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Best Crypto Games to Play & Invest In

Cryptocurrency games have always been one of the most popular categories in the blockchain domain. Since the industry went mainstream due to the 2021 bull run, the number of crypto game projects that explore various genres has skyrocketed. This has given rise to the introduction of more projects within the space even during the current bear market. However, only a few crypto games end up being successful in the long term.

The market is saturated with a cluster of games that may or may not be fundamentally strong and be fun and engaging for players. Since last year, many investors lost their funds to projects which ended up being cash-grabs by the developers. But despite all these bogus projects, there has still been an increase in the number of people looking to park their funds and enjoy innovative crypto games.

It’s difficult to navigate the crypto gaming industry and find projects with high upside potential. To help with that, this guide will identify up-and-coming crypto games that have positioned themselves as promising blockchain gaming projects in terms of creativity, gameplay and in-game DeFi economics.

Best Crypto Games To Buy Now

  • FightOut – An Innovative Crypto Project that Gamifies Fitness in the Best Way
  • Meta Masters Guild – Platform for the Best Crypto Games to Play in 2023
  • Lucky Block Casino & Sportsbook – Innovative New Crypto Gambling Platform
  • RobotEra – High Potential Metaverse Game on Presale Now
  • Calvaria – Best Crypto Game With a Backstory, Launch Imminent
  • Silks – Horse Racing NFT Game With Real-Life Connections
  • Tamadoge – Play to Earn Game Project Combining Memecoin Niche With Real Utility
  • Battle Infinity – Best Blockchain-Based Fantasy Sports Metaverse Game
  • Skyweaver – Promising Project With A Creative Ecosystem
  • Decentraland – Top Grossing Blockchain Game

Best Crypto Games To Watch – Full Reviews

Below we take a closer look at each of the crypto games on our list, including how they work and their native coins:

FightOut – An Innovative Crypto Project that Gamifies Fitness in the Best Way

Our pick for the best crypto game project is one that aims to gamify fitness through its unique Move-to-Earn mechanics. FightOut is an innovative M2E project that takes a holistic approach to fitness and integrates it with the metaverse.

Buy FightOut tokens

Fitness enthusiasts or players will be able to download and choose a customized workout routine. Completing challenges will reward these players with $FGHT, the native cryptocurrency of the FIghtOut ecosystem,

$FGHT can be swapped for REPS on the app. REPS is an in-app currency that players can use to customize their avatars with in-game assets. Other utilities of REPS include entry to the real-life FightOut gyms that the devs will open soon and pay fitness trainers.

With so many utilities, one would think that the entry barrier of this project is high – but that’s not the case. Downloading the app is free, and the in-game avatar created during the account creation process is also free. However, rather than being a tradeable asset, this avatar will permanently belong to the holder and will act as their identity in the metaverse.

FightOut aims to transform everyone into combat-ready individuals, and from the looks of it, the project is aiming to succeed. Participate in the presale by clicking the link below to move in early at a discount price of $0.016. If you participate now, you also get a chance to vest your tokens and earn up to a 50% bonus.

Visit FightOut

Meta Masters Guild – Platform for the Best Crypto Games to Play in 2023

Meta Masters Guild aims to inject the “fun” factor into crypto games to make them appealing to the non-crypto crowd. It is a web 3 gaming guild that aims to create a platform that allows developers to create mobile games in the blockchain space to meet that “fun” requirement without incurring extra cost.

Meta Masters Guild Gaming Crypto Project

Meta Masters Guild will bring gamers, games, and game developers to a single platform – allowing the development of games that the community truly wants to play. This project isn’t focusing solely on creating earning-focused games – even though the platform’s excellent tokenomics aim to create a sustainable gaming ecosystem for all.

The primary goal of this P2E cryptocurrency project is to create excellent games that entice gamers that are more interested in gameplay than earning. Meta Masters believes that this would help bring a new influx of the gaming crowd to blockchain games and help maintain the earning mechanics.

Playing and winning games on Meta Masters Guild will reward players with Gems – the in-app currency. Gems can be swapped for MEMAG – the native cryptocurrency of this project. MEMAG has several use cases in the metaverse. These include buying and winning NFTs, staking tokens to earn yields, and selling the tokens for ETH or USDT.

Meta Masters is upfront about bringing great games and does not shy away from the current play-to-earn approach to games. Thus, it calls itself a Play-and-Earn gaming ecosystem where the primary objective is to play games and earning is just an additional lucrative add-on.

