaming industry, the Sandbox is one of the initial platforms of its kind. 

When Pixowl first considered blockchain technology in 2011, it envisioned a huge, untapped opportunity in the gaming sector. To cause a stir in the industry, the Sandbox offers a place where participants may create and amass blockchain-based assets. In doing so, it managed to carve out a certain niche in the global gaming industry.

The Sandbox inspires the development of original material from users, which in turn attracts a vibrant Metaverse of contributors. The SAND currency allows users to provide comments on the development of projects in the Sandbox and promotes decentralized administration. Decentralized governance has now become extremely crucial for all businesses to consider as blockchain technology evolves.

There was a lot of support for the company from the start, both public and financial, from major players in the video game industry. Among them are industry giants like Atari, Helix, and CryptoKitties.

The price has decreased in the previous day by 0.84%, to $0.58. Coins may be purchased using this currency on several markets, including MEXC, Binance, OKX, CoinW, and others.

Buy SAND on eToro

Your capital is at risk

What are NFT Games Exactly?

NFT games are the same as the old school games. Typically, completing stages or defeating enemies in previous games would result in the player receiving a reward of some sort. Prizes are awarded to players; however they cannot be claimed outside of the game.

Unlike traditional video games, participants of NFT and crypto games have the option of cashing out their winnings in bitcoin or transferring them to a different game.

At the moment, any gamer may gain access to in-game content. In the past, you either needed a lot of money or game experience to get your hands on certain items. NFTs may only be held by one player at a time.

The blockchain technology that underpins the creation of NFTs in video games may be used to verify the authenticity of an item. And this is the foundation upon which NFT video games are created. In-game economies allow users to generate money by trading and selling unique things.

Now, in addition to bragging rights, there might be a monetary incentive. You could, for instance, wish to equip yourself with the same armor as your gaming character of choice. You can only get this protection by purchasing the game.

Sure, you could get a copy, but then it wouldn’t be the original, and its value would drop. Value is based on the assumption that some party will be willing to pay money for these NFTs components.

Since the world markets of blockchain-based games, cryptocurrencies, and video games are developing rapidly, there are many chances to make money in the blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses. NFT games are a revolutionary and effective marketing tool.

Together, they entice additional players and money into the game. The value of a game is based on the number of regular players. The value of a game is increased by NFT choices since they entice more players with more engaging alternatives.

Check out our list of the best P2E games to invest in.

What Are The Different Types of NFT Games?

There is a wide variety of NFT games available, so it should be possible to find one that meets your needs.

Examples of popular play-to-earn game categories include:

Battle NFT Games

The NFT gaming community overwhelmingly favors these titles. This implies that you will frequently face off against other players with the intention of beating them in order to get game tokens. In order to win in this particular NFT style of game, you’ll need to beef up your in-battle strength and prowess. Doing so will put you in the greatest position to amass a substantial sum of virtual currency.

Card NFT Games

The original Pokémon card games are extremely similar to NFT card games. In this deck of cards, you’ll find a wide variety of playable figures, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. In NFT games, your greatest strategy for winning is to use cards that have the highest attributes, since this gives you the ideal opportunity of beating other opponents and earning rewards.

Land Possession NFT Games

The finest NFT games often have prominent emphasis on land possession. That implies you can have virtual land holdings in the game itself, each of which will be reflected by its own unique NFT. Most P2E games also provide you the option to construct buildings on your property, which can raise its worth. These games are powered by the best metaverse cryptos that can sustain the in-game economy by tying them to real-world gains.

Animal NFT Games 

Animal NFT Games include CryptoKitties, in which players may mint their own unique digital kittens in exchange for cryptocurrency, and Tamadoge, which is based on the original Tamagotchi game and allows players to raise and combat their virtual pets for prizes. The list of top NFT games provides further information about these titles.

Mobile NFT Games

Some of the most enjoyable NFT games are available as smartphone apps. These have the potential to be the most lucrative for creators since players in any part of the world may participate. Just about anything can be done if one has a computer and access to the internet.

What Are The Benefits Of NFT Games As Opposed To Other Online Games?

In NFT games, both the participants and the investors benefit. As a publishing platform, NFT games have several benefits over their more traditional counterparts, such as:

  • The NFT game provides its users with a secure setting. With blockchain’s advanced technology, you can trust on its reliability and safety. Transparency. The more an NFT’s scarcity, the more its worth. The NFT Games. The blockchain system increases the worth of NFT by highlighting its scarcity and fostering more openness in digital transactions.
  • The opportunity to attract venture money game creators and owners are eager to attract VC funding by using blockchain-based gaming solutions because they see the sector’s promise despite its youth.
  • All of a player’s items are under their entire control in an NFT game. It’s a good option because selling NFTs for bitcoin is possible. Owning something physical may be a stable revenue stream and an added motivation to participate in blockchain-based games.
  • If a lot of people download an NFT game, the creators of that game can make money off of a cut of the download cost paid by the players through the Play Store or the App Store. Publishers’ income is impacted by the total number of downloads. In-game purchases, holiday and event sales, and limited-time offers are additional revenue streams for game creators.
  • NFTs may be subject to a transaction fee when purchasing, selling, or trading by individual players. Keeping a healthy profit margin requires this kind of transaction to occasionally entail a lot of money.

Check out our guide to discover some of the top NFT giveaways this year.


Money may be earned while having fun using play-to-earn crypto games and the best NFT games, which has created a huge user base. Because of that rising tide of players interested in NFT games, more and more studios are including cutting-edge features in their ecosystems, paving the way for players to acquire tangible benefits.

There are a number of exciting new blockchain initiatives, like Wall Street Memes, and the community would be wise to look into investing in them immediately. Since tokens for these projects are now selling at historic lows and can be bought in bulk at steep discounts, now could be the best moment to get started.

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FAQs on NFT Gaming

What Is an NFT game?

The term 'NFT game' refers to a type of game that is run on the distributed ledger technology. NFTs and crypto tokens are two examples of in-game currency that players may earn. The former makes it such that anything acquired or crafted within a game, such as an avatar or weapon, legally belong to the user. The latter provides compensation to participants in the game using the token created specifically for this venture.

What Are P2E Crypto Games?

Tokens of digital currency are the prizes up for grabs in 'play to earn' crypto games, as the name indicates. The token usually has value since it is traded on a crypto exchange.

Which Is The Next Big NFT Game?

Wall St Bulls has the potential to become the best NFT game. This NFT collection is one to watch out for, on the basis of its previous performance.

Can You Earn Real Money Playing NFT Games?

The primary appeal of NFT games is the possibility of winning tangible prizes. In nearly all situations, NFT games use their own native token as the medium of exchange for winnings. In order to convert the tokens into fiat currency, they must first be traded for other cryptocurrencies, such as Tether.

How Do I Find New NFT Games?

The easiest method to keep track of forthcoming NFT games is to stay abreast of the latest news, since new NFT games are routinely debuting both as standalone projects as well as on an established Metaverse like Decentraland.

Are There Any Free NFT Games?

There are a plethora of free-to-play NFT games available nowadays. Getting started on the site is easy; all users need to do is link their cryptocurrency wallet so they can play games and earn prizes. Be aware, nevertheless, that the most affluent gamers in the NFT sector are prone to making in-app purchases. This, however, is not required.