Meta Masters Guild is currently at the second stage of its presale, and it has raised close to $1 million at the time of writing.  Reaching the $1.1 million target will start the third phase of the presale, which would increase the price of MEMAG tokens. Visit the official website to invest in this cryptocurrency right now.

Visit Meta Masters Guild/su_button]

 Lucky Block Casino & Sportsbook

Our pick for the best overall crypto game project is a brand-new casino and sportsbook currently trending in the gambling industry. InsideBitcoins readers may recognize Lucky Block as an existing crypto project and NFT game platform (which we also cover later on in this guide) and their latest expansion is into the betting industry.

This new Bitcoin casino – which also supports wagering with ETH, USDT, DOGE, LTC, ADA, BCH, its native token LBLOCK and more – is host to 2,700+ games many of which have a crypto related theme.

Lucky Block casino crypto game platform

Part of its appeal is all games can be played free on its demo version before depositing, and the minimum deposit is then just $1 to get started. There are also no complicated KYC requirements – just an email address and password is needed to play games at

At the time of writing its also World Cup season, and the value of LBLOCK has risen double digits since the announcement of their casino gaming product launch. Lucky Block have some of the most competitive World Cup betting odds in the industry, provided by Betradar.

As well as football players can bet on the NBA, UK Premier League, Cricket, and all the casino games you’d expect including Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and more alongside live dealer variants. While gaming with crypto players also earn crypto cashback – 15% for their first week of play.

The rise in the value of LBLOCK in addition to that cashback could make Lucky Block one of the best crypto games to play and generate a profit in, for those familiar with casino gaming strategy.

For crypto gamers in the US or UK, a VPN is required to play.

Visit Lucky Block Casino


Introduced recently, RobotEra is one of the most trending crypto games in the space at the moment. It is an interesting take on creating a full-blown metaverse, but with a back story and an interesting theme.

RobotEra Best Crypto STO

The game has been created with inspiration from Sandbox but seems to hold enough potential to take over the former in terms of growth. Despite being a newly introduced project, the game has been gaining massive popularity in the space.

RobotEra is essentially a virtual space, which gives users to create avatars and interact with others. The RobotEra metaverse will feature several interesting themes and locations, which would enhance the playing experience. All basic features like the facility to build businesses and earn a passive income within the metaverse will be possible. However, one of the main selling points is that the project aims to bring together a wider variety of players through its mecha-themed ecosystem.

RobotEra best crypto game

The project is divided into two major parts. One is the Central city, which can be considered the home base for the entire game. Players from all around the world can gather here to interact, play games and even win rewards. The second part is the virtual world, also called the Seven Continents. Players will be amused to know that every component of the project contains a direct connection to the backstory on which RobotEra is based.

Currently in its presale phase, the project has put up an ambitious roadmap, along with active social media accounts. This has helped RobotEra to grow at an immense speed, which is very likely to depend directly on the platform’s native token TARO. With a huge number of developments and major upgrades on the way, TARO can expect to 50-100x after the launch. See our full review of the RobotEra crypto game.

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The requirement for games with appealing visuals and themes is at an all-time high. Among hundreds of games that feature low-quality artwork or graphics, Calvaria manages to successfully stand out. It is also a 2023 project which is set to launch soon, after its ongoing presale.

Visit Calvaria Presale

Calvaria is a P2E battle card game which is already a fan-favourite in the crypto game space. The category of NFT card games has been in high demand, and Calvaria caters to it in the right way. It boasts high-quality artwork along with NFT characters that will appeal to the masses. The entirety of the game is called Calvaria Universe, which is divided into three parts. Named Arcilla Divina, Miaquilia and The Void, all NFT characters are categorized and based on these three parts.

Calvaria is a highly popular choice, considering it has already managed to be featured on top reporting websites like Crypto News, Yahoo Finance, Digital Journal, Business2Community and more. The game is officially called Calvaria: Duels of Eternity and is currently a trending project on several social media platforms. With some of the best developers behind the project, Calvaria can be expected to be one of the best games in 2023.

Buy Calvaria

The presale for Calvaria has been highly successful up until now. The RIA token, which is Calvaria’s native token has surely had a solid start from the day it was announced and available for the presale. Due to its creative approach towards making something as simple as a card game an interesting gaming experience, Calvaria is appreciated by its community as evident on almost each of its social media platforms. Read more in our how to buy Calvaria guide.

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Horseracing is a billion-dollar industry where some of the most influential investors or personalities, in general, make massive bets. This may not be something the retail investor may be able to do from the comfort of their home. That is before Silks was introduced. In fact, Silks does more, by basically allowing users to become a part of the actual horseracing industry indirectly.

Silks NFT Game

Silks is a fantasy sports game which taps into an unexplored market segment. With over 20,000 thoroughbred racehorses born almost every year in the US, Silks lets users buy NFTs of real horses as they are born. The interesting part is that owning this NFT makes the receptive user eligible for a part of the rewards these horses shall get if they win a race.

Headed and co-founded by Troy Levy, Silk has been becoming a project that every investor wants to consider getting into. This is mainly because users realize the potential the project may bring to the table since it directly coincides with a real-world sport. Simply buying an NFT will unlock 20 years of passive income, while also getting to hold it as a great investment.

Best crypto games

One thing that should be noted is that in order to buy a horse NFT, players are first expected to purchase a Silks Avatar NFT, which is basically the NFT piece of jockeys within the platform. This NFT will act as a pass to buy the horse NFTs as they become available. Learn more in our complete Silks crypto game review.

Buy a Silks Avatar Today


As the newest entrant to the famous Doge ecosystem, Tamadoge has been amassing a huge audience from the day of its inception. It managed to do so mainly because of its memecoin status which is enhanced further by its high-potential product. Tamadoge, unlike most of its memecoin counterparts, has a solid product offering and has the capability to be one of the top cryptocurrencies overall in the near future.

Next big crypto

It is essentially a P2E game platform that is set to host a variety of games in the future. Players will get the chance to buy Tamadoge NFTs, which they can feed, nurture and even use to battle against others after a period. Infact, the developers claim that they will be looking to add more features in the near future. This would include games that revolve around the Move-to-Earn concept and much more.

Tamadoge had one of the most successful presales, where the token raised more than $16 million within a matter of weeks. Since its launch, the token too has been in great demand among investors. Currently, TAMA, the platform’s native token is available on exchanges like OKX, MEXC, LBank, Uniswap and more.

Buy Tamadoge

Battle Infinity

When it comes to the best crypto games, it would not make sense to ignore this project. Battle Infinity is a gaming platform which features fantasy sports games of almost every kind. It is currently the number one choice for sports fantasy leagues which are blockchain-based.

Buy Battle Infinity

This means that unlike traditional fantasy sports league games like MPL or Dream 11, Battle infinity will let players win rewards in the form of crypto, which is its native currency IBAT.

Naturally, there are several other components within the game that make it a better choice as compared to others. The top reason would be that it is integrated with the metaverse completely. This means that players will have access to a virtual world where they can interact with others and have their own avatars. These avatars and their accessories are all tokenized and can be bought in the form of NFTs.

Battle Infinity

Moreover, Battle Infinity allows staking which can be leveraged by players who seek to earn interest on their winnings or their investments. As a project created by a group of Indians like the Polygon project, Battle Infinity has successfully captured a huge chunk of investors and sports enthusiasts. The current number is expected to shoot up soon, as IBAT grows in value.

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If there is a project that is especially known for its artwork and game ecosystem, then it has to be Skyweaver. The project has gained recognition from some of the biggest brands in the world, including Reddit Co-founder Alexis Ohanian. Skyweaver packs a truly creative game universe that will make users want to become a part of it, even if not for the blockchain aspect of it.


It claims to be a genre-defying TCG experience, that is based in a mythical setting. The project is developed by Horizon Blockchain Games, which boasts some of the best game developers in the space. While the project had been in the works for quite a while, the company launched an open beta in 2022. Skyweaver is ideally a browser-based cross-platform card game where users can own, trade and gift their NFT cards. It features a deeply strategic gameplay combined with a player-owned marketplace. Here, users can win tradable NFT cards.

Every card has several attributes and qualities while featuring characters who have been crafted with the highest artistic quality. The game is available on Windows, MAC and Linux. It also features an app that can be enjoyed by players on the go.


Decentraland is currently among the top crypto games in the entire crypto space, in terms of community and market cap. Created by Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano, Decentraland was launched in 2020. Since its inception, the game had seen incredible growth. It is a 3D virtual world browser-based platform where users can buy virtual plots of land as NFTs via the MANA token, which is the native currency of Decentraland.

Decentraland best crypto game

This plot of land can be used for a variety of things. From marketing billboards to casinos, anything one can imagine can be built on the platform. These can be functional businesses where people can visit and spend money, helping the owner earn a steady income.

Currently, Decentraland hosts some of the biggest brands in the world in its virtual universe. These brands include the likes of Samsung, Coca-Cola, Nike Adidas etc. These factors itself should be enough to portray the game as one of the best crypto games at the moment.

The MANA token too is a crypto which was in much demand during the last bull run. The token had skyrocketed to its all-time high of around $5 in November 2021, before the market crashed. Despite all these events, it is still one of the top choices for investors who wish to park their funds in a top altcoin within the crypto gaming industry.

What are Crypto Games?

The main idea behind crypto game projects is to generate income actively or passively while enjoying the actual game. As such, there are several methods to earn within games. The type of earnings will be covered while we review the projects mentioned in detail. However, the most common means of cashing in include winnings from battles, lotteries, trading game NFTs, building a business within a metaverse etc.

What needs to be noted is that all winnings are generally received in the form of the project’s native token. This is why the token plays a huge role in the growth of the ecosystem. Ideally, a project is judged by the growth of its native token, since it is the income that players get from participating in their respective games. These tokens can then be exchanged for fiat or other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

At the moment, crypto games are a genre that is embraced by the wider cryptocurrency community. This makes the category highly appealing to not just the games, but investors who simply park their funds in tokens. Moreover, some games tend to grow at exponential speed, which means that not just the token, but the in-game items (NFTs) that players own also grow in value. These too can then be exchanged for money.

In short, it is an excellent idea to invest in crypto games as long as they have all the desired aspects to grow in terms of value.

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How to Rank the Best Crypto Games?

There are several key factors that need to be taken into account while finding a great crypto game. These may vary slightly depending on the genre that the game is based on. However, the general idea of evaluating a project remains the same. Major factors that have been considered in the article include:

Fundamentals – It is vital that a project has the capability to sustain its ecosystem. For this, a strong infrastructure with common features is important. The game must revolve around an actual product offering which may provide value to the players.

Safety Blockchain games include a heavy transfer of funds from one place to another. All these transactions have to be secured. This can only be ensured if the project has been verified or audited by recognized entities.

Utility – While participating in a blockchain game, there will be a native token involved. This may infact, form a very important part of the ecosystem. However, the token must have some kind of utility within the platform, making it an asset that would hold value in the eyes of potential users.

Innovation and Artwork – Blockchain-based games have gained a reputation for launching games that focus solely on the DeFi part. This has stunted the growth of the industry since players expect the game to be an interesting experience, rather than simply a chance to cash out. All projects in the article will feature appealing graphics and artwork that could attract players within the crypto industry and outside alike.

Is it a Good Time to Invest in Crypto Games?

Crypto games keep getting better with time. However, there are always going to be some projects which will reap exponential profits if bought at the right time. Such projects have been listed in this article. Getting into these projects at the right time may seem difficult, but really isn’t.

The current bear market is undoubtedly the best time to start entering these projects. Ideally, the games will keep upgrading their ecosystems till the next bull run. By that time, if the investor would have managed to stack up NFTs, tokens and other in-game assets, then they will be able to sell them at a much higher price. Thus, it is surely the best time to start investing in crypto games. The only thing that needs to be taken care of is to invest in parts and ensure to lower the average price of entry is as much as possible.


The best crypto games will always keep changing. However, entering the market at the right time and participating in the right project is what makes all the difference.

We kicked off our list of the best crypto games with an existing crypto project that aims to change the move to earn space – Fight Out. This project has raised close to $3 million till now and the presale pace will likely increase from now on.

Crypto game projects like RobotEra and Calvaria are also rapidly selling out their presale and set to launch in the coming weeks, making their native coins also attractive buys.

Fight Out (FGHT) - Newest Move to Earn Project


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FAQs on Crypto Gaming

Are crypto games playable on mobile phones?

There are several crypto games that are playable on mobile phones. However, new projects generally need more time to make games available in the form of applications. While several games may feature apps for mobile phones, a huge majority may stick to being accessible on the desktop or the browser only.

Do all crypto games require massive investments?

No, there are several crypto games that require no investment at all. While buying certain items can surely help the player in earning more or advancing to further levels easily, they can also get there without investments in most games. However, in order to really participate or win attractive rewards, it may be likely that the game demands some sort of investment beforehand.

Is there a scope for crypto games going forward?

Crypto games are the perfect culmination of entertainment and earning. This is something that was previously impossible. It is now an emerging sector that can see prominent growth in the upcoming year. Despite the bear market, various games get created on a regular basis. This goes to show that there is demand for the concept, which may only increase further along the road.